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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

May 2, 1983
S* -,

Frozen beef tender'(Korea). Tender for 7,950 MT frozen beef for domestic
consumption; 4,950 MT (2% M/L) of beef in carcass form and 3,000 MT (2% M/L)
of boneless beef. Deadline 11:00 AM May 10, 1983 at the NLCF Conference
room. Detailed packing and shipping instructions are contained in the NLCF
bid copy. Copy of bid follows to DL/P Div/FAS, Phone: (202) 447-3899.
Contact: The National Livestock Cooperatives Federation (NLCF), Telex:
K-23517 NALICOF (Local Agent). (EB: 1146 WK 16/TOFAS 45).

Registered Brown Swiss Cattle tender (Ecuador). Registered Brown Swiss
cattle, 120 heifers, 12 bulls with registered Brown Swiss pedigree. Regular
deliveries. Must arrive by Nov. 30,'83. U.S. exporter must have a legal
representative ASAP to submit the bid to the GOE Office on June 10, 1983. (No
telex or letter offers will be accepted). Quote FOB or CIF Quito, or Miami;
FOB Los Angeles. Bank ref: Central Bank of Ecuador, Avs 10 De Agosto y
Briceno, Quito. CONTACT: Assoc. Holstein Friesian Del Cuador, Quito, Cuador
Tel: 531-237 or Assoc. Brown Swiss Del Cuador, Quito Phone: 531-694 or D.M.
Worldwide Import/Export, Telex: 2270 EOD or DAVSO, Casilla 2700, Quito Telex:
2111 GAJACA ED or Conagro, Quito Tel: 453-041 or Impexcon, Quito Tel: 247691.
(EB: 1147 Wk 16/TOFAS 0078).

Yellow Corn (Egypt). Wants yellow corn to be used as poultry feed, 24,000 MT
yearly, Grade A. Delivery in equal consignment of 2000 MT per month.
Quotations CIF Alexandria. CONTACT: Mr. Wagih Fahmy, Yvette Establishment
for Import & Commerce, Street No. 7, Miami, Sidi Bishr, Alexandria, Egypt.
Phone: 860750. Telex: 54585 TRUST UN Attn: Wagih Fahmy. (EB: 1148-1149
Wk 16 ST-0383).

Fruits and vegetables (W. Germany). Wants unspecified quantities of fresh
fruits citrus and all other fruits, vegetables canned, frozen and
dehydrated. Best quality. Packaging in bulk, institutional and consumer.
Quotations CIF European port. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, An den
Dominikanern 11, 5000 Koeln 2. CONTACT: Herr. F. Kuhlmann, KuVa GmbH,
SGrossmarkt-Asmoshaus, 5000 Koeln 51, W. Germany. Phone: 221-373041. (EB:
S1150-1155 Wk 16/TOFAS 0049)

tIn .ilued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
I:. om 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Lentils (W. Germany). Wants lentils, 5000 tons; red beans 1000 tons; peas
- 5000 tons. Quality: whole red lentils without skin (no splits); chick
peas, 29/30 size. Packaging in 50 kilo jute bags. Quotations FOB U.S. port
as well as CIF Bombay, Calcutta, including 20% commission. Delivery within
3-4 months. Certificate of U.S. origain requested. Bank ref: Commerzbank
Hamburg & Vereinsund Westbank Hamburg. CONTACT: Arvind K. Sood, Heino Jobmann
GmbH, Hamburger Strasse 3, 2000 Hamburg 76, W. Germany. Telex: 2173775 DIMA
D. Phone: 40-225875. (EB: 1156-1157 Wk 16/TOFAS 0050)

