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The Jewish Floridian of South County
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Jewish Floridian
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Jewish Floridian of South Broward
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Boca Raton, Fla
F.K. Shochet.
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February 4, 1983
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Boca Raton (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Boca Raton


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 14, 1979)-
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The Apr. 20, 1990 issue of The Jewish Floridian of South County is bound in and filmed with v. 20 of The Jewish Floridian of South Broward.

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University of Florida
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*Jewlsti Floridian
Of South County
Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Highland Beach
le 5 Number 5
Boca Raton, Florida Friday, February 4, 1983
Price 35 Cents
srael Prepared To 'Go It Alone' If
U.S. Pursues
Naked Power

ing Together?
You're Breaking the Law
ty on Jewish re-
law [halacha] has
;d that Jewish
living together
benefit of a mar-
Ceremony sanctified
I Jewish Law [kid-
are violating at
[two principles of
David Feldman of
rn, a member of the
ssion of Law and
is of the Rab-
Assembly of
the association of
Native rabbis, sub-
le charge during a
lectures at Beth
Synagogue in
according to the
Jewish News.
He said that while Jewish law
does not explicitly prohibit a man
and a woman from living to-
gether without kiddushin, the
sexual code endorsed in the Book
of Leviticus specifically forbids a
man to allow his daughter to be-
come involved in a promiscuous
relationship. He said that while
the text refers to "harlotry," it
may be inferred that all manner
of promiscuity is forbidden, in-
cluding cohabitation without
FELDMAN ALSO suggested
that the commandment which re-
quires children to honor their
fathers and their mothers may be
invoked to dissuade couples from
proceeding with plans to live to-
gether, without marriage, on
grounds such an act constitutes
disrespect for parents. He
stressed that to dishonor one's
parents is a major violation of
Jewish law.
Feldman noted that often the
participants in such live-in ar-
rangements reject the religious
framework of the issue. They do
not recognize the validity of com-
mitment to a partner in the way
the concept has been accepted in
traditional Jewish marriages, he
He agreed that no rational
argument or religious injunction
would convince such young Jews
that their position was in error.
He said that for them, the only
valid response is to refer to those
marriages in which couples have
attended through the years to
each other's physical and emo-
tional problems and ailments,
lavishing tender care on each
kind of commitment cannot come
from the "insubstantial" ar-
rangement of living together
without marriage. He said the
whole question of cherishing
one's spouse is at the heart of the
sexual ethics of Judaism. He said
the voluminous discussions by
the sages on the issue are based
Continued on Page 11
N.Y. (JTA) "Com-
mercialism economic
greed rather than the
best security interest of the
United States is dominat-
ing our policy," Dr. Joseph
Churba, head of the Center
for International Security,
told the National Board of
Hadassah at its opening
session of the midwinter
meeting here at the Con-
cord Hotel.
Churba, a former top official in
the Arms Control and Disar-
mament Agency, said that now
that Eugene Rostow. who was
dismissed after a stormy tenure
as the director of the same
agency, following the resigna-
tions of Secretary of State Alex-
ander Haig and National Securi-
ty Adviser Richard Allen, "the
pro-Saudi Arabian group is in full
control, and those who believe in
the intrinsic values of Israel as
Xmerica's best ally in the Middle
East are no longer represented
among the policy makers."
"It is now up to Congress and the
people of the United States to let
the President know that they
value the Israel connection. And
I am not referring to the Jewish
community. The general Ameri-
can public and retired military
leaders who are free to express
YORK (JTA) Former U.S.
Court Justice Arthur Goldberg
it he would "reconvene" the
in Jewish Commission on the
ist which was disbanded last Au-
:ause, according to Goldberg, the
failed to provide the funds
to carry out its project.
g said he would ask his associ-
f. Seymour Finger of the City
ty of New York Graduate
to call a meeting for that purpose
York on Feb. 9. The commission
blished in 1981 to study what
the organized American Jewish com-
munity did or failed to do to save Euro-
pean Jewry from the Holocaust in the
years 1939-1945.
.Goldberg said in a statement released in
Washington that he would personally
provide and assure the provision of the
required funds to complete the study.
Finger, who heads the research on the
project, said earlier in the month that
Goldberg was unable to finance the pro-
ject alone after its sponsor, businessman
and Holocaust survivor Jack Eisner,
halted payments.
Joseph Churba
themselves, all understand the
gco|N)litical importance of Israel
in the Levant."
Furthermore. Churba said, "If
I he Pfonl Aministration team
should attempt to exert leverage
on Israel in favor of the Pales-
tinians to placate their S Midi-
Arabian clients, Israel couldn't
go it alone.' "
Churba said that "Israel has
assumed a new military signifi-
cance for the U.S." He pointed
out that "within the space of one
week (during the Lebanon war) it
Continued on Page 2-
Goal: Split U.S. Jews
Habib Back from Shuttle;
Pressure on Israel Seen
American mediator
Philip Habib flew back to
Washington from Israel
Monday to report to Presi-
dent Reagan on his failure
to make progress towards a
negotiated withdrawal from
Lebanon. In Israel senior
officials spoke of "stale-
mate" and the media spoke
of a "crisis" in the talks.
At the weekly Cabinet session
Sunday, Defense Minister Ariel
Sharon said he expected the U.S.
publicly to blame Israel for the
lack of progress in the talks, and
the general atmosphere in
government circles here seems to
be one of resigned expectation of
an open confrontation with the
HABIB IS expected back here
early next week, "and then the
pressures will begin," one Israeli
source remarked privately. A
working session between Habib
and Premier Menachem Begin,
together with Foreign Minister
Continued on Page 3-

Page 10
)ridian of South County
B.M.. t-

Pasre 12
Pge2 '
." **
v. "> .*.

77* Jewish Fhridian of South County
Friday, February 4,1983
Israelis Downcast
See Worsening Relations With U.S.
Israel Prepared to 'Go It
Alone' If U.S. Toughens
JERUSALEM (JTA) Israeli government sources
were markedly downbeat Sunday as U.S. special envoy
Philip Habib returned here from weekend trips to
Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The sources, speaking
after a lengthy Cabinet debate, seemed to expect a
worsening of relations with the U.S. in light of Habib's
failure to make progress over Lebanon.
The sources expected the
U.S. to publicly blame Is-
rael for the stalemate on the
withdrawal of Israeli forces
and negotiation package in
Lebanon. They said they
detected signs of this trend
in recent media leaks
emanating from
expressed as Habib and his
deputy, Morris Draper, were
ichedulcd to meet with Premier
Menachem Begin and other
Israeli officials for a summation
of Habib's efforts so far to get the
Israeli-Lebanon talks off dead
There is a feeling in Israeli
government circles that Israeli
and American interests in Leb-
anon are fundamentally
divergent and that the U.S., for
reasons connected with its poli-
cies vis-a-vis the wider Arab
world, does not wish to see Israel
achieve a political success in
American officials argue that
this is not at all the case, but
rather that Lebanon itself cannot
agree to the political and other
demands that Israel is making of
it because of Arab world pres-
sures and because of the delicate
situation within the country
AT THE end of Habib's week-
long efforts here, in intensive
talks with Foreign Minister
Yitzhak Samir and other Israeli
officials to speed up the nego-
tiation and withdrawal process,
Israeli sources said the U.S.
envoy has made no real progress.
David U. Setigman
Interior Design
and Residential
They listed the following key
disputed points on which there
had been no narrowing of the
gaps between Israel and the
Israel's demand for IDF-
manned warning stations at three
sites in lebanon Sidon, Naba-
tiya and Jebel Barukh; Israel's
demand that the United Nations
Interim Force in Lebanon
(UNIFIL) leave south Lebanon
and that Maj. Saad Haddad's
militia have a built-in role in poli-
cing the area; and Israel's desire
for maximum normalization with
Reports from Beirut over the
weekend said Habib had obtained
Lebanese support for a proposal
that American personnel man the
projected warning stations in the
south. Israel, however, rejects
this solution, according to
sources here.
ON UNIFIL'S future role, the
Israeli sources said, Habib was
deliberately vague, leaving
details to be worked out in nego-
tiations. But the American envoy
was firm in the view that
UNIFIL's continued presence
was necessary in the south to
bolster the Lebanese army's
efforts to keep the peace and keep
the area terrorist-free.
In this, Habib said, he was
reflecting the I^ebanese own
conviction that, with their army
still in an early stage of recons-
truction, they need UNIFIL's
Israeli sources maintain,
however, that UNIFIL would
hinder rather than help in
keeping the security zone of
southern Lebanon free of
terrorists. The Israelis cite past
'experiences involving UNIFIL,
which has been in place since
1978, which, they say, often
showed the UN force was lax
towards the Palestine Liberation
Many Demonstrated
Israeli in five has taken part in a
demonstration, according to a
study undertaken by Bar-1 Ian
University Prof. Shmuel Leh-
man. It showed that 21 percent of
all Israelis had demonstrated,
compared with II percent in the
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Rout* 17 (Quick way) to Exit 106 than 90 up Broodwoy to
Monticello Post Office than turn right into Liberty St.
ond go of o mi la to Delano
Organization and ineffective in
preventing incursions.
UN officials, in private con-
versations, hotly dispute these
allegations. They claim there
were scores, perhaps hundreds of
incidents in which UNIFIL had
acted to prevent PLO incursions
that might have reached the
Israeli border. And they cite cur-
rent occasional terrorist acts
within the IDF-controlled areas
of Lebanon to prove that no
security system can be totally
effective in a thickly populated
REGARDING normalization,
Habib's position during the talks
last week was, according to the
Israeli sources, that broad princi-
ples be agreed upon now, such as
the principle of open borders, but
detailed arrangements should be
made only after the withdrawal of
IDF and other foreign forces
from Lebanon. Israel wants the
details determined before the
Continued from Page !
destroyed $3 billion worth of So-
viet equipment and captured $2
billion worth of the same, while
utilizing no more than 11 percent
of its capabilities. Were the
superior Israeli war technology
and tactics grafted onto the
NATO capabilities, it would be
possible to eliminate the Soviet
superiority on the Central
ISRAEL, he pointed out, "has
military self-sufficiency, superior
manpower and advanced technol-
ogy. One cannot stabilize the
Middle East theater without
Israel any more than Western
Europe without West Germany,
or the Far East without Japan."
Churba downgraded the threat
of a general Arab-Israel war for
the balance of this decade saying,
"Arab military power has vir-
tually collapsed notwithstanding
the Soviet replenishment to Sy-
ria. The Persian Gulf reeion
remains the epicenter of global
|x)litks and whichever way the
Iraq-Iran war goes, Saudi Arabia
stands to lose. Events there will
Calling Secretary of State
George Shultz, Defense Secretary
Caspar Winberger, and President
Reagan's special envoy to the
Middle East, Philip Habib, "the
boys from Bechtel," Churba
asserted that as long as policy
making is in their hands U.S.
power and diplomacy will be
irrelevant in the region."
THE THREE Secretaries were
officials of the Bechtel Corpor-
ation before joining the Reagan
Administration. Given Bechtel's
business interests in Saudi Ara-
bia, many Congressmen and
Jewish leaders were concerned
that they would "tilt" toward
Saudi Arabia in their Adminis-
tration functions.
"But Saudi Arabia is no longer
the all-powerful banker who pulls
the strings," Churba said. "Be-
tween the oil glut and the world-
wide depression as well as the
religious and political ferment in
I In- Arab world it is a country
at risk and growing weaker.
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I.C.C.F.F. 565
February 7th (Monday) 8:00 P.M.
THOMAS A DINE, Executive Director A.I.P.A.C.
"A Confidential Briefing on the Current Status of U.S.-Israel Relations'
(This is the replacement for the Klesmer Concert)
February 20th (Sunday) 8:00 P.M.
DR. JOEL ELKES, Professor Emeritus, John Hopkins University
member Board of Trustees, Hebrew University
"On Brain Behavior and Well Being-Here and in Israel"
March 20th (Sunday) 8:00 P.M.
Institute for Studies in International Terrorism.
"The Network of Terrorism, a New Breed of Violence"
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Boca Raton, Florida

Friday, February 4,1963
Th* Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 3
Split U.S. Jews
Habib Back in U.S. Empty-Handed

