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The Jewish Floridian of Tampa
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Jewish Floridian
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[Miami, Fla
Fred K. Shochet]
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October 2, 1981
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa


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Vo1. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 6, 1979)-
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Issues for: v.2, no. 21; v.3, no. 14; v.4, no. 32, and; v.8, no. 3, omitted in numbering sequence and were not published.
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Issue for Feb. 27, 1981 called also v.3, no. 8, repeating numbering of previous issue.
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Issue for Nov. 12, 1982 called v.55, no. 46 in masthead, but constitutes v.4, no. 39, as stated in publisher's statement.
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Issues for Jan. 9 & 23, 1987 called v.9, no. 2 & 3, but constitute v.9, no. 1 & 2 respectively.

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The Neo-Judenrat
U.S. Intellectuals Mount Campaign to Villify Timerman,
lUCKOFF From the almost glowing re-
,nitiM Prts thev deliver upon their re- IJ/I.1 -*.*____I. A J. hacka staking ou '
JCenitiesin turn to this country about the ffUlteWQ&h\Al'091111110 rabid witch-.unte.
I Dy P01*8 they deliver upon their
(One of the obscenities in turn to this country about the
Tmerican Jewish life is the Jewish condition in Argentina, it
Lctacle of Jewish rep- uld[.appear that these rep're- the regime is not a clone of Nazi
Utatives flying down to Xe^TaJSLi^l ,fr ^ p* and that Jews are rela-
Pe rn ~pr the latest f .1 assessing the real condi- lively safe and secure.
Ljsh situation there
L government and the
[wish community leaders.

about the estimated 2,000 Jews
who are among the 20,000 disap-
peared ones and about the count-
less numbers of Jews who are in
prison and who undergo torture
at the hands of the jailers and the
security forces.
Another obscenity is that of
hacks staking onf fheir claims as
rabid witch-.unters and equal
opportunity vilifiers of Timerman
and of those who support his con-
tentions about the rampant anti-
Semitism in Argentina and the
existence of Nazi-like prison
camps such as La Perla.
This cabal, which includes
Irving Kristol, Benno Weiser
Varon, Mark Falcoff and William
wJewish florid fan
Iume3 Number 33
Off Tampa
Tampa. Florida Friday. October 2, 1981
Price 35 Cents
.8. Ex-Envoys Say Israel Opposes
AWACS to Jar
Ties to Saudis
>m Rippur {Services
Shofar sounds its ancient call during Holy Day prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Kippur will be ushered in with the Kol Nidre service on Wednesday evening, Oct. 7, and
fnue all day Thursday, Oct. 8. The breaking of the Day of Atonement fast will occur
\ving the Neilah service on the evening of Oct 8. This, the most awesome of the High Holy
l, will be marked in synagogues:
i l| v
pecial 'Jewish Laws'?
The Gun Control Argument
kudgy young boy with a look
ptement in his eyes balances
in his hands. Behind him
Is his coach, a young man
ret out of his twenties.
ng unusual here at a firing
near Texas Canyon, Calif
that both individuals are
''v. various organizations
appealed to American Jews
themselves. Why do gun
campaigns include special
Bch publicity to Jews? Do
ampaigns manipulate Jew-
"sitivity valid or ex-
sd to. anti-Semitic
ent in this country? Or do
| play on Jewish embarrass-
about "Jewish passivity"
; World War II?
PITCH for Jewish gun
hip argues that "it can
iere. Another urges
Jewish businessmen to defend
themselves against inner city
crime. The first approach is
specifically Jewish; the second
appeals to Jews as members of
the white middle class, often
frustrated -by the inefficiencies of
a bureaucratic legal process.
Occasionally, an organization like
the Seattle-based Second
Amendment Foundation will ate
both reasons as incentives to buy
The posture of the major
Jewish defense organizations
contrasts sharply with the gun
lobby position. B'nai B'rith, the
American Jewish Congress, the
American Jewish Communtiv
Relations Advisory Council all
(JTA) Four former Unit-
ed States Ambassadors to
Saudi Arabia have charged
that Israel does not oppose
the sale of five AWACS
surveillance planes to Saudi
Arabia because it threatens
the Jewish State, but be-
cause Israel wants "to dis-
rupt relations between the,
United States and this
most important Arab coun-
The four Robert Neumann,
John West, James Akins and
Parker Hart in a statement at
a press conference at the Hyatt
Regency Hotel, also declared that
"the sale must proceed" because
"the promises and credibility" or
President Reagan and former
President Carter "and the coun-
try are at stake."
bassadors -maintained they had
called the press conference at
their "own initiative." They
denied they were acting at the
request of the White House or the
State Department.
But their move came as the
Reagan Administration appeared
to be growing more concerned
that the AWACS sale will be
vetoed by the Republican-con-
trolled Senate. Senate Majority
leader Howard Baker (R., Term.)
concedes that there are enough
votes in the Senate to reiect the
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Have Words
"Sharp exchanges" took
place here in conversations
between Israeli Foreign
Minister Yitzhak Shamir
and British Foreign Sec-
retary Lord Carrington,
sources here say.
The two men met at a Man-
hattan hotel, and while their talk
was described as "polite,"
Shamir was reported to have ex-
pressed Israel's displeasure over
Carrington's anti-Israel state-
ments, his talks with leaders- of
the Palestinian Liberation Or-
ganization and his support, in a
most extreme manner, of what is
known as the European initiative
to bring the PLO into the ne-
gotiations for a Middle East
SHAMIR, reportedly, ex-
pressed particular dissatis-
faction with recent statements by
Carrington calling on the U.S. to
apply pressure on Israel. Shamir
asked the British diplomat how
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Mobil Oil Ad is Pure Saudi Propaganda
en hi
"The widely-circulated
Mobil Oil advertisement,
'The U.S. Stake in Middle
East Peace: New Oppor-
tunities; reads like a prop-
aganda statement pub-
lished by the government of
Saudi Arabia," Robert
Zweiman, national com-
mander of Jewish War Vet-
erans of the U.S.A., has
written to W.P. Ta-
voulareaf, president of
Mobil Oil.
The new peace opportunity
cited is Crown Prince Fahd's
"new eight-point Middle East
plan of Aug. 7. Zweiman noted,
although the ad also contains
some of President Sadat's com-
ments during his August U.S.
trip, it mysteriously fails to
mention Sadat's condemnation of
Fahd's plans as "nothing new."
plans as stating "that all states
in the region should be able to
live in peace," but does not
mention that Saudi Arabia has
never recognized the State of Is-
rael. "The new Saud plan implies
peace without Israel; no wonder
Yaair Arafat was delighted with
Continued on Page 6-

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aaccaaaha. aad the eetaaa, far
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vert mpm-
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Tfaa b at fric aac
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i*r araaar? =mc or
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Tumc an aiiuniisfx aia
_a (MwaMi ajlu meat trr jb
AaAaa^ eaeae Bread efeer
a* fieat bbb*
the aaaeaaal ta be
anaac at aw Ft.
