Program For Immigration, Religion, And Social Change (PIRSC)


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Program For Immigration, Religion, And Social Change (PIRSC)
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Grant proposal
Vásquez, Manuel A.
Williams, Philip J.
Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida
Vásquez, Manuel A.
Williams, Philip J
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Gainesville, Fla.
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Ford Foundation, Freedom of Expression Program (awarded)

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University of Florida Institutional Repository
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University of Florida
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Proposed Grant Budget (Required)This is a protected worksheet. Complete only those sections that are shaded. See additional instructions below indicated by cor responding numbers. Organization: [1] Total Annual Budget for Organization: [5] Proposed Grant Term: [2] 2Years Grant as a percentage of annual operational budget: 2 Proposed Start Date: [3]to Requested Grant Amount: [4] (in US$) Support Requested Estimated Expenditures [10] Total Pro j ect From Other Grant Y ea r Y ea r Budget Category [6] Budget [7] Sources [8] Budget [9] 12 Salaries and Benefits$ 205,400$ 50,000$ 155,400$ 72,200$ 83,200 $ 0$ 0$ 0 Consultants$ 152,200$ 152,200$ 77,000$ 75,200 $ 0$ 0$ 0 Travel, Meeting Expenses (inc. food$ 49,600$ 49,600$ 26,300$ 23,300 $ 0$ 0$ 0 Office Equipment/Supplies$ 6,436$ 6,436$ 3,220$ 3,216 $ 0$ 0$ 0 Indirect Expenses$ 36,364$ 36,364$ 17,872$ 18,492 $ 0$ 0$ 0 Totals $ 450,000$ 50,000$ 400,000$ 196,592$ 203,408 $ 0$ 0$ 0Project Grants General or Core Su pp ort Grants This bud g et has been reviewed and a pp roved b y the followin g individual res p onsible for financial re p ortin g :University of Florida 3/1/2012 $ 400,000 2/28/2014 $4.2 million 10%The budget should contain only one line labeled "General Support" or "Core Support", as appropriate. Do not break budget down into individual categories. The line-by-line budget should use as many categories as appropriate, but no more than eight budget lines to reduce the need fo r modifications. Typical budget categories include: Salaries and Benefits, Consultants, Travel and Travel-Related Expenses, Meeting Expenses, Office Expenses (e.g., telephone, pos tage, etc.), Other Direct Costs (please specify), and (Please note we may also request a more detailed project budget, depending on the nature of the activities, though it is not ne cessary to submit unless specifically requested.) (Please note that we may also request additional financial documents, such as recent financial statements, though it is not nec essary to submit unless specifically requested.) Page 1 of 3


Proposed Grant Budget (Required) Name and Title: [11] E-mail Address: [12] Phone Number: [13]352-273-4707 Jessica Baker, Accounting Coordinator, Center for Latin American Studies Page 2 of 3


Proposed Grant Budget (Required)Instructions 1. Enter the organization's legal name. 2. Enter the expected duration of the grant in the Grant Term field. 2.A. Enter the number of periods in cell C5. 2.B. Select the type of periods (months or years) in cell E5. When you click on the cell, a dropdown box will appear. Use th is tool to make your selection. 3. Enter the proposed start date of the grant. The end date will be calculated automatically. Check to make sure it is corre ct. 4. Enter the requested grant amount. 5. Enter your organization's total annual budget (including all sources) for the year in which the grant would begin. 6. Enter Bud g et Cate g ories consistent with the wa y y our or g anization accounts for funds. For pro j ect bud g ets, there should be no more than ei g ht summar y cate g ories. For core or g eneral support bud g ets, there should be onl y one bud g et cate g or y specified. 7. Enter the total budget for each category, including funding from Ford Foundation and all other sources. 8. Enter the total budget for each category from all other sources of support. 9. Enter the requested budget for each category reflecting the amount of Ford Foundation grant funds only. The sum must equal the grant amount. 10. The Estimated Expenditures for the term of the grant will be calculated automatically. Overwrite the Estimated Expenditures if y our plan requires a different disbursement schedule. The sum of these amounts must equal the amount for the category. A red flag will appear to the left of the disbursement schedule if a row is out of balance with the total budget for that category. 11. Enter the name of the individual who reviewed and approved this budget. This should be the person responsible for financi al reporting. 12. Enter the E-mail Address for that person. 13. Enter the Phone Number for that person.Page 3 of 3