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Coast Guard bulletin
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United States -- Coast Guard
Treasury Dept., Coast Guard
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 1939)-v. 4, no. 1 (July 1948).
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Issues for July 1939 to June 1942 numbered v. 1, no. 1-36; issues for July 1942-June 1945 numbered v. 2, no. 1-36; issues for July 1945-June 1948 numbered v. 3, no. 1-36.
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"CG 134."
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...,. J


Volume 3


Adia usel8WechUC,
.retired, wn~rtime~ co~mumudatnt oIf tle
.Coast Guar'd, and hcad~ of ther orlganlizu-
t ion during its greaj~test pleriodt of dr-
i. velopment andl expansion. dliedt at the
Naval Ho~spita~l. Bethes~da, nIll., onr Oit,-
.ber 17, fromi anl illnessi o~f lonig standing.
Recently designaftdc~ byPrsdet
Truman as onlre of the elderi staltrsmen's
/,:,`organizationr fo..r natio~nal de~Ifrjnse~ and t
thus selected~ a~ onle of theC 10:I topl-ranlk-
ing wa rt ime I~leders~ of the a rmed~ for~es.
..Admuirl Waeschelt held a poc'Sitionl in the ~
history of the Coasnt Guard'C appru~'cnChld
by no other comumaiundant
Entering the Revenue C~utter~ Serv~ice
in 1930-1, Admiranl W\nesiche entr-lrdc upon l
his first assignment inl Wash~;lingJ~ton in
1915, the year ini which the Reve~nue
Cutter Service and the Life Saving r
Service wer~le ccnpcolidantted to formll the
Coast Gunedt. He took~l a verly active j
part in the dlinic~ult adm Ini n ist ra~t ive
work which wais Irequilredl to: snecess~~-
fully necomlnpli ih thisi meriqri. This
period, in wThich he helrled to evlop ~~l
the enlarged and iclosejly coordl~tinatlj d
service was excellent trafining fo~r his
work as conuuanilldanlt, to, whiCh1 heC was ~
appointed in 19E36. an1d forl Still anlother '
mergrer~--~th of thle Lighthouset Servic~e
and the Coast Guar~ld. w~hicih tooCk pIlaCe
in 1930. This seconndl merger~P not only ~
involved the assimilatioc n o-f over~1 ~1000
persons, manny oif w~hichl assaumd a
military status. but prince(. Iunderi Ccast
Guard jurisdiction an entlir~ely new type
of engineering wor~k of considerable
Smagnitude. In this connsolidantio.n. Ad-
miral WVaesebe was the lender to whom
was due n Inrge part of the credlit for

iing the~ trannsitioni pleriodt..
Hardtly bud1 the ILighthousl~e Serv\icer
been'l talkenl ovr .than11;I Admluirl Waearchell
v'isua~liztil a1 vo(lunltteer organ:ilza1tionI of
,va;chismenl.l. under C'vnst G~uard nus-

the vast fletl o.f p~leas~ure ern;ft. Cocn-
yress autho~'z rizing .suh an1. orgaizat~l ionTi
it wasl Soonrl anL neoplne fact.

porney7~' Raeserve.

A-uxiliary~. canuic ther legi~slation c-rcntingF

fo r al war~~t ime texpan s 5io 1; In parafl leln t hat
olf thet oslther military serv.icets.Inti
Admrlira~l ll'nes.iche was thle Ialead, feetling
that the coastlt Guard~t coculdl take~ a1 place
in wa;r foir molrre imlporltat thanu it had~

ing thle fulc~tions~ of thle Const Guard~l~
w~asi fth Exc~ui\tiv ( leder w~hic~h p~llaced
ther Bueai~~u of RI~lllarin TInsp~ctionl and1t
Nav'iga~ti ion rf ther Depa'rtmentlf of C~om--
melrcer underl thr c~on~t Guneld for thle
d111ntrionr of hos~tiliiities. Here agalin Adl-
muirl Wnesc~he's talentsi for conlso~lidn-

ttth erl~ newly ded Iorganuiizatio~l~~nsere unt
ope~tratted as~ sara~te dlivisions~ of thle
('ost Gualrdl but werei quite co~mpletely
amalgama~nin tedl. It wafs thle Admuiral's
be-lirf that thle best results ~e're obtain-
able w~hen the~rti was1 a free inter'changegc
oif p~ersnniel amngl~l nil the duties andl
billetsi olf thr Se~rvice.

C. G. Distribution: A. B. C, D. E, anid List lot.~
1 Published with the approval of the Direc-tor of the Bullcet..





experience and n continuing policy, and
achir\evd ~for himself the admiration of
all w~ho knew that his heroism was no
less than that displayed in actual com-
balt. His life was, beyond question, in
the best traditions of the naval services,
Hie retired because of disability in 19415.


The rescue operantions at the scene of
the recent crafshh o~f thle Belgian air liner
in Snewfou~ncilland. constituted an out-
standiing example of b~oth international
a7nd inter-service coopileration, as wvell
as dlemonstrating the value of the beli-
reop~ter on rescue emissions.
At thle timle of the clrnshh of this plane
neither the Newfoundlandl or Canadian
Gov~~l~ernment hadl helicopters with
which to performii the rescue work; and
without which the loss of life would
bave unquestiolnably been very much
mor-le s~evere. The C~oast Guardl volun-
teered~ thle use of its helicopters and the
United~ States ArmyI provided the large
air tranusports neededc to get the beli-
copters quickly to the scene. Army per-
sonnel and~ trappers qluickly reached
the scene of the plane crash, but so
severely inju redt were ma ny of the plane
paRssengers that any formn of transpor-
tation other than by' airplane would
bnve been fatal to many. The nature
of the surroundings would not admit
of thie landing of a-ny of the conven-
tional types of p~lane.
Gandler airport, not manny miles from
the scene of the crnsb. oifforded landing
flc~ilities~ for large land p~lanes. A lake
nearer the scene permitted the land-
ing of senplaness andl a small clearing
even closer to the wr~ecked plane, to
which the survivors hadl been carried,
~fford~edl n landing for helicopters.
Tc,ast Guardl helicopters were par-
tially dismantled at the Coast Guard
Air Station, Brooklyn, N. Y., and flown
tot Gander Air~por't by Army T'ransport
C'ommland planes. There they were re-
assemnbled. In making the rescue, the
helicopter moved the survivors from
the small clearing near the scene of the
cra~sh, to a point on the lake where they
were trans~ferrIed to a Coast Guard PBY.
The PBY in~ turn transferred the pa-
tients to the Gander Airport, where
hospital facilities were available. As it
was imperative to move the patients at
the earliest practienblee moment, the
helicopters were used only between the
small clearing and the lake site, thus
saving much timne.

W'ith the actual opening of hostilities
and the trannsfer oef the Coas;7t Guard to
thle Navy, A\dmiral Wuesche'es task; be-
en me t ha7t of dev\elopling the Coalst uarId
to handle thle mnyfn Spcial' 3 typeR of work
a~s each w~as assignedl to it. Waterfront
priotectioni a1nd tht prevenitio~n of anbo-
tucge, the control of pilotage, t ranin ing forr
emplh i bIinus I Jl audigs, thie development t of
elec~trjonic nids to unvigation, assistance
in the submarine patrol, estanblishment
of niavigaitional aids at newly atl~quired
avnl\lrcetd hu:ltses w\ealther obs.~ervarion.
G;reenland patrol, ice breaking, manin? iu
of transplort~ andl' otherl Navy-~ vecsselw-
all thlese taskcs e~nmel in rapid succession.
Along with these new duities, thle Coaist
Guard expandeld tol mny~n t times its great-
est pnc~etimp size., an1d as~; a part of the
military forices, the ~cenes of its oper-
ntio:ns soon, sp~reald ov'er n InegFe par~t jf
the globe.
Never before hald thle Cjoast G~ua~d
been so larg~ ano organization, or it
tasks so varie anid of such millitaryr im-
portanc~e. Thle niumber of men and
women in~ the Seric-e nlumbered more
than 170,000K) nud the number of ships
andc honts mannedJ by Coast Guafrd
cirews formed anr armada eqlual to the
navyg of manny a foreign ,owetr.
Admiral Wnetsc~he, w\hose illness o~ver-
took; bim early in the war, had the
choice of immuediate retilrlement and the
probable prolonigment of his life, or of
remlaining on dutyv so long na he wns
In chioosing the latter course hie gave
thle Cioast Guard the benefits of his long



