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2 The Deputy Prime Minister and Minis ter of Natural Resources and Agricul ture, Hon. Gaspar Vega on Septem ber 5, presented the land title for the Central Farm Campus (CFC) to the University of Belize during the inaugu ration of a newly constructed building that will house classrooms and a Soil and Biology laboratory. In his Keynote Address entitled: Ag riculture: the foundation of our di Minister said that UB has played an important role in the development of agriculture in Belize. The DPM indicated, that the collaboration between the ministry and UB offers an opportunity for the two agencies to have a positive impact upon development across all districts in Belize. The Deputy Prime Minister concluded that his ministry will also make available land to the two top graduates from UBs agriculture programme as a way to stimulate the growth of the agricultural sector. Speaking to the gathering, Campus Administrator, Dr. Gordon Holder re marked that CFC graduates have dis tinguish themselves as farmers, agri business entrepreneurs, technicians and professionals for the agro-indus try due to relevant skills training and competencies acquired at CFC. He added, that new building will pro mote the ongoing transformation of the campus into a working farm. The campus will also serve as a catalyst Government of Belize transfers land title to UB We are certain that the training at UB will deliver many new entrepreneurs in agriculture that will become excellent employers, he said. These new facili ties for UB will also increase your capacity and we look forward to your new students and graduates actively participating in the job of revitalizing the agriculture and food sector. Hon. Gaspar Vega


3 to promote growth and development of the agriculture sector through its training programs. The campus will be expanded through the establishment of a Bachelors pro gram in Applied Agriculture. The President, Dr. Cary Fraser in thanking the Deputy Prime Minister for transferring the land title to the Univer sity, indicated that UBs training program would encour age a focus on expanding rural incomes and productivity increases in the agricultural sector. Receiving the land title from the Deputy Prime Minister was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the University, Mrs. Imani Fairweather-Morrison. Also pres students, faculty and stakeholders. We are certain that the training at UB will deliver many new entrepreneurs in agriculture that will become excellent employers, he said. These new facili ties for UB will also increase your capacity and we look forward to your new students and graduates actively participating in the job of revitalizing the agriculture and food sector. The building was constructed at a cost of $90,000 with funds raised by the Central Farm Campus for the building materials, said Dr. Holder. It was built by the The DPM during his visit to CFC, toured the Bio-Propagation Lab. The lab is designed to produce high quality planting materials for the banana and sugarcane industries


4 Solar Energy: increase incomes/boost rural electrification/reduce greenhouse gases the energy sector, and representatives of United Nations agencies gathered at the Universitys campus to witness the historic handing-over of the Solar Ener 24 in Belmopan. The University of Belize is the host of the Solar Energy System and its 2,664 photovoltaic panels. The panels will absorb sunlight and produce electricity. Thereafter, the power conditioners turn the direct current into alternating cur rent that is sent to the transformer. The transformer boosts the voltage from 400 volts to 11,000 volts which is fed into the Belize Electricity Limited distribu tion grid. The System is connected directly to BEL, the national utility company. The power is sold to BEL and the revenue from such sales will be transferred by way of a grant to UB. Also, GoB will transfer ownership and management of the System after ten years to UB. To date, 2,000 kilowatt hours has been generated daily by the facility since Au gust 3, when it began its testing phase. guchi said his government is proud to recognize Belize as a partner The Ambassador also added that the project has made adjustments to the generation capacity of the facility by increasing its output from 350 kilo watts to 480 Kilowatts. The Hon. Senator Godwin Hulse, Min ister of Local Government, Rural De velopment, Immigration and NEMO in thanking the Ambassador said that the Government of Belize is commit ...one of the most advanced solar energy systems of the world here in Belize in the process of promoting one of the most advanced solar energy systems of the world here in Belize and as one of the cleanest power generating technologies available in this era.


5 ted to pursuing the development of renewal energy sources as part of its overall environment commitment to promoting green technology. It also signals Be lizes contribution to worldwide environmental improvement. The President of the University of Belize, Dr Cary Fraser in his remarks pointed out that students and faculty technology. He welcomed the opportu nity to play a role in the development of an applied science tradition within the University that Belize can become a living laboratory for the use of solar power in agriculture to In effect, solar power technology can allow Belize to move beyond the fossil fuel conundrum and open new avenues for creating opportunities for Belizeans. the use of fossil fuels in power generation and reducing emissions of green house gases. ...one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, Hon. Godwin Hulse in the process of promoting one of the most advanced solar energy systems of the world here in Belize and as one of the cleanest power generating technologies available in this era. will prepare our students for the future and allow our faculty to pur energy technology.


