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UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 2 Table of ContentsFulbright and UB Collaborate on Teaching English Methods 3 Step Up! Take Charge! A Healthier Belize Begins Today! 4 New Members appointed to UB Board of Trustees 5 Growing Population 6 Young Belizean Leaders 7 Promoting Patriotism at UB 8 Convocation: Making a Mark 9 Preparing Entrepreneurs 9 Young Belizean Historian 10 Future Technological Experts 11 Belize-Guatemala Relations 11 UB Writing Center Established 12 Maintaining Partnership 13 Human Rights! 13 Student Voices 14 Learning to be a problem solver 14 Building Bridges 14 National Service Day 15 Beautifying Belmopan Campus 15 Belize City Campus 15 UB Library Assisted Nazarene High School Library 16 A student friendly environment 16 Kicking off the Semester 17 Students in Independence Day Parade 17 Goodbye to UB Family Member 18 Territorial Integrity 18 Student Represents UB in Canada 19 Think Pink 19 I Support. Do You? 20 Scholarship Opportunities 21 Active Clubs at UB! 22 Do not Plagiarise 22 Building Capacity of Pharmaceutical Services 23 Eating Healthy 23 Welcome to UB 24 Nursing Team 24 Black Jaguars run fast in 10 K 25 Participate & Win 25 ATLIB Softball Champions! 26 Breast Care: A Poem by Eric Sanchez 27


2 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 3 Fulbright and UB Collaborate on Teaching English MethodsThe University of Belize, in collaboration with the Fulbright Scholarship Program, of the United States, has developed a Sheltered Instruction Model for teaching English to students who come from a variety of language backgrounds, and for students who may not demonstrate adequate language proSheltered Instruction consists of teaching strategies that focus on language and content and is used as a teaching tool for lecturers/teachers guage is not English. Sheltered Instruction used in American schools to boost the perfor mance of students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In Belize, we have been operating on the assumption for a number of years that students tion is inaccurate, said the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts, Dr. Priscilla Brown-Lopez. She added, that in order to meet academic requirements across the cur riculum, it is of critical importance to ensure that students improve their knowledge and use of English. The University has received support from the Fulbright program through the work of Dr Aileen Hale, Idaho State University professor, who is working in Belize to teach students entering schools from bi/multilingual backgrounds. The training program was designed to assess current teaching methods and to devise a plan for the integration of new teaching strategies for improving the students use of English across the curriculum. Dr. Hale conducted a two-week training program in August for UB Educators in the 8 Com ponents of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP): Preparation, Building Background, Comprehensible Input, Strategies, Interaction, Practice/Application, Lesson Delivery, and Review/Assessment. These components emphasize the instructional practic es that are critical for English language learners to improve their academic performance. Dr Hale is an educational specialist with training and experience in bilingual education, methods of teaching Spanish and English as a foreign/second language, the process of language acquisition; and Sheltered Instruction. Discussions with the Fulbright scholar, also OL) program to be offered through the Universitys Regional Language Centre (RLC) and sored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of other countries. It was established in 1946.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 4 Fourth Year Nursing students at the University of Belize held the fourth annual Reproduc tive Health Fair of the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health, and Social Work at the Universitys Central Campus in Belmopan. Speaking to students, faculty, and staff, Guest speaker, Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin emphasized that health is about our minds and bodies. It is physical, mental, spiri tual and emotional. It is our most important asset! We really should do everything we can to promote and preserve it. Activities at the event included presentations by stu dents and different health tests such as blood pressure, pap smear, breast exam, and HIV. The fair was held under the theme Step Up! Take Charge! A Healthier Belize Begins Today! The hosts, NURS 4051 stu dents, thanked the Ministry of Health, Western Regional Hospital, and UB Central Campus Student Government for their assistance in hosting a successful fair. Step Up! Take Charge! A Healthier Belize Begins Today! Here are the future care providers; the future nurses for our clinics and hospitals and it is good to see the love and respect that they have for their fellow Belizeans. Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin


