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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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06"7. .// '



The following trade item' have been gathered from Agrcultural A tache and olher guernment report, as a
nice to US. exporter of food and agricultural production In supply ing the trade leads the Department ,of
Agiculrure does not guarantee reliability of the uerseas inquirer. Your hest source for further information on
thee trade leads is the listed foreign firm origins i g he imp.Y .ma. Y m. a cuwnltact the E\port Trade
Services Division. FAS. 202) 447.7103. HUME LIBRARY

January P, 1F82
I.F.A.S. Univ. of Florida
2991 Chicken (Greece). Desires chicken fresh/frozen whole, I,UOC mt, USDA Grade
C. Packing in individual polyethylene bags; 14 to 16 birds per carton box,
900 to 1,200 gr. per bird, Islamic killed. Quote C&F of Aqaba or Port of
Kuwait, commission 3%. Bank ref: Bank of America, Branch 'o. 305, Wilshire
and Vermont, Los Angeles, Califorria. Contact: Nick Papavenetiou,
Papavenetiou Enterpries, 38 f'ichalakopoulou St., Athens, Greece. Telex:
221245 COS CR. Phone: 7?1801, 7778744.

2992 Oils avocado, almond, apricot (Belgium). Wants avocado oil, almond oil and
apricot oil. Shipment 1 to 2 metric tons of each in drums of 200 kilograms
each. Peed ASAP. Importer would like U.S. supplier to send a catalog or
samples. Ouote C&F Yokyoama, Japan. Bank ref: Kredietbank, Societe
General De Banque. Contact: P. Mardassi, Contact International, P.C. Box
423, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Telex: 24469 CO-I'T-P. Phone: 02/343 75 33.

????3 Asparagus (France). Wants
Desire ASAP. Quote CIF Le
Agricole, Avenue Pierre Pe
Euroconserves, B.D. Po. 20
BEAFV. Phone: (41) 34 91

1,500 tons asparagus, First quality, 1 A packing.
Havre. Bank ref: Caisse Pegionale De Credit
Coubertin, 49000 Angers. Contact: Pr. Allard,
49250 Beaufort Fn Valle, France. Telex: 700804
78. Cable: SOOCPP.

2994 Sheep pelts (Metherlands). In need of pickled sheep-pelts, 100,000 per
month. Ouote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: ABF Rijen P.B. Contact: A. Oomen,
Continental Zeemlederfabriek B.V., Laagstraat 46, P.O. Box 45, 5120 AA
Pijen, Netherlands. Telex: 54260. Phone: 01612-2990.

2995 Peanuts (Suriname). Bharos peanut butter factory is urgently seeking names
and addresses of peanut exporters in the U.S. minimum requirements: 20 tons
peanuts (shelled and aflatoxin free) monthly, packed in 50 kg bags 35/40 -
50/60. Priority reply requested. Contact: '. R. Bharos, Director,
Pindakaasfabriek, Tourtonnelaan 82, Paramaribo, Suriname. Phone: 76114.

2996 Corn (Syria).
better yellow
1981. Offers
plus/minus 5%

Requires offers for 40,000 tons (plus/minus 5%) U.S. Vo. 3 or
corn, new crop, moisture max. 15.5%, offer deadline Jan. 11,
should be valid until Jan. 13, 1982. Shipment: 25,000 tons
from January IF to February 15, 1982 and similar quantity from

lmued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of -
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250

February 15 to March 15, 1982. With interval between two vessels of at least
20 days. Prices: quotations requested buyers option, for the following:
(A) FOB Stowed, trimmed on board vessel at the port of loading; (I) C&F "Free
Out" Syrian Ports. For both options, price offers are requested for the
goods in bulk, in bags, and in bulk with new jute bags. Pequirements: bid
bond 2% of invoice value required with offer, or separately, valid for one
month confirmed by the Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch 6, Telex 11359 SY.
Bid bond should be submitted before offer deadline. Upon purchase
confirmation, the bid bond has to be replaced by a 5% performance bond within
seven days, prior to the opening of Letter of Credit. Full name and address
of offerer is also required as well as his bankers name and address.
Phytosanitary certificate is required with goods, and a certificate of origin
confirmed by designated representatives. Other conditions penalty for late
shipment 0.2% of goods value per day, discharging rate 150 tons per hatch per
WWP, max. 750 tons, Demurrages 35 cents per ton per WWS, max. U.S. dollar
8,000, shipco is vessel agent at destination, insurance due from vessel over
15 years old, vessels over 20 years are rejected. Inspection and analysis by
international survey company to be nominated by buyer for sellers account.
Contact: The General Crganizatin for Fodder (0CF), P.O. Box '7e7, Damascus,
Syria. Telex: 110O SY.

