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The Jewish Floridian of South County
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Jewish Floridian
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Jewish Floridian of South Broward
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Boca Raton, Fla
F.K. Shochet.
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June 8, 1984
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Boca Raton


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 14, 1979)-
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The Apr. 20, 1990 issue of The Jewish Floridian of South County is bound in and filmed with v. 20 of The Jewish Floridian of South Broward.

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University of Florida
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Jewish Floridian
Of South County
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach
plume 7 Number 6
Boca Raton, Florida Friday, February 8,1985
Price 35 Cents
Kollek, Jerusalem Mayor, Visits South County
erusalem is a unique city in
ny respects, and so is its
ror of nearly 30 years, Teddy
lick. It is this uniqueness,
haps, which justifies
haps even dictates the need
The Jerusalem Foundation,
ch periodically brings Kollek
he U.S.
ke is a walking encyclopaedia
facts about the city he loves
, administers as probably no
| else can. Given the diversity
opulation and the intensity of
ilems, the mayor has to
ilk between the drops" and
er get wet ... He governs a
which has a population of
lie 120.000 Arabs, a little more
25 percent of the city's
Lulation. It also has the most
bodox, and ultra-orthodox
nents in Israel, living together
i totally secular Israelis.
he problems of Israel in
eral are found in Jerusalem,
' in a much more concentrated
don. For example, the great
)lem of security which
en tally, does not come from
Arab residents of the city,
kerally. The terrorists, says
Tlek. aim for Jerusalem more
any other target, both
fause this would get them
ater media coverage, which is
of their chief aims, and also
iuse of the success the city
had in maintaining peace
veen its Arab and Jewish
finis, every week in Jerusalem
re are 20 to 25 reports of
jicious objects (and the
ens indeed are alert), and
every week or two the police
fpers really do have to
lantle some explosives. Only
in a great while does it
en that terrorists do succeed
f he peace maintained between
^bs and Jews is contrary to all
ations there had been
Jy predictions of clashes
veen the two groups after the
was reunited 18 years ago,
there have not been any
Mayor Teddy Kollek during visit at the home of Benjamin and Clarice
Pressner. Ben Pressner is at left, the mayor is at center with Mrs.
Pressner to his left.
clashes. Many cities in the U.S.
and elsewhere have had clashes
between racial and religious
groups but not Jerusalem.
And this is due in no small
measure to the achievements
reached with the help of the
Jerusalem Foundation, which has
helped make the city a success
story with many success stories
Klarsfelds Deny They Hired
Carlos To Kill Barbie
Nazi-hunter Serge Klar-
sfeld has emphatically
denied that he and his wife,
Beate, had hired a terrorist
known as Juan Carlos in
1982 to assassinate former
Gestapo commander Klaus
Barbie who was living at
the time under the
protection of the Bolivian
The allegation that the
Kalrsfelds had targeted Barbie,
now awaiting trial in a Lyon
prison for crimes against
humanity, appears in an article in
the February edition of Life
magazine. According to Life, the
Klarsfelds acted out of
frustration that their 10-year
attempt to bring Barbie to justice
had made no progress.
KLARSFELD, a lawyer,
admitted that he had contacted
Carlos and paid for his trip to
Bolivia, but not with instructions
to murder Barbie. He did not
explain what Carlos' mission to
Bolivia was or when he was
recalled. Life described Carlos as
a known terrorist, "a Bolivian
socialist of Indian extraction."
Klarsfeld. who is Jewish, and
his German-born wife have been
instrumental in tracking down
many wanted Nazi war criminals
all over the world. As early as
1972 they identified Barbie, the
wartime Gestapo chief in Lyon,
who was living in Bolivia under
the alias Klaus Altman.
According to Life, they called
off the alleged assassination after
a change of government in
Bolivia resulted in Barbie's
expulsion from that country early
in 1983.
HE WAS immediately seized
by French authorities and
confined to the same prison in
Lyon where he and his henchmen
once tortured and murdered
members of the French resistance
and Jews. Barbie is held
responsible for the deportation of
most Jews in Lyon to Nazi death
Barbie is expected to go on
trial later this year.
Author to Open Book Fair For
S. County Kids and Adults
lobert Kimmel Smith, highly
flaimed author of children's
adult books, will be in Boca
an Monday, Feb. 26, at 7:30
to open the book fair co-
[msored by the Levis Jewish
imunity Center and the
ith County Jewish Com-
"ty Day School.
Phe author has won
ignition for his three
Pdren's books, Chocolate
K Jetty BtUy, and his
jest, The War With Grandpa.
I adult novel, Jane's House, a
ous and touching story
ng honestly with the ad-
tment of a father and two
fdren to the death of a beloved
! and mother, and the coming
a stepmother to "Jane's
e" with all that that entails,
|8oon to be a major motion
tobert Kimmel Smith's
ng is based on modern social
Robert Kimmel Smith
phenomena. A recent analysis of
the 1980 Census Bureau data
shows a sharp rise in the number
of elderly people returning from
Florida to New York, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Those returning were older,
poorer, more likely to be widowed
and more in need of medical care
than those who moved to Florida
in the same decade.
A professor emeritus of
sociology at the University of
Illinois has concluded that the
main reason elderly people are
moving back is "the family."
They want be nearer to their
children for companionship,
medical care and support, as they
realize that they are not in-
dependent anymore.
Robert Kimmel Smith has
created with sensitivity and
humor the countermigration
phenomena in The War With
Grandpa, Delacorte Press, 1984.
Grandparents, parents and
children relate with tears and
understanding hearts to Grandpa
Jack returning from Florida and
moving into 10-year-old Peter's
Continued on Page 8
Mayor Kollek at the home of Anne and Henry Brenner, seated with
within it, according to the mayor.
Thus, Jerusalem now has 27
libraries, some in their own
buildings and others housed in
parts of larger facilities, and four
mobile libraries. Of these, three
permanent libraries and one of
the mobile ones are Arab
libraries, the only ones in the
world, probably certainly in
the Middle East which are
completely uncensored. They
have a readership of 180,000
one of the highest figures
anywhere in relation to
population size.
The Jerusalem Fund, and its
various projects: parks, sports
facilities, child care centers, and
cultural projects such as the
Symphony Hall now being built,
has a fundraising approach which
is different. No dinners, public
events, or mass solicitations.
Individuals are approached
strictly on specific projects, and
fully one third of the funds raised
around the world for these
projects have come fron non-
Jews. Moreover, the beneficiaries
are all of the residents of the city,
without discrimination.
This, Kollek believes, is one of
the reasons Arabs have flocked
into the city since 1967, when the
Arab population there was half
its present size. Despite any
public statements to the con-
trary, the last thing Arabs of east
Jerusalem would want is to be
part of a Palestinian state
though they cannot say so for
obvious reasons .
He relates the reaction of a
young Arab woman working as a
laboratory technician, whom he
met during a visit to one of the
health facilities in the city. She
was particularly happy that dav
because the Health Ministry
gave formal recognition to her
diploma and she was given job
tenure. "Where did you study?"
he asked.
"In Bir Zeit College," she
replied. (Bir Zeit is notorious for
its students' anti-Israel
demonstrations accompanied by
rock-throwing, which often
brought to its closure by
authorities in the "West Bank.")
"So how can you be so happy
working for the State of Israel?"
asked Kollek, "What about all
the demonstration of Bir Zeit?"
"Demonstrations are one
thing, and this job is something
else," the girl answered.
Then, there are some 960
synagogues in the Holy City.
And because of the political
situation and sensitivities in-
volving the religious parties, the
city cannot accord a Reform or
Conservative group the license to
build a synagogue which will be
identified as Reform or Con-
servative. So the best they can do
at the moment, is to establish
"centers" which are not iden-
tified as synagogues.
How is it that Jerusalem has
managed with the current budget
problems while other large cities
notably Tel Aviv which was
virtually paralyzed had such
serious problems? Jerusalem has
had its problems too, says the
mayor. If anything, the Interior
Ministry has been even slower in
allocating the municipal funds to
Jerusalem. However, Kollek
pointed out, Jerusalem has
managed its finances better in
general, over the years and
The Jerusalem Foundation did
take some of the load off. For
example, as the government cut
back on funds and libraries could
not get books, The Jerusalem
Foundation has undertaken to go
back to those donors who built
libraries, asking them to allcoate
funds for so many books per year.
There are still many dangers
and problems, and Kollek does
not sit on his laurels. He is very
much aware that Jerusalem is
still controversial not only
between Israelis and Arabs, but
all over the world. "It's easy to
get 80 American Congressmen to
Jerusalem, but so difficult to
move the U.S. Embassy there, in
spite of their sympathy for the
move," he says. It is, therefore,
his chief aim to strengthen and
beautify the city to such a point
that there will be no doubt
anywhere that this is Israel's

