Funeral benefit


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Funeral benefit
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National Insurance Board
National Insurance Board
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Revised 3/11


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Burial insurance -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Social security -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
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Funeral Benefit is a one-time payment, that is paid to the person who has paid, or is liable to pay the funeral expenses of a deceased insured person.

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The College of The Bahamas
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The College of The Bahamas
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FUNERALBENEFIT FuneralBenefitis aone-timepaymentof$1,600(asofJuly1, 2010),thatispaidtothepersonwhohaspaid,orisliabletopaythefuneralexpensesofadeceasedinsuredperson.Contribution Condition:Thereisonlyonecontribution condition tobemetfor the awardofFuneral Benefit. Theinsured personmusthave paid at least 50 contributions duringhis/herlifetime.Thesecontributionsmayhavebeenpaidbythedeceasedperson,orbythespouse(whether aliveordead)oftheuninsureddeceasedindividual. (Any contribution which was due before the dateofdeath,butwasnotactually paid until after the dateofdeath,cannotbetaken into account, un less the National Insurance Boardissatisfied that the late paymentisnotwith the consentor conmv anceoftheinsuredperson,norduetoanynegligenceonhis/herpart.)Howand When to ClaimTo claim Funeral Benefit, you must: Produceadeathcertificate,signed bythedoctor, and the estimateofthe cost,orthe re ceiptofthe funeral expenses from the funeral director (undertaker).Otherdocumentsmay be needed, suchasa marriage certificateifthe claimisbeingmadeforanuninsured deceased person basedonthe contributionsofhis/herspouse. Youmust submit a claim for Funeral BenefitonFormB-51, within 12monthsofthe dateofdeathofthepersoninrespectofwhombenefitispayable.Theseclaim forms are avail able at anyofthe NIB's many Local Officesoronline ( Funeral Benefit maynotbe paidifthe claimismade more than 12monthsafter the dateofdeathofthe deceased. A delay in claiming could mean that you may lose the benefit.Who Can Claim?Thepersonentitled to Funeral Benefitisthe person who paid,orisresponsible for paying the funeral costs. '

you were notifiedofthe decision. Appeals areheardanddecidedbyapanelofthreeindependentpractitioners.FurtherAdvice Persons claiming Funeral Benefit may also be entitled to receive Survivors' Benefit.Offences Penalties for making falseor misleading state ments in order to obtain Funeral Benefit will result in finesofup to $2,500,orimprisonmentforupto 12 months,orboth.PLEASENOTE:FuneralBenefitthatisawardedasaresultofanyfalseormisleadingstatement,mustberepaidtoNIBwithinterest.ThemoneycanberecoveredbytheDirectorthroughlegalproceedings,orbymakingdeductionsfromanyfutureclaimstowhichthepersonbecomesentitled.Further InformationThisleaflet gives basicinformationonFuneral Benefit; for further detailsonFuneral Benefit and anyotherprovisionofourSocial Security Pro gramme, please refer to the National Insurance Act&Regulations, 1972.Other Benefits:DeathDisablementInjuryInvalidityMaternityMedicalCareRetirementSicknessSurvivors'UnemploymentIfyouhavequestionsonFuneralBenefitoranyotherNationalInsurancerelated matter,pleasecallorvisityournearestLocalOffice, or call theConsumerHotlines...HotlineNumbers:325-4655/325-4656Toll-free fromtheFamily Islands:1-242-300-1394Website:www.nib-bahamas.comE-mail: info@nib-bahamas.comRevised 3/11