The following enitriesi are fr~omi the
log of one of thle helicopters:
0030 Departedl Brooklyn1 Air Station l
in Army Transp~ort Commandt C'-54 N'o.
2558 for Ganidrr, Newfoundlanid.
Newfoundlanld times:
0815 ArrIived Gandler, Newfoullnd~lan.
Contracted Lt. Comditr. Schrudetr and ~
was advised that Lconast G~uart F'BY was
being operated to anld fr'omL; a Inke only
5 miles to the wecst of plane crash. It
wras from this Inkle rltht the lanid rsc~ue
party hlad nmll;ie their wayzlJ down'1 the
river in rubberIboats to the crnsh after
being flown to thle Inkei~ inl Cons;t Guard
PBY. Sjix hours timne was requlired by
the land rescue telnm to muake the trip
from the lake to thle scle ne ith r'ufts in
tow. They estimated the time reqjuir~d
at 36 hours~ to, makeli thle tr'ip in reverse
because of traveling: upstream. .
It wans decided to make an aerial
survey of thet scene olf thle ernsh aInd tle
lakre arena inl searchl of a p~ossib~le hell-
'copter landinlg site.
0830 Depalrted inl Conrst Guard PBY,
Lt. Comdr'. Schroder as~ pilot. Observed
clearing onl to~p of hiill one-fo~urt h mile
from scene of crash as nearest erneu-
ating point.
Located clearing on west endl of Inke
shore to be used to transfer surviors b
from the helicopter to the PBY.
Returned to Gander.
At 1000 unloading of HOS had been
completed, and assemlbledl star~ted.
It was decided in ordelrl to~ speed op-
erations that the helicopter wans t, re-
move survivors from the scene of the
crash to the lake site, a1 dlistance lf 7
miles, where a transfer would be made
to the PBY plane, unless the dIctor on
the scene advised against too, much
handling of critically injured suirvivors.
Gasoline andi boalrds were to~ be flown
in to the lake site, and platform built
on soft muskeg for helicopter landing.
The Coast Guardc PBY tookl 017 fr
the lake site to land maiterials and to
advise the rescue party at scene of
crash of the plan. and also to learn the
condition of the surface in the clear-
ing near the crash.
1230 Vannelli, chief aviation manchin-
ist's mate in charge of reassembling the
helicopter estimated~ 3 hours more time
needed to complete the assembly of the
HOS8 (Lieutenant Kleisch's helicopter)
and have it ready for flight. Cr'ew re-
fused to stop work for chow. PBY re-
turned after putting working party
ashore atEake to build the landing
platform. Wio lumber w-as dropped near
scene of crash because the rescue party
advised that the surface was firm. The

landt rescue pa11rty wa's then moving sur-
v.ivors to th~e clrlarinlg.
143?0 heclicoptetr assembly completed,
-1.5 hourlls Irequired.l Cr'Ew~ did ondel~tr-
ful jl..b.
1--10J .clnstarte (.nginle anid miadle short
rest flight.
11-1.5 clepan~trt for~ scrlene f crash wTithl

andit a litter sptcially arlteredl to fit
1512 Inlanded at scene elf cr;ash. InI-
forrnmation as to tilrtuness of surlface wans
fauI ty w'~ hrels of hel icocpterl settlcld
.slowly into musker: until the helicopter
r~este on its fuselage. Enrginet hadt to?
h~e stopped~t been;use o.f the enrbhuretor'

near ll.i;Cl'ne o'f (IaSh1 fromll whlich to c~on-
StrulCt a Illanding spot~ forl thep helicopter.
O)'Leary, avniation ortlnance man first
class noting as p~hotourophelltr, to remain
ait sce-ne to aidl in handling operations
at this end. Inistruc~tedl him to> lay down1

to: renmnin nt thic pocint.
Conusulte d ~ieulte~lnant nlurtin, Unitedl
States- Armuy Ilector,. abnut plani of eynec-
untion. Eight survivors in very critienI
conditionll 3 of w~homn a'e not esDected
to Blurvivet alnother nlipht. Five surv~i-
verIs had alr~eadyl died on thle 19th.
Eighteen reumainedl t( be taken out.
Two~ surv~ivocrs with brokenzl vertahlrae to
be takcln out Inst today inl hopes that
-econdl helicopter might aiid ini taking
thrse 2 surv~ivors dlirect to Gandler, to
avoiid too nmuch handling. It wans neces-
saryr to transfer paien~~t from one litter
to> another asd the' heiopterL able to)
enrryr only the especially modified litter,
Plan all set ready to evacnate. Due to
the mushy texture of the muskeg, the
tail o~f the belicop~ter had sunk into the
groundl so that grass was~ touching the
tail rotor of thme helicop~ter. The tail of
the helic~opterr was lifted andl tail wheel
p~lneed on rolledl tent and blockl of w~ood.
Carbu~lreter alir entra;nce clear~ed.
The first .survivolr, the stewanrdess,
taken on board through an improv\ised
hole in p~lexiginss no-se. This mnodifica-
tio:n was burriedlly made during disas-
sembllyi of HOS at Broo~lyvn Air Station,
wrhieb would otherwnise have necessi-
toted cutting out the side of thle enbin.
beenuse of nece~sfsar dellente handling

1600~ started enlgine andl detparted for
lake. No difficulty experienced in tak-
ing off.
1606 arrived at lake shore clearing.
Platform not completed so again landed
in muskeg. Shut dlown engine. Survi-


sury~, for extra1 delicate ha ndling of next
survvor.It wans absolutely essential;
her life depended upon it,
18-10 departed for seventh survivor.
1845, arrived at crash scene; survivor
was carefully lifted into helicopter. Her
face showed great pain at slightest

Rece~ived instructions in handling pa-
tient from1 Docrtor' Martin when making
the transfer at the lake.
1852J' departed forl lakei. Sun had set,
onily a half ho~ur of daylight remaining.
1S~ arrived at ~lake: instr~uctedl men
oln hnrd-ling patient. to be very enreful
nrot to c.hanlge- thle position of the head
in r~elation to the b)ody. Mlen made sev-
era'fl attemlpts. stating they could not do
it b~caruse of her pain, andt fear of c~aus-
ing further in~jury. Directed them to
enfry1' on as doctor had forewarned that 1;
she hadt to bie transferred and the
c~hanc~e taken, as one mlor~e and the
mocst cr~itientl patient was still to be
tvacu~nted. Tra nsfer was successfully i

1986f dep~n 'rted lake on final trip for :
thr dany to remover eighth survivor. ;
1011 Inlalrdr andt r~eceive~d suroivor'.
IIndl somie dliffic-ulty in getting him
thi~-rogh opening ini nose because of his
size aInd being wrnoped~c inl a sleeping.
bugp. ;
19201 deparn~tte forl Gandler F~ield. It
was dark btjforej reaching destination
bult soron pickled up airporl'ft beaCon1 which
;lidled in r~etur~n.
1945 lantlrd at Gander andi made
trannsfer o~f survivor to ambulance.
O~thrr than landing on mluskeg no dif-Th
ficuoltyv in flyinS wa~s experienced.Th
m~chanisc had donne a fast and careful
.iob, which madelF early evacuation of
surv~ivors possible. Corordlination be-
tweenl the vr~ious rescue teams after c
first transfer was perfect and three ~
PBY'si keptt busg shuttling between the
Ilake and Gander Field. O'Leary re-
mained overnight at crash site along
w\ith original land Ieresene party.
Operations for evacuating the re-
miainlig survivors will be resumed to-
mlorrow, Sunday, 22' Septemnber. at day-
The three helicopter pilots who tooks
part in the Gannder rescue were later
present at the office of the Secretary of
the Treasuary in W\ashington, when the
Secre~tary plresented to the Acting Com-
miandlant of the Coacst Guard a letter
~oiinunending thle service for its part in
this r~esc~ue.



vor was r~emov\ed andit deliveredt to PB'.
Instructed offictr inl charge at Inke to
hanve litters available onl shore awaiting
to translfer pa;titent hmnllediately to an-
Other litter to sure timue as~ only 3 hours
dayl light remained and night operations
veryvLZ hzrdlous, and would niot be
a t t emp ItedC.
100it depla rted froml thle Inke for selcond