Page 2 The Jewsh Floridian of South County Friday. February 8. 1985
A Rabbi Comments
The foiiou wg is brought to our
readers by the South County
Rabbinical Association. If there
are topics you would like our
Rabbis to discuss, please submit
them to The Flondian.
Be A Meatcfa-Go To Shol
In Exodus 25 we are com-
manded: "Let them make me a
sanctuary that I may dwelJ
among them.' Our people have
heeded this commandment at all
times, in every dimate and under
all circumstances, in spite of the
fact that this mitztah is contrarv
to such statements as The whole
earth is filled with His glory '
But G-d insisted" on an ad-
dress for Him as a constant
reminder that man by himself
will forever be ill-equipped and
will forever lack the proper tools
to be able to master the problems
which will always accompanv
So far. the tools which man has
created from the primitive
wheel to the most advanced
computer of today have not
helped "sophisticated man" to
behave much more humanely
than the bow-and-arrow bar-
barians of yesterday Many more
advanced nations and individuals
measure their souls by the color
of their walls." Yes. man still
feels so inadequate to master the
problems we are facing: war.
famine, hate and inequality.
Otherwise why should students
at Brown University ask for a
supply of cyanide to be ready to
commit suicide before the "final
holocaust"? Evidently scientets.
teachers. politicians. clergy,
politicians, economists and other
professors." who have con-
verted our era into an age of
space and nuclear power have
been powerless to prevent it from
being an age of inhumanity. Yes.
many, many more people will
have to be killed or die of star-
vation before man will be lees
animal and more human.
Man today, like man of
yesterday, still cries out with the
psalmist "my help cometh
from the Lord." Horizontal
relationship between man and
man is pre-conditioned by ver-
tical relationship between man
and G-d. Mere horizontal
relationship, like in primitive
times, reduces man to a body
without a soul. Such man is only
capable of selfish pleasures and
pains. The Mishhan the
forerunner of the synagogue is
the "address" where the Sh'china
dwells, giving man a chance to
become a "Shochen" a neigh-
bor to G-d, and to use the address
as a constant reminder not to
forget the importance of this
vertical relationship: to be a
"mentch" and not animal in his
horizontal relationship with his
neighbor: any neighbor white,
black or yellow. Only then can
man learn the difference between
a civilized and a primitive
Without "G-d's address" as a
constant reminder of our
dependence upon G-d, the dif-
ference between human and
inhuman behavior will become
blurred. Man will learn to act
more like a robot and "push the
final buttom." Oh yes, we are a
highly technical society, but a
wounded civilization, bleeding
profusely: we better call on G-d,
the great Healer, to heal our
wounds before we bleed to death!
The synagogue is not only a
house of assembly, a house of
prayer it is a "Beth-El," a
House of G-d. The tendency of
human nature is to become that
which we imagine ourselves to be.
In the synagogue we act, dress,
think and talk more politely than
we do in the market place. With
G-d as our "neighbor," enjoying
His "hospitality," we feel "more
holy" than we do in business
light of knowledge, love and
familv puritv even in the darkest
of I
RabbiSathan Zelizc
Of course, the synagogue does
not possess any magic formulae
to make all shul goers "saints." I
once asked someone to join my
synagogue "No. there are too
many hypocrites there, he said
Said I: "That's all right There
is room for one more'
He joined because of my
honesty He did find that some of
his fellow hypocrites acted nicer
inside my synagogue than
outside. Hamlet said: Assumes
virtue if you have it not." In
other words: act human and you
will become human. Is it
possible that Jews as a people act
more human than others because
Jews go to shul tor. should I say.
used to goi. The jungles of the
outside, uncivilized world did not
rhanee the Jew from lighting the
I once saw a painting, showing
a group of English merchants
and diplomats, stationed on a
primitive island Everyone in the
picture was formally dressed, in a
territory where natives were
undressed The article in con-
nection with the painting said:
Every night when the English-
men gathered to have their
evening meal, they would don
formal garments, so that in the
primitive and uncivilized region,
they might retain the flavor of
the culture of the old country
Their garments became more
significant there than in
civilized" England.
That's the way I feel when I go
to shul. don my Talit and Tphilin
and surround myself with the
Torah. the old prayer book and
keep company with the "L'sh-
pizin" the guests, such as
Abraham. Moses. Isaiah. Akiba.
and all the martyrs who died and
who lived to sanctify G-d's name
and all the Jewish sages who
remind me of the wisdom of life,
rather than the knowledge of
things! Try it sometimes, or.
better still, all the time!
Rabbi Emeritus.
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Press Digest
Friday, February 8, 1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 3
(Compiled from Israeli dailies
and the English-language Jewish
Press, by Marty Erann, Director
of Communications, South
County Jewish Federation)
While the top news both in the
U.S. and in Israel still revolve
around subjects like the with-
drawal from Lebanon, the debate
on "Who Is A Jew," Israel
economy and its needs for in-
creased U.S. aid, whether Ariel
Sharon won or lost in his libel
suit against TIME Magazine,
and so on THE JEWISH
WEEK provides two refreshing
stories about unusual Bar
Mitzvah celebrations.
One was the ceremony for
Jeremy Bernard, of New
Rochelle, N.Y., who became a Bar
Mitzvah on Mount Sinai, in the
heart of the Sinai Peninsula
which Israel returned to Egypt in
1982. It took eight months of
preparations and "hassles"
including endless calls to the
Egyptian Embassy to get per-
mission for the ceremony. The
Israel Geological Society was to
arrange a guide to accompany
Jeremy's party from Eilat, and
the Bernards counted on the
guide to be the tenth man for a
minyan but the guide turned
out to be a woman. Then they
had to search in Eilat for a man
who had a valid Egyptian visa,
and finally found a 16-year-old
whom, with much effort, they
persuaded to join them.
After arriving at the foot of the
mountain not without other
problems along the way they
had to trek some 3,000 up the
rugged terrain till they found a
suitable site. But it was worth it
all: Jeremy had an experience
which was unique and un-
forgettable. He said later he
would come back, perhaps to hold
his wedding ceremony there as
The other ceremony described
was that of Samuel Cavior of
NYC. son of Warren Cavior, a
Boston Ashkenazi Jew, and
Mariko Sanjo, a Japanese Jewish
convert. Sam wore around his
shoulders the talit of the late
Setzuso Abraham Kotsuji, a
descendant of a line of Shinto
priests who founded the Center
for Judaic Studies in Tokyo, and
wrote Japanese books about
Judaism, including a Hebrew-
Japanese dictionary.
Kotsuji, who was Sam's
godfather, was A Japanese civil
servant during World War II,
and as such was behind much of
the assistance given to Jewish
refugees from the Nazis. (Many
of those were enabled to leave
i Europe by the Japanese consul in
Kovno, Lithuania, who provided
them with Japanese documents
and came to be called "the
Japanese Wallenberg.") Kotsuji
adverted shortly after World
I War II.
Sam is an eighth grader at the
ark hast Hebrew day school,
""! ia considered a bright
student of the Talmud.
A nude girl on the front page of
l(,sl and OPINION? Yes, it
was a Jerusalem Post photo, the
apt.on of which told of ob-
imions by Israel's women's
gooby to M ad for Sassoon jeans
iwag the picture. The lobby,
|51nf?pWn,asTadmit Ahere* <"
Krent ,maSe">. >led on
women to protest against the ad
ro newspapers and stores
rarrymg It Apart from com-
Datung such 0ffen8ive ad the
TfSSiSShas a maJr oal
ohtlf ?.g for wmen's right to
"7>in divorces. (Under Israeli
JLiT?** and divorce are
SI P *&Miiica/ courts,
tm not "cognize a
K" /*** ^ obtain a divorce
bvik l. can only be "given"
p the husband M.E.)
ftSSrSfc tne pst **
Cnr*COuref the ***** Ziont
S Whlch held its national
oTa *ncf New York recently
raresolut>on (the text of which
they did not publicize) looking
forward to the emergence of a
Labor Government in Israel -
presumably after the present
unity government in coalition
with the Likud collapses. "No
one expects the Labor Zionists to
switch to support of the Likud,"
says the P. and O., "yet there is a
greater objective and that is for
the emergence of Israel from its
present difficulties. That can be
accomplished not by breakup of
the Unity Government, with
Labor taking over in Israel, but
by all energies and even goodwill
being expanded toward the
success of the Unity Govern-
Briefly, from
A proposed visit to Jordan by
some well-known U.S. Jewish
leaders, including Philip Klut-
znick and Rita Hauser, was called
off with no explanation given.
The trip was reportedly largely
the initiative of Crown Prince
Hassan, King Hussein's younger
The Maccabi Tel Aviv
basketball team whipped CSKA
of Moscow Russia's top team
87-81 in a return European
Club match in Belgium, after
losing the previous day by 79-67.
As of last week, after beating
Italy's Bologna 90-76, Maccabi
led the finals' six-team group
with 10 points.
Eleven Knesset members
have appealed to Education and
Culture Minister Yitzhak Navon
to disallow screening of the Abba
Eban "Heritage" series on Israel
Television, because of the
criticism by Orthodox U.S.
groups that it was offensive to
traditional Jewish beliefs about
the Torah in its secular orien-
tation. (None of them, strangely
enough, added the objection
voiced by even more critics, that
the series tended to be boring. .
Fighting broke out between
Arab and Jewish students at
Haifa University during a speech
by former Chief of Staff Raphael
Eitan, now a Knesset Member
from the right-wing Tehiya
Party. An Arab girl student was
reportedly hurt, and after several
outbreaks of violence the police
were called in and restored order.
Residents of Jerusalem last
week reacted with anger and
frustration as a new wheel lock,
known as the "Denver Boot,"
was brought into use as a
measure against illegal parking.
As a substitute for towing, the
new system forces a driver to go
to the company contracted for
installing the "boots," pay
between $12 and $15 in addition
to the parking fine, then return to
the car and wait for the com-
pany's men to get there within
a few hours to unlock the
device. (MA'ARIV reported last
week that one of the cars to
receive the boot was Mayor
Teddy Kollek's though he was
in the U.S. on business at the
time. His driver, running
errands, had parked the car in
front of City Hall in a restricted
zone, and the officials who
ticketed the car called the
municipal authorities to ask
whether the mayor's car should
be locked or not. They were
reportedly told that "there are no
Scientists at the Hebrew
University, in cooperation with a
Bar-Ilan University professor,
have come up with a major
ecological breakthrough. They
have developed synthetic
pyrethrin, one of nature's most
valuable pesticides, to create a
product that is not dangerous to
man and animals. Natural
Pyrethrin, derived from plants, is
both dangerous and unstable,
which makes it expensive as it
needs to be used much more often
to be effective. The synthetic
product also inhibits plant
growth, so it can be used as a
weed killer, and it destroys insect
eggs before they hatch.
describes a massive gathering of
some 200,000 people at the grave
of "Baba Sali," the late Rabbi
Israel Abu-Hatzeira, in the
Neeev town of Netivot, to
celebrate '.n ':'t anniversary of
his death. Followers ui v~.
Sephardic rabbi have believed in
miraculous powers of his
blessings, made over a container
of water which they drank. They
now follow the late rabbi's son,
Rabbi Baruch Abu-Hatzeira, who
is said to have inherited his
father's powers as well as
position, and now "holds court"
in Netivot. Rabbi Baruch says
his father did not merely die, he
merely "went on a mission on
behalf of the Jewish People, to
bring the Messiah."
The celebration the
Orthodox believe in holding a fete
on the death anniversary of a
tzaddik, since "even in their
death they considered alive,"
according to the Talmud took
place around a large domed tomb
building erected through a
$200,000 contribution by David
Bousquila (spelling uncertain), a
Casablanca native now residing
in South Florida.
Enjoy ... NEW YORK'S

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YEDIOT reports that 103
members of kibbutzim affiliated
with the United Kibbutz
Movement have become "Ba'alei
Teshuva" in the past few years;
all but five have decided to leave
their kibbutz even though they
were not pressured to do so. A
spokesman for the kibbutz
movement said he was pleasantly
many more
surprised; the impression among
the 70 kibbutzim involved was
that there were
people involved.
(A "ba'al teshuva" is one who
repents and returns to the fold of
observant, Orthodox practice
the term is applied to any secular
Continued on Page 11
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Conroi iLrr^^n
Molomood. assisred oy
rhe Concord 45-voice Sym
phonic Chorale, direcred
dv Morhew Lazar and
Dan Vogel, ro
off iciare or rhe
Services and
Oursrandmg leaders
from Governmenr. Press,
rhe Ans and Lirerorure
Grear films Music day and
mghr weekdays Special
program for rors, rweeners
Rabbis Cohen and
Mazur oversee consranr
Kashrurh supervision and
Dierary Low observance
*T1# Kiamesha Lake NY 12751
^mm^mm^^^.9 major credit cards W
Pf Hotel (914) 794-4000
mm Toll Free 800-431-3850
^^J^^^^J W East ot the M|SS (except NYS)
^^T^r^r^B TWX 510-240-8336 Telex 323637
See Your Travel Agent.
Our Reservation Phones Are Open 7 Days a Week.