2997 Pehydrated vegetables ('etherlands). Needs following dehydrated products:
carrots (also off grade for use in pet foods), celery leaves, green cabbage,
white cabbage, red paprika, green paprika, potatoes (dices and flakes), leek
white, tomatoes, cabbage cores. Bank ref: Amro Pank M.V. Schoonhoven.
Contact: Dika Fabrieken B.V.., P.O. Box 5, ?870 AA Schoonhoven,
'etherlands. Telex: 21341. Phone: 01823-2665 and 2565.

?298 Butter fat (Pong Kong). In need of butter fat, one 20 foot container per
month. Bulk shipment. Wants ASAP. Ouote CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: The
Chartered Bank; and Indian Overseas Bank. Contact: M. K. M. Aboo Bakar,
Aiyas Industries (HK) Ltd., (as of Jan 8) Buvlington House, 4/F, A-2, 94
thann Poad, Kowloon, Fong Kong. Telex: 63915 ABOO PX. Phone: 3-682-802,
3-663-157, 3-660-309.

2999 Parboiled rice (Australia). Wants parboiled bagged rice, shipload
quantities, not more than 15% broken grain, 100 pound jute bags with slings.
Ouote FCP Vessel: loaded, stowed, and trimmed. Bank ref: Commercial Bank
of Australia, 63 Hawthorn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia 3122.
Contact: Ponald Single, 1/44 Halstead Street, Caulfield, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia 3161. Telex: AA30333 ATTN JAPTC/1'WS. Phone: (03) 528

3000 Cak logs (Italy). Wants oak (Ouercus) logs. Ouantity: 5,000-10,000 CBr.
Nuote FOP or CIF. Bank ref: Monte Paschi Di Siena Banco Di Poma.
Contact: Giuseppe Cirillo, Via Molo manfredi 5, 84100 Salerno, Italy.
Telex: 770174. Phone: (089) 229804, 233453. Cable: MFTRA.

3001- Vegetable oil (Syria). The Foreign Trade Organization for chemicals and
3002- foodstuffs has issued tender for A,000 tons of vegetable oil for human
3003 consumption, free from strange odor and taste. Vegetable oil can be fully
refined pure soybean oil according to American conditions AOCS method free
fatty acid max 0.05 pct or fully refined pure cotton seed oil, yellow or
white, according to American condition AOCS method, free fatty acid 0.25 to
0.05 pct max or fully refined pure sunflower oil, free fatty acid 0.08 pct.

max. Offer deadline June 12, 1982 offer should be valid until 20.00 hrs.
Jan. It, IcP?. Packing: 2,000 tons in 1F-?? kg. cans in exportatle
cardboard boxes and 2,00C tons in new barrels of 20C kg. capacity.
Production date and validity must be written on each can. Shipment: 2,CC0
tons in February 19P? and 2,000 tons in 'arch 1982 on regular liner vessels.
Quotations request: C8F Lattakia, liner terms including 3 pct CF7A corinision
(see note at end of this cable re GFZA commission. Other conditions: Bid
Pond 1 pct required with offer confirmed by Comrercial Cant of Syria Branch
Yo. 3 to be replaced upon purchase confirmation by a 5 pct Performance Bond.
Seller bears premium insurance if vessel is over 15 years old. Late shipment
penalty is 0.1 pct of goods value, shiprert of small packing in containers,
?0 days are free from penalty. Full address of offerer and detailed analysis
as well as drum thickness should be included in the offer. Offers are
considered on net (after deducting comiision) basis. (The practice of
offering "commission" to CFZP originated with some Furopean suppliers and is
not repeat not mandatory). Bids are compared only on net cost basis.
Contact: CFZA, P.O. Box 893, Pamascus, Syria. Telex: 11370.