Dairy cattle tender (Korea). Tender for 419 HD registered Holstein heifers,
age 18-26 mo, 3-6 mo preg, wt over 410 kgs and 161 HD open heifers, age 8-12
mo, wt over 200 kgs. Quote C&F Kimpo Airport price FOB and CIF separately.
Supplier should state shipment date. Deadline 3:00 PM May 10,'83 at
Bing-Grae office. The supplier should be owner of Dairy Farm from which all
required HD can be supplied, or should be contracted with owner of dairy farm
from which required number HD available. Bidder shall establish/deposit to
Bing-Grae Co., Ltd. in an amount not less than 10% of the total bid value in
the form of cash or other irrevocable Letter of Credit. The supplier must
provide round trip air-tickets with invitation letter for two inspectors. US
dollars 100 per man per day for approximately 30 days. CONTACT: Bing-Grae
Co, Ltd, Seoul Office, 530-6, Dapshibri-5-Dong, Dongdaemoon-Ku, Seoul, Korea.
Phone: (02) 245-5551. ATTN: Mr. Cho, Byung Koo, Material Dept. TELEX:
K-26585 SUTHCO. (EB: 1158) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0046)

Holstein bull semen tender (Korea). Tender for 200 straws of frozen
Holstein-Friesian bull semen (different line for 2 bulls, 100 straws per
bull), incl. one transporting container filled w/nitrogen (40 liter
capacity). Grade of general appearance: more then 80 points result of
progeny test. (Based on USDA Sire summary). Average milk production of
daughters: more than 19,000 lbs, average milk fat production of daughters:
more than 650 lbs. Predicted difference: Milk: more than 2,000 lbs., Fat:
More than 45 lbs. Repeatability more than 60%. Performance index: More
than 600. Evaluation of frozen semen, volume of semen 0.5 CC per straw,
Motility: More than 60%, Survival: More than 60%, Morphology less than 5%.
Quotes CIF Kimpo Airport basis. Shipment within 20 days after opening Letter
of Credit. Deadline 11:00 AM May 11,'83 at NLCF's Conference Rm. Bid bond:
Not less than 2% of total bid value. CONTACT: DL/P Div/FAS (202 447-3899),
Bidding to NLCF, Korea. TELEX: K-23517 NALICOF. (EB: 1159-1160) (Wk
16/TOFAS 0044)

Health foods, sausage, turkey (Japan). Wants 1 container load monthly
mulit-vitamins (powder), protein powder, health foods, pork sausages & hot
dog wieners & frozen turkeys (small size). Protein efficiency ratio of
protein powder must be higher than 2.0. Beef content of pork sausages and
hot dog wieners. Must be less than 30%, respectively. Samples & specific
info on quality of each product required. Need both institutional (100 kg
drums) & retail packs for vitamins & protein powder and need retail packs for
other products. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quote C&F. Bank
ref: Sumitomo Bk, Aoyama Br, Tokyo. CONTACT: Makoto Matsubara, Imp Mgr,
Noram Japan Co Ltd, (Import Distributor), Fonte Aoyama Bldg, 22-14
Minami-Aoyama, 2-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J23417 MICHI J.
Cable: "NORAM TOKYO". Phone: (03) 497-0751. (EB: 1161-1166) (WK 16/TOFAS

Health foods (Japan). Wants health foods, 4 container loads per year.
Supplier should provide a complete ingredient statement of each product.
Retail packaging. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations CIF.
Bank ref: Daiichi Kangyo Bank, Kaminarimon Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Kanji
Sudo, Kay Industries Co., Ltd. Imp., c/o Chidoriya Bldg., 1-16-11,
Kaminarimon, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J32945. Cable: "KAYINDJPN".
Phone: (03) 843-6185. (EB: 1167-1168) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0306)

Natural lemon juice powder (Japan). Wants natural lemon juice powder,
approximately 15 to 20 mt per annum at present, more in the future. Lemons
must have been grown in the USA; powdered juice must be produced by
freeze-dry and/or spray-dry process. Product must not contain food
additives. Shipment within a month. Quotations FOB American Port. Bank
ref: The Mitsubishi Bank, Ltd. Aoyama Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Noriyuki
Yamazaki, Mgr., Barclay & Co., Inc., 34-5, 8-Chome Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan. TELEX: BARCOLAY J-24424. Cable: BARCOLAY, TOKYO. Phone: (03)
403-2361/6. (EB: 1169-1170) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0300)

