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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 14, 1979)-
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Happy Chanukah
Jewish Floridian
Of South County
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach
6 Number 43
Boca Raton, Florida Friday, December 21,1984
Price 35 Cents
South County Expresses Solidarity With Soviet Jews
This Friday night and
Saturday, the Sabbath occurring
during Chanukah, may see more
Jews at temples and synagogues
in South County than any other
time of year with the possible
exception of the High Holy Days.
This Sabbath has been dedicated
to a mass community action on
behalf of Soviet Jewry, whose
repression has been growing
worse and worse in recent years.
Following an initiative by
Rabbi Merle Singer of Temple
Beth El in Boca Raton, who en-
listed the support and aid of the
Community Relations Council of
South County Jewish Federation,
the Sabbath of Chanukah was
designated by the Rabbinic As-
sociation and the CRC as "Soviet
Jewry Sabbath." "The com-
munity at large was asked to take
part in programs to show solid-
arity with the Jews of the Soviet
Union," commented Rabbi
Singer, chair of the project.
Rabbi Bruce Warshal, execu-
tive director of the Federation,
and Congressman Dan Mica will
share the pulpit at Temple Beth
El, South County's largest
congregation. Other synagogues
and temples will incorporate
readings and dramatic presenta-
tions on Soviet Jewry into their
Friday night or Saturday
morning services, and the rabbis
will devote their sermons to the
There are well over two million
Jews in the Soviet Union, of
whom some 150,000 have already
made requests for permits to
emigrate. Not only have these
been denied, but in many cases
the applicants have been fired
from jobs, arrested, beaten,
charged with "parasitism" for
failing to work, have had various
trumped up charges brought
against them the list goes on
and on. It is assumed that manv
more who would like to emigrate
are not making the application
for fear of the persecution they
would have to face.
In 1984 only some 800 Jews
have been permitted to leave the
Soviet Union a record low
while in 1979 the record high was
51,000. The Soviet Union was one
of the signatories of the
Universal Declaration on Human
Rights and other international
agreements, including the Final
Continued on Page 7-
Israeli Officials Outraged
By Egypt's New PLO Warmth
Israeli officials expressed
outrage and disappoint-
ment over the joint com-
munique issued by Egyp-
tian President Hosni
Mubarak and King Hussein
of Jordan in Cairo and
Amman endorsing the
Palestine Liberation
Organiation as a full
partner in negotiations to
resolve the Arab-Israeli
conflict that would require
Israel to relinquish all terri-
tories it captured in 1967
including East Jerusalem
in exchange for peace.
The formula was the one pres-
ented by Hussein when he ad-
dressed the Egyptian
Parliament, and officials here
were saying privately that
Mubarak's apparent acceptance
of it was tantamount to a
repudiation by Egypt of the
Camp David accords.
unofficial. Israel's formal
response to the Mubarak-
Hussein communique was ex-
pected later from Foreign Min-
ister and Deputy Premier Yit-
zhak Shamir when he would wind
up the Knesset foreign policy
debate begun by Premier Shimon
Shamir has taken a consistent-
ly tougher line than Peres toward
Jordan and Egypt. Sources here
said however that his official
reaction would take account of
the mitigating statements made
in Cairo by Premier Kamal
Hassan AH to the effect that
Egypt continues to adhere to the
Camp David accords as it inter-
prets them. The Israeli and
Egyptian interpretations, always
at variance, seem to have moved
German Teachers Caught Napping
By Anti-Semitic Ad in Their Mag
The American Association of
leacners of German has publicly
apologized for an advertisement
w an anti-Semitic book which it
says was "inadvertently ac-
"PWd for publication in the
Winter 1984 edition of its perio-
ds, The Geman Quarterly
The AATG Executive Council,
feting m Chicago on Nov. 16,
unanimously adopted a reso-
lution tightening procedures for
!TZ ,g advertisements for the
quarterly and declaring that it
categorically repudiates and
r2 m?\the dissemination of
"Jrtenal that is anti-Semitic or
arl Can ** construed as an
apology for Nazism. The Council
E and aPlo&i* for any
Jgdyertent misuse of AAGT
ma'teXl."10 PUblici" 9Uch
that appeared in The German
Quarterly was for a book pub-
lished by the California-based
Institute for Historical Review
which specializes in dissemi-
nating propaganda that the
Holocaust was a myth perpe-
trated by Jews to serve their own
The resolution adopted in Chi-
cago stated, "A committee will
report to the (AATG) Executive
Council on the events that led to
the publication of the IHR adver-
tisement" and "will also look into
the dissemination by outside
agencies of offensive material to
AATG members."
Though not stated, this ap-
peared to suggest that individual
members of the AATG have been
recipients of direct mail propa-
ganda of the type put out by the
further apart in recent months.
According to analysts here, the
Mubarak-Hussein communique
marks an Egyptian retreat from
Camp Davidas the sole path to
peace in the Middle East and a
willingness to consider other,
more radical diplomatic ap-
THE ISRAELI analysts were
disturbed most by the com-
munique's support for the
"inalienable rights of the Pales-
tinian people to self-
determination in the form they
see fit" and its reiteration of the
Arab League pronouncement, at
its Rabat summit meeting in
1974, that the PLO is "the sole
legitimate representative of the
Palestinian people."
In their joint communique,
Egypt and Jordan agreed that a
"suitable basis" for a peace
settlement with Israel was the
principles embodied in United
Nations Security Council Resolu-
tion 242 of November 22, 1967.
The resolution called for, among
other things, "withdrawal of
Israeli armed forces from terri-
tories occupied in the recent
Egypt and Jordan also agreed
on the importance of convening
an international peace conference
under UN auspices with the two
superpowers, U.S. and USSR, in
attendance along with other per-
manent members of the Security
Council, and the PLO as an equal
partner in the negotiations.
THIS WAS specifically called
for by Hussein in his Cairo
speech during which the Jor-
danian ruler fiercely denounced
the Camp David process on
grounds that it failed to deal with
Israel's occupation of the West
Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights
and East Jerusalem. According
to foreign press reports, the
vehemence of Hussein's attack
on Camp David stunned
members of the Egyptian Parlia-
Hussein's speech was followed
bv three davs of talks with
Continued on Page 4
Kaufman to Head
Dinner Dance C'tee
The appointment of Shep
Kaufman as chair of this year's
dinner-dance is bound to result in
a magnificent event, according to
Larry S. Charme, chair of the
Men's Division, who announced
Kaufman's appointment this
Shep Kaufman served as co-
chair for last year's dinner-dance
and because of the outstanding
way in which he handled the
occasion, Charme felt he would
make an excellent overall
The date for the dinner-dance
has been set for Saturday, Feb. 9,
1985. Kaufman said that no effort
will be spared to make this
communitywide celebration a
gala affair that will be the
highlight of this year's
Federation-UJA campaign.
Kaufman is currently in the
process of appointing chairs from
each area in the community who
will be in charge of tables for the
event. A capacity crowd is ex-
pected, and everyone involved is
looking forward with excitement
to this, South County's sixth
annual dinner-dance.
Shep Kaufman
Mubarak Promises BB Leaders
He'll Be Sending 'Rep' to Israel
CAIRO Egypt's President
Hosni Mubarak announced here
in a meeting in his home with the
president of B'nai B'rith Inter-
national last month that
although he has no plans to
return an ambassador to Israel in
the near future, he will be sending
a personal representative to the
Jewish nation. Mubarak told
Gerald Kraft that his repre-
sentative will be involved in
efforts to improve Israeli-
Egyptian relations.
The Egyptian leader declared
that his country's peace with Is-
rael is neither fragile nor tem-
porary and added that he believes
that the two Middle Eastern
nations will have lasting and
friendly ties.
Mubarak's statements were in
response to comments from
Kraft, who emphasized the need
for some "positive movement" in
the relationship between Israel
and Egypt. The time for a new
initiative, Kraft said, "is
especially appropriate" now
because Israel has a new
government and the United
States, whose efforts led to the
Camp David accord, has elected a
new Congress.

