Regulations relating to game land fur animals, and birds in Alaska


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Regulations relating to game land fur animals, and birds in Alaska
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Circular No. 12, Supplement 1 + January 1936

[Published Jan. 10, 1936; effective Apr. 10, 1936]
Pursuant to the authority and direction contained in section 10 of the Alaska
Game Law of January 13, 192. (43 Stat. 739; U. S. Code, title 48, sec. 198), as
amended by act of February 14, 1931 (46 Stat. 1111; U. S. Code, Supp., title 48,
sec. 198), upon consultation with and recommendations from the Alaska Game
Commission, and having determined when, to what extent, and by what means
game animals, land fur-bearing animals, game birds, nongame birds, and nests
and eggs of birds may be taken, possessed, transported, bought, or sold in Alaska,
I, M. L. WILsoN, Acting Secretary of Agriculture, do hereby adopt and publish
the following amendments of the regulations under the Alaska game law adopted
and published on, April 1, 1935, effective July 1, 1933, said amendments to be
effective on April 10, 1936:
Regulation 4.-Possession and Transportation of Fur-Bearing Animals
Live land fur-bearing animals legally taken during an open season may be
retained after the close of said open season or sold for propagation within the
Territory: Provided, That persons possessing such animals shall report their
possession to the Alaska Game Commission at Juneau and apply for a permit
to possess such animals pursuant to regulation 22 hereof within 30 days after
the close of said open season.
The skins of land fur-bearing animals for which an open season is provided,
or parts thereof, when legally acquired, may be possessed and transported by
any person at any time, except as hereinafter provided, but no person who is
engaged in fur farming or is a fur dealer or an agent of a fur dealer shall pos-
sess or transport any fur-bearing animal or part thereof unless at the time of
such possession or transportation he is in possession of a valid license issued
to him pursuant to the provisions of the Alaska Game Law, and no person shall
possess or transport any illegal skin at any time. In case shipment is made
by express or freight, the shipper shall first deliver to the transportation agent
at the point shipment is accepted, or if by parcel post to the postmaster at the
point of mailing, a statement correctly showing the number and kind of skins
in each shipment and stating further that no illegal skin is contained therein;
and further, if shipment contains beaver or marten skins, the statement shall
show serial number of the Commission's seals attached to each skin. Trans-
portation agents and postmasters shall not knowingly accept shipments contain-
ing furs without such statement. If shipment is made by express or freight,
such statement shall accompany it to the port of clearance, there to be taken up
by the collector of the port, or, if by parcel post, by the postmaster at the office
where mailed. In case skins or furs are shipped out of the Territory by means
other than express, freight, or parcel post, the person transporting them shall
deliver such statement to the collector of customs at the port of clearance. Col-
lectors and postmasters shall promptly transmit such statements to the
Skins of beavers or martens imported into the Territory shall be sealed with
a seal prescribed by the Commission within 30 days after such importation, as
hereinafter provided.