Continued from Page 1
Yitzhak Shamir and Sharon, pro-
duced no substantive shift in the
deadlock, according to Israeli
sources. The main issue of dis-
pute continues to be Israel's de-
mand for three IDF-manned
.^iirly warning stations in Leba-
non after the IDF withdraws
from that country. Other dis-
puted issues include the role fo
the United Nations Interim Force
in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the role of
Maj. Saad Haddad's militia, and
the pace of normalization be-
tween Israel and Lebanon.
A great deal of attention at the
Cabinet meeting was focussed on
the early warning stations, and a
group of ministers expressed
open doubts as to the wisdom of
forcing a confrontation with the
U.S. over this matter.
Philip Habib
presented a solid phalanx in sup-
strenuously denied by U.S. Em-
bassy sources here.
Observers point out that the
Israeli suspicions of American ill-
will are, in many respects, a mir-
ror-image of the suspicion felt in
some quarters in Washington
towards Israel. The U.S. sus-
picion is that the Begin govern-
ment is deliberately dragging its
feet over the Lebanese negotia-
tion and-withdrawal in order to
ward off or avert indefinitely a
U.S. effort to apply the Reagan
peace proposals for a Palestinian
settlement (which Israel has ut-
terly rejected).
At the Knesset Foreign Affairs
and Defense Committee, Begin
2UBfiiea. SsSSSSa aw-"=s
included Deputy Premier David
Levy (Likud-Herut), became par-
ticularly perturbed when it
emerged from Sharon's briefing
that what he and Begin have in
mind is not merely electronic sur-
Iveillance posts, but rather mili-
Itary bases, albeit on a small
|scale, each manned by a com-
any-size detachment of troops.
later that it seemed from
Aharon's report though there
vas no absolute clarity on this
that the three bases would be
jsed not merely to track incur-
f-ions but also to prevent them
physically. The garrisons would
engage in patrols and in pursuits
If need be.
Mordechai Ben-Porat requested
that a (secret) ministerial defense
committee meeting be called to
iiscuss this issue in fuller detail.
)ther ministers who expressed
li.ubts over the proposed IDF
stations included Yosef Burg of
the National Religious Party,
Uharon Uzan of Tami and Yitz-
j^k Modai of the Liberal Party
ving of Likud.
Rut Begin, Shamir and Sharon
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Mashglach 4 Synagogue
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apparently supports them.
At the meeting with Habib
later in the day, the U.S. envoy
reiterated that Lebanon rejected
the idea of the IDF manning the
warning stations, regarding it as
a infringement of its sovereignty.
Habib reportedly proposed U.S.,
UNIFIL, or multi-national force-
manning all of which options
Israel rejected.
IN PRIVATE conversations.
Israeli sources are wondering
aloud whether the U.S. and Israel
are in fact caught up in a basic
clash of interests in the Lebanon
crisis. These sources feel that the
U.S. does not see it as an Ameri-
can interest given Washing-
ton's broad ties throughout the
Arab world to encourage a po-
litical accord between Israel and
Such an accord, these sources
reason, would complicate matters
for the Americans in Arab
opinion, and might also provoke
problems within Lebanon itself
where some Moslem and Druze
are sure to oppose it.
Even more importantly, ac-
cording to this theory,the U.S. is
anxious to demonstrate to the
Arabs and most especially to
Jordan's King Hussein that it
can exert influence over Israel,
and not the other way around
The U.S., after all, regards the
impending accession of Hussein
to the Mideast peace process,
within the framework of the Rea-
gan proposals, as the most vital
element in current Mideast
THERE ARE allegations be-
ing voiced here, and not only
from Sharon's circles, that the
U.S. is actively discouraging
Lebanon from entering into far-
reaching political accords with
Israel. These allegations are
what he termed "conditions for
withdrawal.'' But he pointed to
progress at the Kiryat Shmona-
Khalde talks on formulating an
agreed agenda and particularly
on agreement over ending the
state of war. The Premier said
this issue was agreed in principle
but Lebanon held that such
agreement could come into effect
only once the IDF had complete-
ly withdrawn from Lebanese soil.
U.S. Personnel in
Lebanon 'Academic'
State Department spokesman
John Hughes said that until a
plan was agreed upon for the
withdrawal of the foreign troops
from Lebanon, it was "purely
academic" to discuss the possi-
bility of providing American
personnel to man early warning
systems in south Lebanon.
U.S. special envoy Philip
Habib reportedly suggested this
possibility in discussions with
Israeli officials. Hughes noted
that it has been consistent policy
of the State Department not to
discuss the details of the nego-
tiations in which the U.S. is
engaged in with Lebanon and
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies at Yeshiva University,
originally called Teachers Institute for Men, has been renamed
in honor of the benefaction of Hermann Merkin, member of the
University Board of Trustees. Merkin is also a board member of
both the University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine and
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and co-chairman of the
University's $100 million Century Campaign. Dr. Norman
Lamm (right), president of the University, points out the new
name of the college to Mr. and Mrs. Merkin.
The State of Israel Bond office has
relocated to new quarters at 2300 Palm Beach
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The Israel Bond organization expresses its
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who have made the Florida Region one of the
most successful Israel Bond sales areas in
the United States. Please come by and say
hello and have a glass of Sabra. We will be
open normal working hours, 9 am to 5 pm.
Bert Sales, Florida Regional Manager
State of Israel Bonds
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!>.... 10
Page 4
The Jewish FlnruuanaTiEiuU^ouZuv ..
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4,1983
(Jewish Floridian
Of South Counly
Executive Editor
I Frad Shochet
Editor and Publisher ExacutHW Editor Newa Coordinator
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Out of Town, Upon Request
American Aid To Israel
The Bargain Behind the Bluster
Friday, February 4,1983
Volume 5
21 SHE VAT 5743
Number 5
U.S. Snubs Peace?
Michigan's Sen. Carl Levin (D.) made a
good point this week when he pinpointed
the Reagan Administration as the heavy in
the failure thus far to achieve peace in
Further, Levin let it be known that both
President Reagan and the State Depart-
ment knew and kept secret the fact that
there were many Palestine Liberation Or-
ganization fighters in force in Beirut at a
time when in public they were supporting
the exit of the PLO from the country and
the withdrawal of the armies of Israel and
In effect, Levin declared, the U.S. is not
committed to a stable peace between Israel
and Lebanon and is sabotaging every effort
put forth by the Israelis to achieve one. It
is not in the best American interest to
establish this kind of peace because, in
effect, it would offend the Arabs.
Is Sen. Levin correct? We are reasonably
certain he is, and not because of any of his
revelations. Apart from the information he
made public about the PLO presence in
Beirut, which was never exactly a secret
either, the Michigan Senator was simply
drawing his conclusions from events in the
Middle East over the past few weeks.
Perhaps one of the most important of
these events has been the Reagan Adminis-
tration's successful attempt so far to in-
timidate the American Jewish community
and split it wide apart over Israel's conduct
of the war in Lebanon and its aftermath.
If American and Arab reactions to the
war have been strictly political, the
reactions of some Jews in America, in
Europe, indeed in Israel itself, have
presumably been on the grounds of moral
But the intimidation of the Reagan
forces has as its object to turn these moral
exceptions into political fears. For
example, another event as an aftermath of
the war: Only this week, the Reagan Ad-
ministration denied reports that the U.S. is
prepared to cut off aid funds to Israel if the
Israelis do not agree quickly to an essential
unconditional withdrawal from Lebanon. Is
that intimidation enough?
We do not intend further to catalogue
events. Editorials here since the conclusion
of the war in Lebanon have done that. Our
purpose is mainly to warn the American
Jewish community of the Reagan strategy.
And to have the American Jewish com-
munity understand that, as it affords for
itself the luxury of moral debate, what the
Administration has in mind is to press
Israel back into its pre-1967 borders, no
questions asked.
They Were Only Following Orders
defense attorney for an Israeli
major and six soldiers accused of
using excessive force to subdue
Arab demonstrators on the West
Bank claimed in court that the
defendants were acting under the
direct orders of Chief of Staff
Gen. Rafael Eitan.
The attorney submitted for the
rd documents containing the
minutes of a staff meeting at
which Eitan allegedly ordered in-
discriminate harassment of the
Arab civilian population on the
West Bank to curb disturbances
in the territory Last March. He
also instructed military courts in
the area to impose stiffer punish-
ment on Arabs arrested for disor-
derly conduct.
The full contents of the docu-
ments were not made public. If
they are challenged by the
military prosecutor's- office,
Kitan may be summoned to
testify at the trial.
In a recent study. Rudy
Boschwitz of Minnesota has put
| the issue of American aid to
Israel in perspective. How much
is Israel really costing America?
Is it worth it? Is Israel a burden
or a bargain? Senator Boschwitz
has unscrambled the statistics
and penetrated the bureaucratic
jargon to reveal the following:
The United States lays out in
"foreign aid" to Israel a sum
which amounts to about 4 per-
cent of what the United States
lays out to Great Britain, France,
Italy, and West Germany. This
year, when Israel will get about
$3 billion. NATO countries will
get $50 to $80 billion but you
never hear about it. This is be-
cause in the wonderful world of
bureaucracy the money sent to
Israel is called "foreign aid." It is
quietly stored away in the
defense budget.
A few more facts: Israel pays
back upwards of one-half of the
American aid it gets, while
NATO pays back nothing. This
year, for example, Israel will be
paying out $900 million in ac-
cumulated principle and interest
on previous American loans,
which means that the actual cash
outlay to Israel from America
this year will not be $3 billion,
but about $2 billion. Further-
more, of that $2 billion, all of tis
defense-related portion will be
spent in the United States,
thereby creating jobs not for Is-
raeli but for Americans. By
contrast, the money which the
United States spends on NATO
creates jobs for both American
soldiers and for one million Euro-
What is America getting for
the money it sends to Israel? It
gets the latest intelligence in-
formation on the latest, most
advanced Soviet weaponry.
Israel, not NATO, is supplying
the United States with this infor-
mation. Israel, not NATO, is
keeping the Soviet Union out of
the Middle East as convinc-
ingly demonstrated last June by
the Israel Air Force's utter rout
of Soviet-armed Syrian attempts
to overtake Lebanon. And Israel
is doing this with just a few per-
centage points of the aid which
America ships overseas.
What is more. Israel is no drain
on American trade. While Japan
lias an $18 to $20 billion positive
trade balance with the United
States, Israel has a consistently
negative trade balance with the
U.S. This means that the money
which America ships to Israel for
economics assistant eventually
finds it way back to America in
the form of Israeli imports of
American goods.
You hear a lot about Israel
having received around $20 bil-
lion in aid from America in the
last 10 years. The figure is ac-
curate. What you do not hear is
that NATO will receive about six
times that amount for the next
(1983) fiscal year alone. And
NATO does not pay back, while
Israel pays back about 50 percent
of the aid it receives.
Furthermore, Israel is basical-
ly paying its own way, using
American aid simply to supple-
ment what is the highest per
capita defense budget in the
world. while Japan. Italy.
France, and West Germany con-
sistently underspend America
not only in absolute terms but
also in the degree of GNP de-
voted to defense. NATO coun-
tries are asking America to do a
job which NATO should be doing
a lot more of itself, while Israel is
simply asking for supplementary
Consider this, too: Israel re-'
ceives only American money,
while NATO receives American
money and men. When Israel
fights Soviet proxies (such as
Syria) in the Middle East, it is
Israeli soldiers who die, while for
NATO it is American soldiers
who defend Europe.
Take it all around, American
aid to Israel is a bargain: Israel
doesn't take much; what it does
take it either spends in America
or pays back to America in trade;
and in return for its aid to Israel,
America gets an ally which not
only talks but acts to keep the
Soviets out of the Middle East,
and also keeps democracy alive in
the Middle East. Take it all
around, American aid to israel is
a bargain.
Soldier Wounded by Rocket
Near Hotel in Khalde
TEL AVIV An Israeli'
soldier was slightly wounded
while standing guard at the
approaches to the Lebanon Beach
Hotel in Khalde shortly before
Israeli, Lebanese and American
negotiating teams began their
weekly round of talks in the hotel
Monday morning.
The soldier was at a roadblock
about 400 yards from the hotel,
when he was struck by stone or
metal fragments sent flying by a
projectile fired toward the
building from an area south of
Beirut patrolled by U.S. marines.
I sraeli sources said the projectile
could have been a Katyusha
rocket, a mortar or a bazooka
Have a swim in the cool Mediterranean
Take a hike up breathtaking Masada
Or enjoy a delictous dinner
overlooking ancient Jerusalem
This year, do it in Israel.
Because now more than ever,
when you do it in Israel, you'll be doing it for Israel, too
You'll be having more than the best vacation ever
You'll be showing Israel you love her
when she needs it most. .
So this year,
take that special vacation in Israel
For Israel. And for you.