P*e2 TheJ
Floricban 2L1984
Press Digest
*~om. the Itrmi dauv
tke AigioVextsA
5-*M ?;. Stz.-; Esx.x. Dt.tctor
CommnHieatieit Soar*.
Co*Mty JrtnsM Fedenzu
Jews who have been exptiec
from Arab countries should eva-
and document their ecoc-
losses and present the bal to
the Arab League. rrwHr^g
to dace, according to
Netanyahu. Israels
to the UN. quoted ox
a report by The Jewish Aeek.
There are some ": W refu-
gees from Arab countries. Netan-
yahu told a meetmg of the Anti-
Defarrtation League, moat of
hoc were ieft penniless with
and property expro-
The vast majors? cane
to Israei and were quickly ab-
sorbed, wiiie these same Arai
natiooa kept Anl refugees
camps anc sr _*r: -
pathy far thee- pu^n: M treover
not only did Israei act ri:* \rtb
refugees they left at the m-
stigat. -rab leaders but
then- numbers were mawm&j
exaggerated over the years fral
irowmg froer i
Israel's innnaiw i erred -
f*_ ? :;re* that the wcr.;
ould BRE: _i__". ; -
the Arsr ._-* :ra: Arab* bad
seen rrcc Israe-.
forcmg them to p*y hi tne :-
aflkted on European Jews The
claims by Jews from .Arab Ian : s
Netanyahu added, should not be
taken up by Israel's government
they should be hanr?Wj bv th*
ousted Jews themseh es. just as
German Jews and other Euro-
pean Jews handied the reparation
'lairrs against Germany
The H'ee reports also on a
film about rising neo-Nazism x
Europe, which is due to be
hi New York next
The fihn. called "The In-
heritors, was made bv an
Austrian named Walter Bannert.
who pretended to be *^irrTg a
documentary m order -..; pene-
trate neo-Nazi youth camps
According to Bannert more than
30.000 children attend such
- camps each year, and are
para-military rCjca-..<:- as
as a rewrrter -_-..-.
Holocaust .As proof of'the
of neo-Nazism. Bannert
that a neo-Nazi
an for
i garnered 160.000
The JTA meaawhfle. reports
rrtm r ranee on the rapid nseof a
rtght tng extrecust
Lc ?rSL wfec
has tne cemmumty there
near-panac. ah hours; he r_a
not aa far turned opeelv agaanst
Jews Le Pec sad hai par*.. -
ij _*r:en.
~i---_i.--r-.-. m :^e iast
ting the narcesa of Le Pen in
.-ranee as as example, the neo-
Nazi party x Germany recently
.ended a two-day convention i
i Munich with a vow to g
Iks next ejections. In less ?h"
* twe years the party NDP> has
- *. ::.-..._.* ...
Quoted However, he predicted.
there wul be cooperatxc m the
feature when the Kremlin realizes
that the twm evus of ma easing
terrorac vnamct and spreading
Isiay r-rjdamentaijsm are a
greater threat to the USSR and
aa ktterests than b the U 5
TV Boston Jems* Times, in
taurvjew with Rabbi
Schaadler. fycwj the
of Reform Judaism as
saying that Conservative Joda-
sm. within 10 years, wfl foflow
tne exampae of the Reform Jews
and accept patnlmeal descent.
Rabbi Scr.inriier reportedly toid
the Times, the Conservsti%ies
are closer to us than they are to
the Orthodox 10 years after
we ordained women' they or-
damec women 20 years after we
bac bat-fluczvahs. they bad bat
The Orthodox,
however will never accept k.
~ '* said. *AAm^ that
the motirataag force for them is
not ' foag at. k s that I am doing
x the whole battle of asasoW
b to some extent a pubbbcr
3odox Jews accept
cording to aaaacaa. they' say the
children of a Jewish woman are
Jewish, while those of a Jewah
The Jerusalem Post reports
that Prune MmBtar Shimon
Peres, shortly before he left for a
visk u> France, managed to avert
a coaakkai crisis by deiiilhig to
allocate the Interior Ministry
portfoad. for many years the
domain of Dr Joseph Burg of the
National Religious Party, to the
SHAS party headed by Sephardi
Rabbi Yitzhak Pereti. and the
Religious Affairs MmBtrv to the
NRP Each of these reogfoos
parties has four Knesset seats.
While the SHAS party could not
threaten the matkion" by itself.
the criaas would have been caused
by the Likud, which promised
SHAS k would get s cabinet
appointment The Likud threat-
ened to pul out of the unky
Th* P.,: tells of an
organnatam called Candle."
formed by more than 100 twins
wfco had been subjects of ex-
pataaaas. taj -. ssjattaatioa bv
Josef Mengek the
onster who coodocted
experiments on Jews in the
ooncentratjoc camps. Manv of
these twins who survived* the
experiments in Birkenau will
undergo medical examinations
and testify at pubuc hearings to
beheld m February on Mengek s
expet uuents. For many, who
have keot aaant for the past 40
thai if bound to be a
experience, says David
Horovkz of The Post
Most of the Israeli press last
week devoted much space to an
ajaJag searcf. hi '.o soldiers
a rrmn and a girl who dis-
appeared in what appeared to be
anreasted incidents. Attention
was especially focused on the
search for Hadass Kadmi. of
Kibbutz Kfar Masar>k. as thous-
ands of volunteers came forward
to aid in the search. There was
much speculation that her disap-
pearance was the work of terror-
ist groups. Hadass was last
known to have been in Haifa,
where her keys were found on the
The other soldier was David
Manos of Tel Aviv, who also
aaasppesrrd while going home for
a leave, between Haifa and Tel
Avr. In his case, however, the
police had several reports that he
has been seen after the date of his
disappearance, and the press
speculates that his case involves
a criminal connection
Yediof Aharonot reports that
secondary school teachers em-
ployed by local municipalities < as
opposed to state employees who
were barred from striking by a
court order' have threatened to
join the municipal employees of
Tel Aviv, who paralyzed the cky
with a
started two
trike who,
Ma'arm carried a report ah,,
m New York in connection J,i
his libel trial ag^nsT^?
magazine, saying the fo,^
desense minister who U now mi,.
ister of commerce was negotk.
lag with investors in the 0 S I
try to sell ATA. Israel s veterJ
textile industry whkh has *
mto receivership. MaarU-^
PreJ"**1 that construct
workers would go on strike
initially for one day as a wanuM
- to force the government^
rejuvenate construction work and
prevent rising unemployment
among them.
Haaretz tells of pUng h
Fmance Minister Yitzhak Modi
to propose a bQl which would
limit the government s ability to
print money seen as the great-
est single cause for the inflatnn
The Finance Ministry U m,
predicting that the "freeze it
imposed on wages and prices in
November will reduce the rate of
inflation by more than half leva
though in the past month the
government printed 9ome 130
billion shekels in new money -
St E>. and is working on a
further three-months freeze
for the next stage, in which prices
will be permitted to rise in a con-
trolled fashion.
/i-aei Today last
a report from Madrid which said
that the second in command for
Europe of the Abu-Nidal Fatah
terrorist group 'the one nppoatd
tr. Yasser .Arafat as too moderate.
-SfE' was arrested by Spanish
i intelligence forces and may be
; tried for p*i"g tO rrmnw*i* *.
sassinations |aiwniNj of
PLO officials m Spam from
opposing terrorist organizations
la another report. Israel Today
quoted Malcolm Toon, former
L'S ambassador to the USSR, as
. saying that the Russians inevit-
ably wiH have to be mftwH in
: any Middle East peace settie-
J ment Nothing short of World
War III can remove them
t*e Middle East." Toon
to your whole family
from the people at Publk.
May the spirit of the season bless
f7S> you with peace, joy and love.

