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The Jewish Floridian of Pinellas County
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& Jewish Floridl Volume 5 Number 3
Of Pinellas County
St. Petersburg, Florida Friday, February 10,1984
Frtd Shochti
Price 35 Cents
Charles Ehrlich, President oftheJCC talks to volunteers.
Jan. 15 raised over $41,000 for
the 1984 Combined Jewish
Appeal Campaign. Over 250 vol-
unteers gathered at the Jewish
Community Center in St.
Petersburg and Superior Surgical
Mfg. Co. in Seminole to parti-
cipate in the United Jewish
Appeal annual telethon
Success brings happy smiles to
.Jean and Julie Malkin. Recruit-
ment and Facilities chairpeople.
Joe Charles, Super Sunday Chairman helps with registration at the
Sophie Glasgow conducts training session for volunteers
A Challenge to Health Professionals
A donor to the Federation
Combined Jewish Appeal
campaign has issued a challenge
to all health professionals in
Pinellas County.
Recognizing the importance of
the health services community,
this donor who prefers to
remain anonymous has under-
taken to match, dollar for dollar,
the increase over last year in
what physicians, dentists and
other health professionals give to
the 1984 Federation campaign.
Should the health services
community give, for example,
S100.000 more than last year, this
donor will give an additional
SI00,000 (over and above his
regular gift to Federation) in
honor of that achievement.
"This is a challenge to all of us
and now is the time to meet the
challenge," said Dr. John Rinde,
Chairman of the Health Services
Division of the 1984 Federation
campaign. "Our fellow Jews in
Israel and around the world, as
well as our own community agen-
cies, are depending on us. Our
support for Jewish survival is
needed more than ever and
this year we have the opportunity
to see Federation get two dollars
for every dollar of our increased
Volunteer leaders in the Health
Services Division include Dr.
Eisman. Dr. Michael Gallant, Dr.
Paul Goldenfarb, Dr. Stephen
Igel, Dr. Werner Knurr, Dr.
Mitchell Kroungold, Dr. Joel
Marantz, Dr. Scott Permealey,
Dr. Stanley Rosewater, Dr.
Gordon Saskin, Dr. Samuel
Segal, Dr. David Shapiro, Dr.
Joel Shrager, Dr. Fred Wexler,
Dr. David Wolstein and Michael
Bernstein, Executive Director,
Gulf Coast Jewish Family
The Combined Jewish Appeal
is the annual fundraising cam-
paign of the Jewish Federation of
Pinellas County on behalf of
Jewish needs here, in Israel and
around the world. The campaign
supports the United Jewish
Appeal as well as local agencies
and services, including the
Jewish Community Center, the
Jewish Day School and Gulf
Coast Jewish Family Service.
Stanley Newmark is Chairman
of the Combined Jewish Appeal.
Tough Questions
Herzog Cements Relations
With Liberia, Zaire
President Chaim Herzog
has returned to Jerusalem
from Monrovia, Liberia,
ending a week-long African
tour which also took him to
Zaire. Liberia and Zaire are
the first and so far the
only Black African
nations to resume the
diplomatic ties with Israel
which they broke during
the Yom Kippur War in
The trip resulted in
strengthening Israel's com-
mercial as well as diplomatic
relations with the two countries.
Officials accompanying Herzog
signed a number of trade
agreements with Zaire and
Liberia which call for the
marketing of Israeli products in
those countries and the dispatch
Schindler Urges Mubarak
Retract His Statement
NEW YORK (JTA) Rabbi Alexander Schin-
dler, president of the Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, has called on President Hosni Mubarak of
Egypt to repudiate a statement attributed to him by King
Hassan of Morocco that "For Egypt, Camp David is
dead. This is so because it has obtained all its fruits.
Egypt has recovered its occupied territories. It recovered
its petroleum. Because of this, the substance of Camp
David has been drained."
SCHINDLER CABLED Mubarak urging him to
disavow this statement. "If not, your statement deals a
serious blow to the painful struggle for peace in the
Middle East and betrays the ideals for which your noble
predecessor, Anwar el-Sadat, was martyred."
The Reform leader also noted that Mubarak's senior
foreign policy adviser, Osama el-Baz, announced in Cairo
on Friday, a day after the Islamic Conference decided to
invite Egypt to resume its membership in the
organization from which it was suspended after signing a
peace treaty with Israel in 1979, that Egypt planned to
meet with Jordan and the Palestine Liberation
Organization to work out a new approach on negotiations
with Israel on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
SCHINDLER, in his cable, asked Mubarak: "Do you
really expect Israel to accept you as an honest broker in
such negotiations? Should Israel take still further risks
for Peace when your words make a mockery of Egyptian
of Israeli experts to advise them
on agriculture and in other fields.
HERZOG and President
Samuel Doe of Liberia signed a
wide-ranging cooperation
agreement committing Israel to
help Liberia in a number of
orojects. They include the
establishment of a national bank,
development of a new electric
power network and the con-
struction of 480 kilometers of new
highways. In addition, a joint
Israeli-Liberian company was set
up to develop the rice crop.
Liberia hopes eventually to
export 100,000 tonfofrice a year.
Herzog was the first non-
African leader to visit Liberia
since Doe, a soldier, seized power
in a coup four years ago. Israeli
journalists accompanying
Herzog reported that the
Continued on Page 4-
The Fourth Annual Blue
and White Ball, held on
behalf of the 1984 Combined
Jewish Appeal Campaign,
took place on Feb. 5 at the
Richard Baumgardner Cen-
ter for the Performing Arts.
Over 280 people, a record
number, attended. Watch
our next edition for stories
and photographs.
An Apology
We express our deep apologies to the Jewish community of
Pinellas County for the glaring typographical errors in the
headlines of the last two publications, as well as the errors
appearing in the columns of these same issues.
We are embarrassed by the unpardonable carelessness of our
staff. We likewise express our remorse to the President of the
Jewish Federation, its officers and board of directors for any
embarrassment caused.
The Publisher

Page 2
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Friday, February 10,1984
From the Rabbis Desk
Bar/Bat Mitzvah-How Familiar Is It Really
Widows and Widowers
Support Group To Meet
It has been with a deep and
truly penetrating sense of disdain
and chagrin, that I have watched
the "Mitzvah" totally disappear
from the original concept and the
ceremony of both Bar-Bat
Mitzvah. I recall quite vividly,
when parents and families were
imbued with a sense of "derech-
eretz" or good manners and
would ascertain that Judaism's
teachings and the rabbi's usual
reinforcement of these laws, were
part and parcel of their child's
heritage and legacy at least for
that 24 hour period of the Bar-
Bat Mitzvah. This always in-
cluded a Kiddush-Luncheon in
the synagogue, which in Jewish
life is a "Seudat-Mitzvah" or a
repast fulfilling a G-dly com-
mandment, in which the cel-
ebrant, their family, rabbi and
hazzan led the gathered
congregants in Kiddush, Ha-
Motzi and Birkat-Hamazon as
Judaism dictates.
In today's secularistic society,
I have seen the movement to
minimize the synagogue Kiddush
and maximize a luncheon in a
commercial establishment which
extinguishes the sanctity and
holiness of Shabbat and evinces
the negativism of the entire
ceremony. The child is usually
cast into a doubtful state,
depleted of any and all Jewish
feelings which might otherwise
have been implanted, as they
view anything but a feeling of
religiosity about them!
The Bar-Bat Mitzvah
ceremony which we witness in
American Jewish life, is relat-
ively new. The Bar Mitzvah, as
we know it today dates back to
the fifteenth century and the Bat
Rabbi Sherman Kirshner
Mitzvah really did not take hold
in this country until some 35-40
years ago.
It is quite true, that the
biblical and Talmudic origins of
this entire concept, go back some
two mUlenia, when reference is
made to Eleazar Ben Shimon's
ruling that a father is not legally
held responsible for the actions of
his son, past the age of 13.
The Talmud in Kiddushin,
ruled that young men at 13, and
young women at 12, had reached
the age wherein they must
assume religious responsibility as
well as puberty and ultimately
The Mid rash relates to us, that
the age of 13 was a crucial time
for a young man, in that
Abraham was 13 when he
rejected his father's lifestyle of
idolatry. Also at 13, Jacob and
Esau too chose to go their own
ways Jacob to study Torah
Pinellas County
Jewish Day School
Enthusiastic students in
grades kindergarten to fifth
grades competed in the Second
Annual Spelling Bee of the
Pinellas County Jewish Day
School on Monday, Jan. 30. The
Spelling Bee was held in the Day
Schools new double multi-
purpose room. Winners included:
Mark Eichenbaum kinder-
garten. David Wein first
grade, Leana Lyons second
grade, Jessica Pearlstein third
grade, Shawn Tabb fourth
The United Synagogue "Youth
will have a "Benefit Performance
Night" on Tuesday evening, Feb.