Rose hip powder (Japan). Wants rose hip powder 1 mt. Sample and specific
information about quality required. Institutional sizes. Immediate delivery
by surface shipment. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Fuji Bank, Mejiro Branch,
Tokyo. CONTACT: Toshiyasu Onozawa, 0. Kowa Co. Ltd., Importer, 3-2-10,
Mejiro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: "KOWAMEJIRO". Phone: (03)
952-0131. (EB: 1171-1172) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0297)

Radish seeds (Japan). Wants radish seeds sproutable, one container load.
Samples and specific information about quality are required. Packaging in
bulk. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F Kobe. Bank
ref: Tajima Bank, Kobe Branch, Kobe. CONTACT: Shigeki Hayama, Hosei Co.,
Ltd. Imp. Manufacturer, No. 24, 1-Chome Monguchi-Cho, Hyogo-Ku, Kobe, Japan.
Cable: "KKHOSEI KOBE". Phone: (078) 651-9198. (EB: 1173-1174) (Wk
16/TOFAS 0299)

Fish meal (Egypt). Wants Menhaden fish meal, 14,000 mt plus or minus 20%,
60% protein and 9% moisture max. Packed in new jute bags 50 kg. each. Wants
3,500 mt each month beginning June through Sept. Quotations C&F Alexandria.
Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt. CONTACT: Sami Moustafa, El Nasr Export &
Import Co., 28A, Talaat Harb St., Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92232 CHAINTAM-UN.
Phone: 748500. (EB: 1175-1176) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0120)

Nursery grape plants (Japan). Wants young grafted nursery grape plants with
rootstock as follows: Cabrnet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay,
Riesling German & Semillon. Needs 4,000 plants of each type. Specific
information about quality required. Appropriate packaging for export.
Immediate surface shipment for delivery to Rio Grande Port, Brazil.
Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch,
Tokyo. CONTACT: Koichi Shiraishi, Director, Konan Bussan Co., Ltd., c/o
Nansei-Yaesu Bldg., 2-10, 2-Chome, Yaesu, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX:
2228465 KOHNAN J. Cable: "TKYKOHNAN". Phone: (03) 281-1248. (EB:
1177-1178) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0298)

Oranges (Bahrain). Wants fresh oranges, 10 containers, 40 ft each, U.S. No.
1 fancy. Packed in 18-29 kg cartons. Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F, FOB.
Bank ref: Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait. CONTACT: Issa Al Daisi, Al Daisi, Abed
Al Essa, P.O. Box 685, 8461 Daaysi BN, Bahrain. Phone: 250241/254973. (EB:
1179-1180) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0075)

Yellow corn (Kuwait). Wants yellow corn, 100,000 mt, No. 3. Packed in
bulk. Delivery ASAP. Quantity to arrive in 4 lots. Quotations C&F/FOB.
Bank ref: National Bank of Kuwait. CONTACT: Jamal Samerai, Oriental Import
Co. W.L., P.O. Box 21893, Safat, Kuwait. TELEX: 22969 ORISAM KT. Cable:
ERMAS. Phone: 424930. (EB: 1181-1182) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0074)

Canned fruits, poultry & beef (Singapore). Wants canned fruit cocktail,
canned fruits, bottled pickles, frozen chicken & beef. Prompt delivery.
Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris, Collyer Quay,
Singapore 0104. CONTACT: N. S. Narula, Inc. Enterprises (PTE) Ltd., 3-29
Colombo Court, Singapore 0617. TELEX: RS 24112 INC. Phone: 3383800. (EB:
1183-1185) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0069)

