Agricultural conservation program, national bulletin

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Agricultural conservation program, national bulletin
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National bulletin
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National agricultural conservation program bulletin
United States -- Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch
United States -- Agricultural Conservation Program Service
United States -- Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
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[Washington, D.C.]
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Production and Marketing Administration, Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch
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Soil conservation -- Periodicals -- United States ( lcsh )
Water conservation -- Periodicals -- United States ( lcsh )
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Vols. for 1950-1952 issued by the Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch of the Production and Marketing Administration; 1953- issued by the Agricultural Conservation Program Service; <1963>- issued by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.
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~E r*


JULY 1956

ACP-1 957

gr icallor ol


program li: e



Our agricultur~al resources produce about two-thirds of thle raw
materials on wh~ich. our national economy is based. As our Nation
grlowvs, an expandling economy anld thle raw materials essential to it
become ever int-lvasingily~ important to the welfare of every citizen.
Th1mrough thec Ag ricultural Conselrvat;ltion Program'III, all the people of
thle N'ation shar1e in thle cost~ of pr~otectingr thle most vital of our natural
resureSsl'l'-';our farmll and r~anchl lands. Th~lis program mlll is one8 of the
ma:ny formlls of p~ub;lic uss~istancc e essential to this protection. Research,
education, technlical services, and ctost-shalring all ar~e designed to help
preserve or restore thle phlysicatl characteristics of our agriculturl
lands so that a stable agriculture will be assured. The need for
achievement~l~s beyond those whichl comellt just from wcise use of the land
for crop- production is very great. Full utilization of thle 1957 Agri-
cultural Clonservation Progaram should be inaclle in every county in
thie Nationl.

Sec. 1. GENERAL PROGRAM PRINCIPLES--------------_.
A. State funlds______- ___------ ----
B. County funds__- ___--_-_-- ___-_--_
A. Agencies to participate inl development of State programs
B. Agencies to participate in developmrenlt of country pro-
C. Selection of prazctices_______________
D. Adaptation of practices_________________
E. Practice specificationls_______. ________
F. Uise of liming mlaterials and commercial fertilizers
G. Responsibility for technical phases of practices_
HI. Rates of cost-sharingf__ __________ ____
I. Items of cost onl which rates of cost-sharill ngt maye based_
J. State handbooks, bulletinis, instructions, and formis___
A. Opportunity for requesting cost-sharingv__ ______
B. Prior request for cost-shatring___ _________
C. Method~l and extent of approval____________
D. Initial establishment or inlstallattionl of practices_____
E. Repair, upkeep., anld maintenance of practices_____
F. Pooling agreemenlts____ _________ ___
A. Completion of practices_____________
B. Practices sub~stantially completed during program year__
C. Practices requiring more than one program year for comn-
D. Practices inlvolvinlg the establishmlent or im~provemenlt of
vegetative cover__________________
E. Failure to meet mninimlum requijremntsls _________
A. Coniservationt materials and services_____-----
B. Practices carried out w\ith St~ate or Federal atid_____
C. Divisioni of Federal cost-shares_________-_--
D. Increase in small Federal cost-shares____ __-__
E. Maximum Federal cost-share limitationt________
F. Persons eligible to file azpplication for payment of Federal
G. Time and manner of filing atpplication andir requlired infor-
mation______ _____

A. Complr~iane with regutlatory mleasulres____ .
B. Maintenancec of practices_____ ____.__
C. Practices defeating p>urpose~s of p~rogramts~ __.
D. Deprivinlg others of Federal cost-share_____ __
E. Filing of false claims_______ _______
F. MIislrwi of purchase orders_______ _____
Gr. Federal cost-shares not subject to cltlams ___
H-. Assignlments____ __________ ___




Sec. 8. DEFINITIONS _---- ------ ------ --__14
A. Authority______________________ 15
B. Availability of funlds_______ _________ 15
C. Applicability____________ 15
Conservat~ionI Practices w~ith Enlduring Benefits where
properly applied and maintained
A. Practices primarily for establishment of permanent pro-
tectivce cover_______ 16_________ __ I
B. Practices primarily for improvement and protection of
established vegetative cover____________ 17
C. Practices primarily for the conlservation and disposal of
w\ater_________________ 19
Conservation Practices with Benefits of Limrited Dura-
tion-generally requiring periodic repetition
D. Practices primarily for establishing temporary protective
vegetative cover_____________ 21
E. Practices primarily for the temporary p-rotection of soil
from wind and water erosion____________ 22
Conservation Practices with Limited Area Applicability
F. Practices to meet, special county conservation needs__ 233


Through1, 1 the 1957 Agricultural Concer1valtion Pcrogramn (r~eferr~ed
to herein as the! "195~7 plrora':m") a~dministered~ by thle D~epaL1trtment of
Agr~icultuzre, the F~iederlt G;;ov-el~llrnm t -will shar~1e wvithl farmners andz
ra:nheriis inl thle continental U~nited States the cost of carrying ourt up,-
provd sol and wter conlser~vation practices inl acc~ordancel withl theo
provisions of this bulletin and suchl modifications thet~reof as may hiere-
afteri be madce.
Information with respecil-t to thle several practices for which costs
will be shared whlen ca~rriedl out on a par~lticu1lar far'm or ranchl, andj thec
exact sp~ecifica~tions and rates of cost-sha~r'ingr for such practices, ma:y
be obtained from~ thle county committee for the county in whlich thle
fa~rm or ranch is located or from thle State committee.

The 1957 National Agricultural Conservation Program ha~s been
developed and is to be carried out on the basis of the following genl-
eral principles :
1. Thle national program contains brunel~~~ authorities to help meet
the varied soil and water conservation problems of thle Nation. State
and county committees and p~articipating~ agencies shall design a pro0-
gr~am for each State and county. Such programs should include ainy
additional limitations and restrictions necessary for thle maximum~
con1servationl necomp~lllishment in the area. The! programs should be
confined to the soil and water conservation practices on which F~ederalI
cost-sharingg is most needed in order to achieve the maximum conserval-
tion I~~Lenefi in the State or county.
2. The State and county programs should be designed to encouragre
those soil and water conservation practices which provide the most en-
during conservation benefits practicably attainable in 1957 on thle
lands where they are to be ap~plied.
3. Costs will be shared with a farmer or rancher only on satisfac-
torily performed soil and water conservation practices for whichl
Federal cost-sharing was requested by the farmer or rancher before the
cconslervat~ion work was begun.
4. Costs should be shared only on soil and water conservation
practices whlichl it is believed farmler~s or ranchers would not carry
out to the needed extent without program ass~istancc.e In. no evenlt
should costs be shared on practices except those wcPhich are over and
above those farmers or ranchers would be compelled to perform in
order to secure a crop.
5. The rates of cost-sharlingb in. a county or State are to be the mini-
mum required to result in substaniallt~1 y increased pe.rlfomanl~l~ec f

nieededl soil anld waiter c~onser~vatio n prractices within th~e limits pre-
scr~ibed inl the national pr1ogram'n.
6i. Thle pulr~pose of thle pr~ogr~am is to help achieve adcditiona~l con-
ser~vation on la nd Inow;1 in ricurltulrnl production ranther than~ to bringr
mlor~e Iland into agric~l ultura production. Thle program is not a2ppi~-
cable to the development of new- or additional farmland as a result
of drinilage.. S-uchl of the available funds that cannot be wisely utilized
for this purpose will be re~ IIlt url to thle public treasury.
7. If t~he Federa;l Grover~nment shares the cost of the initial applica-
tion of soil and w-ater conservation practices which farmers and
rannchrers otherwise would not p~er~form but whlich are essential to sound
soil and water conservation, the farmers and ranchlers should assume
responsibility for thle upkeep and m-aint~enance of those practices
through thleir life spatn. Thle Sttate a~nd co~untv pr1oglrams shall specify
thelic ife Spanl of e~ligible pract ices.

A. State funds.--Fu~nds ava~ilablle for consllen-atiLto n prnll.''ices w~ill ~e~
dlistr~ibuted amnong Sttates on1 the ba~sis of conserva\;tio n needs, but thle
pr~oportion a2llocatedi for use in any State shall not be reduced more
than 15i percent from its proportionate 1956 distribution.
B. County funds.-Tlhe State conun7ittee will allocate the funds
available for consena~tio n practices among the counties within the
State, taking into considerations, to thle extent practicable, the conserva-
tion needs in thle counties within thle State.


A. Agencies to participate in development of State programs.-A~
State agricultural conservation programr preferredd to hlerein as "LState
programm) shall be: developed in~ ea:ch Stabte in accordance with thle
provisions contained in this bulletin and such modifications thereof
a~s may1Z hereafter be mlade. Th~e program shall be developed by the
State committee includingg thle State Dir~ector of Extension), the
State Conccirva;tionist of the Soil Conservaztion Service, and thle Forest
Service official ha~vingr jurisdiction of farm for~estry in thle Stazte. The
President of thle Latnd-Grant Clollege and thle State Director of the
F~armer~s H-ome Adlministr~ation shall be invited to dlesignalte repr'esent-
atives to counsel wFith the group in the formuxlation of thle State
prlogramr. The chlairmanm of the State committee shall invite repre-
sentatives of the State Soil Conservation Commyittee (Board or Com-
mnission), the State Agriculturatl Extension Service, and other State
anld Fe~deral agrricultural agencies to patrticipatte in its deliberations on
the State Iprogram.n~
The program for the State shall be that recommended by the State
committee, t'he State Conservationist of the Soil Conservation Service,
atnd the For~est Service official hlaving jurisdiction of farmn forestry
in~ thle State, and approved by the Administr~ator, ACPS.
B. Agencies to participate in development of county programs.--A
counlrty. agricultural conserva;tionr pr'ogram11 (referred to herein as
countyy progrr~am") shall be developed in eachl county in ncol~~rdace.
w1ith thie proiciions of thie State program''" and such modifications