T&&5 nerived at the site of the crash.
Boar~lds had bee~n dropped anld plalced
in poition Recived~ sjc~ond survivorl.
Il'is t eparted for Inke.
170~0 arrived Inlke, transofe~rredt patient,
took on fuel. Lieutteniut Boltoni now on
Inke scenie to direct op~erationis at th\t
endl. Platformi completed.
170n dlep~arted for thirdl sur~ivor.
1714- arrived~ at i'rash1 Site. received
17i21 de~partedl for Inke.
1727i arriv'ed ait the Inke, transifelrred l

1734~ departedt for fourth surv-ivor.
17;39 arrivedl aIt the e~rnsh site; re-
ceivetd surv~ivor. Thie doctor was wor.
riedl ahou t get t ing all eigh t surrvi ors out,
and as pilannedi thle Int tw~o oit were
the mos~t critical of those remainiiing,
anld it was imuperantive that it be timed
to ssr their evacunltion. Just
sufficient rntim rtmainedt v to remove~1 right
as plannedtl p~rovided all went w~ell and
everybody y wcllrked at to:p spEeed. By this
timle operations at both sites werc~e ver~y
pr'oficienut. wTith no moc:tion1.
174'i dleparted cransh site.
1751 ne~rivedl lake anld m1a~de tralnsfer.
17503r deparlnted for fifth surviv-or.
18.1 ar'riverd crashl .c~ene, received
surivr.Inlformed by Do.CI~tr Martin
thlat if secolndl heli(Copter~ didl nolt arrive,
it wouldt be nectssary to, take olne~ of the
less cr~itical of thle twTo Sulrvivors, who
had a b~roken neck_1, to th-e Inkle for trans-
fclr w\hic~h he had horpedl to, avoidl. The
doctor w~asi making somes heroic decisions
as all eight iiurvivorss weei severely in-
jurel andr thle last two woluld not su Rrvive
nrocther night.
190A; toock olff for Inke.
1812 nrriverd at lake, trasoferreed sur-

18231 allirrive at crnshl scene~: received
survivors. Doctor wo~rriced forI fear dar11k-
ne~ss will cuit slfolrt the work.
1829) toolck off folr lake site.
153.'1 arrived Inke andt tra;nsfelrred sur-
\ivor. Adv\isedl Li jutenantl Bolton to
have as manny hinta ndsailable ase neces-

forI1( flau toll coastl'il G inar un;lt Alll~

nid we1~ Ire made avalal for\ Tloan tost~~

riir1'81 Unrluit nig(I ts.ii' ~ h

to ~ ~ ~ ~ I the Trasr lioortetit b~came

rlicessary~ f ol~ilr newj~ arranmetlic to beI~~

Depatme was, th- Icerlforlie. regnoste
iu~lito al I Pth I fst Ga~lrd rto mnctinlue

gransliited ian thre Cot fnrdr theriav on-
c~fthr a inting tids ec~tions andllr i brarlie s.
~nIint mnusth relutized that etthis hexte
Esinn of Stheueo h llitiulr rsner of th
ltrait ninl, uip n seminns nd ntjlibrares

Rent~s-irely vlun.~ptary the:1lrjt par~t ofth

rii tm ll ni hurderics uposibll e he posilaed
Tbn to tafso t her ccl ecIl'tionf ah nd Li
lnltended fluit~onst Gue unie-tsn will

libtrac~ryl w~~aii l brTured Dimmedtor y
upoe~lsln ry ni lltr~ian ucs te Dulo s tha th

f '"


I .




Followving thle rescue, thle letter quoited
below was rece~ived byl~ thet Deprll'tmen~r t ~f
State from ther Beclgituun Ambassador to
the U~nited States.
WASHINGTON, Septem,2ber .:!.'; 1946li.
SmR: The Belgi~um Mlinister~ forl Focr-
eign Affairs has~ instCrulctcted mer t can. 1
vey to the G~overrlrlnmt o~f thc U~nited
States of Ameriren thle feetlingr o~f Iro.-
found gratitudlc sheared uIlikp by thtr ((\'-
ernment andc p~eoplle cf Beltlgimlu for~ tle
very gl~~rea help so> effic~iently givenl by
the Amuerien~n fdrrees in the~ difticullt talsk
of rescuing thle surv\ivors of the Belgimu l

last week ini New~foulndll lanl.
The inge~nuity, thle ertions free~ly disphyedc~ under gl~r\ilvus
condition by~ the Air (-'..rps,~ thle Nalvy.
and thle C~on~st Gua171rd har; witness at
once to thle human~ll feelings~ so, d~eep in
Amerien n hear Its andlr to t he warm'1 frli~ied-
ship, existing bertw~ee Ith two cc~unltries.
Belgium w~ill keep> always ther memoory oif
this help.

my highest ouside~ra tiou.

The Honi. W'LLI.AM L. C'LaYTON,


The use of traninig n~ids~ inl the p~eace-
timle! activities of thle Colnst G~uard has ~
b~een mladeZ lxwsible throughl~l the cooIIIPL'a-
tioin of the Navyg. Suclh nid~s we~re wId~e
available to: rthe Coaft G~uardl during the
time that the .ser~vice~ ope~ratecd as a parlt
of the N'avy. The NaVy~- Depail~rme~nt,
nowo, hans notrt favoirably ulkln a request
for a rerenewal o~f t he a rirangeen t. Mu1Ch
of this straining matercial, duc'b uIS moI.tion
picture filmls,, slide films~i. etc.. would not
otherwise be Ilbtailnable by thle Cea~t
Guard been~use~ of thle relativerly high
cost in n small service and a1 Inek of p~er-
sonnel to plclrodue suchl item9.
The ndvanntages of the facr~ilities~ of-
fered by the Navy\ are set fourth il n
personnel ~ir~culalr julst issued b~y Hend-
quarters, the contents of wvhiesb a~e as
The facilities of thle Nati' tri'ning ii
aids sections and libra;rie~s have been
available to the Const Gune~ld fromll Dr-
c~ember 1813, thrlughout the perirld
thereaftei~when the Co~nst Guard was
operating under the ~navy Department. .


tions for muemlbership were solicited.
Twenty-five~ boat owners signed up that
evening, their actual enrollment being
conltingentt upon their passing an ex-
nmninatiol andll their boats passing ?n
inspeedocn. This groups designated

Following thle meeting for boat own-
ers, a second ga7thlering was arra~'nged for
the wnirers of a~mateur radio stations.
There ar~e TD active stationss of this tye
in the Puerto Rico andl Virgin Islan~s
ne~ea. Owner~s of approximately~ 30 of
these attended thet~ meeting, andt 17 indi-
centedl their w-illinlgness to join the
A\ third mneetinr: has Iino been pro-
jected as a means of initerestingp the
owners of private planes. andi it is ex-
pec~tedl that mainy of these will also join
t he Auxili ry.
In1 order to e~nable ship~ anod air~craft
hav\'igb automatic randio directionl find.
ers to make~ use of the uignals,~ three
Unitezd Staltes I~ti-lt;radishmeo inl the We~t
Indies area havl\e bleen modtilledt forl Icoi-
tinulous carr'ier op~eratiol. Sain Juan
rafdiohet-ncom. opera~ting~ on 26kl-
cyrcles: Gont TIsland~ IJamlleni~) radio-
beneon, opecrating~ onI 30(1 kilcyCles:: and l
Trinidadl oiperatinr i1n SoS kiilolvele~s;
ar'e thle .itationi; nffectel.
E~ncl of thle above-m\r-ention~ed stations
will be opelraltedt with al con~tinuousll en:r-
r~ier waver dur~ing the entire rnalichaeo-lcn
minute, withl ki\eye mlcdulaltionl to~ pIo-
videc the chanrnetecristic.. In nlon-teeb-
nient language thiis means tha~t the
observecr listningil to anyl~ rf threse radiO-
beneonl s will hea~fr n contllinuous tone,
with~ thle dots and1I dashes-I of the Chalfr-
noter'istic supe~rimposedet inl al higher key.
As usei of radiclbene~on signarls by
craft fitited withl automatic radiio diree-
tioni findlers requires that the signal: be
avaiinbrle at all hours~ of the day and r
night, thle 3 Werst Indies radiilobeac~ons
arep Inow heing operatedl colntinuously on
a 2--1-hour1 bansis. Thisr means thant each
staltion branfdentst fo~ 1 minute, nud
thenl is offt for two minutes, one or an-
other of the three being on the air at
all1 times.
In order to determine the usefulness
orf this typeR of trnnSmission, and to
justify the continuation of this service
on a permanent basis, all ships andl air-
craft making use of this new feature of
these raldiubeacons ar~e asked to com-
mnunicante their comments to the Com-


mander of the Tenth Coast Guard':
District. ;
An account of the Const Guard's re-
search and developmentall work in the
held of fire fighting aboard ship was
givena in an address before the thirty-
fourth National Safety Congress and
Exposition. on Oc~tober 9-. by lr. Wil-
liaml T. Butler, chief olf the hazarld pre-
vention section, merchant vessel inspee-
tion dlivision, at Coast GuarLd head- .
quartlers. MIr. Butler's speech not only
dealt with the w~ork accomplished dur- '
inlg the warnl, including an extensive :
tra;ininlg prlograml but with the tests
whlichl arle still under wayp in San Fran-