Persons importing such skins and desiring to have them sealed shall within
30 days present them to a member of the Commission, to a game warden, or to
any other officer authorized by the Commission to seal skins, together with such
proof of entry or affidavit or affidavits as the Commission or any such officer
may require.
Persons having taken the skins of beavers or martens shall, within 90 days
after the close of the open season during which they were legally taken, person-
ally present them to a member of the Commission, to a game warden, or to any
other officer authorized by the Commission to seal or tag skins, together with
an affidavit of lawful taking completed on a form adopted and furnished by the
Commission and such other affidavit or affidavits as may be required by any
officer authorized to seal such skins: Provided, That persons residing in remote
localities and finding it impracticable to present such skins to an officer author-
ized to seal them as hereinbefore prescribed, may present such skins, together
with affidavit of lawful taking completed on a form adopted and furnished by
the Commission as hereinbefore prescribed, to any individual authorized by the
Commission to attach thereto a tag bearing an authorization permitting such
skins, if legally taken, to be sold and transported within the Territory, subject
to examination and authentication by a representative of the Commission; and
such skins so tagged shall be presented by a lawful possessor to a ward'en or
member of the Commission, or to any other officer authorized by the Commission
to seal skins, for sealing within 90 days after the close of the open season during
which they were taken: Provided, That such commissioner, warden, or officer
may require further affidavit or affidavits of the person taking the skins at any
time before they are ance'pted and sealed as legal skins. A person having
legally taken the skins of beavers or martens during the open seasons may not
sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of such skins until they have been sealed or
tgu~es1l as hereinbefore provided, and no person may purchase or otherwise
procure any such untagged or unsealed skins.
Skins of beavers or martens, unless sealed as prescribed by this regulation
may not be possessed or transported by any person after the expiration of the
time within which they are required by this regulation to be sealed.
No person who is not a bona-fide fur dealer shall possess at any time, unless
sealed, numbers of skiins of beavers or martens in excess of the seasonal bag
limits prescribed by regulation.
Regulation 5.-Marking Shipments of Game Animals, Game Birds, Land
Fur-Bearing Animals, or Parts Thereof
Each package in which game animals, game birds, land fur-bearing animals,
or parts thereof are transported, shall have clearly and conspicuously marked
on the outside thereof the names and addresses of the consignor and consignee
and an accurate statement of the number of each kind of game animals, game
birds, land fur-bearing animals, or parts thereof, contained therein; and if the
package contains skins of beavers or martens, the serial numbers of the Com-
mission's seals attached thereto shall also be similarly marked on the package.
Regulation 18.-Methods of Taking Land Fur-Bearing Animals and Recapture
of Escaped Animals
Except in areas enumerated and defined as closed to Irlppiai.g under regu-
lation 14, land fur-bearing animals may be taken during the open season in any
number and in any manner, except by the aid or use of a set gun of any
description, a shotgun, fire, jack light, pit lamp, searchlight, or other artificial
light, by means of a trap or device known as the "klips", or by means of any
steel lear trap or any other trap with jaws having a spread exceeding 9
inches, or by means of strychnine, or other poison: Proriderd, That no dogs shall
be used to take any land fur-bearing animal (except polar bears in fur district
8; and wolves and coyotes in fur districts 5, 6, 7, and 8), and no prottectre fur-
bearing animal shall be taken from its home. den, or hole by signing, smoking,
or the use of chemicals, and no home, house, den, or runway of a beaver or
muskrat shall be injured or destroyed.
Beavers may be taken only by shooting with rifle and by the use of steel
traps, but such traps shall not be placed within 25 feet of any beaver house or
,len. No beaver may be taken by or with the aid of a shlitgun.

1No change in regulation 5.

Operators of licensed fur farms from which animals escape from captivity
may conduct recapturing operations through the use of legal trapping devices
within a period of 30 days after the discovery of escape of the animals. If
such operations are conducted during the close season on wild animals of the
same species, such operator shall immediately notify the nearest game warden
in writing of the numbers and kinds of escaped animals, the kinds of devices
being used in recapturing operations, and the locality where such operations
are being conducted.
So-called "blackfish traps", commonly used near the Bering Sea coast for
the talking of blackfish, shall be properly screened to prevent the capture or
killing of land fur-bearing animals.
During the close seasons on land fur-bearing animals in the respective fur
districts no person shall set, maintain, or attend traps for wolves, coyotes, or
other unprotected animals without first procuring a permit authorizing him to
do so. Application for such permit shall be addressed to the Alaska Game
Commission, Juneau, Alaska, and shall contain a statement of the nature and
extent of the proposed operations of the applicant.
Regulation 19.-Open and Close Seasons on Land Fur-Bearing Animals
The permission to take fur-bearing animals under regulation 19, effective
July 1, 1935, is modified as to beavers to read as follows:
Fur district 1: Beaver.-No open season.
Fur district 2: Beaver.-No open season.
Fur district 3: Beaver.-No open season.
Fur district 4: Beaver.-April 10 to May 10. Bag limit 10.2
Fur district 5: Beaver.-South of and including the drainage to the Unala-
kleet River, April 10 to May 25. Bag limit 10.2 Remainder of fur district
5, no open season.
Fur district 6: Beaver.-West of the Alaska Railroad from Broad Pass to
Fairbanks, west of the Steese Highway from Fairbanks to Olnes, and west
of the Olnes-Livengood Road to mile 26 from Fairbanks where it intersects
the northern boundary of fur district 6, April 10 to May 25. Bag limit 10.2
Remainder of fur district 6, no open season.
Fur district 7: Beaver.-No open season.
Fur district 8: Beaver.-No open season.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the official
seal of the United States Department of Agriculture to be affixed
R in the city of Washington this 10th day of January 1936.

Acting Secretary of Agriculture.
2 Taken only as provided in regulation 18 and tagged or sealed as provided in regula-
tion 4.


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