thereof as ma~y be matde. Thle county conunII Ii ttee with1 the cotinuuniity
conilitteelrnen, the designated representative of thle Soil C'onser~vation
Service in thle county withl the governing body of thle Soil Clonserva-ttio nl
Distr~ict, and the IFe'dern;1 ForIesjt Service representativei\i having jur~is-
diction of farm forestry in the county with thle farmII forestry repr~e-
sentatives of the Stat~e, workingr writh the County Agiliculturatl Exten-
sion Aglenlt for the county (if heA is not inl~llrclue inl the. foreg~toingL
group as ex offc~io member of the county c~ollnuittee)) and the Clounty:
Supervisor of the Farmers Homne _Administration, shall develop re~cnil-
nien~ldationsl for the county p?'''rogrami.
Th'Ee program for thle c~ounlty then shall be formulla~ted by thle county
commiiiitte e, the local Soil Clonservaition Service technician, and. thie
Forest Ser~vieti r~epr'esienttive having jurisdiction of farm forestry inl
the county, in consultation with thle gov'erning body of thle Hoil 'onl-
servation Dis~t!rit on the overall conservation problem-rs inl the c'ounlty2
an~rd, esp~eciallyv, onl thet workl plans of the Soil Conservation District
aLnd of thle Fedlera;l agec~rcies inv-olved to assure thle most ~tlrec~tiver ulse
of thle availaLble technaical assistance anid funds for cost-shari~ng.Th
prlog~ram as formulated shall be reconunendedIlli~~~ to the SCtate c~ommitt~e
for aIpproval by thle S~talte coloniiiittee, thle State Conse~rvaiontto i st of thle
Soil C!onservation Service, and thle FLiolret Service official haIng\'I1 jurliS-
diction of farm forestry in. thle State, a~nd upon such alpproval1 sha:ll
become the 1957 program for t~he country. The program r~ecommnenda~-
tion shall1 be signed by thle chairman of the, county commit-tee, the Soil
Conservation Servrice technician, and the FoEscl~t Service represent-ati~v e
w-here present in the county, and shall state that the p~rog1ra m as
d~evelop~ed in consultation with thle governingr body of th~e Soil
Con~ Ise rvalIt ion District.
C. Selection of practices .--Practices to be included in the State pro-
gram or in the county program sha~ll be only those practices for w-hich
cost-sha~ringr is essetlt in1l to permit ;1((-on1 splshinentt of needed conser t\;--
tion wrork which wTould not othlerwise be carrried out inl the dlesiredl
D. Adaptation of practices.-- Thle practices includled in thle Sitlte
program must meet all conditions and requirements of thle national
program. Additional 'conditions and requir~emlentss may be includ~edi
where necessary for effective use in meeting the conservation p~roblem-s
in th~e State.
The pracl~ticeAs includedt in thre county plnrograml must meet all1 condi-
tions and requirements of the State program. Proviisions shall be made!
in the State program for the adaptation of practices in the county
program for effective use in meetings~ the conservcatio n problems in thle
county, consistent with recognized performance sta2ndlards andl
program;~n policies and requirements.
E. Practice specifications.- !\fini mumlll specif~Ienions whichl ~r~act~ices
must meet to be! eligible for Federal cost-sharing sha~ll b~e set forth in
the State handbook or in thle county programllll or b3e incorp'lora:tedl
ther~einl by specific reference to a standard publication or other writ Iten
document containing such specifications.
For practices involving the establishment or imnprov-llemen of vegre-
tative cover, the spec~i fielt ions shall include, where ap1?plicable, limling,
fertilizationl, and~ CP~jr se i~ngrtes, eligible seeds and mixtures;, seedlingr
dlates~, requirements for cultural operations andc inoculattion, aznd other
steps essentin to th~e successful establlishmenrclt or improvement of the

verbaive over The neded limiing mafter~ids, r~ock phosphatec andc
gypsum~l mal;y b~e applliedi undter pr1actice A~-41 or uuller~l a. pr1acticet whlich
includes all of thle measures essenitia~l to the successful establishment
or improve mlent of thle \lgetative cover. For m~cha-nical or constru~c-
t-ion type' pra''ctiees, thle specifications shall include, w-here applicable,
thie types andcl sizes of material, installation or construction requliii'r-
melnts, andc other steps essential to the proper functioning of the strue-
t rlle. Fior other1 pr1actices, the sp-ecificaztions shall include those steps
elssentiall to the successful per~forman~nce of the practice.
practicee specifien~tions shall provide mninimumn performance r~equire-
mnent-s which will quanlify the prac"tice for cost-sharing and, where
applicable, may also provide mazximnum limits of performancel~r which
will b~e eligible for cost-sharingf. Thle mninimuml performance re-
qu~ir~ements establishled for a practice shall represent those levels of
p'erformanc~lle which are necessarily to assure a satisfa~ctor~y practice.
Thle maximnum limits of per~formancne for cost-sharingr established'c for
a practice shll:1 repr~esent those levels of performance wIhich are needed
in border for thle practice to be moost effective in meetings the conserva-
tion problem andt which ar~e not in exce~s~ of levels for which cost-
shal~llrin canl be just if~ie~.
F. Use of liming materials and commercial fertilizers.--For practices
whlich authorize Federal cost-shar11ingf for azpplications of liming ma-
ter~ials and cosmnerl lc~ia~l fertilizers, the minimlum ap~plicat~ion, and
ma~ximum~l application where applicable, on which cost-sharingf is
aluthorized shall, in each case, he determined~t on the bas;~is of a current
soil test; prlovided~, however, tha~t if thle State committee dtermlllines
that azvailable facilities are not adequate to permit the desired use
of these practices under the progrram, it shall authorize, to the extrent
necessary, an a~lternal~tive basis for dectermination by the county coml-
mit~tee of such applications. Such alternative basis shall be such as
to insure beneficial use of Fedierl2 cost-sharing approved and shall be
formulated by the State committee in full consultation with th~e rep-
resentatives of the S"tate and Fiederal agencies participating in the
development of the State program.
Thle application of limningy materials contained in commercial fer-
tilizers, rock: phosphate, or basic slag will not, qualify for FederalL
cost-shazring. The application of manure will not qualify for Federal
cost-sharmig; however, manure may be used, where applicable, to
meet all or a part of the fertilizer requirement for a practice.
G. Responsibility for technical phases of practices.--The Soil Con-
servaztion Service is responsible for the technical phases of practices
B-7, C-4, C-5, C-6, C-7, C--8, C--9, C-10, C-11, C-12, C-13, C-14,
C-15,and C10. his responsibility shall include (1) a finding that
the practice is needed and practicable on the farm, (2) ne~(CeSsarIy site
selection, other preliminary work, and layout wrork of the practice,
(3') necessary supervision of the instanllation, and (4) certificattion of
perfor~mance. Fior practice C-1, the Soil Conservation Service is
responsible (1) for deteminiiniiig that the practice is needed and pi~re-
tica:ble on thle fazrm, and (2) for necessazry site selection, others pre-
lillninarly work, and layout work of the practice. For pralc.tic~es B-6,
B-8, anld C1-3, the Soil Conservation Service is responsible for de-
termining~~ that the practice is needed and practicable on the farm.
In1 adtditionl, upon agreement of the~ State committee and the State
('onwr~lvation ist of thle ~Soil Conserva.\.tio n Service., responsibility for

in t~he StaLte or fo~r slytc~ifiel counties. Th~le *Ctate ( olser1vationijst of
the Soil C'onser~vationl Service mal~y utilize a~SSiStance't fl'omt prli\'lte,

bilities. Ths sindrsosiiiiswl o p ly c~ounities
wcith respect to which thle A\hnlinlistra~t-or, ACPS', alnd the1 Admlinis-
trator, SCSi :Igree1 thatl it: w\oulld not he~I adm~inistratllivelyi prna\(t~i";ble
for thle Soil C'onservat;ion1 L;er\ic~e to dlischargle these rcsp~onsibiilit-ies.

T~he For~est Serv\ic~e is r~esp~onsibl e for the technical phal~ses of I "'\'n-
licr A--7 andi 1-10. TLhis re-plonsibility sha~ll inlcludce (1) pr1ovidling
new sury specialized~i techniae~l a~ssistanlc~e, (2) developments l of speecit-i-
caios o for~estr~y practies, a~nd (:5) workling~L through1~1 Statel.( and1

('ationlS. Thle F'oresit, Serv~ice nInly ultilizet a-ssistanlce1 fr~oml pr1ivartte State.,
or Fedel;l ~rt1 agencis inl carr1ying~ ou~t these alssignledl re~sponsiE ibilities.
H. Rates of cost-sharing.-Th-'le maximumii Fedterall ccst-sharrc for
each practice shall be thle perceltalgre of thle aver~age cost of p-er~formiiing
the pra'ictice c'onsideredt nleessar1y to ob~taini thle nec-tede perlformantllcet
of thle pra"ctiec, but w-hichl will b~e su~chl thant thle farm~ner or ran~lchert
w1\ill make a substanitial contr~ibutio n to, thie cost of per.fol~11rmin thte
practice. Rates of cost-shaing~if shanll not be in recess of no. pec~enti of
thle average cost of p~erformngi n the practices, exciept thatt:

C--6, '-'7, and C1-16, whlichr havLe longr lalting~ conserva\-:tio n
benefits antd fiorom whiich thie r~eturins to thle farmiier or' r~anlchrr
are r~emlote, the Starte conunittee, thle SC~tate C'onserv\at ionist of'
thle Soil CYonserva:tion ";ervice, andc thle Fo~est SCelrvic~e otfic~ial
having jurisdlic~t~io of farm~l for~estr~y inl thle Statte many esta\blishr
raLtes of cost-sh-aringi in excess of 50) pe~lr~c,t of thle average~t cost
of per~formi ng thle pnw1 t i ces.
(2) Upon" justificat ioni by the State coinunittee, thle Stnae CYonserva--
tionist of thle Soil Conrservatio n Seir~vice, andt thle F'orest ,Cerv\icel
official havlingl juisdic~tion of farm~i forest ry in thle State, andi
appl"'rovl of thre Admin~istratI or,? ACPS, ra;tes o~f c~ost-shar:1ing
in excess of 50t of thie aLver~age cost of perl1formingii thle
pratctic~es nury be establishled for othler practicets hav~ingt~L long~
Instingl~ conser~vation benefits andc fr~omi wh-ichi the r~et~urns to,
the farmner or ranchler are remote.
(3) UpIon julstifica~tio1 by thie State and county counniiiitt ee~s and(.
desillatedl r~epresentativ~e s of thle Soil Conlservat;~ionr ,Cervic~e
a~ndthle Foiret Ser~vice ait both thle State anld county levels, thle
Adm~ninistr~ator, AICPS, ma~y approve a ra:te of cost-shraringi for
onle or mlore adidit-ionl l practices in a county inl exces~s of 50 prer-
cent of thle avrerag~e cost of p~erformnilng thle practice, bult only1!
if thle incr~easedl rate of cost-sharil~ng is Ie-wential to intr~odu~ce
a greatly needed niew- conserviatio n practice inito thle county ort
to bringr about a greatly nleeded inlcren-el- inl thie extenit to whiichi
the practice otherwise would be carr1ied ou~t.
For thle purpose of e ~tabllishing~ rates of cost-sharing,, thle aver~age
cos~,t of performing a practice mlay be thle av-erag~e cost for a ,Ctate.

.4 1 -6-2 5

a counllty, al part of a county, or a fatrm or r~anchl, as determined byT
thle Stalte commIrI i t tee.
Th~e rattes of cost-shatringr for practices inchled~l~ in the county pro-
g1ram many be lowTer than thle Ilrate approved for generlll'.l use inl the Sta;te.
I. Items of cost on which rates of cost-sharing may be based.--Ex-
cept ats otherwise pr>1ovided~ by the wrordcingr of the practices contained
in section 10 or elsewhere in thle 1957 program, thle cost of anly direct
and signnificant factor in the performancllle of a practice ma~y be c~onsidl-
e~red inl establishingr thle rate of cost-sharing for the prac1~ti:e.
J. State handbooks, bulletins, instructions, and forms.-The Admiin-
istrat~tor, ACPS, is aluthor~ized to pr~epa~re and issue StaRte ha~ndbooks,
bulh-~t iII, instructions, anld forml~s requiredi in admIlinlisteringl~ the 195i7
progkramtn. Cop~ies of State ha~-ndbooks, bulletins, instructions, and
formls containing detailed informat~lio n wFithl respect to the 1957i pro-
gSramn :1 it, applies to specific States, counties, areasI~, and farms andi
rantchles wIcill be avalilable in thle office of the St~ate conunitteez andl the
office of the county colnunittee. P-er~sons w~ishingr to par~ticipate in the
program:' should obtain fr~omu thle Sta~te committee or county committee
all information needed in order to comply wcithl all provisions of the