4 5 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 4 The inaugural meeting for new members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize, in accordance with the University of Belize Act Chapter 37, Revised Edition 2000, was held on October 11, 2013 at the Conference Room, UBs Administration Building, Central Campus, Belmopan. Mr Harrison Pilgrim, Appointee of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, was elected as the Chairman of the Board while Mr. Steve Spiro, Private Sector representative for Tourism also nominated by the Minister, was elected as the Vice-Chairman. The new Board consists of the following members: Ms. Anita Ack,1. representative, UBs Association of Student Governments Dr. Peter Allen,2. Mr. Jose Alpuche,3. and Agriculture Ms. Brenda Armstrong,4. representative, Council of Churches Mr. Kerry Belisle,5. representative, UBs Alumni Association Ms. Joan Burke,6. representative, Non-governmental and Civil Society Organization Mr. Gaspar Martinez,7. representative, Private Sector for Agriculture Mr. Luke Palacio,8. representative, National Trade Union Congress of Belize Rev. Roosvelt Papouloute,9. representative, National Council for Education (returning Board Member) Mr. Harrison Pilgrim,10. Appointee of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports (returning Board Member) Mr. Deryck Satchwell,11. Board Member) Dr. Sharmayne Saunders12. representative, Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) (returning Board member) Mr. Steve Spiro, 13. representative, Private Sector for Tourism, (returning Board Member) Mr. Lynn Young,14. representative, Private Sector for Industry There is a vacant seat on the Board for a Faculty Representative from within the University, and after an election is conducted, this person will be appointed. The President of the University, Dr. Cary Fraser, is the Secretary to the Board. Present at the inaugural meeting was the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hon. New Members appointed to UB Board of Trustees


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 6 Growing PopulationOn the occasion of Caribbean Statistics Day 2013, the University of Belize (UB) in partnership with the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) launched the 2010 Census at the Universitys Cen tral Campus, Belmopan in October. The population of Belize, that is persons residing in the coun try, is 324,528. Given the fact that a Census is conducted every ten years, the current mid-year estimated population for 2013 is 350,000. Data from the Census reveals that the ma jority of the population lives in the rural areas compared to 45.2% living in urban areas, and that the population is evenly divided 100 males per 100 females. Other development include ethnic groups, languag es, chronic illness, literacy, orphaned children etc. Census data is used as a planning tool for government policy makers, other areas of the public sector, NGOs, and the private sector; it is also needed as a sample frame for household surveys and as a reference point for making population estimates. Guests at the event included the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development, Hon. Santiago Castillo; President of University of Belize, Dr Cary Fraser; SIB Chairman, Dr. Aaron Lewis, and Executive Director Mr Glen Avilez; members and representatives of the Diplomatic Corps; United Nations agencies; non-government organizations, and teachers, stu dents and staff members from SIB and UB. This year is also being observed as the International Year of Statistics, under the theme Statistics in Everyday Life. Let us Edu cate and Appreciate. In recognition of the importance of statistics, said if our personal and collective means are to improve...can statistical information.Minister Santiago Castillo We have to understand what type of demographics in society means and thekinds of policy/policies that need to be addressed. Even wth migration taking place there was Belize, has led to fundamental problem for UB and in that context, the importance for UB to work with SIB, hence the Signing of Memoran dum of Understanding.UB President, Dr. Cary Fraser Presentation focused on housing, in particular on socio-economic groups and selected consumer durable goods to assess socio-economic status of household.Glen Avilez, SIB The institute is releasing on CD a beta version of a tabulation system that allows any user with a personal computer no internet access needed to produce their own tables and graphs from the 2010 census database.SIB Chairman, Dr. Aaron Lewis


