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Monthly performance report Terrell D. Moseley
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Terrell D. Moseley
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National solar data program.
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Monthly Catalog Number: gp 80007799
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National solar heating and cooling demonstration program.
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"SOLAR/2011-79/03" ; "SOLAR/2011-79/04" ; "SOLAR/2011-79/05."

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SOLAR/2011- 79/05

Monthly Performance Report


T U.S. Department of Energy
National Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program National Solar Data Program

This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by the United States Government. Neither the United States nor the United States Department of Energy, nor any of their employees, nor any of their contractors, subcontractors, or their employees, make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

MAY 1979


The Terrell D. Moseley Co. site is a 1,780-square foot, single story, commercial office building with attached warehouse in Lynchburg, Virginia. The solar energy system is designed to provide approximately 70 percent of the space heating and hot water energy requirements of the office building. Because the hot water consumption is very low (nominally 10 gallons per day), only the space heating system is monitored for performance evaluation. The site has a collector array of 24 flat-plate collector panels built by T. D. Moseley. The collector array has a gross area of 400 square feet, and faces south at a tilt angle of 50 degrees from the horizontal. Water is the heat transfer medium throughout the solar energy system. Collected solar energy is delivered to the 2,000-gallon storage tank, which is in an unheated attached warehouse building. The insulation on the tank is four inches of fiberglass.

When solar energy is insufficient to maintain a nominal 105'F storage temperature, a natural gas-fired boiler (auxiliary heater) provides additional energy to storage. Space heating is provided by circulating storage water through a heat exchanger located in the air distribution system of the building. Since the collector fluid automatically drains into storage after each solar energy collection operation, additional collector freeze protection measures are not required.

The system, shown schematically in Figure 1, has three modes of solar operation, which are described below.

Mode 1 Collector-to-Storage: This mode is entered when the collector absorber plate temperature exceeds the bottom storage temperature by 20*F. The transfer fluid is pumped from storage through the collectors





and back to storage until this temperature differential drops to less than a nominal 3'F.

Mode 2 Storage-to-Space Heatinga: This mode is entered when there is a demand for space heating and the sensed temperature of the storage water is greater than a nominal 85'F. Water is circulated between storage and
liquid-to-air heat exchanger HXl in the air-handling unit distribution duct until the space heating demand is satisfied, or the sensed storage temperature drops below 85'F.

Mode 3_- Storage-to-Heat Pump: This mode of operation will provide space heating when Mode 2 operation is not available. This mode is entered when there is a demand for space heating and the temperature of the storage water is below 85'F. Energy input to the heat pump is supplied by opening the normally closed valve V2, closing the normally open val"ve Vi, and circulating storage water through heat pump evaporator HX2. Tns mode is terminated when either the sensed storage temperature rises above 90'F, or when no space heating demand exists.


The system performance evaluations discussed in this section are based primarily on the analysis of the data presented in the attached computergenera.-ted monthly report. This attached report consists of daily site thermal, and energy values for each subsystem, plus environmental data. Th performance factors discussed in this report are based upon the definitions contained in NBSJR 76-1137, Thermal Data Requirements and Performance Evaluation Procedures for the National Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program.

AP. Introduction

Due to the low demand for space heating at the T. D. Moseley site, repcrted system performance for May is not indicative of nominal system oerformance. The solar energy, system was operational throughout May and satisfied 96 percent of th e space heating energy requirements. The


ret::ort< solair erergy system savings were computed to be 0.06 million Btu
oss ful energy, at the expense of 0.38 million Btu of electrical
e tr~irUg energy. However, the major portion of this operating expense is ittr~iutable to the DHW subsystem, not the space heating subsystem. The (W subsystem operation is not monitored for performance evaluation.

V Weath er

The locr1-term average outside ambient temperature for May in Lynchburg, irginia is 65F. The measured average outside ambient temperature was also K> The viasured insolation in the plane of the collector array averaged LA Ltu/ft2-day, which is 22 percent below normal for the area. The longterm average is 1,612 Btu/ft2-day. Long-term average temperature data and long-term average insolation data are taken or derived from the Monthly Environmental Data for Systems in the National Solar Data Network, Department of Energy Report SOLAR/0019-79/36.

C. System Thermal Performance

Collector Of the 15.55 million Btu of solar energy incident on the collector array during May, 11.75 million Btu were incident on the array when the collector pump Pl (Figure 1) was operating. The system collected 2.47 million Btu, or 16 percent of the total insolation incident on the collector array. The operational collector array efficiency, which is only computed during collector pump operation, was 21 percent. In addition to collecting energy, the array rejected 0.22 million Btu from storage as a result of collector pump operation during periods of insufficient insolation levels. This aount of rejected energy is included in the performance calculations for soTar-energy-collected, energy-to-storage, and collector array efficiency. The operation of pump P1 required 0.38 million Btu.

The solar energy system delivered 2.16 million Btu to storage utirg y There ,as -n apparent transport energy loss of 0.31 million
tv t>er" t collectors and storage. The auxiliary heater did not sup)!y an- _, ,iliary thermal energy to storage. A total of 0.04 million Btu

was extracted from storage during the month and sent to the conditioned space. The average storage temperature was 133'F. The calculations of the storage efficiency parameter were invalid due to the zero or small aricunt of energy removed from storage for space heating each day. Therefort, daily values for the storage efficiency parameter are not tabulated in the storage performance report. The energy loss from storage was 2.15 million Btu, which was computed by subtracting the sum of the change in storage energy (-0.03 million Btu) and the energy removed from storage from the total thermal energy delivered to storage (2.16 million Btu). 'the amount of energy supplied to the domestic hot water (DHW) subsystem is included in this energy loss calculation because the DHW subsystem is not instrumented for performance evaluation.

Space Heating Load The space heating load for May was calculated to be
0.04 million Btu. Solar energy satisfied 96 percent of the space heating load. No auxiliary thermal energy was supplied to the space heating subsystem via the storage tank through the operation of the auxiliary heater. The electrical energy needed to operate pump P2 and blower Bl was insignificant.

D. Observations

The collector array efficiency and the storage tank efficiency were low because of the losses due to the high average storage tank temperature, 133'F, during May. The solar energy system was originally designed for water temperatures between 50'F and 120'F.

E. Energy Savings

The T. D. Moseley solar energy system provided savings of 0.06 million Btu of natural gas during May, at the expense of 0.38 million Btu of electricity for operating the solar portion of the system. The reported savings are not representative of the nominal space heating system savings because the space heating demand was very low.


Sstdk.:L. eratbon of the pilot light for the auxiliary gas heater was
ire o0 May 2 to save natural gas.

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