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January 20, 1984
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 14, 1979)-
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The Apr. 20, 1990 issue of The Jewish Floridian of South County is bound in and filmed with v. 20 of The Jewish Floridian of South Broward.

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Full Text
he Jewish Floridian
Of South County
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach
Volume 6 Number 3
Boca Raton, Florida Friday, January 20,1964
Price 36 Cents
illion Dollar Donation To Federation For JCC
*>. -7!3i X
Rose and Adolph Levis presenting check to Federation President, Marianne Bobick. Rabbi
Bruce Warshal, executive director, looks on.
Green, Bagus, Fried and Brenner
Chair Hamlet Women's Division
Margaret Kottler, South
L'ounly Jewish Federation Wo-
nen'a Division Chairman takes
jride in announcing the appoint-
ment of four very able chairmen
or the Hamlet. They are Kita
llagus, Ann Brenner, Sylvia
I'ried and Lillian Green.
Mrs. Magus came to South
(.'tinmy from Kockford, ill. where
:ie had extensive experience in
ind-raising. Rita was in charge
the Women's campaign, active
Temple tielh El and its Sister -
in Rockford. In South Coun-
she was past campaign chair-
in lor Women's Division and
1st co-chairman for the Advance
|lts. Last year Rita co-chaired
11.1 in lei luncheon. She is a
unber of the Florence Fuller
|ild Development Center, Tem-
Beth Kl of Boca Raton and is a
life member of Hadassah.
Anne Brenner has been a
leader in Jewish organizational
activities for many years. She
was co-chairman of UJA in Port
Washington and a past president
of Hadassah. In South County,
Anne became very active in Jew-
ish life as a founder of the Lion of
Judah Division and as a member
of the Advance Gifts Committee.
She co-chaired the Hamlet lunch-
eon last year. Anne is a member
of Temple Beth El.
Sylvia Fried came to South
County from South Orange, N.J.
where she served as President of
the Sisterhood of Congregation
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Haddad Reported Terminally 111
(Citing courses and
:ture series offered by
*e Academy of Jewish
ludles. Page 10.
lerican banking Con-
xion. Page 4.
A Rabbi Looks st
"geOrwelL Page 8.
Rented kid have him
I the ad on Page 2.
Saad Haddad, commander of the
Christian militia in south
Lebanon and Israel's long-time
ally, was flown by helicopter to
his home village at Marjayoun
after several days of treatment at
the Rambam Hospital in Haifa.
Haddad was admitted to the
hospital on Dec. 30 suffering
from what his doctors described
as "exhaustion." That was the
condition officially announced on
the frequent occasions in recent
months when Haddad was
hopitalized. According to wide-
spread media reports he is ter-
minally ill with cancer. But no
medical authority has confirmed
His family was at his bedside
throughout his latest confine-
ment at Rambam Hospital. His
only other visitors were a res-
tricted number of Israeli political
and military leaders who have
had close contact with him in
recent years. They represent both
the present Likud government
and its predecessor Labor-led
Haddad had long been branded
a deserter and renegade by the
Lebanese government. When he
assisted Israeli forces in the
occupation of south Lebanon hi
the 1978 Litani campaign, he was
stripped of his rank in the Leba-
nese army. But a special court in
Beirut last week officially
restored his rank and all honors
and seniority as a military officer.
Open House Set For Day School
The South County Jewish
Community Day School is plan-
ning its annual open house Mon-
day Jan. 23 at 8 p.m.
Prospective parents will have
an opportunity to view the class-
rooms and Burt Lowlicht, Prin-
cipal, will describe the program
and philosphy of the school. A
question and answer period will
Plans for the academic year
1984-86 include expansion of the
preschool program and the
formation of new classes in
Kindergarten through seventh
grade. A separate middle school
program will be initiated and was
officially announced on Jan. 11.
Anyone interested in attending
the open house is welcome. More
information may be obtained by
calling the school office at 396-
Adolph and Rose Levis
Establish Fund
Adolph and Rose Levis of Del-
Aire have established a fund of
one million dollars toward the
construction of the new Jewish
Community Center facility to be
located on US 441 in Boca Raton.
The Jewish Community Cen-
ter, which is an agency of the
South County Jewish Federation,
will be part of a larger Jewish
Campus encompassing the South
County Jewish Community Day
School, the Jewish Family and
Children'3 Service as well as the
Federation offices. Congregant
housing for the elderly will also
be part of this complex.
Marianne Bobick, President of
the Federation, said, "What is
most inspiring about this million
dollar gift is that no one solicited
Adolph and Rose Levis. Al came
to me with the offer of the million
dollar fund because he knew that
the facility and its services were
greatly needed in the South
County Jewish community. I
know for a fact that all of his
philanthropy is self motivated.
No one has to solicit Al Levis."
Mrs. Bobick continued, "In
gratitude for this most generous
gift the Jewish Community Cen-
ter will be named the Adolph and
Rose Levis Jewish Community
Center. The Levis JCC will oper-
ate on the James and Marjorie
Baer Community Campus on
Spanish River Boulevard begin-
ning in late spring of this year,
until the permanent facilities are
built on U.S. 441."
Al Levis came to South
County originally from Phila-
delphia, where he was an active
campaigner for the Allied Jewish
Appeal. He also built a wing and
medical care facility for the Up-
town Home for the Aged.
Levis is a self-made busi-
nessman. He created and devel-
oped "Slim Jim," the popular
meat snack food which requires
no refrigeration, and is therefore
able to be distributed nationally.
He personally worked in the
smokehouse to develop the
fermentation process to give the
snacks the tangy flavor which
caught the imagination of the
American public. He sold his
business to General Mills in 1967.
Levis attributes his interest in
Federation work to the profound
affect that a National Mission to
Israel in 1969 had upon him.
"That experience leaves me with
an inspired feeling to this very
day. It was a very special,
unforgettable mission for major
Continued on Page 6
Experts Say '84 Will Bring
Suicide Squads Here
NEW YORK Interna-
tional terrorism is likely to
increase, and there is a real
prospect that "kamikaze-
style" bombings like those
at the U.S. Embassies in
Beirut and Kuwait will be
carried out in this country,
experts at an all-day confer-
ence on terrorism have
The day-long meeting, held in
mid-December, was sponsored by
the Institute for Studies in Inter-
national Terrorism of the State
University of New York in asso-
ciation with the American Jewish
Congress, it took place at
Manhattan's Graduate Center of
the City University of New York.
PHIL BAUM, associate exe-
cutive director of AJCongrees
and Co-chairman of the confer-
ence, announced at the meeting
that his organisation will press
for federal legislation that would
enable the U.S. government to
apply "significant sanctions" ag-
ainst countries that support
terrorism or harbor terrorists.
Baum said such proposed
legislation would permit the
government "to act unilaterally if
necessary" in taking such action,
"given the paralysis of the inter-
national community, particularly
the United Nations, in taking ef-
fective action against terrorism."
Participants in the conference
agreed that the failure of the
international community to fully
recognize terrorism as criminal
behavior has encouraged the
growth of terrorist activity in the
last decade. Countries like Libya
and Iran were singled out as
sponsors of terrorism and
responsible for its mushrooming
NEW YORK Sen Daniel
Patrick Moynihan, one of the
participants, warned that terror-
ist-suicide bombings are likely to
3ccur in this country. "I think
the prospect of 1984 being the
vear they bring the war to our
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Page 2
i v; kj\ju.i.h OUUIHJ-----
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday. January 20,
Will 1984 Bring Suicide Squads to U.S.?
Continued from Page 1
shores is real," he declared. "We
should assume it and not be sur-
prised by it."
rhetorically whether "the inat-
tentiveness of the West, and of
the United States in particular,
to considerations of the law, has
contributed to an international
political climate that allows other
states to assume that they will
not be held accountable to
standards of civilized and peace-
ful behavior."