21 at 7:30 p.m. at Congregation
Beth Shalom, 1335 S. Belcher.
The program will commence
with a musical ensemble of
talented young musicians, and
will include a play production
entitled, "The Red Lamp," a
comedy by Hilliard Booth. The
cast will include: Daryl Baker,
Juliet Kaiser, Rachel Kaiser,
Danny Weinfeld, Betsy Troy and
Sean Weinfeld.
There will also be musical
selections by Beth Michel man,
piano (classical); Sean Weinfeld,
vocalist (popular music); Betsy
Troy, guitar (folk music).
The evening will end with a
finale of Hebrew songs by Beth
Shalom Religious School choir
children ranging from the ages of
8-14 years.
The evening's program will be
directed by D'Anele Falcon of
Beth Shalom Sisterhood.
Donations at the door wil be
$2, coupons of 6 for $5. Door
prizes will be given and refresh-
ments will be served.
grade, and Rina Bander
Budding scientists have the
opportunity to demonstrate their
skills at the school's first Science
Fair. Students are currently
working on their projects which
will be displayed during the week
of Feb. 27,1984.
The Pinellas County Jewish
Day School is a beneficiary
agency of the Combined Jewish
Appeal of the Pinellas County
Jewish Federation.
under the tutelage of
while Esau became
In the synagogue of
year, and in some
congregations today, we find the
blessing which was always pron-
ounced by the young man's
father, still utilized: "Blessed be
he who has now ridded me of this
responsibility" This refers to
his son's now having his own rel-
igious duties and responsibilities,
and is thus, considered a mature
young adult.
Surprisingly, in the Shtetel of
Eastern Europe, most Bar
Mitzvah boys did not celebrate
their Bar Mitzvah on Shabbat
morning, as is the Ameican-
Canadian custom But rather
were called to the Torah and
received their first "Aliyah" on
the Monday or Thursday mor-
ning when the Torah is read,
following their birthday. The
family tendered some schnapps
and pastry or perhaps herring
too, and thus concluded the
youngster's entry into adult
Jewish life, as he officially was
not counted for a minyan and was
able to "don tefillin" as part of
his daily ritual of prayer,
stressing the fact that he was of
In recent years, two sites in
Israel have become associated
with Bar-Bat Mitzvah celebra-
tions the Kotel-Western wall
in Jerusalem, and the historic
masada. just south of Jerusalem.
We, living in western societies
celebrate our Bar-Bat Mitzvahs,
in the synagogue. (Generally
Saturday mornings for boys and
Friday evenings for girls.)
In my humble opinion, the Bar-
Bat Mitzvah ceremony had the
potential to embed and emblazon
Jewish youth with a positive
outlook and with serious Jewish
goals. Many of the young people
whom I was privileged to prepare
and to lead through their respec-
tive ceremonies told me that their
parents regarded this as the end
of any and all formal Jewish
education. The rabbi has lost the
battle, before he begins!
The time has come to re-
evaluate the rabbis words as
found in the mishna of Avot.
"Shlosh-esreh l'-mitzvot"
upon attaining his 13th birthday,
a young person is ripe and ready
to assume G-d's commandments
upon themselves.
The first meeting of the
Widows and Widowers Support
Group took place at the Jewish
Community Center on Friday.
Feb. 3 at 10 a.m.
The group will run for eight
sessions at a cost of $2. It wiU be
led by Mrs. Iris Lee, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker at UUU
Coast Jewish Family Service. Its
purpose will be to help one
another with the problems of
being widowed.
Such topics as 'Being on Your
Own," "Financial Independ-
ence," and "Self-Help" will be
All those who are widowed are
urged to join and get and give
some support and caring to each
For further information about
the group or for reservations, call
either Susan Shapiro at 344-5795
or Iris Lee at 446-1005.
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Mon. April 16-Tues April 24
The observance of tradition, the mag-
nificence of the Sedanm. the beauty of
the Services, the brilliance of rhe Holiday
Contor Herman Malamood. renowned
operatic tenor, assisted by the Concord
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Friday, February 10,1984
The Jewish Floridian of Pinellas County
Page 3
Endowment Development Tops $2 Million
At the TOP Jewish Founda-
tion's quarterly meeting, held
Jan. 5, it was announced that
through December, 1983 the
combined total of endowment
gifts developed by each parti-
cipating community passed the
two million dollar mark. Accord-
ing to Abe Wise, Orlando, TOP
President, this figure represents
a combination of cash gifts, real
estate, closely held corporate
stock and other securities. "It is
quite interesting," said Wise,
"That each community has had
success in different areas of its
endowment development
program. Endowment gift
support for a community is not
only measured by what is in the
pot today, but the potential for
the future."
Reporting for TAMPA, BUI
Kalish stated that its current gift
total is only $134,000 out of the
total of two million. Kalish indic-
ated, however, that Tampa con-
tinues to get deferred gift
commitments via bequests in
wills, life insurance and other
deferred gift vehicles. "Because
estate planning is usually a
confidential matter between
attorney and client," said Kalish,
"We can only estimate the poten-
tial value of these commitments
to Tampa's endowment fund
based on what we know about.
Using that as our barometer, we
estimate the value at over
$2,000,000." Tampa's goal is to
improve its efforts in securing
current gifts while continuing to
encourage people to perpetuate
their communal financial support
by naming TOP as a beneficiary
of a part of their estate.
Bruce Bokor
In ORLANDO'S report it was
noted by Joe Wittenstein,
Endowment Development Chair-
man, that his community's
success has been more in the area
of getting current gifts. "Our net
portion of the TOP total is
roughly 1.17 million dollars,"
said Wittenstein. "As a result of
some hard work, throughout the
year on the part of our trustees in
cooperation with Joel Breitstein,
we secured over $430,000 in gifts
during December. We are excited
because we are the first of the
three participating communities
to break the $1,000,000 barrier in
current total community endow-
ment gifts."
Bruce Bokor, Chairman of the
PINELLAS Endowment
Development Team also reported
some successful results. "During
the month of December, we
received close to $150,000 in new
gifts or additions to "funds"
already on the books. There are
several leads that Joel Breitstein
is currently pursuing that hope-
fully will take our community
over the $1,000,000 mark in the
near future.
In other business, the Founda-
tion board reviewed a new
development program involving
State of Israel bonds. Joel Breit-
stein, Executive Director of TOP
and Endowment Development
Consultant to each Federation
pointed out that part of TOP's
general investment portfolio
consists of over $100,000 worth of
Israel bonds.
"These bonds," stated Breit-
stein, "pay a return to Founda-
tions favorable to other invest-
ments in the market place. As
part of our endowment develop-
ment program we are encourag-
ing those people in our commu-
nity who invest in Israel bonds to
invest in TOP for the benefit of
his community's endowment
fund and let TOP invest in the
bonds. By doing this in lieu of or
in addition to buying the bonds
directly, the donor gains three
major benefits: 1) the gift to TOP
is fully tax deductible (buying an
Israel bond is not); 2) the gift to
TOP helps provide for the future
of the donor's local community;
and 3) it is still being used to help
For information about your
community's endowment fund
program operated through the
TOP Jewish Foundation, contact
your local Federation office, or
you may contact Joel Breitstein,
Executive Director at 112
Magnolia Avenue, Tampa Fl.
33606; (813) 253-3569 (out of
dialing area call collect).
UJA Collects $326.5 Million In 1983
For Worldwide Jewish Needs
Total Sets New Record for
Peacetime, Exceeds Projections
NEW YORK The united
Jewish Appeal collected $326.5
' million in cash in calendar year
1983 to set a new peacetime
record, UJA National Cash
Chairman Bernard Borine an-
The total, collected among 627
campaigning communities
nationwide, is $1.5 million more
than was projected for the year
by American campaign leaders
during budget meetings of the
Jewish Agency ? the principal
beneficiary of UJA-Community
campaign last February.
Borine said.
Funds allocated from commu-
nity campaigns finance human
support programs and services of
One of the most beautiful
resorts anywhere salutes
the glorious celebration of
the Holiday of Liberation.
Mon. April 16-Tues. April 24
Cantor Irving RogofF
and the
Nevele Symphony Choir
conducted by
Clifford Nadel
Services Sedarim
Dr. Chaim
Israel Etrog
will offer a program of
lectures and conduct
seminars during the holiday.
