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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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l27. 40/z : JI &I 11/7W

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originati-- g --tqui-." W. my.Ia" I It the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. HUI AE LIBRARY

FEB 16 1981
January 16, 1981

I.F.A.S. Univ. of Florida
0071 Margarine (W. Germany). Interest n e- 1Vi 111 .rgarine,
consumer and institutional packs, for sale in Nigeria. Quote CIF Lagos,
Nigeria. Bank ref: Thai Farmers Bank, Hamburg. CONTACT: Ms. Erika
Krause, Hencor Export, Parkallee 41, D-2000 Hamburg 13, W. Germany.
Phone: (040) 44-64-03.

0072 Rice (W. Germany). Wants 10,000 mt of parooiled rice, U.S. Grade No. 1,
long grain, for sale in Nigeria. Quote CIF Lagos, Nigeria. Bank ref:
Thai Farmers Bank, Hamburg. CONTALT: Erika Krause, Hencur Export,
Parkallee 41, D-2000 Hamourg 13, W. Germany. Phone: (040) 44-64-03.

0073 Grass & forage seeds (W. Germany). Wants (A) 500 Kg of Eragrostis
Abessinica, (B) 1,000 kg of Eragrostis Curvula, (C) 1,000 kg of Axonopus
Afinis, (0) 1,000 kg of Centrosema PuDescens, (E) 2,OUO Kg of Cynodon
Dactylon unhulled, (F) 2,000 kg of Cynodon Dactylon hulled, (G) 1,000 kg of
Paspalum Notatum. Packed in 50 kilogram Dags. Quote CIF Hamburg. Bank
ref: Stadtsparkasse Gladbeck, D-4390 Gladbeck, West Germany. CONTACT:
Siegfried Joachim, Gesellschaft Fuer Gruen GMBH, Wehlingsweg 6, 0-4390
Gladbeck, W. Germany. TELEX 8579260 GFG D. Pnone: (02043) 46031.

0074 Dried plants (France). Wishes to buy dehydrated natural plants for
decoration, best possible quality, all kinds of plants. Bank ref: Credit
Du Nord, Agence Pereire, Avenue Des Ternes, 75017 Paris. Contact: Mr.
Pouquet, Jungle Gardenia, 98, Avenue Des Ternes, 75017 Paris, France.
Phone: 574.UJ-18.

0075 Grocery line (W. Germany). Importer, packer and wholesaler of foods is
looking for U.S. suppliers of sugar, wheat flour, wheat & grains, instant
coffee, canned meats (beef & oeef luncheon meat), and canneu cnickeii (woule
chicken). Products are needed for its customers in Saudi Arabia. Kuwait,
LiDeria, Ivory Coast & Nigeria, and will oe Dought dydinrt payment by
Letter of Credit. CONTACT: Roco G. Rosenboom GMBH, Tannigstr. 3, D-871U
Kitzingen, W. Germany. TELEX U689361 ROCO-0. Pnone: 9321-32088.

0076 Lard (England). Wants one container load of 2,750 cases, top quality, food
grade pure lard, free from antioxidant, packed in :U lb. poly-lined Ldses.
Quote CIF, Thornaby, Cleveland. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd., Exchange

ahed weekly by the Expor Trade Seices Division. Foreign Arkulturl Senme. US Departmens of
Apiculture. Rom 4945 Soub BuAding Wadahngon. D.C. 20250



Place, Middlesborough. CONTACT: David Gardiner, Amos Hinton & Sons Ltd.,
Master Rd., Thornaby-on-Tees, Cleveland, England. TELEX 587363. Phone:
0642 69123.

Corn, wheat, oarley, sugar, rice (England). Wishes to ouy 60,000 mt of
corn, grade 3; 60,000 mt white wheat, standard; 60,000 mt barley, grade 3;
,0,000 mt white sugar, 99.7 polarity; 50,000 mt long grain rice, No. 2, 4%
broken, 50 kg bags. Products are for shipment to Austria. Quote FOB.
Bank ref: Credit & Commerce Int., SA., 76 Wigmore Street, London Wl,
Attention Tony Evans. CONTACT: Anthony Eaton, Pleahome Limited, 13-17
Burlington Place, London W1, England. TELEX 849215. Phone: 01-439 7b28.

