National Insurance Board: Industrial benefits


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National Insurance Board: Industrial benefits
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Industrial benefits
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National Insurance Board
National Insurance Board
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Industrial accidents--Bahamas.   ( lcsh )
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The Industrial Benefits package provides short and long-term income-replacement as well as free medical care in respect to injury or illness arising out of or in the course of employment.

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Industrial BenefitsTheIndustrial Benefits package providesshortand long-term income-replacement as wellasfree medical care in respectofinjuryorillness arisingoutoforinthecourseofemployment.Industrial Benefits are payable toemployed persons withnocontribution conditions and to self-employed personswhoare registeredandcurrentwith contributionsorlessthan60days in arrears.AnexplanationoftheIndustrial Benefits follows.Injury Benefit "Because accidents do happen ... "InjuryBenefitisa weekly paymentmadetoanemployedorself-employedpersonwhosuffers a job-related injuryorcontracts a job-related disease, andasa resultofthat injuryordisease, is unable to work.Itispaidata weekly rateof662/3percentofthe worker's average insured income, with a rangeof66.42perweekasaminimumpayment, and $333.30perweekasa maximum payment.Therearenocontributionconditionsto satisfy for the awardofInjury Benefit; andifapersonisinjured before heorshe was able to pay contributions,thenthe average weekly insurable wage used to determine the benefit rate, wouldbethatofapersonin a similar job andwage/incomelevel. A self-employedperson,however,mustberegisteredwithNational Insurance before the injuryorillness occurs, in the occupation for which he seeksbenefit.Thebenefit canbepaid forupto 40 weeks.Thefirst three daysofincapacity, which generally include the dayofthe accident, are dqys" for which benefitisnotpaid.TOCLAIM INJURYBENEFITyoumustbe examined by a medicaldoctorassoonaspossible after your injury, and have thedoctorcomplete pageoneofthe medical certifi cateofincapacity(MedI).You will have to complete theotherpagesofthe same form.Inthe caseofemployed persons, the employermustcomplete and submit the B44 form which confirms that a workplace accidenttookplace.Heshould also provide you with a Med 4the El1ljJlqyers Certificationform-onwhich he confirms the timeofffrom work.INDUSTRIALINJURIESSHOULDBEREPORTEDASSOONASPOSSIBLE.Employed persons should reportany accidenttotheir supervisorsorsomeonein authority.Self-Employed Persons should provide detailsofaccident to the nearestNIBLocal Office.MedicalCare"Togetyoubackonyourfeet ... "National Insurance offers comprehensive free health care for persons injuredonthe joborpersonswhocontract job related illnesses. This care may be obtained inTheBaha mas at a facilityofone'sownchoosing.Personsseeking medical attention outsideofTheBahamas,mustfirstobtain approval from the National Insurance Board.Onceapersonsuffers a job-related injury,orifhe/shecontracts a job-related illness, National Insurance will payallofhis/hermedical bills, including thecostofmedicines andotherrelated services, for 40 weeks from the dateofinjury, unless the degreeofdisablement assessedismorethan 25 percent, in which case medical care can continue for two years from the dateofinjury. Additionally, persons with 100percentdisablement,whorequireconstantcare and attendance, receive an additional 20percentofthe Disa blement Benefit eachmonth.TOOBTAINFREEMEDICAL CARE,an "Interim ReportofAccident"formmust be completed and submitted to the health care facility at the time an employed injured per son seeks medical attention. This form authorises the facil ity to treat the patient atnocosttohim/her.Itmustbe completed in triplicate:Onecopyisfor the health facility; the secondisforNIB;andthethird should be kept by the employer. Copiesofthisformcanbeobtained from anyNationalInsuranceLocal Office.Ifyou are self-employed, pleasecheckouttheSelf-EmployedPersonsleaflet for additionalinformationrelativetoclaiming Medical Care.DisablementBenefit"Becauseyou'velostenough... "DisablementBenefitispaidtoaworkerwhosuffers apermanent"lossofphysicalormental faculty"asa resultofa job-related accidentordisease. This lossismedically de termined by comparing the specific lossofability with the abilityofa"normal"healthypersonofthe same age and sex.Theloss is then expressedasa percentage fromoneto100. Disablementispaidasfollows: a.Anassessmentofoneto24 percentispaidasa one time grant; $100ispaid for eachpercentofdisablement.b.Anassessmentof25percentormoreis paidasa monthlypension, plus a one-time grant.Thegrantis$500 for disablement assessedatbetween25and 66 percent, and $1,000 for disablement assessed from


67to100 percent.DisablementBenefit is paid basedonthe rateofInjury Benefit the claimant would have received, i.e., the rate for a 100 percent disablement assessmentis662/3ofthe aver age weekly insurable wage/income. A 50 percent assessment, for example, would pay 50percentofthat amount, and a 75 percent assessment would pay 75 percentofthatamount. ApersonmayreturntoworkandcontinuetoreceiveDisablementBenefit.DeathBenefit"Forthelovedonesleftbehind... "DeathBenefitisnotto be confused withFuneral Benifit, whichisa one-time cash payment. Rather,DeathBenefitisidenticaltoSurvivors' Benifit, and is paidtothe dependentsofa worker who diedasa resultofa job-related accidentorillness.Thebenefitispaidasa montWy pension to dependents in the following priority order: widow/widower; unmarried children; orphans; and parents.Therateofpaymentfor widows, widowersorparents,is50 percentofthe rateofthe deceased worker's Injury Ben efit entitlement.Theminimum rate fordependentchildrenis$117.26; for orphans itis$133.25permonth.Funeral Benefit ''You haveenoughonyourmind"NationalInsurance pays a cash grantof$1,600, without any contribution conditions attached, to assist with the funeral expensesofapersonwhodiedasa resultofa job-related accidentorillness. This cash payment is made towhomeverpays for,orisliable to pay for the funeralofthe deceased worker.PLEASENOTE:Claims for Injury Benefit, Disablement Benefit and Medical Caremustbe made within sixmonths,and claims for Funeral Benefit must be made withinoneyear.OtherInformationAppealsIfyou arenotsatisfied with any decision madeonyour claim and feel that you have grounds for a reversal, you have the right to appeal, in writing,within21daysofthe date you were notifiedofthe decision.TheN adonal Insurance ActThis leaflet gives basic informationonIndustrial benefits; for further detailsonthis benefit and anyotherprovisionofourSocial Security Programme, please refertothe National InsuranceAct&Regulations.HotlineNumbers:325-4655/325-4656Toll-free from the Family Islands:1-242-300-1394Website:www.nib-bahamas.comE-mail:info@nib-bahamas.comRevised3/11