AUTOLOG, the leading transporter of privately-
owned automobiles is the easiest way to ship your
car home. Drop off your car at any Florida Autolog
terminal and our Free Shuttle Service will bring you
to your plane You can receive up to $105 in Dis-
counts off our fares. To get all the facts, call our toll-
free number, or send coupon for our Fare Schedule
and Brochure.
(800) 526-6078
AUTOLOG CORP., 56 Maritime St., Port Newark, NJ 07114
Please send me an Autolog Fare Schedule & Brochure

i &*-* iut i'ec r Ittcj":":">." "day. Februarv ?. I9?o
2h Israel's Colleges. ..-t/?rf Zora/ Friends
New Hope for Sufferers of Hip Joint Disease
- ecr.rx a *r*r.
? ?--?>->. teer.
"...-._-.i : r* : .:
. _- i_- i
:.-* :
*: a

K* Of
aj :ec a
: :--
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--. e
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i r! Zk
-, CMI :
Fre^-isaa wi|i ii nrrcaou-:
Lc ?--' zx*f*u* ir^n'"**
- ~ f awt* '*cr -'> nnnf n
oroer u: propers -alipi
fcsBorai a: km a* as
--. '. _* r
year- ': v '-iri :r-rccmT*
~-tr -_-:-- -.-.* :.r ancfe n
ra -j r rw:
riiae* rxr w_ n:: t -
The new K-rcxi. : x ~ %z deVBCC I i iZ V.COe*
and Dr M:sr*r =_- ] _
Tacfcaara ^acany of
un: ""-.tsrs.t ^ efcoaa *.~bar*- a
nactiMi -W tk: :a: i
a r>sa: 'X* t saajB*
- iat af x* ttyhrav A

iMK HuiM-u!* aas
ai am u at
aox 'Kits, rar
7i.i.-i^* z-:tz:- >-i-f"
f T -
5.-r;i. :-::-:.- rreatlv
TAD Profs Head Debate
On Nuclear Arms for Israel
Dr .V/*uirs. faculty of medicine,
Tethiuon-Iiroei Institute of
-.;: -.-.;.;;. ftrjtnm M 1*!*
Hind recfcnigue A?r Le^g-

Bloom Samed VJ*. of Technion Society
Three TAU pr:Je**r5 ar
IE ISTfc. Ctl^
The dac* ^a tj.:
aa\^ i_-rec ^^r^ *dcx-^ :
pohnrt- -.-jpwpcciii
-e -i:r=ir=: ^'.-. i. \ es*z.
tt~=ter zresadm c: 7-
3Xj*r-riasec ie:'Ej* r:i_ir-
~ -.' a*fe .
. z_
<:*zi;z ar=y irx: are
i'-.- r-r'TAl -"i.--_ -.. >:o.
- --r :.- -t- :i:..-. r i
Howerer reidaBi aod
Isra*-. m-_ :^ _-
---- ijaoxr.f ': prer6eE: 3\
:: A^sTjrar S-:aT for
Vtit- I sre I r..-r^ erf
"- r >:c i Vsxac
cr is* jjc 1: j-aar? t=>; t
r-::Z..:~i air- .z :n
Bar Mitzvah
prrfessjoc of Jewish communal
service, succeeds Saul Seigel who
held the post for five years.
Bloom became associated with
UJA as director of public
reiatiocts in 19T0.and has since
bejc positions of chief operating
officer, associate executive vice
:ia^mac. national campaign
erector and vice president.
Aa a chief professional officer
:-: APS. be will oversee the ac-
tivities of some 65
nationwjde and opentj
rtgional offices.
Bloom serves on tan
Doards of the Co
J^^ish Communal U,
as chairman of its faJ
Forcei. the Internatioarf|
ference on Jewish
Service, and the As
Jewish C. munity

Dmmatma -. >.rsugt for -;*
cafts or Israe-. ? "*"'"'*?-r-a-= ::
~-tce nociea. wy^ifif -.y
xrnerstone 3^ uk
defense^zz recoBBMDdiBg
"T-- Se rT-a- a recc^nec
cacsear pktsajK sav >- w^je
Israel has a aociear 3-
rrt5--_- _-? 5 zx zs ne\-w
crossec -_ae tEresaoic = ^>e
aociear weapons dab." Maatn
Ne er-az whe oebevos that
Israel's boundaries shodc
nbrace the Wess Bank and ^ie
Gaza Scnp a corvmcec mac aey
Bekar deterrent wsjefc m-m* be oc_:. israt were
aooc: ic be awg!-r "y'-
m^uc m jesBec her need -:
^*r:a= .-cc .=uonal sbroea He
also poanuc :_: :^&: a irka
^'- *-"* 3ec.atc dose a> laraci s
rcrders tc aesciuy akaaaed Arab
zrzzjis aaaki ai*: bescrcr sxj
^ Israeizieif
Pr-- iza; wbc does not
rarr V?^is:e: Ne eg ax s
:r^.: -a. j-ws. has rajed fa- an
Israei defciise pobcy
xyiear deterreoce so
eaaic i2#z\ r:arn :c Doroer!
a^r:rr=i:^^ -_.*" ar=jKn
-pe*. A: :ne ane aat. be
declared Ar;. .j~ =.>; .
teanpc bj .Arab amies :-: soas
'-* borders wocid meet wxs
~^r _,: Zk -
r--.i:__frf-; L._- i.---
3ai Ifai Trearr ;:' Taaceao^c
"That way Pro: N* errar
Oeoared- ibe I rac--
werec t be=* ; rrc .: ^ ji : srae-.
Ed we cook: y: the stn^ -
Readers Write
la yacr etrendinnc of a
5CJ3r% ^ ^3*vraj = Israei derje
= a;:r.:> :; ::p.:ij i-=
aau_zieE: nospitas Not aa
Ax kasr. ;i bospsa_5 ar? :i:
aad operated by K=nac Hxr
the medical service :: .jk
- -* Lar:r
Federa-^.:c :: Ifrat ^ :c_ .^
3esn cztzmr. are me 3aaaHB
apca. = ?u^ -Jt.l -^
paar =.?-: ;t vr _r
Kfar S*r* trc m* rtrj-rt.
: ?^.-.^_5 Z--*r*Zr-zt BBC .*: J
:- H:-Jr iJ<" :-peraces
aeetri. l. u ty
-T >t:_rai;. ri: 7 ; lht
Maat- w_ :^ -.," j.^ :.: :r^. ~ --._-
'-' ~rzrz-r r-~z Ei :f Boca Raton
fef 1 Ear Mrr.-a-
i "m iraie sexier.: a:
- .Arace^rv anc at-
^"-; -^ .2=:^ See: F:
-.*..-.:. >:i:.:. FamLv
=K=raers smarms = me tzmdu
are rrnmer I-rt and grc-
=,Tmer Mrs Eja Aarons of
Vaarr Beacr. Aisc prestr: _
'-* Barbara Laoer. tod Debbie
I-aoer. Jason was a
:: r.-: I ajaj 7 .r I :
me 7e=p*e Mrs Master w-Z =os:
1 *aj-."'. c .'ascc s honor
: -:b"^-? ?-aBoat monung
25^ Street *Cona*a*
, Beach. R->40
StrKtfyD^^L* I
Socn' Programs '""I
_... --------""<**^
ja. p^P^00 \ redoes
A *^ eiacaACoes.0^
Jewish Florid ian
of South County
mm -C------r
c* i9s ssat aa en >
*'** *CC** V,T COJT*
M^r &ar t-.: >ca.npe _*-. Z*m*tm ionr> *mo >^^
S*i8Br jm" feaactra* 3i^ui fiaoe Sruca
Friday Febroary ?. 15
Volame ~

A Special *
"'~ f j*?"'!s _to*"P*sona(t>lendofwii*aaid
- *:--.-! "'-"- r-" '?"^>-s se-.ices L-x--o^ v
SSISS2 !^^ta*firt3fOa weal Passover
>- -. n-> vj-rv