Protea (Netherlands). Wants to buy 1,000 kg of protea (Bankia) flowers.
Quote C&F airfreight. Bank ref: Abn, Aalsmeer. CONTACT: Henk Onderwater,
Zurel En Co. B.V., P.O. Box 1050, AAlsmeer, Netherlands. TELEX 13590.
Pnnnp 7 277-113 "

0082 Golden beets (Netherlands). Wants container loads of golden beets, bulk
shipment ASAP. Quote CIF and FOB. Bank ref: De Bary, Amsterdam.
Contact: H.J.J. Van Vught, Van Vught B.V., Dorpsstraat 127, 5731JH Mierlo,
Netherlands. Telex: 51452. Phone: 4927-3333.

0083 Rice (Chile). Interested in buying 100 to 500 tons of rice, long grain 15%
broken, 20% broken, 30% broken, 45% broken, new jute bags 50 kilos. Quote
C&F & CIF Valparaiso or San Antonio. Bank ref: Banco Concepcion, Banco
Sudameris & Banco Chile, all main offices in Sanitago, Chile. CONTACT:
Fernando Batarce Muedi, Productores Y Exportadores Del Agro "Agro-Prodex
Ltda"., Huerfanos 669 Of.406, Santiago, Chile. TELEX 40305 AGROP CL &
94441 PRODEX KU. Cable: JOBAZE. Pnone: 30107 & 31927.

0084 Semen (Mexico). Wishes to buy ampules of frozen semen, 50 quarter horses,
50 Appaloosa. Quote CIF Border. CONTACT: Abraham V. Barrera, Retorno 4
Manuel R., Cambas No. 48, Mexico 9, D.F. Phone: 571-56-42.

0085 Rabbit breeding stock (Ecuador). Interested in rabbit breeding stock, one
male & two females of each breed, four to six breeds. Delivery as soon as
possible. Vaccination & health certificates at time of shipment required.
Quote C&F Quito by air. Bank ref: Banco Popular, Amazonas 648, Quito,
Ecuador. Phone: 548-100. CONTACT: Jose Ayora Carbo, Casilla 2634, Quito,
Ecuador. Phone: 523-458.

0086 Sugar (Chile). Needs 1,000 mt or more of sugar, polarizaton 99.7%,
moisture 0.1, ash 0.05%, cotton bags inside jute bags, 50 kilos each.
Quote C&F Valparaiso or San Antonio. Bank ref: Banco Concepcion, Banco
Sudameris, Banco Chile, all main offices in Santiago. CONTACT: Fernando
Batarce Mufdi, Productores Y Exportadores Del Agro "Agro-Prodex Ltda.",
Huerfanos 669 Of. 406, Santiago, Chile. TELEX 40305 AGROP CL & 94441
PRODEX KU. Cable: JOBAZE. Phone: 30107, 31927.

0087 Frozen broilers (Egypt). Invitation for bid No. GASC/36-81/ARE for. 5,i000
mt of frozen broilers for shipment Feb. 15 to Mar. 15 in one or two !otS-- .tii
Broilers must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Rites. The
commodity is oeing financed under AID loan 263-K-054. Bid opening wilfl be:
Feb. 21, 1300 hours, Egypt time. A copy of the IFB including completei: .
specification, terms & conditions may be obtained from the Office of


Commodity Management, Near East Div., Agency for Int'1 Devel., Wasnington,
D.C. 20523. Phone: (703) 235-8908. Purchaser is the Gen. Auth. for
Supply Commodities, 24 Goumhouria St., Cairo, ARE. (This is a revision of
trade lead 0065 previously published).

0088 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Nigeria Company with an area 10,00 acres
of farm land wishes to be involved in a joint venture project with U.S.
firm to operate an integrated poultry complex which will include corn
production, feed mill operation, hatchery, broiler and layers. U.S.
partner would provide equipment and management. The firm states that the
Nigerian Government will guarantee repatriation of profits and loan
commitments. Bank ref: New Nigerian Bank, denin City, Bendel State,
Nigeria. Contact: Osagie Igiehon, OSAGIE IGIEHON HOTEL LTD., ENAOMO
POULTRY CO. DIV., 103 Mission Rd., Benin City, Bendel State, Nigeria.
Phone: (522) 241-951.

