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Federal personnel manual system
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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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Attaebment 1 to FPM Ltr. 810-2

WCOepadment of Lobor Employmen" Standards AdmMistralion
01fico of Workers' Compensation Ptpgrarns
Washington, D.C. 20210

actz Charging Continuaticm of Pay (COP) for Light Duty Assignment
in Cases of Compensable Traumatic injury

randum dated May 4, 1983, to heads of all Federal agencies from the Director of the
Ide of'Wqrkers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) U.S. Department of Labor, established that
ustion of Pay (COP) as provided under the Federal RMplo'Yees, compensation Act (FEcA)
U.S.C. 8116 is to be charged when an employee works at a light duty assignment due to
limitations imposed by the injury (attachment) This provides OKCP's further
6ition of the policy expressed in the may 4, 1983, memorandum# and should be read and
Tied in connection with it.

legal analysis of the FECK and its regulations, OWCP has Jetermined that COP is
geable only when there has beto a formal assignment to an established job which is
,rmwlly paid at a lower salary and would otherwise result in la" of income to the employee.
mgst be charged against the employee's 45-day entitlement when, doe to the effects of the
Ury upon the employee:

a personnel action bag been taken to assign or detail the employee to an identified
position for which a position description exists which is classif ied at a lower salary
level than that earned by the employee when injured.

a personnel action has been taken to change the employee to a lower grade, or to a lower
I rate of basic pay.

A personnel action has been taken to change the employee to a different schedule of
work which results in loss of salary or premium pay (e.g,, Sunday pay or night differ-
ential) authorized for the employee's normal administrative workweek.

The, employee must be furnished with documentation of the personnel action prior to the
"Okfective date of the action.

OWCO has determined that if the employee performs work of a limited or light duty nature in
th4 absence of documentation of a personnel action as described above, COP will not be
Chargeable, Therefore, OWCP must be provided with a copy of the personnel action on Form SF
so Or equivalent and a copy of the position description for the light duty job, in addition
tO documentation that the employee was found unfit for his or her regular job.

Return to work on a light duty reassignment or detail is to be reported to OWCP on Porm CA-3,
with the new assignment or detail reflected at items 10 through 14 and 18 through 21. If the
tMV10-yov worked at a lower paying job but received the full pay for his or her normal job,
tke difference between the employee's pay and the pay for the light duty job will be shown
at iteV 15 of Form CA-3 as, the gross dollar amount of COP. IteW 19 should be altered by the
COmglet.iog of f icial to make it clear that the amount shown is the d iff erence between the pay
for the employee's normal job and the pay for the light duty job during the period reported.

Inquiries should he directed to Section of Technical Assistance, OKCP, (202) 523-8453 or
tdctkon of Regulati6ns and Procedures, OWCP, (202) 523-8463.




bfigvt I t& TPM Ur. 810- 2 (1)

of LAor AOP fowenl %41 AdministMko R NT
01 ftrketl co"f"6onprowo

4 IN3,

DUM Tb: Hrus OF FEDBUL ;=Nq1xz
Direotor,,r Office
Worketo Compens

W, WE= Counting Continuation of Pay .(COP)
Dayswhen An ZmploYee is*Uat'
Light Duty Status

The Federal Employees' compensation Act (FECA) provides 45 days
0ontituation- of reVAIAz ,pay for an Mpioyee vbo iijins a work-
4ralated traumatic injUxy. Procedures-for ippievioAtuig this
es,4stion of the FECA are ouilinecl at 20 CFR 10,o;R06, Jhrough 10.2100
I#A4 in Sobchapter 1-2 bf Chapter*RIG of the Federal Personnel

Th the past, vhen an injurto employee was found to be eligible
to roceive Continuatian oflay (COP), the-only days coupted against
the 45 day period were those days -on which thg,, anployeevas
actually absent from the workplace because of the ihju". Any
su-ch absence t f or all or for a port' of the Otd
ion ay, while
disa4led or while seeXing treatment,, is counted as a dLav of
lp cooperation 'with this Office's efforts to rot ed
"Ployees to duty as soon as possible, many agenvies have qone
-to great lengths to Provl',de disabled employeea, vith lighter duty
A'obs which they can perfor zdf the employee's
3 m, br- to modify t,'he duties
own jbb to cwffply with the restrictions i:mpose4 by'thi injuries.
"ten the employes receives full pay altbough only a
Partial ranse of duties. In these situationsp th#-Injured
employee is disablodin that he or she is inpapable of performing
the, reqular job and the da# in effeA, isa,, day, of, disability
for which the employie is aidlxi full alth6ugli "able to perform
as usual. it has therefore been det6fmined that a' day, or
portion of a day,, spent by in injured employee In a 1,ight-d-aty
-job within the first 45 days of distbility 1011"Ing afi injury
shall be tau4ted as one day-of COP. Thiov6kaja also include
I"y day auring which the emialoyee Is regul-Im, J,04 *,"s specifically
Altets!4 to accommo"te injury-related vork_,test36Lctions imposed
-by a physician.

Attachment 2 to FPM Ltr. 810- 2 (2)

2 -

20 CFR 10.109(c) provides that "A Duty Status Reportt.Form
will be used to obtain interim medical reports concerning
employee's duty status. if, during the 45 day period, the,
ing physician indicates the employee is able to returnA to
and the employee refuses to do so, the continued absence ft
work may result in an overpayment." The employing agency
submit the medical evidence of ability to work (CA-17) to
and an explicit statement of the light duty job which was
to the employee, along with its physical requirements and
mentary evidence of the offer, as evidence that entitlem"ent
continued pay may be terminated under this section*

Similarly, if the employee returns to light duty with cha-
against the 45 day period, the employing agency must proviI
umetatonto OWCP that the employee was found unfit for re
duty by the attending physician, and that the employee was,
in a light duty job, or that the employee's regular job was
fied As a result of the injury. Such duties, or such modifti
tion, should be described in writing.

Agency heads should ensure that all personnel involved in t
claims process are advised of this new procedure. Chapter
of te Feera Per~nnl Maualwillbe evisd a theear

posil opotuiy




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