Friday. February 4. 1983

The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 5
Jontiffs Chair Shalom South County
Shalom South County,
initiated last year, is a way in
which to welcome newcomers into
the Jewish community. An in-
formal supper is held at the
Federation office every few
months, and new South County
residents have an opportunity to
learn about a variety of Jewish
activities and organizations in
this area.
The guests not only meet and
mingle with other newcomers,
but also have a smorgasbord of
opportunities for Jewish Com-
munity involvement available to
ilum based on their interests. It
is hoped that they will become an
integral part of the Jewish com-
munity, and consequently make
"Vheir transition into a new area
easier and more enjoyable.
Eleanor (Nonil and Sheldon
.lontiff. now active in Federation
ictivities, were originally guests
it a Shalom South County
Supper. They are the Chairmen
for this year's notable program.
Natives of Washington, D.C.,
hey moved to Boca Raton in
\ugust 1981 from Potomac,
Maryland where they had been
involved in activities of Congre-
gation Beth El in Bethesda,
\ hood Financial Secretary and
membership vice-president, as
well as other activities. She also
participated in school and com-
munity affairs.
Currently Noni is a member of
B'nai Torah Congregation in
Boca Raton and is sisterhood
financial secretary. She is also a
member of Hadassah. ZOA as
corresponding secretary of Boca
Raton Chapter, and National
Council of Jewish Women as
branch treasurer.
Within Federation. Noni is on
the Women's Campaign Cabinet
and the Nominating Committee
1982. She uses her talents as
calligrapher as well. She is
chairing the upcoming B'nai
Torah-Federation supper, and as
chairman of Shalom South
County, is planning the next
Sheldon served as officer and
Hoard member of Congregation
Beth El in Bethesda for eight
He is currently first vice-
president of B'nai Torah Congre-
gation here in Boca Raton, and is
treasurer of the Boca Raton
Chapter of ZOA. Committed to
Federation, he is on the Boca
West Campaign Committee, the
Federation Dinner Dance Com-
mittee, and a member of the
Federation-B'nai Torah Supper
Committee, as well as the co-
chairm-in of Shalom South
As a developer of elderly
housing facilities in Maryland, he
is interested in the planning and
development of the proposed
Federation Complex in Boca
Evidenced by their present
involvement in Jewish affairs in
this community, the Jontiffs set
an excellent example of the
l>enefits of the Shalom South
County program.
Please call the Federation
office (368-2737) if you wish to be
on the Shalom Committee, or if
you have the names of any new-
comers to our community.
Noni and Sheldon Jontiff
If Elections Were Held Today
Likud Would Beat Navon-Weizman
Century Village Forms
Campaign Cabinet
For kicking off the 1983 Cen-
tury Village, UJ A- Federation
campaign. 50 leaders from Cen-
tury Village, representing several
-village organizations, attended a
luncheon on Jan. 21 sponsored by
the South County Jewish
k The major result of the gather-
ing was the formation of a Cen-
tury Village UJA-Federation
The Cabinet will meet within
i he next couple of weeks to work
out plans for the Century Village
campaign. The thirteen cabinet
members are: Teddy Blendes,
Eugene Braun. Albert Fine,
Isabella Fink, Isabelle Goodman,
lly llenkin, Irvin and Pearl L.
I.evinc. Bob Rugoff, Reuben
s.ill/man. Charles Seibel. Marion
Sragg. And Hattie Thum.
The luncheon was held in the
Century Village Administration
building. The organizations rep-
resented were Temple Beth
Shalom and its Sisterhood. Social
Singles. AMC Career Associa-
tion. Brooklyn Friendship Club.
B'nai B'rith. B'nai B'rith Women
Genesis, Hadassah. American
Mizrachi Organization and the
following Condominiums: Aislie,
Dorset. Exeter. Cornwall and
Rabbi Bruce S. Warshal. Exec-
utive Director for South County
Jewish Federation, gave an infor-
mative talk on Israel and the
local Jewish community. He
s| ressed the importance of differ-
Anshei Shalom
Participates In
Federation Sabbath
Joe S. Schenk. Special Events
Chairman announced a UJA
Sabbath will be observed on Feb.
25 at Temple Anshei Shalom in
the Villages of Oriole. Delray
Guest speaker will be Albert
Ostrick. who is a board member
k ^of South County Jewish Federa-
Schenk states he is delighted
to have Anshei Shalom be a par-
ticipant in the growing list of
Jewish houses of worship in
Boca-Delray who this year have
chosen to set aside one Shabbat
to honor Federation.
ent Jewish organizations to work
The people left with a feeling of
unity and enthusiasm. They are
looking forward to the most suc-
cessful Century Village campaign
would win more votes than any other
single party in new Knesset elections in
which the Labor Party list was headed
by President Yitzhak Navon, and a new
party headed by former Defense Minister
Ezer Weizman was also in the contest,
according to the latest public opinion
poll here.
Likud would still fall short of a
majority in the 120-member Knesset,
but it would nevertheless be in a more
advantageous position than its rivals to
form a governing coalition, according to
Sara Shemer, leading pollster of the
Modiin Ezrachi organization which con-
ducted the survey for the Jerusalem
THE FINDINGS based on a sampling
of nearly 2,000 Israelis of voting age,
showed that Likud would lose three seats
to the Labor Alignment if Navon headed
that list and four seats to a centrist party
headed by Weizman. In such an election,
the results would be, according to
Likud, 52; Labor, 42; National Re-
ligious Party, 5; Aguda Israel, 4; Weiz-
man's party, 4; Tami, 3; Civil Rights
Movement (now aligned with Labor), 2;
Shinui, 2; Tehiya, 2; Rakah (Com-
munist), 4.
An earlier poll by Shemer, in which
neither Navon nor Weizman was among
the candidates, showed 57 seats for
Likud to 39 for Labor.
"The involvement of new faces in
politics at this time would not cause an
immediate upheaval," Shemer wrote.
"However, they do have voting appeal
. Although Likud retains its primacy
in the capacity to form a coalition, the
starting point of the alternative coalition
forces appears to be fairly advan-

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Page 6
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4,igo,3 ,~
Men 's and Women's Division
Join Forces For Estancia Event
Phyllis Charme, Area Chair-
man of South County Jewish
Federation Women's Division, is
delighted to announce Toni Ber-
liner and Nina Mufson as co-
chairmen of the forthcoming Es-
tancia fund-raising event. This
will mark the first time that both
Women's and Men's Division will
hold a joint function to be held
Saturday evening March 12 at
the home of Sol Pier. Al Gortz is
chairman for the Men's Division.
Mrs.Berliner has been active in
Federation activities before
serving as chairman of the Key-
noters luncheon. She is a member
of Temple Beth El, National
Council of Jewish Women, the
South County Jewish Federation
Young Leadership Program and
the Auxiliary of the Children's
Home Society of Palm Beach
Mrs. Mufson Is a valuable new
asset to the South County Jewish
Federation. Coming from a
family that is intensely com-
mitted to preserving Judaism,
she has been visiting Israel fre-
quently since she was 10 years
old. Raised in Palm Beach by
parents who were intensely in-
volved in UJ A -Federation activi-
ties on a National level, Nina
says, "It was only natural to
realize and recognize my respon-
sibilities and commitment at an
early age." Last year she served
on the Pioneers Committee and
this year will be serving on the
Pacesetters Luncheon Commit-
NTV -+
1 (
1 1
1 F
Tt>e foUowlnj have Joined the -Win-
ning Team- for 8uper Sunday gj
March 30 South County Jewish
* edermlton u putting you on the line
Ida Abraham. Boca Teca
Al Abraham, Boca Teecca
James B. Baer. Federation
Margie Baer. Federation
Dr. Arnold Berliner. Federation
Tonl Berliner, Federation
Ed Boblck. Federation
Marianne Boblck, Federation
Dorothy Brand. Federation
Mrs Irving Burglaaa, Federation
Irving Burglaaa. Federation
Dorii Cantor. Boca Lajro
BatreUa Cases, Federation
MolaeaCaaea. Federation
Ullam Chodaah. Temple Slnal
Blossom Cooper. Temple Slnal
Eric Decklnger, Federation
Jay Elchler, Federation
EUsaa EUant. Federation
Marlon Engle, Federation
Esther FeJdman. Federation
Daniel Freed. Federation
Harriet Freed. Federation
Sylvia Gardner. High Point W
Betty Coldenberg. Chalfonte
Robert Goldman, No. 11 u
Harvey Grossman. Federation
Rot Grossman. Federation
BeaHallabow. BocaTeeca
Esther HoOeld Boca West
Dr. Nathan Hoffeld. Boca Weat
Alfred HorowlU. B'nalTorah
Eleanor Jontiff. B'nai Torah
Sheldon Jontiff. B'nai Torah
Dr. Dalla Kalal. Federation
Dr. Ury Kalal, Federation
Tom Kali. Federation
Karen Kaufman. Federation
Lee Kaufman. Federation
Rose Kaufman, Century Village
Edward Klnxsley, Oriole
Margaret Kottler. Federation
Milton Kretaky. Federation
Barbara Leln. Federation
Abner Levine. Federation
Deborah Levlne. Federation
Jack Levlne. Oriole
Dr. Daniel Man. Federation
Dena Man. Federation
Banford Meade, Federation
Sherrl Meade. Federation
Linda Melcer. Federation
Steve Melcer. Federation
Dr. W. Meyeraon. Federation
Roberta Meyeraon. Federation
Al Ostrtok. Federation
David Pertlne. Boca Tiera
Roalyn Perline. Boca Tierm
Elaine Roberta. Temple Beth El
Charlotte Robinson, Federation
Marc la Roff. BocaTeeca
EleanorRukln. Federation
Naomi Sacha. Federation
Albert Segal. Federation
la Slegel. Free Sona of Israel
Berenice Schankerman, Federation
Joe S Schenk. Temple Emeth
Eve Steinberg, Coco Wood Lakei
Lenore Steinberg. Federation
Mark Steinberg, B'nai Torah
Paul Steinberg. Federation
Roberta Steinberg. B'nai Torah
Joe Steinberg. Coco Wood Lakes
Lynne Warshal, Federation
Rabbi Bruce Warshal. Federation
Miriam Welner. Temple Beth El
Gladys Welnshank. Federation
Mayer Welnshank. Federation
Eleanor Wolff. Federation
Morrta Wolff. Federation
Dr. Joe Zlnna. Federation
Marilyn Zinns. Federation
Harold M. Jacobs, president
of the National Council of
Young Israel, has been ap-
pointed to serve as coor-
dinator for North and Latin
America by the World
Conference of Synagogues.
Appointment was made at the
recently concluded World
Zionist Congress in Jerusa-
lem, at which the Young Israel
leader was a delegate from the
World Conference of
Campaign Excellence
Toni Berliner
Palm Greens II
Congratulations to the team at
Palm Greens Section II headed
by Morris W. Morris and Ben
Karpen. After just the first two
weeks of soliciting they have
reached 82 percent of their 1982
total on their way to surpassing
last year's goal. Special praise
must be made for Jack Wurtzel
who collected an increase of 68
percent from Queen Palm Court;
and for Sol Goldberg who dili-
gently explained the urgent
needs and obtained increases of
75 percent over 1982 contribu-
Boca Lago Men's Division
George Margolis. chairman of the
Fifth Annual Gala Dinner Dance
which is being held at the Shera
ton Hotel on Feb. 19. He has
meticulously planned an evening
that will be memorable to all
those who are fortunate enough
to attend. Each detail, from the
selection of hors d'oeuvre to the
dessert has been designed to pro-
vide a magnificent social evening.
Del-Air* Hats off to both
Arthur Halpert and Shep Kauf-
man! Arthur has done an out-
standing job in the Del-Aire cam-
paign. Special note should be
given to Shep's energetic efforts,
generating an outstanding
turnout from Del-Aire for the
Gala Dinner Dance on Jan. 15.
Member roic
Your Locally Owned and Operated
Independent Bank
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Maxwell House' Coffee
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K ('milled KnOvrr
A Imng tradition in Jewish homes for over half a century

