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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. --------.
Hu No ember 14, 1980

I;OV 21 1981
3170- Chicken, corn, soybean meal (Domi ican Republic). Interes ed in offers on
3172 sole representative basis for fol owing A) f ~rip- jda ) yellow corn C)
soybean meal 49% protein. Contac ;.F.Oee~.Lob I'i ho.rn a. a A., P.O. 2271,
Cesar Nicolas Penson No. 166, Sant-U-TY1mTJo, uULniiir ican Republic. Cable:
HOVALO. Phone: (809) 682-8608.

3173 Meats (Germany). West Berlin importer/distributor of meat products seeks
to import frozen veal, beef and lamb. Contact: Biap Gmbh, Cichborndamm
32, D-1000 Berlin 51, Germany. Phone: U30 218-18-6U.

3174- Edible nuts (Hong Kong). Wants (A) 100-150 mt/month Hawaiian nut; (B)
3176 500-1000 mt/month pistachio nut; (C) 3000 mt/month cashew nut; (U) ZUU-3UU
mt/month almond in shell an-d (E) walnut in shell, no quantity stated.
Complete specifications for each will be provided by the buyer. Export
standard specifications for walnuts should be stated by the supplier.
Prompt shipment. Quote C.I.F. Hong Kong. Contact: W.T. Lheung, Assistant
Manager, Jan Nam Hong Ltd., 18 Bonham Strand, West; Hong Kong. Telex:
7o236 CIMED HX. Caole: 2905 or JANANi. Phone: 5-444-151.

3177 Instant coffee, chocolate (Hong Kong). Wishes to buy (A) instant coffee;
(B) instant coffee cream powder; (C) instant hot chocolate powder
(sweetened) one ton each, bulk pack, drums, delivery soonest. Bank ref:
Bank of American, Bank of American Building, I Kowloon Park Drive, Kowloon,
Hong Kong. Contact: Eddie K. Yim, Pak Kut Food Products Int'l., Ltd.,
24-23 Fui Yiu Kik St., 4/F Metex House, Tsen Wan, New Territories, Hong
Kong. Telex: 74320 ALEXC HX. Phone: 12-218-687 or 12U226-733.

3178 Livestock feed (Egypt). Would like to contact U.S. companies specialized
in livestock feed and a complete plant (machinery) for milk processing and
dairy products. Contact: Abdel Moneim Al Taher, Basmila Co. for Trade and
Investment, P.O. Box 216, 164 El Nil St., Agouza, Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 805354. Telex: J3133 BSMLH UN.

3179 Cheese (Venezuela). Government food purchasing agency has announced
intentions to buy 1 million kilos of yellow cheese for the Christmas
period. Offers should be sent to: Vice-Almirante Ramon Riera Paredes,
President, Corporacion De Mercadeo Agri Cola, Caracas, Venezuela. Felex:
23101 and 25103.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agricullure. Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

3130 soybean flour (Chile). Wants soy flour 200 tons per month, for TVP
processing, 43-3U kgs. (aJdNages. quote LIF valparaiso, Lrnle. Bank ref:
Banco Do Brasil S.A., Huerfanos 1269, santiago, and Banco De Chile, San
uiego JUZ', 'aniago, i.hile. Li intact: Jose Juan Llugany Rigo-Righl,
barandi Chile Ltda., Los Ires Antonio Jb, Santiago, Chile. Telex: 40502
UU[lil LL. r'none: "zLt uJ.

3181- Hivocado ureent Deaii, lemons, le.ii-n-limes, bluueerries, cranberries,
Jls4 .3tro;u berries, peanuts (lwvitzerlaJu). P dal-lU S siluld unlshelled; salted;
dry-roasted. Produce iteis should be first quality. Shipment in LD-J
containers. Quote for fresh fruits and vegetables CIF airfreight via
Frankfurt. Peanuts CIF European port. Bank ref: Bank Langenthal and
Union oank of Switzerland, Lanigenthal. Company is large importer,
wholesaler. Also seeking agencies for Switzerland. Contact: Peter R.
Geiser, Aktiengesellschaft Ernst Ueiser, Kuehlnausstrasse -4-0, 49UU
Langenthal, Switzerland. Phone: Udj 28 21 51. Telex: oa32u/21.

