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Federal personnel manual system
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FPM letter
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United States Civil Service Commission
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United States Civil Service Commission
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Washington, D.C
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Personnel management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc -- United States   ( nal )
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Personnel management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc -- United States   ( lcsh )
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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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University of Florida
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1'1 41W, iJ
,ajp -15
FPM Letter 930

Mmal, Soystem,
Published in advance
Of incorporation in FBA
Chapter 930
otte'rtt'r, M''Y Ondt ROX0441 of RIETMN 'UNTZ SUPERSEDED
f, 4
ington, D. C. 20415
May 27, 1982
-en -t(Alis'lhrnen
ILI 0*
0, ative Procedure
OUN,0,, Parsuv* provi f the, ftun s
td,"0014 an 0 t 0 1 the r, iAr i S 6. rV i form Act (CS certain respon-
ties are-Jodqea Avn,U-e 4M-fjoe'l Of P 1, Harrag (OPM) concerning
i6, IiA 61sttative Law Jud,90 (ALj) progr ch storically placed
IiJ aiilier"eA gfocedueal p6sturd tha n employees in the
Wth t t6, ALJ red
tl eqpe*' u Ce (RIFs) such dif-
*4 1 4ri s4+. o' t, at""'S OFI;t-,930.215, 'part', larlyto0paragraph (c), Except
lofiipiovlded' ',,*at'.` 5 930,-2 1 15, RIF Pr ceaure,,a of 'Part 351 of Chapter 5
"th thi further e xqep ion that 5 930-21L.S(b) provides
*not, rec for ceratings they are 'ineligible to
service credi,'I based on performance While.:5 CPR 930.215
"Ns- thi by dis]Iacjed '6y RIF are assured an
144 -=Ih which' ALjs
for it omits detailed imple-
y r0,6mproymeqt c6nsid'erat1on.,as'AWsj,'
I' in.',00ri-On impoTtant respects, is 'get forth here to provide

and agencies (agenc es,) planning to f ill
the Aames of,,Uzz appear on OPM"s Priority Referral List
abjsft4tVAder 5 CPR 93M15(cJ4,I)ji) 'must gegerally fill vacancies
hat lisk dr frca the open competitive r"iste-r, provided, that
't6At-*rithA00 rtrltes applicOlt 'to RIF!d employe(es gene raf ly, 955p-art j,
Ch per'S CFR, an agency having previously undergone a RIF of
jWL"sL'-jJ14"Ot -'-tirst look to them to fill ALJ vacancies. In addition, an
,6f f 'teA-; 'bilt -heed not 'accept, assignm6nt to noft-ALJ positions for
'u, Af jed.
0 I I
*jl I. i4o`h4ving )*eii notifiedtof their separation', furlough.or demotion
QA i6d wliat re 4 priacedbn OPKIs PRL and on
quest, that: their'names'be'
Ft ister; must be consid I e-rpd for selection to fill
itere i:l'na ALJ'on an ajencylls reemplpyment priority list, at
pi4r 4ti)r Ativis dg-gradb or 1ower'GS-grade. 'Priority ref6rral continues
iears from either the effective date of the RIF action or the date
sk repestedt if timely reqveat, is madew4thin 90 days thereafter
"'in (2),. Ion% aI$ *here are three or more
An agency may only fill a vaidancy 4rom' Among the ALJs on
4Xgept;,, -that an agency may fill an AW vacancy by noncompetitive
t ; 71- twtif%tartding RIP actions in other a'ge;ncies upon a showing to OPM
(>,f 1w" i' r4in4,ry -q*rcumstanceB. In the event the PRL is reduced to one or
= ,Fa ne G87gradelany agency seekip,9 tO fill a vacancy at that
4,,(L,,for which there are one or
',0, o1r, a two ALJ(s) on the PRL) may
ftm-the open competitive registerr,+ Vi.th the, names) of RjF1d
on 'the register ahead of all other eligibles. In such a
1,hey+-Aq0noy + ito su ject to the same narrow, noncompetitive transfer

r, tbtf tte Ada-inistrative Law Judges' Staffing Group
PTS (202) 632-4604
't, I CA PxO A sr for Sp cif ic Po-aitions aidIgxaminations