A. Opportunity for requesting cost-sharing.-En:ch1 farmn or ranchr
op~era;tor shanll be given atn opportunity to request that the Federal
Govr ninentlc'll share in the cost of those! p~ractices on which he! cons~ider~s
hie needs such :Iictanlce in border to permit their performance in ale-
qutll;I volume on hris farm11 or ranch. Thle county cocloniit tee, takings into
considieration the faLrmler's or rancher's request and atny conserva;t ionl
plan dlevelop~ed by the farmner or rancher w;5ith thle ass~~istalcet of any
State or Fiedleral agency, shall diretc't thle alvailable funds for cost-shar-
ingr to those farm~ns andt branches a~nd to those practices whl-ere cost-shar~-
ing is considelered mlost essentiall to thle accomplishments~ of thle basic:
~onlservat ion obj ect ive of the DIeparl1tment -thle use of each acre of
agfr~icultura~l lan~d withlin its capabilities anld thle treak~nenlt of each~
acre il alccor~dance with its need-c~ for protection andi improvement.
B. Prior request for cost-sharing.--C~osts will hec shlared only for
those practices, or componentsrir~ of part''ices, for which cosi~t-sharIngI1: is
requ'ested. by thle farmll or ranch op~erator before p~erformuance thereof
is star~ted, except that, for practices E4-35 an~d Fi-3, t~he _Admlinistrattor,
AC'PS, ma~y authoriz e thle accep~tance of requesrts for cost-sharingr filed
w\Tithinl a reasonabl~llle per~iodl after p~erformlance, thereof is started, such
per1iodi to b~e -;t:ated in the practice w-or~ding. For pra;c~ticers for which
(1i) appr~"oval wa;s given under the 1956 Agr~iculturall Conserva;~t ion Pro-
gr~am, (2) p~erformal;nc e wa~s started but not emap Illet ed during the 1%G~r
programs" ye~ar, a~nd (3) thle county munnII IIi ttee be~l i eves the extension of

reg~ulaltions and provisions, thle filing~ of thle request for cost~-:-sha~1lrin
undrter thle 1956f programlll ma:y be regneIlded as meetings the req~cuir~ement
of thle 1957 prlogramt l tha~t aL reque l(( for' m'.st-sharling~ be filed~ before
p)erfo Ir usanc! of the prac~l.tice is star~ted.
C. Method and extent of approval.-Th~ie iounrty~ malnnliftc fee in ae-
cor~dance w-ith a melt hlod app~r~lo\.ed by the State conunzittee, will dcter-

mnine the exltentl to whlichl F4ederl~ funds will heo malde ava-:ilablle? to shar~1e
the cost of each appr~loVedt p~racticeB oni et~h farmll or ranch('1, taklingCL into(
cio n sidtera:tion ther county aLlloclt i on, thIe consertvationl ploblemlr s i n the1(
count~y nd of thle indlividlual fo1Irm orI ranllch, andt thert c~on~serva:t~i io w\ork
for whiiCh ~eqluested' F'eder~al cost-shlaring~z is c~onsidered by~ 1he t ount v',ll!
conn~mit te a ~s miost neededct in1 1!),'17.Thmeod l^vd hl oid
for thle issunnc~e of niot ices of appr~loVal shiow\iing fori ech~c. apptr~oved~
practice thle numbler of units ofl thle practice for whichr fith Federail
G-overnment will .-harie in thle Cost and1( the~ amoun)11t of the Federa~(ll'\
cost-share for thle p~erforman:lce of that1 numberI~(L1 of unlitS of theC prael(` i(Ce.
To thle extenlt practienbXle,, notices of approved\"'' pract1-ices sha~ll bie issuec d
before per~formaltnce of the~t practices is s;ta~t-ed.
D. Initial establishment or installation of practices.- -FedeTictt~ral cot --
shr ngmy be aluthlorized under thie 15)57 pr1ogram:lu onily for the i nit inll
estabi~ Irnenit or inistallatlio n of thle pra:c~tices c~onlttaindcl inl .-lent iol 10.
The initia-l esta~blishmenelt or installation of a pra:c~ticec, for th purpIi'lose~s
of thle 1!)57 pr>1ogramn sha~ll b~e dleneme to included~ theI,, rephelrrinent, en1-
labrgem~ent, or r~stolrationl of pra'CtiCes for' whliCh C'ost -sharling~! ha;S been
allowed, i f all of thet follow-ingl cond1i tionls sexist :
(1) R2eplacemlent, enlar1gemnent, or recstora;tio nl of th.le pra;c~tic~e is
nseedled to meet the conlservationl pr~oblemrl.
(2) The failure of th~e original p~ractice wa~:s nlot duie to thet Inek~l oft
proper manintennalce by thle urent~~n op~era;tol.
(3) Th1e county contunittee believes tha~t thle rep~l aCemen~lt, en1largeL(-
mnent, or retstora;tion~ of thle p-ractiCe meriits consic dera~tio nt underC1
the p~rogr.I;I1 to anl equally extent with~ mother practices for whlichl
cost-shiaring ha~s niot b~een nilowed unlder a prev\iouis prloglarm..
E. Repair, upkeep, and maintenance of practices.-- Fedrll~ cost--
shar~ing is not author~izt ed for rep~~airs or for norma11;1l ukeep, or mintejlf-
nance of any pr1actice.
F. Pooling ag reem ents.--Farmte rs or` ranlcherls i n a ny7 local are may-: I ;?
agr~ee in. w~ritingrr withl the alpp~rovl of thle county c~oulnnittc ee to perciformn

thle agr~iculturnl1 esources of thle conuniuniity, will solv-e a1 m~tual con-,i
servation problem on the: farm~ns of thle pnr~ticipa~nts.s For. pur"poses o'f
eligibility for cost-shiaring, practices eml r~ied out undert such-l ani upI-
proved\~ writtenl a\greslement will be r~egarded as hlav~ingr beenl enrr1ied oult
on the farms or ranitches of thle persons whlo p~erformledl the In-a~ctic~es.


A. Completion of practices.-F-itederal cost-shari ngF for thet pra:c~ticet s
contained. inl section 10 is condcitionedl up~on thie performa1niie of thec
patces in atcc~ol~rdance wiith ll app ~lllica~ble sp~ec~ifica;t ionls and1( program'11
prvEos.Ec~ept ;Is providedl inl sections 5-8, 5-(', and1( .-I). prne:-
tices must be comlpletedl du~inlg thle prognanI; y relr inl ordler to be e~ligible
for cost-sha emgn~.
B. Practices substantially completed during program year.-Ap->
provred pral:~fier may be. deemned, for purploses of paymentrt of cost-
shlares, to hav\e be~en carriled ou~t during th~e 1937i p(l.lrogr anYear. if thle
county committee d~etermines thaut there alre surbstantia~lly\ complletedl
by the end of the progr~l'lln year. H-owever,: no cosit-shar~es for such
prac'-tilce shall be paid until they) hav~e been completed in accottrdance
w\ithl all applicable specifications aInd progrl:l 1 anprovisionls.

C. Practices requiring more than one program year for completion.--
Clost-!cshar1ing ma~y be appr>loved under the 100?, progma~~nl for a com-
ponen~t of a praet~ice comlplete~d du~r~ing thle pr~og~rm year in aIccor~dance
with all ap~plicab~le specifications atnd pr'ogramm provisions, provided:
(1) Thet- farmer or ralncher agSrees in writingl~ to complete all re-
maliningr components of thle p~ractice mn accordance with all
appllicable sp>ecifien\tions andl pr~oramn provisions within the
timle pres'lcribe by the mind11~3 ycommllittee, if cost-sharing is
offered to him therefor under a sllluequlent prygrain''1; and
(2) TIhe county c~onunittee determines that ~under the circumn-
stanlces pr~evaiiling on thle far~m in 1957, completion of that
component is a rleasonable attainment in 1957 tow-sard the
ultimate c~ompletion of all components of the p~rlc~tice.
A~ny advance cost-sharie so paid shall bne refunded if thle renuriningililL
comp~onents of thle practice are not compIleted in tcc~or~dance withlllllll all
sp~ecifications and progr~.I:un1 provisionl s within'''''''''''''''' the timne prescribed b~y
the county committee, provided the farmer or ranchr~rrrrrrrrr~ll l is offerled c~ost-
shar~ing under~l a sutbsequ~ent pr~ogram for com~pleting such components.
Thle extenrsion of thle perjodc for compietionl of the remaining c3om-
panents'~ of the practice will not constitute a commitment to approve
cost-shlaringr thlerefor under a subseqyuent program.;"" Approval of
ciast-shanringr for other1 pra;ctie s under suLbsequnent ~program'I~s may be
clenied until the w~l;innining compneclnts are com~plreted.
D. Practices involving the establishment or improvement of vegeta-
tive cover.--Costs for practices involving the est~ablishownt~ 1t, or imp~rove-
mlent~ of \.gtat:'f:five COVer' maly be shared even though, a good stand
is not: established, if the conuty'~1 committee determines, in accor-dance
with standardsl a~lpproveld by the Sta2te committee, that the practice
wa-s carried out in a Imatnner .w\hich1 would normall;lly resullt in the
establishments of a goodt stand, and that failure to establishr a good
stand was dlue to wenlt her 'r mother conditions beyond thle control of thle
farm or ranch operators. The couznt~y committee mayrequire as a
condition of cost-shar~ing in suzch cas~es thant the areaber eedo
that other' needed protective mea~sures be carried out. Clost-shar 1inlg
in suchl cases m~y be approved also for repeat applications of measures
pr1eviously ca~rr~ied out or for additional eligible measur11es. Cost-
shlaring: for suchl l1ineasures~' s1:1hale ~p~pr'oved to thle extent such meas-
IIres are need~ed to assure a goodcl~ stand even through less than that
requirede l by the8 applicable practice wording for initial aLpprovals.
E. Failure to meet minimum requirements.-N\otwithstalldn din other~l
provisions of th~e 1107l p"Orogram, costs may be shared for pr~c~ticc s
1-reating withr thle estabhlishme nt or implrovenwnt~ll of vegretative coverl
for th~e pelr~foIrma~nc~e actually re~ndererd even1 though the mi~inimum
rqin;rements: wTtith mreard( to thle rateR of seedlingr or the aplplicaltion of
limnig~ materials or conunercial fertfilizers aLre not met, if the farmer
or r~anchecr establishles to the saltisfut-io-n of the counllty' committee
and1( the Stalte; committee or its de-igneo~ (1) that he ma~de c\very\
resounhle:1,1 effot to meet theA minimumnl requlirenwnts'lf andc (2) tha;t-
tlthe practice ais performed adqc-ua~telly nwe'it4 thle onse~~rva;i t ion prbcl~rllm.