3185- jurn, soDean, rice (Canary Islands). Wants 6,UUU-8,Uuu mt of corn, graae
318 one, in bulk; I,uUo mt refine soybean oil, FTC, 0.01 degrees acidity, one
liter vinyl bottles and 200 liter drums; 1UU mt medium grain miller rice, S
kg polythylene bags and 50 kg jute bags. Delivery 45-oU days. Quotes:
CIF Santa Cruz je Tenerife. Firm maintains business with Western African
countries. Bank ref: Santander and Central. Contact: Eulogio
Garcia-Delgado, Comercial Gugade, Apartado 568, Santa Cruz Ue Tenerife
(Canary Island). Cable: EuGADE-TEliERIFE. Phone: (92Z) 28 51 U9.

31lJ broilers (Nietherlands). Wants frozen broilers, 500 nit per month, U.S.
brade A, cartons witn 10 broilers in each carton, weight must be
specified. Delivery: Uryeiit Nov/Uec. o to 8 weeks old maximum. 9uu-15S0
grams. Slaughtered under Islamic laws. Quote C & F (Ship), Alexanuria,
E.jypt. Bank ref: Amro Bank, City Bank. Contact: F.r. riusai, Rossum
Associates, Tormendilstraat 36, 6813 Er Arnhem, netherlands. Telex:
4j4l none: ud3-4Z1i79.

31, deef (E.ypt). Wants frozen boneless beef, 1UU mt, first quality, cartons
of 4b-uu lo each. Fore quarters only, average weight 50-7u kilo. 6%
maximum visiole fat. Quote CIF, Alexandria or Port Saia. d.bnk ref:
>-lihandess Bank. Contact: Ismail Farid, Al Zahraa Isinail Farid Co., 1b,
Talaat Harb St., Cairo, Ety;pt. Telex: .?dU FARIU Uf1. Lable:
AMHRFARID-CAIRO. Phone: 742752/752634.

Jluj Egjgs (ietherlaous). Wants 1,8UU,0UU shell eggs, ,uU in each carton,
Delivery Nov/Dec, white shell, 50-6u gr. each egg maximum, quote L&F
(Ship) Alexandria tgypt. tank ref: Hlimro dank, City cank. Lontact:
F.R. Hosan, Rossum Associates, Tormentilstraat 36, 681j Er Hrnhem,
ietLiirlanus. Telex: -~4 41. Pnone: u.6;-452179.

3191 Lried milk, butter (Netherlands). Wants (A) full cream milk powder 26%
f.t, -iu tons, 5 cr 1J kg jags; (d) low fat dry milk l..b' tat, zUU tons, J
or 10 kg bags; (C) creamery butter, 2,000 tons, bulk in bags. Delivery Nov
tnru Jan. Samples are needed for milk powder, quote a and F alexandria,
Lgypt. bank ref: Amro bank, City Bank. Contact: F.R. Hosain, Rossum
associates, lormentilstraat Ju, oS13 ER Arnhem, Netherlanus. Telex:
46541. Phone: ud8- 452179.

3192 Sea urchins (Japan). Seeking Uni or Sea Urchins (West Coast type)
indicates large scale purchases. Contact: Ray Kimura, Koki Trading Co.,
Ltd. Taisei Building, Rm 537, 6-78 Sumiyoshi-cho, Nakaku, Yokohama 231

313 Ginseng (Taiwan). Wishes to import about 1,000 kgs of ginseng. Request
offers. Bank ref: First Commercial Bank, Chang Hwa Commercial Bank.
Contact: David W. Lee, Landy raiwan International Co., Ltd., P.O. Box
53-646, Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 26454 LANDY. Cable: LANDY TAIPEI.
Phone: (02) 721-6634, 721-3389.

3194 Canned and frozen foods (Saudi Arabia). Interested in canned meats,
vegetables, fruit juices, jams ano jellies, mushrooms, frozen whole turkeys
and chicken, turkey and chicken parts. Contact: L. Fanthome, Al-Shamri
Est., P.O. Box 10705, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 2015u1 SHAMRI S.J.

3195 Soybeans (Korea). U.S. firm representing Korean company requests FOB and
C&F, CIF quotes Pusan Korea for initial order of 5UU mt soybeans for use in
animal feed. SuDstantial orders are expected to follow. Delivery 3 months
after Letter of Credit. Partial shipments accepted. Bank ref: American
Asians Bank, San Francisco. Contact: John R. Bell, World-Wide Enterprises
Company, 681 Market St., Suite 951, San Francisco, CA 94105. Telex:
L78601 WWECS. Phone: (415) 543-6327. Cable: LANKATRADE.

