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Zionist Organiztion of Chicago
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Chicago, Illinois
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )


General Note:
-Means continued support for the Jewish State NOW! -Means a strong, enlarged membership NOW! -Means Sale of Shekolim- NOW!
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Golden Jubilee Issue
General Note:
Shevath, 5708

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Official Publication of the Zionist Organization of Chicago Vol. 1, No. 5

^ W I^P^T

"In Ba.le I founded.the Jewish State. If I
said it. today, it would be greeted with
laugihtei, but in fifty years from now the
truth of this assertion will be understood
and universally acknowledged."
"An independent Jewish State in Palestine
shall be established by October 1, 1948."
United Nations

January, 1948 Shevath, 5708


-tf"".^ ;

January, 1948 Shevath, 5708

--Means Continued Support for the Jewish State NOW!
-Means a strong, enlarged membership NOW!
-Means Sale of Shekolim-NOW!
220 South State Street, Chicago 4, Illinois, Wabash 1285
BEN ZION GINSBURG, President CHARLES L. LEVIN, Executive Director
MORRIS S. BROMBERG, Executive Editor
Contributing Editors:

We Zionists of Chicago in celebrating our Golden Anniversary, which by
happy coincidence marks the re-birth of the Jewish Nation, can be justly proud
of the fact that it was in our city that the first official unit of the Zionist Organi-
zation of America was born. Meyer Abrams, in his article "Builders of the Jewish
State," which appears in this issue of "NOW" tells of the laying of the foundation
of American Zionism in Chicago. Albert K. Epstein, in his article, (page 10,
NOW) evaluates the factors which led to the Jewish State, brilliantly poses the
problems to be faced, and contemplates the future role of the American Jew in
that program. Locally, Zionists must take cognizance of the future responsibilities
of our organization and the difficulties that face us.
Certain facts are crystal clear. (1) An intensified program of mobilizing the
Jewish community for action to aid the Yishuv financially, morally and spritually
-is a must. (2) This vital work must be done by an organization equipped and
experienced to do the job. (3) The Zionist Organization of Chicago has been and
is today the principal medium for over-all Zionist activity. (4) The strength of
the ZOC, as an effective force to mobilize Chicago Jews for their responsibility
toward Eretz Israel, must be doubled and tripled. The conclusion is inevitable.
Instead of a membership of 10,000 which barely represents 3% of the total Jewish
population in Chicago, we must have a membership of at least three times that
number. More members mean more workers. More workers mean more strength.
More strength in the ZOC means more help for the Yishuv.
The task is ours. While commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Zionism, which
marks the re-establishment of the Land of Israel, we must resolve to re-dedicate
ourselves to the reality of the Jewish State just as 50 years ago we dedicated our-
selves to a dream. -M.S.B.

(Guest Editorial-Reprinted from "Indiana Jewish Chronicle")
The U.N. General Assembly, overriding intrigue and threats, has voted to
rectify a centuries' old injustice to the Jews, one unmatched in the history of
any people, and to establish a Jewish state in part of Palestine. The hopes of
Jews over two thousand years are now to be realized, the greatest dispersion in
history is to come to an end, and the strangest and most tragic anomaly in the
annals of any people that of a nation without roots is to be cancelled. But
now the real responsibilities begin. This is a time that calls for sober judgment,
moderate reaction to provocation and the world-wide mobilization of Jewish
genius and financial resources. Jews everywhere, irrespective of their nationalism,
owe it to themselves, to world security and to the U.N. and the statesmen of the
world who have shown such implicit faith in the Jews, to see that the Jewish state,
upon which will be centered the captious and the hopeful eyes of the entire globe,
be an exemplary success.
The responsibilities of American Jewry will be primarily in two directions-
1) Sober reception of news from Palestine. Discount the verbal threats
from Arab state delegations, spokesmen for the Arab Higher Committee and
Azam Pasha, Secretary of the Arab League, who forewarns of action by "my
troops," fictitious troops since the Arab League has none at its disposal and its
member states, fighting each other like cats in a bag, are unlikely to place any
troops at the League's disposal. Weigh these alarmist reports alongside contrary
reports by Palcor News Agency telling of Arab village headmen who have felici-
tated the Mayor of Nathanya, pledging their cooperation to the Jewish Govern-
ment, of a statement by the Arab League to Combat Anti-Semitism that the
Jewish state to be is a fait accompli and calling on Arabs not to be swayed by
provocative "leaders," and of a split within the Mufti's own Arab Higher Com-
mittee. There will be incidents, some measure of bloodshed in Palestine, but
nothing of a large and grave scale, nothing that can endanger the security of
the new state. It is your duty to read the news cautiously and with sobriety,
and not to be deceived by sensationalist reporting and by the large value of Arab,
and probably British, alarmist propaganda.

2) The Jewish state will assume great financial responsibilities. The Jewish
state may begin with a pathetically depleted treasury, emptied out by the Manda-
tory's ghouls. It will require enormous financial resources to develop the country
for the welfare of Jews and Arabs, to admit and rehabilitate Jewish DPs as speedily
as possible, to mobilize security forces, to launch immediately the great Negev re-
claimation project, to establish education for all, to create a model Government
and a model society. Other people have had centuries to do it in; the Jews will be
racing against time. American Jewry, through contributions, through investments,
through placing manpower at the disposal of the new state, can help the first
Jewish Government in two thousand years overcome the great obstacles that will
confront it.



Literally millions of words have been
written, since the U. N. vote on the
partition of Palestine, evaluating the
effects of that decision. Strangely
enough, at least to our knowledge,
nothing has been said about the res-
toration of the Temple in Eretz Israel.
It is inconceivable
that there could be
Sa Jewish Nation in
: N the Jewish State
..' .s.. without the Temple.
We believe that
within a short time
there will arise al-
most spontaneously,
i. a movement to erect
the Third Temple.
Into the erection of the edifice will go
the 1,900 years of love and yearning-
sorrow and tears-of a people determ-
ined that the new Temple will be a
spiritual beacon throwing its light on
a world of intolerant darkness.

Even before the Jewish State has
come into its own legal status, voices
are being heard demanding that the
Zionist Organization of America be
divorced of any political influence in
the Yishuv. What is behind all of this
talk? Obviously Americans cannot
and will not have a voice in the gov-
ernmental affairs of Eretz Israel any
more than Americans of Irish extrac-
tion have in Ireland. What is really
meant is that the General Zionists
should not have a hand in shaping the
sociological or economic pattern of the
new State. General Zionists, as a mat-

ter of fact, have been the only group
working for Palestine on a non-politi-
cal--non-partisan basis. This is equally
true of the ZOA and of Hadassah.
Other parties have carried out their
programs completely on an ideological
or political basis. In order that 4he
new State get off to a good start it is
necessary that there be a strong center
party in the Yishuv which will be
neither right nor left-religious nor ir-
religious. Only the General Zionists
can qualify as the middle-of-the-road
party to keep the new State in proper
balance. What can we in ZOA do?
Sell shekolim by the thousands and get
out the vote for General Zionist candi.
dates to the next World Congress.

While all right-thinking Zionists ap-
preciate that Z.O.A. political activity
must come to an end with the creation
of a Jewish State, it is equally evident
that the political aims of the Zionist
Movement cannot be considered to
have been achieved before there shall
have been established in Palestine a
Jewish State enjoying legal and physi-
cal security and recognition within the
family of nations and until a large-
scale emigration of Jews into Palestine
and their resettlement shall have been
The national Z.O.A. administrative
taking cognizance of these facts has
embarked upon a program to enlarge
and enhance the organization in order
to facilitate Jewish immigration and
colonization in Palestine. To this end
political influence will be exerted
sure the successful implementation of
the U. N. resolution on Palestine for
the organization of a Jewish State,
having the greatest measure of political
stability and economic security.



Page 2

membership and Shekel Drives in Full Progress

Leonard Grossman Heads
intense Shekel Campaign;
ital Sales End Jan. 15
Leonard J. Grossman has been
;.named chairman of the Zionist Organi-
ation of Chicago's Greater Chicago
$Shekel Campaign by Dr. Emanuel
'Neumann, according to an announce-
mnent by Ben Zion Ginsburg, president
of the Z.O.C., who requested the ap-
ointment. Mr. Grossman, who was
president of the local Zionist Organiza-
lion in 1922 and 1923, was also presi-
,ent of the Ramah Lodge, B'nai Brith,
frpom 1920 to 1922, and again in 1946-
1947. He is now a vice-president of the
;hicago B'nai Brith Council and editor
f: the Decalogue Society of Lawyers.
Mr. Grossman, in launching the
campaignn at the meeting of the Zionist
Executives at the Congress Hotel on
ecember 16, stated, "The victory won
at the U. N. is not only an occasion for
jubilation but one of solemnity. The
oad ahead for the Yishuv is perilous.
American Zionists who have fought so
rd for the Jewish State must fight
.ev..en-harder to safeguard its security."
0 Looking ahead to the 1948 World
SZionist Congress, Mr. Grossman said,
Y'this Congress must be motivated by
ie,.same middle-of-the-road political
losophy which prevailed in the 1946
ngress. We need the well balanced
o atmg judgement of the leaders
Zioms. t. Orgafization-of America
sent. :te general Zionist phil-
hy tdeffect those decisions which
"fe5for the best interests of the re-born
ewsh State'"
'.Each and every man, woman and
.child over the age of eighteen who con-
1siders himself bound to the Jewish
SState must consecrate himself to the
k.Shekel Campaign," urged Grossman,
_.?"so that a delegation representing the
spirit and membership of the Z.O.A.
imay help in the creation of a constitu-
t'onal pattern in tde Jewish nation,
':that will be a blessing to the Jews of
Palestine and a source of happiness and
V.v ..strength to Jews outside of Palestine.
4r "