3C04 Sesame Seeds (Alperia). Desire 740 metric tons sesame seeds. quality and
specifications are as follows: 1981 new crop, product must be wholesome and
first quality, without exterior material, proper vice free, impurities one to
two percent, and 6 to 8 percent maximum moisture. Goods must be packaged in
new jute double bags suitable for maritime transport and handling, with
uniform weight. Deliveries to be done between January and June 1982 at
Algerian ports. Puote: r&F Algerian ports. rate of bid deadline is
February F, 1982. Offer must be in duplicate and remain valid 60 days past
bid deadline. Firms responding to offer must be producers, and not dealers
or wholesalers. Firms interested must provide information on themselves
including name, full address, and statutes of the company, list of
stockholders, balance sheet and income statements. Companies should also
send copies of their annual reports for the last two years. OP'ACO points out
that external envelope containing the offer must not have any indication as
to who the bidder is, only OV!ACO's address and the following indication must
appear on the envelope "Appel D'offres Craines de Sesame a ne pas
ouvrir". All correspondence must be in French, all specs in metric. Offers
sent by telex are not acceptable. No tender document issued. Contact: Mr.
Messaoud 'aoues, Purchasing Manager, CO'CO, Pepartement Approvisionnements,
29, Rue Larbi Ben M'hidi, Algiers, Algeria (Government Pgency). Telex:
E323?, 52850, 5?P81. Phone: 64.02.75. Cable: CfACO DZ.

300E- Vegetable oils and tallow (Fgypt). Following tender announcement was
3006 published in rairo's Arabic language newspaper, A1 Phram, on December 2t,
1981: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for
Vegetable Products, invites bids for A) Tender Po. 9, 1981 for 10,000 tons
of cottonseed oil (semi-refined) and/or sunflower oil (crude), shipped during
Jan., Feb., and 'arch 1"82 in bulk. Offers to be submitted to address
below. Closing date January 9, 1982. B) Tender c'o. FO, 1981 for 14,000
tons edible oil ^,000 during Jan., Feb., and I'arch 19f'2. Offers to be
submitted to address below. Closing date January 1?, 1982. C) Tender No.
FI, 19P1 for 4,000 tons tallow in used steel drums. Shipment half in January
and half in February 198?. Offers to be submitted to address below. Closing
date January 10, 198?. Committee has right to increase quantities ordered.
Conditions and specifications available address below against payment due
fees taking into consideration Iinisterial Pecree No. 103F/17P concerning
commercial agency. Contact: Purchasing Committee for Vegetable Products,
2?, Fl-C-omhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 2C62? FSTFMI-L''.

3007 Wheat (Jordan). The Jordanian r'inistry of Supply published an advertisement
in the Jordanian Arabic Press on December 28, 1981 announcing opening of a
tender for the procurement of 50,000 metric tons of wheat. The announcement
gives no further specifications regarding grade or variety of wheat to be
procured. Closing date for submission of bids is set at 11:00 on Tuesday,
January 12, 1982. Specifications may be purchased for a non-refundable fee
of Jordanian Dinars (JO) 5 (U.S. dols 15.00). Vote: In view of January 12
closing date, U.S. firms interested in bidding on this tender should request
specifications via telex in order to insure receipt in time to submit bids
under deadline. U.S. firms submitting bids please info Embassy Amman
commercial office at telex 21510 L'SEIB JP. Companies submitting bids on this
tender are reminded that they must submit their offer through a Jordanian
agent. Contact: Ministry of Supply, P.O. Box 830, Amman, Jordan. Telex:
21278 VII'ISt'P JC. Phone: 67141/61174.

3008 Joint venture-meat processing (Egypt). An Egyptian businessman who owns a
2,CC00 square meter factory structure on 10,000 square meter land completely
fenced, 20 minutes from Downtown Cairo, is seeking a joint venture partner to
establish cold storage, meat processing (luncheon meats, hot dogs, etc.), and
portion control operation. Joint venture will also distribute poultry,
mutton, and beef. U.S. partner is expected to participate with 30 percent of
project, provide know how, equipment and set up operation. Projected net
profits 30 percent of sales. Principals only. Contact: Vezih Pohammee r'our
Salem, International Middle East Associates, P.O. Box E127, Funtington Peach,
California 9?64f. Phone: (714) 964-1006.

