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Vols for 1979- issued by: Office of Personnel Management.
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Description based on: 410-19 (Aug. 22, 1977); title from caption.
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Latest issue consutled: 292-23 (No. 3, 1983); title from caption.

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University of Florida
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Off of Personnel Management FPM Letter 307-15
ld Iy.those w..o.hae aadablleds m as. ares.u t.Publshed in advance
e."' i oati abot tw m r i Iancaorapoinn in FPM
..... ...........e 211 and 307
:: idployemint B uenef its fotr vrta ir iM t e hetr a UM MM

*awWu 10 on, D. C. 20415
"D ns :eutv Ore 12754n, 24, 191
r atnits r and ependent en stablishmenis:
tar "'g"rt fr a"m2""""" Vet
.ada the l rete ta a aional De sre that
...iliain .ei.ployaen6rb opportunities are the
,..;Vtent. .. poaseibla to veterans of Operatio ald/Storm,
'y th~ie who have become disabled as a reo of their military
:'U hl Federal .a.aenci e carry ot the President's mandate, this
:deo% kitformat.ison about two major changes in the employment
AValable to veterans, (1) the Southwest Asia Service Medal, which
tot ents to preference in Federal employment and retention, and
"t. er*.nw' reaJ o i tment hiring authority.
iy reternce .cl Quit th War Participants
Sa. o t peer is.aE te14 e a outstanding performance of
~p":,. "re-ident Bush"a ordered the creation of the Southwest Asia
S.: ar acive y personnel who served in military operations
taiti a1. i. the surrr bundin cbntigUous waters or air space on
4l1t 2:. 1t99i, and before. a terminal date to be set by the
..i.o .Dcofene (Exdecutive Order 12754, March 12, 1991).
-iliary departments wi11 publish-specaific eligibility
..t.uisg the irnedal,. ('Noe that the Nati onral Defense Service
lt, .i~~~ iB S wad ieipsnatated on February 21, 1991, by the Secretary
;' tai' .a i,-paign. rdgedo and, therefore, is not a basis for
*. .... .. .u. "r.. ...11
B:'B : itiir h6.1. ({ 5 U.-S.C. 2108'),' individuals who receive a
M:. .... :.. ,-'.thE. eUfibility requirements indicated below
f '.. "0 ee"l*.. ee ce in Federal employment. Thus, the
7~ c~~i'~ai~. ar t our Armed Forces eligible for the
a;0 1Wrap-i Stftufing many reservists-can claim
,@ee.. .e.1 e .:.."i Wit i: .te largest number of service men and women
01:,i.j.; 'i ober 14., 1976, when peacetime veterans' preference

...i..i....y .r .-.gif'ereaoe,. recipients of the Southwest Asia
itsi 'I:t'"e i :,,n:eorably discharged and have served
ii.f ... 2 ie:n.'O- t-h. full period for which called or ordered
,..'I .. .... WG ,&sI releasedd before serving the total
WA6 ar considered to have met this requirement.
0 hi:~ ,.' i, ~ .V period is required for (1) veterans with
Bleie: :ji.n .d< abilities, or (2). those discharged or
b..t.........-......... ............ or aggravated in the line of duty or for
:Ti: tal a U rn.. 10 U.S.C. 1171 or 1173 (FPM Chapter 211).

SStaffing Policy Division, 202-606-0960

1X ;;i --ad*tte t Appointments
........ .... ......"i:" .. .. .......a.. '

m iiiiiiiiiii iim '# ''~;;; '.A .: .... ... ... .. ."
::::::::::::: ... iI EE :Eft
!!} iiiiiii,, iiM :, i' ., I... ........

J E ,i r :E %q : E
:.:J JE: ":.":""iEN:

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mi oil

FPM Letter 307-15 (3)

"veteran" in 38 U.S.C. 2011 (i.e., they served on active duty for more
than 180 days and were separated with other than a dishonorable
discharge or were discharged because of a service-connected
disabilityT-and either (1) have a service-connected disability, or (2)
served in Vietnam or another campaign of the Vietnam era for which a
badge or medal is authorized.

