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Of Tampa
Volume 4 Number 31
Tampa, Florida Friday, September 24,1982
Price 35 Cents
\uckle of a belt for the 'Kitel,' a white garment worn by some Ashkenazi worshippers on
\osh Hashanah and Yom Kipper, depicts the sacrifice of Isaac. Below is the shofar soun-
ed during the High Holy Days and on other solemn occasions.
fovon Calls for Massacre Inquiry
esident Yitzhak Navon called
|tonday night for an indepent in-
uiry by a "credible" body into
massacre of Palestinian
vilians in two refugee camps in
est Beirut Friday. He said, in a
epared statement which he
ad personally to the media that
prael owed an inquiry to itself, to
self-image and to its image
among those civilized countries
[ which we see ourselves a part."
The President's call echoed in
ffect the Labor Alignment's de-
and earlier for a judicial com-
mission of inquiry into events in
est Beirut. It also marked one
the rare occasions when the
sident of Israel has personally
(ltervened in a matter with far-
aching domestic political rami-
ations. By constitutional con-
en tion, the Presidential office
enerally remains outside of poli-
NAVON'S statement called for
"early and thorough investi-
ition by credible and inde-
endent people into what hap-
ened in this awful affair; and if
essary, as a result of the in-
"iry. to draw conclusions
en those conclusions must be
awn to the full."
In Hebrew, the idiom, "to draw
onclusions," is often used as a
fnonym for "to resign" or "to
snuss" someone. Labor has de-
anded that Premier Menachem
rin and Defense Minister Ariel
haron resign for having ordered
Israeli forces into west Beirut
^st Wednesday without prior
onsultation with the Cabinet.
Navon's remarks raised specu-
?tion as to his future plans.
political observers immediately
called that he announced on
evision only last week that he
jould consider returning to poli-
when his Presidential term
*pires. His sudden and unex-
cted intervention in the west
it crisis was expected to
ttt* a political atir, if not a
statement that Israel has a long
heritage of morality and justice
and he was sure that if it stuck to
its age-old principals it could
emerge from this episode
"strengthened sevenfold."
He added that Israel also con-
demned the attempts by Arab
and some other states to lay guilt
for the massacre at the door of
the Israeli army. "These at-
tempts will fail," Navon said.
Reagan Says Massacre
Must Open Up To
'Serious9 Negotiations
Reagan issued a statement last
Saturday on the situation in
Here is President Reagan's
statement Saturday on the situa-
tion in Lebanon:
"I was horrified to learn this
morning of the killing of Pale-
stinians which has taken place in
Beirut. All people of decency
must share our outrage and
revulsion over the murders,
which included women and chil-
dren. 1 express my deepest re-
grets and condolences to the
families of the victims and the
broader Palestinian community.
"During the negotiations lead-
ing to the PLO withdrawal from
Beirut, we were assured that
Israeli forces would not enter
West Beirut. We also understood
that following withdrawal,
Lebanese army units would es-
tablish control over the city.
"They were thwarted in the
effort by the Israeli occupation
that took place beginning on
Wednesday, We strongly op-
posed Israel's move into West
Beirut following the assassina-
tion of President-elect Gemayel
both because we believed it
wrong in principle and for fear
that it would provoke further
fighting. Israel, by yesterday in
military control of Beirut, claim-
ed that its moves would prevent
the kind of tragedy which has
now occurred.
"We have today summoned
the Israeli ambassador to de-
mand that the Israeli govern-
ment immediately withdraw its
tones from West Beirut to the
positions occupied on Sept. 14.
We also expect Israel thereafter
to commence serious negotia-
tions, which will first lead to the
earliest possible disengagement
of Israeli forces from Beirut and
second, to an agreed framework
for the early withdrawal of all
foreign forces from Lebanon.
"Despite and because of the
additional bloody trauma which
adds to Lebanon's agonies, we
urge the Lebanese to unite quick-
ly in support of their government
and their constitutional processes
and to work for the future they so
richly deserve. We will be with
"This terrible tragedy under-
scores the desperate need, for a
true peace in the Middle East,
one which takes full account of
the needs of the Palestinian
people. The initiative I announc-
ed on Sept. 1 will be pursued vig-
orously in order to achieve that
Force Back
In Lebanon
an address to the nation
Monday evening, President
Reagan announced that
U.S. troops are returning to
West Beirut as part of an
multinational force de-
signed to preserve stability
in the city that was des-
troyed as larger-than-ex-
pected numbers of PLO
were discovered to have re-
mained there, and Israel
moved to reoccupy it and
assert control over the
growing rift between
Moslems and Christians in
the wake of President-Elect
Bashir Gemayel's assas-
President Reagan
The President said that some 800 U.S. Marines will be
there for "a limited period of time." Mr. Reagan also de-
clared that Israel must withdraw from Beirut immediate-
ACCORDING TO the President, a major U.S. objective
is to enable "the government of Lebanon to resume full
soveignty over its capital." Although Mr. Reagan did not
say so in his address, Administration aides noted that
another major objective is to achieve a withdrawal from
Lebanon by all Israeli and Syrian forces. "This must hap-
pen very soon," the official declared.
The massacre in the Palestinian camps outside of Bei-
rut, the President said, and the documentation of the
slaughter in pictures, "among the moet heart-rending in
the long nightmare of Lebanon's agony."
"There is little that words can add," he noted, "but
there are actions we can and must take to bring that
nightmare to an end."
CALLING UPON an instant Israeli withdrawal, Mr.
Reagan declared that Israel can not expect to solve prob-
lems that were not of its own making and that it couldn't
solve in any case. "Israel must have learned that there is
no way it can impose its own solutions on hatreds as deep
and bitter as those that produced this tragedy (the mas-
sacre). If it seeks to do so, it will only sink more deeply
into the quagmire that looms before it.
The President has made no secret of the fact that he believes that
Prime Minister Begin and his government had deceived his Adminis-
tration since it learned of the Beirut massacre last Saturday. "Israel is
no longer David it's Goliath," he is reported to have declared.
The multinational force in Lebanon will be made up of Italian and
French units, in addition to the Marines. The troops will take up posi-
tions in Beirut along the lines that divide Moslems and Christians.
The President was careful to explain that it will be the Lebanese
authorities themselves who will be in charge.
THIS TIME, Mr. Reagan has refused to say just how long U.S.
troops will be in Lebanon. He added: "Foreign forces and armed fac-
tions have too long obstructed the legitimate role of the government of
Lebanon's security forces. We must pave the way for withdrawal of
foreign forces.
"The place to begin this task is in Beirut. The Lebanese government
must be permitted to restore internal security in its capital. It can not
do this if foreign forces remain in or near Beirut."
Emphasizing that the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon "is only a
first step," the President noted that "The events in Beirut of last week
have served only to reinforce my conviction that such a peace is des-
perately needed and that the initiative we undertook on Sept. 1 is the
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-iridian of Tampa
Filling in Background
Did Begin Know Massacre Truth?
Israelis are being told, in
their own newspapers, that
Prime Minister Menachem
Begin's explanation that
the Israel Defense Forces in
Beirut knew nothing of the
Christian Phalangist attack
on Palestinian Refugee
camps outside of Beirut is
simply untrue.
Lebanese gunmen belonging to
right-wing Christian militia units
apparently killed hundreds of
men, women and children last
Friday and Saturday as part of
an effort to avenge the assassina-
tion of President-Elect Bashii
Gamayel. Even babies and teen
age girls were not spared at tht
Chatila and Sabra camps, ac-
cording to reports.
OFFICIAL explanation here of
the incident following Israel's
return in force to Beirut last week
that the militiamen had
moved in through an access route
.from the south previously con-
trolled by Israeli troops. The IDF
troops relinquished control of tht
route last Thursday night.