?cw ^MsaasEBsc

Ccc-Srojt rwr.
nrwwarr iata*a a dot
'*" > "S -r Sar> lir Men
(fM 434-5151

wael Bonds Advisory
Levine Heads New Prime Ministers Club
Friday, February 8,1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 5
kbner Levine will head the
|y inaugurated Prime
listers Club of the South
,nty Israel Bonds Campaign.
ene B. Squires, Israel Bonds
iirnian. announced.
The Bonds campaign is very
luiiiiti- to have Abby chairing
important club," Squires
Abby is one of the
ihtest and most dedicated
I ve ever met."
"Prime Minister" is anyone
who has purchased $25,000 or
more in Israel Bonds. In 1983
South County had six prime
ministers. In 1984 the number
rose to 18. In 1985 already
enrolled are three new members;
in process is the re-enrollment of
the 18; and the goal is to reach,
conservatively, a total of 25.
"Prime Minister" status
carries many privileges along
with the important partnership
with Israel. Upon purchase, the
"Prime Minister" receives a
beautiful plaque from Israel.
Each year of re-enrollment an
emblem is added.
Every year the "Prime
Ministers'" are invited to join a
mission to Israel where they are
shown sights reserved for
dignitaries. Kach participant is
given audience with high
government officials and treated
to very special experiences.
This year, in celebration of the
inauguration of South County's
PMC, a very elegant dinner party
will be held on April 14. At that
time each PMC from last year
will be awarded his plaque or
emblem. Each new member will
be given a pin upon making his
commitment. The group will be
addressed by an exciting speaker
who will help to celebrate the
success of the PMC campaign.
Good News for Holders of
1971 Israel Bonds
f you are holding Israel Bonds
t were purchased in 1971, you
be glad to know that the
el Treasury has just recently
roved early reinvestment at
maturity value.
>r example, a $100 bond
hased in 1971, would be
ible for redemption at $180 in
ruary. 1986. But if you choose
einvest that bond toward the
hase of a $500 bond, you may
so 12 months early, in
Rabbi Sacks
[amed to Nat'l.
labbinic Cabinet
)f Israel Bonds
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks,
liritual leader of Congregation
pshei Emuna of Delray Beach,
i been designated to serve on
National Rabbinic Cabinet of
I State of Israel Bonds.
iRabbi Sacks has been ap-
linted to the Cabinet, con-
iting of leading Rabbis of the
ited States and Canada, in
fcognition of his dedicated
^dership role in the American
vish Community.
|Dr. Sacks, a foremost scholar,
1 be participating in the annual
ktional Cabinet meeting to take
pee in Miami Beach on Feb. 27
28 in celebration of the 35th
niversary of Israel Bonds, at
kich time Israel's new United
ktions Ambassador, Benyamin
Hanyahu, will be one of the
lest speakers.
Israel Bond
Jetting Records
[The 1985 Bonds Campaign has
Teady passed the million dollar
M*. according to Eugene
luires. "Our first goal is
"cation. We are meeting this
tn tremendous success. Our
Pond goal is helping Israel's
^restructure. This year's
ures are far ahead of last year.
re7.on1f the community
ould be very proud of their
Kolvement." Squires said.
I Israel Bonds is a partnership.
j^ry purchase is repaid with
|ereSt. vve are also becoming
P>'y competitive with new
[J-ruments available for pension
Profit sharing funds, IRAs
KKOGHS with some
ng better returns than
fene will be very happy to
Xlfle more information to
Qg in host a small
>' .;.'. iffy
February, 1985, and receive full
value of $180. This would require
that you only pay the difference
of $320. Of course, if you have
more than one bond they may be
used together.
If you need more information
please call the bond office at 368-
9221. Remember. .. .holding
bonds past maturity DOES NOT
benefit Israel. Plan to reinvest
today. Your loans will help keep
Israel strong.
*>> -
Exciting New Concept: "The Family Mission"
JULY 4-14,1985
The South County Jewish Federation is pleased to
announce the unique and exciting new concept of ... "A
Family Mission To Israel." Become a part of our South
County Jewish Family as you experience the unforget-
table adventure that awaits you in Eretz Yisrael.
For more information contact:
Marcia Needle at 368-2737
Abner Levine
57th Year Of Quality Camping
High In The Blue Ridge Mountains
Large Florida Group
COMET TRAILS for Teenage Boys
12811 OLD RT. 16.WAYNESBORO. PA. 17268
CALL: MORGAN I. LEVY, C.C.D. (305) 591-3339
i t tt m
The Hamlet Del Aire
Indian Springs Boca Teeca
Hunters' Run Boca Point
Boca West Boca Lago
Super Priced Homes & Condos Available
in these Golf Course Communities.
Gimelstob Realty, Inc,
Licensed Real Estate Brokers
Corner Powerline and Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, Florida
Charles Courtney C'urran. Chrysanthemums, oil on canvas.
Sold for$88.000obJune I. IW*
Christie's Paintings experts will be visiting Miami the week
of February 11. These experts will be pleased to give
free verbal appraisals and to advise you on the auction
process. For a confidential appointment, please contact
Christie's Palm Beach office at 305/833-6952.
A group of Christie's experts will also be in Palm Beach at
Christie s annual appraisal event sponsored by the First
National Bank in Palm Beach as a service to the
community. For more information.
please call Helen Stedman Cluett or Lucy Ullman
at 305/655-7111, ext. 2l8or2l9.
Finally the taste and spreadability of
whipped butter without the cholesterol.
SAVE 200
when you buy any 8 oz. package
of Fleischmann's Whipped Margarine
RETAILER: One coupon per purchase ol product indicated Any other use constitutes fraud
Consumer to pay sales tax Void it copied, transferred prohibited or restricted Good only
U S A We will reimburse you lor the tace value plus 8C handling., provided you and the
consumer have complied with the oiler terms Cash
2=1000 63?S07

Page 6 The Jewish Floridian of South County Friday, February 8, 1985
Federation/UJA Campaign '85 Update
Family Division Luncheon Plans Aim At Gala Event
A large number of active
leaders in the Family Division
have already joined the
organizing committee for the
Fifth Annual Family Division
Luncheon, to be held on Monday,
March 4. 11:30 a.m. at the
Sheraton Hotel in Boca Raton.
The luncheon, this year, will
honor Betty and Israel (Izzy)
Siegel who, for the past eight
years, have shown outstanding
devotion and service to the South
County Jewish Federation, and
for the Jewish People and Israel.
The guest speaker at the lun-
cheon will also be an outstanding
personality: Israel Aroitai, a
journalist, lecturer, author and
film director.
The committee, still in for-
mation, includes in addition to
those in the picture above:
Dr. Saul Anton
Teddy Blendes
Baron Desnick
Joe Greenberg
Len Grossman
Dr. Hy Henkin
Dr. Edward Kingsley
Ruth Krawetz
Joel Liebling
Joe Master
Morris W. Morris
Sibyl and Lou Moses
Dr. Paul Noun
Women's Golf Tourney
Set for New Bocaire Club
Left to right: Charlie Moss, Ben Karpen, Isabella
Fink, Lester Weinberg, Sol Lapidus, Mark
Silverton, Joe Schenk, Gloria Massry, Marcia
Needle, Benjamin Bussin (chairman of the Famih
Division), Evelyn Bussin, Henry MeldurU
Krop, Dr. Morris Tear, Henry Chosen.
Bocaire, a beautiful country
club which just opened, will be
the setting for the Women's
Division second annual golf
tournament, to be held on
Monday, March 11.
Phyllis Squires, who chairs the
Women's Division, said she was
especially excited about the
course. "Not only is this an
excellent, new course, but ours
will be the very first tournament
to be held there," she said.
Co-chairing the golf tourney,
Squires announced, will be Rita
Bagus of Hamlet, Elayne
Brenner of Del-Aire, Donna Klein
of Boca Rio and Iris Weingarten
of Boca West. The entry fee is
The ladies will tee off after a
continental breakfast. It will be a
"shotgun" tournament, with
two-man best fall.
Cocktails and a gourmet lunch
with entertainment will follow at
the ountry club, with favors, door
prizes, and golf prizes being
For reservations (or more
information), call Anita Shalley
at the Women's Division, 368-
Esther Omansky
Al Ostrick
Lillian and Charles Ostrow
Bert Stern
Leonard Westerman
Amitai, a Sabra, is one of the
most colorful of Israel's younger
generation intellectuals. He
served in the Haganah from age
15, before Israel gained its in-
dependence, and joined the
Jewish Brigade under the British
army in World War II. He later
became a journalist, working as
an editor for Davar the Histadrut
daily, and for the IDF Radio
An expert in mass com-
munications, Amitai has traveled
extensively around the world,
taking part in a rescue mission
following an earthquake on a
Greek island, and including a
deep jungle expedition to the
Amazon in Brazil. He is presently
immersed in television, and has
so far produced and directed
more than 1,000 television
programs in various areas of
interest and in several languages
Amitai, among other things, was
on hand as a member of the press
corps at the Camp David talks
with Carter-Begin-Sadat, writing
a daily news analysis.
Evelyn S. Bussin and Mark
Silverton are co-chairing the
Family Division Luncheon,
which is open to those con-
tributing a minimum of S100
family gift to the Federation-
UJ A Campaign.
UJA Breakfast Slated for
Anshei Emuna-Anshei Shalom
Congregation Anshei Emuna and
Congregation Anshei Shalom will
host a joint breakfast on behalf of
the 1985 Federation-UJA
Campaign, with Aaron Winkler
of Anshei Emuna and Phil Allen
of Anshei Shalom co-chairing the
Joe S. Schenk, special events
chairman for the Family
Division, announced plans for the
breakfast, which will be held on
Sunday. March 24, at 10 a.m., at
Anshei Shalom. This will be the
first public event to be held at the
new synagogue building, which
will be completed this month.
Phil Allen announced that
Benjamin Beck, vice president of
Anshei Shalom and one of its
founders, will be honored at the
breakfast. Beck,a charter
member of the congregation,
conducted and arranged for
services for more than five years.
Aaron Winkler said that
honored for Congregation Anshei
Emuna will be Abraham Steifeld,
a gabbai who is loved and ad-
mired by the congregation as a
whole for his pleasant personality
and his devotion to the
Noted Speaker Set
For Boca Lago Dinner
Jerome Gleekel, a noted lee-
.urer on the subject of Israel, will
>e the guest speaker at the Boca
^ago dinner-dance, according to
Szra Mermelstein who is chairing
he event.
Jerry Gleekel has been active
n Zionist affairs since his youth;
lis active participation in the
fewish settlement of Palestine
wedates the formation of the
itate of Israel.
Gleekel has always been in-
erested in international politics,
oreign affairs and Middle-
C as tern activities. He holds a
egree in political science. He
ravels frequently to Israel where
e is well known by the
jadership of the various political
rties and has access to leading
overnment officials.
He has addressed well over 100
udiences in the U.S. in the past
ear, discussing understanding
nd interrelation between Israel
nd Diaspora communities.
Gleekel is closely associated
ith the Israeli Consulate in
liami, which keeps him in-
>rmed on Israeli issues and
ilitical developments, and calls
l him to convev the views of the
Jerome Gleekel
government of Israel to various
The Boca Lago dinner-dance
will be held on Tuesday, March
12. 7 p.m. at the Boca Lago
Country Club.
Expect a call between
9:30 A.M. & 9:30 P.M.