A. Conservation materials and services.--(1) A ilabr 117i~ilt.---Partf
or1. allI of thle Fedleral cost-sha~re for an aIppr~oved pra;ctic~e may be in

the flOIll Of COllserV~~io llO111iefls T ol HP~VICP~s fi~l.illsllet 111rough1 tile
progrant ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I: fO IIIIl.~yl OttejYele biel111 OfI Herlemc~~
miay niot be funiitshied to pritc.sls whlo arec indteb~ted~ to the1 Federa~:l Gocv-
O(Illil',: I il ( 1i 0('le by til 10 ftCpi i ef( l of 111ll~(leS I ((188lim\illl~in111PO 11
(18 li Olilve Of tll10 ~ouDiVt cl011111111100, rPs~ee@il 11) (ho eases wher~l1e tile
:1gency3 to whiilch the( dlebt is ow\edl wn;ives its r.ightl s to setollf in ordercl

Title to anly mal~terial furn'liShed throughI~1 the~ program~ll Shlll vest ini
the Fede~lral Gov''~lternmet unltil theC mauterial is app~liedl or pla~ntedl, or
all charges~~ for thle malter~ial arle satisfied.
(2) Cost to fannerzc or sranl~che.-Thee farm~ler or rancher1~. will pa;Y
that, part of the cost; of thel ma~t-er.ia~l or service, as esta;bli-he-d1 un1der'1
i 1tra I'' onls issued by the A\dmrin istra;tor, A(('PS, whlichl is i n xcerss
of thle Foleral~ c~ost-shiare a ttr~ibuta~ble- to the~ uise of thle marteiati~l orI
ser~viCe or, up~oni request byV the fa\~irmer or rancher an`;ld approval'(\ bly
thie county conuniiittee, thel farmerl~l or1 ranCher1~1 w\ill pa;\Y tha~t parlt o)ff Ihe1
m4r~~ of the mnater~ial or ser~vic~e hichiil is inl excess of thle furIner-'I' S orI
rantlcher'?s Federa;l col~--share' for'~1 all coponenits of thie piac~ticet whlichl
will likely be comlpleted~ dur1ing thle progrF'am vear. Th'e Federai;l
ctost-sharle increase onl the amnounrt of the Federlal cocst-sharlle so de~-
tterminledl my bre Idvanlced als a crledlit agarinlst tha~t par~t of the cost of
thle material or service required to be paid by thle farimer or ranier.
(3) Discharg'f e of r~ex(onnibility for mateicrials ancd xse~r!icics.-Thel l
eersoon to wIrhoml a~ mter~ial or service is f~r~nishled. undter thle 11)57
progra;'l m ill be relievedl of responsibility for the ma~ter~ial or service
upon determination bly thle COun~ty colnunittee thalt the mal~teriall or serv-
ice wa2s used. for the p~urpose for which it wa~s fur~nishedc andif that atny
other comp~tonenit s of thle practice, on wh7ichl thle am~oun~t of the Ftedern1
cost-sharle advane~ towardc thet~ cost, of the mla~ter~ial or ser~vice~ w\as
dtlcrminined, hanve beent carr1ied oult inl necordance with atll appllicatble
specifications andl program"1 provnisionrs. If thie p~ersoni uses any mia-
terial or service for anly p)urpow~ other than t~hat fol r which it w-as furl-
nishredr, he shall be indebted to the Federl2 Gover~nmenlt for that parzlt
of the cost of the mnater~ial or service bor~ne by thle Fedlerl~ Governmlent
andi shall pay suchl amount to the Treas~urer of the Uinitedt Sctates
direct or by w-i~thholdings fr~om Fedleral cost-shares otherw-~ise dlue
hlim under thle program.
Any pIer~son to wrhom ma~teria-ls are: fur~nishedl shanll be responsible
to the Federa~l Gover~lnment for anly damage to the- ma;ter-ials, unless
he! shlows tha~t the danuxge wa~s caused~ by ciramsll~t;ances beyond hris
C'ontrl'O. If matelrlialls are a~bandoned or not ulsedl dur1ingL thet progres''l'
yea, tey ayin a2ccordance writhl instructions issued by thle Aid-

posed of at thle etxpense of thle person who albandloned or fa\iledl to ulse
thle mar;terial, or be retrained byr the person for use1 inl a sutbsequen~lt
p3rogram: l year.
B. Practices carried out with State or Federal aid.-Th`Ie total extentl
of any practice performedcl l shall be reduced for the p~urplose of com-
]putingS cost-shanres by- the pe~lrcetag~e of the totall cost of thle items of
performances on which co-l~i; are shatredl wh-lich thle county conunmittee
determlilles wTas fu~rnishedc by a1 SCtate or Feder~n1 agenev. MaI~terial s
or services~ fur~nishled through the p~rogiramn, matrialsrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr or services fur-
nished by any ag~ency~ of a Statet to another :Igem-y\ of thle sam~le Sitate.
or materialls or services furnishled or usedl by at State or Federawl

;nglo-1? for the per~formnce~tc of practices on its land shall not be
reen rIldedl as SCtate or FEederl a~id for thle purposes of this subsection.
C. Division of Federal cost-shares.--(1) E 'tl ral coxt-shiares.--T hee
Fed~era~l cost-sh;r~e attr~ibutabole to thle use of conservation mal~terials
or services shall be cmed~ited~ to thet person to whrlom? the matterials or
services ar1e furnishled. Othertl Fedlerl2 cost-sharles shatll be credited
to thle personl wh-o carr1ied ou~t thle prt~lactices by which such. other Federal
c~ost-shlar~es ar1e earnedet. If mnore than onle person contributed to the
enHrr1ying out of schl p~ractices, thle Federanl cost-shtire shall be divided~
amnong such percisonis in thle pr~op'ortion that thle county ccananrittee
dtl1el~rmine s thley contr~ib uted to thef carrying oult of the practices. In
uin this detenirm~ination thle ~ounlty conunittee shllR take into con-
sider~lation thle value of the~ labor, equiipiirntt or mafterial contributed
by~ ea:chl person" toward1t thlAe arrYingp out o)f each practice on aI patrticu-
lar' acrong:~Le, aldl sha~ll assuine thatt ea~ch c~ontr~ibute di equally unless
it is establlishecd to theA satisfaction of the~ county minunlllittee that thieir
rcsp~c~tivef c~onltr~ibultions thlereto w-ere not in- elual1 p~op>ortion. The
furn~iishingi of landic or the right to urse wa~ter will not b~e considered ats
a c~ontr~ibutio nl to thle Carry'~llin out of anly pracllt ice.
(r2) D~eath, in~2ompetenif ?Cy, olr d)ikapp~earTancce.-In case of deai~thl,
inlcompllett elu-y, or disatppearance of abny p>ersonl, any Federa;l share of
thle cost dune himr shall be pa~id to his successor, determ-ined in accord-
;Inc~e with thle provisionss of thle reguIla~tionl s inr ACP-12a, as amended.
D. Increase in small Federal cost-shares. Thle sumn of thle Federa~ill
co~st-shar\es comp~uted for any person with respect to azny farm or.
~anchl runder thle Agricult ural C`onlse~-rvtio nl Programr7 and the N;avazl
,itor~es C~~on~-ervtio n Pr1ogram11 shall be increase d_~~~~~--------- as follow-s; provided,
hloweve, thait inl th~e event legislation is ena:cttedl which Itlrepeak or
:\mendl~ s thle authlority for making such increaLses, thle Secre~tary mnay,
inl sucl mlannerr and ait such time as is conisistent withl such legSislation,
dlisconitinuie suelich mereses:
(1) Any Federa;l cost-shiare amiounting~ to $0.71 or less shall be
iincreased to $1.
(9) Anly FIederal~ costa-shar~e amlounting to mnore thanl $0.71, bult less
than $1, shall be incr~eatsel by 4C ptercenlt.

(13) Any Fiedler~al cost-shllar amlountCing~ to( $1 or muoret sha~ll bet';l-al in a~CCOrdaCe;ll withl the fo~llow~ing scheduclelt? :

Amount, of clost-share~n Increase1H inl Amounllt, of eatsae n ete i lnountl of cost sll1 lu Ireal~~:sc~in
co m pull t ed .-.ur.-l I .- ..I l l .. i ..1 1..m 1 .m ... I l...

$;1 to $1.!'.0.I I_.2 1 .> 2 'I. n 11is ;***1 ;
$2 to 62.:1 .s > 1.1 .1**: o l 1. 11 ** 2 1
$1;3 to it(.I'.5 __ 1.2 2 o$ 1... .8 15t i .L*1. 50)
$4 to $4.!11 1 .1 _1to .**U 0 _i1. 1.** 1.6
$5 to $3'I) __ 192 0 21 os* .* 20 $17 to( ~17.00 12. 7
$6 to $ti !1'. __ 2. 410 $i 27 to $27.!))... if. 10) $18 to $18.!)! 1 2..1
$7 to $i7.99___ 2. 80 $28 to $25 ***'.(n $1 o$1it 12. 90(
$8 to ~s !1.i'. 3-. 20 2(t .oU 0 o$00 :.0
$9 to $'.9 11 >' o 1) t 0.0 .i o 1 .0h I .

$13 to $1:1lr __ 5.I 20 $3 to $34)!.9 10. ( t .1 ( 1.5

$18to 1S.417. 20 ii ::t to $:30).!1', 0 t_ o$15 11. 00)
$19 to $1.'a 7. i $4 to $40~.ri.li__ 12. 00) $114 2():rt o $199.0 (H
$21 to $21.!1'L_ j 8. 20 $4i2 to $12L.!I'I__ 12. 20

I Increase to $200. e So inlcrea~se.

E. Maximum Federal cost-share limitation.-Thie total of all Fedleral
clost-sharese undcer the lo5ti7 progan.;'1 to anly ~ers"on' with nI-lpeet to fa~rmls,
ranichii i ngnits, and turpletintie places in thle lUnited Staites (inrclluding
A1laska, Hatwaii, P~uer~to Rico, anld thec \ irgin Islandits) for appr~iov~ed
practices whiichl ar~e not carieit d ou~t uinder poolii ng ageemlents s shall niot
exscee~d the~ s~um of $1,5003, and for all app~lrovedt prac~tic les, ilc~lud~ing~
tilthe Calrried out under pooling agr~eementsts sha~ll niot csr-exed thle sum11
All1 or anly p~art of aLny Federal cost-sha:r~e whlichl othlerw-ise woc.uld be
dlue any ptlerson under'i the 197S prIogr~am mlay h~e wi.thhleild, or I(reqir'ed
to be ref~unded, if he hias adcopted, or parvticipa~ted in adop~ting, anylc
~chemellr orI detvice, including thle dissolutio on, reol~rganiza;tion, revival,
formation, or use of any corporation, partner~ship,, estalte, trust, orl any~
other means, designed~c to evade, or whichl has thle effect of evaldinr, thle
provisions of this subsection.
F. Persons eligible to file application for payment of Federal cost-
shares.-Ainy person who, as landc~lor~d, tenant, or sha~lreCr'opper- onI a
falrm or ranch, bore ah par't of thle cost of an a\pprovec d conser~vatio n
pra;c~tic-e is eligible to file an appI~Cliction) for paymen~lt of thle F~ed'erl~
cost~-shalre due him.
G. Time and manner of filing application and required information.--
It shall be t~he responsllibility of p~ersons 'par~ticipa~ t i n g in thle prognan; II to
submit to the counlllty office formlls and inlformnatio n In~lecd to establish
the extent of the p~erforma~nce of atpprov-ed conservation~ pra:cticer s anld
complllliancet withl app~licable pr~oGr~aml p~'rovSIonIs. Tm iisw
regard~I~c to the -su~rlni41:ion of suchl formls andc informlation~ shllll be estalb-
lishetd where necessarI1y for efficient adlministra;tio n of thle prop(-1]' I'I.
Such time limits shall afford a full andt fair; oppollrltunity' tn those eligi-