Friday, February 4,1983
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 7

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to maximize capacity where it counts from
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oversized 71/2"
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Page 8
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4.1983
400 Attend Annual Dinner-Dance:
A Huge Success!
Almost 400 people assembled
in the Great Hall of the Boca
Raton Hotel for the annual Din-
ner Dance on behalf of the 1983
UJ A-Federation Campaign.
Mort Silberman, president of
AIPAC, the American lobby on
behalf of the state of Israel in
Washington, presented the major
address. Those present con-
tributed over $740,000 to the
current campaign, representing
an increase of 44 percent over the
level of the previous year's
The dinner was preceded by a
cocktail party. Those present
stayed well into the evening,
dancing to an outstanding or-
chestra. The annual UJA-
Federation Dinner Dance is
quickly becoming one of the
premier social events of the year.
^L^r ^i T *s
)3m V
r^^B^^P 1
4" / fitt> JBk^ A\" ^B'^^
\m r^ r^^^ ^TT' B* i
Standing left to right: Mr. Paul Greene, Mrs. Paul Greene,
Standing left to right: Mr. Aaron Deneenberg, Mrs. Aaron Wrs Bernard Woolman, Mr. Bernard Woolman. Seated
Deneenberg, Mr. Norman Albin, Mrs. Norman Albin, Mr. l^' '" riHht: Mrs- Irving Klimberg, Mr. Irving Klimberg,
William Isenstein. Seated left to right: Mr. Ralph *"* Pitt man, Mr. Pittman.
App<>lbaiim. Mrs. Ralph Appelbaum, Mr. Stewart Sun
" as, Mrs. Stewart Sunness. Mrs William Isenstein.
Standing left to right: Mr. I. Kalmanoff, Mrs. I.
Kalmanoff, Dr. Sidney Richman, Mrs. Sidney Richman.
Seated left to right: Mrs. Albert Brout, Mr. Albert Brout,
Mrs. Richard Fishman, Mr. Richard Fishman, Dr. Harry
Weiss. Mrs. Harry Weiss.
Standing left to right: Rabbi Bernard Silver, Mrs. Henry Standing left to right: Mrs. Herbert Hutt, Mr. Herbert
Standing left to right: Mr. Herman Halpin. Mrs. Herman Chasen. Mr. Henry Chasen, Mrs. Israel Siegel, Mr. Israel Hutt- Mr. Robert Ross, Mrs. Robert Ross, Mrs. Elliott
Hatpin, Mrs Benjamin Pressner. Mr. Robert Rieder, Mrs. Siegel. Seated left to right: Mrs. Bernard Silver, Yetta Adler, Mr. Elliott Adler. Seated left to right: Mrs. Stuart
Robert Rieder Not pictured is Mr. Benjamin Pressner. Dogan. Mrs. Robert Greenberg. Dr. Robert Greenberg. Schulman. Dr. Stuart Schulman, Mrs. Richard Schnell,
Seated left to right Mr David C'oleman, Mrs. David
Coleman, Mrs. George Colin. Mr. George Colin.
Mr. Richard Schnell, Mrs. Maurice Lipsey, Mr. Maurice
^^~ m^^ l w *r remmmmmWm- 9WLZ. MB Standing left to right: Mr. Milt Perlson, Mrs. Milt
Standing left to right: Brie Deckinger. Adrienne Gold- Standing left to right: Mr. Albert Miller, Mrs. Albert Perlson. Mr. Mayer Weinshank. Mrs. Mayer Weinshank
berg. Dr. Arnold Berliner. Seated left to right: Mrs. Miller. Mr. Robert Gesoff, Mrs. Robert Gesoff. Seated left Seated left to right: Jenna Barnes. Captain Robert
Jcjjrcy Deutch. Mr Jeffrey 1 hutch, Mrs. Arnold Berliner to right: Mr. Sheldon Jontiff. Mrs. Sheldon Jontiff, Dena Byrnes. Mrs. Merle-Singer. Rabbi Merle Singer.
Ihirish. Rabbi Ted Feldman. Lynn Persoff, Mr. Jim Nobil. "^~~"^~~~^^
Standing left to right: Mr. Harry Koppelman. Dorothy
Delbaum, Mrs. Joseph Orefice. Mr. Joseph Orefice, Mrs.
Edward Bobick. Mr Edward Bobick. Seated left to right: Standing left to right: Dr. Louis Berger. Mr. Ira Sarasohn
Mrs Nwk Persico, Mr. Nick Persico. Dr Paul \oun. Mrs. Mrs Ira Sarasohn. Mr. Norman Stone, Mrs Norman
Stone. Dr Hendler. Seated left to right: Mrs. Louis
Berger. Mrs. Roy Sarasohn. Mr Roy Sarasohn, Mrs.
Standing left to right: Berenice Schankerman, Dr. Larry
\i'armS\,Mrs Larry' Char Seated left to right: Mr
Mort Silberman. Phyllis Saunders. Mr. James Boer, Mrs.
lames Baer.
m^^^ wbb-^h^v ^ rv.r- 'i mm ~----. *^ ^b -m
Standing left to right: Mr. Iruin Schnurmacher Mr and,n* le/' right: Mr. David Kend, Mrs. Milton
Abner Levine, Mrs. Abner Levine, Mrs. Paul Godofsky ,/T/?n' Andref WhitehiU. Mr. Sydney Altman,
Mr. Paul Godofsky. Seated left to right: Mrs. Irwin Mr M,l,n Levenson. Mrs. Sydney Altman. Seated left to
Schnurmacher. Mr. Arnold Kagan, Mrs. Arnold Kagan ?/?! t: S\m Herman- Mrs Eli Herman, Mrs Andrew
Whitehdl. Mrs. David Kend.
Mr. Harry Kottler, Mrs. Harry Kottler, Mrs. Steve
Melcer, Mr. Steve Melcer. Seated left to right: Mr. Alfred
Krop. Mrs. Alfred Krop. Mr. Ben Bus sin, Mrs. Ben
Bussin, Rabbi Louis Sacks,Mrs.Louis Sacks.
Standing left to fright: Mr. _
H tnkelman, Mr. Louis Winkelman
Mr. Cole Schuster, Dr. David
right: Mrs. Ephraim Young,
ill, Schuster, Mrs David

Friday, February 4,1983
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 9
^^X^r%^^&z^. L^^rtr^^^^^^^^r ?r4^ -"^ hu^^tz
Eli Uvinson. Seated left to right: Mrs. Alfred Perlstein. Herbert Lichterman IZlr,' if, PESf *?*'*', *? H"" Hilderbrand- Mr. Al Levis, Mrs. Al Levis. Seated
Mrs. Harry Reiner. Mr. Harry Reiner, Mrs. Nathan Kaplan Mrs 7ZI tSU Zr a "*% nMf Z"" ''/' to ***" Mrs Ga^ Ubbin- Mk ^ Lebbin- Mr*
Hoffeld. Mr. Nathan Hoffeld. ^ A^'f^^^^k^rJ^ ^ "" AU'n Co*'"' "' **** ***-
' ^~^" m^^mmm^mm n_ mew- *Bmm*m~**. wnmm KmWmW
Standing left to right: Mr. Peter Brown, Mrs. Peter] Standing left to right: Judge Martin Rendelman Mrs
Brown, Mr. Reuben Axelrod, Mrs. Reuben Axelrod. Martin Rendelman, Mrs. Lester Market. Mr Lester
Seated left to right: Mr. Sidney Zuckerman. Mrs. Sidney Market. Mr. Harry Samrick. Seated left to right- Mrs
Znrkerman, Mrs. Ben Scholsohn. Mr. Ben Scholsohn. Charles Rich. Mr. Charles Rich, Mrs. Sam Rosenbloum
Mr. Sam Rosenbloum. Mrs. Harry Samrick.
Standing left to right: Mr. Robert Klein. Mrs. Herman
u',.Mr Herman C.imbel. Seated left to right: Mrs
V / ,K,{ein- Mr Ren R"^nthal, Mrs. Ben Rosenthal.
Mr. I'hil Gesoff. Phvllis Cohen.
Standing left to right: Mrs. Henry Yusem. Mr. Henry
Yusen, Mrs. Kenneth Endelson. Mr. Kenn.-th Endelson,
Mrs. Carl Sax. Mr. Carl Sax. Seated left to right: Mrs.
Hike Baker, Mr. Mike Baker, Mrs. Johnathon Greene, Dr.
1'ihnathon Greene. Mrs. Albert Gortz, Mrs. Albert Gortz.
Standing left to right: Mr Sol Rekoon Mrs. Sol Rekoon. Standing left to right: Dr. Dan Man. Dr Sam Rothfeld.
Mr. Arnold Rosenthal. Mrs. Arnold Rosenthal. Mr. Mrs. Sam Rothfeld. Dr. Ury Kalai. Dr. Karl Enselberg
Jerome Pankin. Mrs. Jerome Pankin. Seated left to right Seated left to right: Mrs. Dan Man. Mrs. Karl Enselberg.
Mr. Reuben Tebeleff. Mrs. Reuben Tebeleff, Mr. David Dr. Dalai Kalai.
Jacobson. Mrs. David Jacobson. Mr. Ben Marsh, Mrs.
Ben Marsh.
Standing left to right: Mr. Irving Rifkin, Mrs. Irving
Hifktn. Mrs. Ellis Levy. Mr. Ellis Levy. Seated left to
hiwhi: Mrs. Sam Silver. Rabbi Sam Silver, Mrs. Martin
Tlrossman. Mr. Martin Grossman.
Standing left to right: Mr. Jack Kay, Mrs. Jack Kay, Mrs. Standinit left to right- Mr l)aM ff.,t,- jm- n j
Hy Sweet. Mr. Hy Sweet, Seated left to right: Mr. Wilfred Ruk,, MrVuis 1^'t^fcJt %
Schreibman. Mrs. Wilfred Schreibman Mr. Alvin left to right: Mrs. Philip Zinman. Mrs. Philip Zinman
Schreibman Mrs. Alvin Schreibman, Mr. Lawrence Mrs. Sidney Wolf. Mr. Sidney Wolf. Mrs. Harold BroTn
Weiss. Mrs. Lawrence Weiss. Mr. Harold Brown.
Standing left to right: Mr. Gershon Bernstein. Mrs. Standing left to right Mr luliu* I M,. r r o .. -m^mmmmw mmmms
licmard Breeman. Mr. Bernard Breeman. Mr. Reuben Lopin. Mr. Henry Brenner Mrs HennRr^J Q ^ S,tandinBJ& to ri*ht: W ^>" Fink, Mr. Henry
Sacks. Mrs. Reuben Saeks. Seated left to right: Mrs. left to right: M? PhluTLsenhlunMrf w i S""- Satsky- Mrs' Henry Sat**>- Mrs Uster Cutler- Mr.
Gershon Bernstein. Mr. Robert Ferdinand. M?s. Robert bum. Mr. Joseph RoJnbZm Mr7 J^senhRntnbSen' fester Cutler. Seated left to right: Mr. Louis Fink, Mrs.
Ferdinend. Mr. Bernard Weever. Mrs. Bernard Weever. Mr. Bernard Bloom, Mr"BernardBloom RoSenbaUm' JosePh gjjj Mr ^seph Cohen.
[Standing left to right: Mr. Milton Davis. Mrs. Milton
Wans. Mrs. Jules Horelick, Mr. Jules Horelick, Mr.
'j-agene Squires. Seated left to right: Mr. Victor Jacobson,
I4f Robert Ornitz, Mr. Robert Ornitz, Mrs. F.uaeno
Standing left to right: Mrs. Theodore Breman, Mr.
Theodore Breman, Mrs. Len Weisenberg, Mr. Pittman,
Mr. Len Weisenberg. Seated left to right: Mrs. Silven
Left to right: Eric W. Deckinger, chairman of the Dinner S^-"'if'" ^^ Mrs Martin Schu*ar- Mr.
Dance: Adrienne Goldberg, Norman I. Stone, Major Gifts """^#"^
chairman: Mrs. Betty C. Stone, Lion of Judah co-
chairman: Mrs. Mildred Levine, Lion of Judah co-
chairman: Mr. Abner Levine, General Campaign chair-
Left to right: Norman I. Stone, Major Gifts chairman; Mr.
\Henry Satsky, Mrs. Henry Satsky, Mrs. Betty C. Stone,
/.ion of Judah co-chairman. A bronze sculpture titled "The
\Anglican," valued at $1,500, was donated by the Gallery
I LuminiLReal1_and was won by Mr. and Mrs. Satsky.
Standing left to right: Mrs. Mickey Fried, Mr. Mickey
Fried, Mrs. Morris Cofman. Mr. Morris Cofman. Seated
left to right: Mr. Sam Elovitch, Mrs. Sam Elovitck, Mrs.
Phil Eisenpresser, Mr, Phil Eisenpresser, Mr. Elliot
Bagus, Mrs. Elliot Bogus.
Handing left to right: Mr. J. Sands, Mr. Victor Gross,
1rs. Victor Gross. Mrs. H. Green. Mr. H. Green. Seated
fU to right: Mrs J. Sands. Mr. Bernard Sher. Mrs
-d Sher, Mr. Rudv Lidsky, Mrs. Rudy Lidsky.
Left to Right: Norman I. Stone, Major Gifts chairman,
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cohen, owners of Patricia Judith Art
Gallery, and Mrs. Joe Rosenbaum. The Patricia Judith
Art Gallery donated an etching by Israeli artist Thei
Tobiasse titled "The Lady and The Puppet." valued ai
$1,000, and was won by Mrs. Rosenbaum.
Left to right: Mr. Larry Gottsegen. Mrs. and Mr. Sydney
A. Altman. co-chairman for Dinner Dance; Mrs. James
Baer, Women's Division chairman' Mr. James Boer,
president of South County Jewish Federation; Ms. Phyllis
Sounders. Mr. Mort Silverman, guest speaker.