0089 Anthuriums, protea (W. Germany). Wishes to ouy 15 tons annually,
anthuriums, fresh, cut; and 10 tons annually of protea, fresh, cut. choice
quality, packed in cartons. Quote CIF Hamburg or FOB U.S. Airport. dank
Ref: Vereins-Und Westbank, Hamburg. CONTACT: Ronald Friebis, Jet Flower
Blumen Im-Und Exp. GMBH, Ruhrstr. 158, D-2000 Hamourg 5u, W. Germany.
TELEX 02164193 JET 0. Phone: (040) 850-1096.

0091 Dried milk powder (Sri Lanka). Tender with deadline FeD. 9, 9,000 mt of
spray dried full cream milk powder in 25 kilo kraft paper bags. Prices
should oe CIF Colombo per mt. Insurance should be U0% above CIF invoice
value covering institute cargo clauses (all risks), preferably with
Lloyds. Shipment in lots of 1000 mt from April to December. ITnders in
duplicate should be forward to address below. CONTACT: Secretary Tender
Board, Co-Operative Wholesale Estb., P.O. Box 990, 440 Union PI Colombo,
Sri Lanka.

0093 Rice (Switzerland). Wants 50,000 mt of long grain rice, white milled, max.
broken 4%, grade two, in 50 kilo bags. Delivery March & April, 10,000 mt
per delivery. Quote CiF Dubai. Bank ref: United Overseas Bank, Geneva.
Telex: 23666. Payment by Letter of Credit. CONTACT: E. Harrison,
Harrison & Harrison, 31 Rue Dancet, 1L05 Geneva, Switzerland. TELEX 427993
TXCB. Phone: 022 29 47 20 or 022 20 06 24.

0094 Breakfast cereal (England). Wishes to buy sugared breakfast cereals,
shipment in 20 ft. containers, in bulk for further food processing. Quote
CIF, Main U.K. Ports. Bank ref: Midland Bjnk Ltd. LONTACT: A. W. R.
Garnham, A. Garnham & Co., Ltd., 79 West Ham Lane, Stratford, London E15
4PH, England. TELEX 897656. Phone: 01-:34 /D87.

0095- Pulses, sugar, dried corn, tomato puree, wheat flour (England). Wants to
0099 buy (A) 10,000 mt uf black-eye peas, U.S. #2; (t) 1O,U00 mt of white dry
beans, U.S. #2; (C) 50,000-100,000 mt of cube sugar, polarity 99%, foreign
matter less than IX; (D) 5u,000-1UO,000 mt of grdauldted sugar, polarity
99%, foreign mater less than 1%; (E) 30,000 mt of white dried corn; (F)
30,000 cartons of tomato puree, double concentration; and IU,U0O-JJ,UU i mt
of wheat flour in 50 kg bags. Pulses in 50 Kg Oags, cube sugar in 1/2 & 1
kg boxes, granulated sugar in 50 ky oags of 1/2 & 1 kg sachets, puree in /U
gram cans, 100 per case. Products are for re-shipment to Nigeria. BanK
ref: Bank of Credit & Commerce Int, S.A., 76 Wigmore St., London WI.


Contact: Anthony Eaton, Pleahome Ltd, 3rd Fl, 13-17 New Burlington P1.,
London WI, England. Telex: 849215. Phone: 01-439 7528.

0100- Onions, garlic (Italy). Wants 5,000 mt of onions, white, medium size; and
0101 5,000 mt of garlic, 50 kg jute oags. Immediate quotations needed, CIF
Mediterranean port. Bank ref: Banca Commerciale Italiana, Milano Ag. 37
or Corner Bank, Lugano, Switzerland. Contact: Francois Romano, Via Frua
21/10, Milan, Italy. Phone: 02/487078.