?009- Health Foods (Cermiany). Wants to import health foods, dietetic foods,
3010 natural foods, food without preservatives. Cuote: CIF European port. Firm
is Petailer of Health Food, American Style. Three retail outlets in Pannover
area with expansion plans in Northrhine Westphalia. Firm established in
1978, employs 15. Bank ref: Cresdner Bank PA, D-4000 Duesseldorf, Capital
Bank, Pallas, Texas. Contact: Herr (rr.) Hans W. Jany Firma Bittersuess
R, I Weissdornstr. 13, D-4000 Duesseldorf 30. Phore: 211-453277 PI'ESSFLCCPF
or 511-888375 HPAN:OVP WFST GEPR'AFY.

3011- Lettuce and carrots (England). Wants to export Iceburg lettuce and carrots,
3012 first quality. Quantity: Full containers. Packaging in cartons of 24/30
net. Quotations: CIF. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Limited,
Eastern Branch. Contact: Mr. Yen Collins, Growers & Saphir (Kent) Ltd, The
Old Malt House, Minnis Poad, Birchington, Kent, England. Telex: 65775.
Phone: 0843 4EF71.

3013 Pice (Niger). FirTr, wishes to purchase several shipments of 10,00C to 15,000
tons of rice from suppliers and/or directly from producers. Prefers product
to be shipped in jute sacks of 50 kg. units vs. 50 Ib. units. Ouote: CIF
Lome, Togo or Cotonou, Benin. Desire bid ASAP. Contact: Akaoem Yada,
Societe Arar-Tales, B.P. 11739, riamey, Niger. Telex: 5320 MI. Phone:

3014 Berries (Australia). In need of frozen berry fruit, particularly raspberry
and strawberry, 400 tons each. Desire industrial grade for USC manufacturer
in polylined 44 gallon drums, 28 lb. cans, or plastic pails. Request
Californian strawberries, Oregon raspberries, new season crop. L'.S.D.A.
grading preferred. Ouote: FOB. Park ref: Australian and Pew 7ealand
Banking Group Ltd., 60 Albert Poad, South Melbourne, Pelbourne 2000.

Contact: Trevor C. Hawson, Food Erokers Australia Pty Ltd., AtI Floor, 437
Street Yilda Poad, Pelbourne, Australia. Telex: 31EF CCr'PCFT. Phcne:
?f74FOO. Cable: FCCrBPCKFP.

?C0F t'eat and bone meal, fish meal (Syria). Pequires offers for 10,FCO tons of
meat and bone meal plus F,CO0 tons of fish meal. Offer deadline January 1l,
IP82. Offers should be valid until January ?2, 1PF?. Shipment: Half the
quantity of each type should be shipped by February 15, 1982. The other half
by 'arch IF, 19P8. Specifications: 1eals should be fresh, newly
manufactured, well mixed, not by-products, free of salomella and should be
free from any foreign material such as horn, hooves, feather, hair, blood,
etc. Chemical specifications: Crude protein 50 pet. min. meat and bone
meal, FF pct. min. fish meal; digestibility of protein 88 pct. min. meat
and bone meal, PC pet. rin. fish meal; moisture 10 pct. max. meat and bone
meal, 1C pet. max. fish meal; fat with antioxident 10 pet. rax. meat and
bone meal, 1C pct. max. fish meal; fiber 2.8 pet. max. meat and bone meal,
1 pct. max. fish meal; calcium 9 pet. max. meat and bone meal, 4 pet. max.
fish meal; available phosphorus 4.5 pet. rin. meat and bone meal, 2.2 pet.
iin. fish meal; ash 33 pet. max. meat and bone meal, 17 pet. max. fish
meal; sand and salt 0 pct. meat and bone meal, 5 pet. max. fish meal.
Cther conditions: A ? pet. bid bond, confirmed by Comrercial Pank of Syria
Branch 6 (telex 1135H SY), must be submitted with offer or separately before
offer deadline. Upon purchase confirmation, the bid bond has to be replaced
by a 5 pet. Performance Bond within seven working days and prior to the
opening of the Letter of Credit. A Certificate of Origin is required,
confirmed by designated representatives. The buyer has the right to nominate
an international superintendence company for inspection at port of loading
and another company for reinspection at destination within 20 days of goods
delivery. Analysis certificate established by a laboratory named by buyer of
sellers account, is also required. Discharging rate on sellers account, is
also required. Pischarging rate 150 tons per hatch per WWV max. 7FC tons,
derurrage 35 cents per ton per WWP, max. U.S. dollar 8,000. Shipment on
vessels not exceeding 15 years, accepted up to 20 years, Cverace insurance
premium is seller's account. quotations requested: C&F full liner terms
Syrian ports for meat and bone meal plus C&F free out Syrian ports in one
shipment during February 1982 for both meals. Contact: The General
Organization for Fodder (GOF), P.C. Pox 4797, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11089