b~le to file thle formns or. inlforma;tio nl withlin thle period prescribed. At
least 2 wee~ll;' notice to thle public shatll be given of anyr genralll time
limit ~r~esciribedl. Siuchl noticet shall be givenl byg mailing notice to the
office of eatchl c~oluty conunitte~e and m Iaking~ copies availablle to the
pr'ess. Other means11 of nlotification,. includjing radio aInnounlementslt
andic individual notices to perso~cnS ;affool(ed, shall be used~~ to th~e extent
pra;c~ticable. Notice of timie limits wh~iich ar~e aplplicable to individual
persons, such aIs time limits for replortinlg performance of alppr~ove d
practices, shanll be issuied inl writingF to thie ~er~sons a~ffected. IExcep-
tionls to timle limits may1 bep mad~e inl cases wh-]ere falilurle to sutbmrit
required forms andl inlfo~matio nl withinl the apptli~cable time limits is
duec to reasons beyond the control of t~he farmer or rancher.
Paymenltt of F~iederI:i cost-shiares wvill be made only upon application
sbmnitttedl on thle pretscr~ibed forml to thle county office by D~ecemnber 31,
IM!)S, or suich earlier dla te ais is pr1escr~ibed by thle A < I1 minist r ~t r-1, ACPYS.
Aniy appllicationi foir payment mnay be r~eje~ctedl if any form or informa-
tionl Irequir~ed of thle appllicant is not submitted to the county office
w\ithsin th~e app~licable time limit.
H. Appeals.-Ainy person maty, w-ithin 15> da~ys after notice thereof
is fov:rwaredl to or madte avail abule to hlimY, request thle county committee
or ,Ctate cenIII Iitiftee in writing to reconsider its recomlmendaltion1 or dle-
termil;~nation in any~ matter affectingt the right to or the amount of his
F~eder~al cost-shar~e s wvithl respect to thle farmn or ranchl. The county
committee or State conunittee shall notify himn of its decision in w-riting
wvithlin 15' day~~s after receip~t of wr1itten request for reconsideration. If
thle person is diissatisfiedl w\ith the dlecisionl of thre county conunlit~tee,
hec mlay, w\ithlin 15 days after the decision is jforw-ardedtc to or madzce
ava:ilable to himi, appleal in wr'iting~ to the State committee. TIhe State
committee shaltll notify hlim of it~s dcl(iision in writing w\ithinl 30 days
after the submisisio n of thle app~eal. If he is dissatisfied wTithl thre deci-
sioni of the~ Sctate coiinuittee, he may, within 15, da~ys after its decision
is forw~ardedl to or ma~de ava~ilalble to himn, request the Admninistraltor,
A('CPS, to review- the decision of the State committee. Thle decision
o~f thie A~thniinistrato r, ACPS, shalll b~e final. Wrllittenl nlotice of any
dc~lli-ion rendered under this subsection by thle county or State comn-
inlittee shall also be iwnes1~r to ealch other land~lorcd, tenant, or sh~r~e-
croppIer on the farm or ranch who many be adver~sely affectedl by the
( 001s10D.
Appeals considered und~r this subr~section shall be dlecidled in :wea.rdcll-
;Ine w7ithl the ~r~ovisionis of thiis program';11 and of the atpplicatble State
nd1( C'ounlty prLogramlls on1 thle basis of thle facts of thle individual case;
provided thalt thle Scr~eta~ry, upon the recommlrend atiio n of thre Adlminis-
tra;tor, ACPS, and thre Sta~te and county co~lumli~ttees ,2S may wive thef
r~equiremenlts of any such provision, whlere not prohibited by statute,
i f, in hris judgmetnt, such1 w-iver unlder all therr circumstances is ju~t i fiedc
to p~ermit: a prop'er dlisp~osition of aln app~ea1T-l were th]e farm~er, in r~eason-
atble reliance on anly in-ctlenectio n or commitment of any member, emn-
p~layee, or' representative of a State or county conunmittee, in good~t faith
per'for~med an eligrible consertIvatio n p~ra:ctice alnd such1 p~erforml~anlce
ru~;~(nsonbly a~complli shedC thle pur~lpose of thre practice.


A. Compliance with regulatory measures.----Per-onts whlo cnery ouit:
conservation pri:wices unIder` thle 195r7 progr~.I;III shall he)( reLSponISible?
for obta~ining~ the auth~orities,, righ~ltS, CleasementS, or' othr apro1l
nece~ssaryl~ to the, performances" e andlc nut~ilt-enanlce of thelr In-a;1cticecs i n keepll-
ingS wvithl app~licable law\\s andi regunlatio ns heprsnwihwhn
thle cost of thie pr1:wl~ice is sharedct shanll, be r~esp~onsiblee to thle Federclal
COVf6YDlle61t f0OP nllyV ]C0 . rrights of oflthers or fails to complly w\ithl appllicab~le~ Ilaws or Ir'Llgulat ionlS.
B. Maintenance of practices.---''Th sharingii of (o-1 a, by4 th'e Fedral~l~
GoveC 'lrnment, for thle perlfor~nuinee~ of approval\''~ con"Setr~vation pr~c~t i ces
on anly farmn or' branch unlder thle 195;i7 progranl'l will bet sublject- tor ther
condlition that the~ person w-ithr w\homi thr costs ~r~e shred~lt w\ill ma~inl-
talin such p~ractices thlroughou~t their 1orma1l1 life '1pan1 inl neC(ordancel('
w\ith gcood farmllingl pracl(ti'es als lo1g a1s thle ;land o11n whichl thelry are
carii d~ out is unider his controll.
C. Practices defeating purposes of programs.--If thec c~ounity c'omi-
miittee finds, w7ithl thle 'oncurr~']encf of thle SCtate conunlittee, tha~t anty
per1~(1 on has adopted or participnted d in anry p1rac~tice~ whlich tendls to def-
fealt t~he purploses of the 1!)57 or any previouls pr1ogr;un, includling, ut
nlot lunitedl to, fa\ilurle to mainltain,, in nccorda:ncle wTithl gTood farmingil~,
practices, practices carr1iedl o~t. under aL ~r~evious prog1)L;:un,) it may1II
w-ithlhold, or require to be~ refundedc, all or an1y par~t of the FE'derall
cost-shatre which otherwise wrouldl be dlue hlim under~l thle 1957 pr~ograml.
D. Depriving others of Federal cost-share.-If thie Staite coinniittee
tindes thaxt anly person ha~s emp~loyedl any scem~le or dtevijce (includting~
coer.cionl, fr~audl, or misr~eprlesentatio n ), thle effect of whichl wou~lld be
or has been to deprive anly otheril pter~son of thle Federal cost-sharle duie
that perrsonl Iuner thei prog(l ra: n s. it miay withhlold, in whiole or inr par1t,
froml thle. person participation inl or emlploy~ing sulch- a scheme or device,
or requliire~ hlim to r'efundC` inl whlole or. illtn pat, thle Feder~al cost-sharlle
whlichl otherwise w-ould be due himi under thle 1957 program.1n~
E. Filing of false claims.-If the Sitate conunilttee findts tha-t anyI
person'' has know-ingrly filedl cla~im~ for paiyienit of thle F~eder~al cost-
share under the program~n for practices n~ot carried out, or for pl at ices
carrF1iedl out inl suchl a mnannler tha;t thleyV do not mleet thle r'equliredC Specli-
fications ther~efor, such pe~rsonl shall not be eligible for anly Federal; 1
cost-shariie under thle Inrt1957 proglram and shanll r~efunid al1l amiounrts thnil
may hlave beenl paidt to hlim ulnderl thet 110:4 pr1ogra. he itholi
or refunding of Fede~al. cost-shrares w~ill b~e in addlrit~ion to anld niot inl
sublst~itultio nl of any othleltIr penlty or' liability whiich mnighrt othlerwise~

F. Misuse of purchase orders.--If the State committee findts thati
anly pers'on ha~s know-ingly usedi a ptur~cha~se ordter issuedt to htinl for
ctonservaLtion materials or services for a purpose othelfr ~th tha~t for
wh-ichl it w-as issued, andc that suchz Iin~itnc of theC- purch('ase ordter tendcs
to defeat thle purposes fo' whlich it wa~s issued, sulch p~ersonr shall niot
be eligible for anly Fedrtctl:l cost-sha;re under thle 19:i7 progr~am~ andl
shlnl refund all amounts that ma~y have been p~aidi to hliml under thle
197poga.The wsithholding or refunding~ of F~edera;l cost--sharies
wrill b~e inl addcitionl to anld n1ot inl Sub~stitufionl of any' othier p~enalty\ or'
tilabilit~y wFhichl might othlerwise he implosedl.

G. Federal cost-shares not subject to claims.-Afnly Fiederal cost-
shlar1e, or portion thlereof, diue anly person shall be determined and
allowTed wvithlout regar'lld to questions of title under State lazw; w\ithlout
dedluct~ion of cla-ims for advances~t~ (ecepClt, a.s ploroided~t in thep followingr
surbsection, anld exep~t. for indebsitedlnes s to the U~nited States subject to
setoff lunder orders issued by thle Secretary); and without regard to
anly claim or lien against anly cr~op, or proceeds~r~ thereof, in favor of
thle owvner or anly other creditor.
H. Assignments.--Any person whlo may be entitled to any Fliederal
cost-shar~e under thle 1957 pr~ogramn may assign his right thereto, in
whole or in par~1t, as security for cash loaned or advatnces made for thle
purpose of financing thle maktling of a cr~op in 1957i, including thle
calynrryn out of soil and wa~tter conservation p~ractices. N innn
w~ill be r~ecogrnizel ~unless it is made in wr'itinlg on1 Form ACP--69 and
inl accordance writhl the instructions in ACP-6j.


F'or thle purposes of thle 1957 program:
(a) "LSecretary"' means the Slecretary of ~Agriculture of the United
States or an1Iy officers ol r employee of thle Dep~artme~nt to whom authlor-
ity has been delegrated, or to wh-lomn authority may1S hereafter be dele-
g~t~edl, to act in hris stead.
(b) "Admctinistraxtor,, ACPS," mneans the Adminl~~ist ratr of the
Agr~iculturll2 Conservation Progr1nnl Service.
(c) "'State" meansllc any onie of the~ continental Uinited States.
(d) "State committee"? meanls the persons in thle State dc~ignarl~ted
bIy thle Secretanry as thle Agr1icnlultura Stab.tilizat~ion and Conservatio~tin
State committee.
(e) "Clolunty" means parishl or county.
(f) "Clounlty commllittee"f meansllc the pterusons elected wFithlin a cou~lnty)
a\s thle county committee pulrsunnlt to 1regulatio ns gov~erningr the selec-
tion and functions of Agr~icultural Stbilbjizationl andl Conservationl
COunity and coi:lunnnllity commllittees.
(g) "P er'sonf m1ean1s an ind1CividullR, par;ltn~er'ship~, fl anc(iation, corp~or-
a\tionl, state~, or' trust, or other business enter~pri~se, or other legal entity
(anld, whlerever ap~plicable, at State, a p~ol~itica~l subdlivision of a Sctate,
or any a agency thler~eof) tha~t, as land~lord, tenantlt, or shar~ecrop-per,
par~lticipa"tes in the operation of a far~1m or ranchl.
(h1) "Flarm"' or "1rach" means all a;djatcenlt or nearb).y far~m or range
bu~tl ndl-er thle samle owvner~ship which is op~erated b>y one person, in-
cludring~ also:
(1) A~ny othier djnecent or inearby far~m or rangi~e 1;1( landwih the:
(ounrty commiiittee, inl accor~danee writhi instructions issued by th~e
Adtministra~tor, ACIPS, d-eterminles is op~eratedt by the samle per-
sonl as pa rlt. of theA samle unlit inl pr1odcling~L ra ng1e livestock or
w~ithl I'e eC'~t, to thle rotation of cr1ops, andl withl worki stocks,
ma:chinery,, and tlabor -.nbstantallytl separa:tc. fr~om thlat for anly
otherl landc; and
(8) Anly fieldt-r~ented tr~ac~t (wh~ether op~erate~d by thle same? or
anlothler person) w-hichl, togetler withl any other land included
inl thle farm'll or ra nch~1, conIstitutes aI unit wvithl respect to the
r~otaltion of crops.

