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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firnr-origi-nsi th in y You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. -,


I FOctober 16, 1981
Ft Foric,-
2395- Prepared feeds and feed ingredients (C-amer9eea4-.... Wishes to buy prepared
2396 feeds and feed ingredients for poultry and livestock, packed in polyethene/
jute bags 50-100 kgs. Labelling in French. Quote CIF Douala. Bank
ref: Banque International Pour Le Commerce Et Lindustrie Du Cameroun, B.P.
4070, Douala. Contact: Jean-Marie Youman, Societe Sippcam, B.P. 1219,
Douala, Cameroon. Cable: SIPPCAM.

2397- Fresh fruit and onions (Taiwan). Importer wants fresh apples, grapes,
2399 plums, cherries, citrus and onion. Quotations CIF or C&F. Bank ref:
Chung Hsiao Branch, Cheng HWA Commercial Bank, A/C No. 2554. Contact:
Chen Hsing-Ju, General Manager, Universal Fruit Inc., Room 8, 7th Floor,
Section 4, Hsin Yi Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 19009 TEAMOLS. Cable:
UNITFRUIT. Phone: 02-702-9443.

2400 Jojoba beans (Sweden). Wants unspecified quantities of jojoba beans. Bank
ref: Svenska Handelsbaken. Contact: Robert Nevado, Sanord Ab, Markvagen
34, S-162 24 Vallingby, Sweden. Telex: 17283 SANORD S. Phone: 08/36 79

2401- Dried beans, popcorn (Canada). Wants container loads of dry beans and
2402 popcorn, packaging to be determined. Time of delivery ASAP. Destination
in West Africa. Contact: Erik Defranciosi, Bethune Import Export Ltd.,
666 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1E7, Canada. Telex: 0524835.
Phone: (514) 844-3959.

2403 Carrot seeds (Japan). Wants carrot seeds of light-colored carrots with
low sugar content are preferred since carrots are used to make "carrot
chips." Specific information required. Appropriate packaging for export
by surface shipment. Immediate delivery. Quotations CIF. Bank ref:
Tokyo Bank, Kamata Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Yoshitomo Yoshioka, Makuri
Bussan Co., Ltd., 23-23, Naka-Idegami 2 Chome, Ohta-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Cable: MAKURI POP TOKYO. Phone: (03) 753-7021.

2404 Apples (Brazil). Wants fresh apples, 10,000 cartons, Red Delicious packed
in tray packs of 100/113/125/138 cartons. Net weight: 22 kgs, gross: 24
kgs. Delivery November 15, 1981. Quotations CIF or FOB. Bank ref: Banco
Do Brasil S.A. Ag. Pelotas, Rua Lobo Costa 1315; Banco Brasileiro De
Descontos S.A., Ag. Pelotas Rua Mal. Floriano 9. Contact: Egon Bonow.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

Engineer, Rudi Bonow & CIA., Rua Andrade Neves 1326 96100 Pelotas, Brazil.
Telex: 0532/316. Cable: RUBONOW. Phone: 0532/22-8961.

2405- Butter, condensed milk (Ivory Coast). Wants one container each per month
2406 of salted and unsalted butter and sweet and unsweetened condensed milk.
Packed in cartons. Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB East Coast. Bank ref:
Chase Mahatten Bank. Contact: G. Torrente, Sirping, 01 B.P. 1516, Abidjan
01, Ivory Coast. Telex: 3148. Phone: 44-18-46. RAWLS.

2407 Corn oil (Suriname). Wants corn oil fully refined in containers of 1
gallon and 1 quart. Wants CIF price quotations. Monthly requirements not
yet established. Central Inkoopbureau Suriname is the purchasing Bureau
for the Government of Suriname. Bank ref: De Surinaansche Bank N.V.
Gravenstraat 26-28 Paramaribo. Contact: C.S.H. Defares, Director,
Central Inkoopbureau Suriname (C.I.S.), P.O. Box 1414, Waterkant 15,
Paramaribo, Suriname. S.A. Cable: ICS PARAMARIBO.