301C Wheat (Lebanon). In need of 25,000 metric tons soft wheat, 10 percent
more/less sellers option. Wheat should be latest crop, free from live
insects and ova, protein minimum 10.5 pet. dry basis, moisture max. 14.5
pet., foreign matter and damaged or other grains max. 3 pet., specific weight
rin. 76 kg. per hectoliter. Bulk Shipment. Desire one shipment before
January 20, 1982 by bulk carrier. Crainfitted single deck/gearless vessel
acceptable. Quote: U.S. dollars or Lebanese pounds per metric ton CIF
freeout Beirut, Lebanon. Insurance FPP, War Risks and SPCC. Closing date of
tender: Friday, January P, 1982 at 11:00 a.m. Beirut time. Confirmation
same day. Other: A) seller to specify (1) origin of wheat; (2) crop year;
and (3) type of wheat. B) Pid Bond U.S. $15,000; Performance Bond 5 percent
of contract value. C) Unloading rate 5,000 mt. per WWDSPFX. 0) Acceptable
draft in Beirut 12. meters. F) Payment by irrevocable, confirmed L/C at
prime U.S. or European bank against usual documents. This is the first wheat
tender in application of Lebanon's CY 1982 wheat import program. Bank ref:
Bank of Lebanon, Beirut. Contact: t'r. 1ounir Perbari, Director general,

Cereals and Sugarbeets Office, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Rue D'Artois,
Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: 3452EF. Cable: COMCC-PFIPUT.

3017- Pice, vegetable oil (Spain). Interested in 40,C00 tons rice, No. 2 grade, 4
3018 percent broken, and 20,000 tons standard soybean oil in combination with
safflower and corn oil, edible. Performance Pond F percent. Irrevocable
Letter of Credit. Contact: Munich Lehrer, BCN International S.A., PAvBLAS
140-6, Barcelona, Spain. Telex: 51079 BCI-E. Phone: 301-34E0.

0001 Grocery lines (Malaysia). Wants to import frozen vegetables, strawberry
toppings, breakfast cereals, canned carbonated soft drinks, and other grocery
products for supermarket chain. Desire Grade A quality in consumer packs.
Prompt delivery. Ouote: FPO or C&F Port Kelang. Bank ref: Algemene Bank
F'ederland, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact: Edward Lim, Fitzpatrick's Food
Fair Srr'. BHP., G.P.O. Box 2274, Yuala Lumpur, Valaysia. Telex: FCCPS
MA30681. Phone: (03) 489-233.

COC2- Beans (Colombia). In need of red kidney beans and black beans, 400 tags of
0003 100 pounds each to begin. Bags should be jute or heavy duty paper for
export. State grades, high quality desired. Ship ASAP. Pequire
phystosanitary certificates. Cuote: CIF San Andres Islands, Colombia. Bank
ref: Banco Del Comerciao and Banco Del Fstado. Contact: Leon Cybul, Leor
Cybul Pepresentaciones, P.O. Pox 120 San Andres Islands, Colombia. Telex:
40110 13. CYBUL 14. Phone: 6148-6337.

000^ Confectionary products (Preece). feeds A) Chewing and bubble gum; B)
Caramel sticks; C) Children confectionary; 0) Chocolates; E) Chocolate
drink; F) Cocoa; C) Vanilin; H) Cood Gelatin (powder or sheets).
Quantities: A) 20 mt/yr; P) 30 mt/yr; C) 10 nt/yr; D) 5 mt/yr; E) 10
mt/yr; F) 60 mt/yr; C) 15 mt/yr; H) 5 mt/yr. Average to good quality.
Pequest prospectus with all pertinent information. Quote: CIF Port of
Pireas, Greece. Bank ref: Algemene Bank Nederland, Athens Pranch, 3
Paparigopoulou Street, Klafthmonos Square, Athens, Greece. Contact:
Stylianos D. Yiannikas, 5 Fvripidou Street, Nea Sepolia, Athens, Greece.
Telex: 221S95 FLOP GP. Phone: 57f0220, E746170.