"It is not necessary to tell Zionists
what the Shekel represents. Through
payment of dues, each member auto-
matically pays for a Shekel. However,
for those who are not members, it is
necessary that we sell at least 50,000
additional Shekolim. May I suggest
that every member enroll ten of his
friends by sending a check for ten dol-
lars together with the names and ad-
dresses of non-Zionists to whom the
Shekolim will be sold."
Mr. Grossrian announced the ap-
pointment of Phil Mi. Youngerman as
his co-chairman in the campaign and
the appointment of leading Jewish
communal figures as honorary or act-
ing co-chairmen.
The imposing list includes the fol-
lowing figures in Chicago Jewish com-
munal activities: Co-chairman, Alex
M. Golman; Honorary Chairmen:
Louis Harrison, Morris Alexander,
Isaac Wagner, Col. Julius Klein, na-

Before January 15th!
Without the great masses of General
Zionists belonging to the Z.O.A., Pales-
tine could never have- become the great
country it is today. To support the
Z.O.A. and its leaders, Dr. Abba Hillel
Silver and Dr. Emanuel Neumann, all
members of the Z.O.A. must sell Sheko-
lim as though the very destiny of Pales-
tine depended on their efforts. It does;
don't ever forget that.

tional commander of the Jewish War
Veterans', Harry Hershenson, state
commander, Jewish War Veterans,
Rabbi Morton Berman, president A-
merican Jewish Congress, Chicago di-
vision, and Roy I. Levinson, president,
Decalogue Society of Lawyers.
Honorary Co-chairmen for the
Shekel Campaign include: Samuel Al-
len, Samuel Antonow, Martin F. Brod-
kin, Carl Bromberg, Hari,, D. Cohen,
Helen Irene Cohen, Nathan NM. Cohen,
Saul Corush, Jack E. Dwork, Raphael
Fine, Benjamin Finkelstein, Michael
Genson, Abe Glatt, Eli Golan, Arthur
Goldblatt, Nathan Gomberg, Robert
Harrison, fHarry A. Iseberg, Michael
Levin, Fred Mann, Senator A. L.
M'arovitz, Senator' George D. Mills,
Philip Mitchell, Albert P. Mitnick, Eli
Nierman, Ben Nudelman, Jack Polin,
Eva Pollack, Al Rogal, Paul Rothen-
berg, Harry Rotter, Walter Samelow,
H. Burton Schatz, Irving Schriman,
Dr. Sidney Sherman, Sidney J. Spar-
berg, Jack Sperling, Carl B. Sussman,
Seymour Twery, Daniel A. Uretz, Ben-
jamin Weintroub.

The bust of Dr. Theodor Herzl,
which appropriately graces this
month's front cover, was sculptured
by Boris Schatz, founder of the Be-
zalel Art School in Palestine, and
stands on the eight floor of the Cov-
enant Club.

"UN Support for Yishuv
Demands Enlarged Ranks,";
Pevsner's Membership Plea,
In a. hard-hitting statement issued'
last week, Leo Pevsner, ZOC vice pres-.
ident in charge of membership, strong-:1
ly urged the absolute necessity for ex-'
tra effort in enrolling new members.
"People must be conscious of the
needs of the 150,000 D.P.'s who will.
enter Palestine within the next year.;;
It will require $400,000,000. As mem-.
bers of the Zionist Organization of.
Chicago they will be fully aware of the:`
necessity for supporting that effort.":.
Mr. Pevsner revealed that there aredi
various powerful interests aligned witbi
the Arabs in attempts to make theA
United States waver in its announced-,
support of the Jewish State. "Other inb|
terests, in addition to the oil firms, are 't
continuing their efforts to weaken their.
Jewish position," said the membership4
chairman, "possibly in the hope that
the United Nations may yet reverse ifs,
decision. Also to be considered is t
fact, as reported in some publicationsW,
that Francisco Franco of Spain has ac
cep.ted the request of the Arabs thai
he help them against the Jews.
"Another group, this one boring fro
within, is the American- Council .fo0
Judaism. Its Rabbi Berger has written
to Trygvie Lie, Secretar'-Genera
the United Nations, that the Je '
Agency is not the spokesman for ,oxlaj
Jewry, that if represents but a small
minority. We therefore are obliged tC.
give these backbiters the lie by enroll
ing great numbers of Jews as officer
members of the Zionist Organization
of-,America, rather than having many'
who are sympathizers only, so ,as' to
leave no doubt in the U.N. that, th
Jewish Agency represents the grepa
majority of World Jewry, especially
of American Jewry. Next year's L.J.A''
funds will be chiefly used for PalesA
tinian projects. To clearly picture thl6
needs and the importance of contribti'S
ting, we must have a vast organization,"
of informed and clear-sighted members' -
who will insure the success of the Ap$.-
i Q1ni .
S; %?;eS ~,^;*a.*"*.;% Kt'H IM '


S" -. W..:
,'_.',:; ) :, .- _: i a- .: il,._-o=.:, $ 7_._.^i .


Eonor Roll of Festival Fund Worker

|Leon Burman
INathan D. Fleischman
rMorris Friedland
Nathan Glazer
M:eyer N. Goone
oseph Gottfried
lMax Hahn
-,atl Lopaty
Sidney Letush
ierbert H. Letush
Harry Levinson
A. D. Mahru
Philip Moshel
iati rice Osherow
t-forton Smoller
rank. Sorinsky
oseph J. Abbell
manuel M. Cohen
-Alfred Cohn
aron Falstein
.N. I. Fox
aniel Gombiner
aid N. Gurevitz
A. M. Jacobson
iorris A. Jacobson
Milton Lambert
d!hael Mann
irge Robbins
[e y' Rothman
eph Schenk A. Smoler
Frman Spak
ien N. Vollen
carry Adelman
Philip I. Ban
ISam T. Brenner
Albert A. Cooper
Jseph Epstein
Sbolombn Epstein
,lrwin Hirsch \
benjamin Levin
Charles L. Levin
Irvihg A. Locke
Joseph Rosenfield
':Israel Roshal
-Stanley J. Rubin
:Albert Shkolar
.Al Silverman
Bernard Sloan
L..Harry Steinberg
%Bert H. Weinstein
;.Seymour Weintraub
SHarry Friedlander
David S. Bern
-:Charles Bierman
';.Judge Leon Edelman
Charles Helberg
-Samuel F. Jacobson
iL Max E. Jaffy
!!., Benjamin A. Rasky
J. Rogbff
Seymour Twery
Robert I. Nelson
Henry Alpert
-*-.Harry. Berkman
i.Nathan Bernstein

Nathan B. Chanin
Ludwig David
Ben Zion Ginsburg
David B. Glickman
Benjamin Koston
Philip Lewison
Abe Mailick
Dr. Samuel Needelman
Walter R. Seligson
Bernard Shulman
Abe E. Simon
Samuel J. Tobin
Mendel Wilkow
Daniel Wolff
Isadore 7ering
Joseph F. Arman
Samuel Bierfeld
Louis M. Brown
Jack D. Copeland
Henry Durschlag
Joseph Edelman
Judge Harry NM. Fisher
Samuel A. Goldberg
Louis Goldman
Alex M. Golman
Leonard J. Grossman
Jack Halevy
Mark Horwitz
Abraham Hurwood
Morton Koch
A. Robert Kohn t
David Krengel, .,
H. Bernard Krulewitch
Alfred T. Marks
Herman A. Neiburger
Bernard K. Offenberg
Dr. James H. Olshan
Sol Porte
A. S. Roe
A. H. Rosenberg
Dr. B. H. Sacks
Leon B. Sager
Edward P. Saltiel
Harry Scheer \.
Leonard J. Shapiro
Edward Shulman
Milton Silverstein-
Louis Sokolsky
Arnold R. Sternberg
Joseph V. Cohen
Isadore Drell
Jack Drobny
Irving Frank
Walter Frank
Ben Goldman
Louis Hershman
Morris L. Joseph
Melvin Kahn
Morris Kartoon
Samuel S. Katz
Harry Katzin
A. D. Kemp
Joshua Krupnick
Judge Harry H. Malkin
Dr. S. Perlow
Leo Pevsner
David Pittel
George Siegel
Meyer Siegel
Samuel Spetner
Saul D. Tannenbaum :
Aaron Turk

Helmer J. Weiner
Dr. Benjamin H. Wernick
Louis Wernick
Philip Wernick
Isadore Turner
Robert L. Aronson
Samuel Ashley
Max Bressler
Morris S. Bromberg
Arthur Davis
Solomon Dinner
Louis Kapitanoff ,
Aaron Pritikin
Louis Rabinoff
Mandel Salafsky
Charles Schneider
Milton J. Silberman
Morris Simon
Ely Sternshein
Henry Stiebel
Ben WViss
Meyer Abrams
Milton J. Krensky
Henry Langendorf
Hy Smoler
Dr. Meyer J. Steinberg
Benjamin Astrahari
David H. Berman
Mortis Bernstein
Louis Dworkin
Isadore Finkelstein
Jacob M. Fishman
Louis Hirscb
Henry E. Horowitz
Dr. Paul Hurwitz
Emanuel. Kupferberg
Joseph Marder
Louis J. Mark
Solomon L. Patlak
Joseph H. Platt
Joseph Smidt
Isadore Mf. Twery
Judah Zutckerman
.Benjamin Byster
Simon Chinn
Abe Cohen
Sam Cohen'
Samuel Feldman
Emanuel L. Gitlitz
Morris Gitlitz
Nathan Goldstein
Louis Harris
Saul Helfand
Harry Holab
Maurice H. Hyman
Morris L. Kaplan
Morris J. Mittelman
Maurice Nagle.
Willy Nordwind
Samuel P. Pearson
Louis Richard
Dr. Solomon Rivlin
Ben Saitlin
Morris S. Shaffner
Joseph E. Shapiro
Louis Weingart
Louis G. Wine