News in Brief
Detente Must %ing ExodusTzur
Friday, December 21,1984 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 3
By JTA Services
Tzur the Minister of Immigra-
tion and Absorption, believes
that Israel must demand that
freedom of exit for Soviet Jews be
Dart of any negotiations between
[he United States and the Soviet
Union for the renewal of detente.
In a special interview, Tzur
said the Soviets themselves see
the Jewish problem as part of
their overall relations with the
West and if Soviet Jews are to be
helped, cognizance must be taken
of this view in talks between the
Tzur flatly rejected the conten-
tion of Soviet Foreign Minister
Andrei Gromyko that every
Russian Jew who wanted to emi-
grate has done so. Gromyko
made that argument at his
meeting with Israeli Foreign
Minister Yitzhak Shamir at the
United Nations General As-
sembly in New York in Septem-
"This is simply untrue," Tzur
declared. "Out of the 600,000
affidavits which have been sub-
mitted, there are still 400,000
Jews who have not received a
favorable response.
Shamir, Shultz Meet
For Private Talks
NEW YORK Israeli Foreign
Minister Yitzhak Shamir and
Secretary of State George Shultz
met privately for bilateral discus-
sions here Sunday after both re-
ceived honorary doctorates from
~i eshh a University at a convoca-
tion at the Waldorf Astoria
Shamir also delivered a major
address at Yeshiva University's
annual dinner Sunday night. The
Israeli foreign minister, who is
deputy premier, arrived in
New York last Friday. Over the
weekend he had meetings with
Minister of Commerce and
Industry Ariel Sharon and
Minister of Science and Develop-
ment (iideon Patt. both of whom
are in New York.
Shamir flew to Panama Tues-
day for a three-day official visit,
the first ever to that Central
American country by an Israeli
foreign minister.
Three Arrested At
Anti-Apartheid Rally
American Jewish Congress of-
ficials were arrested Monday
during an anti-apartheid demon-
stration at the embassy of South
Africa. Theodore Mann, AJC
president, Henry Siegman,
excecutive director, and Theo-
dore Bikel. senior vice president,
were handcuffed and taken in a
Police van to a local police station
where they were booked and de-
tained for several hours.
The three AJC officials were
arrested by Washington police
or refusing an order to remain at
least 500 feet from the embassy.
Rabbi David Saperstein, co-di-
rector and counsel of the Union of
American Hebrew Congregations
KeUgious Action Center, who
Participated in the protest, acted
as the lawyer for the three AJC
officials whle they were being de-
tained. Another participant in
demonstration was Rabbi
JSst &hindler' UAHC
Jwo-Week Break
In Nakura Talks
at NaL Wee* break thetalka
the negotiations yielded
ays u?^88 ^e next 10
%to eX WUld "* "***
uC0ndeply,t8forc in south
Yaakov Tzur
The Lebanese had asked that
the talks be adjourned for the
Christmas holidays, beginning
Dec. 20. Israelis sources said they
plan to use the break to assess
the negotiations to date and
consider future steps. Israel
Radio reported that the hiatus in
negotiations might be used by
Israel to encourage a mediation
effort by France or to persuade
the become more deeply
Closer Ties to PLO
Hurt Mideast Peace
NEW YORK Deputy Pre-
mier and Foreign Minister Yit-
zhak Shamir warned Sunday
night that by getting closer to
the "terrorist PLO," Egypt and
Jordan are harming the chance of
reaching an accommodation with
"Egypt and Jordan, which can
together lead an Arab camp
toward an accommodation with
Israel, cannot expect to move any
closer to this goal by aligning
themselves with the terrorist
PLO," Shamir declared at a
Yeshiva University convocation
at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel,
where he and Secretary of State
George Shultz were awarded
honorary degrees.
"Even when the so-called PLO
adopts a political program, as it
has done in the past, it remains a
terrorist group which preaches
and practices terror," the Israeli
minister stated. "Forming a
league which includes the PLO
constitutes a regressive step
which is bound to have negative
impact on the fragile foundation
for compromise which was
erected at Camp David."
Volunteers Needed
To Conduct History Interviews (Oral)
for the
South County Jewish Federation
Historical Archives
Call: HELENE EICHLER at the Federation >! I mt

- '
i i
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Hennan of Hebrew U. to Keynote Ball in Boca
*;* a
xa ~iii .smn s
a ;5-isaias: JS* aac a
hi it au ~ lyiMi
i *w-si
'I'm !!- *^^-.-ir
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:nw- iiitt-M Q ttaur it aae
top ~ a:
"^-i vat an-
.liaua EI5. M] mm] mm
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ur rrr:u:rg:
acztoKia a
.TIT.'TI Jf T' **!.T~,"
a* :!#: ".: MR w-:ra
ani eucnesE-i- la-i-
fnril il TTiMr-ytt
jrniCL-h DP"s:coBI
ni L-Dxra aarrartr
rr "zm Tr-nj ar
-*fc? am waa
iHr it
-.arm "-mfiMi )tr ax ata.
a-a- "' Zr jama I.
T.mi- BXC AT ana art "-
i*E= *TC BR wn liUKTTLK5 IT
' .iiaraians' Mr aax Ba
-annas Bar ar ssz ata.
:icn^e sat Mr
l-I g*.!a a ^K
SHUT* II JTb' < vnir-f sag
-IH III "7*^
IT 3
TTmi- rwnme lava a: Bb-
inn totx am rn as
n:M'irig tT
a az Hfrzr" "_: uue '
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sttal zf ---< :x iJCto,
Jewish Floridian
ra- -eaa BVT^. =-s r
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- -al raaac

Federation/UJA Campaign y85 Update
Challenge: To Surpass 1984's Masada Triumph!
There is a gentile woman in
Hawaii who is the proud owner of
a Lion of Judah gold pin from
South County as a result of
last year's Masada Division
Many of the nearly 100 parti-
cipants in last year's affair still
talk about it. Spontaneously, it
has become one of the most
memorable in the annals of South
County's campaign. And
members of the committee for
this year's event are determined
to make history repeat itself, and
to surpass last year's event it
Sen. Daniel Inouye (D.,
Hawaii) was the guest speaker
last year. A veteran supporter of
a strong Israel, in his low-key
fashion the senator was able to
inspire his listeners, telling them
how he would act if he were a
Jew. (Which, according to one
source, he had at one time
considered becoming .) He
called on the audience, people
who had pledged a minimum gift
of $6,500 to the Federation-UJA
Campaign, to double their ef-
The dinner guests responded.
One by one they rose to announce
an increased pledge. One of them
announced that he would contri-
bute an additional $5,000 to the
Lions of Judah Division (of the
Women's Division), in honor of
his wife. Several other men then
followed his example, and made
similar pledges to make their
wives "Lions." Whereupon
Senator Inouye, touched by the
spirit displayed, announced that
he was turning his lecture fee
Watkins to Lead Young Leaders Trip
Robert A. Watkins of Oak-
brook in Boca West will head the
Young Leadership Mission to
Israel from Feb. 24 to March 5,
Marianne Bobick, president of
South County Jewish Federation,
announced last week.
In addition there will be a pre-
mission excursion to Poland,
leaving on Feb. 21.
Watkins is a member of the
national UJA Young Leadership
Cabinet, and serves on South
County's committee for Zealot
Development. A resident both of
Boca and Maracaibo, Venezuela,
Watkins has served as president
of Keren Hayesod, treasurer of
the Israeli Society and as a vol-
RobertA. Watkins
unteer in the Israel Defense
The Young Leadership Mission
is an excellent opportunity for
young professionals and execu-
tives to develop their leadership
skills and to meet with Israeli
officials. Watkins believes that
"young people committed to the
ideals of Judaism and concerned
with the well-being of Jews
throughout the world must expe-
rience Israel to truly grasp the
issues affecting the plight of
Jews everywhere."
He invites all those interested
in attending the mission to con-
tact Dr. Robert G. Fishman at
the Federation office, 368-2737.
Three Co-Chairs Named for
Del Aire Women's Drive
Phyllis Squires, chair of the
Women's Division, has an-
nounced the appointment of three
co-chain for the Del-A ire
Country Club Division. They are
.loan (iottsegen, Dorothy Lipson
and Beverly Young.
Joan Gottsegen moved to
South Florida from Mas-
sachusetts in 1981. Before
coming here she had been active
in lladassah and at her
synagogue (Agudas Achim), and
in the past three years, out of a
sense of commitment to the wel-
fare of Israel as well as the local
community, she has become in-
volved in soliciting for the cam-
paign. She is determined to
vorkd hard, in her words, to
make the drive in Del-Aire as
successful as possible.
Dorothy Lipson has been
sharing her residence between
New York and Florida for 11
years, and moved her Florida
residence from Hollywood to
Delray a year ago. She has been
active in community work in both
areas of residence, having served
as president of the Sisterhood of
leshiva Rambam, group and
chapter president of Hadassah in
woodmere, and president of
Woodmere CP association. She
also served as a volunteer in the
WWg Island Geriatric Center.
Jhile her temple affiliation is in
New York, she has served with
the federation in Florida both in
the South Broward Federation
and in South County since
moving to Del-Aire. She has re-
ceived numerous merit awards
from both federations and for her
volunteer services in New York.
Dorothy, who has nine grand-
children, is a strong believer in
education one of her goals in
the campaign is to educate as
many women as possible in her
area about the needs of Israel as
well as those of Jews in the
American community, so they
would naturally become involved
in the federation and its goals.
Beverly Young, who moved to
Florida from Baltimore, Md. in
1982, had previously lived in New
York and Pennsylvania, and was
active in Hadassah, temple
sisterhoods and the UJA. She
also was involved in the Hospital
for the Aged in New York. Cur-
rently, she is affiliated with
Temple Sinai in Delray. She said
she was very pleasantly surprised
by the "wonderful group of dedi-
cated women" she has met here,
and is excited about joining them
in the efforts to make this year's
campaign a smashing success.
The Del-Aire Country Club
luncheon, which will culminate
the women's campaign, will take
place on Monday, Feb. 4,1985, at
the Breakers Hotel.