Eaarvrneec DevehaBBaBB". Be-
caaae af the aaTeaaa; preaaare
hoeaj pat at a* prrvate actor to
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tl -jpra erne other ehar-
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paaaaaj aaaas
aaat eBaru. Let Skaratc Fnut*
its r^eaaaan* aac nnar
f aa na -*>r *nc "li
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rkrwaaaaaaac "tiir:t ""m
w* ax ran ea-ir?
a at-
I' IT", f
: >ii vtr -ft* ar*aapeaai. af
eeafaaaneat (As aad At
f<"n iai aaaaaaaa* af
ana-men.* Mr aa I ana.
aalajaaa* ar aoacacjana
aaao a eaawafcac aasaaanari n
T : : TT f T T .. -*
a-ntt Tar-Jar tuac Ja. n
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aac 1 am it a* aiHa ta hatp
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naaana. ar eaarwBMat pfc. Bc-
raiwe af i iaraf ^y *
nat iiij. at aaaaaaaBa; gtu la
f aat a: air aaraace. by
aaaas a aatpaa; at a wM. or y%; ^ft af
CaaMaMM thartea Adkr u^
aether with NaU Gorotea hat
u, .paarhead the JoeaJ
A parting -at bald
Sept r7. at Charan
Adfer's boaat. aad a farther bb-
Boaaoeaastt about the local -
sauce wiB be forthar
Trasteai from Tampa a*o wow
oa the Board of the FoaadaUBB
re Les Ban-It, Hope Baraatt.
Caanea Adhr. Tarry Ajdaaia aad
Sate Gordoa Gary Aker. Taaajw
>.^fc FBwatio. Eaeeattaa
D^tor.tobeanv^hrfpfulBi hae aa
dM the local effort The Drat
mt of the Fiidafkwi aac
Sdowaaajt CoaaakaBt to the 4451
FederataBL Joel Breaatem a theFc
farmer pracuaag attoraey froas

the Fn anile? m are at 100Tw>
Suaec Tapa Howe^ ^J
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na-j.-iiia' f ao*ra;jm._ i^arrt
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"-ruran end a 'tlriwiuhom* nr
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jar* a"*
am at aj bbbbbbj aanaaa kaaai
tr raat-URMf prh* Jk aftr tax
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mmima a nuaurtr it ia* tataeof
"ana a ftaneaaae t have
mnam liat l^e riroe Baraeu
Viu wiTom. TerTi Kaanar aac
"na-a Ader aiaia! a tae
tt-h- ai1 aaal aaaaaaata; The
' BBBBBBl k a iae paca of
mi_mc uawcifr n_* LjaaaaaaaK
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a -r.m Jaa.
a., jp, at r aroac u -*J *"
i -- r-miu< u an- i m laa firmnj wat iua
aaMcac r> jk *'inriai Samamuat ta* <>Ajr*oat uai. af iia
rrwawtc _a ttmw. aaacua i tr-t a. jk rwa^ an>
"Hft-Jio aana" nan jiu xBaaaar n aiu. Urnnu n nri a
ae-ien-* ia=ar a. ~* r tanaiiMaia ;u#r Sat aetpr
aaa ur j s_uassn^ a. jib iani- mu n =aan aax nu. n je
wwnasaf tant it anmunx. j mmu. irmtu .caim?- i
sbbb a. tae JlX in- .trm-ue Kaiitn. 'Tim =aaa r-n-frr .owat
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famrn-g- :i Jan aaa
: i >3ara Ztnaet m Sast. b-l C cb aat
aa* aac aaat Tm-aL'i gmr-arawc t tamia ant >a-aiu-
ftTfla aaaaaa ant um Tiaii -a* nr
re nnas. aaaaa- v* Gaaa* Chaaa aac tier
-aewaai Iw aa. fiaat MaraaaL aac *-aaaa *iaaat uiiirwmf aaa
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anr c"-e Saaat Laaa tn aa f-iari nans aexnm aa
wno-unc. at ana ana ntxfia mat aeic a Jap aac aaaaav
aasat m "taenin- aac aaaaa: r aa nnfiBaaa
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Tnt aar an aaa anaa aatiiii al naar u
Tat un net- aersaK aaar- a
-t aa vrnf Star aac heunaat wil aaae-
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David aad
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faaat II aaajaai 1 ifc Teaa Jady aaa.
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aamc mat. ail :irt.e jitwt a: *^Mafl.
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-aaac ana na m aan-aaj aaM at C
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aenminur< a vTact a : *>.* -w*


[Friday, October 2, lfl61
The Jewish Floridinn nf Tampa
The Holy DaysYom Kippur
[Congregation Schaarai Zedek
[he Holy Days, Yom Kippur in
ticular, force us to face diffi-
; and sometimes unpleasant
stions about ourselves:
What am I?
Who am I?
Why am I?
They cannot be answered syl-
stically. The answers come
.n within. Through the
sting, praying, crying, an even-
J feeling of self-regeneration
i come, but only to those who
considered seriously these
Best ions: What am I? Who am
Why am I?
How do we respond? Let us
try with stories one Hasidic
one contemporary. '
Story Number 1:
Reb Mendel had a disciple
who came to him one day and
said: "Rabbi, I have something
terrible to confess." The Rabbi
asked, "What is it?" "I m
sngry with God. I think the God
we serve has mads .~a,u
world, full of p^aVauftSing8
deceit and cruelty." The Rabbi
asked the young man, "Do you
think you could make a better
world?" "That a just it, Rabbi I
think I could." Rb Mendel
grabbed the young man by the
shoulders, shook him vigorously
and shouted, "Then begin."
Story Number 2:
(I shared this story with mv
Jewish Com- hoods and restoration of single
in conjunction structures, both religious and
I The Tampa
lunity Center
ith the Israeli Consulate i
jtlanta and the State of Florida
present a special Jerusalem
ihibit October 11 through
lovember 2.
The exhibit consists of 47
els of photographs, each 8
by 3 feet, with 20 auxiliary
nels explaining the pictures.
! pictures tnemeseives include
Temple ruins, Old and
dem day restoration and
usewares over 1,000 years old.
)agesh Exhibitions in Jem-
em created the exhibit with
ne Lewitt as photo editor. The
Jigner was David Gal and the
a tor was Riuka Gonen. This
pibit has been shown at the
rid Trade Center in New
k: the campuses of Duke Uni-
sity. Emory University,
pversity of Florida and Florida
! University.
The Tampa showing is being
Drdinated by Darlene Wolfe,
Jgram director of the Jewish
nmunity Center and Marsha
pine, program vice president of
Jerusalem, continuously occu-
since its founding about
) years ago, is once again the
lital of Israel as it was during
[days of King David. Today it
modern city of the world as
I as a city of antiquity.
Four areas of concentration for
exhibit are conservation of
aeological sites, treatment of
Brie open spaces, restoration
preservation of neighbor-
Marsha Levine
JCC Program Vice President
congregation on Rosh Hashana!
It occurred during my recent
Sabbatical leave in Israel.)
The most moving moment to
me of our entire stay was at a
Shabbat dinner when we installed
the new officers of the Central
Conference of American Rabbis.
Installations are usually deadly
and long-winded. This dinner
was long-winded, but moved
many of us to tears with its deep
message. We installed Rabbi
Herman Schaalman of Chicago as
the president. Rabbi Schaalman
was one of six young men who
had been sent from Germany in
1935 to studav for the rabbinate.
Those six escaped the Holocaust
All of them went on to have dis-
tinguished careers as rabbis. In
his acceptance speech, Rabbi
Schaalman recounted this fact,
though it was familiar to all. And
then he said: "Colleagues, I
know that you are aware of these
facts, but I have repeated them
because I had to. I had to, be-
cause for these 45 years I have
lived in the United States, I have
had one nagging thought that
will not leave me until tonight.