EDenviDe. New York 12428
Hotel 914-647-6000
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the Agency and the American
Joint Distribution Committee in
Israel and in 30 other nations
served by JDC worldwide.
"Despite difficult economic
conditions created by cutbacks in
federal and state spending for
social welfare programs in
communities, American Jewry
once again has responded with
generosity and compassion to the
ongoing needs of the world
Jewish family." Borine said.
'This remarkable performance
demonstrates our enduring
commitment to the quality and
continuity of Jewish life every-
where it exists."
The National Cash Chairman
stated that the 1983 cash total
include S283 million for the 1983
Regular Campaign to support
Jewish Agency programs for
housing, financial aid. health
care, job training and Hebrew
instruction for Israel's new immi-
grants; the establishment of
rural settlements in the Galilee.
Arava and Negev; Youth Aliyah
facilities for the education and
care of youngsters who remain
outside the mainstream of Israeli
society, and special programs for
the elderly. Funds from UJA-
Community campaigns also go to
the American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee which
aids Jews in more that 30
countries including Moslem
slates and lands of distress.
The total also includes $20.6
million for Project Renewal, the
sweeping economic, social and
cultural rehabilitation program
created to improve the quality of
life in Israel's distressed neigh-
borhoods, he added.
,.A pledge is a commitment to
the Jewish people," Borine
explained. ".Cash is the fulfill-
ment of that promise. We can
take pride in what we have
achieved, but we must recognize
that much still remains to be
done in our partnership with the
people of Israel and Jews around
the globe.
NBC/Eternal Light Television
Special On WXFL-Channel 8
For Tampa Bay Area
HISTORY Sunday, Feb. 12, 7-
8 a.m. on WXFL Channel 8
television, NBC's Eternal Light
Television program, featuring
historian, Barbara Tuchman,
who with Arnold Forster, chief
attorney for the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith and Carl
Stern, NBC News Corresp-
ondent, will discuss historical
misperceptions as they affect
Jews, Judaism, the United States
and Israel.
"From A Bit*
To A Banquet"
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Luncheon Held
The ninth annual Pacesetters
Luncheon, sponsored by the
Women's Division of the Jewish
Federation of Pinellas County, on
behalf of the annual Combined
Jewish Appeal Campaign was
held recently at the Belleair
Beach home of Judy and Sam
Over 30 women attended the
luncheon, and 54 women are
presently members of the
Pacesetter division.
Jackie Jacobs and Edie
Seligman were co-chairwomen of
the division. Mrs. Seligman said,
"Raising money is the means to
providing services, and we are
thankful that this year's
Pacesetters was so successful."
Jackie Jacobs, founder of
Pacesetters commented: "When
this division started nine years
ago, there were nine women at
the luncheon, and now the
division has 54 members. It is
gratifying to me to have been a
part of such growth in the
Women's Division."
"Chai," the newest division of
the Women's campaign, was
chaired by Margie Green, who
introduced the initial founding
members of that group. Those
women will be acknowledged
with their names on a plaque at
Federation headquarters.
A special presentation of a
Lion of Judah pin was made to
Beatrice Ross, the newest "Lion"
in the community.
Elisa Greenberg is Chair-
woman of the Women's Division.
Attending the Luncheon were
Jeanette Albert, Marilyn Ben-
jamin, Joan Benstock, Lillian
Berni, Ruth Dawe, Mollie Emple,
Sydell Entel, Loretta Freifeld,
Margie Green, Elisa Greenberg,
Jackie Jacobs, Jeanne Kallman,
Reva Kent, Ida Koenigsberg,
Marilyn LeVine, Sony a Miller,
Donna Mills, Jean Orloff, Lee
Pardoll, Evelyn Plotnick,
Maureen Rosewater, Beatrice
Ross, Thelma Rothman, Bonnie
Rubin, Isa Rutenberg, Susie
Schechter, Mavis Schwartz,
Edith Seligman, Jane Silverberg,
Nona Tepper and Judy Winer.
Camp Blue Star Get-Together
Blue Star's Seven Camps,
located in the Blue Ridge
Mountains of Hendersonville,
N.C., will hold its annual Camp
Get Together on Sunday, Feb. 12
at the home of the Camp's local
area representative Mrs. Marilyn
Warner, 1845 Stetson Drive,
Clearwater beginning at 2:30
p.m., according to an announce-
ment Mrs. Warner.
Beginning its 37th season this
June, Blue Star accepts girls and
boys ranging in age from 7 to 17.
Grouped into seven separate
programming units according to
grades and sex, the Camps will
accommodate a total of 750
children. Total enrollment in any
one Camp never numbers more
than 160 children and ranges
from that number to 30 for the co-
ed Counselor-Specialist Trainee
"We cordially invite," the rep-
resentative said, "parents and
their children to attend the
gathering to see the Camp film,
to meet the Owner-Director, to
ask questions, and to enjoy the
hour of fellowship. Prospective
families and staff as well as
former campers are most
welcome without any
For additional information and
a 54-page catalogue please
contact Mrs. Warner at 797-5875.
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Page 4
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Friday, February 10,1984
A 'New Germany'
Kohl Seeks to 'Deepen' Friendly Relations With Israel
Chancellor Helmut Kohl
of West Germany arrived
here last week for a five-day
official visit declaring that
he came "as representative
of a new Germany" and "as
the heir of the late Konrad
Adenauer, whose name is
enshrined as one who
opened relations between
our two countries. We now
want to deepen the friendly
relations between us."
Kohl, accompanied by his wife
and a large entourage of West
German officials, was greeted by
Premier Yitzhak Shamir at Ben
Gurion Airport. Each leader
delivered a formal statement,
Kohl in German.
SHAMIR, speaking Hebrew,
observed that they had much to
discuss and said that they would
discuss international and Middle
East problems, relations between
Israel and Europe and bilateral
relations between Bonn and
Kohl is the third West German
Chancellor to visit Israel since
the State was founded 35 years
ago. Adenauer was the first,
though he came after leaving
office, and former Chancellor
Willy Brandt was the second, 11
years ago.
Kohl said he welcomed Israel's
invitation and hoped his visit
would serve as a "bridge over the
terrible abyss of the past." He
stressed, in his remarks, "Israel
is an important country for us.
The people of Israel are close to
our hearts. We have followed
closely the development of Israel
and its upbuilding. It is our hope
you can live in peace and
observed that "Israel lies in an
area which we, and our neighbors
in Europe have special interest in
its stability. We are therefore
concerned that efforts made to
ensure a just and lasting peace
are continually set back. All
concerned should therefore bend
their efforts to seeking solutions
which will give the peoples of the
area the possinuty of
together, within
borders. Only through a
arrived at by negotiations, ac-
ceptable to all, can the peoples of
the region be freed from the yoke
of war."
He added, "We, the Germans,
are prepared to play our part,
together with our partners in the
European Community, to bring
about such negotiations."
Kohl, who heads the con-
servative Christian Democratic
Union (CDU), is regarded as a
friend of Israel. He and Shamir
engaged in intensive talks during
his stay in the country. The
Israeli leadership intended to
make clear its absolute op-
position to West German plans to
sell arms to Saudi Arabia, or any
other Arab country still
technically in a state of war with
Israel. The Israelis expressed
concern that the Saudis will be
offered Germany's Leopard II
tank, regarded by experts as the
best of its kind in the world.
ALTHOUGH the Leopard II
is reportedly no longer on the
Saudi shopping list, the Germans
are said to have offered to sell
them 300 anti-aircraft tanks and
missiles in addition to other
military hardware. Kohl
reportedly made such commit-
ments on his recent visit to Saudi
Arabia and agreed to military
cooperation with the Saudis. The
Germans contend that these
weapons are solely for defense
purposes. The Israelis claim that
any weapons in Saudi hands will
one day be used against Israel.
The West German
Ambassador. Hans Nielson, said
in a recent interview that his
government would fully take into
account "Israel's legitimate
security interests." Deputy
Foreign Minister Alois Mertes,
who is accompanying Kohl, said
in Bonn that the Israeli position
would be given due consideration
when Germany reevaluates its
Middle East policies after Kohl's
Another issue on the Kohl-
Shamir agenda was Israel's
request for West German support
to protect Israeli agricultural
exports to Europe after Spain
joins the European Economic
Community (EEC).
STRINGENT security
measures were taken to protect
the West German visitors. At
least 1,000 police were assigned
Herzog Cements Relations
With Programs for Liberia, Zaire
Continued from Page 1
diplomatic community in
Monrovia was surprised by
Herzog's visit to the army
barracks where a score of
I.iberian leaders, including a
dozen Cabinet ministers, were
assassinated in the uprising that
brought Doe to power.