Excerplts from this speech follow:
Thle wanr needs of ourl fighting forces
oftlou:t gave't impe~tusll to retsearlchl and the
dev~ielopmrent of advanced methods of
prevj\entionL and1C cZotrolt'l cf fir~e on board
shp.The Navy~ and the Coast Guard
leadt inl these crlendeaors~. Fire training
schools wecre srt up on both the east and
we~st coasts: moc0kups) of bo(iler' and en-
gine roomliis were buiilt. andt tests simu-
lating netual conlditionlS atl~at were car-
r~ie out dany after day;: the firets being
controlled andt extinguished by personnel
assigned to the training schools, to fit
themi for the t~s~ks whichl lay ahead.
Thle theories of damange control, chem-
istry~ of fire, types and applienltionl of.
Fortablee fire extinguishlers, and use of
CO., foa~m, fog, andl water as extinguish-
inr: agents were taught and the actual
appliention of eneb wans practiced.
Anl exp~erienlCet in New Yor~k Harbor
whnlln the enrgo ship El EPter~o. with
3,000n tons of ammnitioriin on board,
rnug~ht fire inl its bo~iler room, was the .
impetius which lendl the Coast Guard to
expaRnd its exp~eriments an~d develop a
realistic program of tests in the control
of fires occurring in the engine room
and boiler rooml spaces of sbhips. ::Y
Twe~nty-cone exp~erimental fire tests
were conducted in thle engine and boiler
rooms of a L~iberty-typ~e ship. .i
Low pressure water fog, foam, and
carbon dlioxid~e were used as extin-
guishing agents in these tests. From a
study of case histories preceding the
tests, it is believed the test fires were
more severe than would be expected in
the engine or boiler rooms of operating
vessels under normally conditions. One
of the objectives of these tests was to
determine the possible effect upon ex-~ ~~~



x ,i


tinguishmlent of ma~chinryr synelce fires
.by controlling air flow throug~lfh tle mei-
daium of ventilators~ and1( trlrl; openlings
;: in the ship's structuree whlichl permit adt-
ditional amlounlts of oxygen~r inl :lic rem;1-h-
ing the fire. It was def'iniitely estab-
lishedl that the rate osf burn'ling w~itiin
the spnee decrenyiell as~ nic inltale npe'n-
ings wer~e blankllel off. Th'liis wasl o~ne' of
Sthe most significant findlings as it was ~
i. notedl in thle fires that na~ the temperntli-
ture increnasedl withlin thle maInerLIII~v ~
space there wa;s a considerale; 1 inlc~rease
in the volumie o~f arthlitional~l fretsh :rii
.: being drawn into the spnce rhibroug tle
air intake openings.
M Iethods foundl to be sncessBfull in
fighting fires in manchineryg s~nces may .
be summrled up usM follow~:
(1) Conltr'ol the suplyD1 of nir into
the comnpartuent.
(2) Abandonl thle idean tha~t volumer of
w-ater' fromt straightl strcztusl is an1 ef-
ficient tire~-extinguishinge aIgent forL these
(3) In the control of ventilatil-n,
provide an escape ve~nt fromu thec tlp
side olf the compa~irtmnttll to the :tt-
mosphere to p~revent anr rxplosion from u
hot gases awl1( prov-ide~- a ready~l escape
for these gases and stream genratll ~`\ti~
during appTlien1tionl of wanterflog.
(4) Provid-e fo gheadl equipmiient-
foamu proprciltioners.~~ or foam genera~tc: rs,
foamu nozzles, high reilorcity fvg nozzles' .
and por~table cjxy-neetylene burning
eqluipme~nt, and famlilirlilze tir'e tighters
with their uise o~n board vetssels.
The interest engeJndered~t by thle mn-
chineryS spance exper~iments ledl to an ex-
tension of thiese experiments to, the fiekl
of fires in c~argoes on aboard ships~. A
joi nt oper t ion was~ crate~t~d, parIt i cina ter
in byr thle Transportatioln Co~rps. Army
Service Forces8: Bureaul o-f Ship~s, iNavy
Department: R~esurro Div-ision. I.'nitetll
States Manri t ime Commisssi onl: Wanr Sh i p-
ping Adminis~tra7tion;l and the Coast
Guard as thle operating agenlt. Inidustry
had participate to a limuited extent in
the machinery spnee exp~erimenlt. For
the eargo experimentt this interest was
expanded to included owners and1C op~ra-
tors of merchant vessels, \-essel dle-
signers andi builde~rs, malritimle undelr-
writers, th~e National Bonrd of Fire Un-
derwriters, thle Nat~ional Fire Proltection
Association, The Inte~rnatio~nal A~sscin-
tion of Fire Chiefs, andl the manufac-
.turers of safety aplplianrces anld fi~e ex-
tinguishinig equipment. Representatives
.of these segments of industry served on
the comulipee in an0 advisory CaplCity.

The11 rrests are still underwar~y onl bonrdd

Bay.g TheII Ihil, is ii convl\erted Liberty

withinwr hlds ntnt. therwnise the

smlotheir~iing systrnm is intrdt in the e~nrg~o

InrliCIuI ;Ippilieub~le to mer'chant etes

An miilitroe Ilyp o sok etct n

unoii utie0 tnrik ; ~it Iinstai h -0 iin sthei

bridgetll' Iiue. Ai~irt bank of~~t ni. cyln-
blers d is~ instkle~d~ in te 'tweenli deck co
cP artme c~l\rl nt aboe No hohl .1ii ;Inis

sure 1'O, etankli ~ and ~ dis~tributin syt
is bel~ling used lllrl oh ~~ in toerss
Tnlnim pilwinni objels civs f thisg ft terg

fire T ex erientllu are:f~ct~
nl i) To~li detai nl stiI~ i formation on theno k
plcharneferinst ~ills of tie n hl ds in volvi -i
inthr n.idal .enrgoestil, n wit rspec to:
9,,,., i4 nif dev e \lopme nlt of thefiet em-t
r-ra eti~tureg othr inslid the horldl, anil on
;7f( hlses evolvd: inte of I'~ llnrl' r an
trcilux; Ifgasesan prfihnhilc s rapidity of
spnd of fniaire t no adnjaent hoblds. n
iecninic, ha Toetbli~ hotst mths of elr
picntro le ~l nd hligschfrsi
Id lwlg whichwoul i1.~~nvolv expeimen
tation wnlbi mehos of ni senorl ing off th
holel. ~uintrod T'i'on of einhn dioxide,
andipntrc.nduc rit~ofrlpi-tion, ofsta
(c) Toll deteirrm ~cbine m igost effrctve
ini thd ~aof ofl extingu;ishnnt wmohrk-
ing nenrgo: under adverse cmlitions:
plsrobbl inolveoilntor nn comitio o

`Iether w~ith:Appiction of fogs a~prcnd
..f I'elt ntilatn the ho ore movezl in tismoed


plemenit to which has just been pre-
pu red.
The British publiention includes a c;
per~forlmanee spec~ification to sevea
ar biasis in the dlevelolpment of radars .
for mle~c~hant essel ulse. The pamphlet
also: dlscrib~es radarll tr'ia1ls made aboard
H. lIl. S. "Pillir"r' lt the mouth of the
Thame IU~er. c~hart of the area in
whbichl the trlinals werle madn~e is repr~o-
*Inicell. andl also shownll ar1e the indica-
tions bcllta~iinedl ith the plane position