I am sure my five colleagues
have had the same turmoil as I,
the same terrible question: Why
ME? Why me? IWhywaal
spared and millions of others
went to the gas chambers? I
know the question cannot be an-
swered theologically, but I still
have asked it."
He continued "Now I know
why I was spared it was for
this moment. I have strived to
justify my being spared, but
whatever success 1 have had was
not enough but NOW, this
moment when I stand among
my colleagues in the land of God,
Torah, and Israel to lead them
in our quest to teach the same to
our people. Now I know why I
was a pared.
What am I?
Who am I?
Why am I?
The open heart can know.
Robert A Levin
Andy Lewis
EF Hulton & Company Inc
IlStaM Madison SlrM*
TamoaH 33602
Telephone (8'3l??3-946
| Antique and Estate Jewelry
' "" nappy ttpwhaaa. arwn **>
AiKanangion Square Anaques
F*A. Fi 33*39 (913)831-1703
Invest in
Israel Securities

Sank LatNM lemeal M
18 East 48th Street
New York NY 10017
SCUritiS (212) 759-1310
ration Toll Free 1800) 221 -4838
Yom Kippur Services
All Tampa Congregations will
observe Yom Kippur beginning
with the chanting of the Kol
Nidre Wednesday evening, Oct.
7. For more information consult
the individual congregations. The
Jewish Floriian presents the
schedules as known at presstime.
Temple David, 2001 Swann
Avenue, Rabbi Samuel Mallinger
Kol Nidre, 7 p.m.; Yom Kippur
Day, 8:30 a.m. continuing all day
until dusk: Yiskor Memorial
Service 12:10 p.m.; Break-the-
fast following Neilah-Maariv.
Congregation Kol Ami, 3913
Moran Road. Rabbi Leonard
Kol Nidre 6:45 p.m.; Yom Kip-
pur Day. 9 a.m.; Mincha-Neilah 6
Congregation Rodeph Sholom,
2713 Bayshore Boulevard, Rabbi
Kenneth Berger
Kol Nidre, 6:30 p.m.; Yom
Kippur Day, 10 a.m.: Torah
Service 11:15 a.m.; Musaf Serv-
ice 12:30 p.m.: Martyrology 2:30
p.m.; Sermon 3 p.m.; Yizkor Me-
morial Service 3:30 p.m.; Mincha
6:30 p.m.; Havdala Service 7:30
p.m.; Shofar 7:46p.m.
Congregation Schaarai Zedek,
3303 Swann Avenue, Rabbi
Frank Sundheim
Kol Nidre, 6:15 p.m. and 8:30
p.m.; Yom Kippur Day, 10 a.m.:
SCHZFTY creation Service 12:30
p.m.; Children's Service 1:30
p.m.; Afternoon Service 2:30
p.m.; Memorial and Concluding
Services 4 p.m.; Break-the-Fast
5:30 p.m.
B'nai B'rkh HUM Foundation-
USF. University Center Ball-
room, Rabbi Jeffrey Foust
Kol Nidre, 6:45 p.m.: Yom
Kippur Day 10 a.m.; Discussion
Group 4 p.m.; Mincha 5 p.m.;
Yizkor 6:30 p.m.; Havdalah and
Break-fast 7:45 p.m.
Chabad House, 3745 Fletcher
Avenue. Rabbi La/.ar Rivkin
Kol Nidre 7:30 p.m.; Yom Kip-
pur Day 10 a.m.: Yizkor Noon;
Neilah 7 p.m.; Break-the-Fast 8
Service 5:45 p.m.; N'ilah Service
B' Bernards wishes all their customers trlends A
Happy 4 Healthy New Year and well over the Fast.
ERNARD'S "TU3D tmmmmmmm
"'Kosher Butchery *<* Bernard marks
(Between Belchet 4 Hercules)
The Sunsweet
The .Sunsweet Self-Improvement plan includes
exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet.
And that includes Sunsweet Prune Juice, with
no preservatives or added sugar. Sunsweet Is
100% pure natural fruit juke, with lots of iron.
potassium and vitamin B2. And best of all. it
tastes good So drink a toast to yourself.
With Sunsweet.
Tbyour health:

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Friday, October2, 1981
\ ilurrM- :t
Number 33
Yom Kippur
The chant ot Kol Nidrei will be heard in syna-
gogues throughout the world on (October 7) Wed-
nesday evening, ushering in Yom Kippur, the last of
the High Holy Days.
.'mm the most humble congregation to our
gloriously-built temples, from gatherings in lands
where Jews must whisper for fear of their survival to
pioneer outposts in Israel, the chant will call us to a
spiritual stock-taking.
The universal, compelling force of Yom Kippur
has as much meaning for us today as it did in our
ages-old past. Perhaps more than any other Jewish
holiday, the Day of Atonement evokes a spirit of awe
in the heart of even,- Jew.
In the chanting of "Uv-chen Tayn Pachdecha."
we implore: "And put Thine awe on all Thy crea-
tures, that they may all form one force to do Thy
will." Here, the meaning of Judaism aspires toward
total identification with its highest belief.
And. in this aspiration, all Jews recognize the
ential unity of their faith, indirect contrast, there
can be no greater tribute to the dignity of the indi-
vidual Jew .
Yom Kippur. according to tradition is the day
on which man s late is sealed tor the year to come. On
Hush Hashana. it is merely rt*.-orded and. during the
Ten days of Penitence, we make one final effort t<
sure our favor in the eyes of God. But it is a further
tribute to the Jew that his faith transcends the irre-
vocable nature of fate.
Important Bonds Project
In many ways, it was a meeting as important as
any he had with President Reagan in Washington.
We refer to the Israel Bonds "Canal Founders*'
luncheon which Prime Minister Begin addressed in
New York during his visit to the United States.
The canal, which will provide Israel with a
waterway across the southern part of the country to
the Mediterranean Sea, is as old an idea as the Zion-
ist vision itself. It was a dream in the days of Theo-
dor Herzl well before the Jewish State became a
In an address to some 350 Israel Bond leaders
who came from throughout the United States to hear
Mr. Begin, including some from South Florida, the
Prime Minister urged the leaders to "continue in-
vesting in this great and historic project, in the
vision of Herzl and its realization." Israel Bonds has
committed itself to $100 million toward completion of
the project.
The blunt truth about the waterway is that it
would have been no less important even if Israel
never had to give back an inch of the Sinai to Egypt
in the cause of pursuing a Mideast place. It would
have provided Israel with its own private Suez
Canal, thus making her independent of the political
whims of its Arab owners.
Considering the painful geopolitical realities
today, the project is more important than ever.
Considering Israel's current financial problems
at home, the country simply doesn't have the
wherewithal to launch the building of the canl at this
time. Outside capital is the only answer. And that's
how Israel Bonds has been since its founding in the
early 1950's: the organization is taking the initiative
to show prospective investors the way.
We applaud the 450 "Canal Founders" who have
thus far purchased a minimum of $100,000 in Bonds
toward the completion of the interseas energy proj-
ect. And who have helped enroll some 1,000 other
participants in the program besides.