N~otwicithlstandi ng any lim~itation in this dlefiniitioni c~on~cerningi l ther- type
or use of land, aL farm11 maLy include or may1S consist ent~irely of w-oodlandlt
wh1ichl is being op'eratedcc for thle produ)llCt ~lon and( Salle of forefSt prodnetsl('.S

thle prilc~ipa;l dwecllingf is situarted or, if there~r is nio dwe-llingtp he~roni,
it shall1 be regardtedl as loontedl in tle, counltly inl wh.ichl t he? rlnlol ju ort ion
of thle far1m or ran~lchlis loca~tedl.

pel~lrmaent vegeta~tive c~over1, othercl than11 tr1eeS, Since't l!r: 198 and wi('h
ws clasil'le aLs ('ropland1 at thle timue of seedilngL, but~ exc~llluing (1I) berii-
ingc olvehI; ed s anid vineyar' ds exceptt thle';n g of croplan;11d t here'in),
t utes, or' will conistituite if tillag~e is continluedt,: 1 an eosioni hazard1~ to
the connoulnity..
(j) "Programl.lll year1-" means thie pertiiodl, de~ignated d il in the Rate
handbok, dringwhichconsrvaio priCt ic~es, or. comp tonen~lt s
therl.eof, unisrt he carrIiedt ou~t to be eligible for ccst-sharing.The pro
gramn 3" yea~r may eginl onl or afterJly t1.3 1!)5(, and( end not latlr thanll
Decemberlle :31, 1957.


A. Authority.-Th`~e pr1ogramn conltainedl in thiis bulletin is b~asedZ
upon', and is subject to, thie p~rovisions of thle 1957 N\t-ionial Agr~iCul1-
tur~al Conser~vatio n ]Progr~aml appr~lovted by thle ALssistanlt Secr~etlr~y
of Agriculture on July %, 195~6 (21 ]F. R. 50349), plursufnnt to, the aruthlor-
ity \ccrate in him undler sections '7-17 of thle ~soil C'onservation andlt
Domestic A110lltment Act, as amlended (410 Stat. 1148, 16i T_. S. C. 5004~
,S!(0q). andc thle Depar;~1tmnt~l of A\gricu~lture andt Farm.1 (redit Admlnil-
istration ApprIop r~iatio nl Act, 1957i, and is contingent up~on legisla~tive
authority to thle Siecr'etarly to exercise afte L~Illr De lbe :;1. 1950c, thet
p~ower~s now- confer~red oni himn by section 8 of the aIct.
B. Availability of funds.-Th''le provisions of th~e 19-)57 In-agrnin'' are'
niecessar~ily subject to suchlei s.:~ intionl as thle CYongress of thle U~nitedl
States maliyV hereasifter' enaiCt: thle p~yinf of thle F~ed~eral c~ost-sharest
providedi hiereini is Contting~ent up~on su~chi apprlo, priatio n as thie C'ong~relSS
mlayT thereafter' priovidfe for suchi purpose : andc the amounts of suichI
F~ederlal cost-sharles wc\ill necessarily he~ within thle limits finallk deter-
miinedi by suchl appropriationl.
Thle fundlt s pr1ov-idedt for the~ 1957i program w;iill n\iiot be av-ailablle tfor
D""paying Federal c~ost--share~ts fol~lr hch applications arle filled inl the
county office after Dlecemlber 31, 1!)8.
C. Applicabil ity.-Th'le prlov\isions of t~lt he ) 1'1'7 lu-a-- ma C'onltainedff
hleretinl are nlot aplplica\ble to (1) any14 depar't'en"t or bureau-;l of thet~
rtn~ited Sitate~s Goverlnment~l or an1 corporation whlolly ownedt~ by? thec
Uniitedi States; (") Ilnlonroplandlt downed b~y thle Unitedl States whlichi
was;~ acquriredF or reserved~t for c~onserva;tion1 purploses, or wh-ichl is to bec
rectainled perml~nuenltly u~ndei rGovernmue nt ownerilship.. il(lNcluingv but
nlot limited t-o, gra~zinlg lands admlninisteret d by- thelt F'ortst Servi~j~ce of
thle U'nitedl SCtates D~epar~tment of .\oricult uree or by thet Human~1 of
LandC~ Manag~iemlentt (inludllingr ~lndS a\dmlinister'ed undI~er the Tar-lor
Grazing A~ct) or the Fish andi W~ildlife Serv~ice of the Unitel ,Ctantp-

Depar"ltment: of thle Inter~ior, except as indilnted~ in item (7) below; (3)
nlonprivate perIson~s for performlance on any land ownedrt by the UCnited
States or a corploratio n whrolly owned byr it; and (4) farmns outside the
continental U~nited States.
Th~le proga mu1'' is ap~plicable to (1) privately owned lands; (2) lands
ow\ned by a State or political subdivision or agency thereof ; (3) lands
ow-ned by corplor~ations which are partly ow-nedl by the U~nitedl States,
sulch as5 pr"oduction credit nern-cintlions; (4) landls temporarilg ownledl
by5 the U~nited States or a corporation wholly owned~ by it, whilch were
not a~cquir~ed or reserved for con-rvaI:tion purposes, including lands
admniniste redc by thle Farmerl~ls H-ome Adminlistr~ation, th~e 1Federlt1 Farm
MTortgage C'orpor0ation, the United States DIepartment of D~efense,
or by a~ny other GCo\ve!lrnmen agency dt ignate d bly the Adminis-
tra;tor, AC~PS; (5>) an~y cr~opland faurmed by p~ri~vate persons which
is own-led by the Unitedl States or a, cor~poratio n whlolly owned by it;
(6) Indian1 lands, exceplt that where gra~zing~ operations are carried
out on India~n landl s administered by the Department of th~e Interior,
such I;lands ~r~e within the scope of the. pr1ogSr~am only if covered1~ by a
wr1itten agreemenllt~t approved by the D~epar~tme~nt of the Interior giving1
thle operator. an inlterest in thle. grazingr and forage grow-ing on the land
and a right to occupy thle land in order to carry oult the grrazingr oper-
altions: alnd (7) nloncr~1o~landc owned~~' by the Un-titedl Sta~tes for per-
for~mance: by pr~ivalte p~ersons of conser~vationl practices which directly
conlsel~rv or benefit nearby or adjoinling pr~ivattelyv ownlel lands of such
persons whlo maintain anld use suchl fedierally owned noncr~oplandt
under1 agreementlt. wI-ith the Fed~eral agency having jurisdiction thereof.


Practices fol r whichl the, Soil Conservati~lio n Ser1vice is responsible for
all1 or par1t of thle technical phases ar1e mlark~ed w-ith~ an asterisk (*).
where properly applied and maintained
AL. Practices P~rimarily for ~E-(ub~li hInent,~t of Permanentillf P~rotective
A-1. Initial establishment of a permanent vegetative cover in or-
cha rds a nd vi neyards for co ntrolI of erosion.--Volunteer stands and
:wren gel~Ss cuit for hay~ ar1e n~ot eligible for cost-sharing..
A-2. Initial establishment of a permanent vegetative cover for soil
protection or as a needed land-use adjustment.--Thiis prc~tic~e is ap-
p~licable only to 1land whjIch shIould be establi hed~c in permanent vege-
t;t aliv cover f'or pr~otec~tionl against w-ind or w-ater eros~-ion,, and to c~rop-
lanld w-hichl, as a part of a need~ed land-use adljus~towntl is being shiiftrid
to p~er~manlent p~rotective vege~tatl i ve cover othler than as a par~t of a reg-
u1lar crop r~otaltionl. This practice is not applicable to land1~ occupied
by.: a mechan~l;ltab]le standlc of timber or pu~lpwood, or to landc wrhichl, if
ele~aredi, woullld be su i table for continuedl production of cultivatedi crops.
Federal cos~t- 1; llar ng may be approved for conlstr~uctingr fences~ where
fenlces are ne.l~cssar'y to protect thle vot~~ed a~rea anc ontlyv for the extent~
nece.l'--ilry to) fencle that ar~ea. Federal cost-shlaringr for felcles shall be
lim~itedl to permanenllt'lt fenlcest, excludingbr boundcar~y and ran1ar fences.

A-3. Establishment of additional acreages of vegetative cover in crop
rotation to retard erosion and to improve soil structure, permeability, or
water-holding capacity.-Thli s pra;c~tice is appllicab\lel onlyl to Ilnmi whichl
Ileeds Hilelli cOYPE to I~~Rel n) Posloll of toc il~inpove scall sf lildli'fel, Ierl'llt-
abkility, or wa~ter-holdli in ca)ac~ity. Fedclral c~ost-shai~t~ iFng ill be, liia-
i tt' 0 Irabl i n c e s o v r ht w ml~;~- e \ Ji l l t l ~ l l~l( h e 111,ll rioritua pl :Int tilir i gc s of el igl~eslt

CFnp 011r~i i tli 0 PHY cl~l ll 987 1o11,P coti 0 110011o11Cp slinf loll I 00 1Lic 10 filflit
~ileedt for tlils practice on cr~oplanud whichil thle fa~~iirme or~ rancher](, inltendl s
to divert fr~om thie prloductionl of cr~ops for whlichl allotmlentt s are estab-
lishled for thle farm f~or 1957.
A--4. Initial treatment of farmland to permit the use of legumes and
grasses for soil improvement and pr~otection.- -Th''is Invetrcice~ is app>~li-
cable onily to- farmlllanld dev'oted~ inl 1987 to rlegruneS ((other~ thanll vege~-
table or tiiruck c~rrrops soybeaPns, nuin~gbe~ans, andic pIeanultS) or1 perennlliall
gamest~ and( to farmlanllud hichil thie county conuniiittee dleterminesle w\ill
be devoted to suchi eligible- uses in 195;8. F'edlerl~ cost-sharuing~ will be
Illmtedl to th pli cal~~~r ?tion of liingilr manterials, r~ocki phosphai~te, and(`1

A-5. Initial establishment of contour striperopping to protect soil
from wind or water erosion.-A-ll c~utlltral op~er~ationls nutISt he ~er'-
formiedl as nearly as praceticable onl the contour. Thei cr~op stulbble
or crop, residue mlust he left standings over inlter, or a winter coveri
Crop established, or new '~s~Iy plotec'tiVe tillag~e opera'tionlS ('arrliedi out,
on aLcreaLge devoted to row c~o~s. F'edlerl c~ost-sha~r~illSng my be
aluthorizedt for remllovingl stoner wIalls or. hedrer~ows whelre suchl removal().
is nlecessar~y to thie establlishlment of an etffect ti econtour str'iperop~pi ng