Harrv L. Block
Harry C. Caplan
Sidney Chait
Joseph Ecklerling
David B. Eisenberig
Million M. Feigenbaum
Abraham Finkelstein
Nathan Gefter
Leo Harris
C. L. Henry
George N. Hertz
Bernard H. Kaderi
S. B. Kahn
S. B. Komaiko
Daniel Newman
David Ostro-w
David Poster
J. D. Rosenblum
Sol Rubin
Jacob H. Schwimmer
Saul Spencer
Alfred Speiser
Dr. Julius Spiro
Harold C. Taradash
Myron Weinstein
Louis Wenig
Samuel Wolberg
Maxwell Abbell
A. Alexander
Morris Alexander
Dr. Irving Barkan
Chain S.-Bilgriy.
David Bbrowitz
Albert K. Epstein
Mendel NM. Flanders
Dr. Nathn T. Friedman
Cantor A. Joseph Giblichman
Louis J. Gordy
Dr. William M. Gray
Julius L. Israel
Ezra Kaplan
Joseph NM. Komornik.
Herman N. LaZar'
Joseph A. Lev
Benjamin Levinson
Dr. Matthew M. Lewison
Harry Lipsky
Alex Pomerantz
Maurice Teich
Max G. Weinberg
Dr. Solomon Weiss
Joseph Wilkow
Mrs. Morris Bromberg
Mrs. Jacob Bedno
Mrs. Harry C. Caplan
Mrs. Samuel Cohen
Mrs. Harry Cornfield
Mrs. Ruth Diamondstone
Mrs. Leon Edelman
Mrs. Ben Zion Ginsburg
Mrs. B. Koston
Mrs. David Krengel
Mrs. S. Krengel
Mrs. Herbert Letush
Mrs. Sidney Letush
Mrs. Edward Miller
Mrs. Alex Pomerantz
Mrs. Leon B. Sager
Mrs. Harry Scheer
Mrs. Milton J. Silberman
Mrs. Herman Waldstein

The Zionist Organization of
Chicagd extends its special ap.
preciation to the following'
loyal workers who have
brought in .$500 or more to the
Zionist Chest Fund:

Robert L. Aronsn
David Berman
Morris Biomberg
Arthur Davis
Solomon Dinner
Mi's. Ruth Diimondstone .
Isadore Drell
Louis Dworkin
Judge Leon L. Edelman
Abraham Finkelstein
Judge Harry M. Fisher ,
Jacob M. Fishman

Nathan D. Fleischman

Dr. N. I. Fox

I. Frank
Harry Friedlander .
Ben Zion Ginsburg-.

Saul Helfand"
Dr. Paul Hurwitz.
Bernard Kaden
A. R. Kohn
Milton J. Krerisky
Charles L. Levin
Benjamin Levinson
Mahru & JBerman
Herman Neilurger
Willy Nordwind
H. S. Pearson
Leo .Pevsner
A. H. Rosenberg.
Leon B. Sager
Mandel Salafsky
Harry Scheer
J. H. Schwimmer
W. H. Seligson
Bernard Shulman
'Milton J. Silberman
Milton Silverstein
Sloan & Epstein
Maurice A. Smoler
L. Sokolsky
Ben N. Vollen

Louis G. Wine
Samuel Wolberg
Daniel Wolff

,' ." ..' .'.-'-'.. I ,


','L ;.,
" ,t%
-.. ,:



", : "

., ..
._ Ar.",t
..- w..:


a ,

"9 2 -




.lanuary; 1948 =-'Sheva

l1den Jubilee Festival Spectacular Succes

The society crowds that are in evi-
d, ence -at all the operas have nothing
"'n the distinguished appearance of the
patrons who attended the Zionist even-
Jng at the Opera House. Each and
Rlieryone in attendance, was the
f'cream of society, as far as the ZOC

Joseph F. Arman, chairman of ar-
rangements for the evening, was the
usiest man in' Chicago for three days
ior to the event. He had to scour
the city-literally-for about 125
ytems which, were necessary for the.
dramatic pageant. Joe's list included
%ch choice items as a pine box coffin,
gibber knives, bandoliers, picks, a
scrub brush, and a doll. Getting ma-
ohne guns- for the drama was a major
problem. He was shunted from the.
fifthh Army to the National Guard anid
h"lly, to the regular infantry at
est Madison street armory. What a
an, what a worker, this "guy named
tThe ZOC staff, which knows no
rest'w as functioning in full force,
on this.grand occasion. Hats off,
Pn o the ladies: Marion Cohen, A-
IKarsh, Sylvia' Goldsmith, Mrs.
is. Minora. .Hellman,
a t1^ a ieanr,. Zinder,:. Ra-
S, -NM Mrs. Adelle Zuker. And
.saI:ti to a hard-working young man,
a'ck Mazursky, 'who does all he can
or the cause of Zion.

S'One of the highlights of the pageant,
T'The Seed and the Dream," was the
striking scene in which one of the mem-
qbers of Haganah holds aloft a Sefer
oirah on top of a watchtower. The
story. behind the sacred object used
that evening is an interesting one.
At four o clock Sunday afternoon,
fec.r-. ust a few hours before the show, Pro-
ducer Anton Leader called the Zionist
Office and informed Herman Neibur-
'ger, program chairman, that the one
important item lacking to make the
p..ageant complete was a Sefer Torah.
':.,`.With such short notice, it was an al-
Tost impossible situation. Just then
iSam Goldberg walked in. The perplex-
"'ed.Mr. Neiburger turned to Sam and
1'asked him if he could produce a Sefer
SsTorah. Sam sprang into action. He
called the Loop Synagogue and talked
...'to Rabbi Gamze. "We're closing right
..inow," said the rabbi. Sam prevailed upP
on .the rabbi to keep open just a bit
'"longer so that he could secure his Sefer
-{' To6rah which was dedicated to the
'memory of his grandmother; Bella, by
lins .grandfather, Louis Goldberg, in
A907. Little did his grandfather dream
'i.t the time of the dedication that the
amne. Sefer Torah would be -used in
crermonies marking the re-birth of the
ewish State.


COMMITTEE LEADERS and veteran Zionists take time out while en-
joying Golden Jubilee Festival program to converse with national leader,
Dr. Emanuel Neumann. Left to right: Milton Silverstein, Samuel Ginsburg
(Ben Zion's father), Nathan D. Kaplan, Leon Sager, Dr. Neumann, Harry
Scheer, Morris S. Bromberg, Maurice A. Smoler, Mrs. Ruth Diamondstone,
Ben Zion Ginsburg, ZOC president, and Max Bressler.


A great capacity audience of 4,000
persons sat enthralled in the Civic
Opera House as Dr. Emanuel Neu-
mann, president of the Zionist Organi-
zation of America, revealed to them
many intimate glimpses of the maneu-
vering of forces at the United Nations
as the General Assembly prepared for
the historic vote on the question of.-
Palestine parition.
"It was the g'reai Jewish community
of America," he said, "that marshalled .
the forces of American opinion and
roused the conscience of. Christian
Americans in the support of .the Jewish
demand for justice. It was a miracle
that the United States stood firm
against the wrath of the Arab world
with its. threat to shtit off the flow of
oil to this country. It was a miracle
that Soviet' Russia, on this one ques-
tion, aligned itself with the United

A Short Short Story of
Courage In the Yishuv
The following exchange of cable-
grams tells a graphic story requiring
no further explanation:



-.7..- .." ; ,.

"I am firmly convinced that the
Zionist Organization of America, in
great measure, helped to achieve the
glorious results. And you of the Chi-
cago Jewish community helped equally
as much as any others to bring about
the favorable decision."
"Grave problems present them-
selves," declared Dr. Neumann, "and
there are many serious [dangers to .be
resolved and overcome. Political de-
cisions have to be translated into con-
crete reality. It is a great privilege for
us that our generation has witnessed
this great constructive event, for our
generation has also been witness to the
greatest tragedy in Jewish history, the
destruction of six million souls.'
"The new Jewish State means the
transformation of a people from an
undetermined position into a respected
status of honor and dignity in the
family of nations."

Celebrate Partition at Congress
Hotel Ceremonies
More than 1500 persons, including
members and friends of the Zionist
Organization, met in the Casino Room
of the Congress Hotel on Wednesday
evening, December 10, in a gala cele-
bration of the greatest historic event
of our time the creation of the Jewish
Lending color to the impressive pro-
gram were the assembled flags of those
nations which voted for the partition
of Palestine. Mr. Adlai Stevenson, a
member of the United States delega-
tion to the United Nations, was the
principal speaker of the evening. Also
featured on the program were Rabbi
Morton Berman, chairman of the
Zionist Emergency Council, Judge
Harry Fisher, Rabbi Jacob Weinstein,
president of the Rabbinical Associa-
tion, and H. Steinberg, veteran Zionist.
An outstanding program of enter-
tainment was presented, featuring the
songs of Miss Helen Golden.

Superb Program Thrills

Colorful Capacity Crowd

At Beautiful Opera House
The Golden Jubilee Festival of the
Zionist Organization of Chicago-one
of the most colorful events in the his
tory of the Chicago Jewish community
-attracted a capacity audience to the
huge Civic Opera House on. Sunday)
evening, December 21.
Serving as a culmination of the Chi
cago drive for the $150,000 Zionisi
Chest Fund, the gala celebration feal
tured such "great personalities a,
Mischa Elman, world famous violinist
Sam Jaffe, distinguished character 4c
tor of stage and screen; Moses JI
Silverman, golden-voiced cantor 01
Anshe Emet Synagogue; the Halet
Choral Society of 80 voices, under tlie
direction of Hyman Reznick; a superb
dramatic pageant, written by Morton
Wishengrad, of "Eternal Light" a p
and staged by the noted Broadwai,
producer, Anton M. Leader; and, a'si.
last minute surprise, Dr. Emanuem
Neumann, president of the Zionia
Organization of America.
The appreciation of the ZOCO to;s
many loyal workers was voice U
Harry Scheer, general chairmapA:,n
Golden Jubilee Festival and-.y
Zion Ginsburg, who also niriod
Dr. Neumann.
An important event of the eveie
was the-presentation of "Awards of
Week" by the 'Sentinel, Chicag.
Anglo-Jewish magazine --- a cannar4
to Ben Zion Ginsburg, ZOC preside'
and an orchid to Mrs. Ruth Diamon
stone, chairman of the Women's C.'o
mittee of the Golden Jubilee Festhva|
Dr. Neumann made reference to tht
long and glorious record of the Zi0oms1
Organization of Chicago, which,'i
1897, under the name "Order Knighf
of Zion," became the birthplace of the
American Zionisi movement.

i ^ ~ ^ ~ ~ ~ ~ -,-: -~ ~

* : ". .

