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This newsletter promotes the New PMH Oncology Center.

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Jan. Jul.2009Volume2Issue1The New OncologyPMHOncology Centre----PMH INFOR"'lER PAGE1Cancer Treatment in the Bahamashasfinally revolutionized itself as it boastofitsnewly erected premier cancer treatment Oncology Centreatthe Princess Margaret Hospital. The Governmentofthe Bahamas in their increased efforts to ensure / QUality care to cancer patients, renovated the old BahaiBuilding to the newstateofthe art Cancer Treatment Centre costinganexcessof1.8milliondollars.TheHistoryofthe Oncology Departmentisrichly reflected in the committedstaff,private organizatigns suchasthe Bahamas Cancer Society, and the thousandsofcancer survivors whose Iiveshavebeensaved.Thereisno doubt that Cancer treatmentinthe Bahamashascome a longway.It was in1979that Drs.EarlFarrington, Philip Thompson, George Sherman, Winston Campbell and Nicholas Hepburn first performed cancer treatmentsatthe Princess Margaret Hospital. The radiation treatment during this time was atMountSinai Hospital, Florida based onanagreement by Drs. Toonkel and Bamberg. During this period however, no chemotherapywasdone locally. Formal Oncology Services began at the PMH in1983 & 1984.The services were offered during weekly clinicsonFridays. During the latter partof1986,given the growing numberofCancer patients, concerned physiciansincollaboration with the Cancer Societysawthe need to developanOncologyCIinicatthe Princess Margaret Hospital.TheCancer Society agreed to furnish the, interior decorations,whilethe Governmentwouldbe responsible for the physical and structural renovations.Cont'd onpg. 8


CHA'S L ADERSHIPBULLETINMrs. Coralie AdderleyChief Hospital AdministratorCREATEA SUPPORTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENTChangeisccpted by people more readily in a supportive environment. A psychologically safe atmosphere makes subordinat morewillingt take risk and experimentwithnew waysofdoing things. If your employeefel threatened, in ure, or vulnerable, theygrow inhibit d. Theywillb reluctant to go out on a limb. They becomemorautioll,tentative and, quite frankly, more likely to fail.Soconcentrateonshaping employees' behavior, insteadofgrading people's behavior.Bea coach, not a judge or umpire. Give po itiv reinforcement to employees assoonasyouseetheir work behavior moving in the right direction, in teadofwaitingfor themtogetitperfect. Provide aworkenvironmntwhere they can comfortably practice thenewskillsOrwork pproachwithoutfeeling that they arebingcriticaJly judgedorevaluated by }'OU or their coworkers. Make it easy for them to xperiment andaskquestionswithoutfeeling stupid or incomp tent. People vryquicklyget afeelfor your stance as theboss.hey can tell whether or not ther'smu h safety in tr ingtodo things the n-wway ... they just watch what happens when people fail or fall short to someclgree. The atmosphere you createnedsto be encouraging and affirming. In thewordofTheOne-MinuteManager, you should "catch peopl doing something right." This createsanatmospher where people flourish, and where change can take root./Excerpt {rom: BusinessAs UnusualPrice Pritchett and Ron PoundlLET'STAKE A CLOSERLOOKAT:Mrs. Valerie MillerPrincipal Nursing OfficerNewlyappointed Principal Nursing Officer, Mrs. ValerieMillerseekstoprovide focused leadership in nursingassheleads the way for our Nursing team at PMH. A proactive leader, Mrs.Millertakes her positionasthe Principal Nursing Officer very seriously andisvery committed to what she does. Startingasa Registered Nurse in 1978 and working her way up over a courseof31years through the positionsofRegisteredMidwife,Nursing Officer GradeII,Nursing Officer Grade I, Senior Nursing Officer, Acting Principal Nursing Officer and thenfinallyin Januaryofthis year to the postofPrincipal Nursing Officer.She is anexcellent exampleofpersistence when it comes to getting where you wanttobeand striving for success in all areas.Sheisobviously a very dedicated memberofthe PMH family, which can beseenthrough her recognition by TheMinistryofHealth for"Outstandingand Dedicated ServicetoNursing"and through her receivingofThe Princess Margaret HospitalStarEmployeeInPursuitofExcellence Award-"TakingService the ExtraMile".Mrs.Millerwillno doubt assist in bringing bout the change needed to make PMH the best it can be.Mrs. LillianCharltonDeputy Principal Nursing OfficerDeputy Principal Nursing Officer, Mrs. Lillian Charlton embodies the "Service above Self" motto in healthcare delivery. Nurse Charlton's joyofassisting others gained her opportunities to achievesuchdiplomasasa MasterofHealth Administration, aDiplomainMidwiferyand a BachelorofScience in Nursing. In the same mannershemoved up the Nursing rank from Registered Nurse,toRegisteredMidwife,then on to Nursing OfficersII&I,toSenior Nursing Officer, and lastlytoDeputy Principal Nursing Officer. Nurse Charlton's leadership roleisalso evident in her involvement in both National & International Nursing organizations, including the Nurses Associationofthe Commonwealth of the Bahamas (NACB), the American Organization of Nurse Executives, and the Emergency Nurses Association.Shehasachieved numerous goals providing herwiththe very positive circumstances needed to gain various awards and recognitions, including a letter from the lateRt.Honorable Sir ... Lynden Oscar Pindling, our nations father, acknowledgingwithappreciation her participation in the twentieth Annual MeetingofTheIBoardofGovernorsofthe Caribbean Development Bank in 1990.Her.Italents no doubt overflowed into her involvementwiththe communityasshehasprovided assistance at health fairswithblood pressure and glucose taking. Moreoversheistrulyanexampleofa leader we here5at Princess Margaret Hospital can and should be extremely proud of. (-PAC,E2 Pfl-1HINFOR!'1ER