.OPM FORM 652 1179

930.215(c). Such/a1 submissions Ilall be on the form provided by
of which is appee' to and- ij n*ited in this FpM;letter (At taiet .
sets out in gredte. detail ,t s of-..the choices made b t .Px t
Implementation of the splrie and intq of 5 CFR 930. 15' makes 'eae-ay::
private the notificatio'.procedure o-ided in the Attachment both: .to ..."....ei
ALJs a reasonable, opportunity to assistance- and to assureLi"i Aw .
able opportunity for. anagerial ility,in filling vacancies. i..:
5. The ALJ Priority.Refec i-; r am provides that a RIFE L3 :tel
consideration at the Xji!s-cg~rent GS grade and lower gradess).:
opportunity for priority consideration differs depending poa the r ire
the GS grade of the ALJ and the GS grade of the vacancy to be filL ..edi:.;'
PRL, a displaced ALJ has the right to request geographic preferences .
positions at GS grades lower than that from which he/she was displaced4i.
pie, a displaced GS-17 or GS-16 ALJ may choose to limit him/her right to
ation for GS-16 or GS-15 ALJ positions, respectively, to certain
locations and his/her name would remain on the PRL. [Of course, if -f'e11
ALJ declines an ALJ position in grade, or a lower ALJ grade at a .lo.ii.
which the ALJ previously advised OPM that he/she would accept employment
name would be removed from the PRL for such gradess)] On the other hanil
placed ALJ is not afforded geographic preference.with respect to offered
positions at the same GS grade as that from which he/she was displaced. .1*
ple, a displaced GS-16 (or GS-17) ALJ may not choose to limit his/her w
consideration for GS-16 (or GS-17) ALJ posfflns to any particular .gdg
locations; therefore, upon declination of an offer at the same grade r.a-
geographical location, his/her name would be promptly removed from the il
eration for that grade. ':'.
6. In the event only one or two ALJs, remaining on the PRL, have re
sideration for a particular grade and location, the names) of such AJt i
be placed at the head of the open competitive register. Where more than a:
appears as to any one vacancy, OPM, pursuant to the direction of 5 CF 9.M. '
(1) (ii) that it establish relative ranking at the top of the register :.bf.
ALJ qualifications, will utilize the original score by which the ALJs attAi
register for the GS grade of the ALJ position last occupied. Ties will be'j b
by reference to total Federal service and, if a tie remains, by reference "'t'.
ALJ service.
7. Where more than one ALJ is affected so as to require they be. ranked.,. t".
of the original score has been selected as most approximating a relative "qu
cations ranking, recognizing that ALJs are excluded from performance eva lm
under the CSRA for such purpose, but recognizing that ALJ register scores .
porate preference eligible point enhancements.
8. When RIF action affecting ALJs is required, consideration in filing vaCBa
is first given to the agency's reemployment priority list, and then to ALJa-:
PRL. Agencies which have exhausted their reemployment priority lists as to
may not fill ALJ positions other than from the PRL except that they mayl vitV
prior approval of OPM, appoint ALJs by noncompetitive transfer. Such appro.v..
OPM will be given only upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances. When:: i
on the PRL for any one grade and location are as few as two, agencies may filli .
vacancies only from the open competitive register, except that, as provided aboI
they may, upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances and with the prior appr o
of OPM, appoint ALJs by noncompetitive transfer. ,..:.
9. The history of 5 CFR 930.215 makes clear that at a time when selective qSuali
fications were considered to be an element in filling vacancies in context of .l.i
actions, OPM was expected to evaluate ALJs concurrently with RIF; selective q4uili
fications have now been deleted from consideration in connection with reempl*rii
following RIF under the present regulation, 5 CFR 930.215(c)(4). Accordinuly ".-I
::_ __ _________ : i:.:.5-

.i .ii i": iii ,. .. :. : ... .. .

.!.:. ": ". ." "" .
:, .

S. : .. .. .

i ..' ... 4

i .. *..:. ....

.... :*. : '.
.. ... .. .. .E

.iiii" "' ". ..'.:
..; ..:... A..':"Y: "..: ... .. ":...:: ...i::.... ..

..: ... .. .. .

S .. .: .. .. ,: .. .. .. .: .
.... ... ...

