Notes and Questions for Facilitated / Focused Group Discussion on Digital / Data Management / Curation (April 2013)

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Notes and Questions for Facilitated / Focused Group Discussion on Digital / Data Management / Curation (April 2013)
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Humanities Digital & Data Management/Curation Discussion Materials (Notes, Topics, Questions, Etc.)
Taylor, Laurie N
Data Management / Curation Task Force
Norton, Hannah
Garcia-Milian. Rolando
Bennett, Denise
Minson, Val
Aufmuth, Joe
Schwieder, Dave
Landor, Blake
Deumens, Erik
Ferl, Robert
Botero, Cecilia
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Discussion Notes


Discussion introduction and overview materials and questions for facilitated/focused group discussion in April 2013 on humanities digital / data management / curation. This activity is part of the ongoing work on the Data Management / Curation Task Force ( DMCTF ) that began in 2012 with the Libraries, Research Computing, and Office of Research.
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Related to and based on other discussion notes from the Data Management / Curation Task Force which were utilized in creating this: and and

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Page 1 of 2 Data Management/Curation Task Force : d raft fa cilitated discussion notes Facilitated/Focused Group Discussion on Digital/Data Management /Curation ( Apr il 2013 ) Brief Intro duction : Recently, we ve seen heightened a wareness and increased interest related to concerns and possible opportunities regarding data/digital research material management and curation Our collaborative group is the Data Management/Curation Task Force, with representatives from among t he libraries, research comput ing, and the office of research. The group was created to support investigating how to support ne w needs related to data/digital research material management and curation We also want to take this opportun ity to learn about related needs and opportunities to better support your research in the digital age. W soon send out a campus wide survey W faculty and grad uate students to currently doing and what s needed for organization, storage, and sharing of your digital research mate r i als The purpose of our discussions is to find out about those needs as well as possible opportunities to improve existing services and add new services to support research in the digital age Our goal s are to find areas where you need supp ort where one or more of the groups on the task force can provide that help and to then develop plans to take the next steps for that help to be put in place Goal for Today : Today, w having an informal conversation to find out more about how you r e dealing with your digital research materials This includes all digital materials us ed in and created from research We re also happy to learn about other things that we may not even have considered yet. For instance, for non digital data, are there computer magnetic tapes wi th important information for yo u r wo rk? Do you have precious photocopies where you made a copy of a rare or unique item that is important for your research, and where it s one of only a few to exist in the world (a nd where you then get called up on to share co pies ) ? Do you have digital research materials that are housed with a colleague at another institution who you rely on for access and support and where the y support the materials personally and don t ha ve institutional support ? We envision this as being a pretty informal conversation. As long as everyone is okay with it, we ll be doing an audio recording This is to only to make sure we capture the conversation to make sure we hear your concerns and don t miss anything W group We report any of the information from the conversation it in a way that would identify you individually (unless we first follow up and request and you grant permi ssions for us to do so) We re also happy to send all notes and draft reports to all of you for approvals before anything is distributed with others, and then only distributed with your permissions This whole process is to support your work. We need you to be comfortable with the process for this to be successful Please let us know any concerns or requirements : datamgmt ( Also, Laurie : work : 352 27 3 2902 ; and personal : 352 871 5113 ) inclusively for all digital files you create (e.g., quantitative and qualitative information collected, software and tools devel oped, published research, digitized primary sources, etc.).


Page 2 of 2 Data Management/Curation Task Force : d raft fa cilitated discussion notes Discussion Questions 1 2: Research Overview ; and Research Materials Used and Created 1. First, like to get a sense of what research each of you do a nd a sense of the materials you use and consult in doing your research. 2. W hat do you create fo r your finished rese arch product s (book, journal art i c les, essays, videos, websites, databases, etc.) ? W hat other research forms /thing s do or might you create and utilize in the research process ? Ex. annotating texts and using the annotated text versions to wr ite essays? Potential follow up questions: What research question are you trying to answer? Wh at process/methods do you use ? After publication, do you have research materials that should be or that need to be preserved? o Part of this is to see w hat types of support are needed For instance: s hort term additional storage space; permanent archiving; something else? E xample ? W hat are your core research resources that are not held by or accessible via UF libraries ? o What are they? How do you get access? Are you comfortable with how this works? o What work are you and others doing work that s invisible and that needs a means for recognition? (e .g., being the source and sharing precious photocopies ) Scenario 3 Sharing R esearch Materials : Please tell us about how you work with colleagues, collaborators, and peers in terms of accessing research materials held by individual researchers ? Potential follow up questions: Have you been asked to share y our research materials with others ? O utside of your immediate collaborators? Do you request th i s from others for your work ? How common ly ? Would you characterize your field as having a culture of openly sharing research materials or not, and why? Scenario 4 Current Problems : What issues have come up in your work relate d to your research materials ? Potential follow up questions: C an you think of any examples? Have you run i nto problems with : storage space; backing up stored files; accessing /organizing stored files; other problems ? If you share unpublished research files with others can you explain how that works for sharing with others locally and/or non UF people ? 5 Known Solutions : What would make managing your research fil es easier for you? Potential follow up questions: W hat c ould we do ? Are there ways we could assist with your work? Are th ere t hings that you d want to have training/workshops for that could help? Scenario 6 Conclusion & General Discussion : I s there anything else we should know about dealing with your research materials ? How a bout for your research your workflows, and your needs ?