According to the Foreign Min-
istry, the attacks at the two
refugee camps were carried out
by Phalangist gunmen. It is re-
ported that houses were
dynamited and bulldozed into
rubble in a "getting even" melee,
and in addition to those killed
and wounded, large numbers
were reported taken away by the
The Foreign Ministry in Jeru-
salem issued a satement declar-
ing that Iraeli troops had fired at
the militiamen, using 'all possi-
ble means and measures" to stop
the Christian slaughter.
BUT THE independent news-
paper. Haaretz, and the conserv-
ative newspaper, Yediot
Achronot, disputed a Cabinet
statement claiming that IDF
soldiers stopped the killings "as
soon as they learned of the tragic
Phalangist militiamen were
permitted to enter the camp* laal
Thursday, according to Kuan
Haber. writing in Yediot
Achronot. He said: On Thursday
and Friday morning, ministers
and officers knew of the massacre
and took no steps to stop it. For
36 hours, the Phalange killed
every body in their path."
"Though the government knew
on Thursday night, it didn't raise
a finger, nor did it do anything to
prevent the massacre until
Saturday morning, Haber said.
WRITING IN Haaretz, Zeev
Schiff, a respected military af-
fairs analyst, declared: "On
Friday morning, I knew about
the massacre in the camps and
repored to senior officials."
Haber backed up Schiff by
saying, "On Friday morning,
Zeev Schiff of Haaretz reported
the killing to government offici-
als, yet it continued. Also, intelli-
gence had warned the chief of
staff, Lt. Gen. Rafael Eytan, of
the possibility of such a massacre
if the Phalange were allowed to
enter the refugees camps in West
Haber and Schiff were then
joined by Haim Zadok writing in
the Labor Party's Davar to ac-
knowledge that Defense Minister
\riel Sharon had said on Friday
that Israeli troops closed the
camps, and that the Phalangists
could only have entered with the
permission of IDF soldiers.
MEANWHILE, the Labor
Party had demanded the resigna-
tion of Prime Minister Begin.
Party leader Shimon Peres went
on television to say that both
Begin and Sharon must quit.
And Yitzhak Rabin, a former
Prime Minister and another
Labor Party Leader noted: "The
government does not have the
authority to order Israel's De-
fense Forces to get involved in
the domestic affairs of Lebanon."
Rabin called for an inquiry
"to establish who was responsi-
ble for this tragic event."
The government has since res-
ponded by declaring that "No
one will preach to us ethics and
respect for human life, values
which we have educated and will
continue to educate generations
of Israeli fighters to come." A
statement noted that Israel is not
to blame for the killings at the
two camps, and all claims to the
(Call me about your social news
at 872-4470) |
Congratulations to our friend Steven Baumgarten,
Associate Professor at the University of South Florida in the
College of Business Administration. Steven was recently ap-
pointed the Director for Academics of the Executive Masters of
Business Administration Program. What a terrific honor
Judy Zerolnick informs us that she and many of her family
members (the Neuwirth Family), toured familiar grounds of
childhood at a big family reunion they held during the week of
July 4. It was really a thrill for Anna Neuwirth, who is 85 years
old, to be able to get together with so many of her loved ones.
Now let's see if you can get this list of family members, who
attended this wonderful reunion, straight, in less time than it
took me. First, there was Anna's son and daughter-in-law from
Waco, Texas Seymour and Esther; Anna's daughter, Judy
Zerolnick, and Anna's other son and daughter-in-lawAlvin
and Molly Neuwirth from Maryland with their various children
and grandchildren who included: Seymour and Esther's son
and daughter-in-law from Temple, TexasDavid and Glynda
and Seymour and Esther's daughter from Denton,
Texas Caroryn Neuwirth; Judy's son and daughter-in-
law-Richard and Barbara Phillips and their three
childrenNathan, Keith, and Sean; and Judy's
daughterDiama Cliakacales and her child, Carrie; and Alvin
and Molly's daughter, Marsha MaranU. from Hollywood,
Florida with her child, Michael.
Also, attending this reunion from Tampa were Shirley
Klamer and her husband Joe and their children their son and
daughter-in-law Larry and Felicia with their child, Adam; their
son David with his twin sons Michael and Jimmy; their son
Martin; and their daughter, Sandy. In addition, attending trom
Tampa were Marilyn Blakely and her husband CUff and their
children Anita Rott. Debbie Rott, and Clifford Blakely.
Whew! I am absolutely exhausted just from writing about
this one but hope it was lots of fun and full of good memories.
Well, we were so excited to hear that our dear friend. Dr.
Mee Cherdhsff, had recently been presented with a much
deserved award. Moe has served, in addition to his many other
activities, as the Chief Medical Examiner for the Tampa Boxing
Commission, for over 30 years! He is the man who has examined
all of the boxers, both amateur and professional, before their
matches. Without a doubt, it has been his tremendous influence
which has kept hundreds of kids off the streets and instead,
encouraged them to spend their time in the gym exercising and
building up their bodies.
Many of the fights are held at the Cuban Club. It was this
dub which presented Moe with a plaque and well deserved
recognition for his many years of faithful service. In addition,
The Tampa Tribune did a wonderful write-up on Moe, in this
facet of his work. We are all very proud of you, Moe, as we know
| your warm and supportive wile, Naomi must be. Thanks for
letting us know.
When the Southeastern Federation of Temple Sisterhoods
holds their Biennial Convention in Tampa Oct. 15-17, a number
of outstanding guests will be in attendance. These in-
cludeRabbi Howard I. Bogot, Director of Curriculum
Development, UAHC (PATTParents and Teachers Too);
Eleanor Schwartz, Executive Director of NETS; and Rabbi
Lewis Littman, new Southern UAHC Director. This is going to
be a truly landmark educational experience. For those who are
interested in attending all or any part of the activitiescontact
the Temple at 876-2377.
You just have one more day to sign up for the fourth annual
"Robinson's Symphony Classic" race, Beth Mdlman informs
us. To be held Sunday, Oct. 3, beginning at 8 a.m. and starting
at the University of Tampa campus, this popular race has both -
5K and 10K divisions. Race Director, Rick Denfrund, the sports
coach at the University of Tampa, states that the race course is
a flat, scenic route where personal records can be set. This is
Tampa's largest race which centers around local runners who are
not overshadowed by world class champions. Last year there
were 2100 participants from nine states and the race netted the
orchestra $18,000. If you have not already done so. you can sign-
up tommorow. in any one of eleven age divisions for both male
and female runners, a wheelchair division, and a corporate race
team division, at WestShore Plaza (in front of Robinson's
Department Store), from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and 6 p.m.-9 p.m. So get
those "twinkle toes" twinkling and participate!
What a marvelous and interesting re-enrollment luncheon
the Bay Horizon's Chapter of Womens' American ORT recently
held at the Bay Way home of Virginia Gordimer. Well-known
Gladys Leitman, of Two is Company, (a professional shopping
service in the Bay area), was the speaker. She presented a
seminar on putting together and updating one's wardrobe, lt
was such fun for these ladies to see some of the newest ideas in
fashion and accessories. It sounds like this function was a great
way to start off what promises to be a great year for the daytime
chapter of ORT.
What has become a really special annual event for the Hillel
School is just around the corner, so we thought we'd titillate
your interest with a few details. $10,000 in gold is the prize for
the winning ticket in The Hillel School's "Gift of Gold." Each
gold ticket can be purchased for $100, or individuals may share
tickets in portions of $50, $25, or $10. Tickets are now available
from several sources: The Hillel School at Congregation Rodeph
Sholom. in the CarroUwood area from Harriet Seelig, 962-2298,
and in the Interbay area from Betty Shalett, 872-5604. The
Hillel School parents will host a gala "Gold Evening" on Nov.
20 in celebration of the support for Tampa's Jewish School, by
the community. During that evening the $10,000 winner will be
announced, along with the winners of many other prizes. So
mark the date on your calendar and purchase your ticket now for
a chance to win that $10,000 prize.