DEPARTMENTHIGHLIGHTMEDICALLIBRARYMrs.0 moniaBianca Butlerprovideaccessfrom remote locations, and provide wireless accesstostudents. Thereisnodoubt that with the continual support from hospital andTheUniversityofthe West Indies, further developmentswillbewell on the way to fruition.EDITORIALBOARDMEMBERHIGHLIGHTMrs.DemoniaBiancaButlerjoined the PrincessMargaretHospital's Fi milyOctober1 2008 where heispresentlythe CommunicationsAssistantinthe Communications Departmentandcurrentlyamember of theInformerEditorialBoard.Mrs.ButlercomesfromSentinelBank&Trustwherehemanagedcorporateservicesforthree (3) yearsand has ten(10)years perience asa legal assistant,servingin variousnstitu.tions. One made to feelwelcomedhearing the exuberance in her\'Ctce andparience consenialndprofionaJism henverin hetp ner curren theoTeNfor2008-2010Ms. BrigetteY.SweetingOnFebruary 7th, 1982, Ms. Bridgette began her lifelong dream whenshe ",.. enrolledatthe Bahamas SchoolofNursing in the Trained Clinical Nurses Programme. After successfully graduatinginAugust 1983,sheworked on various wards in P.M.H..Forthe past (10)yearsshehasbeen assigned to the DialysisUnitwhere her patients and co-workers are her family away form home. During the past twenty-sixyears(26)asa nurseshewas promoted toSR.TCN andhasobtained the postofTrained Clinical NurseoftheYear2008-2010.Shehasalso obtained a post-certified course in Nephrology Nursing, Certified Basic life support, and certified phlebotomist.Sheobtained numerous awardssuchasNurseofthe.quarter Dialysis Unit, nurse team player 2007&2008, perfect attendance 2007,&TCNofthe year 2007 Dialysis Unit.Sheisastrong advocate for health care education allowing her to share knowledge and develop a close working relationshipwithher fellow colleauesand atients. professionals and staff membersaswell.TheLibrary boasts more space andisuser friendly. Someofthe services offered at the Library are bibliographie instruction,accessto the Internet, full text articles and a media collection, reference services, a media collection, photocopying, and binding services. Through their support, a monthly surveywillbe offered toseehow the needsoflibraryuserscan best be met.Forthose in needofextra study time, Library hours have been extended to11pm on Mondays through Thursdays,until9pmon Fridays, and Saturdays from 9am until 4pm.Withinthe next threeyears,itisthe goalofthe Medical Library Staff to have theRandMemorial Hospital and Sandi lands Rehabilitation Centre given accesstoitsresources. Itisthe visionofthe staff toseethe Library developitsownweb page, expanditsdatabases,RNfor2008-201 0Mrs.EllaJ.StubbsAnderson RegisteredNurseMrs.EllaStubbsAndersongraduated from high school and entered the nursing field inJune1979. Mrs. Stubbs Andersonhasworked in the Female Surgical ward, the Operation Theatre, the Female&MaleMedical Wards, Intensive Care Unit & Private Services. With a keen interest in Midwiferyshegraduated fromtheCollegeofthe Bahamas with a diploma inMidwiferyin 1988. ItisMrs. Stubbs Anderson's future goaltoobtain a MasterofScience degree in Nursing.Shealso aspirestomove up the Nursing rankstobecome a Nursing Officer I and Senior Nursing Officer, whereshehopes to highlight the importanceofthe clinical tract.Withall the plansshehasmade, the mindsetshehas developed, and the effortsshehasput forth in all aspectsofher life,sheisclearlyonher way toachieving eachofher goals.TheMedical Libraryhasbeeninexistence for over three(3)decades and like mostofourbooks,itseemedtohave collected dust. Thanks to the teamwork of the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Universityofthe West Indies, the dust coveredhasbeen removed. The Princess Margaret Hospital and the Universityofthe West Indies, SchoolofClinicalMedicineand Research, Bahamas Campus merged their library facilities to better meet the demandsofthe healthcare professionals and medical students.InJuly 2008,themerged facilitywasrelocated to the Oncology Centre, 2nd floor, and rear entrance. Mrs. Rolle-Hamilton, the Head Librarian, stressed that the Libraryisnot just for medical students but for healthcare


PROJECTUDATES----A&EREDEVELOPMENTPROJECTTh AccidentndEmr:genDepartm ntofPMHlaunched an initiativ ;TheA&E Redevelopment Project inSeptmber 2007. Since its launch, avatamountofgroundworkhabeen completedtonsure proper implementatron ofa more developod fficient Emergency D partm nt at thePMH.AccomplishmentsInProgress1.ProjectTeamswere formed to develop1. Devtopmentofth database fortheimprovement initiatives to improve customer trackingofpatients through the A&E system. service and further develop the clinical 2.R finem ntofthe f'lroject scope, plan and services offeredbythe department. schedule.2.Patient Care Coordinators were jdootifi d3.Recruitmentofadditional staff(as needed). and trained.4.frainingofPatient Representativ on their 3.Additional Patient Representativ wererolewithinthe A&E. hiredtoensure 24-hour coverage for the5.Ongoingdeylopmntand trainingofthe DepartmnlPatient Care oordinators.4.Customer Satisfaction surveys were6.Improvem ntofTriag process, with implementedtogauge client feedbackatthe trainingofphysician and nursing taff. startohheproject.SImilartoolswillbe used7.Additional trainingonfat trackingfor'throughoutthelifeofthe project. phy ician .5.Financial resources have been allocated8. Phase Iofth infratruurdevelopment specifically for thisproject to theEntranc waitingrea, riage room, and thebathrooms.PHARMACY CENTRICITY SOFTWARE