Other participants in the
conference, which included
government officials, media
executives, business leaders and
investigative specialists, joined
Sen. Moynihan in condemning
the view that terrorism, when
linked to a political goal, is some-
how different from other forms of
criminal behavior
John Norton Moore, professor
of law at the University of Vir-
ginia Law School, termed such a
view "simple nonsense." He as-
serted that no goal can be used to
justify attacks on civilians. Prof.
Moore said such attacks "are
contrary to international law."
He termed "a myth" the
"romanticized notion" that civil-
ized nations must deal with the
cause of terrorism or define
terrorism before responding to
terrorist acts.
HE CHARGED that terrorism
does not aim to alleviate political
"There is a struggle for law, for
authority, and it is necessary to
show that terrorism is impermis-
sible," Prof. Moore said.
In a similar vein, Allan Gerson,
special assistant to the U.S. Am-
bassador to the United Nations,
deplored the "subversion of lan-
guage" that enables terrorist
movements to "concentrate on
blurring issues and on system-
atically concealing their true
identity and purposes until, like a
Trojan horse, they are able to
penetrate our defenses." Mis-
conceptions about terrorism, he
said, included the notion that a
rigorous and objective definition
of terrorism is impossible.
"THEY WOULD tell you one
man's terrorist is another man's
freedom fighter," he said.
"Hence, consensus about what is
and is not terrorism is impossible
and we are left suspended in a
kind of intellectual and moral
"A terrorist act occurs,"
Gerson declared, "when the
terrorist, seeking concessions
from a state, international insti-
tution, multinational corporation
or similar body applies violence
against individuals or entities
that have no direct connection to
the dispute." He added that
terrorists are not interested in so-
cial progress and are not
"frustrated idealists" but will
"make alliances with common
criminals and homicidal
Gerson accused the UN of
abetting the "subversion of lan-
guage" associated with terrorism
by providing a vehicle in which
"extremists and terrorists, whose
acts flout the letter and spirit of
the UN charter, find justification
in UN resolutions that endorse
the 'use of all necessary means at
their disposal" to achieve "self-
determination and liberation."
DESPITE THE difficulties of
combatting acts of terrorists,
particularly those prepared to
suffer death in kamikaze-like at-
tacks, the specialists at the
conference agreed that effective
steps can be taken to cope with
the threat. Terrell Arnold, deputy
director of the Office for Combat-
ting Terrorism, U.S. Department
of State, declared that a funda-
mental key to averting terrorist
acts is to "provide a very low
level of success rate."
Emphasis was given by a
number of participants to more
effective high-level intelligence
gathering. International net-
works of shared information to
enable democracies to anticipate
tprrorist attacks were urged by
Professor Moore. He also called
for Western nations to eliminate
statutes of limitations on
terrorist acts and legalize civil
suits for damages brought by
victims against terrorists and
their sponsors.
Prof. Moore said that nations
have the right to take action
against other governments
responsible for terrorism.
Possible actions range from
sanctions to military force and
should be proportionate to the
size of the terrorist threat and tc
the damage done by the terror-
ists, he suggested.
economic sanctions and action by
the World Court as two of the al-
ternatives available that would
enable nations to avoid the
extremes of "doing nothing or
going to war" to punish terrorists
and their sponsors.
Inspector Donald Moss, com-
mander of the public security
section of the New York City
Police Department, warned of the
need for a "balanced response" to
terrorism. He said that "crisis
management techniques" already
developed by experienced
security specialists can help
maintain civil liberties and
prevent the destruction of
existing democratic institutions
in the battle against terrorism.
He noted that in recent years,
conspiracy statutes, originally
designed to combat organized
crime, have been used successful-
ly to prosecute terrorists.
Sen. Moynihan echoed the
need to combat terrorists while
maintaining traditional freedoms
and stressed the importance of
better counterinteUigence. Amer-
icans are "just going to have to
learn to do counternteUigence
with terrorist groups more ef-
fectively," he said.
In the face or a growing terror-
ist threat, he advised, "Don't
panic. Don't let yourself be
blackmailed. Don't buy hostages
A SESSION on the mass
media brought some disagree-
ment among representatives of
the media and their critics. Barry
Rosen, former State Department
press attache and a hostage in
Iran three years ago, charged
that by allowing itself to be
manipulated and exploited by the
Iranian terrorists whose "main
purpose was propaganda through
media coverage, the media had
become an involved party and
injected themselves in the nego-
tiations between the U.S. gov-
ernment and the terrorists a
task that should have been left to
"real diplomacy" which can only
be done in a quiet, long-term ne-
gotiating process."
Camp Maccabee Bulletin
Session I June 18 to July 13
Session II July 16 to August 3
Camp Day is Rom:
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Pre Camp and Post Camp care will be
available at an additional charge.
Hours Will Be:
8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
4 Weeks $335.00
8 Weeks $670.00
All payments due May 15th. A $50.00
non-refundable registration fee per
child must accompany all ap-
plications. This fee will be deducted
from the total tuition fee.
For more information please follow ad* in your Floridian or call Sarah Landa at
Eisensteins Present
Torah Scroll To Anshei Emuna
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Eisenstein,
esteemed life-time members of
Congregation Anshei Emuna,
Carter Road and Lincoln Blvd.
Delray Beach, will present a
Torah-Scroll to the Synagogue at
the Special Service to be cele-
brated in the Sanctuary on
Sunday, Jan. 22, commencing at
1:30 p.m.
Mr. Abe Eisenstein has for
many years been a dedicated
leader in the Religious, Edu-
cational and Zionist Movements
in Chicago, Miami Beach and
Delray Beach. He has served as
Chairman of the Building Com-
mittee of Anshei Emuna,
Chairman of the Board of
Congregation Keneseth Israel of
Miami Beach, Vice-President of
the Agudath Achim Synagogue
of Chicago, has been honored by
the Hebrew Theological College
of Chicago and by the Bonds of
Israel, has served on the Bank
Adugim in Tel-Aviv Israel, and
has presented a Torah to Temple
Emeth. Leona Eisenstein is an
active life-time member of Sister-
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks, the
distinguished spiritual leader of
the Congregation, will deliver the
Rabbinic Message and will
present the two outstanding
guest speakers. Rabbi Menachem
The Beauty of Judaism
Will Only Be
Passed To Jews
By Other Jews
B. Sacks and Rabbi
Shmaryohu T. Swirsky.
Rabbi M. B. Sacks a,"
Emeritus-Head of the Asaocimw
Talmud Torahs of GreS
Chicago, on whose Board M?
Eisenstein serves, while Dr
Swrisky is the Rabbi of Cone*
gation Beth Jacob of MiL
Beach, and is a Professor at the
Miami Dade Community College
The Ka'balas Ha'Torah the
traditional presentation and
acquiring of the Torah w^
embrace the inspirational Torfti
procession in which all of the
current Torahs will participate
Cantor Seymour Zisook of
Chicago, formerly of Delray
Beach, will chant the Liturgical
Selections. Mr. Harry Silver
President and Mr. Mu
Lenowitz, Chairman of the Board
will extend greetings.
The Fellowship Festivities, fo|.
lowing the Special Service, will
feature the Kings Point Choral
Group under the direction of Mr
Iz Siegel and refreshments will be
There will be no cards of ad
mission and no solicitation of
funds whatsoever. The Com
munity-at-large is cordially
invited to attend.
The establishment of an
Endowment or Philan-
thropic Fund will benefit
you and future
generations by reducing
your tax obligations and
satisfying your Jewish
responsibilities. Contact
your South County
Jewish Federation for
1 _
Endowment: A special tool for special needs.
Attention Young Performers!
The Jewish Community Center
and the
Community Relations Council
of the
will present the play
Yo Haahoah (Holocauat Memorial Day)
Thursday, February 9 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Sunday, February 12 3:00-5:00 p.m
South County Jewish Community
Day School
414 N.W. 35th Street, Boca Raton
Boys & Girls in grades 6-12
Any questions call Qeri Rosenberg at

