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Federal personnel manual system
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United States Civil Service Commission
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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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wsonnl MadementFPM Letter 751- 3

P"rsomel Manual S"sem I~shpd in advance
otporalion In FPM
ter 751
ft ot"T able of Actions for '"DM Jo msin>

ington, D. C. 20415
Ap October 6. 1983
iplents and dependent Estabfishments: "Is'silo

A of Pos"nne kanagement, in support of tko-Preeident's Council on
ficinc booa developed Policy an agenies"' publishing tables of
St;Ltg employee misconduct. In this regard, the attached, sample
a framework which may be used by agencies in developing or modify-
tAbles of action&. However, it should be noted that the sample
6Ly as goidaace. It should not be construed by agencies or
4s, a Governmaut-wide table, or an reflecting a judgment by OPM on
oabld at should not be included on a table f or a particular
agency, og wha-t rtage of penalties should be used for a particular

tiabU of actioae off ere several important benefits, Such a table
,44, mt aage that misconduct has adverse consequences, and that those
ilt *va ertain.' It benefits employees by informing them of their
Amd expectations regarding conducts. It 3alo promotes unifor-
discipline, ensuring that treatment 'of similar offenses is
tentv Aqually important, such a table can be instrumental in
~th overcoming the natural human reluctance to: confront the
cuoudpiaess inherent in disciplining employees and thereby helps
Wtt Abe offenses are met with a standard miulmum. corrective
behatior is more apt to receive the early attention that
ofatmaes from growing into major conduct problems. Also, a table
to ti iaur hai an employee is not protected against action simply
*,be' acbqples a high level position within the agency. In addition
thds gpprtive environuant for good supervision and management, such
d~drinternal atditqrs and OPM personnel management evaluators
theeffktveness of-the agency's disciplinary program.

todhaa, V9 strongly encourages each agency to publish a table or
as guide tot correcting employee misconduct. An agency which
a "WsWibe table may adopt or modify the sample table attached to
U9,At ova 0", or may wish to develop a table that includes the most
-octurriog-it the agency. Departments or other: large organizations
11s 1ppartetables for their components if differences in
a* nvitoomeat so warrant.

Donald J. Devine

a404U J?0AU e4 Dtviaton, Office of Phaming =4d RyaluA~tin,
601fCeoOf VOUcy' sand Counloications, (202) 254-5200
7t6, PUAcipne

*A, A


k rl










Attachment to FPM Letter 751-3 (1)

Preface to the
Suggested Table of Actions

suggested table of actions provided below is distributed for the purpose of
9 guidance to agencies developing or modifying their own tables. The Office of
A .enal Management recognizes the possibility of variation in the assessment of
"iSa for particular offenses, depending on such factors as disciplinary history
Je of position occupied by the offending employee. Such variations are appro-
and expected. For example, while a reprimand might be appropriate discipline
Lesr' level employee caomitting.a first offense of falsifying a travel voucher,
,..demotion or other adverse action under Part 752 of 5 CFR might be more
tate for an employee having important fiscal responsibility, such as an
er IRS agent. For that reason, this table is not offered as a Government-
ile of penalties, nor should agencies or third party adjudicators interpret
.Me as representing OPM's sole judgment concerning actionable offenses or. the
a'appropriate penalties for listed offenses.

bliabing or modifying a table of penalties, agencies are reminded to be aware
,rights and obligations under the Federal Labor-Management Relations Statute,
S7101 et seq. In addition, agencies should be aware that third party
tory bodies, such as the Merit Systems Protection Board, have overturned
niot in accordance with agency tables of penalties where: (1) the possibility
|Aancs from the table was not provided for in agency guidance, or (2) the reason
variance was not well supported by the agency.

-eei*apendsp that an- agency consider prefacing the table of penalties with a
section including the following provisions,

,,asance should state that the table is meant as -a guide to- disciplining
a. and that a penalty greater or lesser than one listed in the table is
That is, the use of -a particular penalty should not be mandatory because
04tei in a. agency's table. The table should make clear that, even for
there removal is not listed for a first offense, removal on a first
n may be assessed for, an aggravated offense. However, deviations from the
l i0 d not-be frequent. 'A carefully crafted table will establish the correct
oi penalties in most'cases.

tsuiSance should state which penalties are mandatory by law [For example, see
l.C. 638a(c)(2) concerfing misuse of 6vernment vehicles.]

i Auansuce should state that the table is n6t meant to be an exhaustive listing
11 offenses.

l Mssuace should include information on the period of time over which offenses
a:: native for purposes of assessing progressively stronger penalties.' This
iperiod"'may "vary for different offerises. For example, in assessing a
foy ro current tardiness an agency uay not wish to count tardiness that occurred
M tJagb. However, for offenses reflecting character traits, such as dishonesty, an
iOey may wiEsc to specify a lengthy or indefinite reckoning period. The agency may
ii:to include a provision that a specified number of infractions over a given
Ji Oteven for unrelated offenses, may trigger consideration of removal, whether or
*atemoral is lipted for any of the offenses individually. Information concerning
kiang periods "may be included in a.narrative section preceding the table, or a
i sete column may .be added to the table indicating the reckpning period for each
ifed offense.