LAUNCHEDThePublic Hospitals Authority initseffortstotransformPub]ic Pharmacy servicesandimprove the patient experienceatthePrincessMargaret Hospital recently launched the Pharmacy's newGECentricity SoftwareSystem.Thesystem"GOLIVE"wasimplementedatthePrincessMargaret Hospital on Monday January 12th, 2009 following thesystem"GOLIVE"attheRandMemorial Hospital in November 2008.Thenew Centricity SoftwareSystemwiIIoffer patientsatthePrincessMargaret Hospitalmanyexciting newbenefits,including,animprovedpatientrecordingsystem,centralized services, patient literature witheachdrug dispensed, reduction to errors on medications, andanoverall better patient experience. Patientswillnote the following changes when they are having prescriptions or refills filled at the Pharmacy. All patientswillberequiredtocomplete a one-time registrationtoreceive a unique medical record number. Proper identificationisneeded upon registration for all patients. Patient informationisgivenbycentricity for every drug.Inaddition to the implementation of the new Pharmacysystem,a numberofservices were also implementedtoenhance the customer service at the Pharmacy. This includes a drop off/pick up windows for 24hr. processingofprescription pickup, extensionofpharmacy hoursto9p.m. weekdays, a new Senior Citizen&Disabled persons window, two additional windows forfasterregistrationofpatients, a patient counseling room and a fulltea&coffee complimentary serviceareafor patients in the waiting area.Thesenew additiontothe Pharmacywillnodoubt enhancetheoverall service for all clients who visit the Pharmacy at the Princes) Margaret Hospital.


ColgatevisitwithMascottoChildren'sWardDuring Dental Health Week, the Patient Education Unit/Training Departm nt invitedRepresentativesforColgate Toothpast1M,(romthThompson rading CompanyLtd.andthColgate Mascottovisit patients ontheChildren' ward. During their visittheydemonstrated proper teeth cleaning techniques andshared'good teeth care' goodies with thekids. ThePrincessMargarel Hospital exlendsWeh:ome10 all NewEmployeesasIogether all staff join hands10administer quality heallhcare 10 ibdients. NewEmployeeOrientationSeminarsTheHumanResources&Training Department andContinuingNursingEducatiol1 onductedaombinedewEmployee OrientationonFbruary 16th 20th, 2009.Thisorientation includ j all newhiresofPrincessMargar t Hospital. Participants received information relativetotheir di cipline along with general information. They wreabletoformbondsand network with each oth r a thyparticipatedinexciting presentations,ucha Team Building, Effective Communication and CulturalDiversity. Farticipant evaluations noted thatnotonlywasthe orientation beneficial, itwasalsoenjoyabl AnotherewmpJoyeeOrientation prgrammwash Id on April 15th 16th,2009.Atotalofnineteen n 9) new employeestoPMHparticipatedinthisohort.Pre-Retirement SeminarTheAnnual Pre-retirement Seminar&MiniExhibitionwasheld on May 1st,2009,atthe PHA Corporate Office under the theme"Planninginthe present, determines livinginthe future".Twenty-seven (27) employeesofthe PHA. BTVI and The Collegeofthe Bahamas(CEES)participated in the exh ibition. Amongst the Guest Speakers were Mr. Glenn FergusonofComprehensive Consulting Services, and Mrs. Emily Osadebay, formerPNOwhoprovided the audiencewitha "Retiree's Experience." Mrs. Deborah Arthur,FoodServices Department PMH, gave the partiCipant's response. The programme culminated with a presentationofgiftbagsand certificates.TRAINING&PROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENTHIGHLIGHTSATPMHCertified Professional ManagementLaundry Service Safety SeminarProgramme (CPM)2007-2008Laundry Services Safety Seminarwasheld PMH Training Department facilitated The over a periodoftwodayson May 21-22, CPM Programme, conducted by The 2009. The objectiveofthe trainingwasto for Continuing Education and ExtenSion orientatelreorient employees regarding the Services(CEES)through The CollegeofThe. Bahama A tt I ft (17) operational procedures and equipments.0a0seveneenpersons.,. were enrolled in September 2007 and relative to providing laundry completedinJune2008. A second program services In asafeenvironment begun in September 2008 and fifteen (17) persons from PMH participated In persons are enrolled in this program, which the training and six(6)participants fromisscheduletoculminateinSummer 2009.SRC.A practicum followed thesessions.The topics covered during thesessionswere Laundry Operational Procedures, General and Laundry I nfection Control, Equipment Maintenance, Electrical and Heavy Equipment Safety; Ergonomics and Repetitive Motions, Bending, Lifting, and Twisting.Theparticipants stated that they had a wonderful learning experience.Registry TrainingRegistry Trainingwasheld on November 12, 2008 at the Public Hospitals Authority Training Center. Mrs.RosettaWalker, from the DepartmentofPublic Service conducted this one-day workshop. The purposeofthe workshopwastoreorientate the Registry Staff on the standards and practicesofRegistry Services at PMH. There were fifteen (15) personsinattendancewithrepresentation from the Registry Departments at PMH,SRCand Corporate Office. Thankstoall thosewhoassistedinmaking this workshop successful.OfficeEtiquetteOnNovember 13,2008,theTraining Department conducted the Office Etiquette Programatthe Public Hospitals Authority Training Center for clerical staff. A totalof43persons participated including clerks from PMH and Corporate Office. Guest presenters included Ms. Phyllis Saunders fromNew 1 Young Corporate Organizations Ltd. International AssociationofAdministrative Professionals Bahamas Chapter, Mrs.EricaRollePhysiotherapist from Doctors Hospital, Mr. Jeffrey Beckles partnerofGourmet Market.