0102 Vegetarian products (Netherlands). Interested in buying vegetarian
products. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amrobank, Amersfoort.
Contact: U.C. Van Dijk, Ipem N.V. Bio Food, P.O. Box 98, 3800 Ab
Amersfoort, Netherlands. Telex: 79153. Cable: IPEMEIPROD. Phone:

0103- Potato flakes, prepared dishes, flavorings (Denmark). Wishes to buy
0104 large quantities of flakes/meal for mashed potatoes-fruit flavours-
aromatics for dairy industry: readymade dishes. Readymade dishes in tin
foils. Quote FOB. Bank ref: Frederiksborg Bank. Contact: Krusoe & Co.
Transit A/S, Sankt Annae Plads 12, OK-1250 Copenhagen K, DenmarK. Telex:
15800 KRUSOE DK. Phone: (01) 154850.

0105 Broilers (Belgium). Wants frozen broilers, 20,000 mt in one shipment,
Grade A, 4-8 week old, each bird weighing between 800 and 1,400 grams,
birds wrapped individually. dirds should be slaughtered according to
Moslem requirements, eviscerated, without head, legs, etc. Quote FOB U.S.
ports or CIF Alexandria. BanK ref: Geoffrey's Bank. Contact: Mr. Saleh,
Gillot-Parmentier Sprl, Boulevard Emile Bockstael 109, B-1020 Brussels,
Belgium. Telex: 25868 GILLOT B. Phone: 02/428.b2.54.

0106 Holsteins (Mexico). Wants 100 Holstein cows, top quality. Quote FOB/CIF
border. Contact: Dr. Luis Fernandez D'Cordova, Apartado Postal 103059,
Mexico 21, D.F., Mexico.

0107 Black beans (Guatemala). Wants 15,000 20,000 mt of black beans, Grade A,
100 lb sacks, delivery soonest. Inspection certificate as to grade quality
requested. Quote CIF Matias De Galvez, Guatemala. Bank ref: Banco De
Guatemala, Centro Civico, Guatemala City. Contact: Adolfo Almengor,
Coasa, 4 Calle 5-16, Zona 9, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Telex: 6076 Gu
(State attention: Adolfo Almengor). Phone: 323365.

0108 Garlic seed (Colombia). Wants certified garlic seed, 10 mt every tree
months, certified -- red variety, delivery February or March 1981.
Certification-phytosanitary certificate required. Quote FOB and CIF.
Delivery ports: Barranquilla, Buenaventura. Export ports: New York,
California, Miami. Bank ref: Bank of Colombia Chapinero Bank Del Estado
Principal Bogota. Contact: Leonidas Gomez, Carib Latin De Colombia
Ltda., Calle 61 No. 13-23, of. 302 Bogota, D.E., Colombia. Telex: 45671
GOLDCO. Phone: 2110630, 2855821.

0109 Bees (Kuwait). wants to find American supplier of bees along with the
necessary equipment to establish a bee farm in Kuwait. Initially, he wants
to import aoout 40 bee-hives and is especially concerned to have guarantee
that bees will be delivered in safe condition. Contact: Osama Ali Hassan
Al Ali, Shab, Alinnama St., House No. 5. Kuwait. Phone: 519489.

0110 Frozen broilers (Egypt). Government tender with closing date of January 22
for 5,000 tons plus or minus 10% forzen broilers in free currency.
Committee is entitled to increase or decrease the quantity as committee may
find suitable. To be shipped and to arrive Egyptian ports in two equal
consignments. Conditions and specifications available address below.
Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee
for Animal Proaucts, 24 El Gomhouria St., Cairo, Egypt. Cable: ESTRAM.

0111- Corn, rice (Hong Kong). Wants 40,000 tons of corn and 80,000 tons of rice,
0112 medium grades, in Dags. Quote CIF/Mozambique. Bank ref: Hang Seng Bank
Ltd., Hong Kong. Contact: Lau Puk Foon, Predominant Trading Co., 77-91
Queens Rd., W., 10/F Block A. Hong Kong or GPO Box 7050, Hony Kong.
Telex: 61895 PREDO HX. Phone: 5-490-758.