,..--: .

::.. : :.,.:..-'4. ,:. i...

vi.-,. IN .L.. I-,.....

Iuilders of the Jewish State"

By Meyer Abrams

Veteran Zion

'The dream of ages is being fulfilled!
Che birth of the Jewish State has taken
place before our eyes. Ours is the gen-
'.tation that is fortunate in witnessing
,Judea reborn. Many of the builders
P0ho laid the foundation for the Jewish
Sate are no longer with us, but they
e not forgotten and their spirit is
r with us. We celebrate now a new
Chanukah" of the revival of the ,Jew-
.,Stafe. When we light the candles
i&,memory of the M.ccabees of old,
us,also light a candle in memory
the Maccabees of our day. Let us
member the departed leaders wh6
&rved the 'cause of Zion and did not
e to see the day of the restoration of
rael to the land of Israel.
hen we think of those in Chicago
1o, helped found the Jewish State,
.cannot forget the outstanding fig-
o,,:Of Leon Zolorkoff,, a reknowned
redw scholar, essayist and journalist.
0b' was one of the first to respond to
4. e call of Herzl. 'Here, in Chicago
as the cradle of Zionism in America.
fore the formation of the Zionist
cement in the "East," the "Lovers
Zi'dri" was formed in Chicago- by.
s'Horwich, followed by "Ziop So-
.'Ebrgahized by his brother, Ber-
'orwSict, who wrote "My -First
ears." Zolotk6f was among
'mall group of "Maskilim" who re-
enied to the call of the founder of
.e tionimst movement in '1897, and he
selected as their delegate to the first
inst Congress held in Basel. These
askilim" "organized the order of
nihgts of Zion" on October.28, 1897
.lth Bernard Horwich as Grand Mas-
r,JLeon Zolotkof as Grand Secretary,
.a year later the "Federation" was
oned in the "East."
While the "Knights of Zion" had
e. appearance of a fraternal order,
I"was h.ot so in the -real sense, but
la, purely an organization to foster
e Zionist movement in the "West."
outward, appearance of an "order"
s only to attract latge masses of Jew-
m.,people whole were then organized
nhg fraternal lines.

7The creation of the Zionist move-
~nht in the West, dr rather in Chicago,
:s different from that of New York,
qr the "East." There the Zionist move-
enent originated from "without," from
.those who came to the movement
s.'an escape from feat from anti-
rsemitism. It did not spring from "with-
jn," from "love" for Zion. Here in
Ohicago the founders of the movement
vere men who received their early
backgroundd in the "Cheder" or "Ye-
sihivah," and Zion was part of their
Wlife and hope. Here in Chicago there
-was. no dividing wall between the
.movement for the revival of the Jew-
1ish nation and the movement for the
ftevival of the language of the people
.lidts literature. This was not the
:.*. .

ist and Member of the National Administrative Committee

case in the "East," where there was claimed "Washington" as the "Jeru-
no relationship between the two move- salem" of the American of Jewish faith.
rqents. The founders of Zionism in The movement was also bitterly fought
Chicapgo realized that there could be by Orthodoxy. The orthodox element
no revival of a people without the re- who believed in a Messiah, looked
vival of its spirit, and that the langu- upon the Zionists as interfering with
I age of the prophets was the "soul" of the will of God. Their slogan was, "If
the nation to be reborn. God will not build Zion, in vain will
It was not easy to be a Zionist in they (Zionists) build it." The Temples

Taken in 1905, on the occasion of a convention of the Order Knights of Zion, this
picture shows that even 42 years ago ardent Zionists had their hats in the ring of Zionism.
Front, left to right-the late Dr. H. Lipman, intimate friend of Theodor Herzl; Dr. Alex-
ander Wolfe, a leading St. Louis Zionist. Rear, left to right-the late Philip P. Bregstone,
author of the history, "Chicago and its Jews": Harry M. Fisher, former President of the
Z.O.C., prominent Chicago judicial figure; Nathan D. Kaplan, Z.O.C. President, and an
honorary member of the Tel Aviv Ciry.Council; S..B. Komaiko, journalist and humanitarian.

Those days. The badge of honor which
.one feels now as a member of the
movement that gave birth to the Jew-
ish State, did not then exist.' Many
ridiculed the very thought of a State
for the Jews.. Zionists were braided
as "foreigners" and "disloyal." Zionism
was bitterly opposed by all factions in
American Jewry. It was opposed by
the reform movement on the ground
that Israel ceased to exist as a nation
with the destruction of the Temple and
only remained as a religious sect, and
its mission was to .spread its religious
doctrine among the nations of the
earth. Their cry of "dual loyalty" did
not originate with the Council of
American Judaism, but was the cry of
the leaders of the reform movement
in those -days. Their spokesman, the
late Dr. Kaufman Kohler, charged
that "The Zionist who clamors for
a special Jewish land does not under-
stand the design of God and the nature
of Judaism." Their "dean" in Chicago,
the late Rabbi Emil G.' Hirsh, pro-

of the Reformed and the Synagogues
of the Orthodox were closed to the
Zionists, and they had no entry there.
Zionism was also opposed by the radi-
cal and labor organizations, who looked
upon the Zionists as reactionaries. It
was, therefore, necessary to penetrate
into each of the three camps, and the
task was difficult. There were no paid
workers, and the' work had to be done
by volunteers.
Among the early members of the Re-
form movement who were attracted
to the Ziofiist cause, was Dr. B. Fel-
senthal, the Rabbi of Zion Temple,
as well as an outstanding Orthodox
Rabbi, A. S. Braude, the grandfather
of Ben Zion Ginsburg, now president
of the Zionist Organization of Chicago.
Notwithstanding the attraction of the
few leaders of Orthodoxy and Reform
to the movement, both Orthodox and
Reform Jewry were hostile to Zionism.
Wealthy Jews were also opposed to
the return to Zion.

The founders of the movement i.s
Chicago consisted mostly of those'who5 .
came to this country from Eastern.g1
Europe, and were members of "Gate
No. I" of the "order" and of "Gat
L'Maan Zion" and included among
those persons were Elias Epstein, ,
Sider and Dr. J. Gartenstein. They re
lized the importance of the youthto
the movement, and they organized 'the^^-^
"Kadimah Gate" in which the youtitR
of that day, their late Max Shulman`,
and H. L. Meites were the outstandi
-. members. "

A women's organization was also .ora
ganized under the name of "Clara.De
Hirsch." the predecessor of the Hadat-k-
sah movement in Chicago and wa..
headed by Esther Natkin.

The "Knights of Zion"' had among
its "Qates" a military unit ,calldd
"Volunteers of Zion," consisting.'B..
those who participated in the Spamsh i
-War. Among its outstanigtIme anii
was Judge Harry M. ishewho
Then' in: his:'vou thKi''MiiW r

D;. Kaplah, was -fordid aina'Jd .hae
Dr. George K. Rosenweig ason
its leaders.' The "Zerubabel Ga'te"ki[.:
group, consisting of-men and .wo6me
was founded by H. Steinberg, D. PPoU .
lack and the writer. The "union"' b-.
the men and women of that day prd'-.t
.duced some of the, Zionists of- today- .

The early birth of Zionism in .Cli-
cago required a great deal of effort and
devotion on the part of the1 men ;and
women wiho were willing to devote a'l
of their time and energy to the move
ment without the expectation -of re- -
ward. The motto ofrZerubabel; "who
art thou, 0 great mountain?-befofe.J
Zerubabel thou shall become a plain",-
was the spirit of the early founders of
Zionism in Chicago. They let nothing
stand in their way 'and no task was in ,'

I recall an incident when, Samuel ::5
Genes, a brother of Hyman Steinberg.:
and a "Grand Orator" knocked at,'the',
door of a lodge to permit himito speak
for the sale of "shkolim," and the door-
was closed by ihe guard. Genes called' A
out, "There's a fire!" Immediately the -Y
door opened and he jumped onto the '
platform and started out with the He-,-.j
brew quotation, "Aish nofloh bezion,"
("There is a fire in 'Zion") and when.-
he finished, he sold the "shkolim" to
*L 1 .-4-' --l-

tLe Lo

uge members.
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-, I


At another occasion when after one celebrated the feast of P
,:of thie synagogues was finally opened Orchestral Hall after the
fi.or a Zionist meeting, and "Steiny" be- the Balfour Declaration,
_came very enthusiastic and was ready fair Pam presided. When
"o 'appeal for members, the president lah" was read and the wo
gof the synagogue suddenly pounded on was mentioned, there wa
ithe table, saying "It is time to start t thumping of the feel
te. evening prayer "Maariv," thereby
.* 'i *for order-when the peop
i-interrupting the e n t i r e program.
."Steiny," in his great enthusiasm, said, to make the traditional
'Let. this be the last Maariv!" But, of mention of "Haman," Pai
course, the result was that this was the innocently, '"This is a
last time that an appeal was ever made Thereafter, he became co
gof:Zionism in that synagogue. a Zionist leader must be
'Next to Leon Zolotkof, who greatly
with Jewish tradition and
inuensed the development of theh tradton and
|'movement, was the late Max Shul- he was supplied with l
man, who served as president of the Nathan D. Kaplan and M
KN'ights of Zion" for a number of and he devoted a great de
ias,. and later as the president of the such study and greatly
:'idwest' Zionist .Federation," and spread the movement a
hereafter as president of the Chicago .
(ipn ist Organizatjon. He responded to Amercan Jewh outh.
:hecall of Herzl to "capture the Jewish The large funds which
minmunities," and joined almost every elected now for the Zioni
odge and many of the synagogues, and
encouragedd other Zionists to do like-
and with the conception o
eise. Through his efforts many of the and with the conception o
synagogues were won over to the cause, in those days. At one of
dn'd they: became officially affiliated tions of the "Knights o

ith the .Zionist movement. He and
hik-gssociates penetrated into the fra-
.nal 'organization "The Progressive
er.' of the West," and' prevailed
i.Lit t. affiliate With the Zioiiist dr-
4i:..tb1p.a.y.'shkolim" for all

. ..