Jl9ci Peanuts (Ireland). Wants salted/roasted and dry roasted peanuts, 2,000
cases monthly, long shelf life, in approx. 50 gram. foil or cellophane
wrappers, 24 to the card, four cards to the box. Delivery: ASAP.
quotes: CIF Dublin. Bank ref: Bank of Ireland, St Stephen's Green,
Dublin 2. Contact: Patrick M. Dundon, Managing Director, Marketing and
distribution Ltd., 53 Synge St., Dublin 8, Ireland. Phone: Dublin 788163.

j197 Popcorn (Greece). Wants 2u,000 kg of yellow popcorn, new crop with good
popping properties, 50 kg bags, lined. Quote CIF Piraeus. Bank ref: Bank
of Piraeus, Piraeus. Contact: Vartan Tsalikian, B.&L. Tsalikian and Co.,
6, Alipedou St., Piraeus, Greece. Phone 417-9036.

3j19 3roilers (Belgium). Wants frozen broilers or stewers, 50,000 kilos per
month (November, December, January), possible year contract or 100,000
kilos per month, each bird weighing 8UU to 1,SUU grams, bird must be grain
fed (white birds). Packed in polyethylene bags. Packing date and 1L month
epiration date must be indicated on eacn bird. Halal certificate
required. Payment by Letter of Credit. Quote: FOB U.S. Ports. Contact:
L. Vilarnau, Urantimpex Belgium Sprl, Avenue De L'Oree, 15, B-105U Brussels
3(elgium). Telex: 221b9 DIMP B. Pnone: 02/640.01.15.

J31~ Lanned fruits anu vegetables, bakery products, confectionary (Germany).
Distributor and agency selling to major retail chains want canned fruit and
'egetables, non-perisnable bakery products, long-shelf-life sugar and
confectionary products, chocolate and cocoa products and chewing gum.
Contact: Dr. Wolfram Schaae, Heinrich Scnaechter Schinkenraeucnerei Gmbh;
Dollenweg 5, 4443 Schuettorf, bermany.

3Iuu Poultry, meat products, vegetable specialities (Germany). Leading
manufacturer of frozen TV dinners serving institutional market wants frozen
poultry of all kina, whole and parts, pre-cooked, (not bloc-frozen),

prepared parts, separated rooster drumsticks, chicken drumsticks, all
pre-coured ana prepared, other meat products, especially beef, also
prepared and pre-cooked, frozen meat specialities, such as rabbit parts,
ready packed in lots of 1UU, frozen and cut vegetable specialities such as
Iceberg salad. Contact: Otto Rasch, Dist. Mgr., Hansa-Tiefkuehlmentue
Gmbl, Pustfach 1151; i17 Hilter a, Germany. Phone: 54L4-3611, Telex:

3Ul1 Feed pellets (Belgium). Wants 10,UUu mt per month of corn gluten feea
pellets, and 2,JUU mt per month of rice bran pellets. Quote CIF
Rotterdam. Bank ref: Continental Bank, Benelux Bank and Kreuietbank.
Contact: Mr. Mertens, EDM. J.M. Mertens & Co., Korte Klarenstraat 4,
8-.UUU Antwerpen (Belgium). Telex: 31324 or 31811 rMJlDIAL B. Phone:

.Zue Beef tuigues (Belgium). Wants frozen oeef tongues, 12 to lb mt per month,
Swiss cut, cartons each containing 6 to 8 pieces and bulk. Quote CIF
antwerp. BanK ref: dinque Bruxelles-Lamoert. Contact: Mr. Finet, Firme
A. Finet, Rue Des Haies l19, 6-6uul Marcinelle (Belgium). Phone:

Zuji Broilers (South Africa). Wants up to uUO mt of frozen Droilers U.S. Grade
A, Halal slaughtered; yellow flesh preferred; 900-150U g calibrated
preferred; individually polywrapped anu packed in strong export cartons;
fully eviscerated with giblets separately polywrappeu and replaced in Dird
cavity. [eeds Certificate of origin and Halal certificate countersigned by
Auslim authorities, USDA and Veterinary certificate. Units per carton and
weight marKings. C and F uuroan and/or Cape Town in parcels of Suu, 10UU
and 20UU mt. Contact: Premier Milling Company Ltd., 37 Quinn st.,
Newtowun, Johannesourg zuUl, South Africa. Cable: "PREMIER". relex: 96U
S-7j36 SA. Phone: Johannesburg 8.o 36ol.