Special Oneg Shabbat
At Century Village
Dorothy Lipson
A special Oneg Shabbat will be
?KTd by SmAh CountvJew-
on federation at Century Village
n fnday evening, Jan. 4, to
* the start of the Federation-
UJ A campaign.
Dr. Hyman Henkin, chair of
asked8?.?&** the Villae' hafl
S! iaU """dents to join him at
remple Beth Shalom at 7:30
the1"' fr Harvey Gr".
dirL derat,on'8 campaign
Grossman returned from t
mission to Israel recently, during
which he met with some of the
country's top government and
military officials. He will provide
a briefing on the current Israeli
situation and will share some of
his own intimate experiences
with the people and the country
during his trip.
The evening promises to be
interesting, stimulating and
revealing. It will be open to the
public, and everyone is urged to
over to the Federation in Hono-
lulu as a gift to the UJA.
This further electrified every-
one. Leonard Weisenberg said he
was making a contribution to the
Lions of Judah in honor of the
senator's wife. Henry Brenner, in
turn, made a double contribution
to the Lions of Judah, in honor of
his daughter and his son's wife,
and said he hoped others would
follow suit.
Before the evening was over
and it lasted much longer than
such fund-raising affairs usually
do, as the excited guests lingered
and talked there were 14 new
Lions of Judah in addition to the
increased pledges from the
members of the Masada Division.
Abner Levine, chair of the
Men's Division's Major Gifts
events, and Robert Rieder, chair
of the Masada Division dinner for
this year's campaign, have re-
cruited many of the top leaders in
the Federation to serve on the
committee in an effort to ensure
that this year's event will not lag
behind last year's. In addition to
the list of committee members
published last week, Levine an-
nounced last week that Norman
Stone, who had served two years
as general campaign chair and
was on the South County Federa-
tion board from its inception, has
joined the dinner committee.
The guest speaker for the
dinner will be a nationally
respected figure and South
County's elder statesman Philip
Zinman will be honored for his
service to the Jewish people. The
dinner will take place on
Thursday, Jan. 17, at the home of
Jordan and Betty Ginsburg.
Ziskinder Back To Head
Pheasant Walk Drive
Barry Ziskinder, who did "a
magnificent job" last year as
chair of the campaign in
Pheasant Walk, will return to
chair the campaign there this
year, announced Larry S.
Charme, M.D., chair of the Men's
Ziskinder is a former resident
of Toronto, Canada, who came to
South County in 1983 with his
wife Margaret and their son
Mitchell. Working with federa-
tion here was his first experience
in Jewish volunteer work but
he plunged into it with enthu-
siasm and energy, after being
"impressed with the Jewish com-
munity and the Day School"
which Mitchell attends.
Though Pheasant Walk is a
fairly new development, there is a
sizeable number of Jewish fami-
lies there, and many are affiliated
with local synagogues or Jewish
organizations. Ziskinder,
however, is determined that the
campaign will reach every Jewish
family this year, and will make
everyone aware of what South
County's Jewish Community
Barry Ziskinder
does and nas to offer.
The Ziskinders are active in
B'nai Torah Congregation.
Details of the committee ap-
pointments and meetings will be
announced shortly the first
meeting will be scheduled for
Hutt Named Chair At
Boca Bath and Tennis
Beverly Young
Herbert M. Hutt of Boca Bath
and Tennis Club will chair the
Federation-UJA campaign there
this year. The announcement was
made by Larry S. Charme, M.D.,
chair of the Men's Division.
Hutt, formerly of Clearwater,
Florida, has been president of
Cadillac Fairview Florida, Inc.
since 1980, and has been in
charge of the Florida operations
for the Cadillac Fairview Corp.
Ltd., North America's largest
publicly-owned real estate
development company. Pre-
viously, he held a variety of posi-
tions with U.S. Home Corp., the
nation's largest home builder,
including executive vice presi-
dent and director.
A graduate of Johns Hopkins
and Harvard Graduate Business
School, Hutt served in the U.S.
Navy as a lieutenant. He is
married and has three children.
Before relocating from Clear-
water, he served as chair for a
UJA dinner there. He is currently
affiliated with Temple Beth El in
Boca Raton, and serves as a dir-
ector at the Center for Group
Herbert M. Hutt
This makes the first time that
Boca Bath and Tennis Club will
' have an organized campaign with
its own chair, and with Hutt's
leadership great results may be
expected, Charme believes.

i v c rv>ii x ~ jinn 01 cx*uun county / fnday, December 21,1984
'Silent no more'
Soviet Jewry update
Hebrew teacher YAKOV
LEVIN of Odessa was sentenced
to three years in a labor camp for
allegedly "defaming the Soviet
state.*' The "evidence" presented
during the five-day trial included
allegations that he distributed
Exodus by Leon Uris and writ-
ings by Vladimir Jabotinsky.
Levin was also accused of
"masquerading" as a KGB agent
in a satirical play performed on
Purim. His attorney denied the
accusations and claimed that
Jabotinsky s writings, in parti-
cular, are not anti-Soviet since
they were published before the
1917 Revolution. Levin insisted
he was tried for his views rather
than deeds.
Although only Levin's parents
were permitted" to attend the
trial. Jews from Moscow. Lenin-
grad and Odessa were allowed to
enter the courtroom to hear the
verdict. Also present were KGB
officers representing the special
Jewish Department.
The investigation of YULI
EDELSHTEIN ended on Nov.
28 and his file transferred to a
Moscow court. Arrested on Sept.
6, he is charged with allegedly
"making, marketing, or keeping
for the purpose of marketing .
narcotics If convicted.
Edelshtein faces up to 10 years
imprisonment. Continuing a
hunger strike begun weeks ago,
Edelshtein s wife TANYA has
lost more than 40 lbs., and
friends are concerned about her
arrested in Novograd Vilinsky,
near Kiev, and charged (under
article 188 of the Ukrainian
Criminal Code) with allegedly
"resisting arrest and beating a
policeman." Bernstein. who
resides in Kiev, was in Novograd
Vilinsky after his aunt was ques-
tioned regarding her purchase of
a tombstone. Bernstein verified
that the tombstone was for his
mother's grave, and that his aunt
was not "speculating in tomb-
stones" as alleged. He was per-
mitted to leave and then arrested
at a bus depot. If convicted, the
maximum sentence is five years
imprisonment. Bernstein's aunt
was advised to retain legal
counsel, but the lawyer of her
choosing was rejected by the
INN A BEGUN has expressed
fear that her husband IOSIF's
internment in the Perm labor
camp's prison will be extended.
Prison officials stated that no
meeting for the couple is possible
until the end of 1985. well beyond
Begun's six-month confinement
period. Inna and BORIS
BEGUN made an unsuccessful
trip to Perm in early November
when they were denied a meeting
with Iosif. .SIMON
SHNIRMAN. placed in solitary
confinement since September, is
still unable to receive packages.
His visit with his wife. LEAH,
scheduled for November, was
cancelled. .According to a
cable received by IDA
MILGROM in November.
arrived at a labor camp near
Perm to complete his 13-year
sentence. Anatoly reports he is
well and will soon advise his
family of a visitation date.
. .Following a three-day visit,
his wife reports that
in poor health, despite "reason-
able" conditions at the labor
In Tallinn. Estonian author-
ities concluded the first phase of
the investigation of Moscow resi-
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line of Battered
e. Breaded
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witnesses" will be heard prior toK
a decision about a trial. Alek-
sandr's parents were interrogated
and when they refused to answer
certain questions, the mother,
ROZALIA, was warned if she
"did not change her behavior, she
will lose her second son as well."
. .During the trial of YAKOV
LEVIN, Leningrad activist
arrested and sentenced to 15 days
detention on unspecified charges.
Since that time his whereabout,
is unknown. Tsyvin was anm*
when he returned to the cnu*
building in Odessa H
momentarily leaving the uu
...MARINA MESH, wife^f
Odessa refusenik YAKOV
MESH, was called to the ft*
curator's office and told she mtv
be accused of forging a document
relating to her husband s case
Earlier. Yakov's co-workers had
signed a statement testifying
E <~f
N -
r* i
in the Beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia
Co-ed 8-week camping for
ages 6-15.
Co-ed 4-week session for
ages 6-13 Special pro-
gram for 5 and 6.
Co-ed teen-age camp
4-week session for ages
ALL CAMPS FEATURE THESE ACTIVITIES Canoeing A/chery. Ptwtograpny Rifle Tennis Horses aULandi
Water sports Gymnastics. Rocketry Arts Crafts Soccer Handball SoftfiaH Hockey Roller Skating. Mt
Cfcm&mg Tnps Doctor and Nurse m residence Mature Suit over 20 Staff inquires inv*ed
For Brochure and additional
information write or call
10 Old Court Road
Baltimore Md 21208
Contact four local representaovt
Fred Greenberg
TEMPLE BETH SHALOM, 1400 N. 46 Avenue. Hollywood.
In the trodition of the holiday season, Jordan Marsh
extends to you our smcerest wishes tor a truly grand
eight-day Chanukah celebration
Use your Jordan Marsh charge cord. American Express. Diners Club We welcome them all!