Among the outstanding men whom
he attracted to the movement were the
outstanding jurists, Julian W. Mack,
'.ho later served the Zionist cause as
president of the. Zionist Organization
..of America, and Judge Hugo Pam who
p".'presided over the first, session of the
'!-American Jewish Congress at Phila-
S'delphia and became known nationally
as a Zionist orator.. ,
,Ju' .dge Patr referred frequently to
the "Talmud' 'in his public utterances,
but of the whole "sea of the Talmud"
he only knew that word and did not
:mmknow much of Jewish history in his
.early days when he was converted to
a' Zionism. His lack of knowledge of Jew-
.:.ish traditions may be illustrated from
i,_.,"the episode .that I recall. The Zionists
'pL :".

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urim at the
issuance of
at which af-
the "magi-
rd "Haman"
as the tradi-
t. Pam called
ple continued
noise at the
inm called out
nvinced that
e acquainted
history, and
literature by
,ax Shulman,
eal of time to
y helped to
among the

ire being col-
st movement
small sums
f the Zionists
the conven-
f Zion" the

Bernard Horwich, first president.
Knights of Zion
Morris Sokolsky, lather of Lou
Sokolsky, president of Leman Zi
Gate, of the order Knights of Zion
Samuel Ginsburg, father of Ben Zi<
B. L. Sloan
Jacob Miller
S.' B. Komaiko "

Officers of the first official Zionist Organi-
zarion in America in picture taken in 1905.
1-N. D. Kaplan, Deputy Grand Master;
2-B. Horwich, Chairman on Shares; 3--
Jacob Cohen, Grand Treasurer; 4-B. L"
Sloan, Chairman of Shekel Fund; 5-D. P.
Pollock. Grand Recorder; 6-Leon .Zolot-
Loff, Grand Master; 7-A. Leviason, Vice
Grand Master; 8-B. W. Prusiner, Deputy
Grand Master; 9-S. Kaploy, Deputy Grand'
Master; 10-Moses W. Ades, Deputy Grand
Master; I1-J. Goldstein, Grand Trustee;
12-S. B. Komaiko, Grand Orator.

president reported of the great success'
late Rabbi N. Z. Budzinsky, who was
that the campaign to sell the shares of l i Z u h insky, h
the Jewish Colonial Trust met with considered the "Mw sliansky" of the
nWest. He was one of the first propa-
when 5367 shares at the par value of
gandists of the movement in Russia as
,$5.00 were' sold, in the Middle West gandists of the movement in Russia as
"' :" .n'". 'o : a "Matif.Leumni," and upon his coming
*" o .jbc stallm-nt; plan O., c per .. .
S- .,-.. .Is untry he.pre. .hd the.-cause
'-.. '- i ... of Zionism among the!"la' g audiences.
w There was ahich he attracted. His congregation,
the East and the West, many of B'Nai Mloshe, was first to join the
the Congresses the "East" contended' movement. He was later followed bv
that ,the ."West" should not be. inde- the' late Rabbi Saul Silver, and many
pendent, bht the Congress'always sus- of the synagogues became officially af-
tained the position of the Zionists of filiated with the Zionist cause.
,the West, and recognized their inde- When one looks back at those years,
pendence. In order to remove one of he realizes the progress of the move-
the arguments against the "West," the ment In 1908 the total membership
name was changed in 1909 to the in the "Middle West" was 1,500. In
"Ftederated Zionist Societies of the 1923 the membership was 4,500, the in
Middle West." The center was in Chi-
cago, and ten states of the Middle West EDW ARD
were affiliated with it. The total memr- EDWARD DON
bership at that time was 1,500, divided Wholesale c
into fifteen "Gates." In order to main-
tain the "independence," it was neces- Manufai
sary to sell at least 3,000 "shkolim""
and the life and death of the organiza-
tion depended on the sale. In 1913, SUPPLIES FL
there was a merger between the East EQUIP
and the West. Hyman Steinberg wept EQUIP
bitterly at the loss of the "independ- fo
ence," and visualized the "churbon" of Hoesurants
Zionism in the Middle West. However, Taverns
Tea Rooms
the organization maintained its auton- Hospitals
omy until 1917.' In 1918 the entire stchtions
Zionist organization in America was Colleges
reorganized under the District Plan, such
and the Zionist Organization of Amer- Chinaware
ica was then founded, which moulded Silverware
Kitchen Utensils
"East" and "West" into one organiza- Furniture
tion.* Paper .Goods
tiof. Twines
One of the outstanding Orthodox Griddles
Rabbis who exerted a great influence 2201 South La Salle Stre
and greatly helped to bring the syna-
gogues into the Zionist fold," was the Calume

come from dues during that year i.
$11,850, the total administrative
penses were $2,550. $303,871:64'|
raised for all Zionist funds, inclupi
the Keren Hayesod and Keren KaS
meth. The National Fund alone radi
last year about $200,000' fromi-rar
tional collections. There'is nowI a
for $12,000,000 for the Jewish,.-
Fund, almost one-half of -whir.
go for Zionist purposes. 'Toa.
Zionist .organization of -Chicag
has o&er',-9'00 -nmemiber-;ex"...
the Hadassli... ':
The early builders,-foi eif
in' Chicago were'few in.,iinum
laid the foundation..for.the
State which. is now being:,es.ii
They were privileged to parttake
unfolding of the, dream of, the.,
to Zion.. Most of them were not
leged to see with their own eye
realization of the dream. Let
memory not be forgotten at thisJu.
celebration, and let us light the 'c`
in their 'memory.



f .* .


Bowling Alleys
Billiard- Halls
Air Lines
Ball Rooms

Baking Needs
Crushed Fruits
Janitor Supplies
Electric Fans.
:et-Chicago 16, Illinois

t 1300 -

..... p.
'I......~ .~ 5..

* '. v*'f
*, "_

story in Pictures of $150,000 Chest Campaigni

Z' S". ',' ,-'..

'..... .-/' o I
,. '--- 'i..'- A.

(1) MODERN POLITICAL ZIONISM had its beginning in 1897 when Theodor
Herzl convened the first World Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland. Herdz
; died in 1904. In Chicago, a group of Jews organized the first American Zionist move-
,,. ment, known as "Order Knights of Zion," later to become the Zionist Organization of
Chicago. Veteran Zionists looking at bust of Herzl are, left to right: S. B. Komaiko,
.-. H. Schwimmer, and Alex Zurakov.

(2) TO COMMEMORATE 50-YEARS of Zionist achievement. Zionist Organization
of Chicago decided to sponsor Golden Jubilee and Chanukah Festival as culmi-
nating affair of $150,000 Zionist Chest Campaign. Appointed to Festival Committee
are following: Seated, left to right: Samuel A. Goldberg, ticket chairman; Harry
Scheer, general chairman of FESTIVAL; "Herman Neiburger, program chairman,
Maurice A. Smojer, 'co-chairman, special gifts committee. Standing, left to right:
Max Bressler, co-chairman, special gifts; Joseph Arman;-. chairman of arrangements; ,.
Morris S. Bromberg, souvenir book chairman; Charles L. Levin, ZOC executive direc-
tor; Leonard J. Grossman, publicity chairman. Committee members not shown above:
Mrs. Ruth Diamondstone, chairman, Women's committee; Milton Silverstein, co-
chairman, special gifts committee. .

*f -

S ..--7.'-

... .. ....... -. '
..... ....., .. :7UAIj

.(3) PLANS FOR THE Campaign and Festival were augmented by appointments
of District Campaign Chairmen. Seated, left to right: Louis Dworkin, North
!Town; Benjamin Levinson, South Shore, Harry Scheer, general chairman; A. D.
Kemp, Lawndale-Garfield; Nathan Bernstein, Hyde Park. Standing, left to right:
Joseph Epstein, Brandeis; Bernard H. Kaden, Rogers Park; Mandel Salafsky, North
Park; Harry Friedlander, Chicago Heights; Saul N. Gurevitz, Austin-West Suburban;
Louis G. Wine, North West; Nathan D. Fleischman, Albany Park. Not in above pic-
thre:: Aid. :Allen Freeman, Edgewater; Milton Silverstein and Joseph Arman, Lake
Shore; Jacob M. Fishman, co-chairman, North Town, and Harold C. Taradash, co-
,hairman, Rogers Park.

)- ANOTHER INSPIRING dinner meeting held at the Congress Hotel, featured as
guest speaker the Reverend John Stanley Grauel, Christian Minister, who was
. crewman on the Exodus. His eloquent talk on Jewish courage was one of emotional
highlights of campaign. Pictured above are Judge Harry M. Fisher, Milton Silverstein,
tgrry Scheer, Maurice A. Smoler, Rev. Grauel, Ben Zion Ginsburg, Mrs. Ruth Dia-
Andstone and Max Bressle.

(4) OFFICIAL LAUNCHING of the $150,000 Zionist Chest Campaign was made
at a dinner held at the Congress Hotel. Irv Kupcinet, Daily' Tines columnist,
was the principal speaker. Just back from a trip with Chicago's ''Mission of- Mercy,"
he told of the deplorable condition of-Jewish D.P.'sin, Europe, of the inspiring sights
of Jewish Palestine. Appeal by Max Bressler results in pledges from' 100 guests of
$68,000 in "give or get" pledges.