00O Ingredients for confectionary products (Greece). Wants A) Spices; P)
Essential oils; C) Flavors and fragrances; P) Fats and oils (for snack and
chocolate industry). Quantities: A) 15 to 20 mt/yr; B) 20 mt/yr; C) 70
mt/yr; P) 1,000 mt/yr. Average to good quality. Request prospectus with
all pertinent information. Quote: CIF Port of Pireas, Greece. Bank ref:
Algemene Bank Nederland, Athens Branch, 3 Paparigopoulou Street, Klafthmonos
Square, Athenbs, Greece. Contact: Stylianos D. Yiannikas or Anastasios J.
Maratos, Floressence-S. Yiannikas and Co. C.F., 1 V'irmidonon and Fthias, P'ea
Sepolia, Athens, Greece. Telex: 221945 FLCP CP. Phone: 57F0220, 5746170.

0006 Almond processing unit (Tunisia). Important Tunisian almond
importer-exporter interested in forming mixed company with U.S. inshell
almond supplier to establish U.S. almond processing unit in Tunisia. Unit
will serve Middle East and North Africa. Plant physical plans and market
feasibility study have been completed with calculated ready yearly market
3,000 metric tons of shelled product. Bank ref: Societe Tunisienne Ce
Banques. Contact: Hedi Amara, Eurafrica, Le Colisee, Escalier P, Bureauk
314-316, 43/45 Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis. Telex: 12333. Phone:

OC07 Grains (Tunisia). Important Tunisian agricultural and food product
irporter-exporter interested in representing U.S. rain export FR (corn and
wheat) in Tunisia, Algeria, and 'orocco markets. Firm is involved in rain
trade in r'orth Africa. Bank ref: Societe Tunisienne Pe Banques. contact:
Pedi Amara, Furafrica, Le Colisee, Escalier 0, Pureaux 314/316, 43/45 Avenue
Habib Bourguiba, Tunis. Telex: 12?3. Phone: 240.P71.

CC00 Sesare Seeds (Tunisia). Wants 500 metric tons sesame seeds, hulled or
unbulled, jute 'ags. Delivery early 19P2. Ouote: C&F Tunis. Bank ref:
Societe Tunisienne Pe Ranqves. Contact: Bechir rhalfallah, Bechir Khalfalla
!rport-Fxport, 20, Avenue Yabib Thar-pur, Tunis, Tunisia. Telex: 4CP7(.
Phone: 247-612.

COOC Pre-cooked hamburgers. Needs pre-cooked hamburgers, 50,CCC per week.
Quality: F0 percent plus beef. Bulk packaging. Quotations: Delivered
L'. Delivery date: PSAP. Rank ref: Barclays Bank Limited. Contact: Mr.
P. S. Ashness, Valecor Limited, Unit 6, Pidgeway, Iver, Bucks, England.
Phone: 07F3 655304.

C001 healthh Foods (Fnoland). Recently established firm seeking U.S. suppliers of
health food lines: herbal medicines, fluid extracts and health foods.
Quantity dependent. Best quality desired. Packaging bulk for repacking and
retail packs. Quotations: FOB and CIF U.K. POPT. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: nationall Westminster Bank, Kingsland Poad, London E8. Contact: Mr.
Liver Simon, Pealth Seekers Limited, 47 Corbiere Pouse, Balmes Poad, London
'l FSP. Phone: 01 2FA 1P?7.

0011 Corn Tender (Fgypt). Following tender announcement was published in Cairo's
English language newspaper, The Egyptian Gazette, December 31, 1981. General
Authority for Supply Commodities requests bids for tender No. 1/198? for
supplying 125,000 mt. plus or minus 5 percent yellow or white corn latest
crop. Committee is entitled to increase or decrease the quantity. Shipment
February 1982. Offers to be submitted address below latest 12 noon Saturday,
January 16, 1982. Conditions and specifications to be obtained address below
against payment L.F. 5 per each copy which should be attached with each
offer. Ministerial Decree No. IC?6/IS78 must be complied with. Contact:
General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Grain and
its Products, 2?, Fl--orhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92062 FSTFAP.
Cable: FSTPAf'.

001? Grocery lines '(onduras). Feeds canned meats, canned milk products, canned
specialties including baby food, canned fruits and juices. This firm
operates a new supermarket in Tegucigalpa. Please quote CIF Puerto Cortes
against L/r including catalogs, prices, terms of delivery, etc. The firm
enjoys a good reputation in local banking circles. Contact: Mr. Fduardo F.
Mahomar, Panager, Supermercado Sucasa, Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras. Phone:
3?0FO0. Cable: SL'CASA.