Herzog held a press conference
in the I.iberian capital where he
was questioned closely about
Israel's relations with South
Africa. Some Black African
nations say this is an obstacle to
re-establishing diplomatic ties
with Israel.
pointing out that Tanzania,
Mozambique and other Black
nations have much more ex-
tensive trade relations with
South Africa than Israel. "All
I'm asking is that you do not
apply one standard to those
countries and another standard
to a small country called Israel,"
he said. He noted that "In total,
the arrangements we have with
South Africa amount to two-
fifths of one percent of South
Africa's foreign trade."
eJewisli Floridiazi
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annual mombonhip pledge lo Jewish Fodorallon ol Plnollaa County lor which the sum at 12 M ..
paid Out ot Town Upon Request
to the area of the Yad Vashem,
Kohl's first stop on his arrival in
Jerusalem. The 53-year-old
Chancellor was in his teens when
World War II ended with the
downfall of the Third Reich. He
was therefore the first West
German leader who had no adult
experience of the Nazi regime.
Nevertheless, his visit is
haunted by Germany's past.
Many Israelis are still bitterly
opposed to any ties with Ger-
many. Several anti-German
demonstrations were planned,
and members of Betar plastered
posters with the yellow Star of
David along Kohl's route from
the airport to Jerusalem. They
were promptly removed by police
who made it clear they would
tolerate no unauthorized
Nevertheless, the West
German flag was conspicuously
rare at the airport, in the street
and at the Yad Vashem. The
German national anthem was
played at the airport arrival
ceremonies. Kohl referred to it as
"music by Haydn which opens
with words recognizing the
importance of fraternity, justice
and freedom." The anthem is
known the world over as
"Deutschland Ueber Alles."
Chancellor Kohl
Holocaust Survivor Gathering
In Miami Beach
The first statewide Holocaust
Conference-Survivor Gathering,
on Sunday, Feb. 26 and Monday,
Feb. 27 in Miami Beach, will be
under the auspices of the
American Gathering of Jewish
Holocaust Survivors, the New
York-based organization that
organized last year's historic
gathering in Washington which
attracted 20,000 survivors and
was addressed by President
Keagan. Entitled "The
Holocaust: Reality of the Past;
Implications for the Future." the
major event is being sponsored
by the Zachor Institute for
Holocaust Studies of the Greater
Miami Jewish Federation.
"This regional conference is
very important because it will
bring all of us survivors
together,'' said Ben Meed,
president of the most important
areas for such a gathering
because it is the home of many
Holocaust survivors the sur-
vivors have the ultimate respon-
sibility of bearing witness and
perpetuating the memory of the
rich Jewish life and culture
destroyed by the Holocaust."
The conference will feature a
variety of workshops and
seminars approaching the Hol-
ocaust and its meaning in history
from several perspectives. A
highlight of the event will be a
private showing of "The Precious
Legacy: Judaic Treasures from
the Czechoslovak State
Collections, which will be on
display at Miami Beach's Bass
Museum of Art
Mark E. Talisman, the in-
dividual most responsible for
bringing "The Precious Legacy"
to this country, will lead the
private showing of the exhibit
and is the conference's keynote
speaker. Chairman of Project
Judaica and Vice Chairman of the
U.S. Holocaust Council.
Talisman will discuss "The
Precious Legacy: A Gift Of
Life." Ironically, the collection of
350 artifacts, selected from
145,000 objects, was the result of
the Nazis' efforts to establish a
"museum to an extinct race."
In order to attract educators
lrom all parts of the state, the
second day of the conference will
focus on teaching the Holocaust,
with several workshops and panel
discussions geared to this end.
Some of the foremost authorities
who will be conducting sessions
during the conference include:
Menachem Rosensaft. chairman
of the International Network of
Children of Holocaust Survivors;
Dr. Jack Kugelmass, professor of
Yiddish at the Max Weinreich
Center for Advanced Jewish
Studies-YIVO; Dr. Eli Pfef-
ferkorn, professor at Tel Aviv
University and consultant to the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial
Council; Gene Greenzweig,
executive director of the Central
Agency for Jewish Education;
Dr. Helen Fagin, Director of the
Judaic Studies Program at the
University of Miami and Robert
Maland, vice chair of the South
Florida chapter of Children of
Holocuast Survivors.
"The Zachor Institute was
created to preserve the memory
of the six million Jews who
perished in the Holocaust and
humanity's sense of conscience,"
said Ezra Katz, president of the
Institute. "This conference will
allow us to confront the in-
comprehensible tragedy and evil
of the Holocuast side-by-side
with the wellsprings of our
creative survival Jewish
learning, Jewish education and
Jewish culture through which
so much can be accomplished."
Serving as conference co-chairs
are Dr. Fagin and Maland. The
conference's honorary chairman
are Jack Cheater, Peter (ioldring.
Harry A. Illapl Levy. Rubin
Offenbach, David Schaecter and
Jacob Sheiniuk. Marc Pollick.
executive director of the Zachor
Institute. is the conference
The conference is being
sponsored in cooperation with:
Southeast Florida Holocaust
Memorial Center; Dade County
Public Schools; New American
Jewish Social Club; David Ben-
(iurion Culture Club; Central
Agency for Jewish Education,
and Judaic Studies Program,
Unviersity of Miami.
The conference will take place
at the Seville Hotel, 2901 Collins
Ave., and participants will be
housed at the Sans Souci Hotel,
3101 Collins Ave., and the
Versailles Hotel, 3525 Collins
Ave. The registration fee is $10,
which includes the entrance fee to
"The Precious Legacy" and
transortatton. Conference meals
are extra. As the conference is
expected to be well attended,
early reservations are recom-
Friday. February 10, 1984
Volume S
7 1 ADAR 5744
Number 3
Come, experience a delightful mixture
of Classical and Modern Ballet. .
"... Soaringly romantic ... a moving,
heart-tugging performance."
Los Angeles Daily News
"... Massed excitement... a vigorous
and challenging dance company."
Philadelphia Bulletin
For more information, please call:
Jewish National Fund/Tampa .876-9327
Performing Arts Center/Clearwater
JNF proudly presents
Sunday. March 25. 1984
matinee 3 p.m.
evening 8 pm.
1111 McMullen Booth Road. Clearwater
Ticket prices: $15.50. $13.50. $1 1.50
Also available: Friends, Patrons and
Benefactors from $50. Reception included.
Make check payable to:
also accepted.
Please send stamped, self-addressed
envelope with your ticket order and
specify matinee or evening performance.
730 South Sterling Ave., Suite 213
Tampa. FL 33609

Friday, February 10,1984
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Page 5
Beth' Shalom Youth executives meet to plan Purim party for Jewish
Federation Youth Campaign March 17.
At a recent meeting of the Jewish National Fund
Gulf Coast Council, Certificates of Apreciation
were presented to Board Members who served the
Council during the 1982-83 year. Pictured above
are (left to right) Amy Epstein, Betty Shalett,
John Mogavero, Judy Levitt, Phyllis Browarsky,
Victor Greenberg, Roe Greenberg, Norrie Pearl
and Joe Charles. In addition, the new officers for
the 7983-84 year were elected They are: Amy
Epstein. President; Victor Greenberg, Vice
Beth Shalom Purim Party Committee left to right: Juliet Kaiser,
Refreshments; Lee Meddin, Administration; Andi Kaiser, President
of USY, Synagogue Outreach; Steve Abrams, Administration-
Decorations; Beth Michelman, Refreshments; Andy Hock, Advisor to
ft f

' ~fr
r'f -
Charlotte Gordon, Volunteer.
Jewish Federation
Eli Spivak at Friendship Club
dinner entertains with Yiddish
i' "M "' b ^SaurantTDelTcatessen j
Z n>*W. 14100 Walsingham, Largo
I Imfaj 595.2300


JNew York Jewish Style Dell "Best Corned Beef In Town"
Carry OuU Party Trays
Business Meetings Parties Delivery & Setup
President; Dr. Ronald Pross, Vice President; Dr.
Bruce Epstein, Vice President; Judy Levitt,
Treasurer, John Mogavero, Secretary. The new
Board of Directors includes the following in-
dividuals: Marvin Aronovite, Rivy Chapman,
Frank Cohen, Sandra Dreier, Dr. Robert Gold-
stein, Roe Greenberg, Jack Jenkins, Michael
Levine, Norrie Pearl, Ron Schiller, Bea and
George Schwartzman, Betty Shalett, Sigi Strauss
and Dolores and George Todd.