)RT and Yiddish dub Co-Host Pines North Breakfast
Friday, February 8,1985 / The Jewish Floridiari of South County Page 7
B'rith North Pines
in association with the
Chapter of Women's
L ORT and the Fun With
[ Club is sponsoring a
L on behalf of the UJA-
bon 1985 Campaign.
and Bert Stern will
[e event, with Lillian and
Benno Wetzstein. Lillian and
Charles Ostrow and Ann and
Martin Fleishman as associate
The breakfast will take place
on Sunday. March 3, 9:30 a.m.,
at the North Clubhouse, Pines of
Delray North, Delray Beach.
Rose Rifkin, an expert on Jewish
current events, will be the guest
Hoffeld Heads Boca West
I Charme, chairman of the
)ivision, announced the
ent of Nathan Hoffeld
[coordinator of the Boca
kmpaign. Hoffeld is also
I as the chairman of the
fcdge Campaign in Boca
[Assisting Hoffeld are
1 London, chairman of the
I Campaign, and Alfred
chairman of the
st Campaign.
ling to Dr. Hoffeld, "The
campaign is off to a good start.
Working this year on the
campaign are Marvin Katz of
Bridgewood, Robert Watkin of
Oakbrook, Sheldon Jontiff of
Peppertree. Nathan Schneider of
Woodbridge, Ben Harlan and
David Barkan of Laurel Oaks,
and Irving Burglass of Quaii
Boca West will be well
represented at the dinner dance
this Saturday evening.
Pyner Again Heads
Drive in St. Andrews
I Federation-U JA Carn-
al the St. Andrews
| Club is once again in the
hands of Dr. Rubin
announced Larry S.
M.D., chairman of the
praised the ac-
|ments of Dr. Pyner as a
volunteer as he an-
the appointment. Dr.
vho served as campaign
for the Consulate
nts in West Palm Beach,
living in St. Andrews
hst year.
per resident of Cleveland,
er was chairman of the
ntal Division there. His
p has also always been
[ in Jewish activities, and
her interest in the
Dr. Rubin Pyner
South County Jewish
Federations Women's Division.
1400 North 46 Avenue, Hollywood, Florida
Proudly Presents
Portrait of a Woman Warrior"
FEBRUARY 11 8:00 P.M.
For information & tickets:
K)981-6111 (Dade) 949-0501
($20 Million Beautification Just Completed)
Complete Glatt Kosher Holiday Program
fom $859 to $1199 pg, person double occupancy
Plus 18% taxes and gratuities
for Additional Information Contact:
Universal Kosher Tours Inc.
5 Penn Plaza
New York, New York 10001
212-594-0836 800-221-2791
speaker. Entertainment will be
provided by Alex Redhill
(courtesy of Flagler Federal
Savings and Loan).
The campaign committee, in
formation, already has some 46
volunteers. For reservations, or
more information, please call
Marcia Needle at 368-2737.
' in r.i.hMkmc,
ni la 1 %nm,
in im I writ urn inn
I 1*1 I MTU (III
n $57-$65
Summer time Is fun time at the beautiful Granit.
Our policy of catering exclusively to mature singles,
and couples assures that your stay will be an
enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Come to the beautiful Granit this
summer. Where everyday is fantastic.
'i c.........i. mn %m\
M MM tak. MB CM, llllllH <
*W* newsc*n o* mmrt
212-563-1881 800-431-7681
KERHONKSON, N Y 12446 914-626-3141
Dr. Nathan Hoffeld
To life. A phrase that is the essence
of Florida's most unique residential
retirement communityThe Court at
Every aspect of The Court at Palm-
Aire has been planned to make your
life there a life of independence,
companionship and security.
From the vital difference between
us and other seemingly similar
communities for people 62 and over.
To the choice of securing a Life
Time Lease through a Refundable
Investment Program or Monthly
To learn more about how The
Court at Palm-Aire shows its
dedication to life, please telephone
(305) 975-8900, or fill out and return
the attached coupon.
To life! At The Court at Palm-Aire.
Another Community By Life Care
Communities Corporation. Developers of
Martins Run, the first Jewish Life Care
Residential Community in the country.
24 hour security
Resort environment
Spacious apartments
Elegant dining
Minibus transportation
Maid and linen service
Pool, spa and exercise rooms
Library, card room, art studio,
music room and auditorium
Commissary and drug store
Beauty and barber shop
2701 North Course Drive,
> (305) 975-8900
The Court at Palm-Aire
Potnpano Beach, FL 33069
Tell Me About Life At The Court at Palm-Aire.
Please send me additional information.
| Phone ( ) _____________.
Nurse available 24 hours a day | ,uff Cjre Communifl Corporation
SCF 2/8/B5
'>" "***
I -

Page & The Jewish Floridian of South County Friday. February 8. 1985
/Idolph and Rose Levis JEWISH COMMUNITY CEI
an agency of the South County Jewish Federation
Bettx and Xorman Stone
Stones Set Up Award For Leaders At JCC
'Left) Jack Jannet (Right) Adam H ollouick.
Betty and Norman Stone of
Boca Raton have established a
Leadership Award at the Levis
JCC. which will be named in their
The Stones presented this
award endowment to the center's
board of trustees at its recent
meeting. The interest from the
funds will be used to defray the
cost of sending leaders to the
biennial conferences of the
Jewish Welfare Board, the
national umbrella organization of
Jewish community centers.
Betty Stone, currently chairing
the board of trustees of the Levis
JCC. and her husband Norman
both have a long history of in-
volvement in community affairs.
Norman Stone, a past officer
and board member of the South
County Jewish Federation,
served as general campaign
chairman for two years and vice
president for three years. He has
been active in the federation since
its inception. He has also been
involved with the FAU Foun-
dation, as chairman of the
volunteer committee for the PGA
Senior Golf Classic and as a
member of the concert com-
mittee. Other areas in which he
has been involved include B'nai
B'rith. the Community Chest and
Boy Scouts of America, to name
a few.
Betty Stone too has been
active in the Boca community
since the Stones moved here in
1973. She has served as co-
chairwoman of the Lion of Judah
division of the Federation and
has chaired the Speaker's
Bureau, bhe was a member ot the
board and a secretary to Temple
Beth El. and seating chairwoman
and co-director, for the first two
years, of their distinguished
Artist Series. She has been a long
time volunteer at the Boca Raton
Community Hospital and the
American Cancer Society. She
served for the first five years as a
South County Representative on
the Palm Beach UJA Board and
then became a Board member of
the newly formed South County
Jewish Federation.
Since Betty Stone has served
as chairwoman of the Center, she
has been actively working for its
continued growth and helping to
build excitement which the
Center has created in the South
County Jewish Community. Both
Norman and Betty possess a
positive commitment to making
the community in which they
reside a better place to live.
The Levis JCC's Film Series
continues in February with the
1974 French comedy. "The Mad
Adventurers of Rabbi Jacob."
The film, in French with English
subtitles, stars Louis De
DeFunes and Suzy Delair.
Showtimes are 3 and 7 p.m. on
Sunday. Feb. 17. Admission is
S3. Refreshments will be served.
The Film Series continues with
The Dybbuk," to be presented
March 24. and "Lies My Father
Told Me." starring Yossi Yadin,
is scheduled to be shown on Aprii
14. Save these dates for the JCC
Film Series.
Call 396-5546 for more in-
Recently, the Levis JCC
sponsored a Winter Day-Camp
for children ages three to 11
years. The two-week program
was coordinated by David
Sheriff, the center's new director
of health and recreation and
camp director.
The Winter Day-Camp
program was filled with sports.
art and crafts, song, games and
many special events such as a
trip to Ocean World and a
theatrical presentation by the
Caldwell Playhouse. A great time
was had by all!!
The Center is now accepting
registration for its School's Out-
Center's In" programs scheduled
for Mondav. Feb. 18 and for April
h h
Nrv^wr Beacn
N.V. Are*
PocanoMC PA
-jn .<-:r PA
Enjoy some free time during Winter Camp.
Dai id London, counselor at JCC Winter Camp and Camp Maccaoee
assists at Arts and Crafts.
school break (dates TBA). The
program is a day-camp ex-
perience at the JCC on the days
that the schools are closed. Space
is limited, so call the Center for
The Jewish Community Center
is also preparing the in-
formational brochure for Camp
Maccabee 1985 a full Summer
Day-Camp program held at the
James and Marjorie Baer Jewish
Campus. The camp, for children
aces two and a half to 12 years of
age. is held in four and eight week
sessions starting Monday. June
24. A CIT program is also
The JCC's Computer Camp for
children ages nine-14 years is also
scheduled to begin June 24.
Teen trips to Israel are being
offered through the JCC junior
and senior high school. Students
can experience a full six-week
travel camp in Israel. Departure
date is July 4.
You can top bv the ju
and Rose Uvis j^
mumty Center at Jj1
Spanish River Blvd.*.
Raton, or call 395-5546 JJ
information on these art!
Book Fair
Continued from Pagel
beloved room. As Peter's h
explained. "Grandpa JackM
lonely down in Florida (
Grandma died, so he sold j
house and he's coming uI
with us. We're supposedtoi
him up because his leg is in
him a lot and he's very sad I
Peter views the situ..
terribly unfair and declpiaj
After several counter
from his grandfather, ,
learns not only that warisrt
at all. but that it would w
accomplish what he wants!
Grandpa Jack reveals, the i
time you have to fight an,
when someone attacks you. 1
hurts." Grandpa says,
wounds and kills and l_
misery. Only a fool wants nil
Developing stronger,
flexible family relation
allows Peter and his ..
to build a happier and
life at home.
Robert Kimmel Smith
speak to the children of the S
County Jewish Community I
School during the day, i
with them some of his:
spirations as a writer.
evening program held at 1j
p.m. at the Jewish Commit
Center allows the pin
grandparents and membersd]
community to acquaint
serves with this author
exchange ideas.
The book fair. co-sponsond|
the Adolph and Rose
Jewish Community Cental
the South County J*
Community Day School,
begin immediately following 1
keynote speaker. In additwl
the sale of the author's u
there will be a wide varietjj
literature for children andadi
available for sale that eveninf
^canTuna. sodium
*hff^SSnQhtnth tennis.
Have^nstavr.9 cUjSSes
luxunousacco nt
Enroy l,vc e 121 more are
fcnWA,. this and/tHaTbor

Friday, February 8,1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page^,
Day School Chai-lites
Computers are no longer a
luxury they are an integral
Urt of society. Recognizing that
Computer know-how is essential,
the Souith County Jewish
immunity Day School in-
corporated computer studies into
Its curriculum. The computer
"oom consists of 20 Apple lie
-computers; quite a large number
|in proportion to our student
body. Additionally, there are four
printers and all computers have
the option of a cable hook-up
which enables them to print out
|as well.
The sixth and seventh grades
receive 45 minutes of instruction
Ifive days a week. Presently, they
I are learning basic programming.
The students each have their own
Iprivate disc on which they create
[their own programs. While
Istudents consider this class
|"fun," they are responsible for
{handing in homework, and taking
I tests.
Alien addition, media
[multiplication, and Jewish I.Q.
I baseball are but a few of the
[packaged software that second
I through fifth graders use to
[familiarize themselves with
[computer skills.
There are two additional
Icomputers at the Satellite school.
[Software is in the proces of being
[procured so that students from
[preschool through first grade
I will soon be introduced to
[computer basics.
Ken Bender, the computer
I teacher, has a bachelor of arts
I degree in applied computer
[systems and is studying for his
master's degree in the same field
at Florida Atlantic University.
Feb. 11 PTO Meeting
I The psychological dimension of
parenting will be discussed with
special emphasis on parent-child
communication. Expert Lila
Lang will be the guest speaker.
Feb. 19, 8 p.m. Open House
An opportunity for parents of
prospective students to tour our
new Satellite school, learn about
our Judaic and secular programs,
our school philosophy, and future
developments. Meet principal
Burt Lowlicht and pre-school
I director Andrea Mossovitz.
Satellite school.
Feb. 25, 7:30 p.m. Book Fair
Co-sponsored with the JCC.
Meet author Robert Kinunel
Smith, author of such children's
books as Jelly Belly and
Chocolate Fever. A book sale will
One of the most beautiful
resorts anywhere salutes
the glorious celebration of
the Holiday of Liberation.
Fri April 5 Sat. April 13
Lawrence Tuchinskv
and the Nevele Symphony Choir
conducted by
Services Sedarim
Dr. Chaim
Israel Etrog
will offer a program of
lectures and conduct
seminars during the holiday.
EUenviDe. New York 12428
Hotel 914-647-6000
See Your Travel Agent
^Jxll?rl.Rl^}G' APRIL 5' 1985- THE LEVIS
Seating is limited to 100 persons (with JCC members receiving
first preference).
Contact the Center for more details and watch The Jewish
Floridian for further information.
Levine, Schwartz,
Gold & Cohen PA
Your one source for complete legal services.
Criminal Commercial Personal Injury
Wills, Probate & Estate Planning Marital Real Estate
Title Insurance Litigation & Appeals