0013 Pice ('iger). Wishes to purchase 3,000CC tons of rice from suppliers and/or
directly from producers. Prefers product to be shipped in jute sacks of 50
kg. units vs. 50 lb. units, CIF Lome, Togo, or Cotonou, Benin. Bid preferred
in French. Contact: M. Kouka Hassan, B.P. 10344, Niamey, Niger. Phone:

OC"1- Meat and fish products (Sierra Leone). Interested in importing dry salt pork
0015 and bacon; pork primal cuts especially ears, masks and complete head with
tongue; pork pigs feet (long cut) in reddish brine; smoked mackerel; salted
codfish, with head, over two feet in length; beef primal and fabricated
cuts from animals slaughtered at the same plant especially cowfeet, oxtail,
ear boneless, check and tripe. Bank ref: Barclays Bank (S.L.) Ltd.,
Wilberforce Street, Freetown. Contact: Ali Fahour Company, 40 East Street,
P.O. Box 2?l, Freetown. Phone: 26^70. Ali Fahour Company is an
organization established in 1976. All imports are sold in Freetown, Sierra
Leone, but the company intends to open up branch outlets in other parts of
the country soon. I'anagement is interested in establishing a permanent
business relationship with any company in the U.S. which operates in any of
the above identified products.

0016- Poultry, pork eggs (Ponduras). P'eeds dressed and packed chickens, hens,
0017- capons, and young chickens; frozen poultry, all kinds; pork, whole carcass,
0018 frozen; eggs, liquid, dried and frozen. Buyer wants supplier responses.
Ouote: CIF Tegucigalpa, against L/C or supplier's terms; also catalogs and
price lists. Bank ref: Banco Atlantida, S.A., Tegucigalpa; and Chase Bank
International, Miami, Florida. Contact: Pans Yolk, Ceneral Manager,
Alirentos tacionales De Ponduras, S.A., Apartado Postal T-215, Comayaguela,
P.C., Ponduras. Telex: 1277 ALPAPSA HT. Phone: 332203. Cable: ALNAPSA.

0019 Fruits, vegetables, juices (Abu Dhabi). In market for canned and frozen
vegetables, canned fruits, frozen fruits and juices. Contact: Mr. Bershir,
Manager, Fair Trade, P.O. Box 6426 or P.O. Box 2474, Dubai, UAF, Abu D1abi,
UAF. Telex: 46712 (DUPAI). Firm acts as distributor for frozen and canned
foodstuffs. Pas outlets in Dubai and Abu Chabi. Is interested in
representing U.S. suppliers and wants literature/catalogs, price lists, etc.

0020 Rice Straw (0ermany). Needs rice straw ashes for use in foundries as
insulating material, monthly purchases 50 to 100 tons, CIF Potterdam,
prepacked in sacks or carton. Contact: Herr (r'r.) Cillhausen, Manager,
Kraemer & Co., GMBIP, Kondrad-Adenauer-Ring 17, 4100 Duisburg 11, Germany.
Telex: PEE 664. Phone: 203/581611. Subject firm is a commercial agent for
Foundry and Steel Mill Supply. Firm was established in 1925 and employs 10.

COl2 Baby Foods (Saudi Arabia). Firm wishes contacts with U.S. producers and
suppliers of variety of canned or bottled baby foods with CIF Jidda prices
and catalogs. Contact: lakariah Jarijoom, Owner, Modern Commercial Fst.,
P.O. Pox 2352, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. Phone: 671-9015.

002?- Coffee, raisins (Taiwan). Wants roasted coffee whole bean, estimated sales
OC22 quantity is 1F tons per month. Also raisins, estimated sales quantity is 20
tons per month. Rank ref: First Commercial Bank, Vaohsiung Branch.
Contact: f'r. L. C. Chang, manager, fMei Chuan Trading Co., Ltd., P.O. Pox
1-154, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Telex: 72289 PROPCCTFP. Phone: (07) 322-8601.