Mrs. Popkin To Keynote Hadassah Big Givers Dinner
Mrs. Ruth Popkin, national
vice president of Hadassah will
be keynote speaker at the St.
Petersburg Chapter Big Givers
Dinner on Feb. 25. The dinner
will be held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Joseph and is for
the benefit of the Hadassah
Medical Center in Israel.
Minimum donation is $180 per
couple. For information and
reservation, call Estelle Marsh,
Mrs. Popkin, the next national
President of Hadassah has held
many important positions in
Hadassah. She is past chair-
woman of HMO fundraising.
National Youth Activities, and
Hadassah Zionist Youth
Commission, and past president
of the Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y.,
region. She is a former member of
the board of the United Jewish
Appeal, and Women's Division of
Israel Bonds in Great Neck, N.Y.
Mrs Popkin is a member of the
executive boards of the American
Ruth Popkin
Zionist Federation and
Jewish National Fund.
Ruth Popkin, national vice
president of Hadassah, will speak
at Cong. Beth Shalom on
Saturday, Feb. 25 at 10 a.m.
Mrs. Popkin has visited Israel
many times and was Hadassah
delegate to the World Zionist
Congress for three years. She is
presently Hadassah National
Major Gifts Coordinator, after
having served Hadassah in many
important posts.
Hadassah. the Women's
Zionist Organization of America,
Inc., is the largest womens vol-
unteer organization in the United
States. With over 370,000
members, it is also the largest
Jewish organization in the
country and the largest Zionist
organization in the world.
The public is invited to attend
this important event at the
The Jewish Federation Youth
Campaign invites all "teens"
including members of Temple
B'nai Israel Youth Group, Beth
Shalom USY, Ahavat Shalom
Youth Club, to a Purim Party,
Saturday night Mar. 17,9 p.m. at
the Golda Meir Center.
Entertainment provided by
"DJ" Rick Kriseman, former St.
Petersburg resident, presently
University of Florida "Man on
Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% OFF
pood thru jBjgj Q" coupon pr couplt. -
Cloaed Sunday-Monday 1 i-fTues.-Fri. 11-7- Sat. 10-7
Wine/Beer Under New htenajement^
g wmtt/Deer "" : ^taaiiaBIl
m& [ 15SC -ate
W2L tB&tl ?^-**hx. if
%m I a -
j "


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Ottei good wnile supply lasls

Page 6
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Friday, February 10,1984
Congregations/Organizations Events
The Sisterhood and Temple
B'nai Israel of Clearwater are
sponsoring the Annual Interfaith
Evening Meeting on Tuesday,
Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the
Temple, 1685 S. Belcher Road,
Clearwater. This year's program
is entitled "Life Styles" which
will depict the six ceremonies
Birth, Consecration, Bar and Bat
Mitzvah, Confirmation,
Marriage, and Death dear to
Jewish life.
Congregants will explain each
ceremony in the Sanctuary, high-
lighting the most important
aspects of each. After which the
assembled guests will adjourn to
the Social Hall to partake in
appropriate refreshments. We
have invited the members of both
the Jewish and non-Jewish
congregations in Pinellas
County. The public is invited to
this evening free of charge, and
we hope you will also attend.
Presidents' Sabbath
On Friday, Feb. 17 the past
presidents of the congregation
will be honored, and the
memories of those who have
passed on will be sanctified. A
plaque to the five past presidents
of the original institution the
Jewish Community Center on
Betty Lane will be dedicated.
They are Lloyd Marks, Reuben
Rutenberg, Samuel Good, Isador
Zitlin, and Louis Frank.
Senior Youth Group
On Friday, Feb. 24, members
from youth groups throughout
our region will join BIFTYites for
a sabbath service and shul-in.
The theme of the weekend is
Freedom And Judaism.
Chai Couples Group
On Feb. 18 Chai will be
meeting at Major League Lanes
on Hercules Ave. at 7:30 sharp,
for a fun filled evening of novelty
bowling. Reservations are a
must. Please call Sandy at 393-
8347, or Helene at 393-5800.
Coming Events
Feb. 14 Tuesday, noon.
Book Review at Temple Ahavat
Shalom. Discussion
"Schindler's List" by Thomas
Keneally. Bring your lunch,
coffee will be served. Call 784-
9673. Sisterhood Members and
Guests Welcome.
Feb. 16 6:30 p.m. Thursday.
Dinner and Fashion Show at
Safety Harbor Spa. $15 per
ticket. Call 785-3531 for reser-
vations. Cocktails at 6:30 p.m.
Dinner 7:30 p.m. Male and
female models Clothing from
Surrey's and Loehmann's. Bring
your spouses, sweethearts.
Feb. 24 Services 8 p.m.
Dedication of Tree of Life by
Frank Weaner.
Man of the Year
Dr. Art Polin
The temple will honor Dr. Art
Polin as Man of the Year on
Saturday, March 17 at 7:30 pm.
at the temple. For information,
call 785-8811.
The Pacesetters will have a
meeting on Saturday, Feb. 11, at
7:30 pm. at the Temple. Refresh-
ments will be offered. There is no
charge for admisision.
This meeting will lead to the
foundation of a new beginning
such as a
The unity formed by former
and new Pacesetters will be vital
to reach the goals of our Jewish
identity. Further meetings will be
programmed on a basis of social,
cultural and religious objectives
for a togetherness in a warm and
friendly atmosphere.
Our newly elected president
Barney Rose and vice president
Murray Kahana are aiming to
satisfy the individual needs in
their endeavor to enjoy happy
futural meetings. For further
information call Barney Rose at
The St. Petersburg Museum of
Fine Arts considers "The
Precious Legacy: Judaic
Treasures from the Czechoslovak
State Collections, Prague'' of
such great and universal interest
that it is planning a presentation
for the entire community.
Although it is now at the Bass
Museum in Miami Beach through
March 18, a special lecture and
slide program will allow local
residents to have the opportunity
to view some of these beautiful
documents and art objects which
show Jewish Life from the
Middle Ages to the Nazi domi-
Myrtle Hill Memorial Park
Tampa's Heritage Cemetery (Est. 1917)
Shalom Garden
Monument Section
Bronze Section
Family Estate Lots
Myrtle Hill Memorial Park announces a rollback of
"before need" cemetery property for families of the
Jewish community. Purchase one or two burial spaces in
the Shalom Garden, which was consecrated and
dedicated Oct. 12,1969, at the 1977 price of $245.00 each.
Any additional space at the regular cost of $490.00 to
$540.00 each. Defferred payment plan available at 0% in-
terest. (25% deposit required) For further information on
this outstanding "before need" plan, simply fill in the
coupon below and drop it in the mail or call 813-626-1171
today. One special offer per family.
Shalom Garden
4002 N. 50th 8t.
Timp>, Florida 33610
D I should like information of Burial Lots.
O I should like information on Family Estate Lots.
nation. The history, artistry, and
cultural memories embedded in
these artifacts will speak to all
people who can respond to the
need for preservation of tradition.
The presentation will be part of
the "Art at Leisure" program on
Friday, Feb. 17 at 10:15 a.m. at
the Museum at 255 Beach Drive
No. Refreshments will be served
and reservations should be made
by calling 896-2667. A $1
donation is requested.
On Feb. 12 the Men's Club will
sponsor a paid-up breakfast for
their members. Those members
who have not paid their dues to
date may do so at the door.
The National Federation of
Men's Club, represented by Mr.
Al Solo of their Executive Board,
will present Beth Shalom Men's
Club with their Charter, as
members of the National Fede-
ration of Men's Clubs.
Cantor Binder of Congregation
Beth Shalom will also speak on
his recent trip to the Mideast
Sisterhood of Congregation
Beth Sholom of Gulfport will
hold its brown bag luncheon
meeting on Tuesday. Feb. 14,
12:30 p.m. at the Social Hall.
1844 54th St. South, Gulfport.
Cake and coffee will be served.
Mah Jong Bridge Fun.
Board Meeting will be held be-
tween 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Men's Club of Congregation
Beth Sholom of Gulfport will
hold its monthly meeting on
Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 1 p.m. All
members are urged to attend.
The Men's Club of
Congregation Beth Sholom of
Gulfport will hold its monthly
breakfast on Sunday, Feb. 12, at
10 a.m. Guest speaker will be
George Jendrusiak, chief social
worker, Veterans Administration
Medical Center, who will speak
on "What do you do after the
glow wears off retirement."
Members and guests are invited.
Donation $2.