Meet Alice and Rami Chai, who moved back to Tampa just
a year ago, from Houston, Texas-where they had resided for
four years. They had lived in Tampa for five months, previous to
their Houston move, to be near Alice's sister who resides
hereMadeline Rundus. However, deciding better job con-
ditions weren't everything and missing the closeness of family
(also, Alice's parents live in SarasoU) the Chais moved back to
Tampa and live in the north area of town. Rami was born in Iraq
but spent almost all of his growing up years in Israel. Alice was
born in New Jersey but met Rami over in Israel (where all of his
family still reside). Rami works for a plumbing company. The
Chais's have two childrensix year old Leara, who was born in
Israel, and now attends Lake Egypt Elementary School, and
two year old Noah, who stays home with Mommy. Our new
family enjoys swimming and Alice delves into various crafts
Rami occupies his free time by 'piddling'' with different
projects in the area of solar. We certainly are glad that y all are
back living in Tampa, Alice, Rami, Leora, and Noah-welcome.
_________Until next week. .____________
contrary are entirely ba*J
and without any foundation tlI
government rejects lhem Vjl
the contempt they deserve I
f WTO >hPl*i -
ficial declared that the ChrisU
militiamen had gone into Z\
camps only U> search for r|
guerrillas hiding there. WhiUj
acknowledged that Israd al
proved the mission, he said Z\
Israeli troops "did not haveu,|
hint whatsoever they would criI
out a slaughter."
Nevertheless, this did notst|
some 500 protesters from gat). I
ing outside of Prime Minute
Begins home Sunday mjl
Monday, some of whom were die-1
persed by police who threw
devices at them. Inside, Ben I
denounced as a "blood libel 4 ]
charges that Israel was respond
ble for the massacre.
An International Red Crosl
statement declared that "Injui*|
people were killed in their hosn-l
tal beds at Chatila and Sabnl
Others were kidnaped, as wet*I
State Department official q.|
mised that "at least 300 peopk j
were killed." The estimate w|
based on figures from embassa I
in Beirut, but the Palestine I*j
eration Organization argued that I
the number of dead reached "um|
the thousands."
Lebanese government authanl
ties are blaming the militia until
of Maj. Saad Haddad, but suml
vors and Israeli soldiers ex-l
plained that they also saw unil
formed fighters from the Gen|
yel Phalangist militia.
Needed: Piano
and Sound System
The new senior residence I
facility, the Mary Walker Apart[
ments, sponsored by Tamptj
Jewish Federation Housing, Inc. j
is now open. As with all new
homes, there are j lot of thinp |
For Choral Group and mua-
cal activities, a piano is verjj
much needed by this new facility
Music is a major part of the n>
creation program for the senior)
and hopefully someone has 1
piano no longer needed in that
A complete sound system
also needed. The recreation roon |
is large and communication
most difficult without a mien-
phone, amplifier, turn table art
stereo. The Mary Walker Apart
ments will accept component
Pick up for these items cu b
arranged by calling Juliet Rod*
guez at 870-1830 or 985-8809.,
Art Faculty's
Works on Exhibit
Works by faculty membeoid,
the department of art at the ,
varsity of South Florida are"
exhibit now through Oct.
the Fine Arts Gallery of the**
dent Services Building (SVC).
Painting, lithographs, pho
graphs, etchings, sculpture
ceramics are on view in
gallery. The exhibition feature*
work by Oscar Bailey, Ham**
Covington, Ernest Cox, A*
Baker. Charles Fager. FW*
Gelinaa, Theo Wuicik. Je*W
Kronsnoble, Donald Saff, JW*
Schroth, Bruce Marsh. Thorn
McLaughlin, George Psppsfc
Mernet Larsen and David Yager
The fine Arts Gallery ii1 <>P
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. we**"'*
from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdy*
enings, and from 1 to 4 p-m

I Friday. September 24,1982
The Jewish Floridian of Tampa
; Marlene Linick
Marlene Linick was installed
i President of the Tampa Jewish
federation Women's Division
fhursdav. Sept. 16, at a luncheon
tht Hyatt Regency Hotel The
Vllowing address was given by
[fs. Linick upon her assuming
be presidency.
When the Women's Division
tuninating committee asked me
serve as President, I had to
Lke some time to think about it.
Ind I thought how could I say no
Jhen a war was going on in
ebanon and Israel was called
aggressor? How could 1 say
i when the media of the western
arid was acting as a progogan-
i tool of the PLO? How could I
ky no when the Pope entertains
(assir Arafat? And so I just had
I say. yes, and thank you for the
|rivilege of serving as the 1982-
President of the Women's Di-
sion of the Tampa Jewish Fed-
ation. We have much to do.
II accepted this position be-
kuse 1 am deeply committed to
(wish survival, to the survival
! Israel and to living freely as a
kw in our Tampa community,
nd only through strong organi-
i .. i, can these ideals become a
ality. I am very proud of the
complishments of all of our
:ipa Jewish organizations,
hnci Rudolph, had a terrific
fear, full of innovations and ac-
implishments. The Women's
Evision has recognized the
ynamic changes occurring in
omen's lives and its responsive
their changing needs. We are
hmposed of many different
es of woman, we are different
fces and have different interests,
erefore we will focus on the im-
brtant task of helping each
oman express her individual
kmmitment to the survival of
krwish life in her own way.
| My personal goals as your
esident are directed towards
creased educational opportuni-
i-s. individual enrichment,
tntinuity of leadership and
| My first goal of education is
ucial to all our other goals. We
ust be aware of what is going
i in our community, our nation
bd in our world. We will achieve
kis goal by having top speakers
kme to inform us, by interesting
bd timely seminars, such as our
[omen's Wednesday, and by our
ned missions to New York
Faahington and Israel. Our Jew-
toow your Mother you
Jo remember. Send heri
la compankMi/homemake
call Quality Care
Your Mother
Will Love You
For It!
President's Message
ish Roots mission to New York is
well into the planning stages and
full detail will be announced
Personal growth and develop-
ment is a legitimate expectation
of anyone who is involved in the
Women's Division. It is my hope
and plan that through your in-
volvement in the various pro-
grams you will gain more confi-
dence in yourself, you will leam
how to manage your money
better, how to manage your time
better, how to deal with your
family's needs better, so that you
will grow as a woman, as a leader
and as a Jew.
These goals will be met
through your participation in ac-
tivities and events such as the
Shalom Committee, Our
Speakers Bureau, Women's
Wednesday and in our fundrais-
ing efforts. The social aspects of
belonging to the Women's Divi-
sion are not to be discounted. I
hope that many of us will forge
strong bonds of friendship that
will endure a lifetime. For basi-
cally we are social creatures, we
need friendship. We need each
other. We reach out our hands to
all women to join us, and the
good that we do for our commu-
nity and Israel will benefit and
enrich each one of us.
My next goal for the coming
year will be to establish a contin-
uity of leadership, an orderly suc-
cession of the leadership posi-
tions within the Women's
Division. This is the way of other
organizations, why not ours? We
shall accomplish this goal by
thoroughly training and orientat-
ing each new officer and board
member so that she will know
what her job is and what is ex-
pected of her. Furthermore, each
new board member will be paired
or teamed with an experienceed
board member, a big sister, who
will be both a teacher and a
guide. No woman will be asked to
do a job without having been pre-
As you have heard, the Year-
round Women's Division goes far
beyond fundraising, but we must
never forget that fundraising is
the vital means by which we
ensure the survival of the State of
Israel and the maintenence of our
Tampa Jewish Community. We
have much to do.
We did not meet our campaign
goals last year. Every one of our
agencies suffered. We no longer
have the Chai-Dial-A-Bus. We
just couldn't affort it. The leak-
ing roof of the Jewish Communi-
ty Center will continue to leak.
We don't have the money to fix
it. The Hillel School is confronted
with enormous problems of space
and money and are facing a sub-
stantial deficit. We have to say
no to debt-free Jewish education.