T &
For more information
write or call:
50 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019
(212) 355-7900, ext. 446
Sponsored by Hadassah Zionist Youth Commission

where shopping is a pleasure 7 days a week
L Publix
Publix Bakeries open at 8:00 A.M.
Available at Publix Stores with
Freeh Danish Bakeries Only.
' US*
r rV. i
each ftm
(Topped with Cherries
each $3.49
Available at Publix Stores with
Freeh Danish Bakeries Only.
Topped with Creamy Chocolate
(When you buy one Eclair at 60s)
(Urntt 4 Please)
Available at Publix Stores with
Freeh Danish Bakeries Only.
Freshly Baked
Available at All Publix Stores
and Danish Bakeries.
8-inch, Single Layer, Square
Coconut Cake...............ach 99*
Available at Publix Storea with Freeh
Danish Bakeries Only.
Nutritious, Healthy
Choice Grain Bread..... k>at 99*
For the Health Conscious
Bran Muffins................. Pk8: 99*
Plain, Mini
12 for M
For the Chocolate Lover
Gourmet Brownies....... 'pug
Maple Walnut
Coffee Cake.................each *169,
Prices Effective
Feb. 7th thru 13th. 1985

NEWSFrom Local |_
Clubs & Org.'s
The Workmen's Circle defines
itself as a "welfare and cultural
organization" which has con-
sistently represented and given
root in this country to "that
Jewish impulse which is based on
humanism and folk-culture rather
than on the religious tradition."
It was originally known by its
Yiddish name Der Arbeiter
Ring. Its founders came from
Eastern Europe, where they had
chosen to express their
Jewishness by confronting the
every-day challenges of their
environment the economic
problems, their political rights,
their relationship with other
social and ethnic groups, their
cultural expression and all it
takes to survive with dignity as a
people among other people.
They were the same people,
who, when they came to America,
launched the Yiddish newspaper
The Jewish Forward, became
involved in unions such as those
in the food and needle trades, and
established the Workmen's
Circle, in 1900.
The organization supports a
number of I. L. Peretz schools,
with an emphasis on Yiddish
culture. Locally, the nearest is in
Fort Lauderdale, where some 60
children attend. It also has
summer camps (Kinder Ring),
choral and educational activities,
medical and cemetery plans and
social action programs.
The W.C. is connected with
and supports the Histadrut
(Israel's Labor Federation) and
ORT, as well as Yiddish activities
and its own Zuckerman Cultural
Fund. In South County, W.C.
Branch 1051 claims close to 1,000
members, mostly senior citizens.
The outgoing chairperson is
Helen Furman, who has served
for the past two years. The in-
coming chairperson is Fay Heine,
with Ruby Kellem and Sidney
Mintz as vice-chairpersons.
Lenore Miller is financial
secretary, Sylvia Miller is
recording secretary and Esther
Meltzer is corresponding
Career Advice
In Area Schools
"You never stop learning
outside in the real world you
must learn to earn no one can
take away what you have lear-
ned," said 19-year-old
Christopher Ficicello, unware
that he was voicing the ORT
philosophy of "in the skill of
work, lies the dignity of man."
Women's American ORT
introduced its career awareness
program in South County in
1979. Sylvia Waldner, American
Affairs Chairwoman of the South
Palm Beach County Region of
ORT and coordinator of these
programs, has brought the
program to middle and
elementary schools.
On Jan. 11, for the first time,
this career awareness came to the
Boca Raton Middle School.
Mrs. Waldner introduced the
guests and told the students
what ORT is and does.
South Technical Education
Center was represented by Peggy
Wilkinson, Occupational
Specialist, who gave an overall
view of the school and the 30
different courses offered.
Barbara Lansing, instructor at
South Tech, gave concrete in-
formation on the food industry
and how to train for it. An
example of this department was
Christopher Ficocello, now an
apprentice chef at the St.
Andrews Country Club
Christopher, dressed in white
coat and chef's toque hat, related
to the 400 students his ex-
periences at South Tech, where
he realized "a job is what you do
and a trade is something you
Linda Hansen of Boca Raton
Community Hospital said she
wished someone had spoken to
her when she was in the eighth
grade. She told the students that
out of 1,500 employed at the
hospital, only 250 are in the
nursing department, and
positions there range from
"entrance level" to those with
high technical training.
Hector Hernandez of IBM
explained the philosophy of
career training at IBM. He said
"a person is hired not for a job,
but for a career."
ORT is the world's largest non-
governmental vocational and
technical education program. It
operates over 800 schools in 20
Have A Ball
On Vanderbilt Beach
I he NEW Vanderbilt Inn on the Gulf is for family fun .
children 18 and under stay free with their parents. Step out your
door for a swim in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico or take a dip in
the heated pool Experience dining in the Garden Room and the
live entertainment in the Gangplank Lounge.
There's shopping, tennis and golf nearby, so Have a Ball
on Vanderbilt Beach'by calling Vanderbilt Inn on the Gulf for
reservations toll-free:
i B00 282 iSH8
800 643 8654 (outside Florida
Vanderbilt Beach 11000 Gulf Shore Drive. North Naples. Florida 33963
'Families presenting this 3d upon check in will receive a complimentary beachball
countries on five continents.
Women's American ORT is the
largest of ORT groups in 40
nations. Here in South County
ORT members sit on both the
South Technical Advisory
Council and the Palm Beach
County Vocational Education
Advisory Council. For more
information please call 395-6538.
Women's American ORT
Delray, will hold their next
meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at
12:30 p.m. at Temple Emeth,
5780 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray.
Their guest speaker will be Selma
and Milton Engel on the topic of
Israeli Experience. Guests are
invited and refreshments will be
served. Make your reservations
now for their Luncheon and Card
Party to be held on Monday, Feb.
18, 12 noon at L'Hexagone
Restaurant, Boca. Please call
Ann Swilling 498-5958 or Ida
Bokar 499-1205.
Women's American ORT All
Points Chapter will hold their
next meeting on Tuesday, Feb.
19 at 12:30 p.m. at the American
Savings Bank, W. Atlantic Ave.,
Delray. Featured at this meeting
will be John Philips who will be
speaking on Taxes, estates and
wills. This will be a very in-
formative meeting. All are
welcome to attend. Refreshments
will be served.
Women's American ORT Boca
Glades Chapter will hold their
next meeting on Monday, Feb.
18, 12:30 at the Clubhouse of the
Pines in Boca Lago. The featured
speaker will be Dena Feldman,
Psychologist, on the topic
"Marriage Today." A guestion
and answer period will follow.
Refreshments will be served. For
further information, call Lida
Fox 482-6879.
Brandeis Women Boca
Chapter will take a trip to Loew
Museum and The Center for the
Fine Arts with lunch at the
Gingerman in Coral Gables on
Thursday, Feb. 21 at 8:30 a.m.
The cost will be $20 for bus,
museum expenses and lunch. The
tip of $10 is extra. The bus will
leave SE corner Boca Raton Mall
on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 8:30 a.m.
Make your reservations by
calling Sarah 392-6360.
Women's League for Israel
Mitzvah Chapter will hold their
next meeting on Monday, Feb. 18
at 10 a.m. in the Administration
Building, Century Village West,
Boca. Mr. Robert Ungar will
speak on "Supplication to
Medicare." All are welcome to
attend. Refreshments will be
served and the boutique will be
Pen- AMW
American Mizrachi Women-
Beersheva Chapter (AMIT) will
hold their next meeting on
Wednesday. Feb. 13 at 12:30
p.m. at the American Savings
Hunk. W, Atlantic Ave.. Delray.
They w ill have a White Elephant
Sale. Refreshments will be
served. All are welcome.
Pioneer Women Beersheba
Chapter will hold their next
meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 1
p.m. in the American Savings
Bank. W. Atlantic Ave., Delray.
Coffee and bagels at noon.
Pioneer Women Kinneret
Chapter of Palm Greens, Delray
are planning an evening of Jai
Alai in West Palm Beach on
Thursday evening Feb. 14. The
money raised from this event will
be used to help support more
than 20,000 children in day
nurseries, child care centers and
day-night homes. For further
information call Goldie Cohen
9onai ?'rltl? D*y Lodge No.
^SH>5 will honor four past
presidents for community ser-
vice: Morris Anapolsky, Irwin
Mann. Louis Medwin and Abe
Yormack, at Temple Emeth, 5780
W. Atlantic Ave., Delray on
Tuesday. Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. Ed
Bobick will be their guest speaker
on the topic "Israel Today."
Contact Lewis Peck, 499-8091 for
B'nai B'rith Integrity Council
will hold their next meeting on
Sunday morning, Feb. 10 at 10
a.m. at the Frontier Restaurant,
Boynton Beach.
Hadassah Shalom Delray
Chapter will hold their next
meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12,
9:30 a.m. at the American
Savings Bank, W. Atlantic Ave.,
Delray. In Celebration of Jewish
Music Month, The Rubinsteins
will present a program of Jewish
Music. All members and guests
are welcome. For further in-
formation call 498-9424 or 498-
Hadassah Ben Gurion will hold
their next meeting on Thursday,
Feb. 21 at 12:30 p.m. at Temple
Emeth, 5780 W. Atlantic Ave.,
Delray. They will have a Youth
Aliyah program with film and
speaker. Lee Brown, chairman.
Refreshments will be served.
Hadassah Menachem Begin
will hold their next meeting on
Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 12 noon.
February is Youth Aliyah month
so the program will be a film
entitled "The Legacy." Co-
chairpersons Rose Matros and
Florence Cohen will take part in
this program. Associates,
husbands and friends are invited.
Make your plans now to attend
their gala luncheon at Brooks
Restaurant, Deerfield on
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 12 noon.
Past president Mrs. Evelyn
Fisher will chair this event. An
outstanding entertainer will be
on the program and U,
Brass of the speffl
M the guest
proceeds of this
benefit the '
Hadassah As**,.
Delray and Boynton"1
their next meeting 0
^b. 11 at9atgp0n
Community Center
2nd St., Delray. No
served at this n>
further information
499-5972, 499-4706 ON99.
National Council
Women Boca Delm c
cooperation with the
Society to Blindness
conducting a free a,
vision screening for fouVl
year old children at |
Community Center We
Feb. 13, 9 a.m.^M,,,
Tuesday. Feb. 19,9a,nTi3
This community sen
conducted by trained vd
to screen for amblyopia IL
and other vision problems]
appointment, plep;,. <.
4217. The Boca Delray,
will hold their Annual N
Support Luncheon and F
Show Friday, Feb. 22, 11:1
at St. Andrews Country ("
this luncheon, JJC
significant contributions i
areas of Children, Youth,!
Jewish Life, Women's Is
Israel are recognized
dividual members. A
show will top the
presented by Diane Wi
Boca-Robics and Cerise. C
$15. Minimum donation:!
further information caD!
Religious Directory
1401 N.W. 4th Ave.. Boca Raton, Florida 33432. Conservative!
Phone 392-8566. Rabbi Theodore Feldman, Hazzan Don
Roberts. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8:15 p.m., Saturdayi
9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat Service 2nd Friday of each montl
Mailing Address: 22130 Belmar No. 1101, Boca Raton, Flori
33433. Orthodox services held at Verde Elementary Sc'
Cafeteria, 6590 Verde Trail, Boca, Saturday morning 9:30.
For information regarding Friday, Sundown services Mine
Maariv, call Rabbi Mark Dratch. Phone: 368-9047.
16189 Carter Road 1 block south of Linton Blvd., Delnjj
Beach. Florida 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sdal
Daily Torah Seminar preceding services at 7:45 a.m. and 5pJJ
Sabbath and Festival Services 8:45 a.m. Sabbath Torah classS|
p.m. Phone 499-9229.
Services at Center for Group Counseling. 22445 Boca Rio Rail
Boca Baton. Florida 33433. Reform. Rabbi Richard AgM
Sabbath Services Friday at 8 p.m.. Saturday at 10:15,*I
Mailing address: 950 Glades Road, Suite 1C, Boca Raton.FLj
33432. Phone 392-9962.
Conservative Services at Carteret Savings and Lojjl
Association Office, West Atlantic Ave.. corner Carter hml
Delray Beach. Fridays, 8 p.m. and Oneg Shabbat. SaturotyMl
a.m. and Kiddush. Edward Dorfman, President 498-MJI
Office: 14600 Cuni'.x>Hand Drive, Delray Beach. Florida 334*I
Phone 495-0468.
338 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton. Florida 33432. Rehrj|
Phone: 391-8900. Rabbi Merle E. Singer. Assistant KM"
Gregory S. Marx. Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat EveServw
at 8 p.m. Family Shabbat Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Fridayc
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340015, Boca Raton, FLJ*^
Conservative. Located in Century Village, Boca. Daily WJ
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 P-nj-8^]
8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Rabbi Donald David Crain. Phone
5557. Joseph M. Pollack, Cantor.
5780 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Florida 33446. Cob* I
yative. Phone: 498-3536. Rabbi Elliot J. Winograd. NW-
Linkovsky, Cantor. Sabbath Serivces: Friday at 8P*|
Saturday at 8:45 a.m. Daily Minyans at 8:45 a.m. and&P"1
2475 West Atlantic Ave. (Between Congress Ave. andijljj
Road). Delray Beach, Florida 33445. Reform. ^WI
services, Friday at 8:15 p.m. Sat., 10 a.m. Rabbi Samuei
President Samuel Rothstein, phone 276-6161.
,.-------. ... .... ,..-..-
wtmmmtmmmmmmmmtmm -........- -, .. ./'