6 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 7 The United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the University of Belize, hosted a two day Social Audit Workshop for young Belizean leaders and Entrepreneurs at the University of Belize, Central Farm Campus, in the Cayo District on October 25 to 26, 2013. A total of 34 youth leaders, between the ages of 18-29, women and men equally rep resented, between the ages of 18-29, from tertiary level student government bodies as well from civil society organizations partici pated in the Social Audit Workshop. The workshop focused on the rights young people have to participate in auditing exercises of their government. The facilitators explained that it is a must to train youths in technical skills of social auditing and the ability to analyze and interpret public information. Social auditing gives people the tools that enable them to answer questions that citizens ask, and emphasizes that they have the right to know about the government. A social audit is an accountability mecha nism whereby citizens organize and mobilize to evaluate or audit a governments per formance and policy decisions. It rests on and monitored, they feel greater pressure to respond to their constituents demands and have fewer incentives to abuse their power. Objectives of the workshop were: to support demands for greater social accountability; ment, leadership and practical skills for so cial audit from different dimensions, such as political, social, technical and collective action, among youth leaders in Belize; ment, policy and technical skills, for the design, implementation, communication and evaluation of social audit processes; and cation. The workshop culminated with a small ceremony at which the participants received needed to conduct a social audit. Facilitators for the workshop were Gerardo Berthin, Regional Policy Advisor in Local Governance and Decentralization, Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, Consultant in Democratic Governance and Youth Participation Issues, and Amram Lemoth, Youth Facilitator. Young Belizean Leaders UNDP Assistant Regional Representative, Mr. Daniel Alemu, and UB President Dr. Cary Fraser


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 8 Promoting Patriotism at UBThe University of Belize, through the Faculty of Education and Arts and in collaboration with the Central Campus Student Government Association, celebrated UB Annual Patriotic Day at the Jaguar Auditorium, Belmo pan on September 18.. Hundreds of patriotic students and other Belizeans celebrated the fever of Belizeaness. Two Belizeans were recognised for be ing outstanding patriots at the event. Mrs. Arcadia Carillo, was awarded for serving Belize for 55 years as a teacher. The other recipient of this prestigious award was Rowan Garel who inspired others through his accomplishments towards making Belize a better country for the visually impaired. Both patriots were presented with plaques by the Deputy Mayor of Belmopan City Council, Mr. Joel Westby. Speaking to a packed audience, Interim Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Priscilla Brown-Lopez, spoke of the importance of patriotism in nation building. Mr. Cesar Ross, Guest Speaker and History Lecturer of the University, also spoke about the importance of the Belize Diaspora in patriotism which he calls the seventh district. Students also had an op portunity to show how patriotic they are by participating in competitions in poetry, song, and dress. Congratulations to the winners of the various competitions. Patriotic Competition WinnersCategory First Place Second Place Third Place Poetry Olivette Ramos Felcia Zuniga Eliphaz Santos Song Sylvan Neal Noevia Arzu Dress Olivette Ramos Mikayla Banner Jennifer Tatum