Jewish Social services has had to
return to a 1979 level while being
called upon to serve more and
more victims of our troubled eco-
nomy. We came up short for the
elderly and disadvantaged. We
have much to do. How are we to
meet these needs? There are only
two ways. We must raise the
level of giving and we must in-
crease the number of givers.
We plan to do this by several
means. For the first time the
Women's Division is blessed with
the services of a full-time profes-
sional director, Rhoda Davis. She
is an invaluable addition to our
organization. We have establish-
ed two new divisions. This year a
business and professional divi-
sion and a new gifts division. Our
board is composed of 52 members
from all areas of Tampa with
wide affiliations within the Jew-
ish Community.
Our 1983 Campaign Co-chair-
men, Jolene Shor and Bobbe
Karpay have already been hard
at work. They and their cam-
paign cabinet met last week and
have set goals and made plans for
an exciting '83 campaign. They
need your help. When they call
upon you to volunteer your time
and dollars, I'm confident you'll
say yes. All leaders and volun-
teers in the 1983 campaign will be
thoroughly trained and educated.
This is my pledge to you. Cam-
paigning for our community and
Israel is a noble and caring res-
ponsibility. It can also be an op-
portunity for growth and person-
al satisfaction. We have much to
do. I'm confident you will say
To each and every one of you
and to your families I wish a
happy, healthy New Year. With
all of us working together I know
the Women's Division will have
an outstanding year.
BBYO Names Assistant
|- Director for North Fla.
The B'nai B'rith Youth Organ-
ization announces the appoint-
ment of Stan Cohen as Assistant
Regional Director for the North
Florida Council of the BBYO. Mr
Cohen will be directing the
BBYO office at the Tampa Jew-
ish Community Center.
As North Florida Council Di-
rector, Cohen will be responsible
for the overall administration of
BBYO programming in the area.
with specific responsibility for
the supervision of BBYO youth
groups in Tampa, Clearwater,
Orlando, Daytona, Gainesville
and Jacksonville. In addition to
working with the teenagers and
their volunteer advisors, he will
also m*intji" the cooperative re-
lationship that BBYO enjoys
with the other members of the
organized Jewish community as
well as social welfare agencies in
the community at large.
Are You a Product of Your Past?
The JCC Lunch Bunch encour-
ages all members to participate in
its series of events. This suc-
cessful program occurs once a
month throughout the year and is
free to all Center members. Non-
members may attend as guests
for a small fee. The Lunch
iBrunch will meet 10 to 12 noon on
Thursday, Sept. 30 in the Jewish
Community Center Library
The guest speaker this month
' a Joel Brooks from Tampa Jew-
ish Social Service. Brooks' pre-
sentation, "Are You a Product of
Your Paat?" will be followed by
an open forum.
One's environment has been
proven to have a definite effect on
the way one reacts emotionally to
what's around them Emotional
reactions differ from culture to
culture. Leam how your past ex-
periences affect you current
thoughts, feelings, behavior and
Make reservations early-a
small fee will be charged for lunch
only, however, you may brown
bag i. .*. '..- -
Call the Center at 872-4461 to
The Search for Egyptian Jews
NEW YORK Mrs. Chariots
Jacobson, chairman of the World
Zionist Organization-American
Section, is asking the cooperation
of the Anglo-Jewish Press and
Jewish Federations and Com-
munity Councils in the United
States, Canada and Latin
America to locate Egyptian Jews
who are living in their area. In a
meeting with Mrs. Jacobson,
Lebech Mishory, president of the
Executive and Mme. E. Taragan.
president of the Commission of
the Union of Egyptian Jews,
asked her help in locating the
members of the once-thriving
Egyptian Jewish community wno
are now living in the United
States, Canada and Latin
In June, 1983 Mr. Mishory
said, the Union of Egyptian Jews
will hold its First World Con-
gress in Israel.
When the miracle of iF8^.
redeemed became a reality with
the establishment of the inde-
pendent State of Israel, the
climate for the prosperous and
Jewishly active and culturally
rich community of Egyptian
Jews became harsh and hostile.
Though its roots extended back
through the milennia to Mosaic
times, the more than 100,000
Jews who resided peacefully and
compatibly with their Arab
neighbors in Cairo, Alexandria
and in the towns in the area of the
Nile Canal, began to feel the new-
Pharoanic backlash of the
Egyptian government's reaction
to Israeli statehood and the War
for Independence.
Emulating their ancient,
biblical ancestors, the Jews of
Kgypts responded with their
Second Exodus from Mitzraim.
Like their forebears under Moses,
more than 80,000 went to Israel.
The remainder some 25 to
10,000 in number, emigrated to
Europe, the United States,
anada and Latin America.
In Israel the Egyptian olim es-
tablished the Union of Egyptian
Jews to integrate its members
into the life and economy of
Israel. It organized a program of
educational, social and Zionist
activities, set up a community
complex that comprised a
cultural center, library and confe-
rence rooms, and compiled an
official register of Jewish com-
munal, private and public
property in Egypt.
The Union of Egyptian Jews
wishes to establish as complete a
roster as possible of the names
and addresses of all Egyptian
Jews in the Diaspora. It also
hopes that the emigre's from the
ancient Jewish communities of
Egypt will be able to have repre-
sentative delegates from those
communities in attendance at its
landmark World Congress. To
that end it asks the cooperation
of the Anglo-Jewish press and
the organized Jewish communi-
ties in the United States, Canada
and Latin America to publicize
its quest for Egyptian Jews.
Those of Egyptian ancestry
who read this are asked to send
their names and addresses to:
Department of Public Informa-
tion, World Zion>st Organization-
American Sect .on, 515 Park
Avenue, New York, NY 10022.
Holiday Challahs Sweeten the Bay Area
Hillel School of Tampa
If you live in Dunedin, Clear-
water, Tampa, Temple Terrace,
Carroll wood, Twelve Oaks and
points in between, chances are an
8th grader from Hillel School sold
you challahs for the holidays.
Orders were taken for these de-
licious, round raisin and plain
breads as part of the senior
class's fund-raising and mitz-
vot. Other goals for 8th graders
are to raise a minimum of 91,000
toward a graduation visit to
Washington, D.C. in May of
1983. Upcoming projects will in-
clude of course bake sales, O.J.
bars at recess, walk-a-thons and
car washes.
Hillel students in Tampa Bay's
northern and western areas are
busy preparing to conduct ser-
vices at Congregation Kol Ami
on Friday, Sept. 24. They will
present a sermon, playlet and
discussion on the theme, "If I
forget thee, Jerusalem, let my
right hand forget its cunning".
An adult workshop on the
"Fall Holidays" was held Mon-
day, Sept. 13, by Reuven Rob-
bins, Judaic Studies Curriculum
Coordinator. Participants learned
of many family activities and
rituals, holiday stories and lore,
and recipes they could add to en-
riching their celebration. A trivia
quiz and humor of the holiday
were fun features of this, the first
in serveral planned sessions, they
are free to all Hillel School
ISM Diamond Vaults for jewelry
and precious metals
Wishes Mfg: Israel Safe Manufacturing '*,
3601A-W. Kennedy
Tampa. Florida 33609
Best Wishes for the
New Year
For A Refreshing Change
Tune To

Page 4
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of Tampa
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Friday, September 24.1982
Volume 4
7 TISHRI 5743
Number 31
Arnon Says Multinational Force
Will Be Welcome Again
Consul General of Israel Joel Arnon has issued tht
following statement in Miami:
"No government of Israel, Labor or Likud, because of
our own ethics, would ever lend a hand to such a thing as
this massacre That should be self-evident to all those who
know Israel and what Israel stands for.
"It is the only reason that we went into West Beirut,
exactly to prevent bloodshed like this between the war-
ring factions, the Moslems and the Christians, who over
the years of the PLO presence in Lebanon have created
tremendous hatred, one against the other, hatred which
came to its high point after the assassination of the newly
elected president.