TheRoyalBank of Canada during their 100th Anniversary Celebration made a generous contributionof$10,000 towardsthepurchaseofneeded medical equipment fortheIntensiveCareUnit. Chief Hospital Administrator, Mrs. Coralie Adderly, and membersofthe Executive Management Committee were welcomed aboard the CenturyCruiseLine duringtheRBCAnniversary staff Cruise Stop-Over.U.S.EMBASSYSAYTHANKYOUTOPMHSTAFFTheU.SEmbassyhelpedtoorganize a special presentationtothe staffofPMH andseveralindividuals whoassistedinsavingthelifeofaNewYorkPolice Officer, whowasbrutally attacked while on vacationinTheBahamasinJuly2008.Presenttoaccept the special presentationwasChief Hospital Administrator Mrs. Coralie Adderley, Principal Nursing Officer Mrs. Valerie Miller, Medica) ChiefOfStaff -Dr.Geoffrey Pennerman, Surgical Registrar -Dr.LaurettaIsaacs,Anestiologist -Dr.SridharaMurthy Guruvaiah, Nursing OfficerIIBernadette Brennen, ICU, Consultant Surgeon -Dr.TheodoreFerguson,andPublic Relations Officer Ms. Thelma Rolle.ROTARYCLUBDONATESCARSEATSInfant born at the Princess Margaret Hospital recently were the recipientsofsafety carseatsdonated jointly by the Rotary Club of EastassauandMultiDiscount urniture Company.hedonation was part of a Christmas card promotion that the Rotary Club began in December 2008.heproceeds raised wereusdtopurchase carseatstobegiven to patients on the NICU wards,&Maternity Wards atthPrine s MargartHospital.PHARMACYHOSTMEN'SHEALTHMONTHThemonthofJune,brought to theforefrontPMH's Pharmacy Departmentasit hosted, "Men's HealthMonth"with various speakerstoshare their knowledgeofmen'shaith,and proViding information and advic onmen'sh alth. Though the event, which took plac everyTuesdayand Wednesday from 9:00 to 9:30amwafor the men in society, many women came outto Iit n and share whatwassaid with the menintheir lives.OnJune23rd, the Men's Health guest speaker spoketopatients about"Nutrition&Heatthy Lifestyles". ther topi discussed during the Patient information and counseling periods were Metabolic Syndrom ,Prstateancer, BloodSugaresting, Brown Bagging, BloodPrsure Monitoring and Erectile dysfunction. The e informativetalkswith patients were dubbed a learning experience for all who participated and enjoyed by all. PI\1H PAGE7


48YEARSOFNURSINGSERVICEMrs.EmilyKingOsadebayFormer Principal Nursing Officer, PMHTOd vote48ye. an; ofservice to anything shows commitment, d dication, fortitude and love for what you do. That levelofdedication vvasexemplified byoneofPMH's longest s rving employees Mrs.Emily Osadebay. Her journey began in 1960, whereshesteadily climbed the ranks in nur ing. In 1970shewas appointed Nursing Officer II,in 1984 ursing OfficerI,in 1988 Senior Nursing fficrand2002 he was appointed Principal ursing Officer from whichsheretired. Mrs. Osadebay's training which spannedassau,The United Kingdom, andthUnitedStalespositioned her to xcel in her hosen profession and positively impact nursing services in PMH.he i creditedasa pioneer in ensuring reciprocity to test thengJishtrainingwithtraining in the Bahamasthu eliminating the need fornursesto traveltoEngland to obtain Slale Registration.plmber 2008, Mrs. Osadebay's long car r climaxed with a grand s nd off. It began with a thanksgiving s rvice as wafollowed by the svn (7)reasin the hospital eachhoting a dayofcelebration in her honor. During this time gifts and praises where b slowed uponher.At the finalareacelebrationshewasescorted, theredcarp twarolledoutand a crown placed on hr head. It was truly a grand nd off for a Nursing Pioneer.HAPPYRETIREMENTMRS.SONIA SMITHIn1965 Mrs. Sonia Smith began her !career inthe Government Sectorasa Clerk at the MinistryofHousing in 1965.In1986shewaswelcomed to the Princess Margaret Hospital Familyasa Senior Clerk in the Accounts Department. Mrs. Smith graced the Finance Department with her warm endearing smile, and a pleasant personality.Shewasalwayswillingtoassistpersonsinneed and worked diligently for the manyyears.Intimeshebecame a mother, a mentor, and a friend to many that were fortunate to make her aquaintance. Mrs. Smith moved up the ranks to Supervisor for severalyears,and retiredasa Finance OfficerIIafter contributing 22yearsofcommitted