A-6. Initial establishment of field striperopping to protect soil from
wind or water erosion.--Thie cr~op stubble or cr~op residue nurst h~e left
standing over wTinlterl, or a wintfer cover Crop) establlished, olIr neeewary
protective tillagre operations carr1ied2 out, on arcr~e;ag devoted to row
A-7. Initial establishment of a stand of trees or shrubs on farmland
for erosion control, watershed protection, or forestry purposes.-Nrco
Fieerllll cost-shar~ingr will be allowed~l for p]lantilL oreChard( trPees, or'
for plantings for ornamental p~urposes. If shr~ubs are used, those
thazt benefit wildllife should be given preference wh-lerever p~racti-
cable. Planit ings mnust be protelctedt from fir~e andit ilrazine. Federal
cost-shar~ing ma~y boe authorizedc for clearing land1C occup~iel I:largely by
scrubby brush of no economlic vallue to permlit planting~ of dtesi~rable
tree species. Technicall assistance mlust het utillzedi to d~eterm~inI thle
suitability of the landl for clear~ing andc the measures niecessary~ to
prevent erosion. Federal cost-shlaring for fencingr shall b~e limited
to p~ermanenltlf fencei.s needed to protect thle planted arrea~ from ;ra;zing.
excluding boundary andc road fences.
B3. Practices Primarily for IImprove mentn andl Protection of Estab-
lished Yeg~Letaitive Cover
B--1. Improvement of an established vegetative cover for soil or
watershed protection.--This practice is appllicab~le only to land in

p~erman~lent vege.itat-ive clover whlichr neeshl miore tha~n normal mlainte-
nanc1(e mea~tSure' S inl ord~er to provide adeq~cuate soil or wattershled pro-
t~ctionl. TIhe imrnIlovement measures approved for cost-shar11ing' shall,
be those wh~ilch will extend ma~lter'ially thie life of the vegetative cover.
Federll cost-sh~r~ingr may not be approvedl for normaal maintenance
measure s sulch als annual topdlressinlgs w-ith fertilizer or other mineral
elemlents. This practice is not ap~plicable to laznd on which the needed
improvement measures will constitute complete reestablish~ment of the
vegetative cover.
B-2. Improvement of vegetative cover on rangeland by artificial re-
seeding for soil protection.--N~o Fede~ltr;I cost-sharing will be allowed~t
if it is determ~inedl thatt thle area, seeded is gra;zed~ before the stand is
w\ell established.
B-3. Controlling competitive shrubs to permit growth of adequate
desirable vegetative cover for soil protection on range or pasture land.-
()n1 area~;S whereI it iS determllined thant thie control of comipe~t i t i v shrubs
w\ill redcclce thet vegeftativ\ e cover to su~ch anl extenlt as to induce erosion,
ther practices w\ill nlot h~e appr~loved unlless followedl by seedlilgr or other
appr~lovedl erosioni control measures.
B-4. Furrowing, chiseling, ripping, scarifying, pitting, or listing non-
crop grazing land to prevent soil loss, retard runoff, and improve water
penetration.-T~he operation nullact be performed as nearly as practi-
cable on the contour.
B-5. Constructing wells for livestock water as a means of protecting
vegetative cover.-Thle; wells must be at locations which will bring
b~ou~t thle d-esired~c protection of vegetative cover through proper dis-
tr~ibutionl of gra~~zingr or better grass~] land~ managl~,remll ent. Adequate
storag-~e facilities muslt be pIrovidled. Pumnpingl equipment must be
inlstallled, xcepc~t for ar1tesia~n wells. N'uo Fied~eral cost-s~haringr will be
a~llowedc for wells constructed prlimatrily for thle use of headquarters,
or for costs other thlan for conlstructi ngr or d~etlepening~ wells and for
wrater storage fac.ilitie-.
*B-6. Developing springs or seeps for livestock water as a means of
protecting vegetative cover.--The springs or seeps must be at locations
which will br~ingr about the des~ired protection of vegetative cover
through p~roper distribution of g~razing or better glensslandr maznagre-
*B-7. Constructing or sealing dams, pits, or ponds as a means of
protecting vegetative cover.-T'lhe datms, pits, or ponds must be at loca-
tions which will br~ing about the des~i redc proct ctc Iion of veget atIi ve cover
through proper dlistribuntion of grazlingb or betfter' gra~siland manage-
*B-8. Installing pipelines for livestock water as a means of protect-
ing vegetative cover.-Th\le pipelines must deliver walter to locations
whih illbrngabout thle desired~ protection of vegetative cover1
through p~roper9 dstribution of grrazingr or better grslan~];ld managell~t-
B-9. Constructing permanent fences as a means of protecting vege-
tative cover.-This practice may be azpprlov~ed only where fe~ncing~r will

contribute to better dlistribultionl of livestock; and seaisona:l uise of thie
for~age. Fenlces betwteen pa;sturle anld otherl land1( will oqulffr
B-10. Improvement of a stand of forest trees for erosion control,
watershed protection, or forestry purposes.--F'ederl cost-sharingll~ m1ay
be allowed~i for any of thle following~ measuresl~.: (1) Thlinnling, (2) pr1.un-
ing crop trees, (:3) release of des~irab~lle tree seedlling~s by remlloving~ or1
killing compect-ing and undesir~able \.rgetal~tion1, (4) site pr~ep~arationl for
naturlfU' reseed-ing~, (5) fenicing~z, and ((6) er~osioni control mneasu ~es s onr
logging roads a~nd tr~ails. The area; must be pen(f~ltcted from~l firec.
WVhere seedlings ar~e present or nleededl, thle ar~eal must he prlotectedl fr~oml
grzn.F~ederal cost-sha11ii~rin for site preparation wvill be lim~iitedl to
arasi whichl have a suffiCienlt Ilnuberr of desirab~le seed, threes for nattr~al

ma~ter~ial onl thle forest soil is brIokenl up, or remlloved so tha~t soil is es--
pacrd~, and on1 whliCh thle seedl treecs w\ill tBe left untlil thle area'; is reC-
stock~ed. TIechlnical~ l~ assisnce shall b~e utilizedl, if ava:ilablle,; otherw1nise
the praictiCe must be carr'liedl out inl ne'COrdanle. wijth appr)Ioved~ teChnliCal1
for~estry staiindards. F(~ederal c~ost-sh~ar~ing for fecingii~ shall b~e limrited
to pennanen~llt~l fencesL~ neededt~j to pr'otec't the areat?; from1. graz~ing~, exc~ludlin
boundaLry and road~1( fences.

C. Practices PrimazrilyJ for the Conserva\-;tion and Disp)osal of W~ater
*C-1. Initial establishment of permanent sod waterways to dispose
of excess water without causing erosion.
C-2. Initial establishment of permanent vegetation as protection
against erosion.-FederalR cost-shrni;ngr will be limited to thle establishi-
men~lt of p~ermanent vegetation on giullies, dlams, tlike~s, leveets, dlitchi
bankls, farmn r~oadsides, filter stri-ps, andi field bordter~s. C'onsidlera~tion
shlouldZ be given to choice of plaLnts fa~vorable to wildl ife.
*C-3. Initial establishment of orchards, vineyards, bush fruits, straw-
berries, or perennial vegetables on the contour to prevent erosion.-All
cultural operations must be p~erformned as nearly as p~racticable on the
*C-4. Constructing terraces to detain or control the flow of water
and check soil erosion.--Necessary protective outlets or wa-;terway'n s
must be provided. Federal cost-shar~ingr may be authlorized for' re-'
moving stone walls or hedgerows where such remloval is necessary to
the establishment of an effective terrace system. Costs of construction
may include necessary leveling and fillings to permit installation of an
effective system.
*C-5. Constructing diversion terraces, ditches, or dikes to intercept
runofF and divert excess water to protected outlets.-Nercessary p~ro-
tective outlets or wa;ter~ways must be providers. Federa1;l cost-sha~ring
may be authorized for removing stone walls or hedgrerow-s whler~e such
removal is necessary to the es~tabllishmrent of anI effrc~t i \v( terrace syvstemn.
Costs of construction may include necessary leveling aLnd filling to
permit installation of an effct~i \-e system.
*C-6. Constructing erosion control, detention, or sediment retention
dams to prevent or heal gullying or to retard or reduce runoff of water.

*C-7. Constructing channel lining, chutes, drop spillways, pipe drops,
drop inlets, or similar structures for the protection of outlets and water
channels that dispose of excess water.
*C-8. Streambank or shore protection, channel clearance, enlarge-
ment or realinement, or construction of floodv~ays, levees, or dikes, to
prevent erosion or flood damage to farmiand.-Th'lis pr1ac~ti~e hall nott
be approved~ inl ca;ses whercf there is anly likielihoo0d that it, will create
an.1 erosion or floodl ha~zard to, otherl adtjacenlt Rland, or whlere its p~rimair~y
purpos'0e is to> brling nlew landl intfo agi~cultur~l1 po'duc~tion1.
*C-9. Constructing permanent open drainage systems to dispose of
excess water.--Federal cost-sharing mty be authorized for clearing
thle necessary mlliniumn widthl right-of-way. Federal cost-sharing
mlay h~e author~ized for thle sprezuli ng of spoil banks where this is neces-
sarly for the effec(tivet utilization of thle dlrainge system. No FedernIl
cocst-sha~r~ing~ will be allowed for ditches, the primary purpose of which
is to brinlg addlitional land into a~gricultural1 production, or for cleaning
a1 dlitchl, or for struc~turee s installed~ for cr~ossingrs, or for other ia ruc~tures
p'~rimarily for the convenience of thle farm op~era~torl. In the installation
of drinagil;~ e systems, due consideration shall be given to the mainte-
naLnce of wildllife hiabitat.
*C-10. Installing underground drainage systems to dispose of excess
water.--No Federal cost-sharingr will be allowed for systems, the
p~~rimary purpose of which is to br~ingr additional land into azgricultural
pr~oduction.. In thle inlstanlltion of dra~inag~~e sy ~teml, due consideration.
shall be givecn t~o thle ma~;intenance of wildlife habitat.
*C-11l. Shaping or land grading to permit effective surface drain-
age.-No Fiederall c~ost-sharingll~ will be allow-ed for abny shaping or
grading which is p~erformned through farming operations in connection
withl land prep~aration for p~lantingr or cultivation of crops.
*C-12. Reorganizing irrigation systems to conserve water and pre-
vent erosion.-T-Ihe pr;w~ice must be carried out in nccecordal~nce with a
reorganization plan approved by thle responsible techlnician. No Fed-
eral cost-shanring will be allowed for c~llleaing a ditchr, or for structures
installed for crossings, or for other structures pr1imarily for the
convenience of thle far~m operator, or for portable pipe.
*C-13. Leveling land for more efficient use of irrigation water and
to prevent erosion.-NRo Fieder~al cost-sharring wTill be azllow~ed for float-
ing or r~estora~tion of grade; however, the leveling operation may be
compllleted over aL period of more than one programIII year on a com-
p~onent bas~ist wh~ler~e the size of cuts and fills is such that a heavy level i g
operattion w;\ill b~e needed following settlement of thle original fills.
N~o FEiederal cost-sharing will be allowed for leveling land if the
p~rimlary purpose of the leveling is to bringr new land into ,agricult url1
production. Thle lev\eliiingmust be carried out in accordance with a,
plan approved by the responsible technician.
*C-14. Constructing or lining damns, pits, or ponds for irrigation
water.-Thle purpose of this pr1lc-tice is to consllerv~e agricultural water
or to pr~lovide wa;terl necessary for the conservation of soil resources.
Nio Federal cost-shanrin~g will be allowed for const-ructingr or lining
danms, pits, or ponds, thie primlar~y purpose of which is to brings addi-
tional1 land into agricultural produc~11.t i on.