6 Learning new language for global communication Orientation for International students attending the University of Belize to learn English as a Second Language through the 10 month intensive pro gram offered by the Universitys Re gional Language Center (RLC) was held in August. The 41 students, upon successful com pletion of the program, will receive a guage issued by UB. The program offers these students the opportunity to develop a level of lan ciency that will prepare them for career de velopment in their home countries. the Republic of China (Taiwan), Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the Peo ples Republic of China. Music Expert: Reggae and Dancehall Students, fac ulty, staff and members of the public gathered Auditorium at the University of Belize in Belmo pan to hear the Sounds of Free dom: Reggae and Dancehall Music in Decolo nization and the Formation of Ca tion was part of the 2012 September Celebrations in Belize. Dr. Cooper is a professor of literary and creole. Her work focuses upon Reggae and other popular musical idioms Creole. The lecture by Dr. Cooper was a col laboration between the University of Belize and the University of the West Indies, Open Campus, Belize.


7 Semester Kickoff Hundreds of students participated in the Semester Kick-off at Central Campus, Belmopan. Students at the event interacted with faculty members, joined vari ous clubs as well demonstrated their athletic skills in basketball, volleyball and Student Leaders Every year students elect their rep resentatives at their University. Each campus has a Student Government body, for a term of one year and have the responsibility of being the voice of the student body. In August, the Student Governments of all the cam puses were sworn in by the Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. William Neal. Stu dents were briefed on the rules and responsibilities that come with their positions. They then proceeded to elect their representatives of the Association of Student Governments (ASG). Hope Amadi, was elected Chair, Oliver Gray as Vice Chair Cordelia Belezaire as Treasurer, and Mario Cho as Secretary. William Neal, Hope Amadi, Oliver Gray, Cordelia Belezaire, Mario Cho


8 Decriminalization of Marijuana? Superbond...What is it? On Wednesday, 5 September 2012, a Divergent Discussion was held at University of Belize, Toledo campus Andrews, Head Researcher from Great Belize Production Data Analysis and Research Center, presented for ap proximately 45 minutes on Super bond: What does it mean for me? What does it mean for my commu included questions from the audience. The presentation was organized as a collaboration between the Toledo cam pus student government, instructor and student services campus coor dinator, Glen Enriquez, and student counselor, Renee Wentz. A standing room only crowd gathered to listen to the presentation and ask questions of the presenter. Students and faculty from the Toledo presentation and expressed apprecia tion for her visit from Belize City. Plans are underway for two more Di vergent Discussions to be held at the Toledo campus this semester and all students at the campus are encour aged to participate. demic year on the Decriminalization of August 29, 2012 during student hour. During the discussion, the students learned of the pros and cons of the proposed decriminalization of marijua na and its impact on Belize. Commu nity activist and legendary basket ball player, Clinton Light burn argued that decrim inalizing lize. Senator and high school counsel or, Ms. Karen Bodden, shared her view that decriminalizing marijuana is not students also participated in a lively question and answer segment. Kudos ganizing this relevant discussion!


9 Convocation: Touching Lives Forever Barton Scholarship Recipients Students of the Faculty of Management uar Auditorium on September 12, to par ticipate in the facultys annual convoca tion. They took the opportunity to meet with their Dean, Dr. Vicent Palacio, and lecturers. The students also received an overview of the Facultys activities and events in which they can participate. Remarks were presented by a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and alumni of the University of Belize, Mrs. Gayle Garnett. The Faculty also has an honor society, Sigma Beta Epsilon, which recruits high performing students. Representing the honour society was Ms. Fiona Briceo, who listed the advantages of belonging to the society. The Accounting Society also presented information regarding their club. The Barton scholarships support cial assistance and who are also pursuing programs that will con tribute towards Belizes develop ment. The Barton Scholarship program is funded by a British couple who make an annual con tribution to the University of Be lize. For the academic year 20122013 the program is supporting 17 students.


10 PATRIOTISM... UB Honors Patriot Every year during the national Sep tember festivities, students, faculty and staff partici pate in UBs an nual Patriotic Day celebrations to demonstrate their patriotism. Guest Speaker at this years event was Mr. Inez Sanchez, a former Patriot and educator. This years Patriot is recognized for her notable and self less contributions to the development of Education spanning some 50 years. Presenting the award to Mrs. Beatrice Kingston Smith was His Excellency, Gov ernor General of Belize, Sir Colville At the event, stu dents participated in patriotic poetry, song, and dress competitions. Melo nie Gillett, a lead ing Belizean singer also entertained the audience. The event cele brates the legacies of the 1798 Battle of St. Georges Caye and Belizes Inde pendence in 1981 in shaping Belizean patriotic sentiment. Patriotism has been de for ones country, and love of country for which one is prepared to die for if need be, said Mr. Sanchez. Nurture love of country in yourself, by your self and for yourself. That would be true patriotism.