Rice, lard, snacks, powdered milk (Portugal). Wants medium grain milled rice
packed in bulk; canned lard for human consumption; canned cocktail snacks,
nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc., canned; and powdered milk for human
consumption. Quotations CIF Cape Verde Island and Angola Ports. Quotations
should include 5% commission. Bank ref: Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor-Lumiar,
Portugal. CONTACT: Vargas Barbosa Mendes, Varbam-Importacao E Exportacao,
Pr. Rainha Santa, 4-S/L, 1600 Lisbon, Portugal. TELEX: 42683 VARBAM P.
Phone: 79-49-51. (EB: 1188-1193) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0076)

Vegetable seeds (Tunisia). Interested in contacting U.S. exporters of
vegetable seeds as well as providers of technical assistance for purchase of
seeds and production of vegetable seeds at a later stage. Interested U.S.
firms should contact the OMVVM directly. CONTACT: Monsieur Le Pres. Dir.
Gen., Office De La Mise En Valeur De La Vallee De La Medjerda (OMVVM), Cite
Bouchoucha, 2000 Le Bardo, Tunisia. TELEX: 12357 OMVVM. (EB: 1194) (Wk
16/TOFAS 0057)

Frozen beef (Ivory Coast). Wants boxed beef, frozen, equivalent of 200
animals per month in containers, choice to good quality. Delivery May and
each month afterwards. Sanitary certificate needed. Quotations CIF
Abidjan. Bank ref: BICICI, Abidjan. CONTACT: Siba Souleymane, Director
General, Babaci, Bureau D'Achats Des Bergers Associes En Cote D'Ivoire, 01
B.P. 2867, Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast. Phone: 34-70 18, Abidjan. (EB: 1195)
(Wk 16/TOFAS 0044)

Canned fruits (Colombia). Wants canned fruit cocktail, 1,000 cases of 48
cans of 450 grams and 2,500 cases of 24 cans of 850 grams of canned peaches.
First quality. Packed in aluminum cans or as negotiated. Delivery August
15, 1983. Certification quality required. Quotations FOB Gulf or Pacific
ports. Bank ref: Banco Ganadero Sucursal Can. CONTACT: Mario Henriquez
Teran, Compania Comercializadora Ltda, Calle 46 No. 9-33, Office 301,
Apartado Aereo 24454, Colombia. TELEX: 43415 HEGAS CO. Phone: 245-5851.
(EB: 1196) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0087)

Almonds, snack foods (Hong Kong). Wants Hickory smoked almonds and seedless
rape & snack foods. Quantity: 250 ctns per item; average grade. Packaging
small bags or loose packing. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Hong Kong. Bank
ref: Rainier International Bank, 514 Nathan Rd., Kowloon. CONTACT: Sherman
S. M. Yau, Brilliant Trading Co., 18-26 Kwai Fung Crescent, Wing Hong
Industrial Bldg., Block M & N, 16th Floor, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.
TELEX: 37979 PETTO HX. Phone: 0-268569 & 0-286055. (EB: 1197-1200) (Wk
16/TOFAS 0083)
Rice (Nigeria). Wants rice, 15,000-25,000 mt, parboiled. Packed in 50 kg
bags. Delivery within 9 weeks. Quotations C&F Tin Can Island Port, Lagos.
Bank ref: Union Bank, 40 Marina, Lagos. CONTACT: Alhaji Garba Ahmed, Garba
Ahmed, 4, Ogabi Street, Abule-Ijesha, Yaba, P.O. Box 6221, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: (01) 862366. (EB: 1201) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0075)

Frozen vegetables (Cyprus). Wants frozen vegetables, varied, quantity
depending on price. Quality top & medium. Packed in bulk, consumer &
institutional. Immediate delivery. Quotations CIF & FOB. Bank ref: Bank of
cyprus Ltd., Nicosia. CONTACT: Photos Photiades, Photos Photiades & Co., P.O.
Box 1274, Corner Sants Roza & Avalon Strs., Nicosia, Cyprus. TELEX: 2285
ASTOR, CY. Phone: (357) 21-65171. (EB: 1202-1203) (W1 16/TOFAS 0042)