(6) ON THE FEMININE front, the Women's Committee, with Mrs. Ruth Diamond-
stone as chairman, worked industriously on its great project which was to be
climaxed by the award of an automobile. At a luncheon and musical in the Imperial '"
House on November 10, Rabbi Morris Margolies thrilled a large audience of women
workers with his experiences in Palestine. Hostesses pictured above are, left to right:
Mrs. S. Dinner, Mrs. D. Krengel, Mrs. M. J. Silberman, Mrs. A. Pomerantz, Mrs. M.
S. Bromberg, Mrs. Ruth Diamondstone, Mrs. H. Waldsrein, Mrs. S. Letush, Mrs. H. '
Letush, Mrs. S. Cohen, Mrs. B. Kane. Committee members not pictured above include:. "'
Mesdames J. Bedno, H. C. Caplan, H. Cornfield, L. Edelman, B. Z. Ginsburg, B.
Koston, L. B. Sager, and H. Scheer. i


!" .',.. !

hiich Was Climaxed by Golden Jubilee Shol

* (7) INTENSIFIED PLANS for Zionist Chest Campaign activity in various districts
j,. were decided at meeting of district chairmen and Leonard J. Grossman, Festival
publicity chairman. Shown above are some of the busy chairmen-left to right: A. D.
Kemp, ,Lawndale-Garfield; Mr. Grossman, Louis G. Wine, North West; and Nathan
D. Fleischman, Albany Park.

(9) PROSPECTS FOR a great Golden Jubilee Festival Show at the Civic Opera
-. House on Sunday evening, December 21, were brightened with successive an-
Snouncements of script by Morton Wishengrad of "Eternal Light" fame; signing of
Mischa Elman, world famous violinist; Cantor Moses Silverman as guest soloist; Halevi'
Choral Society; Max Janowski, organist; and finally a great "scoop"-the agreement
of Mr. Sam Jaffe, famous character actor of stage and screen, to portray starring role
in draniatic pageant, "The Seed and the Dream." Mr. Jaffe is pictured above (right)
in his role as Professor in the motion picture, "Gentleman's Agreement," with Dorothy
McGuire and Gregory Peck.

.(11) MRS. RUTH DIAMONDSTONE, whose Women's Committee had contributed
in great measure to success of Zionist Chest Campaign and Golden Jubilee Festi-
val is presented with orchid as "Chicago's outstanding Jewish woman of the week,"
..-by Miss Lee Harris of the staff of the Sentinel, Anglo-Jewish weekly, during intermis-
sion at grand show held in Civic Opera House, Sunday, December 21.

(8) FURTHER IMPETUS to Zionist Chest Campaign was provided through dinner
given by Harry Scheer, Max Bressler, Maurice A. Smoler and Milton Silversteim
for presidents of districts. In attendance at Covenant Club dinner were officers and
directors of all districts. Presidents shown above are, left to right, seated: Sidney
Letush, Albany Park;-David H. Berman, North Town; Dr. Benjamin H. Wernuick
Lawndale-Garfield; Maurice Nagle, North West. Standing: Mandel Salafsky, North
Park; Ben N. Vollen, Austin-West Suburban; Benjamin Toubes, Chicago Heights;
A. Ovrum Tapper, South Shore; Benjamin Levin, Brandeis; Arnold R. Sternberg,
Lake Shore.

(10) PALESTINE PARTITION decision by United Nations added even 'gre
'significance to Golden Jubilee Festival. Great role of Dr. Emanuel Neumn
ZOA president, was hailed by Jews throughout the world. In surprise visit,
Neumann made inspiring talk at Opera House, congratulated Ben Zion Giisi
(right) upon his receiving carnation from A. Ovrum Tapper, columnist for Seniti
and president of South Shore district in weekly award for "Outstanding Chic
Jewish man of the week."

(12) GOOD JOB WELL DONE, members of Festival Committee meet at emn
spectacular Golden Jubilee program and look forward with confidence to c
ing membership campaign which will seek to enlist additional support of ChL
Jewry for newly-born Jewish State in Palestine. Looking at new membership appD
Lions are, left to right: Harry Scheer, Festival's general chairman; Mrs. Ruth Diam
stone, chairman, Women's Committee; Max Bressler and Milton Silverstein, co d
men of special gifts committee. 0 i




I' -


! ,: o. .. -. ... : ':t :.

"The Jewish State and American Jewry"
By Albert, K. Epstein
Z.O.C. Vice President in Charge of Palestine Projects and President of

-. AM

The declaration of a Jewish State in
lestine by a majority vote of the
ited Nations Assembly opens up a
chapter in the history of the Jew-
rpeople and, in fact, in the history of
world. A people has regained its
itehood after nineteen centuries of
tence from its land! This interna-
Ia phenomenon is truly unprece-
rd in the history of humanity. The
ers'-and supplications of our people
lghout the centuries have been
eed; the prophecies of our Sages
I-Ptrned to reality, the hopes and
fiions of the JeWish people vin-

;studying the reports of the,
OP as well as discussion held
,the Ad-Ijoc Committee on'Pales-
iit becomes apparent that two
t nt factors led the UN to
.end the immediate pstablish-
i'of, a JeWish State: First, the
.:plight of the Jewish people in
.uiropean countries, and second,
.was even more significant, our
nRents in Palestine, which they
i. -their own eyes.
.the evidence presented to the
tions Special Committee on
)trtl: and Tfom'.the.
the aw when' they vs-
ltinie, they became convinced
"&Yishuv is a state de facto -
.it. had already all the instru-
ihies' and necessary mechanics
-e operation of a 'modern State.
.are in Palestine close to 700,000
with 325 colonies using modem
tc agricultural methods; an in-
which has invested 150 million
'-and in which are employed
s'?workers; a school system with
tai: 100,000 children and close
.0, teachers; a University, En-
g College, agricultural schools
p-imental station; research in-
.*s; a public health system; a
brew press and Hebrew pub-
jouses; Hebrew theatres; a na-
dfense organization comprising
members; a National Govetning
i-the entire mechanism neces-
woa working state.
'I-UNSCOP became convinced,
.t the Jewish State can support
'1.946 the national income of
wash sector of Palestine was 260
dollars; the Jewish community
ore than 42 million dollars in
0.e UNSCOP was so confident
-iability.of the Jewish State that
nerided'that a part of the in-
m the Jewish State, such as
ed from tariffs, customs, etc.,
:toward the maintenance of
Arab State.

PAL, American-Palestine Trading Corporation

The granting of statehood to the Jew-
ish people is an anomalous political act
which has no precedent in modern his-
tory. For this very reason it presents
problems of an unprecedented charac-
ter. When Poland, for example, was
liberated after World War I, the Poles
were on their own soil .and all that
happened was that governmental'
power was transferred from the Tzars
to the Poles. When Ireland was de-
clared a free state, the Irish people
lived in Ireland; they had an estab-
lished economy of their own. All ihat
was necessary was the shifting of the
governmental powers from the British
to the Irish. In the case of Palestine,
statehood was granted not only to the
700,000 Jews now there, but to the mil-
lion to million-and-a-half Jews who
must yet immigrate into the Jewish
State from Europe and Arab countries
within the next ten years.

Today the situation is quite differ-
ent. We know only too well that the
Jews coming from DP camps and from
such European countries as Roumania
and Hungary, where they have been
economically uprooted, and the Jews
coming from the Arab countries, are
not bringing any capital with them.
And although the Yishuv is a going
concern from an economic standpoint,
it cannot be expected to carry the en-
tire burden of financing the expanding
Jewish State to absorb the additional
million immigrants yet to enter.
It is clear, therefore, that the Jews
of the United States, now the largest
Jewish community in the world, will
have to assist in the building of the
Jewish State.
It is estimated by, economic experts
of the Jewish Agency that it will cost
2.. billion dollars to bring these one

JEWISH FISHERIES IN -Palestine provide work and food for innumerable
Jewish men arid women.
It wil be a Herculean task and, of million Jews into Palestinea
course, raises many difficult problems. ,create the kind of agriculture, i
For the sake of analogy, let us say that and. trade that can absorb there
the population of the U. S. is to be It is calculated that this si
doubled within the next ten years. have to be spent as follows: Fi
How much effort, resources, capital proximately 300 million dollar
and ingenuity it would require to ac- have to be allocated for trans
complish such a task! And just such a the immigrants and maintaining
problem presents itself in the matter of for several months until they h
increasing the population of the Jewish come properly absorbed in the
State by the immigration of more than omy of the country, and the tr
150% to 200% of its present popula- station, maintenance and educa
tion within the next ten years. a large number o( children (in i
During the past 30 years, since the to the orphans; until such' time
Balfour Declaration, we have invested have become self-sustaining. T1
close to 2100 million dollars in Palestine. of the investment is not of prof
About 29% of this money came from ing character and will have to
public and 'national funds by means of vided by the American Jews
contributions through such institutions forni of contributions. '
as Keren Hayesod, Keien Kayemet,
Hadassah, Labor Zionists, Women Pio- Second, it is estimated that
neers, Hebrew University and other gation, electric power installati
such types of organizations: -About million dollars are required; for
71%, or close to 500'million dollars: sion of agriculture, 300 million
came from private sources in the form for expansion (of manufacture
of money, machinery, equipment and
raw materials which the immigrants dusty 200 million dollars; for h
brought into the country with them I billion dollars, and an addition
prior to the war from the European million dollars will be required f<
countries which they had left. construction, trade and other s

and to

um will
rst, ap-
irs will
ig them
ave be-
e econ-
a nspor-
ation of
as they
his part
be pro-
in the

for irri-
on, 300
and in-
rnal 650
or other


that the 231 billion dollars required'J'
for this planned economy -will be de C
rived from the following sources:
1. There is now a surplus. of aboat.
325 million dollars in British'...
banks which belongs to Jewishk"
'. --.