Friday, Januaiy 20,1984
TheJewishFhndUmot'South County
Page 3
Likud MKs in Plea
Call for Freeze on New Settlements in Territories
News Briefs
By JTA Services
Likud MKs presented an urgent
agenda motion in the Knesset
calling for a freeze on new settle-
ments in the occupied territories.
Yitzhak Berman and Dror
Seigerman, members of Likud's
Liberal Party wing, said their
proposal was motivated solely by
the precarious economic situation
and the need to drastically reduce
government expenditures.
Berman and Siegerman are
regarded as mavericks who often
deviate from the Likud party
line. Seigerman said that unless
the Knesset presidium agrees to a
debate on their motion, it would
be presented as a regular bill. He
said he was confident that a
majority ot the Knesset would
support such a bill.
The controversial issue is
surfacing at a time of growing
concern in Likud circles over a
possible coalition crisis. Rumors
a week ago that Finance Minister
Yigal Cohen-Orgad was consider-
ing a settlement freeze for econ-
omic reasons drew a storm of
protests from llerut hardliners
and a threat by the ultra-
nationalist Tehiya Party to quit
the coalition.
Joint Chiefs Chairman
Finally Cornered in Israel
TEL AVIV Gen. John
Vessey, chairman of the U.S.
Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived here
for a three-day visit to familiarize
himself with Israel's military in-
stallations and defense opera-
tions. He is not scheduled to hold
uny substantive talks. He arrived
here atler meeting with Lebanese
President Amin Gemayel in
Beirut where, according to Leb-
anese sources, Vessey expressed
American support for efforts to
build up Lebanon's army and
achieve foreign troop withdrawal.
Some Israeli papers hinted
that Vessey was not particularly
enamoured about visiting Israel.
The Jerusalem Post said he had
"evaded invitations" for many
months and was one of the main
op|M>nents of using Israeli
hospitals for the U.S. servicemen
wounded in the October car
bombing of Mari-ne head-
quarters in Beirut.
Vessey's visit was arranged
during Shamir's talks with Pre-
sident Reagan in Washington
last November, during which the
two leaders discussed increased
strategic cooperation between
their countries.
Jordan's Parliament
Reconvenes Sessions
I lament of Jordan, offkiallj
suspended by King Hussein in
1974 and inactive since the 1967
Arab-Israel war, was reconvened
in special session, and political
observers here and abroad are
speculating about what this may
mean for the future of the peace
process in. the Middle East.
The House of Deputies, which
was erected shortly before Israel
occupied the West Bank in 1967,
approved a constitutional
amendment enabling Hussein to
call elections within two months.
It was also approved by the
upper house. The National
Consultative Council, an un-
elected body which has been
governing Jordan for the past 10
years, was dissolved.
The Jordanian Parliament is
equally divided between East and
West Bank representatives and a
large proportion of its members is
Palestinian. Circles here recalled
. %J*H?Mn 9qsj*nded vUfc.
ment after the Arab League sum-
mit meeting in Rabat, Morocco
decreed that the Palestine Liber-
ation Organization was the sole
legitimate representative and
spokesman for the Palestinian
Israel Denies Tanks
Went on Rampage
TEL AVIV The Israel Def-
ense Force has denied reports
from Sidon that IDF crews in
Merkava tanks "went berserk" in
the town last weekend and fired
indiscriminately, wounding
residents and damaging cars and
other property.
The army spokesman pointed
out that there were no Merkava
tanks in Sidon nor any Israeli
tanks in the possession of Maj.
Saad Haddad's south Lebanon
militia which might have been
mistaken for Israeli tanks. The
spokesman said that the news
agencies which reported the
incident had no resident cor-
respondents there.
Israel Warns West
Must Stand Firm
claiming that a firm stand by the
Western powers toward Syria
would yield an acceptable
arrangement in Lebanon. Deputy
Premier David Levy told a group
of visiting American friends of
Israel that the chances were
excellent, if only the West stands
A weak stand, Levy contend-
ed, would prove to the Syrians
and their Soviet backers that
their hard line in Lebanon has
paid off.
Syria was the subject of a
symposium at Haifa University.
Prof. Gavriel Ben-Dor said that
despite the bitter animosity
between them, Israel and Syria
were both countries that respect-
ed mutual agreements. He said
that was the case partly because
both have common enemies, Iraq
and the Palestine Liberation
UN May Attempt
NEW YORK The United
States Ambassador to the United
Nations, Jeane Kirkpatrick,
warned that efforts to expel Is-
rael from the United Nations may
take place again this year. "This
is an issue that we should con-
tinue to be alert of and take inter-
est in," she said at a meeting
with leaders of the Anti-Defama-
tion League of B'nai B'rith at the
ADL's headquarters.
The envoy said that the efforts
to expel Israel from the UN dur-
ing the last two years were
"turned back" to a large degree
by extensive U.S. lobbying
among member-states and pub-
lic, as well as private warnings
that the U.S. will withdraw from
the world organization should the
efforts to expel Israel succeed.
Kirkpatrick said the United
States last year made it clear in
capitals all over the world and to
representatives of UN members
in New York what the U.S. policy
is on the issue of Israel's expul-
Kahane Ordered Released
On High Bail
magistrate court judge rejected a
request by police authorities that
Rabbi Meir Kahane be detained
for three days and instead or-
dered that the leader of the ultra-
nationalist Kach be released on
25,000 Shekel bail. The judge also
ordered Kahane to surrender his
passport to police authorities to
prvent his fleeing the country.
Kahane was arrested last
Thursday when he held a demon-
stration with a small group of his
followers to express solidarity
with an extremist Jewish group
calling itself "Terror Against
Terror" which has claimed
responsibility for a recent series
of attacks against Moslem and
Christian sites.
Financial Woes
Hit Zaire Envoy
TEL AVIV Zaire's Ambas-
sador to Israel, M'Bude-Nsomi
Lobwanabi is financially em-
barrassed. He is in arrears in the
rent for the Embassy staff, in-
cluding two Israeli employees
have not been paid their salaries
since September. Other Zaire
staff members have been forced
to move from the posh Herzirya
suburb to cheaper quarters in Tel
Lobwanabi says the difficulty
is temporary. He said that when
he requested funds from his
government last September, he
was reminded that the Zaire
fiscal year begins only on Jan. 1,
and that no money would be
forthcoming until then.
Coalition Enlarged by One Seat
JERUSALEM (JTA) Premier Yitzhak Shamir's
narrow parliamentary majority was enlarged by one seat
when former Welfare Minister Aharon Abu-Hatzeira
returned to the Knesset last week, having completed a
three-month jail term for embezzlement. He heads the
three-man Tami faction.
POLITICAL CIRCLES are waiting to see whether
Abu-Hatzeira will reclaim the Cabinet portfolio which he
placed in the hands of his associate, Aharon Uzan, after
his conviction. There was no indication from Shamir
whether he would allow the Tami leader to return straight
from jail to the Cabinet table.
Shamir's coalition commands 64 Knesset mandates
but its effective strength was reduced to 62 in recent
months because of Abu-Hatzeira's incarceration and the
absence of former Premier Menachem Begin who has been
confined to his home and has not attended parliament
since he announced his resignation last summer.
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Volume 6
EDITOR, The Jewish Floridian:
Once upon a time there were
Arab nations who made lota of
money selling overpriced oil to
the United States. These Arabs
made so much American money,
they deposited billions of dollars
in American banks. The Amer-
ican banks had so much money
on hand, they made loans to
other countries like Brazil, Mex-
ico, Argentina, Zambia just to
name a few.
What a wonderful thing for
American banks to be able to find
a place to loan all the Arab
There is one little problem,
however. Brazil, Mexico, Argen-
tina and Zambia, just to name a
few, spent the money and can t
seem to pay back the loans on
time. So they said to the Amer-
ican banks, loan us more money
so we can pay the loans back, be-
cause if you don't, we can t make
the payments. In America, we
call this default. That means
there is no way for the American
banks to get their money back.
Now let us pretend that Saudi
Arabia wanted to withdraw all of
its money out of American banks.
In America, we call this default.
That means there is no way for
American banks to pay back this
Does the Arab world know
this? You bet they do. Does this
affect American foreign policy.'
Is that why the Saudis get
AWAC's and anything else they
want? You bet it does. Is that
wny ttechtol, an Arab multi-
national organization, has infil-
trated the Presidential cabinet?
Is that why the U.S. forced Israel
out of Beirut to appease the
Saudis? Now you get the idea. Is
that why President Nixon, Ford,
Carter and Reagan have all
suspended arms shipments to Is-
rael for one reason or another?
Let's all be naive and pretend
that none of this is true. Let's
pretend that the foreign loans are
in no danger of default. Let's
pretend that the American banks
are able to survive a total Saudi
Now we have a happy ending.
A free U.S. supporting a free Is
rael. A free U.S. declaring the
PLO a terrorist band of murder
ous butchers who take pride in
claiming responsibility for the
murders of women and children.
But this is not a fairy tale and
the U.S. will pressure Israel and
compromise lives for money.
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Drug Addiction High in Israel
JERUSALEM (JTA) Drug addiction is high in
Israel, and there is a correlation between drug usage and
social circumstances, according to the findings of a public
committee which has been studying the problem for the
past five years.
PKOF. KALMAN MANN, chairman of the com-
mittee, said at a press conference here that there are some
4,000-6,000 addicts in Israel. About 50 percent of un-
derprivileged youths use drugs compared to 3-5 percent of
users among youths who are students or gainfully em-
ployed, the study found.
Mann said drug addiction in Israel is not epidemic,
but it could spread, and therefore the seriousness of the
phenomenon should not be underestimated. The com-
mittee did not recommend severe penalties for the use of
drugs, but neither did it suggest liberalization of the use of
"soft drugs."