service to the Princess Margaret Hospital. Her retirementwascelebrated in grand style during a special Luncheon hostedbyherpeersin the Finance Department. The entire PMH Family wishes Mrs. Sonia Smith happy retirement and best wishes for the future.INTHESPOTLGHTPHAMEGAMAN2008Mr. Tavard BastianLooking beyond the clever shirt and tailored trousersstandsa man who not only clads himself for "swag" appeal, itisalsoanexpressionofhisworkethic and approach to success. Having met the necessary requirements and conquered the competition, Mr.TavardBastianisthe MEGAMAN2009/2010 winner. His keenambition beamed bright promiseintheeyesofthe judgesasthey wereinsearchofthe best individual to present withthecoveted title. Heiscertainly prepared to shred the humdrum moral echoed by mostofthe menofheallhcare and societyatlarge.Notto mention,hestrongly endorses the purposeofthe MEGAMANprogram,10motivate and empower the male population at PMH, while giving information that maximizes productivity andjobskills. Mega Man Bastiansaysthat there are quite a few plans ahead for his teamofassociates. They have launchedaninitiative called "Project Love"; with the objectivestooutreach the various senior citizen hostels and the Simpson'sPennSchool forBoys.President Bastianhasa portfolio designed to prove thatheisnot just a partofmankind, but a Man with a Mega Agenda.---PAGE6 INFORMER


PUBLICHOSPITALSAUTHORITY1STANNUALHEALTHCARERISKMANAGEMENTWEEKTheRiskManagementTeamofthe PHA facilitated the first annual HealthcareRiskManagement Week with a focus on developing and implementingsafeand effective patient care practices and preserving financial resourceswhilemaintainingsafeworking environments within the PHA. Under the theme "Thinking Safety, Earning Trust", the HealthcareRiskManagement Weekofactivities commenced with a 2-Day Seminar. A cadreofspeakers from both the private and publ ic sector presented topics suchas'Crisis Managemenf, 'Managing Care & Claims in a Healthcare system', and 'Are youatrisk to yourself and the sick?'.OnJune17th, the Administrative Staffofthe PHAwastreated to a movie & popcornday,withtwo showingsofthe movie "Fire Proof". HealthcareRiskManagementTheNewPMHOncologyCentreCont'dThebuildingidentified at that tim wa the former interns resid nl. In1990 the Cancer Society made a donationof$12,000.00 towardthproject. n Friday, September 13th, 1991,thOncologyUnitwasofficially opened by theMinitrofHealth, the Honorable harf arter and dedicatedtothemmoryofDr. lvorix.Thenw tatofthe art Oncology C ntrewas officially commissionedbythe Prime Ministerofthe ommonwealthofthBahamas, TheRt.Honorable HubertA.Ingraham on January 15th,2009,under the theme: "Togeth r WeWillWin".The new Oncology Centerisfully equippedwiththree xamination roams, oneassessmnt room, a fully furn i hed conference room,acomfortable Chemo Treatment Area, and apcialty Oncology Pharmacy, Laboratory and mergency Room. The new neology Centre also houses the niver ityofthe West Indies choolofClinical MedicineRearch Lecture conf ren e room, and thePMH!UWIMedical Library, located on hs and floorofthe Oncology nlre t the rear end.--1It\ .... .. ,/-Thinking SafetyOnJune 18th, the threewinningstudents and schoolsofthe Primary SchoolEssayCompetition were announced and presentedwithcertificatesofparticipation. A Health Screening and Exhibitionwasheld an Saturday,June20th,atthe Mall at Marathon,withparticipants from a variety of Departments including: the Physiotherapy Department, and theEnvironmental Safety Deparment PMH. The PHARiskManagement team scoredanA+ for a well put together HealthcareRiskManagement Week.Dr.MarkWeechChiefofAnesthesiaDr.Mark Weech,hasconsistently demonstrated all the criterion neededtoCHALEADERSHIPOFTHE YEARAWARD2008The Informer salutes the winner of theCHALeadershipoftheYearAward,Dr.Mark Weech!!!the Chief Hospital Administrator's Leadersh ip Award.AsChiefofAnesthesia, Dr. Weechhasdemonstrated organizationloyalty and commitment to the mission and visionofPMH.Dr.Weech believesinproviding each patientheserveswiththe bestinquality healthcare.Hetreats each employeewithrespect, andisalways empowering staff memberstomake decisions and perform to the bestoftheir ability.Asa