St. Petersburg
Kadima Convention
Congregation B'nai Israel in
St. Petersburg is proud to be
sending 13 delegates to the
Southeast Regional Kadima Con-
vention to be held at the
Jacksonville Jewish Center,
Jacksonville, Fla. Feb. 10-12,
where 400 other seventh and
eighth grade students are ex-
pected to be attending. Aaron
Grau, President of the Kadima
chapter at Congregation B'nai
Israel will be attending along
with Danny Baruch, Michael
Buchholtz, Mara Corn. Meredith
Fischer, Michele Graham, Jay
Green, Lisea Lyons, Scott
Popick, Michael Robbins,
Suzanne Rosen, Karen Seder and
Jann Yogman.
Rabbi Mayer Rabinowitz
To Speak On
The Ordination of Women
Rabbi Mayer E. Rabinowitz,
Dean of the Graduate School at
the Jewish Theological Seminary
of America and Associate
Professor in Talmud both on the
graduate and undergraduate
levels, will be the guest speaker
at Congregation B'nai Israel in
St. Petersburg on Wednesday,
Feb. 29.
This lecture is part of a series
of "Outreach Program Lectures"
which is a combined effort of
United Synagogue of America,
the Rabbinical Assembly and the
Jewish Theological Seminary.
Rabbi Rabinowitz received his
BA, BHL, and MA from Yeshiva
University, and his masters
degree in Hebrew literature at the
seminary. He has been an editor-
translator, research consultant
and teacher, as well as the
recipient of several awards in-
cluding the National Defense
Foreign Language Fellowship
and a Memorial Foundation
His timely topic on "The
Ordination of Women: Halakhic
Perspectives" will be an infor-
mative evening. This lecture is
open to the public, Wednesday,
Feb. 29, at 8 p.m., at Congre-
gation B'nai Israel, 301 59th St.
North, in St. Petersburg. (For
more information call 381-4900.)
Jewish Singles
"Town Meeting" and Brunch
The CB1 Singles are planning a
Jewish Singles "Town Meeting"
brunch on Sunday, Feb. 12,
beginning at 11 a.m. at Congre-
gation B'nai Israel, 301 59th St.
North, St. Petersburg, followed
by volley ball outside. So, spread
the word and join in on this event
where you can "speak your
mind" enjoy a bagel brunch
and meet other Tampa Bay Area
Jewish Singles. $3 payable at the
Suncoast Chapter
On Monday, Feb. 13, Cynthia
Shulman. President of the
Brandeis University National
Women's Committee, will be the
guest of the Suncoast. Tampa
Bay. and Sarasota Chapters.
This will be your opportunity to
meet members of other West
Coast chapters of Brandeis, and
to participate in several
stimulating workshops.
This event will take place from
9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Bay
Harbor Inn, Courtney Campbell
Causeway (Route 60). Your $10
fee will cover registration,
morning coffee, workshops and
lunch. Please call Joyce Weiss-
man at 397-5928 for reservations.
Intermediate Bridge Classes
will be starting this month, upon
completion of the afternoon and
evening Beginner's Classes. For
further information, please
contact Bob Bobker at 595-0300.
Please bring your used books
to the Golda Meir Library, where
a Brandeis carton has been
allocated for the Book Sale. For
information and pick-up service,
please call Clara Zunder at 797-
7029 and Rosalie Cohn 796-7303.
A unique Art Experience will
be offered on Monday, Feb. 27, at
2 p.m. at the St. Petersburg
Junior College Clearwater
Campus) Multi-purpose room
at the library. Betty Marlin,
retired faculty member and
Brandeis member, will present
"The Mystery of Evil-An Explo-
ration of the Concepts of Evil in
the History of Man" a slide
presentation with music and
narration, followed by a
discussion on personal philo-
sophies and ways of coping. For
reservations, please call Kay
Nussbaum at 596-4532.
Wanted-books of all types. We
need paperbacks, hardcovers,
novels, textbooks, medical law
books, for our Brandeis Book
Sale. For information or pick up,
call Clara Zunder, 797-7029 or
Rosalie Cohn, 796-7303. There is
a receptacle for book contri-
butions in the Golda Meir Center
Library, 302 S. Jupiter St.,
Monday, Feb. 13 we are
planning to have music and
dancing to celebrate Valentine
Monday. Feb. 20 we will
have a social with cards and
games of your choice.
Monday. Feb. 27 we are
planning to show a video movie.
Monday, March 5 the
nominating committee will
present a slate of officers and we
will hold nominations of officers.
Election of officers for the en-
suing year will be held at our
April Meeting.
Monday. March 12 we will
have a social with cards and
games of your choice. Come and
take part in our activities.
It is nearing election time
again. It you need to register to
vote we have some deputy
registrar of voters at the center
who can help. Our annual mem-
bership dinner was a huge
success. A vote of thanks and
February 3
5:55 p.m.
February 10
6:00 p.m.
February 17
6:05 p.m.
February 24
6:10 p.m.
Religious Directory
400 S. Pasadena Ave., St. Petersburg 33707 Rabbi David
Susskind Friday Evening Sabbath Services 8 p.m., Saturday
Morning Sabbath Service 11 a.m. Tel. 347-6136.
Congregation BETH SHOLOM Conservative
1844 54 St., S., St. Petersburg 33707 Rabb. Sidney Rackoff
Sabbath Services: Friday evening at 8 p. m.; Saturday, 9a.m.
Tel. 321-3380
Congregation B'NAI ISRAEL Conservative
301 59 St., N., St. Petersburg 33710 Rabbi Jacob Luski Cantor
Irving Zummer Sabbath Service: Friday evening 8 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m.; Sunday 9 a.m.; Monday-Friday 8 a.m.; and
evening Minyan* Tel. 381-4900, 381-4901.
Congregation BETH CHAI Conservative
8400 125 St. N., Seminole 33542 Rabbi Sherman P. Kirshner
Sabbath Services: Friday evenings 8 p.m.; Saturday, 9:30 a.m.*
Tel. 393-5525.
Congregation BETH SHALOM Conservative
1325 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater 33516 Rabbi Kenneth
Bromberg Sabbath Services: Friday evening 8 p.m.; Saturday 9
a.m.; Sunday morning Minyan 9a.m. 531-1418.
imm B'MAI ISRAEL Reform
1685 S. Belcher Rd., Clearwater 33516 Rabbi Arthur Baseman
Sabbath Services: Friday evening at 8 p.m.; Saturday 10:30 a.m.
Tel. 531-5829.
POl Box 1176, Dunedin 33528 1575 Curlew Rd., Palm Harboi
33563 Rabbi Jan Bresky Sabbath Services: Friday evening 8
p.m. Tel. 785-8811.

Friday, February 10,1984
appreciation to the committee
members who worked so hard to
make this dinner successful. The
food was excellent and at-
tendance was great. We hope to
have as good attendance at our
meetings. Come and help us plan
our coming events.
The Shalom group of
Hadassah will hold its "Dime
Bank" luncheon on Wednesday,
Feb. 29 at 12:30 p.m. at the
Brown Derby in Madeira Beach.
Admission is two Dime Banks
plus $3. A program is being
planned to surprise and delight
you. For reservations please call
Edna Berger, 393-3633.
Youth Aliyah
St. Petersburg Chapter of
Hadassah will be celebrating
Youth Aliyah's Golden Jubilee
Anniversary, Sunday March 4 at
Spotos Restaurant. Youth Aliyah
is a most important project of
Hadassah, the Women's Zionist
Organization of America. Fifty
years ago it began as a rescue and
rehabilitation movement to save
Jewish children frm the torments
of Nazism. For over five decades
Youth Aliyah dealt with every
problem resulting from wave
after wave of immigration to
Israel. Today, it is finding new
ways to help a generation of
disadvantage*!, socially and
culturally deprived youth
many born in Israel, and has
reached out to over 225,000
youngsters. This rehabilitation
and education movement with its
mix of academic, vocational,
cultural, and ideological goals,
and its innovative psychological
testing and teaching methods,
and emphasis on social devel-
opment and peer relationships in
residential settings later
extended to all-day centers
became a pilot program for
educators, youth workers and
educational psychologists
throughout the world, it laid the
groundwork for many of the
youth programs in the United
Nations service agencies. Youth
Aliyah is interested in the well
being of the total child.
In celebration of this special
anniversary, the women of the St.
Petersburg Hadassah are
honoring five St. Petersburg
residents who exemplify the work
of Youth Aliyah in their total
commitment to the welfare of
children in our very own com-
munity. Those honored at the 11
a.m. brunch at Spotos Restau-
rant will be Dr. Allyn Giffen,
pediatrician, for his dedication to
the health of children and his
etforts in the development of the
Science Center; Bert Mueller,
^president of PACT for his total
commitment to ihe welfare of
retarded children; Helen Hith-
ersay, director of SPIFFS folk
dancing, for her endeavors to
foster the preservation of cultural
identity and ethnic pride in the
children of our community;
Barbara Finck, MA, consultant
is early childhood education-
Pinellas County License Board,
for her work insuring quality
education for our children in
schools and day care centers;
amd the Honorable James T.