"Actually, Iaraeli forces, when they realized the hap-
penings in the refugee camps, went into the camps in
order to disarm the Christian militia. Israel is now en-
gaged in handing over to the Lebanese army points of
control in West Beirut.
"Israel is willing to accept the return of the multi-
national force, and Israel is willing to accept an increased
number of United Nations observers. The whole of Israel
government and opposition alike is shocked and taken
aback by these happenings."
Israel Expressed 'Shock'
At Vatican Welcome
To Terrorist Chief
Israel has expressed
"shock and profound dis-
appointment" at the Pope's
meeting with PLO chief
Yasir Arafat at the Vati-
can. A long and sharply
worded statement by the
Foreign Ministry declared
that the meeting "shall now
be recorded in the national
memory of the State of Is-
rael and the Jewish peo-
ple." The full statement
"Israel expresses its shock
3ver the fact that Pope John Paul
II has granted an audience to the
man who heads the organization
of murderers which stands at the
center of international terrorism.
found disappointment at the fact
that the audience took place in
spite of appeals from numerous
individuals and groups the world
over urging the Pope to refrain
from meeting the head of an or-
ganization that has perpetrated
countless crimes against the
Jewish people and against the
citizens of many states. The de-
cision of the Pope contradicts hL
own declaration, on January 1,
1980, in favor of peace and
against violence.
"It shall now be recorded in the
national memory of the State of
Israel and of the Jewish people
that that spiritual leaders of mil-
lions of believers around the
world did not recoil from meeting
with the head of an organization
that has written into its constitu-
tion as a central aim the annihila-
tion of the Jewish State.
"The raising of Arafat's status
by the Pope meeting with him is
a grave act also because it harms
the peace process that consti-
tutes the avowed personal wish of
the Pope himself as well as the
supreme aspiration of the State
of Israel."
Back to Lebanon
Multinational Force
Moves Into Place
Continued from Page 1
right way to proceed."
THE PRESIDENT'S initiative involves full autonomy for Pales-
tinian inhabitants of the West Bank, in association with Jordan; peace
and orderly transfer of domestic authority from Israel to the Pales-
tinian inhabitants over a five-year period, emphasizing a genuine pro-
gram of Palestinian self-rule; an immediate freeze of Israeli settle-
ments; and Jerusalem Arabs' participation in elections for auto-
nomous West Bank institutions.
Mr Reagan repeatedly emphasized in his address the fact that
There is little that words can add (about the massacre), but there are
actions we can and must take to bring that nightmare to an end."
Yom Kippur5743
Congregation Schaarai Zedek
In a poignant reference to
Adam. Elie Wiesel in one of his
recent books, notes that when we
speak of the gifts of God, His
greatest gift is not that of giving
man the power to begin. Rather.
God's greatest gift is giving man
the power to begin AGAIN.
In the Biblical tale. Adam and
Eve began again by having an-
other son, Seth. after the frat-
ricide of Cain and Abel. From the
disappointment of one son dead
and the other banished, they
started again to have a
In so many ways, Adam's
story parallels ours. We build on
hope because without
VISION, we perish; as the
liturgy of Yom Kippur states so
beautifully: "Success and failure,
love and hatred, pleasure and
pain, mark our days from birth to
death. We prevail, only to suc-
cumb; we fail, only to renew the
And so, on Rosh Hashana we
began AGAIN in certain
ways repetitions or continuations
of the past, but on the most sig-
nificant level, using these ten
days to look at ourselves, our
families, and our world in a dif-
ferent way. Eternal optimists
that we are we affirm that the
past need not be a prison into
which we are locked. Realists
that we are, we realize that to un-
lock the cell, seemingly superhu-
man effort is needed. The human-
ly destructive patterns of our
lives too easily become just that
And now the Holy Days come
to their climax with the Sabbath
of Sabbaths. Hopefully, we have
celebrated that new beginning, so
that at the "closing of the gates,"
we can be sealed in the Book of
Life. For on Rosh Hashana, when
we begin again and on Yom
Kippur, we have the hope that
God will aid us in that new begin-
Readers Write
EDITOR, The Jewish Floridian:
Saudis Arabia has violated an
arms sale agreement with the
United States by diverting thou-
sands of new U.S. M-I-16S to the
Palestine Liberation Organiza-
tion to use against Israel.
How can there be a guarantee
that AW ACS that will be sold to
Saudi Arabia will not fall into the
hands of the enemies of Israel?
Saudi Arabia cannot be trust-
ed, and the U.S. Congress should
investigate and cancel the sales
agreement with that nation.
ning. In the recitation of our li-
tany of sorrow, we learn to direct
the path of that new beginning.
Through the confession of
wrongdoing IAI Chet) we sensi-
tize ourselves to the specific pro-
gram for a renewed life. Through
fasting, we begin anew to feel the
pain of the oppressed. As we re-
cite the maityrology, we feel
anew the meaning of the words
Azchrenu V Chayyim, "Remem-
ber us unto life, O King who de-
lights in life."
By asserting Yom Kippur, we
Jews thus defy the conventionnl
wisdom that the change, J
yearn for are unattainable
"On Rosh Hasharu it
"On Yom Kippur it ,s seal^-'
What we do during those J
days tells whether the Z3
wdl be a repetition of the pat?]
whether it will be, as it is inuj
^. to be the time of. new baS
Arff ^'"l^'nalfZ
Adam and Eve began AGAINH
we will it, so can we. *]
Rabbi Frank N SundbJ
Pictured above at the presentation are (left to right) Joseph
Spicola, Jr., Esq., Dinner Chairman; Moses Schonfeld, Guest Sp
er; and Mayor Bob Martinez.
Mayor Bob Martinez Receives
JNF Tree of Life9 Award
On Sunday evening, Sept. 12,
in the Ballroom of the Hyatt
Regency Tampa, Mayor Bob
Martinez received the Jewish Na-
tional Fund's coveted "Tree of
Life" Award. Over 350 people at-
tended the gala testimonial
dinner to honor Mayor Martinez
for his devoted efforts towards
the preservation and betterment
of life for so many.
Moses Schonfeld, Bureau
Chief, Fairchild Broadcast News
and United Nations spoke about
developments in the Middle Eaft
with special emphasis on
Lebanon before and after the |
PLO presence.
Speedling, Inc. of Sun City I
provided live Oak tree saplings to ]
all those in attendence. Tto
gesture will enable everyone pre-
sent to plant their own "Tree of
Life," and watch it grow and
prosper as will the trees plant*.
in Israel by the JNF.
Kosher Catering Under Rabbinical Supervision
Call Collect 1-4464474
u) Vi/ne rrinea J^ncorfiona/et/
wawwl/utooa Wine wei/a
t^eauebt the fUeabu^e ofuotv* coTnAam/u,
a/a Wine in
ytxtm. name or- office

,, September 34,1982
The Jewish Fbridian of Tampa
Page 5
Crowsnest Modern Dance Company
trowsnest, a modem dance
jipanv, will perform at the
tversity of South Florida at 8
L Thursday and Friday, Sept.
and -1. >n the theatre building
XT). The event is the first of
|i982-83 Artist Series at USF.
hrowsnest is a company of four
beers whose choreography
ks like music is supposed to
End and feels like theatre is
[posed to feel. It was founded
(1978 by Martha Clarke and
[ix Blaska, both original mem-
of the Filobolus Theater.
tir intention was to develop a
blend of theatre and dance that
would be emotionally as well as
visually exciting.
Since the company's 1979
debut at the American Dance
Festival, it has performed at the
Spoleto Festival in Italy, the
Palm Beach Festival, the
Kennedy Center for the Perform-
ing Arts in Washington and has
established itself as one of the
most unusual dance companies in
the world.