L j,e had not resisted arrest,
ut they have apparently reneged
their statements. The investi-
,tor has now suggested that the
?-workers signed a blank paper
which Marina forged a state-
ant The father of Leningrad
1UDNOVSKY was called to
KGB and told that he must
ppear before the media to
fenounce Zionism. He was
eatened that his son would
Lffer serious consequences" if
refused. .ABRAHAM
JARKMAN's application to
jiigrate was again denied at the
|viR office in Minsk, with the
blique explanation that "a
Jrective was given not to accept
frther applications." Follow-
\g the repeated refusals by
iithorities to answer his appeals,
5V ELBERT of Kiev has
.itten to Spviet President
iiernenko requesting a decision
i made about his application to
emigrate, and the status of his
security classification.
Although only nine in number
for the first time in over seven
months Moscovite Jews were
granted exit visas from the
soviet Union.
Symbolic freedom fasts begun
in the U.S. in October to protest
the intensified Soviet campaign
of religious harassment, and
?articJUl?r,y arrests of
will continue through December.'
More than 25 communities have
sponsored similar fast days to
date, with scores of Jewish and
Christian leaders, political
personalities and human rights
activists in attendance.
Friday, December 21,1984 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 7
The following proclamation was issued by Mayor Doak S.
Campbell of Delray Beach, and a similar one was issued by
j Mayor William A. Konrad of Boca Raton.
WHEREAS, Soviet Jews continue to face severe persecution
I for exercising their religious beliefs; and,
WHEREAS, the rights of religious freedom and emigration
are guaranteed by all civilized nations; and,
WHEREAS, the Soviet Union has not honored their com-
| mitment to the Helsinki accords; and,
WHEREAS, discrimination in employment and education for
I Soviet Jews is on the rise; and,
WHEREAS, recent arrests of Hebrew teachers and Jewish
cultural activists seem aimed at eradicating the practice of
| Judaism in the Soviet Union; and,
WHEREAS, the imprisonment of men and women who have
[committed no crime but have requested permission to emigrate
is inhumane and reprehensible to American citizens,
[the City of Delray Beach, do hereby proclaim that we deplore the
Imprisonment and persecution of Soviet Jews in the U.S.S.R.
land that those imprisoned be released and those who wish to do
Iso may, with their families, be permitted to emigrate from the
I Soviet Union; and further proclaim Saturday, December 22,
11984, as
I in Delray Beach, Florida, in recognition of the plight of Soviet
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and
[caused the Seal of the City of Delray Beach, Florida, to be af-
|fixed this 4th day of December, 1984.
Continued from Page 1
fct of the Conference on Security
Id Cooperation in Europe
gned in Helsinki in 1975 (known
|tne Helsinki Accords). These
treements clearly state that
lery citizen has the right to
T*e a country, including his
["that citizens have a right to
I reunited with their families
pg in an another country; and
|t all human beings have the
p to pursue their own cultural
f:mity and practice their
(Because of the Soviets' ob-
?us and flagrant violation of
these accords, the issue has
become one of concern not only to
the Jewish community many
prominent non-Jews around the
world have joined in the call to
protest against what the Soviets
are doing. Locally, Sen. Law ton
Chiles and Congressman Dan
Mica are well known for their
constant show of concern on the
subject. In South County, the
mayors of Delray Beach and
Boca Raton have joined the call
for a show of solidarity by pro-
claiming this Saturday, Dec. 22,
as "Human Rights Day" for their
citizens, in recognition of Soviet
Jewry's plight.
For Our Historical Archives
Photographs, Documents
And Other Memorabilia
Relating to the History of the
South County Jewish Community.
(If you wish to kaep the original material
copies will be made by us.)
South County Jewish Federation
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Pomps no Beach, FL JJ069
1M4, lils Csrs ConwnunrtiM Corporstion
For more information about the Court at Palm-
Aire, please fill out and return this coupon.
Phone _______._____________________________
Another community by Life Care Communities Corporation
for people 62 and over jfsc 12-21

National Assembly Gives
Peres Big Ovation

eli Premier Shimon Peres
was given a standing
ovation last week by
French senators and depu-
ties in the National As-
sembly after he arrived
earlier in the day for a
three-day visit. This is the
first time an Israeli premier
has visited France since
David Ben Gurion.
Assembly Speaker Louis
Mermaz and the president of the
Franco-Israeli Parliamentary
Friendship Group. Jean Poperen.
both stressed that the welcome
given to Peres symbolized
France's warm feelings "for Israel.
after noon at Orly Airport where
a company of presidential guards
presented arms. A military band
played Israel's national anthem.
Hatikvah. and France's Premier
Laurent Fabius personally
welcomed the visitor.
Escorted by a fleet of
motorcycle police. Peres was
driven to Frances official resi-
dence. Hotel Marigny. a former
Rothschild palace, usually
reserved for visiting heads of
state. He later discussed Franco-
Israeli bilateral relations with
Fabius and the possible reper
cussions of Spain and Portugal
entering the European Economic
Community (EEC). Later in the
evening, Peres was guest of
honor at a state dinner given by
Fabius at the Quai D'Orsay.
Peres wanted to know to what
extent France is prepared to
participate in an expanded
mission for the United Nations
Interim Force in Lebanon
IUNIFIL) which is expected to
MK's Who Snub
Rules To Be Punished
General Yitzhak Zamir has
served notice that any Knesset
member who tries to" enter an
enemy country or meet with
members of the Palestine Liber-
ation Organization would be
subject to criminal proceedings
initiated by the state.
Zamir's opinion, submitted to
the Cabinet last Thursday, was
seen as a direct warning to Abdul
W ahab Darousha. an Arab Labor
Party MK. who left Israel the
previous Tuesday in an un-
successful attempt to reach
Amman. Jordan, where he had
hoped to address the meeting of
the PLO-convened Palestine
National Council.
assume a greater security role in
south Lebanon once Israeli forces
pull out, the sources said.
Israel's concerns over the
forthcoming membership of
Spain and Portugal in the EEC
are based on the possible effects
this will have on Israel's
agricultural exports to the
Common Market countries.
Franco-Israeli economic ties were
also on the agenda. The Israelis
hope for special measures that
would stimulate French invest-
ments in Israel's industries.
HAIR Wella Customized Perms Precision Cuts
Blow Dry or Sets
NAILS Tips, Sculpture Solar Wraps Manicures
SKIN Color Analysis Facials Waxing
Treat Yourself Put It All Together!
Wardrobe Planning Complete Line of
Chutzpah Cosmetics
368-8814 BOCA RATON, FL3343?I
Curtis G. Levine Allan H. Schwartz
Paula S. Gold Edward B. Cohen
= -- ..-CnG^ulDEA'
:..-, -.;_ appeals
VAST*. 4 FkUr.r LAW
9976800 732-4699 421-4977