The Jewish Argument on Gun^Control
With"Jewish gun ownership so
far below the national average,
whv has special attention been
focused on the idea of Jews and
ONE REASON may be op-
portunistic: anti-gun control
U-ouds may view Jews as an
naa man irom u tumu. ^Lh reservoir of supporters.
ulsion cowards guns which untapped reserww oi W
inousness with which Amencan
Jews have been discussing anti-
Semitism. And judging by the
space devoted to it in the Jewish
press, the subject -
Continued from Page 1
endorsed their respective gun
control proposals in the early and
mid-seventies This organi-
zational consensus stems less
from any liberal political
agenda than Irom a cultun
it was said long ago. are
According to a U.S. Depart^
ment of Justice poll. 11 percent of
American Jews owned a handgun
or pistol in 1980 Twenty percent
owned a long-barrelled gun. By
contrast. 29 percent of
Protestants owned handguns and
40 percent owned rifles; 18
percent of Catholics owned
nandtruns and 29 percent, rifles
makes com-
pelling reading. Often jr. such
articles the Jewish Defense
league is mentioned or quoted.
"The JDL always knew how to
use the press." says one former
member "It was an organization
that replied on images.
Sharon Plan Offers Hope
Autonomy Talks
ter an 18-month sus-
pension. Israel. Egypt and
the United States resumed
negotiations late last week
on Palestinian autonomy
on the West Hank and the
Gaza Strip. The three dele-
gations, meeting at the
Mena House Hotel near
Cairo, delivered brief open-
ing statements in which
they pledged good will arid
redouble'! efforts to move
the talk- towards
The month- ol spasmodic
negotiations in the aftermai
the Egypt ian-Israel pea
signed i" early 197i' (ailed to
achieve significant progress. Bui
I he head "I I he Egyptian dele-
gation. Foreign Minister Kamal
Hassan Ah, said in his opening
remarks that "a new hope" had
now arisen for the success of the
talks "with the new American
Administration and the recent
elections in Israel."
raeli team is the new Defense
Minister. Ariel Sharon. His
evolving new policies on the West
Bank have aroused the interest of
both the Egyptian and American
delegations, which apparently
share Sharon's intentions.
Kahd Kawasme of Hebron, to
their homes, the Egyptian diplo-
mat said this was "certainly" the
kind of thing we have in mind.
Speaking for the US at the
formal session. Alfred Atherton.
the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt.
reemphasized the commitment
ot the Keagan Administration to
remain a lull partnei" in the
process "We are here to
pla) ., lull role." he said, "to do
all we can to h-lp the pr<
move forwa
His remarks apparently
ought t" alias concerns voiced m
Israel over the fart that Set
Stale Alexander Haig
neglected to refer to the Camp
I a\ id process in hit address to
Nations Genera]
\ss, mbl) earlier this Wl
\therton also sought to alia)
concerns fell inith in Israel and
Egypl that the I S had
weakened it-interest in the auto-
norm talks by not designating a
special envoy to head us dele-
gations, M was the case under
the Carter Administration He
said that he and the Ambassador
to Israel. Samuel Lewis, were co-
chairmen of the U.S. team and
this showed that "we are re-
doubling our efforts we're
here with two of delegation
image tnat the JDL relies on is
the defeated European Jew Wk.
'consented'' to his own
destruction. Occasionally tne
JDL draws some rather "shaky
parallels. For example, JDL
national chairman Irving Rub^,
cites the legitimacy of Ku Khu
Klan candidates in recent cjali-
forma and North Carolina elec-
tions and desecration of synj.
gogues as precursors to another
round of Nuremburg Laws and
mass pogroms. If you don't want
to end up like the Jews of Europe
the JDL states, buy a gun
"Thefact is.' says the former
JDL member. the argument
that the present is an insecure
time for Jews has at least some
validity. For example, it's
become acceptable in the past
decade to think of Jews as Zionist
aggressors worthy of UN con-
dem nation."
WHILE JDL influence maybe
far less wide-reaching today than
it was ten years ago, JDL-
rnsored target practices still
w no n JDL members. A
recent appeal is directed at
Russian Jewish immigrants who
are warned: There are Nazis in
America! It CAN happen here.
Prepare to defend yourself!"
Many Jewish target shooters,
however, are less concerned with
right-wing extremists than with
self-defense against crime "This
business about a Nazi resurgence
is bull." Philadelphian Ernest
Brydon told Philadelphia's
Jewish Exponent. "If Jews have
turned to guns it's because they
feel the judicial system has failed
and the streets are full of
recidivist criminals. The public
has lost faith in the lav, but
i his applies to everyone, not just
Brydon's opinion raise- an
important question Just whoB
supposed to be t be enemj I-
the various Klan and Nazi partial
with their poorly attend
much pul and
ami Jewish demonstrations'! Or
is it the urban criminal who
assaults a .lev. in his store or on
the street mavbe no' a-a Jew.
but a- a vulnerable toi.
THE ISSUE is further con-
tused by the man-sired silhouette
target emblazon*
swastikas used at a JDL firing
range. If Jews learn to shoot in
ranges like this one in order to
defend themselves against street
crime, are they also aosorhing the
implied political message that
anvone who harms a Jew is a
"Gun Control Works: Holo-
caust." expounds a bumper
sticker, leapfrogging over cause
and effect. The message is clear,
albeit glib: Buy a gun or be a
victim. A Jewish victim.
Our Readers Write
EDITOR: The Jewish Floridian:
We wish to clarify that the
Tampa Bay Jewish Singles are
open to any Jewish adult 21 or
older from Pinellas and Hillsbor-
ough Counties and the surround-
ing areas. A recent incorrect
caption appeared listing the
Singles as adults from 20 to 35.
With the assistance of the
Tampa and Pinellas JCCs, the
Tampa Bay Jewish Singles
formed to represent all single
adults (single, divorced
security affairs on the West widowed) with no age differentia' ^he co6t *" *8 and re96'110^
Bank, which will remain in the tion. We hope to welcome new (to assure the group discount ana
participants of all ages to those P1*" sufficient refreshments) may
In recent weeks there has been
a wave of reports in the Israeli
media, inspired by Defense Min-
istry circles, to the effect that
Sharon proposes to introduce
major liberalizing measures on
the West Bank with the avowed
aim of wooing moderate local
leaders into the peace process.
Israel radio and television
elaborated on Sharon's plan to
separate between purely military
chairman through the JCC of
Pinellas to the Tampa Bay
Jewish Singles and will gladly
take your name, address, and
phone number to pass on to the
Singles' Board.
We would also like to remind
you that there will be a discus
sion on dating. Oct. 6 (Tuesdayl
at the JCC of Pinellas County at
8 p.m. On Oct. 18 (Saturday),
Singles will gather for a 7:30 p.m.
curtain at the Tampa JCC for a
paly, followed by a social hour
The cost is *5 and reservations
hands of the army, and civilian
control with as many as possible
Palestinian civilians in high ad-
ministrative positions.
EGYPT'S Minister of State,
Butros Ghali, a key presence
throughout the peace process
with Israel, publicly welcomed
Sharon's moves. In a statement
here. Ghali called on Israel to
provide "confidence-building
measures" that would "give
hope' to the Palestinian and
thereby improve the negotiating
Asked if sich measures should
include the return of the two ex-
iled West Bank mayors. Mo-
hammed Milhem of Halhoul and
activities that appeal to them.