.: B..:. .. .. : ^ .... :. ..
.liir J '. ": : : .' : ... '.! ::.. ."" :

i i! ii:, i iii ii... i',.:,", i : iiH .:::i:i: "i. :::: i::i ;::: iii !:'::!..,:''.:.ii ::: .

i iL i!'ii : :" i:" !i .'. i:ii|:i:i: ":i; ; .:.i: ::{i:: ;": .
:;i~iiE ;;: :..]:.: : ." :.hi im "i' mi :..I i;% i ;: !i i;:: :. % ;i.. "i .; :

;; ":" :; :. i:! i: !i i;:::'i: i," i J : 'i': ";i; h:.: i; ;;;:. :::.:. .' i ". ":.. :

.. 'B'" ::.... .": ". "" :..' %' ".
:: : ., : !,.. < ":i'. ... .

.. .- .* .: ." -::. ; ..: ..
:. "E: ,

-*. i" *. : :'.."

:a :. ^ : .:.... i. ".

*: '.. .- vj ,. .r : ^

.::'' ....:.


I "*~


i ;

.* ,.





" ;''I *:v

L..I .



-' ,.

Attachment to FPM Ltr. 930-15

Displaced ALJ Priority Referral Program
Request for Priority Referral

The ALJ Priority Referral Program provides that a displaced ALJ, who is offered an
ALJ position at a GS grade lower than that from which he/she was displaced, has
the right to request geographic preference. For example, a displaced GS-16 ALJ may
choose to limit his/her right to consideration for GS-15 ALJ positions to certain
S11i geographical locations and his/her name would remain on the Priority Referral List
for the duration of the two (2) year period. (Of course, if the displaced ALJ
declines a GS-15 ALJ position at a location in which the ALJ previously advised
SOPMN that he/she w6uld accept such employment, his/her name would be removed immedi-
i.i. ately from the Priority Referral List.)

S On the other hand, under the ALJ Priority Referral Program, a displaced ALJ who
is offered an ALJ position at the same GS grade as that from which he/she was dis-
placed is not afforded geographic preference for ALJ appointment in grade. For
example, a displaced GS-16 ALJ may not choose to limit his/her right to considera-
hion for GS-16 ALJ positions to certain geographical locations; therefore, upon
eclination of an offer of an ALJ appointment at the same grade regardless of geo-
graphical location, his/her name would be removed immediately from the GS-16
Priority Referral List.

Seeping. in mind the above provisions, please p te the following questionnaire
and return it to this office within 10 calen y A self-addressed envelope
is enclosed for your convenience.

NAME (Last) (Middle)

brade Level

Are you available to be:

[ ] appointed as a GS-15
[ appointed as a GS-16
[ i appointed as a GS-17 displaced GS-17 Chief ALJs only)
Location (Applicable only r sitions where the grades are lower than the GS
grad you held when reache r ction-in- force :

a. Are you available for appointment in Washington, D. C.? Yes [ ] No [ ]

b. Are you available for appointment outside Washington, D. C.? Yes [ ]
No [ 1

d. Are you available for appointment anywhere in the United States? Yes [ ]
No [ 1

d. Are you available for appointment only in certain locations? If so, please
list the acceptable locations, and the GS grades) lower than the GS grade
held at this time at which you will accept appointment:

Note: Following our receipt of your request; if you decline to be considered for
an appointment that. meets the .conditions outlined by you on this form, or on a
timely amendment, or you fail to reply to an inquiry as to your availability, your

as to your availability, your

Attad ent to FPP Ltr., 930-15 (2)

aame will be deleted from the priority referral program. (Nowever, Doi
tions lower in grade to the grade you currently hold# while YQOa%-e 0
ity referral list, if you Indicate interest in positions outside Washli
and an agency requests a multi-location certificate from the Offico
management, your ref usal to be considered for less than all pos~ti as
will not constitute a declination of consideration for appin w'n.)
Please note that if you accept an .AUJ position at a grade lower thqua
you currently hold,, or if you accept a non-ALJ position at a qV44a,
that you currently hold or a higher grade, effective the date of yoUe
to that position you will no longer receive priority-referral.
Xt during the time you are in this priority referral program the Oonad te
which you will accept employment change, you should report these, new
in writing to this office.

Sigilatur /


S::::. .. *

t..... ..

i. .:

xx -: : ,. "
a: .

.ir'c "i:... *' ., : .

. .

::. .



.il ;

1; "7.




~ 5

... .. ..-. ..
'' "*". *

"**. .' *:


II ll3 1262 08741 lllllill8975
3 1262 08741 8975

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