State Moving
Licensed & Insured
West Palm Beach

Ft. Lauderdale
to all our friends and customers!
What Every Good Santa
Should Rnow About
Distance Calling.
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can take some effort You might even haw to make a trip of 50
miles or more
But the wise Santa calls ahead before heading out And that's
when Short Distance calling comes in handy
What's Short Distance calling? With Southern Bell, its simply
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That s Short Distance calling This holiday season every'
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Southern Bel
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Hssut*acJto change Aoptes to rtra-LATA long stance cats only

Friday, December 21,1984 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 9
w >4dolph and Rose Levis JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER
an agency of the South County Jewish Federation
Winter 1985 Spring
Coming Next Week in
The Floridian
The Adolph and Rose Levis
Jewish Community Center has
lined up an assortment of classes,
clubs and clinics for every in-
terest and every age group.
Beginning in mid-January the
JCC will offer a wide range of
programs, from toddler
olaygroup to muscle toning for
leniors. Each offering has been
designed to provide an enriching
and enjoyable experience at a
convenient time, and the cost, as
always, is gentle to the pocket,
especially for members of the
The full list of programs is
available at the JCC. Don't wait
to look it over and sign up for
book discussion, ceramics,
tennis, belly dancing, swimming,
bridge, or ... Do it now!

Help Wanted...
Casting Call...
Thursday, December 27
At 7:30 p.m. at the J.C.C.
"Awake And Sing", compelling drama by
Clifford Odets of Jewish Life in New York City
In the 1930's, schedtftod for production
Late winter or early spring.
Men and Women, Ages 18 to 65.
Backstage assistants and Box Office Workers
For Additional Information.
T-Shirts, Frisbees
Visors and Bumper Stickers
Now On Sale
. Adolph a Rose Levis
336 Spanish River Boulevard, N.W.
Boca Raton, Florida 334S1
(30b) S6b bb<4u
Winter 1985
Instructor: Karen Alpert
Playland-12-18 mos. Fri., Jan. 18
(Mom & tot)
Activities Program Update
9:15-10:15 a.m.
$40 member
$60 non-mem
10 sessions
Playgroup 24-36 mos.
Tues., Jan. 15
(meets twice a week)
9:30-11:30 a.m.
$50 member
$70 non-mem
20 sessions
Mom & Tot 24-36 mos.
Wed., Jan. 16
9:30-11 a.m.
$55 member
$75 non-mem
10 sessions
Shabbat Fun Shop
24-36 mos.
FrL.Jan. 18
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
$40 member
$60 non-mem
10 sessions
New Beginnings
18-23 mos.
(Mom & tot)
Mon., Jan. 14
9:30-11 a.m.
$50 member
$70 non-mem
10 sessions
How to Register:
1. Review the program list
with your family and decide
which activities you and your
family would like to participate
2. Since registration begins
immediately, complete and mail
the form, or bring it to the Center
Registration Office, with the
specified fees.
3. Registration must be ac-
companied by the FULL FEE
and NO telephone registration
will be accepted for activities.
4. Registration closes one
week prior to starting date, or
when the maximum number of
participants for each class is
5. A $2.00 Late Fee will be
charged for registering after
^Members have first priority for
class sign up.
Cancellations and Refunds:
All activities are scheduled on
a predetermined minimum
number of participants. We
regret that should a class not
register sufficient numbers, it
will be cancelled and all fees
will be refunded.
Your cancelled check will be
your receipt for courses you
register for. You will be notified
by phone only if the course is
cancelled. There will be no other
correspondence regarding your
Because classes are based
on a limited enrollment, activity
fees are not refundable upon
cancellation by a participant
unless the place can be filled.
Your Suggestions Are Encouraged
The Center's activities are based upon the interests and
concerns of our members. We hope to be flexible enough to
change, delete, and expand services where physically and finan-
cially possible. Therefore, your suggestions and ideas are
Furthermore, you are cordially invited to serve on any of the
numerous program or administrative committees of the Center,
and to thereby assist in its growth and development.


I TOTALS .------------------- 1 1
PARENT'S PERMISSION: My child/children Is/are In good physical condition, and
has/have my permission to participate in this Center program.
PARENT'S SIGNATURE __________________
Please apply to my (circle one)
Credit Card Number_________
BanK _____________________
Master Card
rd Expiration Date____
Amount enclosed
> i

m ouwu vAiuuit c rmy. uecemoer Zx. i"dtA
Organizations In The News
The Sisterhood will hold their
next meeting on Monday. Dec. 24
at the synagogue, 2475 W.
Atlantic Ave.. Defray, at 12
noon. A Chanukah sketch will be
presented by Bloaaom Cooper
and Dave Muerovrtx. Prospec-
tive members are invited. Colla-
The Brotherhood will hold a
breakfast in honor of Temple
Emeth Sisterhood on Sunday.
Dec 23 at 9:30 am. at the syna-
gogue. 5780 W. Atlantic Ave .
Kinneret Chapter will hold
their next meeting on Monday.
Dec 24 at the clubhouse at 12:30
p.m. with Rabbi Richard Agler as
their guest speaker on "The
Struggle for the Freedom of the
Soviet Jew." This meeting is on
the 24th. not the 23rd as origin-
ally listed.
Boca Chapter will see the trotters
and enjoy a prime roast beef
dinner on Thursday. Dec. 27 at
Pompano Race Track. A race will
be named in honor of their orga-
nization The cost is $20 per
person which includes clubhouse
admission, dinner, gratuities, and
free parking before 6:30 p.m. For
reservations please call Bea
Lowinberg 482-3515 or Miriam
Fhckstein 482-1054.
Boca Century Village Chapter
hold all their meetings the first
Tuesday of each month in the
Community Room at Town
Center at 10 a.m. unless other-
wise advised A bus trip to the
Sheraton Bal Harbour for dinner
and show is scheduled for
Sunday. Jan. 6. Call Eleanore
482-9704 or Beverly 482-7669 for
Post 266 will hold their next
meeting on Thursday. Dec. 27 at
7 p.m. sharp at Congregation
Ansbei Emuna. 16189 Carter
Road. Delray.
Menachem Begin Chapter will
host their HMO luncheon at
Brooks Restaurant. Federal
Hwy.. Deerfieki. The cost is S25.
For reservations, contact Evelvn
Fisher 496-8617.
Delray Chapter is sponsoring a
bus trip to C alder Race Track on
Wednesday. Dec. 26. For res-
ervations please call Grete Lip-
pert 499-3849.
North Pines Chapter is spon-
soring a cruise on the Carnivale
from Jan. 11-14. The cost is $288
inside room or $328 outside room
including port tax and bus. For
reservations and information, call
now 278-9903. 276-6631 or 272-
Boca Raton Synagogue will
hold their first Chanukah Picnic
at Spanish River Park on
Sunday. Dec. 23 starting at 12
noon. Present members and
prospective new members are
urged to attend. The picnic will
Temple Beth El News
Robin Eisenberg. director of
education for Temple Beth El of
Boca Raton, will co-chair the 30th
Annual Conference of the
National Associatior. of TV
Educators being held or.
Dec 23 at the Sheraton Sand Key
in Clear* a:er >r.e _; d* :.-.
stalled as treasurer of the asso-
ciation at the conference
The conference ilj bring to-
gether more than 200 Reform
Jewish educators from the I -
and Canada The program will
highlight issues which confront
Jewish educator regarding
Mrs Eisenberg shares the
chair with Zena Suikes of Clear-
Rabbi Merle S :ual
- cf Temple Beth
participate in the 30th .Anniver-
sary Rededication Service
honoring past presidents of
NATE Temple Beth El will co-
sponsor a luncheon to be held
after the Rededication Service
Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler.
president of the I'nion of .Ameri-
can Hebrew Congregations will
address the group.
Temple Beth El s Young
Artists Series will begin on
Sunday. Jan 6 for the fifth year.
with a schedule of outstanding
young performers emerging into
:r.:emat;onal renown.
On Jan 6 David Syme.
pianist, who has represented the
l"SA m international piano
petitiona _-. Moscow and
V\ arse-*
Jan 27: Colin Carr. English
cellist ax pr_ze winner at
the Young Concert Artists I:
Merrill Lynch. Pierce. Fenner & Smith Inc.
TC a- E-e:_- .- Cr-'t-
5- r 101
Nal z---:. ; }2" :};:
- Merrill Lvnch
Call or write for Mr FREE COLOR BOOKLET
Person-to-person collect: MRS. GINSBERG
(305) 655-8800