."1Tihe agency may wish to include a statement that although oral admonishments are
: considered disciplinary actions, such admonishments may be considered when
madessing a penalty*. lso, agencies may wish to include explanations covering
either suspeaston days are calendar days or work days, whether the table applies to
aptoioetse, :and whether the. term "reprimand" means a written reprimand.


At tachuent to FPM Letter 751- 3 (3)

Nature Of Offense lot Offense 2ad Offense 3rd Offense

$.0thshof security regulation or practice

iA There restricted information is not Reprimand to 1-day to 14,-ay 5-day suspension
cmqmomaised and breach Is unintentional 5-day suspension suspension to removal

ltaerestricted information in Reprimand to 30-isy suspension Removal
cagigwdgsed and breach is unintentional removal to removal

Ilfitte violation 30- .to removal

related to intoxicants

JIMtavo ng these offenses should MDR.
'M40oad to insue the Ir requirements INS MINMDNL
a alcohot abuse programs are Wpt MMIS

,,")I#*thodsied possesession of alcoholic Reprimand to 5-day to 14-day I14-day suspension
Uerages while on Govermment premises 5-4ay suspension suspension to removal
14r in duty status

'O(Smuthorized use of alcoholic beverages Reprimanad to 14-day to 3(Nlay 30-lay suspension
;= oa Government revises or in duty 14-day suspension suspension t eoa

i*r~tng to or being on duty while Reprimand to 14-day suspension Removal
glrthe-influene of alcohol 3(Hlay suspension to removal

Saeor transfer of an alcoholic bever- Reprimand to Removal,
4We while on Goverame-nt predises: or in removal
a, duty status or while any person
involved is, in A duty status

liatorized possession of a..drug or 5-day to 3(Mday 14-day suspension Removal
dotold substance while on Govern- -suspension to -removal
senat premises or in a, 4aty status

'Un1authorized use of a drug or con- 14-day to removal 30-day suspension, Removal
k, trolled substance while an Gooern- toremoval
vent premises or in a duty status

4,) Reporting to or being on duty vhile 3(Mday suspension Removal

Att;K'hmat*,to, PRfletteV,751- .3



titOf 441", Wh 13,t

-tUbe* towuerned

4 -4



aaje X,





fo le-14


1 4

4 !,l


Aw, 4 "0

J4 A, ll I"

Attachment to FPM Letter 751-3 (5)

Nature of offense Let Offense 2nd Ottanes 3rd Ottanae

Loso or dumpg to Goverament property, Reprienad to Reprimand to 14-day suspension
reod, or information [also see 1281 14-da suspension removal to removal

Volt depends an value of property or
matof damge, and degree of fault
atriutbl to employee

Ofewerelating to fighting onE
'laet depends on such factors as provo-
-S~o, xent of axy injuries, and
_vebractions were defensive or
ofenie in nature.

Thetediag or attempting to inflict Reprimand to 14-day to removal 30-day suspension
boil ba3M 14-day suspension to removal

lisktig, pushing or other acts against Reprimand to 3(Hisy to removal Rewoval
anthr without causing injury 30-lay suspension

qBitin*g, pushing or other acts against 3(Hlay suspension Removal
-anohr cam, Ing injury to removal

U carrying out or failure to carry Reprimand to Reprimand to 5-day suspension
'V istucion in a reasonable time removal removal to removal

1v~iqrivte defiance of authority, Reprimand to .5-day suspension Removal
rdof directive, refusal to comply removal to removal
v~t -pope order

---p~g loafing, or failure to attend

aVar no danger to persons or property 0 ral admonishment Reprimand to 5-day. suspension
isinolved to 1-day suspen- 5-day suspension to removal

b. -e- danger to persons or property Reprimand to 14-day suspension 30-4ay suspension
isinolved removal to removal to.Tremval

*e~entperformance of duties

Whee stage or otr cost is insub-. 0ral amnstnn Reprimand to. 5-day to 30-day
stantia to reprimand 5-day Suspension suspension



.. ... .

Natuxe of Offense lot Offense 2n~d Offense 3rd Offense

nolation of an employee's constitutional Reprianwd to $-day suspenson. 304sly suspension
sihs(i.e., freedom of speech/sAoi- removal to removal to removal

Offenses Proscribed In Statute

. ~ I WWIagb MP of refusal to comply with Repriaand to re-
Wt^etder or of violation, of statute moval
Isuao of Spca Counsel com-

ingbhtedpolitical activity

*p191tion of prohibition against Removal
Volitical contributions [5: U.S.C. 7321.]

$44ltion of prohibition -gao'st cam- 30-day suspension,
*,aping or influencing elections to removal
5 ESC- t$7324 and 7325]

to deposit into the T easury money: Removal
from lapsed salaries or from&D
gpAt appropriations f or &alIaries IEIrDM

contributions for a gift for a Removal
#I gpttt masking a donation as a gift toz a

Ualfully using or authorizing the use of 1-=onth suspen-
#dwernwnt passenger motor vehicle or aiom to removal
4 oatfor other them official purposes
1S. 638a(c)(2)]

3 1262 08741 9338

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