Changes the definition of post-Vietnam-era veterans from "veterans
who served on active duty after May 7, 1975" to "veterans who first
III'c ::'i ame a member of the Armed Forces after May 7, 1975." All post-
i :.:' iEnam-era veterans are eligible for VRA appointments provided they
Served on active duty for more than 180 days and were separated with
o'. i.: other than a dishonorable discharge or were discharged because of a
:i! er:::.... i vice-connected disability (38 U.S.C. 2011).

iiiiiiii;.' ::. Changes the period of appointment eligibility. Disabled veterans
-ollI are 30 percent or more disabled have no time limit on their VRA
eligibility A Vietnam-era veteran is eligible for a VRA appointment
i "ii. ring the period ending 10 years after the date of the veteran's last
IM ::~charge or release from active duty or until December 31, 1993--
whichever is later. A post-Vietnam-era veteran is eligible for a VRA
appointment within the 10,year period after the veteran's last
discharge or release from active duty or December 17, 1999--whichever
is later.

Removes the December 31, 1993, expiration date from the VRA statute,
i thereby making the VRA authority permanent.

Provides preference for disabled veterans over other veterans in
iiiplllllll! 'i :: appointments .
tion Process for VRA Appointments
Ri 'i.W Pairt 302 selection procedures must be followed in making VRA
tents. This assures compliance with statutory requirements that
|| |||i lence be provided for both disabled preference eligibles and
aI||||!itsabled preference eligibles over VRA candidates who are not eligible
I lll!lllii eterans' preference (see FPM Chapter 213.)

TV.ii....c.i...ii.. mepnting VRA Appointments
i3 ajor provisions (length of appointment, training, nature of action,
temporary appointment based on VRA eligibility) have not changed.
......... es should use the same appointing authority shown in interim
action 5 CFR 307.103 (see FPM Bulletin 307-26, dated April 30, 1990)
lowing the instructions in FPM Supplement 296-33, subchapter 11. Until
regulations are issued, cite in the Remarks section of the SF 50,
ification of Personnel Action, "VRA Program revised by P.L. 102-16,
~ lfh 22, 1991." OPM will be issuing regulations as well as revised
10 ructions in FPM Chapters 307 and 316 to reflect the new requirements of

I QiM and Agency Support for All Veterans
a) While immediate attention is focused on the preference eligibles
served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, we should not lose sight of
needs and entitlements of veterans from earlier eras, especially those
|i|ll|a|*| served during the Vietnam era or those who were disabled as a result of


Fp 14 t e 07 1 4

aie~ c p n c e i a i 'i i
ab ,i i|a a l o l t 11
o|il r p oy e t t O r
t ~h e i l w s o t h e r f ift i i ,4 t 'xz t e 3! A '
ifa~ ad b em'Eid"x loe,4i q ttet
agencies as empgr.a t
b) T~assst a 1 v
6'&xtiohDesrt, hie or
'h6 0,vja, inearier iint e ;ast'
'4qa-ffce nd he r*
w Obaer as
f~' ~jr ro ad bu~, f,-, lit


4m %


Attachment 1 to FPM Letter 307- 15

Veterans Readjutment Appointmentsa
Mrended Jib pportuanles In ahe PFederal lrSee
Public lw 102-16, ffectdv March 22, 1991, make It even asler r Federal igndu to hire Armed
f a veterans who served during and alter the Vietnam ram.
N,.: VRA (VeMsa ReaIdusmmnt AppoiDnren) authodriy s a special hiring pgram. ligibl veterans
::. :i not hav tao ke examination or compete with nonvetamn candidates VRA appointees are Inldally
S ;. ind Smr a 2-yl r period. Sucesfll completion of the 2-yar VRA appointment leads to permanent
S.....i i a m ppointment.
i w is *agile for VRA appelbieme
lim.itam wiho rved more than 10 days active duy, anr part of which occurred during the Vietnam era (Augut 5,
i:: ig. F, 197), ad have other than a dishonorable discharge, are eligible I they have (1) a srvice-conneced
i|iii ii ll ) a campaign badge (For example, the Vietnam Service Meda).
i ~gl.llnm veteira, who entered the service after May 7,1975, am eligible if they served n active duty for
.iW. ::a00I dsm and have other than a dshonorable discharge.
iiludnvf service requirement does not apprl to veterans discharged rom active duty for service-connected

l a g are veterans eligible for VRA appolments after they leave the service!
|i||!li| -ar veterans qualify for a VRA appointment until 10 year after discharge or until December 31, 1993,
"I'" a i!data is t-er.
I:sullllUin-ea veterans are eligible lr 10 years after the date of their last discharge or until December 17,1999,
Mi!! w date is later.
i bI!!iivetarans with a service-connected disability of 30% or more can be hired without time limit.