In addition, since we have
formulated our Board, we are
finding that to provide you with
the type of programming which is
responsive to your interests, we
need more Singles who are willing
to give time for planning and
program implementation, you
can help arrange car pools, up-
date mailing lists, make phone
calls, serve on committees 'fund-
raising, refreshments, publicity
;t'aS2"5 Presenl ProS in
your field of expertise.
Please contact Kresla pila
C,^'.rper!J?n throu8h the Tampa
* < or Steve Tepper. first vice
be made by calling the Tampa
JCC (872-4481).
Thank you for allowing us to
make this clarification and to
wish everyone,
Tampa Bay J^^^JftS
Program Director
Tampa Jewish Community
Cultural Arts Director
Program Coordinator
JCC of Pinellas ( ount>

Friday. October 2, 1981
The Jewish Floridian of Tampa
Page 5
Congregation Rodeph Sholom Adopts
Soviet Prisoner of Conscience Ida Nudel
[picturedabove tli'ft is) Mrs. Esther Piper. Deputy Representative of
fht'Jm ish War Veterans Auxiliary and as they were presented with a
500 Hour Service Bar for service to veteran patients. Mr. William F.
Kftnr. Chief. Voluntary Service at the James A. Haley Veterans Hos-
pital nude the presentation._______
I'' '"' '"'"" 'right inl Mr* Minnie Pomer, VAVS Representative
\,j tin-.Ien is// \\m Vcteruns Auxiliary.
VAVS Representatives Recognized
For Service to Veterans
Minnie Posner, VAVS repre-
pntativc and Esther Piper.
JAVS deput) representative of
lltii- Jewish War Veterans Auxil-
liary were recently recognized for
I 500 hours of service/to
pospitalized \ eterans.
Iliam F. Keene. Chief. Vol-
I vice at the James A.
I Veterans Hospital at the
I neeting of '.he Albert Aron-
lav-it? Posl and Auxiliary 373,
Jewish War Veteran at the
iJcuish Community Center,
ed the veterans ad-
imistration voluntary service
rogram and volunteer op-
portunities at the Hospital. The
ccasioi was used to present
J\!r- Posner and Mrs. Piper with
I 'Oil hour bars earned as
dedicated volunteers to assist
hospitalized veteran patients
Mrs. Posner serves to coordi-
nate the activities at the hospital
as the veterans administration
voluntary service (VAVS) repre-
sentative She also works a
regularly scheduled assignment
in the voluntary service office.
Mrs. Piper serves as deputv
representative to assist in the ad-
ministration of the auxiliary's in-
volvement in the VAVS program.
She also works a regularly sched-
uled assignment in the hospital
laboratory service.
The Post and Auxiliary has
supported speical observance
programs conducted at the hos-
pital and has made donations to
the hospital in support of patient
Happy Mew rear
Largest Selection in Tampa
Custom Needle Point
Imported Knitting Yarns
Instructions Available
10901 N.Dal* Mahfy
962-7117 <
* -
Rabbi Kenneth R. Berger.
Congregation Rodeph Sholom,
announced that Ida Nudel has
been adopted as the Synagogue's
Prisoner of Conscience.
Miss Nudel, was arrested and '
sentenced in June of 1978 for dis-
playing a banner which said,
"KGB, Give me a visa to Israel.''
She is known by her fellow Soviet
Jews, as the "Guardian Angel,"
because of her courageous
determination to assist other
Prisoners of Conscience whose
only crime was like her, to seek
permission to leave Russia. To-/
day, Ida Nudel, in poor health,
languishes in a Siberian prison
camp. She is the onlv female
Meeting for Parents
of Diabetic Children
A group of concerned parents
of diabetic children will meet in
the Nursing Office Classroom at
St. Joseph's Hospital, the first
Monday of each month. The next
meeting will be Oct. 5 at 7:30
All parents of diabetic children
are invited to participate and ex-
change experiences with other
parents who cope with similar
problems. Parents are also en-
couraged to bring their children
to the meetings.
For further information about
the group, contact Mrs. Jean
Kennedy at St. Joseph's Hospital
Beeper Service. 871-5670. or Mrs.
James LovinR at 685-8043.
06/2%^ Pit. A*'
815 S Rome Helen CkaveZ Ph. 251-8jt3.
Open 11 to 2:30 Mon. thru Frl.
PHONE (813) 837-5874
Child care is our only business
whether m our nursery or your home
amongst hundreds of male in-
mates and still has more than
half her sentence to serve.
On Yom Kippur the entire con-
gregation will share in a special
"Aliyah" before the Torah which
will express their solidarity with
the plight of Ida Nudel and other
Soviet Jews, who do not have the
rreeaom 10 observe our most
solemn holy day.
"The purpose of this program
is to highten -awareness, increase
our sensitivity and express our
concern in general for all prison-
ers of Conscience and in particu-
lar for our adopted Ida Nudel,"
said Rabbi Berger.
During the course of the year
follow up programs will include
letter writing campaigns, the
wearing of medallions and
bracelets and having up to date
information on hand at the syna-
"The hope is," said Rabbi Ber-
ger. "that by next Yom Kippur
the famous prayer "Next
Year In Jerusalem" will become
for Ida Nudel and other Soviet
Prisoners not merely a dream but
a reality."
Kosher Lunch Menu
Kosher lunch menu of the Senior Citizen's Nutrition and
Activity Program is sponsored by the Hillsborough County
Commission and held at the Jewish Community Center. Marilyn
BUkley, site manager, 872-4451. Menu subject to change.
Monday Beef Pattie with Gravy, Ranch Style Beans,
Spinuch. Pears, Whole Wheat Bread, Ginger Snaps
Tuesday linked Fish with Tartar Sauce, Grits, Tomatoes and
Okrn. Fruit Cocktail, Italian Bread, Orange Juice
Wednesday Cabbage Casserole. Green Peas, Grated Carrot.
Whole Wheat Bread, Applesauce
Thursday Closed Yom Kippur
Friday Liver with Creole Sauce, Mixed Greens, Parsley
Potatoes. Cole Slaw, Whole Wheat Bread, Old Fashion
Carrot Cake
Harpist available
Available tor
Weddings* BarMKzvot
Musical Entertainment
Specializing hi
Israeli & Contemporary Music
Cantonal A Religious Services
Largstt Volume Dealer In Southeast'
6402 W. Hillsborough
Tampa, Fla. 33614
Jack Herman welcomes you to drive the No. 1 nailing car In Israel.
Can a goblet
of water tdyou
you're in a
great restaurant?
It is the simplest, most
mundane thing any restaurant
But if is the start of the meal
service. And as un-prepossess-
ing as it may be. it is indicative
of what is to come.
Here's how we-serve a glass
of water at CK's.
First of all. it is prompt, \four
water is served as soon as you
feel settled and comfortable
We serve it in an elegant
goblet.Tne sound of ice tink-
ling against'fineglafswai* is
part of the music thdjt ma|es
up our ambience
must be clear, not cloudy, tt's
ice so cold it makes a noise
when the water hits it.
Finally, we add a thin slice
of fresh lemon.Togive the
subtlest suggestion of
taste To make your
water goblet look
We handle everything we
do at CK's with this kind of
attention to detail.
Join us any night of the
week for dinner. For Veal
Oscar. Stuffed Filet of Lemon
Sale, Beef Wellington, or
Gouper Marguery
Or at lunchtime, for our fam-
ous California Cobb Salad,
Efjcs Benedict or London
Or for our spectacular
Saturday and Sunday Brunch.