.3U4- Holsteins, sheep (MeAico). Wishes to ouy 3-4 iolstein heifers and 2
jiU5 Suffolk sheep, rams and ewes. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Mauro Solano
Luna, Moctezuma 1o. 2, rultepec, Edo. De Mexico, Mexico.

J2U6- Molstein and Angus heifers (Mexico). Wants to buy 5u Holsteins, 1-3 years
3jU7 old and nU Angus, 1-j years old. animalss snoulu be auaptaole to cold
weather. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Adrian Del Arenal, brudela, S.A.,
uuerreru 4o. 715 lJ8, Pachuca, hiualgo, Mexico. Phone: 2-55-36

,u3 Alfalfa (Mexico). Wants 10 tons monthly of baled alfalfa. Quote FOB
Ldredo, Texas. baun ref: oanrural rierra Blanca, Ver. ConLdct: Agustin
Fernandez R., Rancho "buenos Aires", Benito Juarez No. 803, Tierra Blanca,
veraCruz, lexico.

j a'J Alfalfa (iHle ico). Wishes to buy lu tons of baled alfaldf eacn month.
quote CIF order, dank ref: Banamex, S.A., Sucursal Colonia Uel Vdlle.
Contact: tdmunuo bionzalez Q., mnescud Y Asociddos, baja California iNo. 163
404, Mexico, D.F. Pnone: )84-34-Jd.

3Zl.J- irowcii jwiss, Siinmental, nrarolais (Mexico). Interested in Brown swiss,
J~11 Simmental, and Ctlarolais Sbiss, two of eacn initially, for milk
production. quote CIF Bordt-r. Contact: Jose urrza Ue LOS ba'ntos,
Asociacion Ganadera De La Perla Del bolfo, Juan De Dios Peza No. 810 4,
veraLruz, ver, -ile ico. Pnone: 7-.4-12

S ..ee --es "'.'-~ : -:erested in ':- :.-lity itali-y, Catnioias anr
:s.:5s s;- ses, zi., r I on :.; s. -- : an

: 31a, Ta-ana" r --. -78

.;:- c:. a-. J''S, ,,, s-s. .-- co s, ul; and
-.-:s ires, .'. ewes, ran ...o= '-.c: -_:
ef-:tis, L'e.a 2o. 2-, Mexico I, D.F. '--:

3-- :-.* = -':s .' ,*'a:ico) Wissest t to horses .:-_ CIF :-,:.-.

-- -: S.-., o. 7. c

-,. -. __, 1k rais and ,es, oreeoing stock

S:cursal -- Contact: Antono CarLD-i, Feeracion La -_:- -

.r an- .
-:iead 1 z ta ec, ia -- ::so 2, To-Z:,

-._ "n,.' .
3, -.. cat le). eres-- if -S- a-.. cattle, .-.: ;le to

c ano e-.x cano e.o-c-. o-n --ac: -rt r a-, S.-. :
S Setnen exic :.sn.. t o:,.i ica r :rc snta-, S.A., -.--i '-. :,
-. =l- --]stein *-2,- _.-:`.~" t-ife-s -; eXiCo ant : nost eifers, --

r.- Contact: o.. t linit: .:I:, T~ li
:r. ao. C:i. x:e:_, Sa. eroniin, -;, J".

3_'-l']oa SMe xico .-sans o :--., ;ias or 2.-o, : -:-:---'..

,r* ... --"--'-. t t A.,-e-- t : :es, Esc. T ,ica .-i a
-=_co Bo. z- ., on :.e ei.. co.. i : -- .

3,, ..-- _'_;5=, .:T en .er ~.-:l5 '- -n L... :'.. ion or peter
ye.o co~. rn n u- o- e s.. .;~- .-"- tn:= F-i: : -r-. Fine Attol uner
-am. -. loan '.:. -R.-K-a 5 .* o as 2, -":il -: tne
-:n- e:- a :o. -1 5,ic -" ;r E rr c ial a -" Econ i:o .--- .
Connect .- .., .. s .:-,: DC, .C. A ., of te IF ,
inc-~-;" ,-ete s-.:.''ications, :e-_ and cnitions .. oe otaine
.- ne g.,:-ian --- 5ssy. Tel.e:-:.- : 2332) ----.-14. -:-i- is the
--re-al Autnho-i:, Supply Co cities, _- 3:--:.-~ ia :., Cair, --
z, e: lic of --;-.

3- 3'" s ._- :. _: interest in i, are--; -e "- cart-_, for
reecir,; or:.ses. ,~--e CIF : ror. z.ac-:: E-ancisco M rillo
.-j,=:., -iz -ec'_ 5.C., -s_ ica .-. -.:- ': -,.j ':- .
?hone: ----22.