I i there any other restrictions on eligibility for a VRA appointment!
t!ter i the new VRA law, all veterans described above are eligible. (The law eliminated a previous requirement
IIwIII IWI A i :ppointees have fewer than 16 years of education

ji' Bat obs can be filed under the VRA authority!
fl:lii;ii agencies now can use the VRA authority to fill ay white collar position up through GS 11, blue collar jobs
ii4riii pg W 1:1, and equivalent Jobs under other Federal pay systems.

illm ei veterans apply for VRA appointnent
I;;ii ;aWr. should contact the agency personnel office where they want to work. Agencies recruit candidates and
il:i WYRAi: appointments directly without getting a list of candidates from OPM. Veterans can get a list of local
Illp personnel offices from the Veterans Representative at the OPM offices listed on the back of this sheet.

I Ari e ii; disabled veterans enddtled to special consideration
i: d. e macaust give preference to disabled veterans over other veterans.

Is training available after appolntmentt
i e cases, agencies provide special training programs for VRA appointees. A program could include on-the-job
i nts o classroom training.

i can VRA appointees work part-timel
A""indes: may be able to set up part-time work schedules for individuals who want to attend school or handle
IM lily or other responsibilities.

iied States Career Elnty Group 1900 E Stret NW CE-00
oifi'.. Ofaie l f Staffing Policy Division Washington, DC 204150001 June 1991
!!'i iiiPe rsomiel

!ticm# oFMLte 0-1

U..Ot o mu elmn n
AreaOff ce etoru~lt,10000*,"-*-viow
0;" W*
R*%---- Am 00 0WA
.. .. .
.... ........ .... .... ...

AN =2
1 I
(S OtE
m NN
_ _A-
--l '4


Attachment 2 to FPM Letter 307-15

Section 9 of Public Law 102-16 amended 38 U.S.C. 2014, the authority for
veterans' readjustment appointments. Here is the text of section 2014, as
&*ended. The language added by the now law is underlined.
Section 2014. Employment within the Federal Government
(t(1) The United States has an obligation to asesist veterans of the Armed
ord* inread tng to civlan lit snce veterans, byviru of ther
ax service, -ave lost 2 rtunitis to pursue education and tr-a 1ng
A ane toward cvilian careers. The Federal Government-T also
Jifsiute a major recruitng source. It is, terefore, teplcy of te
Sats and te purpose of thi section to promote te maximum of
W_t and job advancement opportunities within the Federal Government
14W disabled veterans and certain veterans of the Vietnam era and of the
0miLDt-fetnaera-wh 55are qualified for such employment and advancement.
yor the purposes of this section, the term "agency" means a
,40 arttent, agency, or instrumentality in the executive branch.
()To further the policy stated in subsection (a) of this section,
e*trans referred to in paragraph (2) of this subsection shall be
_,gible, in accordance with regulations which the office of Personnel
gshtshall prescribe, for veterans readjustment appointments, and
subsequent career-conditional appointments, under the terms and
tot4 itions specified in Executive Order Numbered 11521 (March 26, 1970)
such an appointment may be made up to and. including the level GS-11 or
4t a veteran shall be eligible for such an appointment without regard to
WAA I- er of years of education completed bysuch veteran;
veteran who is entitled to disability comg nation under the laws
istere byte Department of Veterans Affairs or whose dischar e or
seraactive duty was for a disabilty incurred or' aggravat~einr
utshall be given a reference for such an appointment over

b)a veteran recivingsc an appointment sne heall-iyofti ubeto
01-aeepoenude the appaseen of avterainte within lesnea 1 years ofeuctonteer

-.te date of such'appointment shall have the same right to appeal that
totzination to the Merit Systems Protection Board as a career or career-
0,dgditional employee has during the first year of employment.

(2) This subsection applies to-
( a veteran of the Vietnam era who-
1)has a service-connected disability; or

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3 1262 08729 4160

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