2408- French fries, mixed vegetables, frozen fruits (Malaysia). Wants French
2410 fries; frozen, mixed veg/green peas; frozen fruits, 5 mt each item, Grade
B. Packed in 25-30 kg polybags, except frozen fruit packed in tubs.
Prompt delivery. Quotations C&F Port Klang. Bank ref: Hong Kong &
Shanghai Banking Corp, Kuala Lumpur. Contact: Eddie Han, Fima
Supermarkets Malaysia Bhd, P.O. Box 483, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Telex:
FISUMA MA 30724. Phone: (03) 422-177.

2411 Chickens (Austria). Wants chickens (Islamic slaughter), 1st order 10 ci
for each destination/contract possible. Grade A, size 800-1300 grs, killed
15-17 weeks, packed in plastic bags in m/carton of similar weights.
Delivery ASAP. Islamic certificate required, quotations CIF Alexandria
Egypt and Algier. Bank ref: Osterreicharlandes Bank, Vienna, Austria.
Contact: Alex Massey, International Representative, Silbergasse 9/1/4,
1190 Vienna, Austria. Telex: 76193 HISPA. Phone: 31 72 65/66 or 36 42

2412 Liquorice extract (Netherlands). Wants liquorice extract, annual needs,
various qualities, about 500 mt. Interested to know production capacity of
supplier. Quotations CIF Rdam. Bank ref: Abn Rossendaal. Contact: J.
Haverkamp, Red Band Confectionery Works B.V.., SpQorstraat 51, 2702 VW
Roosendaal, Netherlands. Telex: 78178. Phone: 01650-37900.

2413- Cheddar cheese (Netherlands). Wants cheddar cheese, 1,000 tons, 40 Ibs
2414 blocks, uncolored. Delivery November 1981, 300 mt per month. Quotations
CIF Rdam. Also interested in imitation cheese, container loads, specify
ingredients and send brochures. Bank ref: Mederlandse Crediet Bank Alphen
A/D Rijn. Contact: V.C. Stoorvogel, Astor Kaas, Beneluxweg 5, P.O. Box
270, 2410 AE Bodegraven, Netherlands. Telex: 39909. Phone: 01726-15362.

2415 Dehydrated onions (Portugal). Wants dehydrated onions, about 300 mt,
flakes, powder or granules, whichever is available, packed in standard
export packaging. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote FOB f/towed. Bank
ref: Paris Bas, Leige, Belgium; Societe Generale De Bank, Berbiere,
Belgium. Contact: R. Moreira, Constant--Import/Export, Lda., Matozinhos,
Rua Dr. Fernando Oroso, Leca De Palmeira, 4452 Matozinhos, Portugal.
Telex: 22820 COIMEX P. Phone: 995-5427/5477/5377.

2416 Joint venture (Nigeria). Wishes to establish joint venture, agreement as
follows: arming to include production of cash crops, cattle ranch, fish

pond and poultry raising. Land area: up to 2,000 acres, located in
Akinyanran, Oyo State, on Oshum River. Will require the following in
connection with partnership: management, equity participation, technical
assistance and raw materials. Equity participation to be mutually agreed
upon. Both total investment requirement and total equity investment
envisaged will be in the financial report. Presently engaged in shipping,
construction, etc. Bank ref: First Bank of Nigeria, Ltd., Marina, Lagos;
Union Bank of Nigeria, Ltd. Tinubu, Lagos and National Bank of Nigeria,
Ltd., Balogun, Lagos. Contact: O.A. Morakinyo, 19, Nnamdi Azikiwe Street,
G.0.0. Box 2635, Lagos, Marina, Nigeria. Telex: OLDMAC NIG. 21974.

2417 Powdered egg yolk (Colombia). Wants powdered egg yolk to replace real
fresh egg yolk, equivalent to 4-5 tons monthly of regular egg yolk. No
specific quality, but edible for human consumption, preferably in cans.
Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary certificate requested, quotations FOB New
York/Miami/New Orleans. Bank ref: Banco Industrial Colombiano, Medellin,
Antioquia. Contact: Alvaro Bernal, Industrias Alimenticias Noel S.A.,
Industries Almenticias Noel S.A., Carrera 52 No 2-38, Apartado No. 897
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. Telex: 6779. Cable: NOEL. Phone:
55-1100 MEDELLIN.

