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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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' Office of Personnel Management FPM Letter 920-11

SFederal Personnel Manual System Publihd in advance
FPM Letter 920-11 of incorporallon in FPM
S__ Chapter 920 or
SUBJECT: Monitoring Executive and Management leAF1S UNTIL SUPEn SEDED
Development Program Plans--FY 1982 ______Sln
!, Washington, D. C. 20415
SSeptember 24, 1981
Heads of Departments and Independent Establishp: E 9

1. This letter provides instructions for submiss o m update of
agency executive and management development program required by
5 CFR 412.109(b). Background information on the process was published in FPM
Letter 920-2, January 6, 1981, which remains in effect until superseded. For
ease of reference, its provisions are reproduced in Attachment 1 to this letter.

2. The next update is to be submitted in two copies by the chairperson of the
department or independent agency's Executive Resources Board, to be received not
later than November 2, 1981, by:

Associate Director for Executive Personnel
and Management Development, Room 6R48
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Washington, D.C. 20415

3. Attachment 2 provides .the format to be used for the October, 1981, updates.
AInformation on management development is being requested for the first time.
Whe new format is intended to permit agencies to portray the information we need in
a more logical and cohesive order, and better reflects the new emphasis on a "whole
career" approach. It also provides for:

a. A restatement and/or updating of information which was, or should
have been, furnished in the original program plans, covering the
agency's organization and broad approach for establishing and
operating executive and management development programs.

b. An account of results achieved and milestones reached during.the
first two years of plan implementation.

c. Documentation of priorities and objectives for executive and
management development program activity in Fiscal Year 1982.

4. Agencies are also to provide a listing, by name and title, of the chairperson
and members of the department or agency ERB and, for those agencies which have them,
for each ERB of a subordinate component.

Inquiries: Executive and Management Development Division, EPMD
Programs and Guidance Branch (202) 632-4661
Code: 920- Senior Executive Service
Distribution: FPM

FPM Letter 920-11 (2)

5. Highly significant. and fr-ceaching changes are taking place in the
istration of Gdvernment'' prograe.and in the organization and leadership of
Government agencies. We are 'aski'hg for comprehensive reports in this year
updates in order to be certain that the priorities and commitments of ci
top management are made a matter of. record. This will benefit agencies
selves as well as help OPM effectively carry out its responsibility to u6hL
the implementation of executive and management development program plans.' *,

Donald J. Devine




Attachment 1 to FPM Letter 920-11

FPM Letter 920-2, dated January 6, 1981, remains in effect until superseded.
For ease of reference, its provisions are reproduced below (passages no
longer relevant have been deleted.)

1. The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 required that OPM "...establish programs for
the systematic development of candidates for the Senior Executive Service and for the
continuing development of senior executives,or require agencies to establish such
programs which meet criteria prescribed by [OPM]," and that OPM "...shall monitor the
implementation of the programs." Program criteria were published initially in FPM
Bulletin 920-19, Development For and Within the Senior Executive Service, and re-
vised in FPM Bulletin 920-36, same subject. The requirement for agency programs and
the basic criteria are published in 5 CFR Part 412, Executive and Management Develop-

2. Agencies were directed to submit program plans by October 1, 1979, and it was
announced that plans were to be updated annually during the formative period which,
it was estimated, would be 3 to 5 years, i.e. ending September 30, 1984. Plans which
met the criteria were provisionally approved, with the indication that long-term
approval of agency programs will be granted upon fulfillment of those plans.

3. All agencies with executive or managerial positions are subject to statutory and
regulatory requirements on executive and management development. Agencies which have
made or intend to make more than five career appointments to the SES are expected to
be establishing their executive development programs in accordance with the program
plans which have been approved by OPM. Consistent with the previously announced re-
quirement, these agencies are to submit formal updates of their executive development
program plans as of December 31, 1980, and October 1, 1981, 1982 and 1983. These
reports have been cleared in accordance with FPMR 101-11.11, and assigned report
control number 0259-OPM-AN.

4. Updates should be submitted by the chairperson of the department or inde-
pendent agency's Executive Resources Board to the Associate Director for Executive
Personnel and Management Development, who should also be notified of significant
changes occurring during the remainder of the fiscal year. Agencies whose programs
are sufficiently well established during the first three years may be exempted, by
the letter granting long-term OPM approval of their programs, from the later updates.
(There is to be no further approval of plans per se, but approval previously given
may be withdrawn for failure to meet program criteria.)

