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2 A total of 1,650 incoming students participated in orientation for the new academic year 2012 2013 at our Central Campus in Belmopan in Au gust. The students will be trained and equipped with relevant skills and com petencies to meet the developmental needs and improve quality of life for present and future generations in the areas of health, social work, market ing, management, entrepreneurship, information technology, education, and several other disciplines. The students were introduced to poli cies and procedures of the University, in particular academic policies and procedures, non-academic policies and procedures, online registration and student life on campuses etc. The University continues to foster a cul ture of excellence in quality of Teach ing, Research and Service for Beliz eans as a strategy for empowering both its graduates and the country. Orientation for newly enrolled students


3 Happy Birthday UB! On August 1, the University of Belize celebrated its 12th Anniversary as the national university for Belize. We are proud to continue to serve Belize as a vehicle for training students for a knowledge-based society. Our graduates are trained to meet national demand for skilled workers in nursing, pharmacy, and midwifery; are equipped with marketing, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills and competencies to meet developmental needs and improve quality of life for present and future generations; and, are provided with Information Technology skills and competencies to adapt to new technologies that play an increasingly important role in the countrys educational system and national development. UB the national tertiary institution, with its unwavering commitment, will con tinue to serve Belize as a vehicle for training more students to foster the knowl edge-based society, effective stewardship as well as building national capacity and building human capital to transform Belize in a modern society. The Univer sity has been recognised as a centre of excellence in enhancing the quality of Teaching, Research and Service for Belizeans as a strategy for empowering both its graduates and the country. The University of Belize wish to thank the people catalyst for change by providing relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs. Thank you Belize!


4 UBs Board of Trustees member receives Queens Birthday Honours 2012 Students Care! As an end of semester project, Mrs. Melissa Hoare-Perera and students from her Introduction to Guidance and Counseling class decided to renovate the counseling room at Education and Nursing Campus in Belize City. The project was stimulated by the many concerns that were expressed by most of the students regarding privacy in this big open room. Whilst renovating the room keen attention was paid to address the latter mentioned area. Other improvements to the room included the additions of screens that were repaired, a glass door and door guard. The room is now a place where students can comfortably sit, relax and talk with couselor Renee Wentz in a private setting. The President of the University of Belize, Dr. Cary Fraser on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Management, Faculty, Staff and Students has congratulated The Right Reverend Philip Sil vin Wright on the award of the ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) by Her Majesty the Queen for his service to religion. The Rt. Rev. Wright B.A. (Hons) M.A. is to be an Ordinary cellent Order of the British Empire. The Award to the Member of the Board of Trustees was announced on the occasion of the Queens Birthday Honours 2012. Congratulations!


5 Fees structure for new and incoming students The announcement by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports that it would discontinue the fee subsidy currently enjoyed by all students at the University of Belize (UB) will not come into effect till January, 2013 and will only affect students entering from that point onward. The government advised the Univer sity that it will continue the fee subsidy for all students enrolled prior to January 2013. In August 2006, the University of Belize increased its General Semester Fees. However, a policy decision was taken by the Government of Belize that they would pay the increase for all students for a period of six months. This subsidy was continued by the government for six years and it also increased its annual subvention to the University from $8 to $10 Million. This support ensured that student enrollment remained steady for several years. The University of Belize takes this opportunity to inform the Belizean communi ty that it remains steadfast in its commitment to provide academic excellence in education, research and service for national development. And, in the face of the changed economic circumstances in Belize and the wider world the Univer sity is determined to work with students, faculty and staff to ensure that access to quality tertiary education for Belizeans remains a central part of its mission. providing and equipping students the leaders of tomorrow with relevant skills training and competencies to reshape, and transform Belize in a modern so ciety in the areas of Education and Arts; Management and Social Sciences; Science and Technology; and Nursing, Allied Health and Social Work. UB is a multi-location institution, providing easy access to education for Belizeans in urban and rural communities across the landscape of Belize.