2418 Corned beef (Portugal). Wants corned beef, 3,485,000 cans, 340 grams and
20 grams (possibly 3 million in 34 grams and remaining 200 grams), protein
no less than 20%; fat no more than 14%; ashes not more than 3.7 %; humidity
not more than 60%. Delivery as soon as possible. Price has to be around
19 1/2-20 U.S. dollars including commissions. Quotations C&F Alexandria or
Port Said, Egypt. Bank ref: Fonsecas & Burney and Banco Nacional
Ultramarino Lisboa. Contact: Alberto Vaz Pereira De Carvalro, Avenida Do
Brasil, 10 6245 Silvares, Portugal. Telex: 15194 VAZPEC P. Phone:
(059) 62161.

2419- Clover seeds (Spain). Wants subterranean clover seeds, 50 mt, various
2420 varieties (separately quoted). Packaging standard. Quotations CIF,
delivery soonest. Contact: Ibercur, S.A., Cartagena, 22 Madrid (4),
Spain. Phone: (91) 245 71 22.

2421- Dried whey, skim milk, protein concentrates (Spain). Wants 500-1,000 mt
2423 each of: dried whey, 70% loctose, 12% protein, white or off white, non-
hygroscopic, packed in 24 kilo sacks (min weight); dried skim milk in 25
kilo sacks min; and protein concentrates from milk, soybeans, yeast,
distillery by-products, etc. for animal consumption. Quotations CIF,
delivery to be determined. Bank ref: Espanol De Credito. Contact:
Enrique Pablos, Norel, S.A., Doctor Esquerdo, 82, Madrid-7, Spain. Telex:
45977. Phone: 409 2741 (area code 91).

2424 Crocodile meat (Belgium). Belgian restaurant owner interested in importing
crocodile meat from U.S. Contact: James Forsyth, Kanunnikenstraat 9, 2020
Antwerp, Belgium. Phone: 02/37.26.06.

2425 Garlic (Panama). Wants white garlic, 2,000 cartons ea. 30 Ibs net or
900/50 pound sacks, packed in 35-40NMM size, normal packaging. Delivery
ASAP. Phyosanitary certificate from country of origin. Quotations CIF
Balboa. Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Contact: Jorge Loaiza, Virca S.A.,
APDO 303 Panama 1, Panama. Telex: 3683123 INTEL. Phone: 60-1700.

2426 Grocery items (Kuwait). Wants to find suppliers of foodstuffs and
groceries, general line. Interested in contacting firms which manufacture
items without brand names to import goods under own brand name. Firm acts
as an importer, agent, wholesaler of baby care products, foodstuff, and
toys. Bank ref: Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry, P.O. Box 775,
Safat, Kuwait. Contact: A. Karim Sami, Commercial Manager, Ahmed Fahad
Al-Tukhaim Trading & Contracting Est., P.O. Box 2564 Safat, Kuwait.
Cable: AL-TUKHAIM, KUWAIT. Telex: 3195 AFT.

2427 Grocery items (England). Wants unspecified quantities of canned fruits,
vegetables, preserves, jams and jellies, flour & other grain meal products,
bread & other bakery products, cookies & crackers, cane sugar, cane sugar
refining, beet sugar, candy & other confectionery products, chocolate &
cocoa products, cottonseed oil mills, soybean oil mills, vegetable oil
mills, animal & marine fats & oils, shortening, table oils, margarine &
other edible fats & oils, malt beverages, wines, brandy & brandy spirits,
bottled & canned soft drinks & carbonated waters, flavoring extracts &
flavoring syrups, canned-cured, fresh or frozen packaged fish & seafoods,
roasted coffee, and macaroni, spaghetti, & noodles. Company established
1879, employs 125 with an annual sales volume of 6.5 million pounds
sterling. Company represents R.T. French; S&W Fine Foods, Inc.; General
Mills; General Foods; Rafetto Inc., and Trappey's. Bank ref: Midland Bank
Ltd., 106 Bermondsey St., London SE1 3UA, England. Contact: P.O.
Hausermann, Managing Director, G. Costa & Company Ltd., Staffordshire St.,
London SE15 5TL, England. Phone: 01-639-3456. Telex: 884762.

2428- Cottonseeds, vegetables, flower seeds (Greece). Wants unspecified
2430 quantities of cotton seeds, vegetables, and flower seeds. Firm maintains
offices in Athens and operates as importer, agent and distributor of
agricultural products. Wishes to receive product catalogs and price
lists. Contact: Sofia Grigoriadou and Co., 101 Xoodohou Pigis Street,
Athens 707, Greece. Phone: 01131/1/3612453. Cable: SOFGRI, GREECE.