5. As a supplement to plan updates, agencies should furnish two copies of the
announcement for each SES candidate development program at the time it is publicized
for submission of applications.

6. Agencies should have available at a central location the following information on
their SES candidates, for evaluation by OPM during regularly scheduled SES evaluations
or for OPM use:

a. Copy of latest approved executive development plan.

b. Copy of each SES candidate's approved individual development plan.

c. Name of each SES candidate's senior advisor.

d. Profile of the candidate group by grade level, sex and minority group.


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Executive and Management Development Program Plan Update

October 1, 1981
Agency :

1. Program Management
a. Narrative:
(1) Describe the agency's executive and management development policy and approach to program management.
(2) Explain the role and responsibilities of the agency's ERB(s). Include discussion of relationships
between the department or independent agency's ERB and subordinate boards, if any, for component
(3) List key policy statements and delegations. Attach copies.
(4) Describe system for evaluating executive and management development programs, and how evaluation
results are used.

b. Milestones or objectives:

Original target
for completion.

*1 I

Current target,
if different.

Date accomplished.

(1) Date criteria for evaluation determined.
(2) Date evaluation procedures designed and
(3) Date of report to ERB and agency head on
installation of executive and management
development program.

Milestones or objectives: Fiscal Year 1981 Fiscal Year 1982

Target/expectation accopihmn/ Trgtoa
actual xeine xetto

(1) Funding commitment--include tuition,
travel, per diem for training and
developmental assignments; do notN
include administrative staff salaries.

(a) Management development, total.
(i) Open management development system.

(ii) Selective management development

(b) Candidate development program.
(c) Development for SES members.

(2) Staff commitments. List by type (series
or occupation) and indicate estimated
number of people and estimated staff-years.
(Include professionals only; do not include
ERB members.)
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"(i) Open management development systems offering management development oppor-
tunities to all incumbent managers and some potential managers.
"(ii) Selective management development programs offering management development
opportunities to competitively selected employees." z5 CFR 412.1037

a. Narrative: Describe separately the type and design of the (1) open systems(s) and or (2) the selective
programs) the agency has established or plans to establish. In each case, include information
on grades covered, how IDP's are used and the degree and manner of decentralization. For open systems)
describe how accountability for activities and accomplishment are assigned and tracked. In the case of
selective programs, include a description of the selection process, discuss the (intended) number of parti-
cipants in relation to the needs which its graduates are intended to meet, and describe the status in the
merit selection process of those who (will) successfully complete the programss.

b. Milestones or objectives:

Original target
for completion.

Current target,
if different.

Date accomplished

(1) Open management development system:
(a) System designed.
(b) System in operation.

(2) Selective management development program:
(a) Program designed.
(b) Program in operation.

(1) How program addresses competencies identified in agency's SES positions. :
(2) Selection techniques used.
(3) How IDP process operates.0
(4) How senior executives are used as mentors.
(5) How developmental assignments, formal management training, and education are used.
(6) How agency monitors participants' progress. r

b. Milestones or objectives Original target Current target, Actua

if different.ex rin .- 1
(1) Date managerial competencies associated
with agency's SES positions identified.
(2) System for monitoring IDP implemen-
tation in operation.
(3) Initial SES Candidate Development class:
(a) Date announced.
(b) Date selections made.
(c) Number of participants, total.
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(i) Number from within agency.
.(ii) Numbaer from other agencies

(iii) Number from outside Government.
(d) Date IDP's prepared and approved by
(e) Number appointed to the SES as of
9/30/81 through merit staffing

(f) Date program completed.
(g) Number of graduates.
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5 5. Development of SES members.
a. Narrative. Describe:

S(1) How IDP process operates.
o (2) How developmental assignments and formal management education programs are used.

* (3) How any special programs (policy or management seminars, luncheon or dinner meetings, executive
team building, etch are used.
1 (4) How agency ensures that planned developmental activities (developmental assignments, training,
u education) actually take place.
(5) How the agency sabbatical program (if any) operates.

b. Milestones or objectives.

Original target
for completion.

Current target,
if different.

Date accomplished

(1) Date IDP's prepared for SES members
and approved by ERB(s).
(2) Date system for monitoring IDP
Implementation in effect.


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