002?- Food specialties, wine, alcoholic beverages (Cermany). Needs food
OC2F- specialties (delicatessen, canned food); alcoholic and non-alcoholic
C026 beverages; wines (in bottles as used in Europe). Bank ref: Volksbank
Breisach. Contact: Mr. P. Stritt, Perbert Stritt Pandelsagentur, n-7818
Vogtsburg/Kaiserstuhl, Germany. Telex: 0772 481. Phone: 11-4c-76F2-6391.
German company is active as dealer in food and non-food items. Has over 13
years of experience. Well established on the local market. Fo special

requirements as to price quotation and terms of payment. Would prefer
correspondence in German.

0027 Crocery lines (Abu Phabi). Canned specialties; canned fruits and vegetables;
food products dried and dehydrated; grocery lines. Contact: Mr. Shaikh
Prif Pahim, Pranager, Abdul Wahab Galadari Trading Fnterprises, P.O. Pox C!71,
Abu Phabi, UPF. Telex: 23751 WAPFB FM. Firm is subsidiary of A.W. Caladari
Holdings Private, Ltd., a large Pubai-based firm with diversified interests.

00?8- Sugar, flour, tomato paste (Sierra Leone). Interested in importing tomato
00?P- paste, 4 1 oz. to 7 o7.; family white (self-raising) flour shipped in
00?0 containers of less than ?2 lbs.; family white flour (both enriched and all
purpose), shipped in containers of 2E lbs. or more; granulated cane sugar
shipped in commercial units (bags/containers) above twenty-five (25) Ibs; and
cube sugar. Bank ref: Barclays Bank (S.L.) Ltd., Wiltcrforce. Contact:
Ali Fahour Co., 40 Fast Street, P.O. Box 241, Freetown. Phone: 26470.
Management is interested in establishing a permanent business relationship
with any company in the U.S. which operates in any of the above identified

0031 Parboiled rice (Cameroon). In the market for parboiled rice, ship in cartons
and polythene hags. French and English quotations. Bank ref: Chase Bank
Cameroon, B.P. 113?, Douala; Ste. Cenerale De Banques, B.P. 4042, fouala.
Contact: Isaac Ngouankeu Tchoumba, Ets. Tchoumba, B.P. 1852, Douala,
Cameroon. Phone: 42 10 59.

Foreign Trade Developments

V'otice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As required
of all signatories to the CATT Standards Code, this notification of foreign
proposed standards-related rules has been provided for the information and
comment of interested agencies and firms. The Technical Office invites
inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the proposed regulations
notified under this heading could cause a trade problem. questions can be
referred to Thomas O'Connell, L'SDA Technical Office, Room 55E2, South
Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone (202) 382-1318.

Switzerland. The Switzerland Federal Agriculture Agency has proposed
specific measures for preventing introduction of San Jose scale, bacterial
canker and virus diseases of fruit trees that present a general danger, and
for action within the country in the event of any outbreak of those same
harmful organisms.

Finland. The Finland Ministry of Trade and Industry has proposed a decision
concerning the histamine level of fish and fish products. The maximum
permissable level of histamine in fish and fish products in the consignments
is 100 milograms/kilogram; the level may not even in one sample exceed 200
milograms/k ilogram.

Finland. The Finland Vinistry of Trade and Industry has proposed a
regulation giving instructions for sampling of fish and fish products,
methods of analysis for determination of histamine in fish, and evaluation of

Denmark. The Denmark Ministry of the Fnvironment has proposed a "Statutory
order on Packaging for Beer and Soft Prinks." This statutory order grants

permission to market beer and soft drinks in notified types of refillable
containers and in other non-metallic containers.

United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and
Food has proposed measures to reduce aflatoxin contamination in animal feed.
These proposed measures 1) impose a maximum aflatoxin level of 500 ppb for
all raw materials intended for animal feeding-stuff purposes; 2) require
certification by importer of actual aflatoxin level in groundnut, palm kernel
and cotton seed and derivatives in feeding-stuff for dairy cows. ('ote:
Although the comment deadline for this proposal has already passed, we feel
that animal feeding-stuff exporters should be aware of these new measures.)

Australia. The Government of Australia has proposed new labeling
requirements for cigarette packets. As of August 1982, the tar and nicotine
yields of all cigarettes manufactured in, or imported into Australia must be
printed on cigarette packets. From that date, the maximum permitted tar and
nicotine levels will be 18 mg. or 1.6 mg., respectively, per cigarette. The
Australian Government Analytical Laboratory will routinely test the states
tar and nicotine yields printed on cigarette packets.

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