2431 Solid milk chocolate (Australia). Wants solid milk chocolate, egg shaped,
each piece weighing from 1.5 to 1.75 ozs wrapped in coloured foil and
packed in transparent plastic display container (500 pieces each). Company
distributes to retail and wholesale outlets Australia wide. Annual sales
around six million dollars. Product is required for sale as Easter eggs.
Urgent delivery. Immediate quotations and samples. U.K. suppliers unable
to supply. Business would be ongoing each year and has potential to double
within two years. Contact: E. Mciver, National Sales Mgr., Edwilkham Pty
Ltd., Boda Place, Dee Why West N S W, Australia. Phone: 981-2155.

2432 Candy and other confectionary products (France). Proprietorship created in
1939, manufacture of high quality candy and other confectionary products,
employs 50. Sales area: France. Volume of sales: 3 million French
francs. Firm owns also two retail shops in Nice and Cannes. Interested in
importing new to market U.S. products. Bank ref: Societe Marseillaise De
Credit, 35 Boulevard Dubouchage, 06000 Nice, France. Languages: French,
English. Contact: Joseph Mela, Manager California, Z.I. Saintalaurent -
Du-Var, Secteur A Bat. B, 06700 Spint-Laurent Du Var, France. Telex:
461 716 F. Phone: (93) 07 23 25.

2433 Seeds (Belgium). Wants unspecified quantities of grass seeds, agricultural
seeds, pulse seeds cereal seeds. Leading importers, exporters and
wholesalers of agricultural and grass seeds, also cereal and pulse seeds.
Interested in U.S. products. Contact: Stefaan Dumon, Mgr., Dumon Agro,
P.V.B.A., Pathoekeweg 32, 8000 Bruggfe, Belgium. Phone: 050 315161.

2434 Molasses (Tanzania). International sales and services is interested in
obtaining FOB price quotations from U.S. suppliers of molasses. Wants
5-10,000 tons, needed for animal feed factory. Necessary specifications as
follows: viscosity at 10%; confipoise 5000; density 1.4 kg./dm; cubic
total solid 78%; moisture 22%; nonimpurities. Packing in 1st class
barrels. Interested U.S. firms should telex their quotations to 41160

2436 Grocery items (England). Wants unspecified quantities of canned
specialties, canned fruits, vegetables, preserves, jellies & jams, dried &
dehydrated fruits, vegetables & soup mixes, frozen fruits, juices &
vegetables, flour & other grain meal products, dog, cat & other pet food,
prepared feed & ingredients for animals, cane sugar, candy & other
confectionery products, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil,
shortening, table oils, margarine & other, malt beverages, wines, brandy &
brandy spirits, canned & cured fish, fresh or frozen packaged fish &
seafoods. Company established 1961, employs 300 with an annual sales
volume of 6 million pounds sterling. Company represents Green Giant Co. of
Minneapolis, Minn.; Jobe's International Spike, Inc. of Kentucky; and
Clorox International Company. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd.,
14 High St., Dorking, Surrey. Contact: Arthur McCarten, Marketing Dir.,
Food Brokers Ltd., Milburn, Copsem Lane, Esher, Surrey KT1O 9EP, England.
Phone: ESHER 66891. Telex: 929873.

2437 Ornamental plants study (Santo Domingo). The government of Dominica,
utilizing funds provided by the Caribbean Development Bank under Technical
Assistance Program, invites submission of proposals to conduct a study on
the extra-regional marketing of ornamental plants to be produced in
Dominica. Interested firms should submit in separate envelopes (A)
technical proposals and (B) cost of undertaking the study. Envelopes
should be coded "A" and "B" and marked "Marketing Study of Ornamental
Plants." Proposals should reach the Office of the Financial Secretary,
Government Headquarters, Roseau, Dominica not later than 4:00 p.m..
Dominica time on November 13, 1981.