P-~ JO
Page 10
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4,1983
Tiff in Taba Proves Menorah Chapels Home To B'nai Shalom
To Be False Alarm
Reports of a serious con-
frontation between Israelis
and Egyptians in the dis-
puted Taba region south of
Eilat has proved to be a
false alarm. The Egyptian
Foreign Ministry said the
incident which triggered
the reports was the result of
an error which has been
According to Israel Radio,
Egyptian forces broke down the
border fence on their side of the
Taba region, drove tractors' in
and started to erect a structure.
Egyptian soldiers were said to be
patrolling the damaged fence.
T he reports, picked up by foreign
news media, described the in-
cident as a clash between Israelis
and Egyptians, the first since
their peace treaty was signed in
BUT AN Israel army spokes-
man said later that there was
only a "minor incident" of little
importance and no loud dispute,
as reported by the media, be-
tween the Israeli liaison officer in
region and the Egyptians. The
Foreign Ministry in Cairo ex-
plained that a tractor had been
driven into the disputed area by
mistake and was withdrawn.
They apologized for the error.
Taba, several acres of beach-
front on the Gulf of Aqaba, is
claimed by both Israel and
Egypt. Under terms of the peace
treaty, the dispute must be re-
solved by negotiation or arbitra-
tion. Negotiations were
suspended after Israel invaded
Lebanon last June.
Israel has since opened a resort
hotel, the Sonesta, on the dis-
puted land. The manager of the
hotel said that he was unaware of
the tractor incident.
Camp Maccabee
An exciting Summer experience within a
Jewish atmosphere.
Varied activities Include:
Swimming Instruction
Free Swim Dally
Arts and Crafts
Field Trips
Two four-week sessions
Pre school division
School division
Mini bus pick-up to and from camp
For information call
South County Jewish Federation
Jewish Community Center Department
Sponsored by Israel Travel Advisory Service and
Temple Israel of West Palm Beach
Featuring the new deluxe
Leromme Jerusalem Hotel!
February 17-27 $1 426 00
March 27-Apnl 10 $1.963 00
April 17-May 1 $1.68? 00
June 16-July 3: $1,945 00
(one extra day)
July 2-17 $2 12600
(one extra day)
August 1-15 $1943 00
(Revisited tour
available on this date!
August 22-Sept 5 $1,943 00
November 17-27 $1.426 00
December 22-Jan 1 $1.626 00
(Revisited tour available on this date)
Round trip bus to Miami Inter-
national Airport
Round trip jet flight .optional
Miami connection)
5 Star super deluxe hotels
In depth itinerary via private
deluxe motorcoach
Israeli breakfast throughout
(11 day tours)
Israeli breakfast and UNLIMITED
out (15 day tours)
Optional bar/bat mitzvah on Masada
Gala Banquet (IS day tours only)
Licensed Israeli guide,
porterage entrance fees.
transfers, hotel taxes
VIP receptions
Optional extensions in Israel.
Egypt and/or Europe
Groups designed to include
families with children of
similar aqes
Couples' buses on most tours
when traveling without children
Couples only
May 2-16 $1,88200
May 16-30 $1,882.00
October 10-24 $1,89300
(Revisited tour
available on
this date)
Add to above prices $140 00
for round trip air from Miami
Int Airport An exciting and
meaningful experience for
you and your children'
Deposit $100 00 per person
(make check to Temple Israel)
45-day cancellation provision
Mail to Temple Israel
1901 North Flagler Dr
"W Pelm Beach
For information call
Temple offices
622-1435-W Palm Beach
753-4097-Coraf Springe
693-9M2-N Miami Beach
PriCM tudKI 10 clang* ccO'9Kg
M OjO>fPfTitnf 'Quiftt'OAt
Every Friday night Leo and
Harriet Van Blerkom visit the
funeral chapel in Deerfield Beach.
AT 7 p.m. they find no cars in
the lot, no one inside Menorah
Chapels. Leo unlocks the door
and hits the lights. He checks his
A few friends come in, take off
their sport jackets and roll up
their sleeves in the empty san-
ctuary. The women arrange an
army of paper cups and napkins
on linen-covered tables in the
family room nearby.
It's 7:30. Someone rolls in a
low table with flowers. Others
bring candles, a star-emblazoned
cloth, a microphone, a speaker's
A nattily dressed Nathan Fish
strolls in with his wife Marcia. He
disappears, then returns in black
rabbi's robes.
By 7:45 things are jumping.
About 100 people gather in the
funeral chapel's sanctuary. Van
Blerkom and helpers wheel in a
portable ark.
A hush falls over the room at 8.
Rabbi Fish calls one of the
women forward. She lights the
two candles and 100 voices chant
the Shabbat blessing a
blessing of joy-
| Congregation B'nai Sholom
has transformed Menorah
Chapels' funeral home on Hills-
boro Boulevard into a place of
rejoicing, as it does each Friday
The all-adult Reform
congregation was only an idea a
year ago. Now it counts 144 dues-
paying members and an active
Sisterhood and Men's Club.
Success has come from the
energy of its members and a
healthy dose of good fortune.
"Both Conservative and
Orthodox congregations had a
place to go in Deerfield Beach,"
explained Van Blerkom, presi-
dent of the congregation. "A few
of us felt we'd like to have a
temple that would be Reform,
leaning toward Conservative.
The nearby Conservative
congregations tend to lean
toward Orthodox, and there was
a gap."
Mrs. Bernice Gordon began
hosting services in her home in
Century Village. As interest
grew, the congregation moved to
a meeting room of Broward
Federal Savings and Loan.
Menorah Chapels made its sanc-
tuary always unused on Shab-
bat available last May.
Since then, the congregation
has prospered. Rabbi Fish, who is
Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Ner
Tamid, Bloomfield, N.J., was
installed as B'nai Shalom's full-
time rabbi this fall. Formerly an
educator at Cornell University
and a founder of Kibbutz Ein
Hashofet in Israel, he retired to
Delray but was soon approached
by his new congregation.
Luck has been kind to B'nai
Shalom. First there was the offer
of a sanctuary from Menorah
Chapels. Later came Belle and
Tristan Bogart. As cantorial
students, the couple offered to
donate services each Shabbat,
Rabbi Nathan Fish, left, greets Leo VanBlerhom, president of the new
Reform Congregation of Temple B'nai Shalom, which meets in the*
sanctuary of Menorah Chapels in Deerfield Beach.
and they were heartily welcomed.
Temple members show the
excitement that comes from
nurturing their own small
congregation. Friends and
relatives of the Van Blerkoms
have contributed funds in honor
of their 50th anniversary, and the
ark will be dedicated to them.
Mrs. Sylvia Esserman Ackels-
berghas helped with purchase of
the Torah, in memory of her late
husband Herbert Ackelsberg.
Member Leonard Friedman
teaches an Alef Bet Hebrew
reading class weekly. A choir is
being formed under direction of
Bella Bogart.
Van Blerkom believes Temple
B'nai Shalom is unique among
Reform congregations belonging
to the Union of American Hebrew
"We are people who have been
through building funds many
times. Our children are grown,"
he said. "Our interest in
education is not for children but
for adults.
"We will try to be flexible
about the future, to have the
congregation decide its direc-
tion," he added. "For now we are
a Reform congregation with
services mostly in English, but
with enough Hebrew used to
preserve the beauty of the
"It took some of our members
a little while to get used to
coming to a funeral chapel every
Shabbat, but the Sanctuary is
beautiful and we are delighted to
be welcomed here by Menorah
Missiles are Threat
Israel charged Monday that
Syria's new Soviet missiles, de-
livered to it in recent weeks, pose
a serious threat to Israel's
security. In a letter to the UN
Security Council. Yehuda Blum,
Israel's Ambassador, said, that
the newly introduced long-range
Soviet missiles are capable of
penetrating deep into Israel's air-
space and other neighboring
Ronny Win, M.D., P.A.
Obstetrics and Gynecology
annouces the opening of an additional office
Medical Center of Delray
Suite 202
909 Palm Trail
Delray Beach, Floria 33444
(305) 276-2300
Office Hours
By Appointment
Boca Raton Office:
Boca Medical Plaza
5458 Town Center Road
Suite 5
(305) 368-3466
With Late Departures, Little Walking, Slower Pace,
3 Weeks Netanya Relaxation & Enjoyment ^ A
1 Week Jerusalem $1022 plus air

I Tour Includes-Accommodation in First Class Hotel'Twin Bedded Rooms* 2 Kosher i
Meals Everv DayS Days of Sightseeing-Transfers & Porterage*Travelers Insurance: A
| Medical, Financial & Personal "

I S407 W. Dixie Highway North Miami Bea^h.931.3031 4
^^^ ^^^ "^^^ ^^^ ^^>^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^S* ^s^^ ^s^^ ^s^fc* -^^**- ^^^b .^^kk- .^sf^. .^gj^


Friday, February 4.1983
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 11
Friday Night
'Special Events'
At Temple Sinai Feb. 11
Three Friday night services of
emple Sinai will include special
| At the Sabbath eve service on
t, Feb. 11, 8:15 p.m. the
trice will include a pulpit
ilogue between Rabbi Samuel
er and Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin, of
Stephen Wise Temple. Los
[Dr. Zeldin's congregation is
ke the largest in the world; its
jidget is in the millions. The
pnple boasts a number of
lildings and offers educational
kport unities for people from
|rsery age to senior citizen
Itus. Rabbi Zeldin will be vaca-
ting in the area.
IA reception for Dr. and Mrs.
Ildin will follow the service,
jiich will take place at Cason
United Methodist Church, N.
Swinton Ave. at 4th St., Delray
On Feb. 18, 8:15 p.m. the con-
gregation will mark Brotherhood
Week with a pulpit dialogue be-
tween Rabbi Silver and Dr.
Donald Mackay, minister of the
church. The clergy will discuss,
"What's New in Ecumenism."
Churches have been invited to
join the Temple members at this
On Feb. 25, 8:15 p.m. Purim
will be observed, with the reading
of the Megillah and a special
message from the pulpit about
Purim. Youngsters from the tem-
ple's religious schools will take
part in the proceedings under the
direction of Mrs. Marjorie Aaron
and Jack Mandel.
March 20
On the phones with
Lee Kaufman
Karen Kaufman
lundreds of other volunteers in South Palm Beach
/ounty telephoning to help Jews in need everywhere.
\o reserve a phone call 368-2737.
Sign Up Now!
UJA Federation Campaign
Every Saturday and Sunday the fabu-
lous "Fun Ships"- Camtvale. Festivals.
Mardi Gras and Troplcale depart from
Miami and Los Angeles for exotic ports. Vir-
tually everything's included for one low
price of your cruise: eight meals and snacks
a day... a full gambling casino... live enter-
tainment nightly... dance bands... parties...
and dozens of shipboard activities. You get
value no land vacation can match!
SNds of Rxon-antan and Ubertan Regtsftv*" *