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Twenty-Fifth Annual Palm Beach Reception
Chancellor Gerson D. Cohen will present to
the Seminary Medal
W- Vv#y nroiii
The guest speaker will be the Honorable
former Secretary of State
Sunday, January 29,1984
The Breakers
Palm Beach Seminary Committee
Arthur M. Bienenstock, Chairman
Nathan Appleman
Benjamin S. Homstein
Honorary Chairmen
Lillian Left
A. Alfred Taubman Co<**\rm*.

__.....on 1Q04

Friday, January 28,1964
Tte Jewish Floridian^f96uth County
Boca Raton Chapter of American
Friends of Tel Aviv University
To Sponsor Trip To Israel
James H. Nobil, chairman of the
Boca Raton Chapter of the
American Friends of Tel Aviv
University announced that his
organization will be sponsoring a
visit to Israel April 6-11. The
group will be led by Rabbi
Herbert Friedman, President of
the American Friends of Tel Aviv
University, and one of America's
most prominent experts on
Mr. Nobil explained that the
trip will not be just another tour
of Israel. It has been designed to
give participants the opportunity
to study the places and issues
which affect the lives of the
people of Israel. "We will go
behind the scenes and examine
higher education and its future,
national politics and its players.
and the military and Israel's
national security.''
The group will spend the five
nights at the Deluxe five star Tel
Aviv Hilton Hotel, and the pack-
age will include breakfast daily,
several lunches and dinners,
transportation by air conditioned
motorcoach, as well as all taxes,
gratuities and baggage handling
in hotels. The cost of this deluxe
trip will be $1,599 per person.
Reservations are already being
taken at the local office of the
American Friends of Tel Aviv
University, at 392-9186. The
deadline for signing up is Feb. 15.
Individual extensions are avail
able in the different cities, and it
is possible to arrange a stay ii
Israel through Passover.
1984 Campaign Launched At Coco Wood Lakes
Benjamin Bussin, Family
Division Chairman, announced
the appointment of Icving Seid as
Chairman of Coco Wood Lakes.
Lester Weinberg will serve as his
Co-Chairman for this year's cam-
paign. Both men are veteran
campaigners and Jewish activ-
Irv Seid, affectionately known
as "Cy," was active as a young
boy in the Massada Club and
served as a teenage officer of its
national organization. Between
the years 1962-1972 while living
in West Hempstead, NY., Seid
held the posts of Chairman of the
UJA and ZOA. After moving to
Fort Lauderdale in 1976, Irv be-
came active in UJA and served as
Chairman of the Lauderdale
West campaign, he has also held
the posts of Financial Secretary
Radio Broadcaster to Speak On Behalf Of Bonds
Barry Farber, widely known
radio broadcaster, newsman,
writer and commentator will
appear at Temple Beth El on Feb.
5, on behalf of the Israel Bonds
A prominent, internationally
recognized newscaster, he
covered the refugee exodus from
Hungary at the time of the
Communist takeover, Cuba when
its government fell to the Castro
forces, and in Miami gave on-the-
spot coverage to the race riot as
""the only white man in an all black
bar. Mr. Farber has also been in
and out of Russia and countries
behind the Iron Curtain on
numerous occasions.
In addition to his broadcasts,
Mr. Farber writes articles which
have appeared in "The New York
Times," "Readers' Digest,"
"Saturday Review,"
"Washington Poet," and
"Penthouse Magazine" among
other publications. He is also a
linguist, being fluent in Yiddish,
Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian,
Chinese, Serbo-Croation.
Russian, Portuguese and writes
other languages more common to
Western Europe.
A staunch advocate of human
rights and civil liberties, Mr.
Farber was twice elected to the
Board of Directors of the Greater
New York Conference on Soviet
Jewrv. and appeared for Artists
# Men's Boca Lago
Pod Chairmen
Arnold Rosenthal. Chairman of
the Boca Lago-South County
Jewish Federation-UJA Men's
Division campaign, is pleased to
announce that the following Pod
- Chairmen have been named for
(Cypresses) Charles Lefkowitz,
Chairman; (Fairways) Gerson
Bernstein, Chairman, Saul White
Associate Chairman; (Glades)
Nat Marks Chairman;
(Greens) Ben Marsh,
Chairman; (Horizons) Joseph
Delman, Ezra Mermelstein Co-
Chairmen; (Palms) Bernie
Weiner, Chairman; (Pines)
Seymour Heller Chairman;
(Vistas) Scotch Green, Sanford
Milter, Mac Siskind Co-
Rosenthal is particularly
excited about this year's Boca
Lago campaign. Tha Pod
Sbairmen are very enthusiastic
and have already begun their
individual drives. Rosenthal
commented, "The excitement
generated among the chairmen
has already begun to filter
through our community. I look
forward to the most successful
and vibrant Boca Lairo Men's
campaign ever.
and Writers for Peace in the
Middle East before a Republican
Party sub-committee to appeal
for a strong pro-Israel plank
which was later adopted.
His most famous broadcast
was with his late grandfather, an
immigrant from a small village in
Lithuania, who recounted his
varied experiences in making the
transition from a dot on the map
to the new world of the United
He is a Phi Beta Kappa
graduate of the University of
North Carolina where he was
captain of the wrestling team.
The Israel Bonds Organization
is the major source of develop-
ment capital for Israel. Since its
founding in 1951, the Israel
Bonds program has provided
close to $4.5 billion to help build
every aspect of Israel's economic
infrastructure. Now that a peace
treaty with Egypt has been
signed, thousands of military and
civilian personnel must be
redeployed from the Sinai to the
tJegev.' Industries, jobs, roads,
communications, transportation
and energy, along with the
necessities of everyday life, must
be provided within a short period
of time. Israel looks to Israel
Bonds to help to provide solid
economic foundations both for
the development of the Negev
and the building of a peace
Whether in Florida
or Anywhere
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Phone: (212) 345-0050
Irving Seid
of Congregation Beth Israel, and
Organizer and Vice-President of
the Broward ZOA.
Now a resident of Delray
Beach, Seid has accepted the
chairmanship of Coco Wood
Lakes once again for the 1984
campaign. "Cy" Seid is a grad-
uate of Brooklyn College and an
Actuary by profession. His wife,
Phyllis, is a retired biochemist
and is also active in local Jewish
affairs, including Hadassah and
our South County Jewish
Community Day School.
Co-Chair man, Lester Weinberg
is a retired school teacher from
New York City. While in New
York, Weinberg found himself
very active in Jewish affairs. In
the mid 1950s, he was employed
by the New York City Jewish
Federation and held the post of
Field Secretary of Brooklyn's
Junior Division. After moving to

Lester Weinberg
South Florida in 1981, Lester
became involved in ZOA as well.
According to Lester, "this year
again requires us to devote even
more of our energy and time to
alleviate suffering and support
Recently, a committee meeting
was held at Coco Wood Lakes.
Plans are presently being made
to move forward with the 1984
campaign. At the meeting were
present Ben Bussin, Family
Division Chairman, Morris W.
Morris, Associate Chairman,
Chairman Seid, and Co-Chairman
Weinberg and a committee
consisting of Lillian Young,
Bertha Berger, Joseph Steinberg,
Samuel Berger, Daniel Cohen,
Paul Noun and Charles Kopan.
An annual breakfast is once
again being planned. It is sched-
uled for Sunday, Feb. 26, at the
Coco Wood Lakes Clubhouse. A
large turnout is expected.