The USF program includes
dances choreographed by Martha
Kol Ami Plans Sukkah Party
imgregation Kol Ami is
ning a family oriented
ah decorating and dinner
ly on Sept. 30.
khool Administrator, Mary
jter said, "Usually it is the
en of a synagogue's
nous School who decorate
pongregation's Sukkah. They
I a great time making decora-
and hanging fruit in the
lut we felt that it was a shame
(parents to miss out on all of
I fun! So this year we deckled
pclude them in the festivities.
po Religious School will be
on that Thursday, Instead,
nts and children are invited
|come to the synagogue be-
en 6-8 p.m. to make decora-
Is and bring them out to the
ikah together. Everyone will
pg a piece of fruit from home,
the palm branches for the
will again be supplied
esy of Buach Gardens.
families will also be able to
chase a hot dog dinner for a
US. Army
Jazz Ensemble
in Free Concert
ihe Jazz Ambassadors, the
y Army's official touring jazz
emble. will bring its varied re-
oire of jazz and popular
Isic to McKay Auditorium on
lurday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. The
concert is sponsored by the
iversity of Tampa Army
omprised of the most ver-
ile musicians in the U.S.
ny. the 20-piece ensemble has
ned widespread acclaim for its
lim-tive blends of jazz, pop,
k, and patriotic music. In its
kgram entitled. "Jazz: A Great
perican Heritage," the Jazz
pbassadors explore a range of
pic from the big band tunes of
forties to the contemporary
pnds of today.
The members of the band have
brought together from
Jjor recording centers, the
ding name bands, and from
twork radio and television
kffs. All are chosen by competi-
audition. Many of the
fyi'r.s are adept composers and
angers as well, and their ori-
jial compositions are sprinkled
foughout each program.
rhe Jazz Ambassadors is one
[the three separate official tour-
; components of the U.S. Army
W Bank of Washington, D.C.
Wling across America, the
Pup cover 40,000 miles and
pes 500 performances annually.
rickets for this free concert
w be obtained in person at the
("versity of Tampa ROTC
uding. Or, send a postcard
1 your name, address, and the
nber of tickets requested to:
^ZZ. Box D, University of
"Pa, Tampa, FL 33606.
for more information phone
nominal fee. The dinner is being
prepared by Michael Karp.
Barbie Levine and Carol Wein-
stein are in charge in. providing
decorating ideas.
Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal said,
"Our tradition has always em-
phasized the importance of
family interaction. All too often
we tend to segregate parents and
children within the synagogue.
This year we are attempting
several activities which will bring
parents and children together in
worship and celebration."
School board chairman Sharon
Lancz said, "We are proud to
have a very active School Board
this year. Not only have parents
volunteered to act in advisory
capacity on this Board, but they
have also volunteered countless
hours of time. Members of the
School Board recently put
together a new Parent's Guide for
our school. This Sukkah decorat-
ing party is the second major
project they have co-ordinated in
recent weeks."
Sukkot Services will be held
Oct. 1 at 8 p.m. Oct. 2 at 10 a.m.
. and 8, p.m., and Oct. 3 at 10 a.m.
All members of the community
are invited to visit Kol Ami's
Sukkah during the upcoming
Clarke, Felix Blaska and Robert
Barnett to musk by Duke
Ellington ("It Don't Mean A
Thing,") by George Crumb
("Dream Sequences"), and by
Franz Schubert. The dance,
"Haiku," commissioned by the
American Dance Festival and
performed Marie Fourcaut, Felix
Blaska and Robert Barnett, is
like the poems of the title
pithy but delicate condensations
of mood. Like poetry sliding
across the stage, Crowsnest
dances in the silence between the
sounds and the feelings.
Martha Clarke is a graduate of
the Juilliard School. A former
soloist with the Anna Sokolow
Dance Company and member of
the Pilobolus Dance Theater, she
has received grants from the
Guggenheim, Jerome and Rocke-
feller foundations. Recently she
won an Obie Award for her colla-
borative work in "Metamorpho-
sis in Miniature."
Felix Blaska has worked with
Roland Petit and has choreo-
graphed works for the Royal
Danish Ballet, La Scala in Milan,
the Teatro Communale in
Florence and the Opera de Paris.
He also has been artistic director
of his own company.
Robert Barnett, a Phi Beta
Kappa graduate of Dartmouth
College, has been a member of the
Pilobolus Dance Theater for 10
years. Marie Fourcaut has re-
ceived several grants from the
French government to study in
the United States. Lighting de-
signer and production stage
manager Penny Stegenga won an
Obie award for her collaborative
work in creating "Metamor-
phosis in Miniature," a co-winner
of the best new American play of
the 1982 Off-Broadway theatre
Tickets are available at the box
office in the theatre building
which is open from noon to 4:30
p.m., weekdays, and from noon to
curtain time on performance
days. The box office telephone
number is 974-2323.
Happy New Year
CopHUryDMoniU^ HOURS 'aI^uT^
*"" "" Monday-Saturday 9*00
Friday Evening Until 9:00
3123 Weat Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa. Florida 33609.
Phone (813) 872-0414
heller :==
Investment Corporation
40* "WO Street / Suile 227 / Tampa. FL 33609 / (Si3) 677-4296
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Karpay are pictured under the chupah following
their wedding at Congregation Schaarai Zedek.
Joyce Irwin Weds Barry Karpay
Joyce Irwin and Barry Karpay
were married at Congregation
Schaarai Zedek on Sept. 5. The
marriage was performed by
Rabbi Frank N. Sundheim. A re-
ception and dinner followed at
the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
The bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irwin of
Galesburg, Illinois and the groom
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George
B. Karpay, Tampa.
Matron of Honor was Mrs.
B.J. Miller and the bridesmaids
were Ellen Karpay, and Karen
Berger, sisters of the groom;
Linda Boone and Mary Offringer.
Kenneth Karpay was his
brother's Best Man and grooms-
men were Larry Schwartz, Lewis
Shubin, Richard Pollack and
Andrew Berger, the groom's
brother in law.
The bride and groom are hon-
eymooning at Lake Tahoe, San
Francisco and Carmel. They wiM
reside in Tampa where the groom
is executive vice president of
Karpay Associates.
Pl8nO small one la beat
Sound System Components:
Mike/Amplifier/Turn Table/Stereo
Mary Walker Apartments
870-1830 or 985-8809 Juliet Rodriquez
Mel Abrams, M.D.
annouces the opening of his new office
for the practice of
2814 W. Buffalo also at 13550 N. 31st Street
971-3450 971-3450
(directly across from (directly across from
St. Joseph's Hospital) University Community Hospital)
Have Your Next Affair With
Bob *
'The Duo with the 5-piece Sound*
Weddings Bar Mitzvahs
Luncheons and functions
Dinners Parties
Shows Top 40
Dinner background Fifties
Novelty Games & Dances Swing
Vocals & Emcee Society
Authentic Israeli Singing & Dancing
Call Bob Glickman Orchestras at (305) 802-4154.

Page 6
The Jewish Floridian of Tampa
Fridy. Septgmh.,,,,
Behind the Headlines
Gemayel Have Been Another Sadat?
President Reagan has con-
demned the "cowardly as-
sassination" of President-
Elect Bashir Gemayel of
Lebanon, saying it is a
"shock to the American
people and to civilized men
and women everywhere."
"We condemn the perpetrators
of this heinous crime against
Lebanon and against their cauase
of peace in the Middle East,''
Reagan said in a strongly-worded
White House statement. "The
tragedy will be even greater if
men in countries friendly to
Lebanon permit disorder to con-
tinue in this war torn country."