Living Together?
Then You're Breaking the Law
Jewish Halachic Law, That Is
Sandy Goldstein
To Super Sunday
Toby Hertz. Federation-UJA
Super Sunday Chairman, today
named Sandy Goldstein of Boca
Raton to complete cabinet ap-
Mrs. Sam Goldstein, mother of
< wo. has been a teacher for learn-
ing disabled children and director
of a Jewish Community Center
Camp. Last year she was a
teacher in the Jewish Community
Day School in Boca Raton. At
present she is Education Director
at Temple Emanu-EI of Fort
Lauderdale and a member of the
National Association of Temple
Hertz states that with the ap-
pointment of Mrs. Goldstein, and
her many faceted Jewish and
secular activities, she is looking
forward to a most exciting Super
Sunday Campaign.
Continued from Page 1
on the Jewish view that human
beings are amalgams of the flesh
and the spirit and that one of
these element* cannot be sup-
pressed in favor of the other. He
said there is accordingly no hesi-
tance in Judaism about probing
the most intimate factors in love
and marriage.
Turning to birth control, Feld-
man said that his review of the
current Jewish views on the issue
indicated that the use of the pill
is receiving ever-greater sanction
even among right-wing Jewish
groups. He said this stance was
because use of such methods can
be interpreted not as birth pre-
vention but rather as facilitation
of birth at healthy intervals.
He also asserted that recent
medical discoveries in the test
tube field, popularized by the
term "test tube babies," should
be welcomed by Judaism because
"it is incumbent on man to
remedy those defects in nature
which may cause sorrow."
Feldman said helping barren
women conceive through the use
of drugs or other techniques,
such as invitro fertilization.
i should be welcomed by Jews. He
took a careful position on the is-
sue of abortion, declaring he
recognized its necessity in cases
where carrying a pregnancy to
term may place the mother's life
in danger but he avoided any
general endorsement of abortion.
11 Days-10 Nights
March 27-Apnl 6
pr Pr tor
Includes Room And Meals
At Waldman Hotel

Holiday Services Conducted
Cantor Rueven Blum
10 Days-9 Nights
March 28 April 6
Per Person
*850. Single
Room At Adjacent Atlantic
Towers Hotel-Meals At
Miami Beach's Finest Glatt
Kosher Cuisine Included
i Dally aeHgloua SanloM
AM Special OtoU
Full EntartaMvnant Program
Sedurtm and Holiday SOTlcee
PHONE: 538-5731
"Supef Sunday" marks the pinnacle of the
1983 United Jewish Appeal Campaign. It Is your
chance to make fund-raising history.
Join thousands of volunteers in federations
across the country in an all-out telephone drive
to reach more people and raise more money in a
single day than ever before.
Give us two hours of your time on March 20.
To call your friends and neighbors.
To ask them to join you in helping our fellow
Jews at home, in Israel and around the world-
through our community campaign.
The calls you make may determine the quality of
Jewish life in this decade.
Reserve your "Super Sunday" telephone now.
MM H>alar I palajai A l.raw-l SfM-rlal t4
Please reserve a telephone for me
Telephone # (Home)
I will be able to staff the telephone from:
C 9:30am to 11:30am D 1:30pm to o:30poi
D 11:30am to 1:30pm
D 3:30pn to 5:30pm
Q 5:30pm to 7:30pm
0 7:30pm to 9:30pm

NOTE You will be requested to be tt the phone center for Orientation and Training 45 minutes before your
session begins If you have not made your 1983 pledge, you will be given the opportunity to do so at
the close of your Orientation Training session. .,
Phone South County Jewish Federation el 368-2737 or Mail Coupon to:
2200 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 206, Boca Raton, FL. 3343? ____
_______________________TOTtesfrVe Your'TelepKone'^'

m nt
Page 12
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday. February 4, 1983
ORT's Community
Forum Not To
Be Missed
The South Palm Beach County
Region of Women's American
ORT (Organization for Re-
habilitation Through Training)
will sponsor its second annual
Community Forum on Tuesday,
Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Com-
munity Room of Town Center.
Glades Road, Boca Raton.
The Forum will be open to the
public and free of charge.
Featured speakers of the eve-
ning will be Dr. Milton Redman
and Dr. David J. Demko. Dr.
Milton Redman is a member of
the Department of Economics of
Florida Atlantic University and
his subject will be "Various As-
pects of Social Security." Dr.
David J. Dembo is the Director of
the Institute of Gerontology of
the College of Boca Raton, and
his usbject will be "Our Special
The moderator of the Forum,
Mrs. Sylvia Waldner. is Vice-
f'rt'sident of Program and Com-
munity Affairs Chairperson for
the South Palm Beach County
Kegion. Mrs. Waldner said "this
is the second Forum which is
presented as a community service
by Women's American ORT; and
I encourage everyone to attend
and bring all their questions
about Social Security."
Women's American ORT is the
largest supporter of the global
ORT program in over 25 coun-
tries teaching students marketa-
ble skills so they can be self sup-
porting and live life with dignity.
In the U.S.. ORT supports the
Bramson Technical Institute in
New York city, the first of a pro-
posed network throughout the
U.S. In the new South Florida
Jewish High School, opened last
year in North Miami. ORT pro-
vides the Science and Technical
Department; providing the
students with the most up-to-
date training in today's tech-
nological society.
For further information please
call 499-1165.
Bar Mitzvah
On Saturday. Feb. 5. Kenneth
David Brotz. son of Susan and
Laurence Brotz. will be called to
the Torah of Temple Beth El of
Boca Raton as a Bar Mitzvah.
Kenneth is a student of Boca
Raton Middle School and attends
the Temple Beth El Religious
School. Family members sharing
in the simcha include Kenneth's
grandparents. Ida and Robert
Rose of Tamarac. Fla., and Ger-
trude Brotz of Far Rockaway,
N.Y.. along with brother, Je-
remy. Out of town guests include
uncle, Allan Rose of Queens.
NY., great uncles and aunts. Dr.
and Mrs. Elliott Brotz of Tarry-
town. N.Y., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Rose of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Rose of Cherry
Hill. N.J.. and godmother.June
Rose of New York, N.Y. Ken-
neth's hobbies are swimming and
Following services. Mr. and
' OU will host a reception
Community Calendar
February 4
B'nai Torah Congregation Joint Service Temple Beth El 8 p.m.
February 5
Zionist Organization of America Art Show 7 p.m. B'nai Torah
Congregation Joint Service Temple Beth El 9:30 a.m.
February 6
Temple Beth El-Brotherhood Breakfast 10 a.m. Temple Emeth
-8pm. Concert Israel Bond Parlor meeting 7:30 p.m. Israel
Bond Breakfast, Century Village Boca 9:30 a.m. Women's
American ORT North Pines Rummage Sale 9 a.m. Temple
Beth El Young Artist Series 3 p.m.
February 7
Brandeis Women-Boca 9:30 a.m. Board meeting Diamond
Club 9 a.m. meeting Women's American ORT-Boca Glades -
10 a.m. Board meeting Women's American ORT-North Pines -
10 am Board meeting Temple Beth El Forum Lecture Series 8
p.m. Women's League for Israel 10 a.m. Board meeting
Boca lago Women's Lunch 12 noon Brandeis Women-Centurv
Village 10 a.m. meeting Hadassoh-Ben Gurion 9:30 a.m.
meeting Free Sons of Israel 7 p.m. meeting
February 8
Zionist Organization of America 8 p.m. meeting Hadassah-
Aviva 10 a.m. meeting Hadassah-Shalom-Delroy 9:30 a.m.
meeting B'nai Torah Congregation Board meeting 7:30 p.m.
Temple Emeth-Brotherhood 7:30 p.m. meeting Women's
American ORT-Reaion District Board meetina two davs Israel
Bond Parlor meeting 8 p.m. B'nai Torah-Sisterhood 7:30
p.m. Board meeting Women's American ORT-Region District
Board meeting.
February 10
Proiect Renewal Dinner Hadassah-Ben Gur.on Board meeting -
930 a.m. Education Day Central Regional
Chapter Brondeis Women-Delray Breokfast Fashion Show -
8:45 a.m. Temple Beth El-S.sterhood 10 a.m. Board meeting
Israel Bond Parlor meeting 7:30 p.m. Jewish War Veterans-
Synder-Tokson Post-Aux.liary-lnstallat.on-Off icers 7 p.m.
February 12
B'na. Torah Men's Club9:30a.m. meeting B'nai B'nth Integrity
Council-9:30a.m. meeting
February 13
Temple Emeth Bazaar 10 a.m. Israel Bond Parlor meeting
Delray Orioles 4 p.m. Israel Bond Parlor meeting Chalfonte
South 7:30 p.m.
February 14
Temple Emeth-Smgles 1 2:30 p.m. meeting Diamond Club 9
a.m. meeting Hadossah Association of South County -9am
February 15
B'na. B'nth Delray Lodge 7:30 p.m. meeting Pioneer Women-
Zipporah 10 a.m. meeting Women's American ORT-Delray -
12:30 p.m. meeting Hadassah-Shalom-Delray 10 a.m Board
meeting Women's American ORT-AII Points meeting
February 16
B'na. Torah Congregation-Sisterhood Punm Play with music 7 30
p.m. Women's American ORT-Reg.on 10a.m. Board meeting
Hadassah-Menachem Begin 12 noon meeting Hadassah-
BocaMoanv 1230 p.m. meeting
February 17
Temple Emeth-Sisterhood 12:30 p.m. meeting Hadassah-
Menachem Begin-All day Regional Board meeting Jewish
Community Day School -Punm Special 7p.m. Hadassah-Ben
Gurion 12 30 p.m meeting Women's American ORT-Or.ole 1
p.m. Board meeting Pioneer Women-Kmneret 12:30 p.m.
Board meeting American Mizroch. Women-Kfar 10 a.m.
meeting Israel Bond Parlor meeting 7:30 p.m.
February 20
B'nai B'nth Olympic-XI 9:30 a.m. meeting Temple Beth El-
Solos 730 p.m. meeting Israel Bond Breakfast-Century Vil-
lage 930 Temple Beth El-Forum Series 8 p.m. Coco Woods
Lakes Breakfast 9 30 a.m.
February 21
B'nai B'nth Women-Naomi 12:30 p.m. meeting Diamond
Club 9 am meeting Women's American ORT-Boca Glades- 1
p.m. meeting Women's American ORT-North Pines 12:30
p.m. meeting B'nai B'nth Women-Ruth 1 p.m. meeting
Women's League (or Israel 10a.m. meeting B'nai Torah Con-
gregation-Breakfast 9:30 a.m.
February 22
Pioneer Women-Z.pporah 12 noon meeting
- 1230 Board meeting
February 23
Women's American ORT-Sandolfoot 1 p.m. meeting
Women's American ORT-Delray 12:30 p.m. meeting National
Council of Jewish Women 8 p.m. meeting
February 24
Jewish War Veterans-Auxiliary 7 p.m. meeting Anshei
Emuna-Sisterhood 10 a.m. Board meeting Temple Beth El 8
p.m. Board meeting War Veterans 7 p.m. meeting
B'na. B' Women Boca 1 p.m. Women's American
ORT-Or.ole 12 p.m. meeting Jewish War Veterans-Synder-
Tokson Post 10 a.m. Board meeting Temale Emeth-Brother-
hood 10 a.m. Board meeting Temple Emeth-Sisterhood 10
a.m. Board B'na. B'rith Women-Genesis 1
February 25
Community Relations Council 12 noon
February 27
Temple Beth El Distinguished Artist Series 8 p.m. B'nai Torah
Men's Club 9:30 a.m. meeting Temple Emeth-Singles 9:30
a.m. Board meeting
February 28
Pioneer Women-Kinneret 12:30 p.m. meeting Diamond Club
-9a.m. meeting* B'nai B'rith-Shomer Lodge 2 p.m. meeting
March 1
Anshei Emuna-Sisterhood 12 noon meeting B'nai B'nth-Boca
Teeca Lodge 9:30 a.m. meeting Brandeis Women-Boca 10
a.m. meeting Temple Sinai-Men's Club 7:30 p.m. meeting
Hadassah-Boca Maanv 1 p.m. Board meeting
March 2
Women's American ORT-Region 9:30a.m. executive meeting
Hadassah-Menachem Begin 9:30 a.m. Board meeting Na-
tional Council Jewish Women 8 p.m. Board meeting
Women's Division Cabinet meeting 9:30 a.m.
March 3
Jewish War Veterans-Synder-Tokson Post 10 a.m. meeting
Hadassah-Sabra 8 p.m. Board meeting Temple Emeth-Sister-
hood 12 noon meeting B'nai B'rith Women-Genesis 10 a.m.
Board meeting Women's American ORT-AII Points 2 p.m.
March 6
South County Jewish Federation Community-Wide Program on
Cults 7:30 p.m.
Federation UJA Calendar Campaign Events
February 7
Boca Lago Luncheon & Fashion Show 1 2 noon
February 9
Keynoters Committee Meeting
February 10
Proiect Renewal Dinner
February 13
Pines of Delray North Breakfast 930 a.m.
February 16
Women's Division Pacesetters Luncheon $500 plus 10:30 a.m.
February 17
$10,000 plus National UJA Dinner Palm Beach
February 19
Boca Lago Dinner Dance Sheraton Boca
February 20
Coco Woods Breakfast 9:30a.m.
February 21
B'nai Torah Supper Honoring Saul Glueckman 6 p.m.
February 23
UJA National $10,000 plus Mission to Washington
March 9
Women's Division Keynoter's Event $150 plus
March 14
Career Women
March 20
Super Sunday
" .".
Scott Kleinman & David Yourish
Borrow Bros. Rent All
We Rent Everything From:
Beds, Cribs, & Chairs To:
A Complete Line Of
Contractors Tool & Equip.
Located At:
320 N. Congress Ave.
Delray Beach