Ther Chlief oif KNaall Operations re-
lievedzr thle Cons~lt Guarlld of the necessity
of ('ertify'ing to, COmmallndantst of naVal
dlistriers~ that meirchanln t \essels trans-

arItic.lesi hav~\e~ been' Ilaned andl stow~ed in
narehoui e withc ~ n ~reiIgulationrs governing
sulch eairgues. unrderi daite of Augulst 28,


Amolrnn thr Navy \resels mnInled byr
thei (coast G~u;Ird~ during the war~ were

(Iell~ic. The1TSe were~ attach~led to C'om-

tol~n when 1 ilandrd with petro ~leu m

Ther nilh or, frmrl the Gulf
'?rrrwn. wals nequ-llilred I~y the N~avy in

hemmeilll the 1'8('G D~ip Horni in January,
10,-.14, an thle IX-207 inl January, 1945.
T'he ('riltic andl~ .lherlrlred w~ere for-

**Arrow"' 1elass. andl wer~e acquired in
~Illnuns inl -1. 4, and ma3nned(~ by' the
(conlst Guallrd aIt thart timer. The Ce~ltic
we;1 designa7ted IX-137.. and the AIba-

l'llhese~ veissls were' in addition to
those tabulalted in the August, 19416,
issuer of thel C'o.\s GU~xaR BULLETIN.


'IlTh following pe'rsonnlel of the Coast
Gunl~l I;\rd have bn awarded medals, dlec- .
oraiosrc~onulnendationsn~ during
Warb WarII.This list supplements
thart Iphlli.hedl in thle Januarry, 1946, .:




All Cons~rt G~ualrd cap~tain-of-the-port
identriticentilon enrds ha~ve been dleclared t
inva;lid. they~ no longer being required
fo ny pu1~ rpllOses. For mall publlliC' n~ti2e
o~f this c;ncerllationu appeat'redl in the Fed-

Du!ring~ the war,. caprtainl-of-t l-the-port
idenltification L ends'l wetre is~ued in
erenlt Iloumbe~rs Imore,' thanll 41 million in
New YorLk alone I to, the mlillionsl oif per-

nactivities of thle Un~itedt Staters. The
ened't.ii wer~c aluthorizedl uslerltl the Espi''-
rnage Act o~f Junec 1i. 11, ',as Iniended.
The no~r pcrmiittc ed (;aptaIin-~of-tlin-pocrt
endsl r Ito b issuedt to: (;II mariners em-
p~orlae onI Uniited StaItrs ships; (b) em-
pilriyes w~orking~ onr ships~. or at wa:terl-

c-nd~s dlors rIot, inl any1\ way, offec~t the
vanlidity of Cons;it Gua;rd identlifientiln
cardsl is nod to1 military members of its


Thle 1910; edition of the ~ight Liist for
the Intr';raconstal Wa'iterwa~y has julst

July 1. As thle aids to rnavigation in
this wnterwayn are on a full peacetime
basis, thlire is no change in. thle form of
the list over that published last year.
Thr corl~rc~ctions1 to the list aire due en-
tiretl- to theP no~rmal work of mal~intalin-
ing thle aiids. The new list is on sale by
ther Suplelitrintendent of Dllcumeln ts.
Was~hingtonl 2'.-, D. C., at 40 cents per


Thelrlre ha been~ pulblished~r by the Br~it-
ish A~ilinitl\r f Tranllsport, a pamphlet
enititledi "Radalr. for Merlchlnnt Shipsa."
This pnmplhlet has b~eenl ishsued byg His

dluringR thle piiresnt year, and is priced l
at nnepnce en~v.The p~nmph~let
8terves~ thle saIII~le intrianse and1 is qullite
similn r to ther Coast G~ualrd publienition








issue of the C~onst Guard'~ Bulle~tin. Thllis
.material w~ill allso ber arralngedr accordlt-
ing to type o~f dtcoII;tcrato orl instal;1 unl 1

.issue of thr BUnlletill.

Alger, Jamest~ A~.. Jr.., CcointainnlerlP. : (Co11n-
mendalrtioni Ribbon. .

mander:~ Bronllze Starl Medal~l.

Guerire writ Silver Starl.
Ambler. Geolrget H., .Tr., lieultenanllt r1R):
B~llroz .ctar Med~al.
AltltlSOIl I c'h str hI., olnntte .
Cl~thlllrlllticfl1 i IRibbon.

Ineii~ntiatio Itibbon.

nin'er Uit (Collllonietlisitionl Ri~-
Alppel, Edward1~~ L., AMn~Ill.:: i'trnunonl-
dationi Rib~bon-
Arwet, Kenneitth J3.. lie~utrlnantr rjg) IRI :

Co~rpS Me~dul.
Ayrdlcltt. ll'illard T., Cl11.11 ( He :
Conanendatiotn ii I Hi Ibbn.

LBl lildPI' :(RI:Colll llrlt(llD~l flRiinti ibblil

mandel~irR: Comc~mendalt;-tion l Ribbon. l
Baketln.Jrl l Sherman T.. lieutenant com-

mnnder I R) : I~commenda~~ ~tion Rbbn
BadwitCn. John D illl.. .r.. 810 l~( RC : Nav '11

B,7tOPS, nclffrd .. rclnlutell~lll Ven-


Bender. C. Ri.. cniumande~ll~rl: Brnzel~t Sme 1

BennttcPi. Haml.~~i~ Ensign:r'c Air Medl l

Berdline. Halrclld S.. cnptaini: Gold~ St~r
inl lieu of sccnr d Le~gicin of Merrit.
Blunt. \'irgpinia H., liueatCo1-

Blydenrburgh. Raymlondl R., III. A31312(; :
Air MIedal.
Bolger, Jerom~e. lieutrenanllt rjg) (RI:
Boteler, James C.. APle:.U AIr Menl.
Boyee, Geo~rg~e R.. Jr.. conunanl;ldter:
Commendatr 1ionr Ribbhon.
Brierly, Daule~l S., Iaptinn (RI: C1.m1-
mendag~on Rihbbon
Brow-n. 761n WV., lieuiteunnt conunalnder
(R) : Commendatiou.

Drunkli JullillS .I.. liutenantllll (jg I : ComI1-

Iuri'line.c~~, i' JI., il'ientonuntl (R):
('oluntenda l~l ianl It ihbonI.
Iluror--t. unI E.. le tn n on
nmilder1.1' : ('(Inunendat(;11 ionl Hibbon)l.

rlllinrke. R\:iichar L.. s-upt:Iin~lltl: Con um la-

Busmant*-ai.Ch rl I .. Ste:ll~ll Cornmen-
('la llrll~tion H ibbon. b~

(I111 11 1riilnW H. Cimlf i111; ~liti CO ll

(y'1 I).(1.. John C~ H.. I*uptain: Lol n of

c4 ,.eit.

thin,''$ H;1'ill inal C.. lll~llieutena ( R):1111~1

Lppnrc. dll, l l 11'i cflnu ni n II., : co inind :

Cou~l!Iniutelait i n Ribon

('ilelr.< Earjt l c .. Th, nsiign:? A lviir n Mea
('lr u iis c-Yi tllnin Y ~ le: i Commenda ion
.:irk. Erldride1.,8< Clmndto
Tifflll. IEUMMlR IP T ., .ff., Clfllfr I'(lmlil~