2438- Green beans, potatoes, onions, fruits, vegetables, beef, fish, veal,
2448 chickens, rabbits (Djibouti). Wants three 20ft refrigerated containers per
month of each: fish, green beans, potatoes, onions, apricots, plums,
melons, green and red peppers, carrots. Firm can open credit for the cost
price CIF Djibouti and collect directly from customer representative
below. Merchandise to be unloaded at Djibouti and must be of the highest

quality otherwise customer will reject. Also wants offers for 20ft
containers each of frozen beef and veal (cut into quarters), frozen -
chickens and rabbits (standard weight) in boxes of 10/12 kg; and eggs
arrangements of 6 in boxes with 300 eggs. Needs fruits (grapes, etc.)
either fresh or seasonal. Company unequivocally states that absolutely
nothing should be of Israli origin, this would include the plastic or the
boxes that contain the merchandise. Contact: Dessaleng Buyene, Executive
Director, LYNX International Inc., 1500 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Suite
308, Washington, D.C. 20005. Phone: (202) 223-5854 or 5855. Telex:
440075 ITTWUI or 248301 RCAWUR.

2449 Confectionery (Japan). Interested in importing confectionery, candy,
chewing gums and biscuits etc. Contact: M. Shibata, Import Manager, Tokyo
Head Office, 6-4 Nishiwaseda 3-Chome, Shinjyuku-Ku, Tokyo, 160. Phone:

2450 Rice (Liberia). U.S. citizen currently residing in Liberia would like to
purchase a consignment of rice directly from the grain elevators on the
Gulf in order to supply work force. Would need approximately 1000 bags
(100 lb bags) of U.S. parboiled rice. Quote C&F Monrovia. Delivery
soonest. Contact: Tom Hankins, c/o Mim Liberia Co., P.O. Box 241,
Monrovia, Liberia.

2451- Meat, fish, dairy products (Egypt). Egyptian buyer is looking for
2456 quotes, and/or brochures on meat, fish and dairy products. Items of
interest are specified as follows: frozen fresh fish, beef, lamb and
chicken provided by one or multiple sources with prior arrangement; caviar,
eggs and cheese provided by one or multiple sources with prior
arrangement. Contracts will be negotiated on 6 month to 1 year periods and
will be competitive with European markets on certain products. Prices can
be determined on the maximum shipment loads per 6 month order. Suggestion
to the buyer will be to charter a reefer ship to carry a minimum of 25,000
short tons of food. However, response from suppliers will determine if
shipments are split to depart from different regions of the country.
Prices should be quoted FOB and/or CIF Port Said or otherwise FAS at either
New Orleans, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York. Offers
on instant food products such as T.V. dinners will not be considered.
Offers received by suppliers w4)l be hand carried to the Egyptian buyer by
Mr. Mohamed Elsady. Mr. ElsadI's scheduled to'visit U.S. early part of
January 1982. Contact: Mr. Lawrerce H. Abdalla, World Aid Associates,
P.O. Box 3078, Center Line, Michigan 48015. Phone: (313) 372-5137.
Telex: M019-9 10249 126 60180.

2457- Sugar, corn, rice (France). Wants approximately 20,000 tons per month,
2459 for several months of: first grade sugar, first grade corn and other
cereals and first quality rice. Quotations CIF Alexandria (Egypt) or
Beirut (Lebanon). Bank ref: Foreign Trade Bank, F.T.B., Adib Is'Hac
Street, Achrafieh (Lebanon). Contact: Nouhad J. Bedran, M.E.C.I.S., P.O.
Box 50242, Beirut, Lebanon. Telex: 22011 MECIS. Phone: 413660.

Foreign Trade Developments

ROKA 1982 The Foreign Agricultural Service is sponsoring an exhibition of
U.S. processed foods in Utrecht, Holland, February 14-18, 1982.

The Netherlands is a market with 14 million consumers and 40,000 food
outlets. The 'Netherlands continues to be one of the major dollar markets
for U.S. agricultural exports with U.S. shipment to this market totalling a
record $3.4 billion in 1980.

At the last ROKA show in 1980, 1,350 exhibitors representing 44 countries
participated. Attendance was limited to food industry representatives and
attracted 32,000 buyers from Holland and the surrounding countries.

The ROKA 1982, offers an excellent opportunity to investigate the
possibilities for selling to the Dutch, other visitors from West Europe and
retailers seeking to keep abreast of developments.

The participation fee is $300, with participants required to have a
representative in attendance. U.S. based representatives are preferred,
but foreign agents and/or distributors of U.S. firms are welcome. For
details contact: Levi L. Turner, Project Leader, FAS/ U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945- South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250. Phone:
(202) 447-7787.

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