Russell, PineUas-Pasco State
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Page 7
Attorney for his work in the field
of social justice and prevention of
delinquency in children.
Rivy Chapman, president of
the St. Petersburg Chapter of
Hadassah invites the public to
join the members of Hadassah in
honoring these five worthy in-
dividuals and to enjoy the
musical presentations of the
children of STAGE, directed by
Niki Blacker. Chairing the event
are Marilyn LeVine and Adele
Morris. For further information,
please call Beverly Sherman, 343-
Abe Ader Post 246
The following list are the hap-
penings of Abe Ader Post No.
246 JWV.
Sunday, Feb. 12, 7 p.m. card
party and games, coffee, suprise
dessert, door prizes, snacks and
more. Donation $2.50 at the JCC,
8167 Elbow Lane, St. Petersburg.
Tuesday, Feb. 14 Special
Valentine Party at Bay Pines for
the Veterans. Call Jack Avery for
information 391-4416.
Tuesday, Feb. 14 Valentine
Party at Happy Workers Day
Nursery, for the children.
Voluneers call Anne Belkin 381-
8045.1:30 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 19 Bay Pines
Games 2:30 p.m., Monte Carlo 7
Sunday, Feb. 26, 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast meeting, Post and
Auxiliary at JCC, 8167 Elbow
Lane, St. Petersburg. Guest
Auxiliary President Gulf Coast
County Minnie Posner. Guest
Speaker Sheriff of Pinellas
County, Jerry Coleman.
Sunday, March 11,7 p.m.
keep this open for a Kosher
Chinese dinner specially catered
by Jeanne and Joe Charles, at
JCC, 8167 Elbow Lane, St.
Special Mr. Ted Label -
Tax Preparer 866-2147 will be
doing tax returns at the JCC
Monday evening starting Feb. 6,
at the JCC. 8167 Elbow Lane, St.
Petersburg. Free. Bring 1982
copy of tax return, and 1983 tax
package with gum label.
Mr. Label is volunteering his
services to the Senior Citizens at
no charge. For further infor-
mation, call JCC 344-5795.
Paul Surenky Post 409
Feb. 13 The Auxiliary is
planning "A Day at the Races"
at Tampa Downs. Contact Fran
hhrenpreis if interested 736-5102.
Feb. 14 Regular meeting of
the Post and Auxiliary to be held
at Golda Meir Center 302 S.
Jupiter St., Clearwater at 7:30
Feb. 26 The Post and Auxil-
iary to service the veterans at
Bay Pines Hospital. Contact
Commander Paul Hochberg 796-
0950 should you wish to assist us.
St. Petersburg
The St. Petersburg Section of
the National Council of Jewish
Women will hold their regular
meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22,
12 noon at the Jewish Commu-
nity Center, 8167 Elbow Lane
North, St. Petersburg.
The theme will be Brotherhood
and our guest speaker will be
Stephen D. Steiner, Executive
Director of National Conference
of Christians and Jews, Inc.
All members and friends are
invited to attend this most inter-
esting meeting and refreshments
will be served.
Suncoast Section
This year our women's seminar
will be "Women and the
Changing Scene." It will take
place on Feb 16 at 9 a.m. at the
Wine Cellar. The seminars will
include the following interesting
and informative people and
Margaret (Peggy) Malchon,
PhD is Director of the Psycho-
logical Assessment Unit at
Horizon Hospital and is Director
of the Counseling Center at
Eckerd College. In her private
practice in Clearwater, her time is
spent helping women deal with
divorce, anorexia, bulimia and
obesity. Certainly an excellent
and varied background with
which to discuss her topic "Fair
Robert Miller is presently the
Program Director of the
Adolescent Unit at Horizon
Hospital and Psychology Con-
sultant to the Pinellas County
Juvenile Court. His topic of
Richard Morales, MD. His
program is entitled "Neuro Lin-
guistics" which is a method on
learning to watch people and
dealing with guilt and worry.
Each of the seminars will be
available to everyone this year.
Reservations are a must. Please
send your check to: Helaine
Rosenfeld, 1713 Belleair Forest
Drive, Apt. D, Belleair, FL
33516. Donation Members $10.
Non-Members 812.
A gourmet lunch will be
St. Petersburg
The St. Petersburg Afternoon
Chapter of ORT will hold its
regular monthly meeting on
Tuesday, Feb. 21 at Temple
Beth-El, 400 Pasadena Ave.
South, Pasadena, at 12:30 p.m.
with president Ann Bass
presiding. Refreshments will be
An interesting skit will be pre-
sented by Rae Schuster, entitled
"Is there room in an ORT school
for me?" This will focus on
problems that exist between ORT
administrators and the student
seeking admission. ORT sup-
ports and maintains training
schools in countries throughout
the world.
The program for the afternoon
will be unusual and provocative.
Miracles of
Researchers of the Technion's
Institute of Bio-Medical Engin-
eering study how human limbs
respond to stress, pressure and
other mechanical and eviron-
mental forces. The purpose is to
construct artificial limbs which
will mimic nature's perfect
Understanding how limbs
function under different environ-
mental conditions and stresses,
coupled with advances in medical
electronics, in making artificial
limbs more "life-like" than ever
before. Current designs of ar-
tificial arms involve cable grip
controlled by the muscles of the
users shoulder. Tiny sensors
implanted in the amputee's joint
send electronic signals back to
the user, telling how far his arm
is outstretched. Powered by an
external powerpack worn as a
vest, the device enables the
handicapped to control the
strength and dexterity of his
mechanical arm and hand.
Ninety-seven percent of the
37.000 members of the Israeli
Association of Disabled War
Veterans are self-supporting
members of the Israeli society.
By improving prosthetic devices,
the Technion Institute of Bio-
Medical Engineering helps the
handicapped throughout the
world to lead better and happier
Lara Blacker, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Barry Blacker will be
called to the Torah as a Bat
Mitzvah on Feb. 11 at Temple
Beth El.
Lara is a student in the temple
Religious school, and attends the
Maderia Beach Jr. High School.
She is a member of Stage, a
performing children's troupe, and
enjoys singing and dancing.
Dr. and Mrs. Blacker will host
a reception at the Wine Cellar.
Special guests will include grand-
parents Milton and Molly Tander
and Jack and Ruth Simon.
Lara Blacker
Keep It Fair
February 19-25 is National
Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week.
This year's theme is, "Keep it
Fair," in business, at home,
with neighbors, friends and even
Fairness begins with respect.
Let's give to others the same
rights and respect we desire for
ourselves. Let's keep it fair.
Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week
is sponsored by the National
Conference of Christians and
Jews, Bay Area Chapter.
1 800 432 3708
Jewish X}k
Arnold & Grundwog
ni Hi it. $t. n. r. mm
...The only firm dedicated
to serving Jewish families
Florida's West Coast
Only True
Jewish Cemetery
Call 531-0475
Bronze Memorials by
Oorham Master Craftsmen
1045 Mh AVENUE NO.

Page 8
The Jewish Floridian ofPinellas County
Friday, February 10,1984
Jewish Community Center of PineUas County
8167 ELBOW LANE NORTH ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. 33710 PH. 813/344-5795
Ben and Ethel Wisotsky
JCC Volunteers
The JCC wishes to thank Ben
and Ethel Wisotsky for their
volunteer work at the Jewish
Community Center. Ben and
Ethel are the editors of the new
JCC newspaper, Centerama.
They donate many hours each
month in composing, editing, and
designing this monthlv publica-
tion. They are to be congrat-
ulated on a job well done!
Recently the couple have been
involved in the JCC Walk-a-thon
and Flea Market. Ben and Ethel
are also active members of the
Jewish War Veterans Abe Ader
Post 246.
SPIFFS, St. Petersburg Inter-
national Folk Festival, will be
held on Friday, Saturday and
Sunday, Feb. 24-26. The Folk
Festival is held at the Bay Front
Center in downtown St. Peter-
sburg. The JCC is sponsoring the
Israeli Booths, including refresh-
ments and arts and crafts. JCC
Organizers include Lenore Pearl,
Joe Charles, and Drew Lucido.
Camp Kadima
Camp Kadima held at the
Jewish Community Center in St.
Petersburg is a summer day
camp for children aged two and a
half to 15. Camp begins Monday,
June 18 and continues till Friday,
Aug. 10.