leader,heisalways taking chargeinresolving disputes or mattersofconcern. CongratulationsDr.Weech in exemplifying excellenceinleadership and setting a high standard for performance.STARDEPARTMENTOFTHEYEARAWARD2009Transport DepartmentMr. Jeffery Henfield manages the Transport Departm nt witha support teamof12 employees in2008, the ransportDepartment made history when they successfullyseured the purchased ofthe first wheel chair van forthHopita!. Presently, this tateofthe art vehicle provides services to mostly dialysis palints.Inkeepingwithth rit ria for theStarDepartment Award, the Transport epartmenl team displays a high I velofworkmanship and t am effort when assigned varioutaks.Membersofthe team give praise to each oth r when mployees go above and b yond the callofduty. Itisnot by hance that the ransport Dep rtmentwonthis award butit wasthe hardworkofeach individual working together5a team under the leaderhipofMr. Jeffery Henfield ongratu lations Transport D pt.TeamJTheInformer salutes the star Departmentof the year 200812009 The Transport Department. TrusPAGE8 pr'iHINFORtER


PMHCELEBRATESHEARTMONTH/lGO RED"FORWOMENHEALTHDAYOn February 16th, staffofthe Princess Margaret Hospital gathered at the Hospital's main entrance adornedintheirredattire for the annual"WearRedDay"photograph.Thiswasdoneinsupportofthe MinistryofHealth's National"GoRedfor Women" week celebratedon16-20th February'09to bring awarenesstothe number one killerofwomen Heart Disease.E.C.G.DEPATMETAUESTIRST NHEART TECHNOLOGIST"OFTHEYEARMs.KathyWilliamHCarc/iovasrolar Technologistfor2009"The Electrocardiogram (..G.)DepartmentofthePrjnces Margar Hospital introduced and saluteditsfirsE.CG.'7echno/ogi.51of til IYear'winner, Ms. Kathy Williams, Cardiovascular Technologist,aspartofit's annual HeartMonth celebreltion. Ms.Williamshasworked in thef.CG.DepartmentofIh rin Marg ret Hospitalforthe past seven (7) years and ha loped a strong passion towardsE.CG.,Stresslestingan01Monitoring. Kathyis quitp cognizant and ready to m tth demandsofday-ta-day requeI.Withouta doubt, he dive inheairst to the needsofherpatient.Being anE:.C.C.lechnologist rna b tringent, but certainly worth it, when patients are atisiied wilb her performance and precision. Kathy Williams' job may enta; ch eking the conditionoianother's heart,butshe d finitely to the soundofthe strong lub-dub rhythm, which comes irom hel heart. The entire Prine Margaret .Iospital family ongratulate_ Ms. Kathy Williams on ajobwelldone, and wishes for continue e cellence in servicp. delivery.FROMTHEDESK OF:ORLOONCOlO YRSIG OA\1 SWITCHHOARD1stANNUALAWARDCEREMONYThOncology DepartmentcelebradWorldTheSwitch Board Department held their OncologyursesAppreciation DayonMay 1stAnnual Award Ceremony on May 18th 14th, at newPMH Centre. under the theme: I'SoaringforExcellence". The openmg remarks were delivered by.Dr. Mrs. Marina Laing, Area Supervisor&Mrs. TheodoreTumquest R: Angela Palaclous Stephanie Bannister, HumanResourcesbestowed words of upon !he Officer responsible for thearea,commended nurses. In re Principal the Operators for their efficient and M Val Ie &Deputy PrinCipal dedicated servicetothe Department.The ff'u: r. lillian. Charlton, along Operators were presented with Certificates With th edlcalStaffCoordinatorofAppreciation and showered with gifts.Dr.ffreyPennerman, representa from Ms. Tabiltha Deveauxwasselected 1st PfiierDRJgAgen and runner upandMs. Christine Toote emerges The u showered ithgifts, flowers,asthe overall winner for employeeofthe gift certificates, and a luncheon. quarter.Theceremonywasfollowedbya luncheon in their honor. Congratulationstoour Operators on a job well done!Mrs. Valerie MillePrincipal NursingOfficerOnJuly 1st,2008, my career took on a new dimensionasI assumed responsibility forthenursing servicesatthe Principal Nursing Officer. Itisa responsibility that I take very seriously and togetherwemust partnertoachieve desirable outcomes. Iamcommitted to providing proactive leadership, professionalism,transparency, objectivity and fostering a climate for effective communication. Together, wecanbring about the changes thatwillallowthe P.M.H. toberecognizedasthe leaderindelivering excellent nursing care.