Hallock, Thomas P., lieutenant com-
mander (R) : Air M~edal.
Harder, Raymond W'., Jr., ensign (R) :
Bronze Star M~edal.
Harker, Frank B., lieutenant com-
mander (R) : Commendation Ribbon.
Hanrned. Albert E., commander: Bronze
Star M~edlal.
Harr'iso1, Kenneth Si., capttaini (R):
H~asse. Herbert G., lieuteunnt (jg) :
C"ommendatio~n Ribbon--Army.
Haly. Sidne~ RI., lieutenant commander
IR) : Ord-er of Fathlerlandd War, See-
and~ Cla(ssi-Hussiain Bronze Star in lieu
of secondd Commendation Ribbon.
Hayesi Phillip C., S10 (R) : Commends-
tion Ribboln.
Hedldrick, John S., AMMI~lc (R) : Air
Heimner, Roger WV., eaptaiu: Bronze Star
Hteiner. John N., enptain :Comme~ndation
Helmer. Frank V.. commannder: Com-
me~lndatin Ribbonn.
He~ndley, Unit T., lieulernant (R) : Croix
de G~uerrie with Silver Star.
HeFnricrksozn. John A\., lieutenant (jg) :
Commendation Ribbon--Army.
Herlbert, C3larnce. c~ommlander: Bronze
Star l\edal.
Hodgles. Staule~v V., c~ox: Commuenda-
tioni Ribbonn.
HoliTield. James~ E., CAP: Commenda-
tioni Ribbon.
Hookc, Arthulr. lieuitenant: Comimenda-
tionu Ribbo~n.
Hornen. Richardt L., crinommader: Com-
miendaltirn Ribbon..
Ho~rs~ley. W\illiamr H., c~ommalnder (TR) :
Howardl. E. Doug~lnss, If, lieutenant
commander (R1: Commendation
Huff, CaRl N.. lieutenant (RT : Com-
mendantion Ribbo~n.
Hultchinsoln. George F., lieutrrnant (R) :
Cro~ix de G~uerre w\ithi Silver Star.
Hutson, John Jenkins, Jr., com-
mlander: B1r-lnze Star M~edal.
Imlay, Iilles H., captain: Commnenda-
tion Hribbon, Croix de Guerre with
Silver Star.
Jacilt. Juliuis F., captain: Bronze Star
JtensFen, Jens H., lieutenant commander:
Commendlation Ribboni.
Jernigan, John L., StMle !R) : Na~vy
and M~arine Corps Mledal.
Jewe~ll, Henryr T., canptain: Commenda-
tion Ribbon.
Johnsion, Halrvey F., rear admiral: Le-
gion of M~erit.

Dillon, Frederick P., commodore : Com-
Dixoni. Jack, commanderr (R) : Com-
Doy~le. Paull T., McAIIMZ2 c R) : Com-
mendaltion Ribbon.
Dlros Dirk A., lieutenant : Commiendn
tion Ribbon.
Dulrnn. Irobert' J., E11I~c (R): Navy
andl Mariine Corps M~edal.
Eaton. Phiilip B., rear' admnirnl: Com-
mendatiion Ribbon.
Eisrrnreich.l Thomans, B~ICle: Commtndln-
ticln Ribbonn.
Ellis,; Jamesr D.. S10 (R) : Nav anid
10ar~ine C'p~s M~edal.
Ellis, W'illiami B., comma~nder:~ Bronze
Star Megdal.
Er~ickson, End' A-., S2e: Commnendation
HZi bbon.
Eskridge. Ira1 E., capltin:n Commel~und-
tion R~ibhor.
Evans~. Strephrn H., captain: Comme~n-
dInihn RibbonI.
Ferrinl. Glen D., CAP: Air M~ednl.
Finley, Roblert W. lieutenant m-
malnd~r : Canunlllendaiion Ribbon.
Firth. Thoma~ls J., lieutenaut:: Commiien-
dationr Rribbol.
Flanagan.l Thomas R., lieutenant (jg) :
Bronze Sta7r 111edal.
Flynn, Josephi J.. commalndeer (R):
Commuendan ti nn R ibbol.
Frne~kelton, JolhnJ., enusign :R) : Bronze
STtar Illedal.
Freneh, RFeginnld HI., commandere:
Bronze Star M~edal.
Fritsebe. Edwal~rdl H.. captain; Crcix de
Ouerlre wTith iSilver~l Sta'.
Geblken. Raljih L.. CC1\l (R'): C'om-
mendltio~n Ribboi.
Gelly, George B., enptain : C:ommenda-
tiorn Ribboin.
Gerber,. Lewis F., lieutenanrt ('R) : Coml-
Gerbino, Anthony. ACMILI: Conmmendn-
tion Ribbon.
Gibbon, Wa~-ldyn1 L., lieutenant com-
mandeltr (TR) : Commuendation.
Gill, Irv\ing~ L., captain: Comme~ndation
Gislnrsion. Gene R., lieutenant (R) :
Croix dle G=uelre with Silver Star.
Glea7son, Friend W'.. lieutenaut (jg)
(R) : Brouze Star M~edal.
Goscl.h, Mrtin E., cox: Commendatiion
Graham, Stewsard R., lieutenant: Air
liledal. .
Gray, Samuel F., commannder: Bronze
,Star in lieu of second Commendation
Greelne. charles A., lieutenant: Co~m-
mendation Ribbon.

I: ;li'i
;;; "; ;




:i,Johnson, Johni B., e~nsign RI Ar
' Jones, Leonardt T., commuandelt r: Legiion
of Merit.
Jordan, B~eckw~ith, commiiodor~e: Comu-
mendation R~ibbon.
Kaplan, Sidlneyv J., commalnlder~ (H): :
Commrendationl Riibbon-Army. ~J'
Kelsey, Ca r~leton, colonian;tle~rr I) :
Kenly, W'illilnm Ri., lietean cm-
mander: Commndatilnton Rilbbon.
Kenner, Wrilliam~l W\., cap~tain: Le~gio~n of
Ml: erit.

dation Ribboi.
Kleini. Herbert W'., A\Ohle : (conullnenda-
tion Ribbon.
Knapp, Chitpe .. conll~unander:
j Commendlation Ribbon.
Kossler~, William Ji;.. e ptain : Coml-
mendantion R ib honI I pos,?thumllous
awaordl) .
Kramier, Everett W'., lieIutenanlt (jgr)
(R): Comumendation.
Kurta, Stanley B. lieutenanlt a R)
BroUnze Star. Medalfl.
La7brot, W~. H.. c,mmandetl r: c~lross of
Knighthoold inl thle Order Iof the Cron i~
of Italyv.
Lang, Richa~rd E lieutrlnant com-
ma nder (TR ) : Commet~tndt i:on.
Lank., Ruther~fordi B., enptanin: Cpm~-
mpndationl Ribnon.
LaPlace. Louis E:., lieutenant: Bronze
Star M\edlal with Combat '.
Laughlin. John N., lieutenantt ijgri (R) :
Lawrence, Eugenin, lie~utenanit coml-
muander (W'R) : Commlendatioon Itib?-
Leadbetter. Leslie AI., CBMI: Cominendal-
tion Ribbon.
LeBlane. Theodore. commander:: Com-
mendation Ribbou.
Lee, Charles Ri.. CMMI(a' : Air Medall.
Leslie, Noirman H., commuodlore: Com.
mendation Ribbon.
ILittlefield, G~ordon A., captain : Bronlza
Star M~edal.
L~ockehart. JamesB13., AMM~l (RI : Air
Loughlin, Harryr A., commander: Com-
Smendation Ribbon.
SMacBryde, Er~nest P~., lieutenant coml-
mander (R) : Bronze Star in lieu of
i~:. second Commendation Ribbon.
MacDiarmid, Donald B., conmmander:
P:Distinguishied Flying Cross, Air
t-MacLennan. Isabella MI., Y2c (TR) :
Comm l~ation.
Maloney, Arthu~r J., CY (a) (R) : Com-



MIarteril E. Biddl, III. commanlde~r (TH~) :
(.'clminerlnsltio~n Ribbon.

I If : Bronlzr Stur Medlal.
Marithews. Enwnell T., lieultenanlt (R):

MoverI11. I'llltonl B~. .r, comm~nderl: Bronlze

Mc~(;ber F~rank MI., lireutc-nanlt coinmmon-

JAlecubbin,. Jilhn D>.. lien-teunant: i

Mc~Elligait t. Ita! llltman T.. reanr nllmir~nl:

Drtonze tar Meal Commellndation.
MIlc~ama rn~b. Tedr., r 810~rtl~ rI : Comlu-
mnenda~tion Hhh.n

Menls.i Frankl M~.. ccaptalll~inl: Commend>

Mehlman Ilt'.a Stewar~lt'il .,Conunandelllr:

111lere.1- Arch A., commander mendat.,i onhri.
111rrll Hobt T., enp'liutain; aI : Comll-

Meyell'. r, Henrytl A.,1Sc command r: Cn-

Mayrs~~~lll il fnluv L. lie t'unalnt connade

MTlliller. Raymond't M..Ci esign: Commlllen-
tlation Ribbo-n.
MinR,: Arnthut~r P., l~ieuenn c
Moalloney Hohertl E., l~ iutnan (TR) :e

Mooreils Ha~I rod., ca prta inri R : Comm zen-
8tion Rt'ibbon-ri Clm~~v. \'
Morrison. Wiiam L. lieutenant com-
ma~nder R: BrIonzr Ptar in lion of scn

datcni on ludtin Ribbon..
Needam. lfod lieutenant Cjg)

daticon. R:3rmedain
Nicholc. Hae F., lieuenarnnt c R :Brn
Staldr: Medlitigihet Combat Y. ss
Nortone. Jamesnu A., Jr.lieutenantcm
secon Commecndation Ribboni.
mrk ~ andlers (8) :r Commendat:ion.

of Merrit.