8 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 9 Students enrolled in the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (FMSS) were exposed to the traditions and values of the faculty at their annual Convocation. The aim of the Con vocation, which is to foster and enhance an FMSS spirit among students, faculty and staff, was held under the theme: Change Ourselves, Change Organizations, Change the World. The Dean of FMSS, Dr Vincent Palacio, encouraged students to embrace higher learning and to read more because, he noted, reading is considered one of the critical roots of knowledge. The event was held in September at the Jaguar Auditorium, Central Campus, Belmopan. Convocation: Making a Mark Preparing EntrepreneursAs part of Development Finance Corporations Anniversary, Assistant General Manager of Development Finance Corporation (DFC), Mr. Franklyn Magloire delivered a presentation on Preparation of Business Plans to students of the University of Belize. The presentation covered several topics related to business plan including Executive Summary, Vision and Mission statements, Business and Industry Pro Products and Services, Marketing Strategy, and Financial Forecasts. There were approximately 125 business students in attendance. These included students from Belize City and the Belmopan Campus. Throughout the presentation, students expressed a deep interest in the topic discussed. of the students in attendance were eager to quickly respond to questions raised by the presenter through different segments of the presentation. At the end of the presentation, students expressed their desire to have more forums of this nature.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 10 Young Belizean HistorianRolando Cocom is a magna cum laude graduate of the Bach elors in history program at the University of Belize. He was born in the year 1990 and raised in the twin town of San Ignacio & Santa Elena, Cayo. He attended Saint Andrews Primary School and Mopan Technical High School in Benque Vijo del Carmen. These formative years allowed him to rapidlydevelop into a student committed to learning. Thereafter, he entered the University of Belize in 2008 to pursue studies in the newly established History and Anthropology Program. The program was a revolutionary experience in his academic and personal development. The supposed simplicity and sanctity of history became more and more a subject. In many ways, the program was an opportunity and preoccupation that enabled him to understand self and the Belizean society. Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR/NICH). They were guided by historian Jopaper was a socio-historical analysis of social cohesion from the experiences of CentralAmerican Belizeans in Salvapan, Belmopan. This accomplishment provided a platform for Cocoms working experience at ISCR. After completing the history program in 2011, Rolando worked as research assistant at ISCR. During his internship, he participated in a research project to investigate historical land scapes within Belize City. His work on that project recently contributed towards a publication entitled A walk through Old Belize (2013). He has participated in the production of two historical exhibits: A Story of Resistance (a travelling exhibit on occasions of resistance in Belizes history) and another entitled The River and its People (a permanent exhibit at sity of Belize history program. Rolando has also participated in an ethnographic research on carnival in Caledonia, Coro cusses the cultural forms and meanings of pre-Lenten carnival in Caledonia. It also pro of many publications expected from this young scholar. Rolando Cocom is currently on study leave from ISCR to read for a Master of Arts in So Rolando Cocom is committed to contributing to Belizes sustainable development through research and engagements in the public sphere.


10 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 11 Belize-Guatemala RelationsAuthor of A History of Belize in 13 Chapters, former Ambassador Assad Shoman, led an in formative dialogue about the relations between Belize and Guatemala in September. There was a lively exchange between UB students and Ambasssador Shoman. Mr. Shoman also paid a courtesy visit to UB President, Dr. Cary Fraser The Information Computer and Technology (ICT) industry in Belize has been growing rapidly. As a result, ICT is becoming an attractive career option for many Belizeans. As a consequence, many students are opting to study IT in the De partment of Information Technology (DoIT) at the University of Belize. In response to this growing trend and the need to better pre pare students for entry into the IT program and thereafter employment in the ICT sector, the faculty of the Department of Information Technology designed, developed and offered a free introduction to computer programming course for high school students. The course, which runs for six weeks, teaches students how to design and write computer programs using the Python programming language. Through a repeated process of designing computer programs, the students improve their computational, logic and reasoning, and problem solving skillsskills which are also applicable to all other professions. The course is taught using a learning-by-example approach which utilizes, heavily, a Justin-Time learning (JIT) methodology. The enthusiasm shown by the high school students participating in the course has dem onstrated to the DoIT faculty that short courses such as these that are geared towards helping high school students succeed in college, is a step in the right direction towards improving ICT education and training in Belize. It is hoped that in the future Belizean high schools will more fully integrate computer programming into their curriculum. University of Belize Department of Information Technology / Faculty of Science and Technology. Future Technological Experts


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 12 UB Writing Center Established The University of Belize Writing Center, located Belmopan Main Campus, opened its doors to students and lecturers on September 2nd, 2013. ed one-on-one tutoring to 30 students enrolled in the universitys various Associates level composition classes. In addition, the Writing Center offered a workshop titled Introduction ferent classes at both the Associates and Bach elors levels. The Writing Center also extended its hand of service beyond UB by welcoming two lecturers from the Belize Adventist Junior College to participate in one of the workshop sessions. Through the tutoring sessions and workshop offerings, the Writing Center served well On Friday, September 27, UB President Dr. Cary Fraser stopped in at the Writing Center for a brief visit during which he shared with the staff his thoughts about the importance of writing. The Center is staffed entirely by volunteers: 14 students and 8 faculty and staff members who give generously of their time and talents in serving their university community. Other students are welcome to join the volunteer staff, especially upper level Associates or Bachelors de gree students with excellent writing and English language skills. lish lecturers, and now lecturers and other personnel from various departments have joined forces in making this dream a reality. These include the Faculty of Education and Arts; the Faculty of Science and Technology; the UB Library; the Student Government Asso Students, Provost, and Assistant Provost. For more information about the University of Belize Writing Center, the coordinators Ms. Ivory Kelly, Ms. Sarita Lewis, and Mr. Ubaldimir Guerra may be reached at writingcenter@ ub.edu.bz or by telephone at 822-3680, Extension 463.