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Page 6
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, January 20,1984
Lawrence Schacht Establishes Management
Laboratory At Tel Aviv University
James H. Nobil, Chairman of
the Boca Raton Chapter of the
American Friends of Tel Aviv
University, has announced the
establishment of the Schacht
Management Laboratory within
the Faculty of Management at
Tel Aviv University. The
Laboratory established by
Lawrence Schacht of Boca Raton,
South Orange, New Jersey, and
New York, will provide highly
specialized and supplementary
educational programs for use by
the School's undergraduate and
graduate students, as well as stu-
dents in the Top Executive
Course at the University.
Using multimedia display sys-
tems and self-paced programmed
instruction, the Laboratory will
provide training and develop-
ment which will teach the skills
needed to be effective managers.
It will also enable the School of
Management to study individual
and group behavior and com-
munication patterns through
Lawrence Schacht
simulation and structured expe-
Million Dollar Donation
To Federation JCC
Continued from Page 1
givers. And I was privileged to
have been a part of it," Lev is
Rose and Al Levis moved to
Florida in 1972 to Palm Aire, and
became involved in the Ft.
Lauderdale Federation He
served on the Board of Directors
and was active in the Major Gifts
Division there.
In 1979, the Levis" moved to
Del-Aire and became active in the
South County Jewish commun-
ity, nd Adolph has served as a
member of the Board of Directors
of the South County Jewish
Federation since 1982. Rose Lev-
is is a life member of Hadassah,
and a founding member of the
Lion of Judah Division, the
major gifts category of the Wo-
men's Federation campaign.
They are benefactors of the Boca
Raton Community Hospital and
founding members of the Amer-
ican Friends of the Hebrew Univ-
ersity. They contribute signi-
ficantly to a special foundation
fund of B'nai B'rith and Friends
for Life, an organization that
helps various hospitals and
universities. The Levis' are also
founding members of Boys Town
in Jerusalem.
Making the gift Levis said, "I
did not have much of a childhood.
I started working at 12 years of
age and never had time for sports
or any youth activities. We are
very proud and thrilled to make
this contribution to the Feder-
ation for the Jewish Community
Center to give youngsters an op-
portunity to have the kind of
childhood activities of which I
was deprived."
Lawrence Schacht, the man
who made this Management
Laboratory a reality, has been a
longtime friend of Tel Aviv Uni-
versity. He is a member of the
Board of Directors and a former
Trustee of the American Friends
of Tel Aviv University. His
involvement in Jewish communal
life in America is very extensive.
Schacht is a past national chair-
man of the United Jewish Ap-
peal, and since 1958, he has been
the honorary chairman of the
Essex County State of Israel
Bonds Committee in New Jersey.
Mr. Schacht has also served on
the Board of Trustees for the
Jewish Community Council of
Essex County, and he is a past
president of the American Tech-
nion Society.
The Schacht Management
Laboratory at Tel Aviv Univer-
sity is actually the second such
laboratory created by Lawrence
Schacht. The first was estab-
lished in 1980 at his alma mater,
Stevens Institute of Technology,
in Hoboken, New Jersey, where
he received the baccalaureate
degree in 1927. Mr. Schacht is a
member of the Stevens Board of
The Laboratory at Stevens
employs an audio-visual-digital
system. Its functions can be
monitored and remotely con-
trolled as students receive hands-
on experience practicing the
skills needed to be effective
managers. The new Laboratory
at Tel Aviv University will enjoy
a cooperative relationship with
the Stevens Laboratory. The
video equipment will be virtually
identical; the computer systems
will be compatible. As a result,
management exercises done at
one facility can be taped and
shown at the other laboratory.
Joint management research pro-
jects are envisioned as are ex-
change programs between faculty
members from the two insti-
For further information on this
project and the activities of the
local chapter of the American
Friends of Tel Aviv University,
call Lauren Azoulai, Executive
Director, at 392-9186 in Boca
Pearl Stahl, national director of American Hed Magen David'
for Israel, meets in the White House with Michael Gale,
associate director, Office of Public Liaison, to discuss the
support provided by ARMDI for Magen David Adorn, Israel's
Red Cross Society. In a recent telegram to Louis Rosenberg,
ARMDI national president, President Reagan stated, 'The
United States Government fully supports the selfless efforts of
American Red Magen David. The partnership between ARMDI
and MDA exemplifies the common goals and aspirations of our
two societies.'
Boca Barwood
Announces Chairman
Benjamin Bussin, Family
Division Chairman, recently
announced the appointment of
Colman Hanish as its 1984 UJA-
Federation Boca Barwood Cam-
paign Chairman. Chairman
Hanish has always led an active
Jewish life. Originally from
Cincinnati, Ohio, Colman has
held the positions of President of
his local B'nai B'rith Lodge and
has made an important contribu-
tion, both on the district and
national level of B'nai B'rith.
He has also served as Past
President of the Jewish Voca-
tional Service and was a Board
Member of two local synagogues.
Mr. Hanish became a South
Florida resident in 1980. Since
moving South, he has played an
active roll in Hillel, Federation
and was also responsible for
forming a new B'nai B'rith lodge
in Boca Raton. Even though Col-
man is only a part-time resident
of this community, he feels
strongly about becoming in-
volved. "I feel, it's very impor-
tant for any newcomer to become
part of the community. I live here
only part-time, but I must
contribute to the community to
help maintain the way of life we
Colman Hanish
want to exist here. Since this is
my new home, I want to improve
this way of life and to assist
others who need help." Mr.
Hanish, a licensed Real Estate
broker who owned his own firm,
served as last year's Boca Bar
wood Campaign Chairman
(Airfare, hotel, and a car included.)
SiilL vL'/
Announcing El Al's Sunsation Six Vacation to Israel
Imagine getting six sunrises, and five sunsets, in
Israel for only S795.
Including round-trip airfare. A superior hotel in
Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.
And a complimentary Avis Rent A Car, yours for
five days.
Who can do this for you? Only El Al, the Airline of
Throw in an extra $100, and you'll get our deluxe
packageaccommodations at Jerusalem's King
David Hotel, or the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv.
And if six days just aren't enough, and you want
to extend you stay (who wouldn't?), we can arrange
that too. *
See your travel agent, or call El Al at
1-800-223-6700 and ask about our exclusive Sun-
sational Six Tour. But hurry, this offer ends on
February 29.1984.
Price par parson/double occupancy. One Avia car per double
room; gu. mileage, and insurance charges not included If
rabaUtutod" U"'vaitabk comPr"b,e accommodations will be
Package price baaed on Miami-Tel Aviv round-trip only For
prices from your area, contact a travel agent or El Al.
The Airline of Israel.

Friday, January 20,1964
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 7
Lillian Green Rita Bogus Sylvia Fried Anne Brenner
Hamlet Women's Division
Seated, left to right: Diane Markovitz, Ida
Abrahams, Frances Kahn. Standing, left to right:
Alan MarcoviU, Rabbi Theodore Feldman, Mrs.
Sidney Leib and Dr. Leib.
Continued from Page 1
Oheb Shalom, and was past pre-
sident of the National Asthma
Center, Jersey Chapters, and was
honored by the Jewish Theo-
logical Seminary for Women of
Achievement. Sylvia's experience
in Federation is long-standing as
she was co-chairman of Short
Hills Division of UJA. Sylvia
was also on the Women's Divi-
sion Cabinet of Israel Bonds, and
is a life member of Hadassah and
the National Asthma Center.
Last year she served as a co-
chairman of the Hamlet lun-
Lillian Green was born in
Argentina and came with her
family to America, escaping the
anti-Semitism in Argentina. Lil-
lian volunteered her services to
the Anti-Defamation League and
received the Anti-Defamation
Florida 1,000 League Award. The
Hamlet luncheon will be held on
Feb. 20. A minimum contribution
of $250 is necessary to attend this
luncheon. For more information,
call Women's Division 368-2737.
B'nai Torah Plans 'Evening in Israel' For Bonds
At a recent meeting of the
B'nai Torah State of Israel Bond
Committee, it was announced
that on Feb. 19, the congregation
will host an Israel Night at the
Chairmen, Dr. and Mrs. Sidney
Leib, working with Rabbi
Theodore D. Feldman and the
committee, have come up with an
exciting and innovative evening
of Israeli entertainment, food,
and a travelogue combined with
the bond campaign.
Emphasis will be on the new
$250 Certificate which may be
redeemed in Israel for $300 in
sheckels after 212 years, or $360
after 5 years. The congregation is
planning a trip to Israel next
summer and the "Evening in
I srael" will be the kick-off event.
Participating on the committee
are Ida Abrahams, Frances
Kahn, Eleanor and Sheldon
Jontiff, Alan and Diane Mar-
covitz, and Don Maslov.
To participate in this most
unusual evening, call Julie
Jackson, at the Israel Bond
office, 368-9221, or Rabbi Feld-
man at B'nai Torah, 392-8566.
ORTMother To
The "Mother to Another
Luncheon" of the South Palm
Beach County Region of Wom-
en's American ORT will be held
on Monday, Jan. 30, at the Boca
I'ointe Country Club, Boca
Joyce Portner, Social Assis-
tance Chairman of the Region
"* and her committee. Honey
Shapiro, also of the Region and
Sylvia Schwartz, DelPointe
Chapter Social Assistance Chair-
man, have planned a most excit-
ing afternoon.
Featured entertainment will be
Sarah Filner presenting
"Dramatizations of Living Bio-
graphies in Costume."
This luncheon benefits the
Social Assistance program of
ORT. Contributions to Social
Assistance are used in part to
subsidize libraries throughout
the ORT world network. Other
parts go to fullfilling the stu-
dent's total needs such as money
for haircuts, tooth paste and
leisure time activities. This
motherly attention for a child has
given way to the name "Mother
to Another Luncheon."
For further information please
call Joyce Portner or your
Chapter Social Assistance Chair-
The South County Jewish Federation Women's Division
Pacesetters Luncheon will be held on Feb. 27.
An incorrect date was previously given.
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January 19th thru 21st. 1984

