Artbound 2012 Text Panels


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Artbound 2012 Text Panels
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Mixed Material
Knudson, Ellen
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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It depends on whom you ask. Critical analysis on book art is still a burgeoning eld and there is no universally accepted denition of which types of books t within the term. As a general matter, a book created or conceived of as a work of art is considered to be an artists book. it is not necessary that a book be hand made by an artist, although that is often the case. An artist can design and oversee the production of work performed by others and still qualify. The key criteria are that the work be artist-driven (as opposed to publisher-driven) and that the creators intention was to express some artistic vision in the book as opposed to a literary or informational one. Artists books are not just any book by an artist or any book about art. Artists books are art. from the Modernism magazine article, Beyond Words: Artists Books by Ellen Firsching Brown. Fall 2008, Volume 11, Number 3.Whatexactlyareartistsbooks? m mxii


Artists booksare works of art realized in the form of a book. They are often published in small editions, though sometimes they are produced as oneof-a-kind objects referred to as uniques. Artists books have employed a wide range of forms, including scrolls, fold-outs, concertinas or loose items contained in a box as well as bound printed sheet. Artists have been active in printing and book production for centuries, but the artists book is primarily a late 20th century form. Artists books are books or book-like objects over the nal appearance of which an artist has had a high degree of control; where the book is intended as a work of art in itself. Stephen Bury, Artists Books: The Book As a Work of Art 1963 1995 Scolar Press, 1995. from the Wikipedia entry for Artists Books m mxii


I use the crafts of letterpress printing and hand bookbinding, combined with more modern technologies such as photopolymer plates and laser cutting, to create work that is often designed digitally, but produced with an intense attention to the materiality of the resulting piece. For me, the physical manifestation of the book is often of equal importance to the visual and textual ideas expressed within the pages in conveying meaning and in affecting the experience of the reader/viewer. This experience begins with the initial perception of the container for a piece, and continues through the process of reading/viewing and through the manipulation of the pieces structure and materials. My personal denition of the book is quite broad, with boundaries that are in constant ux. At the core of my interpretation is the act of reading, and the element of time that is essential to this act. -Excerpt from the artist statement of Julie Chen, Flying Fish Press, Publisher of Limited Edition Artists Books. Julie Chen is one of the premier book artists in the United States. Her book work was recently featured on the PBS Series Craft in America.personaldefinition m mxii