12 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 13 A group of eight doctoral students, and their professor from Prairie View A & M University in from Texas, a UB partner institution, was in Belize on their Annual Belize Study Tour from October 15 through 21 October. This being their third year of partnering with UB, the group led by Belizean born Professor Dr. Her man Douglas started off their tour by visiting Wesley College where they met with the entire student body and held discussions with the Principal to discuss potential collaborations and future visits. Some of the students are insterested in providing some type of community service to the school in the near future. The PVAMU group's primary objective for their annual visit is to visit Corozan Creek High School in Toledo with which it has an on-going relationship and the conducting of a workshop for teachers from the Toledo district. The group also visited San Pedro where they had time to enjoy one of Belize's premier tourist destinations. It is important to note also that a faculty memebr from the Toledo campus is currently purusing his doctoral degree at PVAMU as a result of the UB/ PVAMU for collaboration. Maintaining Partnership Human Rights!Attorney-at-Law and Human Rights Commission representative, Ms. Antoinette Moore, spoke to a wide cross-section of students in Sep tember on the issue of Human Rights, in particu lar the challenges of observing and implementing human Gender Policy and encouraged students to read the document. The National Gender Policy can be downloaded at http://www.nationalwomenscommission.org/Publications/ The presentation was followed by an open given the opportunity to ask questions and/ or comment on related issues. This discussion was facilitated and hosted by the Faculty of Science and Technology.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 14 Learning to be a problem solverMathematics can help us to be good problem solvers, but sometimes mathematics itself is a problem. The Math Department under the Faculty of Science and Technology has seen the need for math tutoring for students who need help in math related subjects; i.e. Intermediate Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Statistics I, and Finite Math. The Department is offering tutorial sessions from Monday to Wednesday. Any students for tutoring and learn to be a problem solver. The University of Belizes Student Govmeeting for this semester on October 23, at the UB Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan. The new Central Campus SG members were introduced to the student body after which representatives presented upcoming events and proposed ideas. The SG encourages students to attend meetings and to share their concerns in order for the SG to deal with them properly. The next scheduled meeting will be held on November 28 during student hour (2:00 p..m.) at the Jaguar Auditorium. Student Voices Building Bridges The annual macaroni structural competition within the Engineering Department was held on October 25, 2013. A total of nine teams, four person per team, from the Structure (CIVL2502) and Mechanical Engineering Science (MECH2502) courses participated in the competition. The winning team comprising of Gerardo Chable, Ian Avilez, Rene Marin and Alberto Cor rea will represent the University of Belize in the annual Structural Competition at the Insti tuto Tecnologico De Chetumal in Quintana Roo, Mexico.


14 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 15 National Service Day Beautifying Belmopan Campus Belize City Campus


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 16 UB Library Assisted Nazarene High School Library A student friendly environment The Engineering Department in Belize City launched its new lounge for students on Thursday, 10th of October. The lounge was named in honor of lecturer Mr. Steve Daddy Wright who passed away in 2011.


16 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 17 Students in Independence Day Parade Kicking o the Semester


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 18 Territorial Integrity Goodbye to UB Family Member The Belize City Student Government in collaboration with Student Affairs and the University of the West Indies held a Divergent Discussion on Territorial Integrity on October 2, 2013. The speakers were Mr. Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers and Mr. Glenn Tillet of the Referendum Team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event was well attended by students who also took the opportunity to voice their queries. The organizers extend thanks to Mr. Maheia and Mr. Tillett for providing important infor mation and to the lecturers of UB and UWI who attended or encouraged their classes to attend. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to future Divergent Discussions where they can listen to different sides on contemporary issues. Another session of Divergent Discussions was held at Toledo Campus where Mr. Maheia was the guest speaker.