The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, January 20,1964
Rabbi Ted Feldman
A Rabbi j
The following is brought to,
Floridian readers by the South
County Rabbinical Association.
If there are topics you would like
our Rabbis to discuss, please
submit them to the Floridian.
With the recent onset of the secular new year much has been
written about George Orwell's 1948 novel, 1984. The vision of
the world portrayed in that story has evoked many fears since
its publication. It speaks of a totalitarian government that has
complete control over its citizens and tells of the dread con-
sequences of revolting against that control. Actually, the novel
is but another portrayal of the attempts of the human being to
gain the powers attributed to God. Those attempts are not new,
but go back to the very roots of human life.
When God appeared to Moses He declared "My Name is the
Eternal, I am the One, I am God, you are human." The ex-
perience of Moses contains a message that is very essential to
Jewish teaching. If you want to have a world in which we are
able to live then we must realize that the human being is just a
human being and that God is God. The moment that God at-
tempts to become a human being is the moment that God fails
and the moment that the human being attempts to be God is
that moment that human being fails. If each realizes his role,
God on His part and the human being on his part we've got it
1984 is here. The scientists have moved that doomsday clock
one minute closer to midnight because they feel that within the
power of the human being is the ultimate ability and wish for
destruction. The world in which we live is filled with a sense of
omnipresence of government. The 1984 of George Orwell is not
really so far off, in fact, it is here. Man must be warned that the
clock moves closer.
Were it that we could go to the world with a message. I would
hope that message would be one of the treasures of Jewish ideas
which teaches is that God, thank God, is God and man, thank
God, is merely human. That is the way it was and that is the
way it should be. May the year 1984 erase from our memory the
visions contained in the book 7984. May it be a year of seeking
peace, of compromise, and of human understanding, a year of
moving the "doomsday clock" further away from midnight.
May the year 1984 be one in which we all recognize that the
human being is human and God is God.
Religious Directory
1401 N.W. 4th Ave.. Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Conservative.
Phone 392-8566, Rabbi Theodore Feldman. Hazzan Donald
Roberts. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8:15 p.m., Saturday at
9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat Service 2nd Friday of each month.
Minyan on Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m.
16189 Carter Road 1 block south of Linton Blvd., Delray
Beach. Florida 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks.
Daily Torah Seminar preceding services at 7:45 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Sabbath and Festival Services 8:45 a.m. Sabbath Torah class
5 p.m. Phone 499-9229.
Conservative Services at Carteret Savings and Loan Asso-
ciation Office. West Atlantic, corner Carter Road. Delray Beach.
Fridays. 8 p.m. and Oneg Shabbat. Saturdays, 9 a.m. and
Kiddush Kdward Dorfman, President 499-6687. Temple
Office 14600 Cumberland Drive. Delray Beach. Fla. 33446
Phone 495-0466.
333 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Reform.
Phone: 391-8900. Rabbi Merle E. Singer. Assistant Rabbi
Richard Agler, Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat Eve Services at
8 p.m. Family Shabbath Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Friday of each
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 340015, Boca Raton, Fla. 33434.
Conservative. Located in Century Village, Boca. Daily Services
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m., Sunday
8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Reuben Saltzman, President, Joseph M.
Pollack, Cantor. Phone 483-5557.
5780 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Fla. 33445. Con-
servative. Phone: 498-3536. Bernard A. Silver, Rabbi; Naftaly
A. Linkovsky, Cantor. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8 p.m.,
Saturday at 8:45 a.m., Daily Minyans at8.45 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Cason United Methodist Church, 342 N. Swinton Ave. (corner
Lake Ida Rd.), Delray Beach, Fla. Reform. Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1901. Delray Beach, Fla. 33444. Friday at 8:15 p.m.
Rabbi Samuel Silver, President Samuel Rothstein, Phone 276-
Mailing Address: P.O Box 273866, Boca Raton, Fla. 33427.
Orthodox services held at South County Jewish Community
Day School, 414 N.W. 35th St., Boca Raton, every Friday, five
minutes after candlelighting, Saturday morning 9 a.m. Minch-
Maanv President, Dr. Israel Bruk, Phone: 483-8616.
Newly-formed Israel Bond leadership group at home of Ken and Asti Stern.
Israel Bonds Explores New Leadership
At a recent meeting at the
home of Ken and Asti Stern of
Boca Raton, Julie Jackson, the
Director of South County Israel
Bonds, explored new areas of
leadership with an enthusiastic
crowd of young professionals.
Ken Stern, a local attorney,
will begin the groundwork on
gathering new people into the
50,000 Israelis
May Seek
To Leave
government official warned Sun-
day that as many as 50,000 Is-
raelis may leave the country per-
manently during the coming year
unless drastic steps are taken im-
mediately to stop yerida (emigra-
According to Dov Shilansky, a
deputy cabinet minister charged
with preventing yerida, that
would be a record number of de-
partures in any single year. But,
he warned in a- Vqice oLJsrael;
Radio interview, as many as
100,000 Israelis could become
yordim if the trend is not halted.
Jill Cohn
Bat Mitzvah
On Saturday, Jan. 21, Jill
Ellen Cohn. daughter of Ellen S.
Cohn and H. Philip Cohn, will be
called to the Torah of Temple
Beth El of Boca Raton as a Bat
Jill is a student at Pine Crest
School and attends the Temple
Beth El Religious School. Family
members sharing in the Simcha
are brother, Steven and grand-
parents, Leonard and Adele Stein
of Philadelphia, Pa., and Herbert
and Sara Cohn of Boca Raton.
Also present will be Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Rubenstone, Mr.
and Mrs. Patrick O'Brian, Mr.
and Mrs. Norman Cohn and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Leis. Jill's hobby
is art, and she has received
several awards including out-
standing Spanish student of the
year in the 4th and 5th grades,
and the talent program at Duke
Jill's parents will host a
Kiddush in her honor following
Shabbat morning services.
Israel Bond Campaign. "This is a
time when everyone should stand
up and be counted. We need to
educate and stimulate the
younger generation of profes-
sionals. From this group will
spring forth the leaders of
The group was addressed by
Lt. Col Ari Ben-Kish of the Israel
Defense Force. "The youth and
vitality in Israel must be
responded to by the Jews in the
United States," said Ben-Kish.
"The Sterns and their friends
have met this challenge."
Those interested in being a
part of this exciting new group
may call the Israel Bond office
at: 368-9221.
RN's ... LPN's
Nurses Aides
Lear Jet Ambulance
# Live-in/Companions
# Male Attendants
# Insurance Accepted
Personalized Service 24 hourt a day
Palm Beaches (305) 582-8302 Boca Delray (305) 278-0103
Screened Bonded Insured Locatry Owned t Operated
Rosalyn Berger

T herapeufic
Mesquite grilled fish Dry aged select shell
steak Stuffed pork chop Lobster tempura
Grouper "in the bag" Rack of lamb
Country Roast Duck Roast Prime Rib
Kosher Calves Liver
Also serving lunch on the lighter side
Entertainment and Dancing
Wednesday thru Saturday Evenings.
Simply American
Lunr h i,
ua m 1499 Palm,
n. Fla. (30!

V"l .' 'I
The Jewish Floridian of South County
irfing January 17th on El Al
from Miami
Now, for an amazing $699. we can get you from Miami
to Ben Gurion Airport and back again with hardly a hassle.
Take advantage and take your family anytime from
January 17th through March 3rd. (On March 4th, the fare goes
up to $799.) Enjoy the sites for a minimum of six days, but no
longer than sixty. Sorry, no stop-overs are allowed.
What shall you do with the money you save in the air?
Spend it on land, of coursein any of Israels fabulous hotels
and restaurants. Or, if you prefer, you can now have the El Al
Sunsation Six Packagefive nights in a lovely hotel, rental
car for five days and airfareall for only $795* (A savings of
almost $150.)
Even though there's no advance purchase necessary,
better call your Travel Agent today. Or call El Al at 1 800-223-
6700 and book a seat to Tel Aviv before everyone you tel
beats you to H.
The Airline of Israel.

*= *w
;vut y
'J'he Jewish Fioridian of South County
Friday, January 20,1984
The Academy of Jewish Studies #+#*#
Sponsored by: South County Jewish Federation in cooperation with South County Rabbinical
Association and all Synagogues in the area: B'nai Torah Congregation, Congregation Anshei
Emuna, Temple Anshei Shalom of West Del ray, Temple Beth-El, Temple Beth Shalom, Temple
Emeth, Temple Sinai.
ProgramA series of courses and lectures germain to Jewish
life and study. Two semester of seven consecutive week
sessions each followed by a guest lecturer will be offered at
two different locations, one In Boca Raton, the other in Delray
Temple Beth-El
(Glades to S.W. 4th Ave. Then south on S.W. 4th Ave. to 333 S.W.
4th Ave.) _^
Course Dates
January 25; February 1, 15, 22. 29; March 7
9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Course I:
Instructor Rabbi Samuel Silver, D.D.
Title: Great Jewish Personalities IV
Another cluster of outstanding personages who enriched Jewish
history will be highlighted in this course. During various periods of
Jewish history and including modern times many leading individuals
have helped to mold our heritage. We will explore these individuals'
oersonalities, as well as their effects and contributions Participants
need not have partaken in courses 1. 2 or 3
Course II: 10:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m.
Instructor: Rabbi Nathan Zelizer
Title: "How to Cope with Life's Transition Periods"
This course will deal with topics of loneliness, aging, loss of spouse,
remarriage and maintaining self-worth. A physician, psychologist,
and a sorial worker will participate in three of the classes. Biblicai
and post-biblical.facts and legends will be interpreted in order to il-
lustrate how the Jewish people dealt with those problems in the past
Some humorous stories from ancient and modern Jewish literature
will also be used to give greater meaning to the subject discussed
These courses are offered at both Temple beth -El and Cong.
Anshei Emuna on the days assigned to the Academy.
Instructor Tamar Ben-Ami
Title: Ulpan Hebrew Class Beginners 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
A V/7 hour Ulpan Hebrew (Israeli Sepharadit) course will be of-
fered this year. Mastery of basic conversational Hebrew will serve
as the class objective. Basic Hebrew phrases will be applied to situa-
tions involving shopping, eating in a restaurant, holidays, apartment
hunting, touring, kibbutz life, etc. Basic grammatical construction
and mastery of idioms, expression and proverbs will also be covered.
The class itself will assist the teacher through their input as to the
exact direction of the class and the topics to be emphasized.
Intermediate 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m.
A continuation of Tamar Ben Ami's introductory course. Basic
Hebrew conversational skills and a limited vocabulary of 50 basic
words is necessary for productive panicipation in this class.
Advanced 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
Those who already speak Hebrew and are looking to retain their
level as well as to participate in a class with other Hebrew speakers.
Registration Form
Mail to:.
Academy of Jewish Studies
c/o Burt Lowlicht
414 N.W. 35th St.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
> "' 'i
- Address:.