national Auditions
Feb 10: the Brass Ring group
of five musicians consisting of
Jay Lichtman. trumpet: Claire
New bold, trumpet: FCirsten Ben-
dixen. French horn: David
Kayser. trombone: Karl Kramer,
tuba. This group won the 1963
George and Katherine Kanaan
Award of Performers of Con-
March 10 Sergiu Schwartz.
Israeli violinist of extraordinary
talent Schwartz was awarded
the American Israeli Cultural
Foundation Award and has per-
formed in concerts throughout
the I -
Txkets for the series of four
concerts are S25 and are available
at the concert office of Temple
Beth El of Boca Raton, i-13 S\\
Fourth Ave.. Boca Raton. FL
33432. Concert phone: 39I-S600.
"Guess Who Came To Din-
ner"1 was the theme for a so..
program to initiate the C
Doranes group of Temple
Beth El earlier this month, with
130 couples taking part.
After hors d'oeuvres and cock-
tails at the Temple, volunteer
hosts and hostesses drew names
at random from a bowl and took
several couples to their homes for
dinner The entire group then
gathered at a local restaurant at
11 p.m. for coffee and dessert,
and danced to live music
The Contemporaries was re-
cently formed for couples under
50 years of age. Its aims are
social, fund-raising, cultural, and
for community and temple
service Alan and Maxine Arno
are chair and vice-chair: Judy
and Harvey Glatt. treasurers:
Kaye and Marc Linden. Youth
Committee: Ins and Gary Kan-
trowitz. Hospitality: Cindv
lomer. Migrant Workers.
JDC Adopts
NEW YORK The American
Jewish Joint Distribution Com-
mittee adopted a budget of $47.3
million and elected Heinz Eppler
of Palm Beach as president at its
70th annual meeting here
Wednesday. Henry Taub, whom
Eppler succeeds as president,
was elected chairman of the
JDC Executive Vice President
Ralph I. Goldman reported that
close to half a m Ulio n people in 30
countries overseas were helped
by JDC s welfare, health, educa-
tion or other programs
Donald M. Robinson of Pitta-
burgh. Pa., was elected honorary.
MORE THAN 200 Jewish
community leaders from all parts
of the United States and Canada
attended the day-long session in
New York City. The annual
meeting was followed later in the
evening by a festive dinner
honoring Taub for his four years
of service as JDC president.
feature a barbeque. m^,
family activities. A 2
be arranged. This is JJl
tunrty to speak with the
gregation and meet Rabbi
"S^ KJ" adult8 wdSl
SSfiT Ftor reservion; j
further information, call CJ
Lamm-Dratch 368-9047.
"Let My People Go" win J
the theme of the Cha^l
sermon message dedicated ,'
Russian Jewry to be delivered
Rabbi Dr. Louis Sacks
Sabbath morning service
Saturday, Dec. 22 commencing
8:45 a.m. The Sabbath D'vJI
Torah and dialogue with tkl
Rabbi follow the Sabbath MinSI
service beginning at 5 jJJ
Ansnei Emuna is located A
16189 Carter Road. Delray.
Community Calendar
December 24
: cec Women Kinneret meeting, 12 noon Temple Sin^
S s'e'^cod mee'mg. 12 noon Temple Beth Shalom Sisterhood
-ee' -~g '0 a.m.
December 26
rti Cc-"'* Jewish Federation Board meeting, 8 p.m.
Hodossoti Aviva meeting Zionist Organization o' America
Boynton mee'mg. 1 p.m. American Friends of Tel Aviv
_- .ersi'v ana ZOA. Century Village Chanukah Party 3 30p.m.
December 27
_e-. ih vVar Veterans Pos 2Sd meeting, 7 p.m. Ansnei Emuna
5 'e"cca Boara meeting, 10 a.m. Jewish War Veterans
-_ ary 266 meeting 7pm B'noi B'nth Palm Greens Lodge
~ee- "5 "30 p.m. Women's American ORT Orioie meeting,
1230pm B nai B'nth Genesis meeting, 12 noon
December 28
. e a s -
z ~
-e'erans Sryaer Tokson Post 459 Board "-ee1 ng, 10
Religious Directory
1401 \ W. 4tfa Ave Boca Raton. Florida 33432. Conservative.
Phone 392-8566. Rabbi Theodore Feldman. Hazzan Donald
Roberts Sabbath Services: Friday at 8:15 p.m.. Saturday at
9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat Service 2nd Friday of each month.
Evening services Monday through Thursday 5:15 p.m.
Mailing Address: 22130 Belmar No. 1101. Boca Raton. Florida
33433 Orthodox services held at Boca Teeca Country Club
Auditorium. Yamato Road. Boca Raton, every Pridav. Sun-
down. Saturday morning 9:30 a.m. Mincha-Maariv. Rabbi Mark
Dratch. Phone: 366-9047.
16189 Carter Road 1 block south of Linton Blvd.. Delray
Beach. Florida 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L Sacks.
Daily Torah Seminar preceding services at 7:45 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Sabbath and Festival Services 8:45 a.m. Sabbath Torah class 5
p.m. Phone 499-9229.
Services at Center for Group Counseling, 22445 Boca Rio Road,
Boca Raton. Florida 33433. Reform. Rabbi Richard Agler.
Sabbath Services Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 10:15 a.m.
Mailing address: 950 Glades Road. Suite 1C. Boca Raton, FL
33432. Phone 392-9982.
Conservative Services at Carter et Savings and Loan
Association Office. West Atlantic Ave., corner Carter Road,
Delray Beach. Fridays, 8 p.m. and Oneg Shabbat, Saturdays, 9
am. and Kiddush. Edward Dorfman. President 498-2141.
Office: 14600 Cumberland Drive, Delray Beach. Florida 33446,
Phone 496-0466.
333 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton Florida 33432. Reform.
Phone: 391-8900. Rabbi Merle E. Singer, Assistant Rabbi
Gregory S. Marx. Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat Eve Services
at 8 p.m. Family Shabbat Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Friday of each
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340015. Boca Raton. FL 33434.
Conservative. Located in Century Village, Boca. Dairy Services
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday 8:45 ajn. and 5:15 pan., Sunday
830 am. and 5 p.m. Rabbi Donald David Crain. Phone: 483-
5657. Joaeph M. Polkck. Cantor.
5780 West Atlantic Ave.. Delray Beach. Florida 33446. Conser-
vative Phone: 498-3536. Rabbi Elliot J. Winograd. Naftary A.
Lkovaky. Cantor. Sabbath Serivoss: Friday at 8 p-m.
Saturday at 8:45 a-m Dairy Minyanaat8:46a-m. and6 pm.
2475 Weat Atlantic Ave. (Between Congress Ave. and Berwick
Road). Delray Beach. Florida 33446. Reform. Sabbath Eve-
services, Friday at 8:16 p.m. Sat.. 10am. Rabbi Samuel Silver-
President Samuel Rothstein. phone 2764161.