18 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 19 Student Represents UB in CanadaFor the past four years, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in conjunction with UB has provided the opportunity for a student of the Natural Resource Management (NRM) program to visit TRU in Kamloops, British Colombia, Canada. This year, the recipient of the 2-week scholarship was Denver Cayetano, a fourth year NRM student. While in Kamloops, he gave presentations on natural resource management issues in Belize, putting focus on forest management and discussing on the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Central Belize Wildlife Corridor. The management of natural resources is not an easy task and its evident that anywhere in the world you go, youll encounter related issues stated Cayetano. He learned quite a bit, having participated in the Wildlife Management class, setting small mammal traps and joining the Forest Ecology and Management class on a weekend trip to TRUs research station in Wells Gray Provincial Park where lectures focused on soils, hydrology, and wildlife, all important components of a forest ecosystem. As different as we are in terms of climate and environment, we share some of the pine beetle infestation and dwindling popu lations of game animals Cayetano further explained. And of course, Denver got to enjoy nature and the Canadian culture. I have to thank Dr. Karl Larsen and the stu dents that visited Belize earlier this year for making sure that none of the time I spent in Kamloops went to waste. I enjoyed good food, took some great hikes with beautiful scenery, got to mingle with graduate level researchers and made new friends. Think Pink UB Lecturer, Dr. Maxine McKay, along with members of the Hearts Ambition and Values Empowering the Nation (HAVEN) Club were on a Think Pink Campaign for Breast Cancer Awarenes in October.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 20 I Support. Do You? The sea of pink glowed across the central campus of the University of Belize in Belmopan and was made up of students, faculty and staff who wore pink in a show of support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 9, 2013. The aim was to publicise across campuses, and the length and breadth of Belize the critical detection among Belizeans since October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Activities included a testimonial by a cancer survivor/warrior, Mrs Yolanda August who spoke of the challenges she faced when she was with breast can cer. A notable feature at the event was the presence of the former Presi dent of the Belize Cancer Society, Mrs Laura Longsworth, who was also the Special Guest Speaker. She spoke of the importance of breast examination. She encouraged students, faculty and staff to conduct routine self examination. Kudos to the planning committee which included representatives from the faculties of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work; Education and Arts; and Science and Technology. The Student Government was also active in the planning and execution of this awareness event. Special recognition was given to the students who were instrumental in ensuring a successful Breast Cancer Awareness Cam paign held under the theme: I Support. Mrs Yolanda August Mr. Erick Sanchez wrote a poem, Breast Care


20 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 21 Students Benetting from Scholarship OpportunitiesIts an opportunity of a life-time for young leaders from Belize, the Caribbean and Pascholarship to pursue their Masters or a PhD degree. Funding of the scholarships for these leaders is provided through the Euro pean Union project entitled: The CaribbeanThe program is designed to facilitate the movement of Masters and PhD students and staff among a consortium of universities is aimed at building capacity and encouraging socioeconomic development in each country demic leaders, and to develop a pool of engaged researchers. It also seeks to promote graduates, staff and researchers in partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who can focus on capacity building and socio-economic development among the member countries. The scholarships include funds for tuition, monthly stipend, health insurance and round trip travel. In total the CARPIMS II Project granted 88 Scholarships that were distributed among the following categories: Full Masters Scholarships (up to 22 months); Full PhD (up to 36 Months); PhD Mobilities (up to 10 months); and Staff Academic and Administrative (1 month). The Belizean recipients of CARMPIS II Scholarships are Geon Hanson, Luanne Manzanero, Anthony Zuniga, Celso Cawich, Gwendolyn Usher and Michael Usifo. The University of Belize is hosting Leah Fouchong, Janille Huggins, and Yinka Jagbir from Trinidad and Tobago, Mi nie Rafe from Solomon Islands, and Diana Seecharran from Guyana. They are all pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development. CARPIMS students to Belize along with UB Presi Mr. Lloyd Enriquez