lational Council Jewish
nen South Point Section of
Beach County will be
wg their second annual
[gainata (Flea market, Bazaar.
Kft Shop), from Feb. 3-8 and
from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the
j Plaza Shopping Center.
Atlantic Ave. (next to Phar-
) in Delray. Ruthe Aronoff,
i president. Ways and Means
Friday, February 8.1985 / The Jewish Floridian of South County Page 11
and Charney Glick, chairperson
have obtained hundreds of brand
new donations from exclusive
shops from Delray Beach to
Miami, along with donations of
new and nearly new furniture,
brie a brae, white elephants,
small appliances, clothings, etc.
from members and friends.
he Spring Session of the
t Education program will
,j the week of Feb. 26, with a
liner's Prayer Book Hebrew
: course, taught by Rabbi
Ed Schwartz. A certificate
[be given students on com-
on. Classes start at 8 p.m. on
day. Feb. 26.
Thursday, Feb. 28, at 7:45
Cantor Donald Roberts will
course on Hassidic
.rites an exploration of
lidic musical traditions, with
(ipaniment on the piano.
on Thursday, at 9 p.m.,
pi Feldman will teach a
fee cut it led: Hassidic Tales
jjourney with the Great
ers. It will take a journey
[the world of Hassidism by
lining selected tales of
lidic rabbis, chosen for their
tut and inspiration.
|ese courses will run five
s. Fees are $3 for members
[full-time students, $10 for
nembers. For additional
lation call 392-8566.
rs. Benita Gayle Almeleh,
bnal Program Director of the
rican Jewish Congress will
the pulpit of Temple Sinai
fiday. Feb. 8, 8:15 p.m. for a
eue with Rabbi Samuel
In the discussion, Mrs.
bleh will describe the
ams and policies of the
ation. Morton Kern per,
\t president of the National
ation of Temple
erhoods will be a pulpit
Temple's Sinai's Mens
Iwill share in the conduct of
|service. President Heinz
nan will introduce his
officers and describe the
[of their club. Tu Bishvat
Arbor Day) will also be
ated along with two family
ations; the 50th wedding
fersary of Philip and Ger-
I Wolfe, who will sponsor a
payer collation; and the
1 granddaughter of Morton
pith Gudin. The Rabbi will
formerly name the
er. The general public is
invited. Temple Sinai is located,
2475 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray.
Temple Sinai Brotherhood will
hold their next meeting on
Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9:30 a.m. in
the synagogue. 2475 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray. Their guest speaker
will be Bonita Gayle-Almeleh,
National Program Director for
the American Jewish Congress
on the topic, "The Jewish
Community in the 21st Century.''
The public is invited.
Temple Beth El Sisterhood will
hold their Candlelight Luncheon
on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at the
Breakers Hotel. Norman Sidney
Weiser will be the entertainer.
. The cost: Patron $100, member -
$25, guest $35. For reservations
please call Linda Winokur 487-
0905, or Marlene Batavia,
Luncheon Chairperson 392-3536.
Temple Emeth Sisterhood will
hold the Torah Fund Luncheon at
the synagogue, 5780 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray on Wednesday, Feb.
27, 12 noon. Mrs. Murray Blinder
will chair this event and all
proceeds go toward the Women's
League of Conservative Judaism.
Husbands and guests are
welcome. A skit depicting events
of the League will be presented.
For reservations, please call 996-
9677 or the temple office 498-
Temple Emeth Brotherhood
will be sponsoring a trip to West
Palm Beach Jai Alai on Thur-
sday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. For
further information call 498-7422.
The Brotherhood is also spon-
soring a Concert Series at the
synagogue. The next concert will
take place Sunday, Feb. 24, 8:30
p.m., "Forever Yours" starring
Ira and Rita Shore and Harry
Bee. Tickets, Mann Sanctuary
$4.50 per person, Winick Hall
$3.50 per person. For tickets call
Jules Daroe, Chairman at 498-
7422, or 499-2318, Jack Stoler co-
chairman 498-4349 or Ruth Daroe
Rosalind Milter, 65, of Boca
Lago in Boca Raton, died
Wednesday, Jan. 16, after a long
illness. A permanent resident of
Florida for the past three years,
Mrs. Milter was formerly of
Cleveland, Ohio where she was an
active member of the Jewish
Mrs. Milter was President of
the Orthodox Jewish Children's
Association, President of the
Jewish National Fund Women's
Division, and a life member of
Hadassah. National Council of
Jewish Women, Mount Sinai
Hospital, American Mizrachi
Women, Menorah Park Jewish
Home for the Aged, Montefiore
Home for the Aged, Pioneer
Women, and Brandeis National
Women's Committee. She was
also a member of Women's
American ORT, and was a
volunteer for the Jewish Welfare
Fund Drive. State of Israel
Bonds. American Cancer Society
and the March of Dimes.
Rosalind Milter of Boca Lago
"Ronnie" Milter, as friends
called her, was a lifelong member
of Fairmont Temple in Cleveland
and its Sisterhood as well as
Temple Beth El in Boca Raton.
She had travelled to Israel nine
times and led two trips of first-
time visitors, and was a student
of Hebrew since 1966.
She is survived by her
husband. Sanford, children
Steven Milter, Susan Rothenberg
and Barbara Milter, and sisters
Alice Stern and Midred Hersh.
Service arrangements were
made with Beth Israel-Rubin
Memorial Chapel and were
conducted at Temple Beth El.
The family has requested that
all donations in Rosalind Milter's
memory be made to Hospice by
the Sea, 1580 NW 2nd Avenue,
Suite 6. Boca Raton, FL 33432.
"You Were More
|Family Than Businessman, More
Friend Than Stranger."
F |nV wife passed away and we had to have the
Prai up North, you were there to help. You gave
'-< e of mind you understand.
A Family Protection Plan Chapel
we honor all pre-need programs.
Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach. FL 33445
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Jew who decided to become
observant. M.E.)
MA'ARIV, in a related story,
gives great play to the
engagement party of Ephraim
Zohar and Shiri Einstein. For
those who are not familiar with
these surnames: Ephraim is the
son of Uri Zohar, who was one of
Israel's best known entertainers
in the '60s and early '70s, and
who became a "ba'al teshuva"
and joined a yeshiva in Jerusalem
about 10 years ago. Shiri is the
daughter of Israeli singing star
Arik Einstein and his former wife
Alona, who, since her divorce
from Arik became a "ba'alat
teshuva" as well. Ephraim and
Shiri knew each other as children,
in Tel Aviv, before their parents
reverted to Orthodoxy in the
days when Uri Zohar, Arik
Einstein and their circle of en-
tertainer friends were involved,
among other things, in drug
busts by the police and found
themselves behind bars.
SHABBAT, 18 Shevat, 5745
Candlelighting: 5:49 p.m. Shabbat ends: 6:58 p.m.
The following, from Rabbi Arthur Chiel's "Guide to Sidrot and
Haftarot," is presented as a service by the South County Rabbinical
SIDRAH YITRO Exodus 18-20
The Sidrah tells of the continuing experiences of our ancestors after
they had left Egyptian slavery. They are now in the Sinai Desert
country making their way slowly north, towards Canaan.
Moses is reunited with his wife and children who had been separated
from him during the long period when he was negotiating with
Pharaoh. Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, brings his wife and children to
him. Jethro sees what a great responsibility Moses has in governing
and in judging the several hundred thousand Israelites, and makes a
number of very good suggestions about government, particularly
about a system of law courts. With such a court system, justice can be
properly carried out for the people.
It is now two months that they have been free people, and Moses
prepares the people for the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Now,
the greatest event in all of Israel's history is about to take place. With
the acceptance of the Ten Commandments they are to become G-d's
covenanted people. The Ten Commandments are to become the
foundation on which Israel is to build a life of justice and holiness.
These instructions at Mt. Sinai, which were revealed to Israel, made
right living a part of religion for the first time. Living up to the Ten
Commandments became the great challenge to our people.
HAFTARAH YITRO Isaiah &7.6; 9.5, 6
The Haftarah is from the Book of Isaiah. The Prophet who lived in
the eighth century B.C.E. was one of those unique men, inspired by G-
d, who tried to bring an understanding of justice and love to our
people. Like Moses, earlier in Israel's history, Isaiah and all of the
Hebrew Prophets, were summoned by G-d to speak His message to
In the first part Isaiah is called to be a Prophet. He is reluctant at
first because he believes he is not worthy of G-d's trust. He is con-
vinced at last and does it eagerly.
In the second part Isaiah urges King Ahaz of Judea to keep his faith
in G-d so that he would not, then, need to be afraid of the enemy.
In the third part Isaiah makes known that the son of King Ahaz will
be a good ruler of his people and that during his reign as King of Judea
there will be peace and justice in the land.
The theme link between the Haftarah and the Sidrah is the
revelation experience of Moses and Israel at Sinai, and that of Isaiah
many centuries later.
Here's some
you need to know:
But would
rather not hear.
Certainly, no one wants to hear about death and funerals People
will discuss life insurance policies or wr.te up wills but discuss-
ing tuneral arrangements is hitting too raw a nerve We don't
blame them.
But, unfortunately, death is inevitable And it makes just as much
sense to plan your funeral as any other arrangements you might
make In fact, it might even make more sense because planning
your funeral relieves your loved ones from making decisions at a
difficult time
And frankly, planning your funeral now allows you to freeze
funeral costs at today's prices
We know it's really the last thing you want to do, but please come
in to Gutterman-Warheit and find out more about our Sentinel
Plan for funeral pre- ,
arrangement We've
been serving the
Jewish community
for nearly one hundred
years we understand
fiiMMA. ("Wf tnn^sivt *. AdnMMUftiitGtittii
Boca Delray 997-9900
7240 North Federal Highway, Boca Delray, Florida 33431
Broward 742-4933 Boynton/Lake Worth/W.P. Beach 683-4141
The People Who Understand