0113 Soft wheat flour (England)/ Wants soft wheat flour, 1500 mt, suitable for
bread making, moisture 14% maximum, protein 11% minimum, extraction 70%,
acidity 0.10%, ash 0.52%, in 50 kg polypropylene bags, immediate delivery.
Quote CIF liner terms, Conakry, Guinea, west Africa. Bank ref: Bank of
Credit and Commerce Int. Contact: R. Bnogal, Uniorit Ltd., 240 oomnford
Rd, London E7 9HZ, England. Telex: 8951795. Phone: 01-519 4731.

0114- Wneat flour, soybeans (England). Interested in buying 20,000 mit of wheat
0115 flour, ash 0.55%, extraction 72% maximum, acidity 4%, glutin 28%, protein
10.5, 11% natural color, 1980 crop. Also undisclosed quantity of
soybeans. Both products in 50 kg polypropolene bags. Quote C&F, Dubai.
Bank ref: Union Bank of Middle East, Dubai. Contact: Mrs. Sheila
Culross, Findeco Marketing Ltd., 58 Peddie St., Dundee, Scotland. Telex:
76389 HENCON G.

0116 Onions (England). Wants container loads of fresh onions, 1/2 inches up or
3 inches up (from New York State area) in 50 lb bags, delivery ASAP. Quote
C&F, inclusive of brokerage of US cents 35 per bag. Contact: A.K.
Ballantine, A.K. Ballantine & Co. Ltd., Pirbright, Woking, Surry, England.
Cable: FRUITFUL LONDON. Phone: 048 673364.

0117 Rice (Spain). Wants 20,000 mt of rice, Grade 2 4% broken (maximum), 50
Kilo sacks, also bulk. Quotations FOB and CIF Barcelond. Quutdaions
needed immediately by telex. Delivery immediately. Bank ref: Central.
Contact: Mr. Florido or Mr. Manzanera, Sogesa, Avda. Rafael Caurera, 10
Las Palmas De Gran Cararia, Canary Islands. Phone: (928) 37 31 47.
Telex: 96604 ECUA.

011O Baby chicks, poultry feeds kNigerdi). Wisnes to buy bdDy cnick',, battery
cages, brooders, poultry feeds and other poultry supplies and equipment.
Contact: Samuel 0. Afokhai, Managing Directur, Samoka Enterprises
(Nigeria), 31 Uselu-Lagos Rd., Benin City, Bendel State, Nigeria. Caule:
SAMEN BENIN LITY. Phone: (052) 222507.

0119 Dried onions, tomato paste, canned milk (Sierra Leone). Iiierteted I.
buying dehydrated o0iiuns, tomato paste, condemned milk, ianl] intints tiIlIej
milk. Buyer intends to go to America un business sometime in 19ol. Ban.
ref: Barclays Bank, Wilberfurce St. Frt-etuwn. CLurntaLt: r jKr Hufiba laJ ,
46A Little East St., Freetown, Sierra Leone. Phone: .'biJ.

Foreign Trade Developments

New YorK International Food Snow. What is described as the largest trade
show ever staged for the U.S. food and beverage industry will be held at
the New York Coliseum, April 18-22, 1982. A large number of foreign buyers
are expected. The exhibit will include bakery products, beverages, dairy
products, delicatessen ana fine foods, dehydrated foods, fats and oils,
fish, fruits and vegetables, health foods, meats and poultry, rice and
pasta products, snack foods, spices and condiments, sugar, chocolate and
confectionery, and frozen foods. For additional information on plans for
this international food show contact Henry W. Behrens, Eastern United
States Agricultural and Food Export Council, Suite 5082, Two World Trade
Center, New York, N.Y. 10047. Pnone: (212) 432-0020.

New Publicatons

Single copies of the following are available by writing the Information
Services Staff, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

U.S. Seed Exports, Quantity, Volume and Destination, 1980 and 81 Marketing
Years. FFVS 12-80, December 1980.

1980/81 World Sugar and Molasses Prospects. FS 4-80, December 1980.

World Oilseeds Situation and Outlook. FOP 23-80, November 1980.

Livestock and Poultry Feeding Industries in Selected Countries. GOL-T,
October 1980.

Record World Cotton Trade in 1979/80. FC 1-81, January 1981






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