2. The Yishuv itself will re-irivest'.i
about 15%. of its'pational income..
-approximately 680 million dol
lars (10-year period);
3. Jewish contributions through var-`4
ious funds-approximately 40r'
million dollars;
4.' An international loan of approxi--.
rately 1 billion dollars;
5. Various private capital invest: .
ments amounting to approximateo-'.
lv 400 million dollars. '
It is evident from the above that'
world Jewry will have to cdrry a co-
siderable portion of this responsibility'
by way of both investrtents and contri
Pbutions, in addition to the efforts of
the Yisliuv. And, of course, Ame stri'
.Jewry will have to. carry llgreail

scientific and anagerite.ial .pesoiiHi
that must build the Jewish Stafte..;-e
fore the war, the men arid. women vbro,".
built the economy of. the .Yish uv ca" s
from 'European countries., Europe asg
the reservoir from which' to draws$'-inf.l'
dustrialists, skilled mechanics, profess'
sors and instructors for the University-.'-5|-
and technical schools, medical men,'
public health officials, chemists' and.-"--
engineers. We know today that we can"'
not expect this type of personnel from '
the DP camps or from those coming -.
from Arab countries. '
At present only about .04% -of the
total population in Palestine is attend- .
ing institutions of higher learning
the Hebrew University, 'technical "',
schools and research institutions. In-
the United States, as a. result of. the'
fact that university attendance was'.'-
necessarily low during the war, 2% of
the population is now attending schools
of higher learning, or five times the.i
proportionate. percentage shown for
Palestine university attendance.
It is worthwhile noting that .the
number of' men and women who are".'
at present attending such institutions.
of higher learning would be sufficient .-'
to take care of public health and the
development of industry and agricul-
ture were the Jewish population to.
increase normally-that is, about 2%
per annum. However, it is altogether -
inadequate in the face of the proposed -.'
doubling of its population within the
next ten years. -'.
(Continued on next page)

. .... .-...... --....-.

; i

(Continued from page 10)

.. A YOUNG SETTLER brings in the tomato crops at Beth Ha'arawa, once
'. barren, now fruitful through irrigation.

.*The, United States must now become
the -reservoir for this type of skilled
personnel. In preparation for furnish-
ing the required personnel in the crea-
;iti6n :of the Jewish State, a new form
ATf -Chalutz youth will have' to be in-
aujgurated in America from vhich
engineers, chemists, skilled mechanics
and captains of industry will be drawn
and sent to Palestine. !
Wel are privileged to be living in a
great historic era which is witnessing
'the'esfablishment of the Third Jewish
j1takte. But we must clearly understand
t uthis' privilege carries with it grave
sibilities, arid the task is a Hert
:. .,, -.. <.- i. ..: _, .

e'liegai Wsanction zor .me: creation
S.a2'State. Wemusti not. fall down on
r..responsibility to carry it through
a.a living reality'.
''.''With the establishment of a Jewish.


State, the Zionist movement, which
has hitherto been political in charac-
ter, will have to re-orientate its think-
ing and its program. The Yishuv must
be enabled to determine its own politi-
cal, social and economic policies. Zion-
ist partisan strife in the United States,
then, becomes grossly unrealistic.
All lines of demarcation between
"Zionist" and "non-Zionist" must van-
ish, and in their place must come a
strong cultural tie between the Yishuv
and Jews of America. However, Amer-:
ican Jewry's primary function shall be
to give economic assistance to building
the Yishuv., In .this, regard,; we must
..obviate, ;p.qssij'le' ehaosan4 d. confusion

i'st thi nkn terms:notof building a
specific party 'in Palestirie, but raise
ourselves above, party interests and
think in terms only of building one
democratic, progressive Jewish State.



Greetings from

Standard Dental Laboratories

of, Chicago, Inc.

Compliments of


.. ~ t
..,. -
-~ TI- -.
.b-" .t,. '- r..'r'-T4'4'4.'--~'
i..";r-i"''iJ-1'"' I'. I ,.- --C '

Compliments of


.* I..
'. :.

' ,1.

-, -- C.,



Distributors. of ,

Canadian Beer and Ale

I ..,

I* I


ration of Districts Brought Festival Success;

s of Workers' Grand Efforts Roll In

ie&- cooperation received from the
lidents of all the districts made pos-
t.the successful conclusion of the
4ist Chest Campaign and contribut-
greatly to the magnificent evening
he Civic Opera House.
isitrict presidents: Sidney Letush,
any Park; Ben N. Vollen, Austin-
;t Suburban; Benjamin Levin, Bran-
Benjamin Toubes, Chicago
ghts; Judge Leon Edelman, Edge-
'er; David B. Glickman, Hyde Park;
Alid R. Sternberg, Lake Shore; Dr.
jamin H. Wernick, Lawndale-Gar-
I; Mandel Salafsky, North Park;
|Smoler, North Shore; David* H.
man, North Town; Maurice Nagle,
ih West; Abraham Finkelstein,
gprs Park; and A. Ovrum Tapper,
th Shore.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Al
Imaiin of the Lake Shore District,
ie birth of a daughter, Judith Da-

Voice of the Members

To the Officers and the Golden Jubilee
Festival Committeq of the Zionist Organiza-
Lion of Chicago:
I am delighted to tell you what a thrilling
experience the Golden Jubilee Festival was
for me. Not only for me, but certainly for
the thousands of spectators whose enthusi-
astic response registered the tribute of our
Community to the exceptional program.
I am aware of the enormous work which
went into the presentation of the Festival.
Every man and woman who shared in this
work may feel pride in having helped in
the fulfillment of a great cultural task in
the life of our Community. The program
was so impressive that it may well serve as
a model for similar Zionist programs
throughout the land.
"The Seed and the Dream" was moving
and poignant it should be presented
again and again. Dr. Emanuel Neumann's
address was magnificent it was the
finest address I have heard him give and one
of the top ranking "Victory Addresses" I
have ever heard.
Techezakna Yedeychem may your
hands be strengthened in the cause of Zion.
Associate Rabbi,
o t WilieLmhl.

jamin Levinson, South Shore's The splendid program given las
laker for the Zionist Chest Cam- was an event marking the founding
set a fine example b Jewish State in Palestine in a for
set a fine example by topping the vast audience will long rememb
itiict in the drive. thanks and best wishes to the Zionist
ibi David Graubart, who is head ization of ChicagCOB SINGER,
4 Rabbinical Law Department of Rabbi, Temple M:
Rabbinical Association; delivered Enclosed please find check for six
ce1Uent and inspiring talk or for my membership in the ZOA. Bo
Rine and I thank you heartily for t
rica's Role in the Creation of lee event of last evening. We feel
sh State' at the Albany Park was an outstanding achievement, de
commendation for all who contribute
ngregatio, of which Rabbi success.
ratjIy s..Maathe;A. ght)'i:-:th-e-
: rI ". is .. e ibeia tfi .'| 1 --. .' ,..t
S.libeiatioin of our people. '
Rabbi, K.I.N.S.

lore Drell

Rabbi D. Graubart

be Lawndale-Garfield District has
I& tentative plans to hold an Isa-
".Drell Night in honor of its de-
i member who made such a splen-
record in the Campaign. Also, Ir-
SFrank and Walter Frank of this
ict did outstanding jobs, along
A. D. Kemp.
n- exceptionally fine Brunch was
Fi by the Lake Shore District on
&ay, 'December 28th. Herman Nel-
er gave an interesting account of
-gtage doings of the Golden Ju-
program. An amusing but 'avyk-
situation occurred when young
tof the cast objected at first to
ing Arabs or British soldiers but
Ay consented so that the show
Id go on. He also revealed some in-
sting incidents which testified to
fine character and high ideals of
Star, Sam Jaffe, famous stage and
en actor.
this same Brunch, it w'as an-
nced that Milton Silverstein, of this
ct, .was "top man" for the Cam-
gaving brought in over $5,000.

it night
g of the
rm that
er. My

x dollars
>th Mrs.
he Jubi-
that it
ed to its

Charles Levin,
Zionist Organization of Chicago
You and the other hard working members
of the Organization who were responsible
for the outstanding show at the Civic Opera
House are to be especially commended for
staging what was by far,. the finest affair
ever given under the auspices of our Organ-
ization. Everyone in attendance commented
enthusiastically about the fine job you did.
It raised the Zionist Organization 'to a new
high plane, consistent with the dignity of
"New Judea."
My hat's off to you, Charlie, and to the
many loyal workers who cooperated to make
this affair the outstanding success in the
history of Chicago Zionism. May we enjoy
more like it.



Sunday, Jan. 11 NORTH SHORE,
General Meeting, Home of Leon J.
Caine, 162 Euclid, Glencoe, 8 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 13 NORTH WEST,
Tuesday, Jan. 20-EDGEWATER, Gen-
eral Meeting. ROGERS PARK,
General Meeting.
Wednesday, Jan. 21 HYDE PARK,
General Meeting. NORTH PARK
and NORTH TOWN, Joint Meet-
Thursday, Jan. 22 LAKE SHORE,
General Meeting.
Monday, Jan. 26 ALBANY PARK,
General Meeting.
Tuesday, Jan. 27-NORTH WEST, Gen-
eral Meeting.
BRANDEIS, General Meeting.
AUSTIN, General Meeting.
SOUTH SHORE, General Meeting.
Wednesday, Jan. 28 LAWNDALE-
GARFIELD, General Meeting.


One of the most arduous, unreward-
ing tasks of the entire- Festival was
that performed by the "perpetual mo-
tion" man, Samuel A. Gpldberg, ticket
chairman, another of the Lake Shore
It is obvious that two people can-
not occupy the same seat and among
the thousands of requests for tickets
there were many who insisted on this
or .that particular location. In his con-
scientious; untiring way, Sam informed
all contributors requesting seats that
the Civic Opera House is one of the
best laid-out theatres, that all seats are
equally good, and that, in fact, the
upper balcony seats give the seat-holder
a better perspective of the show.
Many of those who at first were
fearful that their seats were "poor,"
"badly siutated," etc., took pains to
call Sam after the night of the show,
to tell him that he was right, that their
seats were splendid and that they real-
ized he was not guilty of misrepresenta-
Sam's efforts were not entirely con-
fined to allocation of tickets. In addi-
tion to raising money for the chest, he
undertook the responsibility of arrang-
ing for the showing of the movie,
"House in the Desert." It was his job



to secure the projector (35 mm.), sei .
that it was properly installed, hire the :':
operator, and book the film." :
Sam, from past experience, was
thoroughly familiar with the Opaera
House. With Milton Silverstein andiA,
Harry Scheer, he suggested that their
celebration be staged in that magnifi-':-
cent edifice. He negotiated with the-.j
management and secured the contract'h;6i.
for the night of December 21.