Seblemanl. Helen B., commander
(WR)I~: coratlulend~ation Ribbon.
Schunlull. Augulst, 82r: C~omlmendation

SClchloenfeldl. L. Kienneth, commander
(T1R ): recommendationon.
Sextoni F~loydl J., captain: Comumenda-
tioln Ribbon.
Shawn, P'hilip. E., comma~nder: Com-

She~l heardtl Hnlerlt C"., comlmodoree (R) :
LtegionI~ of Metrit.
Sinton.i W\illiamn E.. commnander: Com-

Slader. Ilun.-~ F., commandl~er: Legion of

Smith, Chilannn ensign (TR) :

Smith. (lu11rle O.. Jr., lieutenants (jg)
IR1 : ( onnue~lndation, Hibbon.
Smith, Wa;~lkee~t W\..en~signl (RI : Bronze

Smi~ith. W\esleyr D., liruteonnt comlman-

SolomonI.,I. Henry'~ E., ~:cmmandilller:: Cita-
Hgenc~er. Lyndon,~u rear adm~iral: C'roix dIe
Guerr~e w~ith Silvecr Gilt Star.
Sttep~hcIns, I\rvin J.. counlumdndr: Br'onze
Starl inl lieul o~f scon~~ld Commll~ endntion
Stwat,~11T Mlrlin L,., lieuiternant comi-
Ilandertil I H:I : B:':I1roz Star 1\ledal.

Stlc~cilesb. Norman~ R., Cap~talin: C'omme-

Stcincheomb Harry' Wi, .,ll~~nl'' capta n: o

Inendation I;' omn

'"ber. Earl ., commander: Boz

STocmn.lii l ,IIt y., lietennt liommennda-
rnnlon: Hibb u~itnton.ibo
Strobi~nle, Georgie, lieutenant command
(TH1ldr: Commueindtion.iboi
Stuttrc~i. Hu'riry E CJ., lieutenatcman-
conlnller: Columnendation Ribbon.

Si'nik. ALouisFC..11~lnnleutenan Commader

Syno Gerge B.,it comma 8nde: ro

Pa;rk~r, Stanlley V'., Irear admliral: Le-
gion of M~erit.
Paltter'son, Johni E., 81< I R) : NavS and
Rliarine C(rpls Aledul.
Pell, C~laibornr, lieurtenaint commau~nde r

Ordert'I of the~ Crown' of Italy. *
Perkins. Henry'~ C'., cnptalin: Brlnzc e Star
Perkns, Lew'is II.. lieutteLnantc m-
mndelirl I R): (_Commendation. io ll
Ptrte~rsen Petterl G., commalnderle l I8) :
(commllendantion Ribbion.
Pfriffer, V'ictocr, jlieutenanlt C'onunander: ~I
O'llnnunelndation Hibbon.
Polla~rd, Francis C'... commanllder: : Ordler
orf Faltherrlan ar rtCls-

Pilllio.. Franllk E.. enp~tain: Commelrll~nd>

Prautt, Me~rvinl F., lieitniitnatR: m-
Rail. Fredlerick R., Y3c (RI: Connnc~l-

Rancey, HRYI~ L.. cnptainl: GokIlt Star in

Strn niClledlY. COllllll- l 7011C'-
ation H olI:ibbon1.

Rt' Jac~k J.., BIl~2C RI : Bronze Sta~r

Reinburgl~. ,LPRoy~. ('l1mmllodolre: LFegi(. n
olf M\erit.
Rrss, H~uben~. AltM11e IR)I: Air Aledal.
Richey. Julius E, ccumnuinder: Can1-

Ridgetly. Ra;llndolph, III, emoumanler r :

I'mmnonflatioin Ribbon.
Higgin.;. immie I., IlolM. Iii\ilatrin ori ledal.
HOittenhou~l' HArsh.r C'(llllllld~l: Navy ant

Robrlltrs. Russll J, commander: Legi

Rolrins. Gl~n~n rL., comman der : Con-

RoK~s. Rlberg, Jaenb I'ommander:il nLgon

of Mel~lrit ni~ i\e S;r
Rountllree. Johni~lI k'nItain : Leion of l

Snlirnon. 'ItllJ. lienUtenant IR:Croix lnl




Ill s Unul Auili a 11 11~ LIIIlryl liar~1ilasofth

Jthe' parol of\1..1 the Gold Cup1.~ Hwes, fullry'

boatsl'( bt~;i al;iso alltoithe fl'clt Guard.J

III1I of T1C:-lithe Auxi~ l ~lr Tlank p rt as inem-~
I~ llers ofl~ severl o h rnernnite
andlil~l~~ nllo in ll' l the extesiv dr ills an

foither RpatralIftions for the parol, wonrk ~r

in~ciden to~ I~~nrth enees. Jls~. t~r~ ~

I~The directo ~r of llth Axi~l. \iary l. rsab
lished;I11'C a~ temporary'~ offc at the CoIn 1.tIl

Ths prepnenlllli.;tionsl t'lincue heIvn of he -mile course and;lx (110l ineing

e-mrnesee thei patrl of the Siplingl~
H'left on~;I August 31. and werei~n notivl

1- Sepem er C'llll~ld$ .110kotrd
-olll. cr i -. S1"##" t. CO NJi t'ti--n-t ati
J.\Will, 0-oo 100[00 RU;~ll lir;clfC fL nff~ fir-lr
rrelle Is(le Sttinlr ti-f ot peed hou
froml~ the Detroit5 Ernepir, base, tree 20-

Two10t. 2 Anny .ernshk~ houtsn from Slflu-
;.idg ies~~ld att clfuntC le en, ic .,
Const~r fIna n-c~lnrd uxliary owne boatsl,r ;
cr llmm~udnp entio ruck.

Valughn, M~ont, ensignl (TH i : o-
VretteriCk, Fredl P., enpll~inin: BronJIZI' Stfr
Yuolse, Louisi A., lie~utel~nan: CommenI1~ld* -
tion Itibil- (ll
Yolton, Alfredl, lie~utenanrt: Bronzeiz Star

VukieJo, enviels Commenll~l daltion I
Vyn, Are~ndJ. ..Ir lieultenanllt IRI :Croix
de Guerre withi Silverr Str-

guishied Serv\icer Mel, Honorary
Commannrder of the 10~ilita~ry ivsi
of thet Mlost ExcecllenIt O~rde~r of the
British Empirc.
Waesc~he, Russell R., Jr., eunnonsider: C'1'
Commendatiornio Hibboi.

Commendation H~ilbbnu.
WadrnRobe~trt, liclutenantl coin 11
mender: (Commendatl~ti lio Ribbon~i.
Wartdell, Edward,~tl 81c IlRI: Nury! mul l

Wailrnr, Geor~ige S., lieurterimit ( R) : Air

Webster, Edwn~n rd ll cnidr.
Legioni of Ilenr.

uilniddilol IHibboll.

Wrheltonl. Johnll P.. Y'1C IRI : (l'ilnnuen'l-

of M~erit.
W'ileox, Robert. lietenn('l;Ist Comlinandeltr:
Br'onze Starl inl lieul of stcondl~
mendation R~ibblon. Order ocf Falther-

W'ilder. David W~'., BRle: Navy- and

Winlslowr, Edwanrd B~., lieuteinant c~omu-
mander: Commiendantioni Hibboln.
Wishar, W'illiamu, enptainl: Commul~endan-
tion Ribbon.
Wolfstone, Hyginani H., lieuternant col-
manlder ITH) I: C'omme~ndation.
Wood. Jamesll A., AIRMle cRI: Air
nIled l.
Wood. Russe~ll E.. enplltalin: C'itati~n.
Woodl, Thou~as S., enignii (TRI: com-
Young. 10aynard F., lieutunant com-
mander: Bronze Srnr inl lieu of second
Conunendation Ribborn.
Zeusler, Frederlick A., rear~ admliral:
Bronze Star ~Irllea.
Zinkel, Wanrrren. AOhIIle: A-~i Rr Medl.
Zittel, Kgr~l O. A., c~ommandter: C~om-
mendationl Ribbon.