You'll leave us
knowing you've
been in a great
A bit above it all at the airport.
we re in (tie revolving lower above
We re m Itie revolving
the Mobil four Star Award Winning Host International Hotel In Ihe oport
vateiparving (8131879 5151

The Jewish Flpridian of Tampa
Shamir, Carrington Trade Heated Words
Continued from Page 1-
he would feel had Israel called on
the U.S. to pressure Britain on
the Irish question. During the
conversation, Carrington re-
portedly expressed the wish to
visit Israel and while Shamir said
he would be welcome, he did not
extend an official invitation.
Carrington has emerged as the,
most outspoken supporter of thej
PLO in the European Economic]
Community (EEC) and has called I
repeatedly- for negotiations with
the PLO as part of the Mideast
peace process.
He was said to have repeated
that call in his talk with Shamir'
and to have said that although he
supports the Camp David pro-
cess, as it stands it is not enough
to reach a final settlement in the
Middle East.
General Assembly, Carrington j
stated that in the view of his
government, "A comprehensive
settlement can only be negotiated
if all parties concerned, including
the Palestinian people and the
PLO which will have to be asso-
ciated with negotiations, accept
the principles which we set out in
the Venice declaration and play
their full part." The Venice decla-
ration in June, I960, was the
EEC's statement of principles on
the Middle East.
Carrington also told the Gen-
eral Assembly that "the starting
Mobil Oil Ad Pure Saudi Propaganda
Continued from Page 1
the plan," said Zweiman. The
PLO is committed to Israel's
total annihilation; this is the rea-
son why Israel has refused to
negotiate with a terrorist group
that wants to destroy it.
Examples of Saudi Arabia's
peaceful efforts are shown by
their part in helping negotiate the
recent cease fire in Lebanon,
Zweiman claimed, adding: "The
Mobil ad does not mention the
Saudi s financing the PLO to the
tune of $400 million a year. Saudi
money buys arms which the PLO
uses to attack Israeli civilians,
Lebanese Christians, and import-
ant 'military targets' like a syna-
gogue in Vienna."
The other example given is the
Saudi effort to moderate OPEC
price increases, /.weiman usk**j,
"Is it really necessary to tell
Mobil Oil that the Saudis have
seen the dangers of their pre-
cipitous price increases causing a
worldwide reduction in oil con-
sumption and increased efforts to
find alternate energy sources?"
The Saudis have much oil to sell
over the long term; their econo-
mic well being depends, on their
ability to maintain worhvide
demand for their major resource.
BASED ON these two argu-
ments, says Zweiman, the Mobil
ad calls for "evenhanded treat-
ment in the sale of military
equipment to our friends in the
Residential Real Estate service
Cindy sper
SME Award Winner
Million Dollar Club
Residential Real Estate
11014 N. Dale Mabry
Tampa, Fl. 33168
962-3888 (Home) 962-2557.
Temple David
A Conservative Synagogue
aooi Swann Avenue (at Melville)
invite* the. non-affiliated of the Jewish community
to join with us
in Membership and worship
YOM KIPPUR-Day of Atonement
Kol Nidre-Wednesday evening, October 7
Yom Kippur Day-Thuraday, October 8,8:30 a.m.
continuing all day until dusk
Yizkor memorial wvicea-Thursday, 12:10 p.m.
Oneg Yom Tov Reception
on first night of Rosa Haahanah
Post Yom Kippur
Break the-Fast following Neilah-Maaxi v
Rabbi Samuel maUimeR wm chant the hoMuv
musaf and pResent a senmon at each scnvice.
All service* opoa to tho public.
No tickets necessary.
Holiday CommIttee
JWV Commander Zweiman
Middle East especially Saudi
Arabia." Zweiman asks how the
proposed sale is in American in-
JWV has serious concerns
about this proposed sale, because(
of lack of security arrangements
to prevent sophisticated weap-
onry from falling into Soviet
hands, according to Zeiman.
"JWV is concerned this sale will
cause an escalation of an arms
race in an explosive region. There
are no signs of a Saudi change in
policy to insure a more balanced
approach to Middle Eastern
problems. Sadat called on the
Saudis for such action, but there
has been no change in the Saudis
[denunciation of the American
(.sponsored Camp David peace
Rj>rocess even though Palestinian
autonomy discussions are to
I begin again soon.
I "JWV also wonders about
Saudi friendship when it joined
its five partners in the Gulf
Corporation in calling America's
recent defense of Libyan aggres-
sion in international waters a
I provocative, trap and medieval
[piracy on the high seas.' "
Begin Raps
Premier Menachem
Begin is vehemently
denying a Newsweek
magazine report that Sec-
retary of State Alexander!
Haig "gave him hen" for
lobbying against the Rea-
gan Administration's
opposed sale of AW ACS
reconnaissance aircraft to
Saudi Arabia. "There is
"rnply no truth to that
"tory. tbegin told r*
porters here.
Newsweek claimed that Haig's
last-minute meeting with Basin
at Kennedy Airport in New York
lust before the Premier left for
I home Sept. 16 was to administer
a sharp reprimand for Begins
jAWAcsarnci*tio,u of th>
point" toward a just peace in the
Middle East "must be the in-
dependence and security of all
states in the area, including Is-
rael, and the legitimate righto of
the Palestinian people, including
the right to self-determination."
Carrington was one of three
European Foreign Ministers with
whom Shamir met. The others
were West Germany's Foreign
Minister Hans-Dietrich Genseher
and the newly-appointed foreign
Minister of Holland M. van der
here, Shamir's talks with the
German and Dutch Ministers
were held in a much more cordial
Genseher was invited to vitfct
raal and ia scheduled to m^Zi
next spring. "J i
The crux of the Shi
Genscher talk wm the 2fi'
tional situation and the roleIt
Ssudi Arabia in the Middle Ee
The Saudi image in the Weatki
one of moderation. But foLi-!
view, aa expressed by Shamir 11
that the Saudis play a negati,.
role, at least as far as the*,*
I sraeu conflict is concerned.
A friendly atmosphere afe
prevailed at Shamir's meetiM
with Van der Stoel who took
office only ten days ago. The
Dutch diplomat noted with ut
faction the improved relations
between Israel and the United
Nations Interim Force in Lebe
non IUNIFIL) which includei
Dutch troops.
Don t' Miss the
JCC Flea Market!
This weekend
Sunday, Oct. 4 and Monday, Oct. 5,10a.m. to 4 p.m. the
Jewish Community Center is holding a bodacious Flea Market
in the JCC Auditorium. Come and make a bargain purchase
which will help the ongoing programs of the JCC. Browse. Buy
IJurgains galore. Furniture, appliances, household items!
i hazarei. You need, the JCC has it!
Village Photographer
Bar MKzvah or Weddkig Package $128
Video Taping of Special Occasions
Availabe on request
Complimentary Formal Sitting for
Bride or Bar Mltzvah
The Village Center
13102 N. Dale Mabry
854* Netlk Dak Maker
Tease, rierMa

Pin* lighting and occttiorUi at Discount Pricti
Manny Garcia.