. ^erjter;: Boca Raton ? Delray ?
r /(Wednesday)' .
9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. D
T0:30a.m.-11:30 a.m. ?
11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. ?
1;00p.m.- 2:30 p.m. D

10:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. D
11:30a.m..- 1.-00p.m. D
1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. ?
No fee for members of a participating synagogue.
If you are not a member of a participating synagogue, a $5.00
registration fee, payable to South County Jewish Federation,
covering any and all courses should accompany this form.
Check as many courses as you wish to take!
PurposeTo encourage a sophisticated series of study
sessions for interested adults, and to raise the standard of
Jewish awaremess and scholarship in the community.
Congregation Anshei Emuna
(Go west on Linton Blvd. to Carter Rd. Go south on Carter Rd
Synagogue is on the right hand side.)
7 sessions of Vk hours each will be conducted by a different rabbi
from the South County community. The rabbis will present
autobiographical material and explain some of their personal and
professional goals and objectives and relate to you the human side
of their lives. In an open forum the audience will engage in dialogue
affording them the chance to ask questions and gain insight into
the lives of these seven men.
Amongst the seven rabbis will be those from each movement; Or-
thodox, Reform, Conservative. A retired rabbi, a non-pulpit
rabbi who is both a lawyer and the Executive Director of Federa-
tion; a newly married young rabbi; a newly married slightly older
rabbi. In other words, the rabbis will bring with them a range of
background, perspectives and positions which should make this
class a lively and unique addition to the format of the Academy.
Thursday. January 26 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Rabbi Theodore Feldman is present the rabbi of B'nai Torah Con-
servative Congregation in Boca Raton. He is a graduate of the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America with also a B.A. from
Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Rabbi Feldman has a
special interest in counseling and adult education. He is presently
secretary of the South County Rabbinical Association, Chairman
of the Committee for Jewish Family Services and Rabbinic Advisor
for the newly formed Jewish Community Center.
Thursday, February 2 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks is the rabbi of Congregation Anshei
Emuna. Delray Beach. He has earned three doctorate degrees -
a PhD in Philosophy; T.H.D. in Theology; DHL., doctorate of Hebrew
Letters. Rabbi Sacks has Smicha the classical ordination from the
Hebrew Theological University of Chicago. In addition to his ministry.
Rabbi Sacks is currently the chairperson of Vaad Kashrut for South
County Jewish Federation and co-chairman of the Federation
Retreat Commission.
Thursday, February 910 a.m. 11:30 a.m.
Rabbi Bernard A. Silver, D.D. is the rabbi of Temple Emeth, a Con-
servative Congregation in Delray Beach. He is a graduate of the
Jewish Institute of Religion. Rabbi Silver was also recognized by
Hebrew Union College which conferred upon him the Honorary
Degree of Doctor of Divinity He is a Fellow of the New York Board
of Rabbis and Bellevue Hospital in the Department of Pastoral
Psychology He is former B'nai B'rith Hillel Director and has many
graduate degrees in Education and History. Rabbi Silver has taught
for many years on the university level
Thursday, February 16 -10 a.m. 11:30 a.m.
Rabbi Samuel Silver, D.D. is presently the Rabbi of Tbmpte Sinai
Reform Congregation in Delray Beach. Rabbi Sliver was ordained
at The Hebrew Union College and is Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Sinai
in btamtord. Connecticut. In addition to his spiritual leadershio
responsibilities, Rabbi Silver is a lecturer and an author.
VZS?SbJ r!5? M#rtTE- Smr' So Ha*)' at Temple Beth El of Boca
H^Un^S^2L!Si!2!re,8rty 0f cSSnnaa (1961)^5
ed ha RH.L and M.A.H.L. degrees. He has also received an
honorary degree of Dr. of Humane Letters from Gwvnedd^S/r^2
H Sm99f is teaching, a class in Judaism at Florida Attar*?
?25S* tMmch f -10 A* a.m.
HaoDf Bruce WSrshat is currently the Execubvn nirarw # *.-
Southerly Jewish Ndernt*^^
masters in economics from Yale University; m^toiSESZR
ters and Ordination from the Hebrew Union CoSnSSNo"
various congregations as pulp* rabbi. ^
lh?ft *"* -1.m.-11:30 s.m.
Rabbi Nathan Zelizer, D.D. is a graduate of the iiiih Thoi~, .
Seminary of Amertea. In addHiS totn&SSS oTsS
Master of Arts, and Master of Hebrew UtoZSPEaSm?Rabbi
Zehzer a the retired rabbi of B'nai Torah CongregatonlS Boca RaSn
K HhinT^ 3S fabbi ,0r ^regation^Ksrft?c2S
bus, Ohio for many years. While serving in Ohio Rabbi ziii ^T.
actively involved in his large conservative9synagogueZweH amTn!
organizations and committees. He was the Jewish ChJptain fo7S2
army and for various penal and psychiatric institutions P?esemiv