Louis D. Brandeis Disrict
Takes Pleasure In Inviting You All,
To An Evening Dedicated to:

Listen To Those Who Have Had.
Personal Contact With Haganah "
In Action

Members of Jewish War Veterans. '
Posts In Chicago Are Invited To. Be-.
Our Special Guests for this

Education Bldg. Theatre,
72 East 11th Street
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 8:15 4





S I.

Compliments of




By Lester G.
The Z.A.C. will concern itself with
matters of overall Zionist policy. Mat-
.iters of policy are much the concern
.And province of the humble dues payer
s: they are of the executives of the
,movement. For no movement can re-
.ain vital when its .membership re-
Jiinquishes the right to examine critic-
ally and .to consider afresh the proper
section of that movement. An infor-
eed and participating constituency is
the life blood of any democratic move-

Seligman, Chairman
ment. I submit, for examination, that
during this phase of Zionism, when par-
tition is a reality, that the key targets
of Zionist activity must be twofold:
(I Strengthening of Haganah and (2)
the full consideration of the political
and economic implications of a Jew-
ish home in a part of Palestine. Our
committee aims to alert and activate
members and leaders to follow a pro-
gram that will help advance these im-
portant goals.


Compliments of




-!i ,


Wholesale Grocers I

Ask for "Supreme" and "Banner Boy" Brands


Compliments of



180 West Adams Street

^;'' w y i-:.* "-"- ," .M manufacturers, of, .... ;. .,:,
Better Neckwear .



* Founded 1882

* Oldest In Cook County
* Current Dividend 3%

9 West Washington Street

Chicago, 2, Illinois
Randolph 5033



I ,:
.,' '.f

................................................. ...- *

, ., ..

" '


5,000 To nter Palestine
During Month
'transatlantic phone call from Mr.
er Kaplan, in Jerusalem, Jewish
ency treasurer, to Dr. Israel Gold-
E, U.P.A. national chairman, dis-
sed that 3,500 refugees in Cyprus
re being released immediately for
admission into Palestine, bringing the
tal number of immigrants this month
75,000. Mr. Kaplan urged that in-
ased funds be sent at once for re-
abilitation and resettlement of the
Supply Shortage
JiThe Palestine Government, accord-
to Mr. Kaplan, is permitting the
.trance of 3,500 refugees, the major-
;of whom are children, in addition
the 1,500 immigrants allowed under
.,.regular monthly quota, because of
e.severe shortage of supplies and fa-
tiies in Cyprus needed to care for
detainees under winter conditions.
major portion of the housing quar-
in Cyprus is made up of tents and
'erican Army quonset huts, in which
.re than 18,000 refugees will still be
an awaiting their admission into
r. Kaplan's urgent request for
ds was directed to the U.P.A. as
'central fund-raising instrument in
s'country for financing the integra-
n iand'resettlement of immigrants in
Full Rehabilitation
e incoming 5,000 Jews will come
diately under the wing of the
KAgency, which must provide for
..c .Iourse of their rehabilitation,
sts of transportation, the
.ionrbf clothing, food, temporary
tr, medical care, and the long-
ge program of retraining and re-
unitedd Palestine Appeal funds are.
gently raised through the $170,000,-
3'' nation-wide campaign of the
Dated Jewish Appeal for Refugees,
ev.erseas Needs and Palestine.

JNF Fetes Yishuv Notables
%, At Jan. 26 Events Here
ionpday, January 26, 1948, will be
auspicious date on the calendar of
Chicago Jewish community. Two
its are scheduled for that day, both
er the auspices of the Jewish Na-
al Fund. An official reception and
osher Luncheon" will be held at the
nilton Hotel at noon for two Pal-
ian notables Mayor Israel Ro-
of Tel Aviv, and Abraham Harz-
:-of. Jerusalem, colonization expert
:. member of the Keren Kayemet
wish National Fund) Board of Gov-
ors. In the evening, at-8 o'clock, .a
s meeting will be held at 32 West
dolph street, where the two guests
be the principal speakers.

Compliments of




At least $400,000,000 will be re-
quired for the integration and resettle-
ment of 150,000 immigrants to Pales-
tine within the next two years, as
proposed by the United Nations Spe-
cial Committee, according to Robert R.
Nathan, noted economist and author.
He estimated that in the area set
aside for the Jewish State by the U.N.
Special Committee one million immi-
grants could be absorbed within the
next ten years. Mr. Nathan reported to
a recent joint planning conference of
the Conference of the Jewish Federa-

tions and Welfare Funds in Pittsburgh.
The $400,000,000 required to cover
the immigration cost of the 150,000
Jews, Mr. Nathan reported, would in-
clude transportation and maintenance
until the immigrants were settled in
the country, care of children, and some
rehabilitation activity for those in
need. The sum would also be utilized
toward the expansion of agricultural
resources and facilities, for housing,
irrigation, equipment and materials,
and for similar upbuilding needs.

Manufacturers of


Non-Ferrous Metals

1720 North Elston




* *** -

_ I


We Must Sell Every Shekel We. '
Can To Support the

of America
At the Forthcoming
World Zionist Congress 4

January 15th, is the


"*'."**v '
4 ,- -

.6. 4 'lA.


January, 1948 Shevath, 5,708




(Circles are in proportion to
size of Jewish communllJes)

WITHIN the borders of the Jewish State (shaded area) more
than 150,000 immigrants are to be integrated within a short
period of time in acccordance with UNSCOP proposals. Jewish
Agency Treasurer Eliezer Kaplan, who arrived here recently to recruit
full-scale financial support disclosed that a minimum of $400,000,000
will be required for the immigration and resettlement of the new-
comers. United Palestine Appeal agencies now face the unprece-
dented task of creating productive places for the many thousands
of immigrants once homeless in Europe.


A group of young American Jews on the Plugat Aliyah Farm at Wappinger
Falls, New York, vary their farm chores with intensive study of Hebrew
preparatory to going to Palestine. They use the new book, "Hebrew Self.
Taught," published by the Zionist Organization of America, which has been
acclaimed by educators as the finest Hebrew text available in this country.

1~ K. ~s
- *,~ --
~ I ~ m~ uw~.. i~-v~' ~

*. .. -

397,000 538,000
b .. : ,'"

..0,000 100,000i

804,000 10,000

['. 11 A STT

Under the shadow of gathering
threats of Arab outbreaks inside Pales-
tine, Haganah is completing its rush
plans for immediate defense and, at
the same time, laying the groundwork
for its future role as the official army
of Jewish Palestine.
A general census of the Jewish popu-
lation is being taken to provide for a
total manpower conscription for de-
fense, immigration, and maintaining

essential economic services under a na-
tion emergency. The census reports
there are 196,000 men and women be-
tween 18 and 35 in the Yishuv.
All reserves of the Palmach, Ha-
ganah's mobile striking force, have
been called up to active service. Jewish
Brigade veterans, newly readjusted into
civilian life, are also returning to mili-
tary duty.

Compliments of


Compliments of

Frocks for The Junior Miss
325 W. Jackson Blvd.

Greetings from

Libman Manufacturing Co.

MOBILIZED AND READY to defend their newly-won and justly-deserved
nationhood, members of Haganah assemble near appropriate sign: "Sha'ar
Zion," Gates of Zion.

'.. ,, .. '

... N O W .

Page 15

'' '

P 16 O ..Ianay,198- I ahn50








S'eting the test of history and laying
t. the a foundations ,of a permanent peace.
S / THE PRESIDENT, the delegates to the
United Nations, the Congress and the people
of the Amfevicas.
T'hc valiant YISHUV, the HAGANAH, the members,
Sof the JEWISH AGENCY for PALESTINE .in this
country and in J'ruqa.m '

p.. "The Yishuv in Palestine will look to Ame.rica for nmxianium support in
its struggle to stand up on it f.-et a, a tionrg Jwi.hl ;tat Financial sup-
port wdil be essential but nmoril support and inpiration will be vital. Thb
~ shuv imut. krno, that hundreds t thousandsj ofl'Arerican Jews.wre enrolled i
S .he Zionist Organi, ti6n of Ai-,rica ,nd -rand firmly as a solid phalanx in support
/cf the Jewish State."
Pn -sidrnt, Zionist O0 .;.nization of America.

Membership Vice President, ZOC,
220 S. State Street, Chicago, Ill.
I herewith demonstrate my solidarity with the Jewish State by en-
rolling as a member in the Zionist Organization of Chicago.
N am e .................................................... ................
H om e Address .......... ...................... .......................... Phone......... ............ 4
Business A address ............................. ............... ................ Phone......................
C ity, Z one, State .............................. ..................................... ...... ...... ........
I enclose my check for $6.00 for one year's dues. i
\~ ~ *: t *

, .h**5.**1 *...*1SU*3. It...-1fl11......U-....11fl..ut..1.a...n.........n.......w.... .* I. ~ -
I I k J

paltlS 3awlS "oS0 OZ
*TIT 63 O$2OTlO uo[,zmT!2iO .sIuoiz
*pA8 svTSno "B lo'9k Xq paqstlqnj

-4. *

c/o Zionist Organization of Chicago
220 S. State St., Chicago, Illinois
fore, enroll me as a worker to help increase the membership rolls of the
Zionist Organization of America.
N am e .......................................................... .......................................... .........
A d d ress....................................................................... .................. Z on e............
Phone................... ..............

o8Sz 'ON IPMad
(IIv d
-9OVjSOd "s fl
"aI "I "d g'29 os

January, 1948 Shevath, 5708

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
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