4010 W. WATERS TAMPA, FLA. 33614
two locations: featuring SONY
4616 Eisenhower/Phone 885-4767
The Village Center/13104 N Phone 962-4718 Dale Marbry

.October* 81
Page 7
ivoys Say Israel Nasty About AWACS
sued from Page 1
although he believe* that
, minds can be changed. He-
re that the vote now is 63-
m^nst the sale, well over the
majority needed.
, their prepared statement in
the four former Am-
.jots said they had agreed
the former diplomats aaid
'find the AWACS syatem
ouely adapted to the defense
e oilfields of eastern Arabia.
no way that the AWACS
pj be a danger to Israel un-
flsrael actually were to launch
airborne attack on the
ibian oilfields or oil installa-
FOUR see three conse-
i if the sale waa rejected.
urt, they claim, would be a
i interpretation of Congress
to pressure from
They say the Saudis
would also review their oil policy
which they said has 'been im-
mensely beneficial to the United
States and the entire oil consum-
ing world/" They also predicted
"a considerable scaling down of
American military and economic
presence in Saudi Arabia at im-
mense cost to our economy."
When it was suggested that
they were talking about econo-
mic blackmail." Neumann denied
this. But he said the U.S. and
West Europe need "Saudi oil and
the jobs provided by investment
in Saudi Arabia. Hart said that if
the sale is rejecteed there would
be a gradual "disintegration" of
the American presence in Saudi
Arabia, as well as U.S. invest-
ments there.
The four strongly deny they
have any economic interests in
Saudi Arabia. Akins and Hart
are consultants, in international
Congregation Schaarai Zedek
To Honor Nathan L Gordon
UgregatKin Schaarai Zedek.
jtlebration of the 30th Anni-
ry of State of Israel Bonds.
[bold a dessert reception in
rof Nathan I. Gordon at the
I on Sunday evening, Oct.
at H p.m with special guest.
tM. Evans.
Mayer Evans comes
family steeped in
Asm, commitment to com-
y and curiosity about the
around us. His father.
d" Evans, was the Mayor of
am. N.C. for many years.
i Evans is a former foreign
spondent. who has lived and
I in several dozen countries
d over five continents. He
CBS News Television
spondent and CBS Bureau
[ in Moscow: he has worked
ith sides of the iron curtain
pastern Europe and Western
Jpe; he has been behind the
i curtain into Communist
he has been into Arab
as well as oil producing
Itries around the Persian
and he has made eight
l to Israel covering wars aa
|s peace negotiations.
Evans is no stranger to
i and by popular demand.
lament of Ownership,
>ment a Circulation
by 39 USC 36t5): 1
publication: The
i* Floridian of Tampa
cation No. 471-910. 2 Date
): September 30, 191 3
ncy o* issue: Weekly
ttiru May; Bi Weekly
ttvu Aug. A No. of issues
shed annually: 39. B
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< Location ot known office
siicetion; 36SS Henderson
. Tampa. Fla. 33*09 $
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hers: 120 N.E.ath Street,
I. Fla 33132 6 Publisher,
i managing editor: Fred
xhet. 120 N. E. 6 Street,
I. Fla. 3313*. 7-Owner.
K Shochet, 120 N.E. 6
Miami, Fla. 33132. 8
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nd other security
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>t distributed: 1) office
[over unaccounted for.
' printing. 311. 304.
from news agents
'l 2,963. 3.300. I
it statements made
've are correct and
Shochet, publisher.
Robert M. Evans
is returning to give an incisive re-
port on the current situation, not
only in Israel but throughout the
Middle East.
affairs. Neumann is a senior
associate at Georgetown Univer-
sity s Center for Strategic Stu-
dies, and West is on the Board of
Directors of the Southern Center
for International Studies in
Atlanta. Ga.
AT THE press conference,
Akins charged that Premier
Menachem Begin of Israel was
being "cynical" in his opposition
to the AWACS sale. "If the deal
goes through then he (Begin) can
extract much greater aid from the
United States, military aid and
economic aid." Akins claimed.
He said that if the deal is
blocked. Begin will have demon-
strated his "invulnerability." He
did not explain whether he meant
this in the area of domestic poli-
tics or foreign relations. Begin
"is in a no-lose situation,,' Akins
Akins also charged that Israel
is "not at all serious" in arguing
that the AWACS threatened its
security because it knew that
Americans will have to fly these
planes for their full life and
Medal Honors
Nazi Ace
BONN (JTA) Neo-Nazi
friends of Germany's wartime
flying ace, Hans-Ulrich Roedel,
are minting a medal in gold and
silver to honor him on the occa-
sion of his 65th birthday. The
former Luftwaffe pilot. German's
most decorated war hero, is a
controversial Figure. The medal
Will be distributed through the
Munich-based national zeitung, a
neo-Nazi newspaper that has the
largest circulation of any weekly
in the country.
It will be sold to neo-Nazi sym-
pathizers and other right-wing
extremists. The medal will carry
Roedel's portrait and a Nazi mili-
tary symbol, although Nazi Sym-
bols are banned by law in'West
But it will set no precedent,
several medals have been coined
in recent years honoring Nazi
heroes living or deceased. One is
the "Fate Medal" honoring
Rudolf Hess. Hitler's war-time
deputy who is the last of the Nazi
hierarchy still confined to the
Allied security prison of Spandau
in West Berlin.
Synopsis of the Weekly Torah Portion
"And Muses wrote this law, and delivered it unto the
priests and unto all the elders of Israel" (I)eut. 31.9).
YAYELEKH "And Moses went and spoke these words unto
all Israel. And he said unto them: 'I am a hundred and twenty
years old this day: I can no more go out and come in; and the
Iord hath said unto me: Thou shalt not go over this Jordan. ."
And Moses called unto Joshua, and said unto him in the sight of
all Israel: 'Be strong and of good courage: for thou shalt go with
this people into the land which the Lord hath sworn unto their
fathers to give them; and thou shalt cause them to inherit it. .'
And Moses wrote this law, and delivered it unto the priests the
sons of l,evi, that bore the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and
unto all the elders of Israel ... Now therefore write ye this song
for you, and teach thou it the children of Israel; put it in their
mouths, that this song may be a witness for Me against the chil-
dren of Israel" (Deuteronomy 31.1-19).
(The recounting of the Weekly f*ortion of Hie Law is extracted and based
upon "The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage," edited by P. vvoflmen
Tsamlr, sis. .published by Sheneoid The volume is available at 7S Maiden
Lane, New York. N.y 1003*. Joseph Sctilang is president of the society dis
fributing the volume.)
SINCE 1916
James L Lawhon
Truman H Thomas
American technicians will have to
be in Saudi Arabia for the full life
of the planes.
NEUMANN. who waa
Ambassador to Saudi Arabia for
several weeks until he was fired
by Secretary of State Alexander
Haig in July, also aaid that
Americans would have to be at
least part of the flying crews of
the AWACS planes and all of the
ground crew at least till the end
of the century.
Hart, who waa envoy to
Riyadh in 1961-65 and aaid his
experience in Saudi Arabia goes
back to 1944, rejected the claim
that the Saudi Regime can be
toppled as happended to the
Shah in Iran. He said there is no
"alternative" to the ruling family
in Saudi Arabia.