3zL6 Linseed (Sweden). wants linseed for medical purposes. Initially s0-luu
it., further snipments will depend on quality and price. Highest quality,
guaranteed clean. Bank ref: SvensKa Hadelsbanken. Contact: Torsten
Olsson, Risenta, iorrmalmstorg 1, S-111 i4 Stockholm, Sweden. Telex:
10411 HISENTA S. Phone: u8/24 u6 8U.

j'L7- Confectijiidry, unflilower seea and oil (Lnglalu). Wants (A) Uecorticated
3j2 rnulled) confectiocnary 8B) juImib sunflower seed (C) sunflower oil. III
bulk, luu lb or su kg bags. Company wishes to take on agency or
distributorship for above products. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd, lU
roadway, Leigh-unl-sea, Esse.. Contact: W.A. Paterson, Root Vanderpump &
Co. Ltd., 714 London Rd., Leigh-on-sea, Essex SS9 3NL, England. Telex:
9278. Phone: U7u2 71uj77.

jL9 Prepacked food products (Englan,). Wants container loads of pre-pacKed
food products, suitable for consumer purchasing. ADove items required from
manufacturers who are prepared to offer an agency for the Middle East in
return for local representation by the company's office in Dubai staffed by
local people. Quote Fud & CIF uubai. Contact: P.R. Lonsdale, Noelworth
Ltd., ;elt Farm, Laythamn, York YU4 4PR, England. Pnone: u757 85710

3L30 Canned onions (Hong Kong). Wants 6lrano No. 502 Texas onions, 10,000 lb one
pound tins, delivery before end of January 1981. quote CIF with 3%
commission. 3ank ref: danK of 0Lina; or Overseas Cninese Bank. Contact:
Chu Ching Kei, Tak Sang Trading Co., Flat B, 18/F Wah Kit Commercial
Centre; Juu-juz Des Voeux Rd., Central, Hong Kong. Phone: 3-454-UOI

3231 Beef (Hong Kong). Wants (A) chilled tenderloins; (B) striploins; (C) O.P.
rIDS; (U) cube rolls, Quantity depends on price. Choice grace
individually wrapped and packed in cartons of approx 2Z kg. Weekly air
shipment. Quote CIF Hong Kong in US dollars. 6ank ref: Wing Lung Bank
Ltd., 45 Des Voeux R. C., Hong nung. Contact: Lam Hoo Kai, Cheong Hing
Hong Kin Ltd., 39 Wynaham St., Ground Floor, roiig Kong. Telex: j3924.
Phone: 5-228-816 or 5-227-a21

3VI2 Raw oatmeal (Scotland). Wants medium oatmeal, one container per inontn,
best quality, in 25 kg bag. Company desires direct contact witn
manufacturer of sole agent. quote C&F Glasgow or breenock. dank ref:
6ank of Scotland. Contact: G.P. Melville, Moorhead and McGavin Ltd., 27
Washington St., Glasgow GJ aLZ, Scotland. Phone: u41 226 3911.

Fureign Trade Developments

LuRuFLUKA in Italy. The International Flower and Ornamental Plant
LXposition will be held in Genoa, Italy, April 25 to May 3, 1981. This is
one of five European garden snows which alternate over a five year period.
Over a half million people attended the 1976 exhibition of 138 exhibits
from 10 countries. U.S. Anthuriums, gladiolus, and new carnation varieties
are among the cut flowers indicated to have sales potential in Italy.
Floriculture and gardening equipment, horticultural materials and seeds
will also be exhibited. For details contact Ente Fiera Internazionale,
Piazzale r.ennedy, 161Za uenoa, Italy.


Tne 5th Annual Iowa Winter eCef Expo, will be neld Feb. 16-19, 1981 at tne
Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. The Expo features a large
trade show along with top oeef breeding stock from fourteen beef breeds
which will be sold at auction throughout the b aay event. These breeds
include: ingus, Chdrolais, Chianina, Gelovieh, Hereford, Limousin, Maine
Anjou, iurray Grey, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Snortnorn, Simmental, South
devon and White Park. International visitors are welcome. Host will be
available to assist foreign individuals with introductions, translations,
tours, etc. For more information contact tne MarKeting Division, Iowa
Department of Agriculture, Wallace Building, Des rioines, Iowa 50319:
(515) 231-399j. TWX: 910-Z21-5b86.

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