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 22 Active Clubs at UB! There are different clubs at UB that students can be part of. Students can also form their during student hour which is every Wednesday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The University of Belize Library along with Cubola Productions made an educational and informative presentation on copyright protection on October 16 at the Jaguar Auditorium. Students learned about the importance of copyright and giving authors, artists, and pub lishers their dues. Presenters were Montserrat Casademunt, publisher and founding member and chairper son of Belize Copyright Licensing Agency (BECLA); Felene Swaso, author, and founding Member of BECLA. Carol Newman, Caribbean Representative of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization (IFFRO). Do not Plagiarise


22 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 23 Mrs. Lydia Thurton, lecturer in the Pharmacy department of the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health & Social Work (FNAHSW) ,enrolled in a virtual course on Primary health Care based Pharmaceutical Services for Managers. The course com menced on June 6, and was completed on October 17, 2013; 19 weeks duration. The purpose of the course was to promote the development of pharmaceutical services based on primary health care by building capacities of phar maceutical services leaders and managers. The course was coordinated by PAHO/WHO in collabo ration with other agencies. The partici pants, were from the Caribbean and Brazil led by a tutor. Belize had three participants along with Guyana, Bahamas and Barbados. At the culmination of the course, partici pants were asked to submit a project pro posal for their respective country that focuses on a particular health issue that can be addressed by pharmacy utilizing the principles of primary health care. At present courses academic coordinator and instruc tors after which they are expected to imple ment the project in their respective country. This is the third time that this course was been delivered in English (previously it was offered in Portuguese and Spanish). The FNAHSW congratulates Mrs. Thurton on her recent accomplishment of completing the said course and for being selected as the group valedictorian for this course. Through initiatives like these we can continue to be the catalyst of change ensuring delivery of current trends and practices within our profession and by addressing the needs of the community at large. This is timely as the university con tinues to undergo institutional curriculum review. There are many opportunities available or that exist but individual commitment and institutional support are critical elements to the success of any under taking. Congrats Lydia, well done! Building Capacity of Pharmaceutical Services Eating Healthy Students from the Faculty of Nursing, Allied Health, and Social Work conmemorated World Food Day on October 16 by explain ing to their peers the importance of eating healthy. The students also presented to high school students and primary school students talks on how to be a healthy eater.


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 24 Welcome to UB Nursing Team


24 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 25 Black Jaguars run fast in 10 KThe University of Belize was well represented at the Sprite 10 K Run/Walk Marathon by our Black Jaguars track athletes at the Marion Jones Stadium on Saturday, September 7, 2013. The results were: Mark Anderin 100m and 200m Linford Avila, second place in 100m and 200m Ajani Requena, 400m Harold Zuniga, second place in 800m Elasaida Castillio, second place in 4 x 1 relay Participate & Win As part of the Curriculum Review Process, surveys were sent to UB Alum ni. The persons who submitted their surveys by June 28 were eligible to win a free Kindle; 101 persons quali ing took place on the LOVE FM Morning show on October 23, 2013. Mr. Delano Palacio, a graduate of the Faculty of Edu cation and Arts Banana Belt Secondary Education program (concentration in Science) was the winner!


UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 26 The University of Belize hosted the revival of the ATLIB Soft ball Nationals in Belmopan at the Governor General Field on Saturday October 5th. UB Black Jaguars Male and Female Softball Teams are the new ATLIB Softball champions after defeating Ecumenical Junior College (EJC) and Independence Junior College (IJC). The females beat EJC by a landslide 16-1 score of 8 to 2. Sharine Reyes was named Most Valuable Player (MVP). In related news, the males triumphed against IJC scoring 15-7 and edged out EJC 8 to 7. The MVP was none other than Nick Chung. The Recreation and Sports Department thanks all those who supported the athletes and congratulates the UB Black Jaguars Softball teams.ATLIB Softball Champions!


26 UB Ebulletin Volume 2 Issue 5 27 Breast Care: A Poem by Eric Sanchez

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