Sign your child up today for a
fun-filled summer at Camp
Children's Program News
In addition to our regular, on-
going before-after School
Program, we will be sponsoring
three (3) mini-all day camps
I during the month of February.
The dates for the mini camps
will be Friday. Feb. 10, Monday,
Feb. 13 and Friday. Feb. 17.
Many schools, both public and
private, will be closed these days
due to in-service programs.
eir Center
302 South Jupiter, Clearwater, Florida 33515 813-461-0222
12 3 4
i.6 7 8 9 10 11
02)13 14 15 16 17 18
T920 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29
Gloria Knight at 446-4422.
We are pleased to welcome Dr.
and Mrs. Fred Lieberman into
the Golda Meir Center Family as
a Founder thank you!
Thank you Henry Stevens for
building the frames for the black-
Cirde the date Sunday, Feb.
12, 2 p.m., Golda Meir Center.
Panel discussion Life
Extension Pros and Cons.
Robert L. Davis He earned
his doctorate at Johns Hopkins
Medical Institute and served on
its faculty for six years. At the
VA Medical Center, Bay Pines,
Fla., he was Director of the
Geriatric Research and Clinical
Center (1958-1978). He is the
author of many publications and
is a Fellow of the Gerontological
Gene V. Chenoweth He has
an advanced degree in counseling
and served for two terms as
president and member of the
board of the Marion County
Mental Health Association.His
articles can be found weekly in
the St. Petersburg-Clearwater
Gladys Ross Active at the
Golda Meir Center Octogen-
After the speakers, the
audience will be invited to join
the panel discussion with
questions or comments. Refresh-
ments will be served.
Suggested reading: Saul Kent
The Life Extension Revo-
lution; Roy Walford
Maximum Life Span; Durk
Pearson, Sandy Shaw Life
Extension Practical, Scientific
Approach; B. F. Skinner
Enjoy Old Age
Blood Pressure 10 a.m.
every second Wednesday of each
month. Exercise with Billie every
Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. Sing-a-
Long with Mildred Lewis every
Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. Games
every Thursday at 11 a.m. Line
Dancing every Friday with
Mildred Lewis at 11 a.m.
For information about meals
and transportation please call
The Feb. 8 Glezele Tey at the
Golda Meir Center was a time of
good music and good times. The
"key" to the good music and
good times was Miriam Schlissel.
She has a genuine love of the
Yiddish stage and Yiddish music.
She has sung professionally and
is locally known to the Richey
Sun Coast Theatre and the Pasco
County JCC. Some of the plays
she has participated in are A
Majority of One, Music Man,
Carnival, and Anything Goes.
Mrs. Schlissel has joined Mil-
dred Lewis and the Players of
Pinellas, raising funds for
UPARC in their production of
Musical Chairs '84.
Make February your Read-a-
Book, Love-a-Boook Month.
There are so many valentines at
the Golda Meir Center Library
paperbacks like Gorky Park, art
books such as Homage to
Chagall, books of Jewish content
as To Be A Jew by Rabbi Hayim
Halevy Don in, large-print such
as Ann Tyler's Dinner at the
Homesick Restaurant, and many
There is no charge for a library
card and books may be kept out
for two weeks.
Remember: Library Hours
10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through
Friday. Did you hug a book
April 16 First Seder
It's not too early to be thinking
of Passover plans. Watch this
column for information con-
cerning sharing a Seder with the
Golda Meir Family. There will be
a planning meeting for the Seder.
Anyone interested in participat-
ing in planning menu, service,
decorations, or "ruach"
Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 1 p.m. or
Thursday. March 1 at 1 p.m. call
Marcie, at 461-0222.
SAT Preparation Course
An SAT preparation course for
the May 5 test will be offered at
the Golda Meir Center beginning
March 7 or 8 from 4 to 6 p.m. The
tutors are certified teachers from
the Pinellas County School
System and the program will be
supervised by Mrs. Beverly
Powell from the Center for
Psychology and Educational
Services. The test preparation
lasts six weeks and includes one
hour of match and one hour of
English each week at the Golda
Meir Center with approximately
four hours of assigned homework.
The book to be purchased by the
students for the course is
Barron's "How to Prepare for the
Scholastic Aptitude Test."
The students applying must
have completed Algebra I and
Geometry. We also would request
an unofficial transcript of your
school work brought to the first
tutoring session.
The fee for the six week course
is $215 payable by March 5. Mrs.
Beverly Powell may be contacted
for further information:
telephone 441-4579.
Registration forms may be ob-
tained from the Golda Meir
Center or Mrs. Powell's office:
901 N. Hercules Ave., Clear-
water, Suite G.
Here is the answer to the
problem of what to do with your
children on these dates. We will
provide a trained staff, hot
kosher lunch, arts and crafts,
field trips, music, dance and
sport activities. Reservations
must be made two days in ad-
vance by contacting Sherry at
New Children's Classes Offered
We are proud to announce that
we will begin offering several new
educational programs for
children starting in February.
These new classes will include
beginning computer, cursive
writing, math tutoring, typing
and ceramics. These new classes,
combined with our on-going
programs of music, dance and
karate, provide a well-rounded
educational program for all
children. For more details contact
Sherry at 344-5795.
JCC Senior Friendship Club
Approximately 35 members of
the JCC Senior Friendship Club
will be leaving Tuesday, Feb. 21,
on their trip to the Burt Reynolds
Dinner Theater, and to the Bass
Museum in Miami to view the
"Precious Legacy" exhibit.
Irving Silverman of the Senior
Friendship Club has been the trip
coordinator. Members of the club
wish to publicly thank him for his
Feb. 16 Thursday) Guest
Speaker Jack Fordham from the
Pasadena Social Security Office.
Sr. Friendship Club meeting-1.
Feb. 23 Thursday) Monthly
Birthday and Anniversary Party
at the Senior Friendship Club-
1 15, Guest Speaker, Albert
Hirsch, Goodwill Ambassador.
March 1 Thursday) Golden
Circle Party at the Senior Friend-
ship Club-1.
March 8 Senior Friendship
Club's 26tK Anniversary Lun-
cheon, to be held at the Dolphin
Beach Resort. St. Petersburg
Beach. For further information
call the JCC at 344-5795.
JCC Wish List
The JCC is in need of many
articles and equipment. The
tollowing list is the "JCC Wish
List." If there are any members
in the community that have these
articles and no longer need them
the JCC would greatly appreciate
the donation.
Wish List
1. Electric type writters
2. Adding machines-
3. File cabinets
Fred Margolis
Executive Director
4. Station wagons-Vans
5. Folding chairs
6. Toys
7. Art supplies
"Super Sunday"
Super Sunday, held on Jan. 15
at both the Jewish Community
Center and Superior Surgical,
involved over 250 volunteers
from all over Pinellas County.
Over $45,000 was raised during
the day long Federation Telethon
This year's Super Sunday was
run by the Jewish Community
Center Board of Directors under
the chairmanship of Joe Charles
and co-chairman. Sophie
Glasgow. Committee members
included Jean and Julius Malkin,
Joel Goetz. Mel Fergenbaum and
Fred Margolis. JCC Executive
Chairman Joe Charles said,
"This was an event in which the
entire Jewish community was
involved, not only here but
throughout the entire country."
Joel Goetz, Chairman of the
Food Committee wishes to thank
the following businesses on
behalf of the Federation for their
donations. Specialty Foods Sales,
Bounty Caterers, Paradise
Bakery, Hebrew National,
Lovett's Bakery, Mel Dinsfriend
and Company, King Salmon,
Bernard's, Classic Deli, Sinai 48,
and Bagel King.
Stan Newmark, Chairman of
the 1984 Federation Campaign
said. It is this kind of event that
shows the dedication and par-
ticipation of our community in
the growth and developent of
services for fellow Jews at home
and abroad."
Yigal Bander. Campaign
Director, stated that "since
starting the Super Sunday event
two years ago, Pinellas County,
per capita, is the most actively
involved community in the
United States. That is to say
proportionally there were more
volunteers and participants in
this Super Sunday than any
other Federation."
A special thanks to the entire
community from Charles
Rutenberg, President of the
Jewish Federation of Pinellas
Kreplach to Cheese Cake
New York Fish Platters & Deli Platters
Sit Down and Buffet Dinners
Viennese Tables
Tuxedo Waiters and Maitres d'
NOW Shiva Trays Available
I'm Florida's Jewish Caterer with
the New York accent
Good Food and Service at
Bounty is Tradition
Call Ron today
Bounty catering
1890 B Drew street Clw.

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