Corn (Peru). Wants 25,000 mt, No. 2 corn. Packed in bulk. Usual
phytosantary certificate needed. Quotations C&F. Interested in acting as
agent for U.S. firms. Bank ref: Banco De Credito, JR. Lampa 499, Lima 1,
Peru. CONTACT: Ing. Percy Schneider 0., Richard 0. Custer S.A., Av. Bolivar
2100, Pueblo Libre, Lima 21, Peru. TELEX: 20096 25330. Phone: 619991.
(EB: 1204-1205) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0074)

Seeds (Tobago). Wants seeds, short-term crop (beans, peppers, tomatoes,
lettuce, etc) and liquid manure and pesticides. Packed in cartons. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations CIF Trinidad. Dr. Wilson required samples, prices,
catalogues, delivery time. Total estate 200 acres; 40 acres presently being
planted. Bank ref: Worker's Bank of Trinidad Ang Tobago Ltd. CONTACT: Dr.
Irwin Wilson, Tobago Wood Industry Cooperative Society Ltd., Scarborough,
Tobago. Phone: 639-2432. (EB: 1206-1207) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0032)

Butter (France). Wants butter, 2,000 tons, 99.80% fats. Packages of 5 kgs.
Delivery May-June, 1983. Quotations C&F Mattaquie (Syira). Bank ref:
Societe Generale, Tour Montparnasse, Agence Ak. CONTACT: Mr. Joujeh, Royal
Export, 23, Rue Du Depart, 75014 Paris, France. Phone: (1) 321 68 30. (EB:
1208-1209) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0170)

Hardwoods (Netherlands). Wants Honeylocust and Magnolia (hardwoods).
Furniture manufacturer, already importing red oak from the U.S. is interested
in recieving samples and prices of above hardwoods. Representative of
company will visit U.S. in June and is looking for contacts. CONTACT: A. J.
Vink, Firma Vink, Industrieweg L8, 1613 KV Grootebroek, Netherlands. Phone:
02285-13997. (EB: 1210) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0173)

Swine joint venture project (Greece). Greek hog producer, also owning
slaughterhouse and producing canned pork product, is interested in joint
venture with U.S. firm knowledgeable in meat processing, feed production and

hog raising. Main interest would be expansion of exports to neighboring
countries. CONTACT: Gavalas Lazaros, P.O. Box 127, Kioski, Larissa,
Greece. Phone: 254-872 & 250-242. (EB: 1211) (Wk 16/TOFAS 0054)

We are in the process of implementing new internal control procedures. Therefore, we
will no longer be assigning sequential control numbers to each trade lead as we have
done in the past. Those control numbers were used by the TORS staff to attach the
published lead to the original source documents in the event that one of our
subscribers had a question. In the future the control number will be apart of each
lead. Using the above trade lead as an example; the control number is,
(Wk 16/TOFAS 0054). Please use these control numbers when inquiring about trade
leads in the future.

In an effort to provide our subscribers with better information we have included in
this weeks Export Briefs a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing or
analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and Marketing
Programs division for assistance. If you have a trade policy related question please
contact the appropriate division in International Trade Policy.




Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division
Deputy Director for Marketing
Deputy Director for Analysis

Grain & Feed Division
Deputy Director for Marketing
Deputy Director for Analysis

Horticulture & Tropical Products Division
Deputy Director for Marketing
Deputy Director for Analysis

Oilseeds & Products Division
Deputy Director for Marketing
Deputy Director for Analysis











Tobacco, Cotton & Seeds Division
Deputy Director for Marketing
Deputy Director for Analysis




Trade Policy Planning & Analysis Division

Inter-America & Western Europe Division

Asia, Africa & Eastern Europe Division









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