Comdr. Ned W. SDrow, from com-
manding o~ffcer, Chautauqua, to Coast
Guar~d Headquartersl' forMitry
Morale duty.
Comdrr. Johni T. Stanile y, orders
amuended~, to Chrautauqua as com-
mandling o-ffic~er.
Comdtr. Johni B. Oren, from~ Defoe Ship-
buiililing Coc. to E~ighth Coast Guard
District as MRIneiil Engineering Of-
Cormdrl. George A1. Knudsenu, fr~om Coaist
G~uardl Headlquartrrs, hIlilitary M~orale
Div.ision,. to duty fas Commanndant's
Admlliinistrative Aide.
Lt. Clomdlr. 1V'illieml E. Paulsen, from
(:coast Gualrd Opzrating Base, Staten
Island,. N. Y., tor Camrpbell as executive
Lt. Comditr. Eugene Kiernan, from 3rd
Coast Guardl District to Onondal~ga as
co~mman~ding oftic~er.
Lt. Condrl.l Arendtl E. Illic~haelson, from
Glhan-nere to YJc~onra as c~ommalnding
Lt. C'omdtr. V'ictolr A. .Joh~nsonll. order
amnlrllded to reporllt to: cclll;nunaning
offiler o-f Ilcrroquih forll dutS.

Cons~lt Guard'C Hreadquarl'I ters Progra'm
Planning~ Division, to G~eo.rge Wash-
ing~toni Univejrsity fo~r leucl training.
L~t. C'omarl. A-lexanllder W\. Wuerk~er,
froml Con~st Guardl Head~quartersa Pro-
mrilm l'lanning D~ivision, to Search
and~t Resc~ue Agency, Coast Guard
Lt. Comdrl. G~erald T. Applegate, desig-
notedl Chief. Siuplyll Division, Coiast
Guard Hendlquarters. s
Lt. Co~mdr. Harold J. Babbitt, from Re-
pa1ir Base, Bostoln, Mafss., to. Stor~is for
dut .
Lt. Comdr'. Earl Tilllotson, USCGR, fro:m
Marine Inispet!ion Office, Philadel-
phiia. Pa.. to Mafrine~ Inspeictioni Office,

Lt. Co~mdr. Theodol~re FT. Knolll fro)m
Me~rchalnt Manrine Htnring Unrit. New
York, N. Y'., tempoclrra ry uty, to thle
Merchant lunrine Henrilgr Un~lit, Phlil-
adelphiin, Pa.
Lt. Comdr. John A. B3rookls. USCRr,
from MIerchant Marine Inhpection,,
New Yo~rk. N;. YS., to Morc-lal~ nt M~a-
rine Inspection, Np\w Tlcondorn, Conn.
L~t. Clomdtr. John B. H~unzikcer, USC~R,
froml Merchant Marline Inspe~ction,
New~ Yor~k, N'. Y., to Morehan~7lt Marine ~l
Inspectrlon. New Haven, Conn.
Lt. Comdr. Hairry P. Snow. USCOR.,
from Ma~rchannt Manrine Tnspection,
New York, N. Y., to Melrc~hnnt M~arine
Inspectionl. Albany, N. I.

Lt. C'omdr. George V. Stepanoff, to
Al gon u ila for tempDora ry duty as com-
manding officer.
Lt. Comdr. Hugh V. Hopkins, orders to
Boston amended. to Ponchartrain.
Lt. Condr. Clharles F. Kaminski,
U SCOR, fromtn~ Mr ine Inspection
Office, Port Arthur, Tex., to report
Commland~er, Naval Forces Europe,
for dluty.
Lt. C'omdr. Joseph Manzzotta, from Re-
cruiting Unit, New York, N. Y., to?
Operating Base, Pier 9, Newf Yorkl,
N. Y.
Lt. Comudr. K-arl A. E. Lindquist, from
111arine Ilspectiion Office, Boston,
RIIfss., to Laurevl as commanding
Lt. Comdlr. Ralph G. Jenkins, from
Tampair to Foulrteenth Coast Guard
District for further assignment as
conunanding officer tender class vessel.
Lt. Cormdlr. Donlald G. Elliott, USCOR,
fromt Marine~ Inspection Office, Gal-
Yeston,. Tex.. to Fifth Coast Guard
District forr dlutyv with Merchant
11Inrine Hcnr~inlg Unit.
Lt. Condi. .Josrih R. Fredette, from
Eighth Const Guar~d District to Dcvier
as enigineecring officer.
Lt. Comndr. Richard H. Smith, from
Sevenlth (`const Guard District to
George 1Yashington Univetrsity for
legal tranining.
Ist. Comdnltr. Louis JT. Hughes, USCOR,
from M~arine Inspection Offic~e, M\Iil-
woukee. W'is., to lunrmie Inspection
Oflficec. C'lev~eland. Ohio.
Lt. Conr~dr. O~rvan R. Smeder, from
Const Gu1ard Air Station, San Fran-
ciscl?, Ca;lif.. to Evarnalba.
Lt. C'iomrl. Richardl J. Shields, USCGR'
fromn nlarine Inlspection Offce, Onlves-
to~n Tex.. to M~arine Inspection Office,
Corpus Ch~risti, Tex.
Lt. C'omdr. Fr edericki B. Thatcher,
orders to Headquarters amended, to
Thirdl Colnst Guard District for tem-
porary duly uinder instruction of five
weeks in lilerc~hant Manrine Hearing
ITnit pending further assignment by


Renr Admn. Frederick A. Zeusler, No-

Comdr~l. Carllin L. B~rinkley, October 1.
Crnmdcr. Eldlen G. WVigle, October 1.
Com~ndr. Roswell G. Lamnb. November 1.
Lt. Comldr. Thomans B. Dawson, Octo-

TLt. Comdlr. Har~old WTylie, October 1.
L~t. Cnnmdr. Isane L. Hammond, Novem-
her 1.



Lt. Comdrl. Arthur E. ILasen,, Novem-
ber 1.
Lt. Comdr. John League. USCGR,, No-
rember 1.
Lt. Comdr. Phillip Lehrmanu Novem-
ber 1.
Lt. Comdtr. Tlomals L. Ryan, Novem-
ber 1.
Lt. Comdr. Thomas .A. Ruddy, US~CGR,
October 1.
Lt. Comdr. Louis B. Snowden. N~ovem-
ber 1 (30 Yearls).
Lt. Comdr. Wlillie SkippI~er. November 1

Lt. Comdr. Alfredl B. ~usel, Novemlber 1
(30 year~s).
Lt. Comrdr. P'hilip N. Shannonii, Novem-
ber 1 t30 yearss.
Lt. Comdr. Hay1 F. Dibb, Nov~embler 1
(30 years).
Lt. Condr. HEormanl R. Demierriitt, No-
vemberr 1 (30 yearY,.
Lt. C'rmdltr. Carl W a krN-
vemlber 1 130 years).

Lt. Comducr. W'illiam H. Jackson, N\o-
vembehr 1 r130 years).
Lt. Coniidr. Harry'? F. Burnham, No~vem-


Rear Adm. Jameis F. Ilo~ttpl.
Hea~r AdmL. Philipl F. Ranch.


Conmmodore John HI. Co(rnell.
CaptI. Herlbert N. Pe~rhaml.
Lt. Comdrr. Leslie 1'. Barnett.
Lt. (comatr. T'homns G. Dteegan1.
Lt. Comdr. Jo:hn N. Mc~fcee, USCOR.
Lt. C'omar.l Beverlyl E. M~oodey'.


.\d~m. Russell R. Waoesche (Ret.r O~to)-
herr 17.
CuIpt. Irv~ing L,. Gill (Ret.) October 20'C.
Lt. Cond~cr. Jamers D. Cuthell, USC'GR,
Oc~to.ber 1.3.



.:.. 3 ~262 08748 3138

i; ~. ;` 'Ili.l.,.
.. .:..






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UN\V ~L u~ ;:~i~?5:

oo~ 5 '''

(\DCJ n *5~"L



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