HEAJHTA KWORlDTBDAYWorldTBDayraisesawareness about the globalepidemicoftuberculosis(TS)and effortstoeliminate the disease.Onethirdofthe world's populationiscurrently infectedwithTB.The stopTBPartnership, a networkoforganizations and countries fighting T8, organizes the Daytohighlight the scopeofthe disease and howtoprevent and cureit.The annual event on March 24th marks the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch detected the causeoftuberculosis, theTBbacillus. Thiswasa first step towards diagnosing and curing tuberculosis.WorldHealth Organizationisworking to cutTS prevalenceratesanddeathsbyhalf by 2015.EAHTRENDSIMPROVINGHEALTHCARETECHNOLOGYATPMHCommissioningoftheTe/e-Radiology ProgramThePublic Hospitals Authority launched and commissioneditsfirst Radiology InformationSystem(RlS)called, Tele-Radiology at the Princess Margaret HospitalinMarch. Radiology Information System(RIS)isaninformation system designed to process, organize, and storeclin ical and adm inistrative information related to rad iology departments.Keyfunctional ity typicalIy includes: Patient registration, result reporting, film library management, order entry, patient tracking, patient scheduling, and billing. Tele-rad io logyisthe electron ic transmissionofradiological patient images (x-rays,CTscans, MRls, etc. from one geographic location to another for the purposeofinterpretation and consultation. The goal ofTele-Radiologyisto:Improveaccessto interpretation and consultation services(viatele-radiology) Reduce wait time by improving throughout and workload efficiency(viaPicture Archiving and CommunicationSystemPACS,and Radiology Information SystemRIS) Reduce turn around times through digital transmission rather than film Reduce timetoaccess diagnostic images among health care providers Reduce time to deliver results through electron ic reporting Reductionofduplicatetests. Increase access to consultationwithother radiologistswithinthe Bahamas and internationally Fasterand more reliableaccessto archived diagnostic images and results. "I AMSTOPPING TS" ismore than a slogan.Jtisthe continuationofa two year campaign, launched in 2008, that belongs to peopleeverywherewhoare doing their part toStopTB.WorldT8 Day,March24th,2009, was about celebrating the lives and storiesofpeople affected by TS: women, men and childrenwhohave takenTBtreatment; nurses; doctors; researches; communityworkers-anyonewhohascontributed towards the global fight against Tuberculosis.ThePrincess Margaret Hospitalispleased with the additionofthe Te/e-Radio/ogy to the X-rayandCT Imaging Department, and anticipates that the addition willnotonlyofferthe latest in Radiology Technology Services,butitwill helptoimprovethelevelofcareofferedtoal1its patients.-PAGE10PMHINFORMER


SWINEFLU-Hl N1 VIRUSThoseofusthat keep close watch on the media have no doubtseenthe large amountofreports and attention drawn to the recent outbreaksofswine flu or theH1N1Virus throughout various nationsofthe world.Thefirst appearanceofthe swine flu took place during the 1918 flu pandemicinwhich swine fluwasfirst propose to be a disease related to human influenza, when pigs became sickatthesametimeashumans. Scientists and doctors later found that it wasaninfectionofa host animal byanyoneofseveral specific typesofmicroscopic organismscalled "swine influenza virus". Though the virus originatedasthe avian flu in Asia, it first emerged in Mexico and the UnitedStatesin Aprilofthisyear.Notlong afterinMay,TheMedical Associationofthe Bahamasbeganreleasing safety tips to the Bahamian publicand the government began searching forcasesofswine flu throughout the nation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) by May 14th,33 countries had officiallyFISTNURSINGEADERSHIPWORKSHOPThContinuing Nursing Education epartment in collaboration withtheExutive Nursing Manag mentTeamorganized and hosted the firstLeadrship Workshop for for Nursing Managers under the theme, "Nurse Managers Charting aNewCourse in leadership for the 21st Century."Thegoaloftheworkshopwasto strengthen the manageriaVleadership skillsofnurs managers allowing them to better fulfill their role expecta Ions for the21SIcentury.There were thr e(3)sessionsheld from January 26th 2009toFebruary 23rd 2009, comprising all the nursing IadersinThe Prince s Margaret Hospital (PMH). A totalofeighty-three(83)managers participated.Eachworkshop lasted one week. reported 6,497casesoftheH1N1infection.OnJune8th, a sighofreliefwasreleased by the country when news that a tourist infected with the virus did not infect anyone and soon after security measures and surveillancewasheightened at health institutions and portsofentry, but sadlyTheMinistryofHealth confi rmed and recorded it's firstcaseofswine flu, revealing a young adult visitor to the country fromNewYorktested positive forthedeadly virusasthe results were receivedonthe eveningofthe May 29th. The country's secondcasesofarwasconfirmed and recordedina young Bahamian resident whohadvisited NewYorkfrom May 29thtoJune3rd andhehassince been quarantinedtohishome.Thisvirusseemstohaveeveryone on theirtoesand they are surely right tobe,PMH urges the general public to adhere to warnings and safety tips whichcanbe foundona newly founded blog site(princessmargarethospital.blogspot. com)and posters put up around the hospital.THEMEGAMANMOTHER'SDAYRAFflE-WEHAVEAWINNER!ThisYearsMEGAMAN,Mr.TavardBastian proudly presented the winnersofthe MEGAMANMother'sDayRaffle with their prizes.FirstPlace winner, VelmaForbesofthe Dental Department, received a gift basket from Solomon Mines, Second place winner Beverly ArcheroftheCollin'sAve.Lab,received a dishwareset,Third place winner BrendaleeofOncology, received a dishwaresetandtheFourth place winnerwasgiven a kitchenset.Proceeds from the rafflewillbeusedto take children from The Ranfurly Home,ona beach picnic.PROPERFLUETIQUETTECOVERYOURCOUCH&SNEEZE!WASHYOURHANDS!Dr.MortimerG.Moxey-UWIALUMNIDONATESBOOKStoUWI/PMHLIBRARYInan effort to assistUWI/PMHjointlibrary build and updateitscor collection, Dr.Mortimer. Maxey,analumni and faculty memberofthe UniversityofWest Indieshasgenerously donatedelven(11)Public Health t xtbooks tobaddedto the reserv and circulation collectionofthe Medical ibrary.Th se resourceswillbe ben ficial toall patronsofthe library, espedally unclergraduatandpost graduate studentsofthe UWI schoolsofClinicalMedicine&Research.