According to observers in
Washington, Gemayel, the 34-
year-old Christian Phalangist
leader who was elected Aug. 23 to
succeed Elias Sarkis and was to
be sworn into office this week,
may have been assassinated for
his close economic and military
links to Israel and his leanings
toward eventually signing a
peace treaty with the Jewish
THE SON of Pierre Gemayel,
founder of the Christian Phalan-
gist Party in Lebanon, Bashir
Gemayel rose to prominence
when his forces fought a bloody
civil war against armed Pales-
tinians and their Lebanese Mos-
lem and leftist supporters in
1975-1976. During this time,
Gemayel received military and
economic support from Israel for
his forces which grew to nearly
25,000 troops at the time the Is-
raeli military operation began in
Gemayel's image as a ruthless
military warrior seemed to tone
down in recent months to a posi-
tion of moderation and recon-
ciliation. This was indicated by
his meeting last Sunday with
Moslem leaders in an attempt to
reverse the years
Gemayel s image as a ruthless
military warrior seemed to tone
down in recent months to a posi-
tion of moderation and recon-
ciliation. This was indicated by
his meeting with Moslem leaders
in an attempt to reverse the years
fo bitterness between Moslems
and Christians and to reunite the
country under a central ruling
government. Many Moslem lead-
ers had boycotted the parliamen-
tary vote, terming Gemayel as an
Israeli "collaborator." He was
the only announced candidate in
the elections.
Ambassador Moshe Arens of
Israel said in an interview on
ABC-TV's "Nightline" program
that he could not place specific
blame for the assassination on a
specific organization in Leba-
non's factional political struc-
ture. However, he said a possible
motive behind the assassination
might have been Gemayel's
eventual goal of signing a peace
treaty with Israel.
NO GROUP has as yet claimed
responsibility for planting the
high explosive device which
ripped through the Phalangist
Party headquarters in east Beirut
and buried the President-Elect
amid rubble for some six hours
before his body was recovered.
Gemayel remained initially
hesitant in his views about rela-
tions with Israel and his view of a
B'naiB'rith 876-4711
Jewish Community Center 872-4451
Jewish Floridian of Tampa 872-4470
Jewish National Fund 876-9327
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evening minyon.
3919 Moron Rood 962-6338 Robbi Leonard Rose mho I
Services; Friday, 8 p. m., Saturday. 10 a.m.
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Lebanese-Israeli peace treaty.
The Lebanese leader feared such
a move would isolate Lebanon
from the rest of the Arab world
and would create difficulties do-
mestically between the Moslems
and Christians.
Gemayel, according to reports,
wanted time to rebuild a central
Lebanese government which
could maintain rule over all of
Lebanon before entering into a
peace agreement with Israel. He
indicated just last week that he
was being pressured by Israel to
conclude a peace treaty with the
Jewish state.
GEMAYEL reportedly com-
plained in a meeting with Sen.
Arlen Specter (R.. Pa.) that "Im
being pressured'' by the Israel
government to conclude a peace
treaty. He made this point, ac-
cording to a report from Jeru-
salem, with the clear intention
that the Senator convey his con-
cern to Israeli leaders.
It was the late President-
Elect's feelings that he was being
pressured which led to a caustic
meeting between Gemayal and
Premier Menachem Begin, De-
fense Minister Ariel Sharon, and
Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon,
and Foreign Minister Yitzhak
Shamir two weeks ago. Begin at
tl at meeting, according to re-
ports, urged Gemayel to commit
himself to sign a formal peace
treaty with Israel once he had as-
sumed office.
Specter, in a meeting with
Deputy Foreign Minister Yehuda
Ben Meir, was told that Israel
was not pressing and "not inter-
ferring in Lebanon's internal af-
ACCORDING TO a report in
Maariv in August, Gemayel met
with an Israeli personality and
urged the Israelis not to rush
things and push him into an early
peace treaty. Gemayel reportedly
expected the personality, who
was not identified and was said to
have met with Gemayel several
days before his election to under-
stand the difficulties he was fac-
ing with rival factions and com-
munities in Lebanon and with
neighboring Syria which opposed
his candidacy and election.
Just last,week, Secretary of
State George Shultz said the
United States would support a
treaty arrangement between
Lebanon and Israel only if it was
achieved freely and not through
military pressure.
Speaking before the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee,
Shultz said that if a peace treaty
is in the interests of Lebanon's
ruling government and does
negotiate it, "that's a real peace
treaty, and that is highly desira-
ble." But he added, "a peace
treaty that is signed at the point
of a gun is not, in the end, a long
lasting peace treaty.''
Israel Radio after his election,
Gemayel said: "It is a big
achievement for our democracy,
it's a great day. I hope that what
we achieved until now to re-
united the country and to free the
country will continue and
sovereignty would be reinsti-
On relations with Israel,
Gemayel would not be specific at
that time, but said: "We will
have a new government, and this

*<# www
I ^* Orson Skorr
Serving AH of Florid* She* 1962
_ TAMPA -81^875-9608
w miami mach 366498-68811
government will decided
steps to be taken coi
outside world."
Gemayel's view toward,
non s future was firm h,,
interviews with western j
media and Israel Radio thai
foreign forces should leav.T
Kosher Lunch Menu
Kosher lunch menu of the Senior Citizen'. Nutrition
Activity Program ia sponsored by the Hillsborough CowTI
Commission and held at the Jewish Community Center. MtrZl
Blskley. site manager, 872-4451. Menu subject to chance
Monday Chopped Steak with Brown Gravy, Turnio Gr I
Whipped Potatoes. Fruit Cocktail and Whole Wheat Bread I
Tuesday Turkey Chop Suey, Rice, Mixed Vegetables OranJ
Juice, Rosey Applesauce and Whole Wheat Bread ^ f
Wednesday Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Beans TosmH I
Salad with Tomato Wedges, Italian Bread and Chilled Pears
Thursday Fish Fillet with Tarter Sauce, Broccoli Scallowri 1
Potatoes, Peaches and Dinner Roll ^^
Friday Baked Chicken with Gravy, Rice Pilaf ChoDwd
Spinach, Carrot and Pineapple Salad, Spice Cake and WU
Wheat Bread
Pool Accessories Automatic Pool Cleaners |
Bio Guard Filters
EZ Clor Replacement Parts
Free Water Analysis
4023 W. Waters Ave.Tampa, Florida
Best Wishes For The New Year
Mort'Ov S ..... I t
10 AM 'I'M
L 'Shana Tova Tikasavu
Reliable preparation of prescriptions since 1934.
6815 N. Dale Mabry Phone 8777631
L'Shana Tova Tikasavu
A Full Service Salon
High Fashion Deeign
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Village Cent*
*' J
Best Wishes
L'Shana Tova!
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*218 Bay To Bay Boulevard Tampa. Florida 33W*

September 24, 1982
The Jewish Floritlian of Tampa
Page 7
Sot uoiiA. s*t/i//^t/ y wu
County Commission District II
Pd Pol Adv
U Jacobs, Vice President of Tampa Jewish
f ration; Steve Segall, President, Tampa Jew-
vcial Service: Rabbi Frank Sundheim. Con-
new headquarters of
Ipa Jewish Social Service
l formally dedicated Tuesday,
14. The building is located
[12 Magnolia Avenue in Old
|e Park, Bear- tb University
Bbbi Frank Sundheim led the
pings and Tampa Jewish
kration Vice President, Maril
Jbs, presented Tampa Jewish
Service with the Mezuzah.
|as affixed to the doorpost by
President Steve Segall and
Kxecutive Director, Anne
I. An Open House and Recep-
esently, the building is oc-
by TJSS and TOP Jewish
Ration. There is room for
more tenants. Inquiries
Jd be directed to Ms. Thai,
lagnoliaAve., 251-0083.
gregation Schaarai Zedek and Anne Thai, Execu-
tive Director are pictured on the porch of the new
headquarters at the formal dedication ceremony.
Best Wishes For The New Year
Modern Floor Covering, Inc.
Carpets Vinyl Tile
Modern Floor Covering Since 1947
Free Estimates: Commercial,
Industrial, Residential Installation
4602 E. Broadway
Phone 248-4989
Tampa, Fla.