- --

Friday, December 21,1984 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 11
\dam Justin Shore
(On Saturday, Dec. 22, Adam
Win Shore, son of Verna and
addy Himber and Michael
jre, will be called to the Torah
emple Beth El of Boca Raton
i Bar Mitzvah. As an ongoing
nple project he will be
vinning" with Alexander
etionnaya of the Soviet Union.
jam is a student at St. An-
ews School and attends the
fcmple Bethel Religious School.
|Family members sharing in the
ncha are brothers Kevin and
yan and grandparents Mr. and
rs. Louis Libman and Mr. and
s. Mac Shore, all of Toronto,
ntario, Canada. Also present
ill be Pamela Bierstock of
litchener. Ontario. Adam was
ce president of his class for two
ars, on the school newspaper
and is an honor student.
[is hobby is rock music. Adam's
krents will host a kiddush in his
nior following Shabbat morning
On Saturday, Dec. 15, Marcy
th Schilit, daughter of Harriett
d Dr. Jeffrey Schilit, was called
) the Torah at Temple Beth El of
xra Raton as a Bat Mitzvah. As
ongoing temple project, she
twinned" with Elena Gimelfarb
(theSoviet Union.
I Marcy is a student at Boca
*ton Community Middle School
nd attends the Temple Beth El
|eiigious School. Family
embers sharing in the simcha
ere sisters Sydney and Lea;
randparents Mr. and Mrs. Saul
fchilit of Pittsburgh, Pa., and
|r. and Mrs. Jerome Weinberg
I Scottsdale, Ariz, and great-
randmother, Mrs.Joseph Schilit
Pittsburgh, Pa. Marcy was a
elling bee finalist, and placed
lird in the County Science Fair
" her school. Her hobbies in-
Marcy Beth Schilit
Bnai Mitzvah
elude reading, dancing, arts and
crafts, swimming and sewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Schilit hosted a
kiddush in Marcy's honor fol-
lowing the Shabbat morning
On Saturday, Dec. 22, Michelle
Stacy Amo, daughter of Maxim
and Alan Amo, will be called tc
the Torah at Temple Beth El ol
Boca Raton as a Bat Mitzvah.
Michelle is a student at Boca
Raton Community Middle School
and attends the Temple Beth El
Michelle Stacy Arno
Religious School.
Family members sharing in the
simcha are brother Michael and
grandparents Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob F. Adelman of Lawrence,
N.Y. and Mrs. Esther Arno of
North Miami Beach. Also present
will be Dr. and Mrs. Jacob
Gordon and family, and the Jay
Vogel family.
Michelle's hobbies include
reading, clarinet, swimming,
biking, cooking and tennis. Mr.
and Mrs. Arno will host a kid-
dush in Michelle's honor fol-
lowing Ha vdalah kservices.
B'nai Israel News
B'nai Israel Fastest
Growing Congregation
Congregation B'nai Israel,
Boca Raton's new Reform
synagogue, is the fastest-growing
Reform synagogue in the world,
according to a report made
recently at the national board
meeting of the Union of Amer-
ican Hebrew Congregations
which took place in Bal Harbour.
The congregation, which
started last April with four fami-
lies in a living room, has grown to
more than 165 families today,
according to the report. Under
the spiritual leadership of Rabbi
Richard Agler, the congregation
currently meets at the Center for
Group Counseling on Boca Rio
Road, just west of the Turnpike.
Agler Heads Reform
Rabbis Social Action
Rabbi Agler, meanwhile, has
been named Florida chair for
Justice and Peace by the South-
eastern Region of the Central
of thoughtful caring
service to the Jewish
of Greater
New York
stands behind the
Gutter-man family's
new commitment
to provide service
that is faithful
to Jewish law
and ritual, in every respect,
for the Jewish community
of South Florida. WeinviU
you to inspect our beautiful
new memorial chapel and
consult on our pre-need plan.
Conference of American Rabbis
(SEACCAR). Active in the area
of social action even before he
came to Florida in 1980, Rabbi
Agler has achieved a reputation
for involving himself deeply in
social issues and causes, both
those which concern the Jewish
people directly, and those of
broader humanitarian concern.
While he was serving in the
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in
New York, he initiated a project
to adopt and sponsor Vietnamese
refugees (the "boat people").
Rabbi Agler has been parti-
cularly active in the cause of
Soviet Jewry (he went on a study
mission to the Soviet Union in
1983), is vice chair of the Han-
dgun Control Network of Palm
Beach County, and under his
leadership his congregation ini-
tiated a program of dialogue and
exchange with a black church
recently. He has also authored a
resolution opposing introduction
of casino gambling into areas
where it has not yet been estab-
lished the resolution was
adopted by the SEACCAR, and
later by the national CCAR. In
recent weeks he has organized
food drives for migrant workers
and for famine victims in
A Rabbi
The following is brought to our
readers by the South County
Rabbinical Association. If there
are topics you would like our
Rabbis to discuss, please submit
them to The Floridian.
Rabbi Nathan H. Fish
Out of antiquity come to us marvelous stories about the
origins of Hanukkah: the successful rebellion of the Jewish
people under the leadership of Judah Maccabee against a pagan
oppressor, King Antiochus, who would force the Jews to
abandon their ancient religion and replace it with Greek idol
There is also the story of the mriacle of the small cruse of oil,
just enough to feed the flames of the Temple menorah for one
day, but which lasted for a full eight days, until an adequate
supply was obtained to keep the eternal flame burning. Hence
the eight-day celebration of the festival.
And there is the scriptural reading for the Sabbath during
Chanukah, which tells about Joseph the dreamer, who overcame
the betrayal of his brothers, who despised him because of his
dreams, and rose to great power in Egypt, saving his family and
people from starvation and possible extinction.
Three different stories, but they bear the same message,
which is as vital today as it was in those ancient times. They tell
us that the power of the human spirit is greater than military
might. It was not the military strength of the Maccabees that
defeated the Graeco-Syrian occupants of Judea, but their deter-
mination to be free to worship the One God.
The miracle of oil tells us that you cannot extinguish the
passion for freedom which burns within the human soul; that
the truths revealed at Sinai are eternal.
The Joseph story tells us of the power of the dream. No one
can stop people from dreaming, even when they are thrown into
the pit, even when imprisoned in the dungeon. In the long run
their dreams will become reality. Our history has shown us that
the dreamers among our people proved to be the most practical
The Chanukah stories and their message are brought to a
glorious summation in the Prophetic reading of Sabbath-Chanu-
kah (Zecharia 4:6): "Not by might, nor by power, but by My
Spirit, said the Lord of Hosts."
Temple Beth Shalom
Deerfield Beach
The Hamlet Del Aire
Indian Springs Boca Teeca
Hunters' Run Boca Point
Boca West Boca Lago
Super Priced Homes & Condos Available
in these Golf Course Communities.
Gimelstob Realty, Inc.
Licensed Real Estate Brokers
Corner Powerline and Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida
B) arranging the details <>i a funeral in advance, you can take care
ol main o! the decisions concerning your funeral. Pre-arrangement
will ni\t your family the guidance ii needs concerning the i\p >>i
service and costs you feel are appropriate, Verv simply, Pre-arrange
iiuiii is just part ol putting your affairs in order. We've found the
lust \%a\ to gel started is to send ,,,r ,,,ir lr,t planning brochure
entitled "r'amll) Protection Plan tor Peace ol Mind. To receive
your copy. plea*e complete the coupon below and send to.
Kings Point Shopping Center
6578 West Atlantic Avenue Address
Delray Beach. FL 33446 498-5700 City _____

rTifee Iz IBe Jewish Ploridian of South County / Friday, December 21,1964
Or Tel Aviv. Choose one. Only Israel offers the timelessness of
Jerusalem. And the pulsating excitement of Tel Aviv. But you must
fly now. An offer this good won't last forever.
Until February 28,1985 El Al Israel Airlines gives you its
"Sunsation" vacation package to Israel. Package price includes
round trip airfare from Miami, six days/five nights in a first class
hotel, including breakfast and a Hertz Rent-A-Car for five days.
And El Al is the only airline that flies direct from Miami to Tel Aviv.
Choose from the Basel Group Hotels, or for an extra $100, the
deluxe Laromme Jerusalem Hotel, the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem Hilton.
You can always add extra days. (Package not available 12/14/84 thru
. Just $111 and we'll give you round trip airfare from Tel Aviv
to the beautiful Red Sea resort of Eilat.
Plus three nights at the fabulous Laromme Hotel. We also
incline two sumptuous buffet breakfasts and one delicious conti-
nental breakfast. Plus a complimentary drink on arrival. This spe-
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rial package is available thru March 15,1985. (Not available 12'24/W
thru V5/85.) The deluxe Sonesta Hotel is also available for $144.
An El Al exclusive thru March 15,1985. Now the airline of
Israel flics you round trio from Tel Aviv to Cairo to spend three fab-
ulous davs in Egvpt at the beautiful Ramses Hilton. All foronlv
This package also includes being met at the airport by English
speaking representatives and transfer to and from the Ramses.
Now you can have it all. Israel and Cairo in one magical trip.
Only Israel and El Al can make these offers, but only for a
limited time. Don't miss out, call today.
For more information call vour travel agent or El Al toll free at
For a free, detailed color brochure on our packages, write El Al
Israel Airlines, Tour Brochure, PQ Box 10777, Long Island City,
New York 11101.
The airline of Israel.

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