[iday. February 4,1963
News in Brief
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Page 13
ndropov Tells 'L'Humanite' Sharansky Has Quit Hunger Strike
By JTA Report
lARIS Yuri Andropov,
Secretary of the Soviet
jimunist Party, claims that
Irisoned Jewish activist
|toly Sharansky has ended his
jer strike and is in "a satis-
pry condition."
lie Soviet leader also hinted
, Sharansky's 13-year senten-
night be reduced were it not
the international pressure
paign on his behalf. Those
ements by Andropov were
fished in the French Corn-
list Party organ L'Humanite,
I letter to Georges Marchais,
ttary general of the party.
ae letter was Andropov's
. to a request by Marchais
^formation about Sharansky.
French Communist leader
been contacted earlier by the
kch Committee for
ansky's Liberation.
f'viet Jewry sources in New
and Washington had no
hnation to confirm that
ransky has ended his fast,
\n last September. Recent
ts from the USSR quoted
et officials as saying
Ransky was being force-fed.
Not Considering
ting Off Aid to Israel
Administration rejected
lay reports that it was
lering cutting off aid to
in an effort to achieve a
lier withdrawal" of Israeli
i from Lebanon.
lie U.S. remains extremely
^rned over the slow pace of
negotiations aimed at
fving the withdrawal of all
jn forces from Lebanon,"
Department spokesman
Hughes said. But he stres-
that Secretary of State
|ge Shultz has "on a number
isions made it clear" that he
;'s using threats of with-
|ng aid as a means of pres-
: Israel.
Hughes refused to comment
directly on a report by the
syndicated columnists Rowland
Evans and Robert Novak in The
Washington Post in which they
said that the National Security
Council and the State and
Defense departments have
drafted a document, ready for the
President's signature, to cut off
military aid as a means of forcing
an Israeli withdrawal.
Draconian Measures Ordered
To Quell W. Bank Riots
TEL AVIV Draconian
measures allegedly ordered by
Chief of Staff Gen. Rafael Eitan
to quell disturbances on the West
Bank last spring became the fo-
cus of attention over the weekend
in the court martial trial of an
Israeli major and six soldiers
accused of using excessive force
against Palestinian civilians in
the territory.
Their defense attorney, con-
tending that the accused were
only following orders from the
highest echelons of the military
establishment, presented docu-
ments as evidence last week. The
Jerusalem Post reported Friday
that the documents show that
Eitan had proposed "punishment
by expulsion," deliberated haras-
sment of West Bank Arabs to en-
force law and order and the
establishment of detention camps
to hold detainees pending trial.
According to the Post, the
Chief of Staff suggested
"repeated and arbitrary arrests,
punishing parents" of youths
charged with disorderly conduct
"and using collective punishment
such as curfews and economic
sanctions against troublesome
First U.S. Beer Will
Be Produced in Israel
NETANYA An Anheuser-
Busch beer will be brewed in
Israel and distrubuted nationally
under a licensing agreement
signed here. It will be the first
American beer to be produced in
The agreement by Anheuser-
Busch International, Inc. licen-
sed National Brewry Limited to
brew and distribute one of
Anheuser-Busch's beers for sale
in late 1983 or early 1984. The
brand was not specified, but
Anheuser-Busch products in-
clude Budweiser and Michelob.
Officials Deny Relations
With Ethiopia Improving
JERUSALEM Government
officials denied any knowledge of
a report in a British publication
that Israel's relations with
Ethiopia have improved of late to
the point where Israeli advisers
have replaced Soviet and East
German experts working with the
head of the Marxist regime,
Menghistu Haile Mariam, in
Addis Ababa.
The report appeared in Foreign
Report, a subsidiary of the
London Economist, and was
featured in Haaretz. It said that
Israel's defense links with Ethio-
pia, which were close during the
reign of the late Emperor Haile
Salassie, have been restored.
Danny Weinreich, a spokes-
man for the Defense Ministry,
told the Jewish Telegraphic
Agency that he "knew nothing"
of the report. The Foreign Min-
istry also disclaimed knowledge.
Sen. Levin Says Reagan
Undermines Mideast Peace
NEW YORK Sen. Carl
Levin (D., Mich.), a member of
the Senate Armed Services Com-
mittee, said that the Admin-
istration, guided by President
Reagan's Middle East peace
initiative, is not acting as a
mediator in that region to get the
parties to come to the peace table
but is undermining the chances of
.peace in the Mideast.
The solon, addressing the na-
tional executive committee of the
Zionist Organization of America.
asserted that the Administration
continues to "coddle" the Saudi
Arabians and is also "offering a
big fat carrot" to King Hussein
of Jordan in the way of airplanes
and missiles as an enticement to
get the Jordanians to the peace
El Al to Close Six
Offices in Europe
TEL AVIV El Al is to close
six of its European offices within
Ifs Easy to Feel Like a Miion
Without Spending a Dime
Al first glance, its just a living room
filled with furniture. Or maybe its
a garage filled with toots. Or a closet
filled with clothes.
It might not be worth much to you.
but to us its worth millions. Itte worth
medicine and medical supplies for
indigent residents of the Miami Jewish
Home and Hospital for the Aged.
Everything you donate to the
Douglas Gardens Thrift Shops is
tax-deductible. Of course, we will be
glad to pick up your merchandise at
your convenience. A licensed
appraiser is available upon request.
Call the Douglas Gardens Thrift
Shops when you re-decorate your
home, clean out your garage and
straighten up your closets
Its that easy. And youll feel like a
million without spending a dime.
> fU i
and S. Palm Beach)
5713 N.W. 27th Mm.
500 ME 79th St.
13149 HaHanoale Beach Blvd.
Irving Cypen, Chairman of the Board
Harold Beck. President
Aaron Kravitz, Chairman, Thrift Shop
Fred 0. Htrt. Executive Director
the next few days and dismiss
dozens of its Israeli workers
there. El Al managing director
Rafael Harlev and the company's
temporary receiver, custodian-
general Amram Blum, have
Closure of the offices in Brus-
sels, Copenhagen, Marseilles.
Bucharest. Munich and Lisbon
will save an estimated $550,000
Last year's
Hair With
This year's
T he way you *N> you' nmi tays a lot about you
Ma can help you make your laenion statement with
style Fust, out men s haw dexon experts wilt give
you a cut mat complements your lace snape Then
we it show you how 10 use the nght RK products to
keep you' ha" looking temtic at home And wall do
it at m an atmosphere mat makes you leal
comtorlabie and cared to>
Let us help you say n with style uVveusaca*
Satan rincitpaon Center
Interstate Plaza Sidg.
1-05 cV Palmetto Pk. Rd
Boca Raton 395-3314
How do you know if your bonds have been 'called?' Do
you know how much interest you could lose if you
present your coupons for payment after your bond has
SECURITIES, a member of The New York Stock Ex-
change, has available a monthly list of 'called' bonds,
indicating early redemption, plus a list of bonds which
have had their ratings changed.
Call or write for this free monthly service of
855 So. Federal Hwy.
Suite 115
Boca Raton, Fla. 33432
D Please send Free Monthly Service of
'Called' Bonds plus rating changes.
D Please send me forms for a current pricing
of my municipal bond portfolio.
Name _____________________________________

Home Phone.
Bus. Phone.

Page 14
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4,1983
Left to right: Bill Lewis, Jan McCart, Mark Heaton.
Velio Dolly' Cast to
Entertain At Donor Luncheon
The second Annual Donor
Luncheon of B'nai B nth Women
Integrity Council No. 515 of
Palm Beach will be held on
Thursday. Feb. 17, at the Crystal
Lakes Country Club in Deerfield
at noon. Chairman of this lun-
cheon is Norma Rifkin, past
president of B'nai B'rith Women
Boca Raton Chapter.
Integrity Council consists of
six chapters, Boca Raton,
Boynton Beach. Deerfield Beach.
Genesis Chapter (Boca Raton),
Naomi Chapter (Delray Beach)
and Ruth Chapter (Delray
Beach). Rose Rosen of Naomi
Chapter is president of the
The entertainment for the
afternoon will be the cast of
"Hello Dolly" of the Royal Palm
Dinner Theatre with Jan McCart
in the lead. No actress has ever
played Dolly Levi quite low Jan
McCart. The reviews on this
show describe it as a smash hit
and that it is "the great musical
smash hit": "the play is alter-
nately funny and moving, and
Jan McCart is a dream." "Hello
Dolly," when it played at the
Royal Palm Dinner Theater
received rave reviews, and
everyone attending the donor is
in for a real treat.
Century Village West in Boca Raton extends an invitation to
all Orthodox men and women interested in forming an Orthodox
Congregation. Please contact Abraham Lowin at 483-3981.
^Medicare Is
Not Enough':
Edward and Setma Kaplan ^^
It includes private
duty nursing in the
It includes doctor's
office and hospital
visits beyond what
Medicare pays.
Hospital deductibles
Acceptance is
"Tor members age 65 and
over. Pre -existing conditions
not covered tor the first 6
months of coverage.
Tor (i nai B nth members only.
We enroll ncv members
B'nai B'rith's
You Probably
Need B'nai B'rith's
Senior Security
Supplement, loo.
Form MOD AS-1307 7
Tor many medical
charges, it pays the
difference between
the actual fee and
what Medicare pays.
Group Insurance
I nderwnrtcnb\
"lutual Lite Insurance
Compam o( Tv York
Please contact me by phone or mail. I'm
interested in full detail* of B'nai B'rith's
Senior Security Sun&iem*nt
Security Supplement.
"fail tot National Preferred Risks
900 North Federal Hwy.
Suite 300
Boca Raton. Florida 33432
(305) 368-5400 1-600-432-5678 (Florida Only)'
Name__________._____________.___________ |
Add ress______________. _______
City State/Zip
Home Phone.
Wort* Phone
In Recent Article
Bitter Palestine Legal Battle Recalled
Roy Farran, the subject of
a bitter legal and political
controversy in Palestine in
1947, is still active in jour-
nalism after a successful
career of government ser-
vice in the province of Al-
berta. In a recent article
written for the Calgary
Herald, Farran is shown
holding a pipe, serene in
contemplation of wordly
There is a little hint in the
photograph of the Roy Farran
who, on February 12, 1947 was
appointed by Assistant Inspector
Bernard Fergusson to become a
member of a crack British count-
er-insurgency force in Palestine.
The force was created in order
to neutralize the activity of Jew-
ish irregulars who had been
making life so miserable for the
British army that troops were
besieged in their garrisons.
Farran was chosen for the posi-
tion because of his experience in
flghting behind enemy lines in
occupied France during World
War II.
QUOTED IN Nicholas
Bethells book, "The Palestine
Triangle," Farran says:
"Fergusson was right in the basic
principle that an underground
war can only be fought by
counter-terrorist forces, who are
prepared to mix with the enemy
in his environment. Small groups
can counter other small groups."
The enemy to which Farran
refers was. of course, members of
the Irgun. the Lehi (Stern Group)
and the Haganah.
Lord Bethel! says in his study
of the period that Farran, a
young war hero "was a highly
trained guerrilla fighter with
years of experience in the utterly
ruthless world of resistance to
Nazi-German occupation. He was
no politician then and he was not
suited to play any important part
in the sensitive balancing act of
British policy in Palestine."
IN FACT Farran severely
Jisrupted the equilibrium that
the British were trying to impose
on Palestine when he was im-
plicated in the murder of a young
member of Lehi. Alexander
Rubowitz was a 17-year-old who
disappeared without a trace in
At the time, the New York
Herald Tribune alleged that
Rubowitz had been kidnapped
and tortured to death by a special
British police squad.
When the British authorities
turned to Farran for questioning
he was nowhere to be found. He
had left Palestine for Syria,
where, according to Bethel!, he
was involved in conversations
with Syrian leaders. Fergusson.
his superior officer, went to Syria
to persuade Farran to return to
Palestine for interrogation.
Farran faced more than inter-
rogation: he was put on trial for
the murder of young Rubowitz.
Despite the damning fact that
Farran had left behind in his tent
an exercise book which was des-
cribed by the prosecution "as a
full confession," the court refused
to admit the evidence because it
deemed it subject to legal and
professional privilege. The prose-
cution's case was further weak-
ened by Fergusson s success in
avoiding giving testimony of the
grounds of possible self-incrimi-
stantial evidence (a hat bearing
something resembling Farran s
name near the scene of the crime)
was inadequate to secure a
conviction and Farran was freed.
According to Bethell, Nathan
Yalin-Mor. the head of the Stern
Group, sent Farran a parcel
bomb in England but it was
Farran*s brother, Rex, who had
the misfortune to open it. He died
as a result.
Rabbi Samuel Silver
Rabbi Samuel Silver, of Tem-
Ele Sinai, and Mrs. Silver will
ad a tour of Israel from May 2
to May 11. *
Details are being worked out.
Those interested in joining the
tour are asked to call Mrs. Silver
at 272-4949.
arrriTrrrrrrrrrrnrTrrnr^^ ma
is looking for
| Sensitive and caring counselors and Junior j
I Counselors interested in working with \
\ children in a Jewish Day Camp setting.:
Please call South County Jewish Federation I
at 368-2737 for an application and interview.'
An AtttlmHmn for rfia Practice of
cmaw Mmim tw mam afc
mmtam. Hiwurtm.cnw, aomtmun, iwymiTotmii.
UK aI comiiii law p
Oimril Ptamia pasta
MotcAai accsptid
Military Trail at
Union Blvd.,
Delray Beach.
Suite 106 '
Religious Directory
1401 N.W. 4th Ave., Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Conservative.
Phone 392-8566, Rabbi Theodore Feldman. Sabbath Service*:
Friday at 8:15 p.m.. Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Family Shabbat
Service 2nd Friday of each month. Minyan on Monday and
Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m.
16189 Carter Road, 1 block south of Lin ton Blvd. Delray Beach
FL 33445. Orthodox. Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks. Services daily 8
a.m. and 9 a.m. Saturday. Phone 499-9229.
Conservative Services at First Federal Savings & Loan Associa-
tion Offices, West Atlantic, Corner Carter Road, Delray Beach,
Fridays, 8 p.m. and Oneg Shabbat, Saturdays, 9 a.m. and
Kiddush. Edward Dorfman. President, 6707 Moonlit Drive.
Delray Beach, Fla. 33446. Phone-499-6687. Rabbi Emeritus
Jonah J.Kahn 499-4182. .... *""*""
^ sw- Fourth Avenue, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432. Reform.
?wneL 3A9V89? Rabbi Merle E- Singer, Assistant Rabbi
Richard Agler, Cantor Martin Rosen. Shabbat Eve Services at 8
p^m. Family Shabbath Service at 8 p.m. 2nd Friday of Each
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 134, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432.
Conservative, Located in Century Village, Boca. Services 8 a.m.
and 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8:46 a.m. Reuben Saltzman,
President, Joseph M. Pollack, Cantor, 483-5567.
5780 West Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, Fla. 33446. Conserva-
tive. Phone: 498-3536. Bernard A. Silver, Rabbi: Seymour
Zisook. Cantor. Sabbath Services: Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday ar
8:45 a.m.. Daily Minyana at 8:46 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Lakenidi1f?! Init,hd? &*342 N"9wintoa Ave-m *
feTlMI Si 5?Sy 5"fr F1" **>" Mt^ Address: P.O.
BwSSn DeIl21 Beach. Fla. 33444. Friday at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi
Samuel Sdver, President Bernard Etish, 276-6161