Page 11
Organizations In The News
(formerly American
/omen) a new chap-
formed in the Boca-
with emphasis on at-
[young women. The
Bting will be held Wed-
^rning, Jan. 25 from 10
>n at the home of Carol
ih Allinson will con-
formal discussion of the
i of children and school
ce. For further in-
call Linda
Emuna announces
ilions from Sinai" will
ermonic theme of the
[to be given by Rabbi Dr.
:ks at the Sabbath
service Saturday, Jan.
Hieing at 7:45 a.m. "The
Dialogue with the Rab-
[ afternoon services begin
[B'rith Women-Boca will
fourth birthday meet-
jesday, Jan. 24 at Tem-
El, 333 SW 4th Avenue,
[12:30 p.m. All first ladies
honored as well as all
who have been con
rith B'nai B'rith for a
of 18 years. A mini-
be served and enter-
will be furnished by
rman and her group,
are free and guests cost
$2.50. For reservations,
Fran 482-0561 or Mimi
ll. B'nai B'rith Naomi
I will sponsor a Nite at the
Saturday, Jan. 28. Tic-
ta limited. Call Gertrude
fitz 499-2225 for yours.
le Sinai-Sisterhood will
Seir next meeting on Mon-
in. 23 at 12 noon at the
Clubhouse on Bonaire
[Oriole. This will be a paid-
I membership luncheon,
program and refresh-
i will he served.
Ramat Gan Chapter of
(can Red Magen David for
Delray-Boynton will hold
[next, meeting on Tuesday,
|4 at 7:30 p.m. at the Amer-
Savings Bank, Atlantic
Delray. All are invited to
Refreshments will be
1. A special film made in Is-
irill be shown. For further
lation, please call Mark
m 499-4706 or M. Lutzker
American Friends of the
nation for the Welfare of
ers in Israel will present a
the social hall of Temple
El, 333 SW 4th Ave., Boca,
ay. Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. The
will tell the story of the
iWSI, its functions and serv-
the Israel Armed Forces.
re welcome. Refreshments
i served.
ssah-Menachem Begin
[hold its gala annual HMO
>n at Brooks Restaurant,
Federal Hwy., Deerfield
on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 12
Lisl Schick, President of
i Central Region since May
[will be the guest speaker.
iassah-Palm Beach County
celebrate its 11th annual
ition Day Program in the
rium of FAU. Glades
V, Boca on Thursday, Feb. 9
9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Jewish
: from the bible to broadway
theme of the program. The
talent from the 22 chapters
rating all of Palm Beach
ty will partake in the excit-
[ presentation directed and
I by Sylvia Gilbert of the
chem Begin Chapter.
are $4 each and may be
ised from the Education
arson of each chapter or at
iditorium door at FAU. It's
bag lunch. Refreshments
[be served. Molly Friberg,
im of the affair will co-
the Bridge of I learning
program which represents the
Judaica Collection of the FAU
Hadassah-Boca Aviva Chapter
will hold their next meeting on
Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 12 noon at
B'nai Torah, 1401 NW 4th Ave.,
Boca, the program will be pre-
sented by Ann Krainin, and will
be a book review of "Shula" code
name "The Pearl," by Golan and
Pinkas. Guests are welcome.
Jewish War Veterans-Delray
Ladies Auxiliary No. 266 will
have their next meeting on
Thursday, Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m. at
the American Savings and Loan,
Atlantic Ave., Delray. The Key-
note speaker will be Murray
Baum, Sales Director of HMO.
For further information, please
call 499-0817.
B'nai Torah Adult Education
One Night Lecture Series will
take place on Thursday, Jan. 26
at 8:45 p.m. at the synagogue,
1401 NW 4th Ave., Boca Raton.
Sol Kravitz will speak on The 3rd
Most Important Public Relations
Effort in Judaic History The
Babylonian Isiah. Sol Kravitz is
a member of B'nai Torah board of
Trustees. Call the synagogue
office for course fee and further
information at 392-8566.
Anshei Shalom-Oriole Jewish
Center Sisterhood are having a
luncheon and card party Mon-
day, Jan. 30 at 11:30 amm. in the
velray Adult Recreation Center,
802 NE 1st Street. Tickets are $6.
For more information, call 498-
5511 or 499-8241.
National Council of Jewish
Women-Boca, Delray Section will
hold their next meeting on Tues-
day, Jan. 24 at 8 p.m. at the Boca
Teeca Auditorium. This meeting
is entitled "BOCA Burn Off
Calories Actively." It will feature
aerobic exercise, demonstration,
member participation and dis-
cussion about nutrition. Cheryl
Lents will lead the group for this
meeting. For further information,
call 368-1256.
Temple Beth El-Singles will
have a Pajama Party at the home
of Alysha Ferrell, on Saturday,
Jan. 21 at 8:30 p.m. for more
information contact Alysha
Ferrell at 994-4940 or Don Wayne
at 942-1494 evenings. Also please
make your reservations by Jan.
21 for Moonlight Bowling at Don
Carter Lanes, Boca, Jan. 28 at 10
p.m. Call Don Wayne 942-1494 or
Don Snider 736-3699 evenings.
The cost is $6 per person.
Women's American ORT-Del-
ray Chapter will hold their
Mother-to-Another luncheon at
Boca Pointe Country Club, Boca
Raton on Monday, Jan. 30 at 12
noon. They will also have an ORT
Sabbath at Temple Emeth, W.
Atlantic Ave., Delray on Friday,
Jan. 27 at 8 p.m.
Women'8 American ORT-All
Points Chapter will hold then*
Mother-to-Another luncheon at
Boca Pointe, Country Club, Boca
Raton on Monday, Jan. 30 at 12
Community Calendar
Temple Beth El-Distinguished Artist Series, 8:15 p.m. Young
Leadership Development, 12-3 p.m. Temple Emeth-Singles
Board meeting, 9:30 a.m.. .
Jenny 23
Pioneer Women-Kinneret meeting, 1 p.m. Pioneer Women-
Zipporah meeting, 12:30 p.m. Temple Beth Shalom-
Sisterhood, 10 a.m. meeting Temple Sinai-Sisterhood meeting
Ann II
B'nai B'rith Women Boca, 12:30 p.m. meeting American Red
Magen David for Israel meeting, 7:30 p.m.
Jenny 25
Hadassah-Aviva, 12 noon meeting; National Council Jewish
Women-Boca Delray, 8 p.m. meeting Women's American ORT-
Delray, 12:30 p.m. Board meeting Women's American ORT-
Sandalfoot, 1:30p.m. meeting
Women's American ORT-Oriole meeting, 12:30 p.m. Anshei
Emuna-Sisterhood. 10 a.m. Board meeting B na. B nth-
Genesis, 12 noon meeting Hadassoh-Sabra, 8 p.m. meeting
B'nai Torah Adult Educotion, 8:45 p.m. Jewish War Veterons-
Auxiliary. 7:30 p.m. meeting
Women's American ORT-Delray, 8p.m. meeting
Temple Emeth Concert, 8p.m.
Temple Beth El-Brotherhood Breakfast meeting, 10 a.m.
Pioneer Women-Kinneret
chapter, Palm Greens is sponsor-
ing an evening at Jai Alai, on
Thursday, Jan. 26. Tickets are
$4. Call Lee Barnett for Tickets
and reservations at 496-0796.
Pioneer Women-Zipporah will
hold their next meeting on Tues-
day, Jan. 24 at 12 noon at the
Waldman mm
Miami Beach* Finest GUtt Koaner Cnisine
11 Days -10 Nights
Apr.15-Apr.25 |ACA Z^
3 Metis dally Included JJOOU
Stay at Adjoining Atlantic Towers Hotel-
Meals at Waldman
SKTK -10 Days 9 Nights $OgQ g
Dining Room Open to the Public
Phone for Reservations
Phone Sam WaMnun 53&5731 or 534-4751
American Savings Bank, Atlant-
ic Ave., Delray. Refreshments
will be served. The guest speaker
will be Dr. Edward Aitman,
Chiropractor who will give gener-
al information on good health.
Members and guests are wel-
come. For enrollment and
membership information, please
call 499-1789.
Candlelight Luncheon Of The
Sisterhood of Temple Beth El
Nora Ephron, co-writer of the
acclaimed movie "Silkwood"
with Meryl Streep, will be guest
speaker at the 10th Annual
Candlelight Luncheon of Temple
Beth El of Boca Raton at the
Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on
Feb. 15 at noon. Ms. Ephron is
also author of the best selling
novel "Heartburn" and is co-
writer of the soon to be released
film "Modern Bride" with Diane
Keaton, and is a journalist noted
for her funny, personal, sardonic,
pieces on feminist concern and
culture that appeared in Esquire
and New York magazines, and
TV talk shows.
Reservations and information
may be obtained by calling Ida
Goldman (943-3861), Pearl Jaffa
(428-2104), or Edith Davis (391-
1252). Donation S25 for members
and S35 for guests.
Term Life Insurance
500K 1 Million
35 263 485 860
45 398 735 1,360
55 838 1,555 2,700
In Most Cases, No Examination
Call 305-533-1126
Kosher Division
"fcWAW/y mOA on
Complete Catering Facilities
Social Hall Available for all
Simchaa: Weddings, Bar or
Bat Mltzvahs, Organizations, etc.
Catering alto available for outside functions
Strictly Kosher
Under Rabbinical Supervision
For Information Call
Carlos 8864611
Passover 19S4
CoxJially invites you to CeUb\aU
at the ^Diplomat Motel
cnollywood, Jtla.
APRIL 16 APRIL 24,1984
Complete Holiday Program
From $799 to $1099 per person doubts occupancy
Plus 19% taxes and gratuities
9* JlUtumJ .%fo\mtM Cmtmci
ClJniv*%tal JCotkt* 3ouM Jnc.
JL, 212*9446*4 600-221-2791
Exclusive OpeuToa fon DIPLOMAT NOTH.

l*ii ruiriai
:>'.' -j
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday. January 20,1964
A,.Boc Raion/Bo>->oo e*ac'Co'ii SprrngvOeettieid Bach/Fo1 LaudefdaHrfJupnefLake Worth; Margatt'NoMh Boca Raton'Pa'm Bay'PainvBeachiPatm Beach GardenVPaim Spfing*Ptatatiow
Rate Yourself!
Put your money to work earning high
interest today... at City!
City's Certificate program is tailor made for you... terms are available from
3 months all the way up to 30 years... even an 18 month variable rate
certificate is available.. .you decide! You can even arrange to defer
interest earned on 12 month CD's... a real advantage for tax planning
purposes. Come in today.. and take full advantage of some of the
highest rates available... at City!
Interest on City's Certificates is compounded and credited monthly.
Simple interest is credited at maturity on the 12 month Tax Deferred Certificates.
There is a substantial interest penalty for early withdrawal on certificate accounts.
For more details and current rates
call our CITY Information Desk
Toll Free 1-800-492-4141


G E Can Opener
Kn.le Sharpener
4 PC French While
Coming, Set
Coco Radio
Emerson Tape
Recorder (AC DC
2 Cannon Blankets
20 Number Memory
E "tension Phone
Steam Spray
New Haven
Pierre Cardm 21"
Drink Mier
Hamilton Beach
Electric Carving
4 slice
Presto Fry Baby
Deep Fryer
Hand Mixer
Black & Decker
Step Stool
10 cup
Cotlee Maker
16" HK Gold
(m pouch)
5 PC Cutlery
plus 8 Steak

Portable Radio


Gills *" be dc'i/e'ed by UPS Fteguiations prohibit a gilt lor transfer ot funds already on deposit with thr
association One gilt per depositor Gilts are not available lor IRA or Keogn Accounts
For more details and the office nearest you. .
call our CITY Information Desk toll free 1-800-492-4141
City Federal Savings One of America's Largest Financial Services Companies
120 Offices throughout Florida and New Jersey Deposits Insured by FSLIC




. -f-
' Mr.,,io*n 'Moo'eslo*n/ MuXllnnwn Memo Park' Marltonf Manahawkin' Linden/ Laurelton 'Lake Miawalh*/ Uakood'KenilorthlMoelllMiiibomiiohlM.i.i. ~o
^oorough'MiQhiand pa,k 'Ma/l*!/Mddonf.eid'Gr*

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