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. i
Page 8
The Jewish Fhridian of Tampa
as in other South
countries is that
those who are known
Continued from Page 1
Buckley, not only vilify Timer-
man by smearing him as a dar-
ling of the American left and as a
former supporter of left-wing
guerillas in Argentina, but also
try to deny the validity of his
suffering as a Jew while he was in
jail which he described so
poignantly in his book, "Prisoner
Without a Name, Cell Without a
THE DIATRIBES these hacks
direct against the former pu-
blisher and editor of La-Opinion
are not so much for his criticism
of the Argentine Jewish leaders
for being silent about the tragedy
which has befallen the Jews in
I heir country, but more for his
attacks against the Argentine
junta and the Reagan Admini-
stration which seeks to bolster it
as an ally.
To the extent that the Ameri-
can Jewish representatives and
their poison-pen sidekicks
acknowledge that there is anti-
Semitism in Argentina they
claim it is negligible and on an
unofficial level, and take refuge in
the argument that it has occured
before and that it went away, and
if it is recurring again, this too
shall pass. But at what cost in
the meanwhile to the thousands
of Jews caught in the vise of ter-
Who are these Jewish repre-
sentatives and their sidekicks?
For the most part they are the
same ones who are silent about
the plight of Ethiopian Jews;
who insist that anti-Semitism in
America is declining and is no-
thing worse than a 24-hour virus;
who claim that the United States
is immune to the historical laws
governing the rise and institu-
tionalization of Nazism; who
kept silent when the young, bril-
liant Brazilian Jewish journalist,
Vladimir Herzog, was hounded,
jailed and then found dead in his
cell in Sao Paulo in 1976; and
who support every reactionary
regime in the world so lone as
they can characterize them as
"authoritarian" and not "totali-
tarian." *
their ilk comprise a neo-Judenrat
But this Judenrat is far more de- _
spicable than the Jewish councils
that were imposed upon the Jews
by the Nazis. in the European
countries they occupied. Not ail
those Judenrate were the same;
some actively collaborated with
the Nazis, some refused to do
their biddings, some looked the
other way when Nazis murdered
Jew, others helped Jews organize
resistance against the Nazi
But all the European Juden-
rate operated under conditions of
powerlessness; they had no
choice; they were under .the gun;
and even the most benign were li-
mited in* what they could do to
help save Jews. The neo-Juden-
rat, however, does not operate
under conditions of powerless-
ness but under conditions where
there are options. They can
speak put and tell the truth about
the plight of Argentine Jewry or
they can keep silent "or they can
distort the reality which Timer-
man has described.
The neo-Judenrat has.opted to
create conditions of powerless-
ness for both the Jews of Argen-
tina and the Jews of America by
disseminating disinformation
about the situation in Argentina.
This J udenrat propounds the
theme that Argentina is not a
"gulag" for those Jews and non-
Jews who are arrested, tortured
or who disappear merely a
slight deviation from the Ameri-
can form of democracy.
THU8, THE Argentine regime*
is provided with a veneer of re-
spectability and moral and legal
authority in the court of Ameri-
can public opinion. American
Jews are thereby dissuaded from
trying to help Argentine Jewry
and Argentine Jewry is. left iso-
lated from American Jewry.
Worst of all, the voices of thoea
Jews who are victims of the re-
U.S. Intellectuals Out to Get Timerman L u_ gafSSg
gime's repressions are muffled by being Jewish is tantamount to an community Jews at the same Jjjw> who >re *, many ^
the campaign of disinformation. admission of political guilt. hat their tormentors insist tortured or killed w^k.80"8, *%
Timerman's account, the neo- f -""ft*? Xased have" on recognizing them as Jews -nd abroad kaQ^ JJhjM.,^
denrat claims, is clouded by tune and then "leased have ideri them guilty because ^ ^ ^ to7ry ^''"^ i
bjectivity, by his leftist politi- testified that they saw' portrarts ^ Jewj Their identity as And ^ y X *"**
I ; h w oh-; hVri of Hitler on the waUs of the tor ^ and theif 8uffermg ^ Jews 7llWMfyi, ^^ZTf^ the J
ture chambers and that one oi tne erf,aeA oy the neo-Judenrat
first questions they had to
________ __..^.nlmuT
Judenrat claims, is clouded by
su! '
cal his obsessive hatred
of the Argentine government.
His assessment of what is hap-
pening to Jewish and non-Jewish
dissidents in Argentina is, there-
fore, according to this neo-Juden-
rat, suspect. But even if this
were so and it isn't why the
need for a witch-hunt, a smear
campaign against Timerman?
But let's forget Timerman.
Let's pretend he doesn't exist. Is
the reality of pre-dawn kidnap-
pings, indiscriminate jailings,
torture and the disappearance of
thousands changed in any way?
Is the reality that Jews who are
arrested are treated more bru-
tally than non-Jews changed in
any way? After all, the views,
opinion and contentions of one
person can neither create nor ne-
gate reality.
IF ONE believes that the
reality in Argentina is different
that that descibed by Timerman.
there are other sources to check:
the mothers of the disappeared
ones who gather weekly at the
Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires
seeking to learn the whereabouts
of their loved ones; Amnesty
International; the Council on
Hemispheric Affairs; the Anti-
Defamation League of B'nai
B'rith; and the Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights,
an agency of the Organization of
American States.
If these sources are also su-
spect, perhaps another source
would be considered more objec-
tive and reliable James Neilson,
the editor of the English-lan-
guage Buenos Aires Herald.
Writing in the August-Septem-
ber issue of Hadassah Magazine,
he states:
"Jews, it was generally be-
lieved .... received far harsher
treatment from the military than
Christians or atheists did if cap-
tured by the security forces.
Such reports as have leaked out
from the military's half-hidden
prison system make it plain that,
as far as the army is concerned,
swer was, 'are you a Jew'?'
According to the neo-Judenrat,
the security forces carry extra-
legal activities which are not
authorized by the government.
But if this is so, why aren't any of
them arrested? Why don't the
legal authorities end this reign of
terror? But forces do not operate
in a vacuum. They operate with-
in the framework of a political
Judenrat to deny the existence of
anti-Semitism in Argentina?
What motivates them to deny
manifestations of neo-Nazism in
that country? How do they
rationalize their orchestrated at-1
tacks on Timerman? In addition1
to the fact that they accept the
Keagan Administration's percep-
tion of Argentina as merely an
authoritarian" regime which is
an invaluable ally in the fight
against "totalitarian" regimes,
there is a more fundamental rea-
The- root of the matter is this:
there is an attempt to deny the
Jewish nature of the plight of
those Jews who are victimized by
the Argentine regime by denying
that they are Jews or victimized
as Jews. The neo-Judenrat
identifies these victims in terms
used by the regime: leftists,
radicals, revolutionaries, dissi-
dents and malcontents. They do
not define who is a Jew in
Argentina according to halacha
but according to the govern-
ment's charges.
This is truly a tragedy of great
magnitude: Jews being denied
their Jewish indentity by other
Jews only because the govern-
ment has accused them, without
dur process of law, of being
political opponents even though
many of them have never even
been politically involved.
Jews suffer a double indignity
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and thus there is no Jewish pro-
blem in Argentina.
The tragedy in that country -
"y oil
Judenrat denies the real
anti-Semitism and m. ,
ations of Nazism in ArgenS*
A JTA Feature
sun cove realty
commercial residential
321riS. DaleMabry
and our branch officeai
4343 Gunn HiKhwav
To All My Friends
May You Be Inscribed and Sealed for
A Year of Health, Happiness and Shalom,
Peace! For Israel and the Entire World.
5742 1981,1982
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