ft i^""r=^.T,>-nt^ilTiOTiOTan-ur^mn"couniy'? f'nday, "February 8, 1985

The Academy of
Jewish Studies
Sponsored by:
South County Jewish Federation in cooperation with
South County Rabbinical Association
and all Synagogues in the area.
Boca Raton Synagoyue
B'nai Torah Congregation
Congregation Anshei Emuna
Congregation B'nai Israel
Temple Anshei Shalom of West Delray
Temple Beth-El
Temple Beth Shalom
Temple Emeth
Temple Sinai
Program A series of courses and lectures germain to
Jewish life and study. Two semester of seven consecutive
week sessions each followed by a guest lecturer will be of-
fered at two different locations, one in Boca Raton, the other
in Delray Beach.
2475 West Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach. Florida 33445
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon
In the four thousand year saga of Jewish history the Jewish people have been al
lected by social, historical, political and philosophical changes and developments
m the human condition. We have reacted to the world and the world to us
As a defined group our reactions have often times taken different approaches Ovec
the next five weeks we will explore five different periods in Jewish history and or>
posite responses to factors in those period*. ^
A0t lad Fatdman: Karaties/Rabblnlcal Judaism Februsn,
The evolution proceas of modern Judaiam met many obetactee along its way juj 1
Talmud* tradition was eetting paths for Jewish kfc* the Karaites arose to question in, *tJZ
process This discussion will address this confrontation. ^
Rabbi Mart, Onuch: MyetWeflvWetlonaMein February to
There are two ways of dealing with the problems of religion. One is through ioq.c \m
reason The other is through rnysttasm the mysterious and the hidden An ansiyJ
of both approaches in Jewish tradition the cooperation and fUsisK among the aoTiersnt!
of these philosophies
Rabbi Nathan ZaUtar: Haokltsm/Mtznagdtatti February 2*
A brief history of the Hasidtc 4 Miznagdtc movements the bitterness and the bans m
developed as a result of theological and ceremonial differences.
Rabbi Sam S/Aver Ztonlsm/Antlztonlsm
March 5
Rabbi Silver is the president ot the Southeastern region of the Zionist Organization ot
America He will be speaking on the case for Zionism and those that oppose n
Rabbi Louis Sacks: Aliya/Stiengthentng Marcf)
Diaspora Lite
Zionism The classical definition The state of Israel and the Diaspora the classical
Adolph and Rose Levls
Jewish Community Center
336 N.W. Spanish River Blvd.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
February 14. 21. 28. March 14, 21
10:30 a.m. 12 Noon
Purpose To encourage a sophisticated series of study
sessions for interested adults, and to raise the standard of
Jewish awareness and scholarship in the community.
Director Burl lowncnt
Assistant Joan O'Neill
Rabbi Richard D. Agler is presently the Rabbi at the Congregation
B'nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida. He received his B.A. at New York
University and his M.A.H.L. at the Hebrew Union College^Jewish In-
stitute of Religion. Rabbi Agler was the Assistant Rabbi at Temple Beth
El in Boca Raton, Florida from 1962 to the present and was the Rabbi
at Temple Beth Shalom in vero Beach, Florida, from 1980 to 1982: from
1978 to 1980. Rabbi Agler was the Assistant Rabbi at the Stephen Wise
Free Synagogue in New York, New York. Rabbi Agler is active in the
cause of Soviety Jewry.
Rabbi Lavy Becker is a native of Montreal, Canada. He is a graduate
ot the Jewish Theological Seminary where he came under the influence
of Rabbi Mordiciah M. Kaplan and has. therefore, been a Reconstruc-
tionist for more than 50 years. He has been a lay leader on the interna-
tional Jewish scene, particularly through Zionism and the World Jewish
Rabbi Mark Dratch is presently the Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue.
He has received his BA. in Political Science from Yeshiva University,
as well as his M.S. in Jewish Education. Rabbi Dratch was ordained
from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan. Theological Seminary of Yeshiva Univer-
sity in 1982. He was assistant Rabbi at the Congregation Agudath
Sholom in Stamford. Connecticut which is the largest Orthodox
Synagogue in New England.
Rabbi Theodore Feidman is presently the rabbi of B'nai Torah Con-
servative Congregation in Boca Raton. He is a graduate of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America with also a B.A. from Roosevelt
University in Chicago. Illinois. Rabbi Feidman has a special interest
in counseling and adult education. He is presently secretary of the
South County Rabbinical Association, Chairman of the Committee for
Jewish Family Services and Rabbinic Advisor for the newly formed
Jewish Community Center.
Rabbi Dr. Louis Sacks is the rabbi of Congregation Anshei Emuna
Delray Beach the first orthodox synagogue in South County. He has
earned three doctorate degrees a PhD in Philosophy; T.HD in
Theology: D.H.L.. doctorate of Hebrew letters. Rabbi Sacks has Smicha
the classical ordination from the Hebrew Theological University of
Chicago. He is the recent recipient of the first rabbinical award given
by the South County Federation at the general assembly in Toronto.
Rabbi Samuel Silver, D.D. is presently the Rabbi of Temple Sinai
Reform Congregation in Delray Beach. Rabbi Silver was ordained at
The Hebrew Union College and is Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Sinai in
Stamford. Connecticut. In addition to his spiritual leadership respon-
sibilities. Rabbi Silver is a lecturer and an author.
Rabbi Nathan Zelizer, D.D. is a graduate of the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America. In addition he holds Bachelor of Science. Master
of Arts, and Master of Hebrew Literature degrees Rabbi Zelizer is the
retired rabbi of B'nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton and had serv-
ed as rabbi for Congregation Tifereth Israel in Columbus. Ohio for many
years. While serving in Ohio. Rabbi Zelizer was actively involved in his
large conservative synagogue as well as many organizations and com-
mittees. He was the Jewish Chaph.n tor the army and for various penal
and psychiatric institutions. Presently he is active in many Jewish and
Non-Jewish organizations in Palm Beach County. Florida.
Modern American Jewish life can often times be understood in terms of the
four major denominations that our co-religionists are associated with. By
understanding the historical developments, as well as philosophical and
ritualistic approaches of these movements, we can gain a better handle on
the overall Jewish panorama. Over the next four weeks we will study the
four major denominations Ine each week!
Orthodox Conservative
Reform Reconstructionist
During the fifth session we will have an open coitoquia between the rabbi's who
have presented each of these denominations and we will explore the interplay bet
ween the denominations and the affect this has on overall American Jewish Life
Rabbi Mark Dratch Orthodox Feb. 15
Rabbi Rick Agler Reform Feb.21
Rabbi Ted Feidman Conservatism Feb 28
Rabbi Lavy Becker Reconstructionism Mar M
Coitoquia Mar 21
Time: 9:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
12:00 11:30 P.M.
A thirty week intensive Ulpan program will be offered this year. There will
be two levels of Hebrew Proficiency offered as courses twice per week on
Monday and Wednesday at Temple Anshei Emuna.
Classes have been In session since October 29th but beginning on February
4th new students can be added to the courses. Further Information about
the class can be obtained from the teacher. Tamar Ben Ami or Marcla
Ingber on the days they are teaching.
Registration Form
MfflXUy I WMrM
fit*1*** *""
1200 1 30 MMiassaM 11
10:30 12 Noon
10:30 12 Noon
No KM tor m*mb*n ot psmcipaung ynsgogu*.
^CaZ^Jl^HaalalLM22 ,yn^00' <" "vttraltor. toe. pry*** to
vouray .nww, trunnion, cowing any and all count** thould accompany INa torn
Th. 30 mi Ulpan Proorsm m coat SI 00 p*r tMSton.
Check M many court** a* you wiHi
i orr on ooneo um

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