*C-15. Lining irrigation ditches to prevent erosion and loss of water
by seepage.-This practice is limiitedl to tlit-ches thatL are( priopely
10enlted and conistiructcte as a pat'"' of an1 existing~ irrigationl system.
*C-16. Constructing spreader ditches or dikes to divert and spread
water to prevent erosion, to permit beneficial use of runoff, or to re-
plenish ground water supply.
generally requiring periodic repetition
D). Prelctices Pr~imari ly for Establ ishin g Temnporaruy ~r~otectivet
Vegetatlive C`over
D-1. Establishment of vegetative cover for winter protection from
erosion.--A good st~n d. and groodl growthl mu~st h~e obta inled in sull Ti Ii enIIt
time to protect the area in thle fall1 and winter of 1956i or 1957 andl mlust
be manintained on thle tland to a dlate specified in thle county pr1ogram.n1
Pastull'lrin Conslistentll with good,~ manag1;1emen t mal~y ue ~el:rmitted, buut
none of the growth mnay be harvested for hay or seedr~, except thatt thle
State committif ee may authlor~izie the harvesting of thle grrlowthl for hlay or
silagfe in areasl~ wh;1er~e it determnines thant a serious shlortagre of ha~y or
silagre exists dlue to adverIse w\eather'I condlitionls and the! gr~owthl har-l
vested is needed for use on farms in the tr~ea. Volunteer standt s w-ill
not qualify for cost-sha~ring. The Fiedera:l cost-shatre for thris pra~ctic~e
shall not he in excess of 50O percent of thle averag;~e cost of seed andlc
fertilizetr. Thle quantity of fer~tilizer, i f any, on whlich costs ar~e shar;red
shall be only that qua~ntit~y needed for successful establi hmen~lt of thle
~over crop.
D-2. Establishment of vegetative cover for summer protection from
erosion.-A-i good stand and good grlowvth must~3 be obtainled and left
on the land or turned under. Pastur~ingr consistent w~ithl good man gr;~e-
mlenlt mnay be permnittedc, but none of thle gr'owth may be har~1veste d for
ha~y or seed, except tha~t the Sta~te colorniiittee ma1y authorize the har1-
vesting of the growthl for hany or silage inl a~r~eas whlere it d~etermninles
tha:t a serious shlor~tage of ha~y or silagpe exists dtue to ald\er e weathler
conditions and thle gr1ow-th har1vested is needed~t for uset onl farmlls ini
the arlea. Volunteer stands w-ill not qualify for cost-sharing.c Thle
Federal cost-sharle for this practice shall not be in excess of 50c. ptercen~t
of the average cost of -etld and fertilizer. Th'e quantity of fer~tilizer,
if any, on which costs ar~e shartled shall b~e only thatt quantity needed for-
sc~lce~ssfurl establ i shnsent~ of the cover c~op,.
D--3. Establishment of vegetative cover for green manure and for
protection from erosion.--Federn~1 cost-shlarring will be limited to nclre-
neres of bienniazl or perennial legumes or perennial grasses, or mixrtures
of sulchl legumes w~ith adaplted~ game~s, seeded durling~ the 19,57 prLogram~U1
yenrl. A good standc and good growthl must be obtained. Past~uring~

grlow'th mlay be ha~rvestedt for hay1! or seedl, exceplt tha~t thle Stalte coml-
mnittee mlay a~uthorize thle harv\esti ngr of thle grow-th for ha~y or silagle
in areas where it determl~ine s thant a serious shlortage~ of hay~U or silag~e
exists dlue to adverse weather conditions and thle g~ow-th hlarvestedt is
nieededt for use on farmiis inl the arlea. Y'olunteer stands w\ill not qualify
for Thle F'eder~al cost-sharle for this pl;ractice shall not

be in excess of 50 percent of thle average cost of seed and fertilizer.
Thle quan"tity of fer~tilizer, if anny, on1 which costs are shared. shall be
only that qmult~lity needed for sulc~cessful esjtablishmentl of the green
M171aUr8 OF' COver crop.
D-4. Establishment of vegetative cover to protect cropland through-
out the 1957 crop year.-Thlis practice is applicable only to cropland
w-hich is beingb shifted for the entire 195i7 cr~op- yecar from crop pro-
ductionn to green man~nure or cover~l crops. Eligrible seedings may c~onsist
of single seedc-ingrs or successive seedings of grasses, legumes, small
g:~rlin, or other crops whlich. will provide aLdequaLte soil protection for
thie r~equ~ir~ed period. Wh'lere annuals alone are used, at least tw-o succes-
siv-e seedingls must be mlade. Pos~tu~ilrin conIsistent with good manage-
mlent mafy be permittedt. N~o crop, lrlvy be ha:rvested for seed in 1957.
N\o annualll cr1op seeded~t in thle fall of 1957 mat~y be harvested for seed
inr 1958i if such seeding is one of the tw-o required seedings of such
aLnnual ''rops.~ No crop ma~y be harvested for hay or silagre in. 1957
alnd no annual crop, seeded~ in the fall of 1957 may be harv\ested~ for hay
or silage in 1958 if such seed'ing~ is onle of the twto required seedlingrs olf
such annluall crops, except tha:t thle State committee mafly author,1ize thle
harv\estingr of thle grrow-th for hay~J or silag~le in areas wh-ler~e it determines
thant a serious shortage of hayv or silage exists due to adverse weather
conditions and thle gr'owTthl harv\estedc is needed~ for use on farms in thle
arlea. One of thle tw-o r-equiredl seed-ings1 of annuals may be a volunteer
-tedling~ which provides adlequal~te soil protection, but no0 Federal cost-
sha~ring mal~y hre allow\edl for the volunteer seeding.,
E. P1ractices Primarilyl for thle Temporary Protection of Soil From
WTin1d and 'at~er Erlosion
E-1l. Stubble mulching to improve soil permeability and to protect
soil from wind and water erosion.-T-~ill~ge operations must be such as
to leave olffic'iet~~ croTp or wesed r~esidule on the surface or mix~ed inl
thle uppler part of the soil to pr~ovidle protection against wrind aznd
Water BTOS10D.
E-2. Initial establishment of contour farming operations on nonter-
raced land to protect soil from wind or water erosion.-A~ll cultural
operations munst be per~formie d as nearly as practicable on thie conto~ur.
Th'le rop stubble or cr~op, reidule mnust be left stanndinlg over w\inter, or a
w\inlter cover crop establlisherd, or necessary protective tillagec oper~a-
tionis carr1iedl ou~t, on acrengle devoted to r~ow- erops. This pracl'tlce is
nlot, app'~licable on any alcreage for whlichl Fedieral cost-sharzingr is ap-
pr'oved' undler practice A-5. Fedral~ll cost-sharing may be auth~orizedl
for removing stone wa,lls or hedge~rows., where such removal is necessary
to thle establishmll ent of anl effective contour farming system.
E-3. Wind erosion control operations in serious wind erosion arreas.--
App'llicable only in arleals wherile thle Admlilistl a ntor~, A(l'PS, uponi thle
r~ecommlle ndatinti o-f thle Sita:te eonun~it~tee, andl the detsigna~tied repre'-
senC~tti ves of thle Soil ('anserlvalt~ion1 Ser1V iCef anld thle F~ortSt Se'vi(Ce
ait thle Sta~te level, determliless there is nl eviiouis wiin er~osion pr~oblemn
fo 1:5 ligble~1 orperationls shllll be confinedi to those halving
thle most endurlinlg honeft~its practice hlly atta-inab~le under existing
~onidit ions.

F. P1raeltices to Meet Sp~ecial County Conservaionti Nieedls
F-1. Special conservation practices .-Consistenit withl the principles
set forthr in section 1, thle county conunmittee andlt th ir-nated~~~ repre-
setait:tives of the Soil Coniservatio n Service and thie ~or~est Servic~e
at thie county levecl may I''.~rev lolumed, anld the State c~onulnittee andc
desiiiiltnated representa'lt~li~ ive of the Soil Coiierva;tioni SLervic~e and thle
Forest Service at thle State level mlay appr'ovie, for 11o in 1 clounlty, prael-
tices~ inclulded in the National Bulletin for whlichl there is need locally
on a subs~tantiai~l number\?~l of farms bu~t whlich'] are no~t -ch-e~ted for ulse
in the State. Suchl approval shall be sutbjec~t to reviewr by thle 2dt-
lininis';traor, ACPS, as to compl-liane w\ithi the provisionis of thle Na;-
tional Bulletin.
F-2. County conservation practices.---Consi stenit with th~e pr>1incip~le s
set forth in section 1, the? Atlinin~ it r tor. ACPS~, may aplpr~ove for use in
a county, practices which ar~e not inlcludled. in thle NIationni~ BuSI~llktil
which are ne~ededl to meet particular con-er~vat-ion p~roblems in the
c~ounty. Suchl alpproval may be given only upton the r~econul-ne ndatiton
of thle State atnd county committees anld dlesignated r~epresenltative s of
the Soil Conser~vation Ser~vice andl the For~est Ser~vice a~t b.othi the
county and State levels, and upon their finding~ (1) that thle co1141 rn;-
tion ~r~oblem exists on a clubs~lltantl mun1Tber' of farm'ns in thle county,
(2) that the prne11tices contained in the Na';tionial Builletini will niot
provide aldequat:~e treatment of thec problem, (3) thalt thle proposedi
practice will adequately meet thle pr~obleml, (42) that thle prioposedl pra'c-
tice would not be performed~~ to thle desir~ed extent withlout F' c~ost-
sharing, (5i) that the p~roposed~lt practice will provide thle most endulirin
solution to the! problem pract~'i(ably~ attainlable under existingr cir~cum~-
stances, (6i) that the proposed pros~t ice is one on wh-lich thle of~fering~ of
fina~ncial :rssistanlce is fully justified as beings in the public interest, and
(7) thaLt thle proposed practice meets the standards and reqluiremetnts of
compara'll'ble pr'aitir. ce inl the N\ationlal B~ulletii. Costs w-ill niot be
shared ~under this practice for elements of p~erforman~rrce for wh]ichl
cost-sharing is specifically preetluldedl by the wiording; of a2 similar
practice or elsewhere in the Na~tionlr Bul~letin..
F-3. Practices to meet new conservation problems.-Con~~sistetn-t wit
the principles set fourth inl section 1., thle Admlninistr1ator, ACPIS, Iinay
aIpprove for use in a county, practices for the tr~eatmecnt of critical
c'onservat.;ionl problemsll, pirimar~il those whlichl hae arisen subsequlllent;
to the initiation of the program in the country. Such aplprovazl may be
given only upon the retcorlnmendatiolti n of the State and county commit-
tees and designated Irepr~eentat~ives of the Soil Conser~vation Service
anld thle Forest Siervice at booth the county andl SCtate levels, andl upon
their~ finding (1) that the conserva:tio n pr~obl~emn exists onl a sublstalnt ial
numb~l er of farm'Is inl the county, (2) thant thle pr~actictes conita;ined~~ in thle
National Bulletin will niot provide ad~equaite trea~;tmnllt of thle prolem.l~t)
(3) thant thle proposed p.l;r'litic will adlequaltely meelt thle prtoblem, (4)
thiat thle proposed practice would not be ,er~formiied to thle des~irid
exstent without Fedleral cost-shar~ing, (5,) that thre offermgt i of Fedle~ral
cos~t -shnr~ing for the proposed practice is j ust tied aIs wTithlin thle scop~e of


H II 1 1 1111111111 1~ll I ll lli Ii
3 1262 08745 5332
nautiona~l conlservatio n objectives, (6) that adequatl;~e racinutes, inlc~luding
technicall services, will be available to penu'llitf thle pr~act ice to be ca;rriedl
out effectively, and (7) that tre:atmenirt of the problem cannot be safely
delayedr until a subsequ~ent program.
Done at Wa~shingtonl D. C., this 2d day of July 1956.
E. L. PETIEI:so N,
Assis tant Secre tary of Algricultu7f r e.


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