WELCOMETOTHEPMHTEAMIfyouare interestedinbeing amemberonthe INFORMER Editorial Board,we'llbemorethan happytohave you.Allinterested personsinquirebycallingtheP.RUnitat502-7886.Formoreinformationonhowyou cancontributeinformationto themonthlyissueoftheeINFORMER, contact the Communications/ Surveillance Food service Housekeeping Housekeeping Housekeeping Survei lIance Survei lIance Food Service Security TransportMedicalRecordsMedicalRecordsMedicalRecordsMedicalRecords HousekeepingCommunicationsINFORMEREDITORIALBOARD Ms. Thelma Rolle EDITOR Mr.S.AnthonyBrown PHOTOGRAPHER Mrs. TheolaHepburn Pt.Educ.Unit Ms. PatriciaMorley-Pt.Educ.Unit Ms.LucilleDelancy Training Dept. Mrs. PatriciaHamilton-MedicalLibrary Mrs. Maureen Adderley Pharmacy Dept. Ms. Margaret Bullard Grounds Dept. Ms. Katherine Rodgers Lab Services Mr. Tavard Bastian Acct. Dept. Mr. Kent Lightbourne Accts. Dept. Mrs. Bianca Butler -Comm.Dept Ms. Felicia Forbes ECG Ms. Arona Arahna -ECG Ms. Daisy Gibson -MedicalLibrary Nurse EllajaneAnderson -Nursing Mr. Daniel Gardiner Housekeeping Dept.CONGRATULATIONS!Congratulationsareextendedto all PMH Staffwhocelebrated a special eventoraccomplishmentthis year.Weareproudofyou and encourage you tocontinuesetting goals in life.GodfreyKnowlesMichaelAndrews Samuel BerryMelvernHannaDrucillaHenfjeld-MinnisSharata Rolle Ronnie Rahming Kevin Thompson Samuel Reckley NadiaHepburnDinoFerguson CarltonDuvalierScheavanEvansOsborneMcClainCasandra Rolle-Smith Shantell Thompson Bianca ButlerPMH2009STAREMPLOYEEAWARDS1stQUARTERWINNERSCongratulations to the Winnersofthe 7 st Quarter Star AwardsProfessionalism Award Luvi Santel ices Radiology jeffreyHeinfieldTransportMarcelleLopez Central StaffingUnitDr.Tanya Pratt -Accident& Emergency Prescola Rolle FemaleMedicalTeam PlayerAwardAlberto Ajero Radiology Edward Roache -MedicalRecordsMarcelleLopez Central StaffingUnitDr.AlpheusAllick-Accident&Emergency Angela Rahming -EyeWardQualityCareAwardLeo Sawyers Radiology Sheila Dames -MedicalRecords Shantell Spence Central StaffingUnitDr. Nneka Ijgoma Operating Theatre LaverneHortonNursing Customer ServiceAwardOmarHamilton-OrthopedicClinicKevinCunninghamTransport Sabria Rolle Central StaffingUnitDr.julietteDorsette -Accident& Emergency Laurie Hutcheson -NICU/SCBUInPursuitofExcellenceAwardBernadette Aeph -Accident& Emergency Keisha Pinder Telephone Services LydiaAdderley Patient Relations Services Garnet Brown -BuildingNEWNURSING ADMINISTRATIONDialysisUnitSNO Stephanie PoitierMedicalArea SNOIcelyn Sweeting -NO.IICharlene DavisMaternityArea -NO.IIUna Butler NO.1MaryThompson Private Services -SNOAmpusam Symonette NO.1 Lolitia Pratt Surgical Area INO.1 Lauralee Kemp NO.1 Thomasina DeanAmbulatoryCare SNOPatsyNewbold-SNOVivia Young Surgical AreaIISNOPatsyMorrisNO.1 SandraOlanderCN.E. SNOEllajaneNeelyNO.1 PersopheneMunningsPMHFALLENSTARSMichelleDouglas Stat Lab (March) ValenciaCargill-Payrolls Dept.Oune)Maytheirsouls restinpeace!AUGUSTChildren'sEyeHealth&SafetyMontht-CataractAwarenessMonth ImmunizationAwarenessMonth -PsoriasisMonth EmancipationDayHoliday(3)SEPTEMBER-ProstateHealth Month Healthy Aging Month ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth -Leukemia&LymphomaMonth National CholesterolEducationMonth NationalSickleCell Month OvarianCancerMonth National Suicide PreventionWeek(6-12)International Alzheimer'sDay(21)World HeartDay(30)HAPPYBIRTHDAYHappyBirthday and best wishestoall staff that celebrated birthdays.Mayyourbirthday wishes become a realityandallyourdreams come true!QUICK&EASYRECPE"Grilled Fish"HiEALTHCALENDARATAGLANCEIngredients1.Small frying fish suchassnappersorJackisthe fishofchoice.2.Sweet potato (cut in cubes) 3. Ripe plantain (not over ripe) sliced 4. Carrots&Onions(sliced),5.Salt&Pepper6.Lemon (Other seasoning may be used) 7.Tomatoes sliced (optional) r' 8.Green peppers (optional)Method1. Season clean fishwithsalt, pepperandlemon1-2hrs. Prior to cooking. 2.Cutaluminumfoil approximately 8x10inches (size may vary)3.Arrange fish, vegetables on the centreofthe foil wrap and seal edges.4.Place on a heatedgrillmediumheatandletcookforapproximately 112 hourto 45 minutes turning once after15minutes.5.Whencookremoved from grill and serve. ;iii ------PAGE12 PfvlH INFORMER