Carrollwood Village
5 BR, 31/2 B, Pool, Spa 12%
fixed assum. By Owner
$235,000. Principals Only.
Steve Segall, Tampa Jewish Social Service President and Anne Thai,
Executive Director affix the Mezuzah to the doorpost.
Community Calender
Condlalighling lime 7:05)
lewish Towers Birthday Social -8 p.m.
f, ,........m
lune in: "The Jewish Sound" 88.5 FM. (9-11 a.m.) Bagel
Jrunch at USF Hillel 11:30a.m. Erev Yom Kippur
flSFB'nai B'rith-Hillel "Break ihe fast" 7:50 p.m. Tampa Bay
Nwish Singles "Break the fast" 8 p.m. Congregation Kol Ami
[Break the fast" 8 p.m. Congregation Schoarai Zedek Break
Ihe fast following service* Temple David "Break the fast" -8
congregation Rodeph Sholom Board Meeting
Congregation Kol Ami Men's Club -7 p.m.
lompo Jewish Social Service Executive Board at 6 p.m. Regular
Poord 7:30 p.m. Jewish Towers Games 7:30p.m. Congre-
aiion Schoarai Zedek Youth Committee 7:30 p.m. Hados-
oh-Ameet General Meeting 8 p.m.
10:30 a.m. -
PCC Food Co-op 10-12:15 JCC lunch Bunch 10 a.m. Con-
fc'egaiion Kol Ami no classes Family Sukkat Decorating D.nner
16 p.m.
. Ostar I
|Candlelighting time 6:56) B'nai B'rith HiJIel Retreat thru' Oct.
^Congregation Schaarai Zedek SCHZFTY Dinner at 6 p.m.
Yom Kippur Services
Jewish students at the Univer-
sity of South Florida will observe
Yom Kippur Sunday, Sept. 26 at
7:30 p.m. with the start of the
Kol Nidrei Services.
Rabbi L. Rivkin. Director of
the' Chabad House Jewish
Student Center at USF will help
the students lead the wrvices.
Monday services will start at 10
a.m., Yizkor services will take
place at 12 noon and will conclude
with the Neitoh services and
break-the-faat at8 p.m.
For more information call 986-
7926 or 971-6768.
Jewish Sound to Feature
Hadassah Delegates
The Jewish Sound heard Sun-
day on WMNF88.5 FM 9-11 a.m.
will feature three of the five
delegates who recently returned
from the Hadassah International
Convention in Jerusalem. Nona
Bernstein, Judy Levitt and Judy
Tawil will discuss their adven-
tures as part of the 2,000 member
delegation in Israel celebrating
Hadassah's 70th Anniversary.
This panel will participate in a
two part program. Part I will air
Sept. 26 and Part II will air Oct.
3. Oded Salpeter is boat of the
Jewish Sound.
Most Elegant Forms of
Lighting Fixtures in the World
On Display
Lighting and Importing Co.
Alfred and Sony a Wasserberger
Phone (813) 254-2907
2101W. Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33606

The Jewish Floridian of Tampa
in Rome
Pope-Arafat Meet Changed All
... i__ T ., '. operation mj ucmc a i~
esiine Liberation Organiza- strategic map of the Middle East
tion Chief Yasir Arafat had
Tampa Chapter of Hada^
68th National Convention
a 20-minute private audi-
ence with Pope John Paul
II at the Vatican last week.
A Vatican source was re-
ported to have said later
that the encounter changes
the political status of the
Shortly after the meeting, the
Pope issued a strong appeal for
the internationalization of Jeru-
salem, a position long held by the
Vatican." Jerusalem is the city of
God. Jerusalem can also become
the city of man in which the
believers of the three great
monotheistic religions. Chris-
tianity. Ju'laism and Islam live
in full liberty and equality with
the followers of other religious
communities." the Pope declared.
THE HIGHLY controversial
meeting was conducted under
maximum security conditions.
Arafat entered and left the
Vatican by a seldom used side
door. The Pope flew to Rome
from his summer retreat at Caatel
Earlier, Arafat addressed the
69th Interparliamentary Union
meeting's opening session here,
urging it to create a commission
to investigate Israel's "war
crimes" in Lebanon. He claimed
that some 70,000 people were
killed, wounded or missing since
Israel invaded Lebanon June 6.
According to the PLO leader,
favorable to its interests and in
the process, to wipe out the Pal-
estinian people.
AT A LATER press confe-
rence, Arafat claimed the assas-
sination of Lebanese President-
Elect Bashir Gemayel in Beirut
was "A provocation by the
Americans and Israel so that the
Israelis could enter Beirut."
The Pope's decision to receive
Arafat raised a storm of protest
from Israel and from Jewish or-
ganizations and leaders around
the world when it was first an-
nounced last week. It also put a
severe strain on Vatican-Israel
The Vatican reacted with upre-
cedented anger to remarks by an
unnamed senior Israeli official in
Jerusalem accusing the then
Pope and the Catholic Church of
Canada Leans
Toward PLO
Canada's Secretary of State for
External Affairs, Mark Mc-
Guigan, declared in Ottawa that
"Canada does not fully reject the
idea of a Palestinian slat* on the
West Bank" and "is not ruling
out the recognition of the PLO as
a party to future negotiations on
the fate of the West Bank, pro-
vided the PLO recognizes Israel's
right to exist."
Jcff&Suannc Abe Jo.
Chains Charms Diamonds Repairs
1514 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, Florida 33612
11606 N. Dale Mabry
Village Square West
(813) 961-0097
All of u, at Bong Huang uh you a i-rry
succrtsfuJ Stu Ytar
Famous Deli
Eat In or Out
Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-Late Snack
Our Kosher Take Out Counter Features
-Hebrew National Koabcr MeaU"
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Lake St uregon Pickled 4 Schmalti Herring
Freeh Baked Baglea Catering Available
Kosher Take Out Counter Under Rabbinical Supervision
By Rabbi Jacob Luaki
We Also Feature Non-Koerm Meal*
Hot Corn Beef Fresh Roast Turkey Baked Brisket
Rowmainian Pastrami
Village Square Mall
2525 S. Pasadena A ve '
St. Petersburg 33707
Sun. Thurs. 7am-' pm 360-0349
Fri. i Sat. 7 am -1 pm 360-0390
silence while the Nazis massacred
European Jewry during World
War 11. The official observed that
now the Pope has agreed U> meet
Arafat "who wants to destroy
Israel and thus complete the
work of the Nazis."
The Vatican denounced the
charge as "an outrage against
truth" and an insult to the person
of the Pope.
OBSERVERS here noted that
the Pope believes in dialogue,
even with so-called "enemies,";
that he received leaders ofj
totalitarian regimes as well as of.
democracies, and even represent-
atives of countries not formally
recognized by the Vatican a
case in point being Israel. Among
Israeli leaders received by the
Pope in the past have been the
late Premier Golda Meir, the late
Foreign Minister Moshe Day an
and former Foreign Minister
Abba Eban, now a leading Labor
Alignment Knesset member.
The observers stressed that re-
ceiving a PLO leader does not
mean the Vatican is ready to re-
cognize the PLO. Arafat was not
the first PLO man to meet with
the Pope. Farouk Kaddumi, the
PLO's foreign affairs spokesman,
was received at the Vatican some
time ago.
Tampa's delegation to the 68th
National Convention held in
Israel included its president,
Nina Bernstein, and Judy Tawil
from Tampa Chapter; Judy
Levitt, Betty Shalett, and her
daughter Rebecca Zwick from the
Ameet Group; and Martin and
Diana Siegel of the Brandon
Florida Central ^A
"fnd largest de|^]
of New York in jM
honor of Hadas|fl
Ein Karem hospj^ ^
mg theaters mthuJJJ
among the most teriV1
JANE Kl I over
963 2505
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Rooarl A. l,|J AndyLtwIi
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