iay, February 4,1983
The Jewish Fbridian of South County ,~

Page 15
Organizations in the News
femple Emeth-Sisterhood will
lure "Kazablan," a delightful
Leal that takes place in Israel
[Saturday, Feb. 5. Please call
111 it- Patinkin 499-3621, for ad-
onal information.
I'emple Emeth-Singles will
their next meeting on Mon-
day, Feb. 14 at 12 noon at the
Synagogue, 5780 W. Atlantic
Ave., Delray Beach. Plan to
bring your cards and games. Re-
freshments will be served. AU
single men and women are wel-
B'nai Torah Congregation and
Temple Beth El will hold a joint
service with Rabbi David Aron-
son as guest, Friday evening,,
Feb. 4 at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Aron-
son will speak on "Coming of
Age." Shabbat service will be
held at Temple Beth El, Boca.
Raton. On Saturday morning at!
9:30, Feb. 5, B'nai Torah Congre-'
gation will host the joint Shabbat j
worship with Rabbi Aronson
speaking on the subject "What is ,
Torah?" All congregants are in-
vited to attend this Shabbat
.ackey' Gemayal Snubbed
Israel at Beirut Party
TEL AVIV (ZINS) The Israel morning daily,
Ja'aretz, cites an example of the attitude adopted by the
?wly elected President of Lebanon, Amin Gemayel. The
jwspaper article describes how, after the last Israeli sol-
der had left Beirut, Gemayel arranged a celebration to
irk the unification of both sectors of the city.
EVERYONE WAS invited to this celebration the
F.S. Marines, the French and Italian army personnel
[veryone, in fact, with the exception of the Israeli army;
le same army that had paid such a heavy price in blood
i the Lebanon war. Ha'aretz asks, who was responsible
for the unification of Beirut? The U.S. Marines? The
rrench? The Italians? No. This was done by the Israeli
However, in marking the unification of Beirut, the Is-
lelis were boycotted and not a word was said about their
)art in liberating the city. As matters stand, the news-
>aper writes, this attitude will probably continue into the
uture. "The lackey has done his thing; the lackey can
ITnow be excused."
Franco-Israeli Cultural
[Negotiations Won't Change
Basic French Policy
PARIS (JTA) France said that the resumption
|f Franco-Israeli negotiations on cultural matters does
|ot imply any change in France's basic policy and its
emand for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces
|>rm Lebanon. This statement was issued as the Franco-
jraeli cultural commission met in Jerusalem to negotiate
lew cultural agreement between the two states.
The commission was initially scheduled to meet last
ine, but France postponed its session because of the war
Lebanon. The commission is to draw up a new two-year
reement which will provide for cultural and artistic
:hanges, academic cooperation and the teaching of
inch and Hebrew in the two countries.
B'nai Torah Congregation will
host a Torah Institute weekend
on Friday evening and Saturday
morning services, Feb. 11 and 12,
at the Synagogue, 1401 NW 4th
Ave., Boca Raton. The Scholar in
Residence will be Dr. Ronald
Brauner, Dean of the Recon-
structionist Rabbinical College,
Philadelphia, Pa. His topic will
be "Guide for the Biblically Per-
plexed." On Saturday morning
Dr. Brauner will do the Torah
commentary during services and
the Kiddush luncheon session
will be "Skeptics Make the Best
Bible Students." Dr. Brauner is a
Biblical Scholar and has worked
on the Milton Research Institute
Bible Project.
Women's American ORT-Boca
Century will hold a luncheon with
entertainment at the L'Hexagon
at 12 noon on Sunday, Feb. 6.
Donation is $11. For further in-
formation, please call Pearl 483-
1036, Roz 483-1916 or Edith 483-
American Mizrachi Women
Beersheva will hold their next
meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9at
12 noon at the American Savings
Bank, Atlantic Ave., Delray
Beach. The guest speaker will be
Dr. Gorenberg. Coffee and bagels
with cream cheese will be served.
Guests are welcome.
Jewish War Veterans-Snyder-
Tokson Post 459 and Ladies
Auxiliary will hold their annual
installation of officers on Feb. 10
at 7 p.m. in the Administration
Bulding, Century Village, Boca
Raton. Officers of the Depart-
ment of Florida and County will
perform the installation cere-
mony. For Reservations, please
call Moe Mazer 482-1032, Dotty
Shandler 483-1029 or Lillian Per-
son 482-3709.
Anshei Shalom-Oriole Jewish
Center-Sisterhood will hold a
Flea Market and Rummage Sale,
Sundav. Feb. 13, 9:30 a.m. to
Does Your Group
Need A Speaker?
Call The South County Jewish Federation
Speakers available for both Jewish and non-Jewish groups.
3:30 p.m. in the (Jarteret Savings
parking lot on Atlantic Avenue
and Military Trail. For further
information, please call 499-8462.
Also, the Sisterhood will have a
Chinese Auction on Monday,
Feb. 14, 9:30 a.m. at American
Savings Bank on Atlantic Ave.
Coffee and cake will be served.
For further information, please
call 499-8462.
Brandeis University of Delray
Beach will present a Fashion-
works Show at Jordan Marsh in
Boca Raton on Thursday, Feb. 10
at 8:45 a.m. A Continental
Breakfast will be served. This
program will be on a first come
first served basis. For tickets,
please call Lori Kates 498-0577 or
Fritzi Feldsher 499-5080.
Brandeis University of Boca
Century Village will have their
next meeting on Monday, Feb. 7
at 10 a.m. in the Community
Room at Town Center Mall. Mil-
dred O'Connell will present a
lx>ok review on "The Aquarium
Conspiracy" by Marilyn Fergu-
son. This book deals with the
social transformation of people in
the 80's. Discussion will follow.
Refreshments will be served. All
are welcome to attend.
Hadassah-Shalom-Delray will
host a day in Coconut Grove, fea-
turing a matinee followed by
dinner at one of the Grove's ex-
clusive restaurants. The donation
of $31.50 includes transportation.
For information, please call 498-
1254 or 499-7966.
Anshei Emuna will present an
art auction on Sunday, Feb. 6 at
the congregation, 16189 Carter
Rd.. Delray Beach. The preview
will start at 6 p.m.-7 p.m. with
the auction starting at 8 p.m.
Steven Burton will be the auc-
tioneer. Refreshments will be
served during the art auction. A
free gift will be given with ea<5h
piece of art that is bought. There
will be door prizes and a raffle
prize. The art auction will include
lighographs. etchings, water-
colors, oils, enamels and sculp-
tures. The artists include Sandu
Lieberman, Amen, Chagall, Miro,
Calder, Dali, Vasarelli, A gam,
Silva. Simbari, Neiman, Hibel
and others.
Pioneer Women-Beersheeba
will hold their next meeting on
Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 12 noon at the
American Savings Bank. Kings
Point. Refreshments will be
served along with a special pro-
gram. Guests are welcome. The
lUcrsheeba Club are also plan-
ning to attend a Show and Dinner
at the Konover Hotel in Miami
Beach on Sunday, Feb. 13 to see
Yiddish Operetta "Shulamith."
For further information, please
call 499-4495 or 499-1573.
Memorial Chapels
Broward 428-1313
Dade 945-6466 Palm Beach
proving The finest jtwiiH ChaKlS
lmi corns m
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HFt'ft Mi MTVK0 mff OMMf
*fmmUf Ow**4 I QfrmHi
imlet flUeatura &&, -_
AN Your Dry Cl,n/mg Nteds _$p>
Atlantic Aw. 4
M W. Atkwtfc Aw. ^T"
[Dtlrty Itcch, Fl w+e
Cofwmt MMitary)
Joseph Rubin is a dedicated man. devoted to his
family, his business, his community. For many years he
has been actively involved in fraternal, civic and temple
organizations ... helping and supporting people with
sensitivity and integrity, as a community leader, as a
neighbor and as a friend.
Me brings these same caring qualities to his position as director and owner of Beth
Israel, South Palm Beach County's only Jewish Funeral Home...thoughtfully attend-
ing to every detail in his own very personal and compassionate manner. Joseph
Rubinalways there as friend of the community... as well as friend in time of need.
The wise person thinks about
making funeral pre-arrangements
... the thoughtful and considerate
person does it." Ask about the Family
Protection Plan which provides se-
curity and peace of mind for you and
your loved ones.
meiTOfirftL CHftPL
... (,#
5808 W. Atlantic Ave.. Delray Beach, Florida 33445/499-8000/732-3000

Page 16
The Jewish Floridian of South County
Friday, February 4, 1983
Israel. Where the warmth of belonging begins.
And you feel content in a way you've never felt anywhere else.
Vacation in Israel this year. See the sights of your
ancient homeland from the balcony of your modern hotel.
Swim in its bright, blue seas.
Let its sunshine warm you. And its people. Israel.
Another country. Yet, somehow your own.
The Miracle On The Mediterranean:

Israel ,s much less expensive than many people think. For inform* on low-cost packages, call yoor travel aent Israel (.ovemment Tuns! Office. 4151 S.W fteewaMfoustoii^fecIs

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