6 UB and UQROO Signs Student Exchange Agreement The President of the University of Belize (UB), Dr. Cary Fraser and Rectora of the Universidad de Quintana ROO (UQROO), Coral Castilla has signed a Student Ex change Agree ment between both Universi ties in Quin tana Roo, Mex ico on July 5, 2012. Students from both Univer sities would develop their linguistic skills in English and Spanish as well as experience Mexi can and Belizean culture. In this regard, a minimum of 15 UQROO students will learn English as a Second Language at UB, and 15 students from the national University will learn Spanish as a Foreign Language at UQROO. Both language programs will be held annually for four weeks during the summer months, and will focus on the development of speaking, writing, listening, grammar, and reading skills for the students. The Agreement, said Dr. Fraser, demonstrates the strategic collaboration be tween the two universities in fostering and enhancing academic and cultural exchanges among students of the University of Belize and Universidad de Quin tana Roo. The Rectora, Mtra. Castilla in her remarks said that people who had the oppor tunity to study abroad, having participated in exchange programs with other countries, belonged to intellectual groups that were no longer national. This sitioned the university in a higher level and ranking in terms of undergraduate and graduate studies. Present at the signing were UQROO Deans and Administrators and UB students participating in this years Student Exchange Program. The Exchange Program originated in 1996.


7 UB students...experiencing and learning a new language and culture of Belize traveled to neighbouring Chetumal, Quintana Roo for the clos ing ceremony of this years summer exchange program for the students who were there for a month to learn Spanish. UB student, Ms. Cynthia Palacio, di rected the ceremonies expertly in her newly acquired Spanish. She was also joined by other students who got an opportunity to share their experi ences at Universidad de Quintana Roo (UQROO). Our students presented what they learned about the cuisine, scenic attractions, and their cherished experiences. The UB students summarized their experiences in various quotes such as ten strangers became friends to the penalty dos pesos (used as an incentive for the students to speak in Spanish). Every time students spoke in English they had to pay two pesos and with the total amount collected their professor sur prised them with a cake at the end of the month. versity of Belize and the Universidad de Quintana Roo. Words of appreciation were shared by the Head of the Language and Education Department Ms. Language Professor and responsible for the UB-UQROO student exchange. Rep resenting the University of Belize were Dean of Student Affairs, William Neal, and Coordinator of Students Affairs, Ms. Sharon Palacio.


8 The new President of the University of Belize Alumni Association is Mr. Kerry Belisle. His election to the helm for the next two years took place at the UB Alumni Association (UBAA) Annual General Meeting which was held on Satur day, 28 in Belize City. Mr. Belisle is the Associate Director of Finance, the Pro tected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). Also at the meeting new Directors were elected; they are Darlene Vernon, an Attorney and Gaywin Bowen a school teacher. The President of the University of Belize, Dr. Cary Fraser in his remarks to the gathering, underscored the importance of higher education that has served as a foundation in fostering and enhancing their career and achievements. As exemplars, he said, you represent the spirit of the Mission and Vision of the University of Belize, and in this regard welcome the role of that the Association will serve in the development of the University as a catalyst for change to re shape the society. Outgoing President Dr. Cynthia Terry, congratulated the incoming president, and thanked her colleagues for their assistance during her presidency. She also re ported on the years activities, such as the Alumni Achievement Awards, the es tablishment of the Alumni Scholarship Fund, publication of the Alumni Journal, the successful Alumni Ball held last September, and the upcoming Alumni Ball. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Elma Arzu, Vice President of the Association. New President heads UB Alumni Association Athletic Scholarships Granted to Students young and talented stu dents have been awarded scholarships by the Univer sity of Belize. The students who will pursue Associate and Bachelor Degrees will also rep resent the University in the following sporting disciplines: Basketball, Football, Softball, Vol leyball, Track and Field, and Canoeing. Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. William Neal, briefed the students of the roles and reponsibilities of being a scholarship recipient.


9 UQROO students on cultural exchange Community Outreach The University of Belize Campus, ITVET compound in Belize City was the venue for the Ministry of Education, Youth & cipal and teachers' training in July. The camp was sponsored by (MOEYS) in partnership with PwC and Peacework Read to Succeed Students of Universidad de Quintana Roo successfully completed a month of learning enligh and Belizean culture as part of the UB-UQROO student ex change. Summer Reading Program. They are now better equipped with reading and comprehensive life long learning skills. This years program which was spear headed by the institutes Library was expanded to students of Valley of Peace community, Cayo District. Speaking at the closing ceremonies on August 10 were veteran teachers Ms Zoi Marin and Ms. Evangelina Vangie Xiu for Belmopan and Valley of Peace areas respectively who emphasized on the importance of parents participating in their children daily reading life. The Speaking on behalf of the University was the Chief Librarian, Mr. Erwin Woodye who thanked the facilitators, parents, staff, Mano Hermana of Valley of Peace, and students for a job well done.