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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters ol food and agricultural products. In suppl) ing the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. (2021447 7103

'r .., ,, August 1, 1983

Sesame seed (Netherlands). Wants sesame seed 800-900 mt per year in 3-4
batches. Product is not for oil, but for food-product use (loose-skin type)
in bales of poly-fiber. Quotations CIF Thessaloniki (Greece). Bank ref: Van
Lanschot, Amsterdam. CONTACT: V. Mateiovich, Continental Commercial &
Production Company B.V., Vondelstraat 98, 1054 GP Amsterdam, Netherlands.
TELEX: 18752. Phone: 20-832551. (WK 29/TOFAS 0296)

Artemia Salina (Italy). Wants Artemia Salina which is used as feed for fish
in salt water. Quantity, quality, packaging: to be determined. Quote FOB or
CIF. Delivery ASAP. The company wishes to contact U.S. firms active in the
production of fish feed, in order to arrange a contract for the production in
Italy of formula under license. Bank ref: Banca Commerciale Italiana, 90100
Palermo, Italy. CONTACT: Enrico Bellomo, Nutrix Industria Supermangimi,
Strada Provinciale 44 Km., 90040 S. Cipirello Corleone, (Palermo), Italy.
TELEX: 910323 NUTRIX. Phone: 091-470560. (WK 29.TOFAS 0217)

Canned fruits, vegetables and meats (Saudi Arabia). Wants canned fruits,
vegetables and meats, also disposable paper items (cups, plates, napkins).
Quantity not specified trail orders first. Delivery late 1983. Buyer will
contact exporter ref labeling requirements. Quotations CIF, C&F. Detco
(Development Establishment for Trade and Contracting) is a new division of the
Sharbatly group which is very big in meat, fruit and other refrigerated
items. Bank ref: Cairo Bank, Jidda head office. CONTACT: Fatine Hobaishi,
Detco, P.O Box 6493, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 405011 DETCO. Phone:
6652539. (WK 29/TOFAS 0117)

Canned peaches (Taiwan). Wants canned cling peaches, packed under private
label. Quantity converted to 50,000-60,000 c/s of 29 oz X 24. Quality:
choice grades light syrup and heavy syrup. Packaging: 303, 401, and 802 tin
with pull tab ends. Monthly shipments. Quotations FAS and C&F. Bank ref:
The Chang Hwa Commerical Bank, Ltd., Nanking East Road Branch, Taipei.
CONTACT: Philip Yao, Dah Sing Hong Co., Ltd. (Colgate-Palmolive's
Distributor), 6th floor, 36, Ching Chou Street, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 10409
FUKWEI. CABLE: FUKWEI TAIPEI. Phone: 02-561-2755. (WK 29/ST 0093)

Shark fin, fish (Japan). Wants dried and/or frozen shark fin and fresh and/or
salted fish roe, Abalone and Sea Urchin, thirty metric tons in total per year,

lIued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C 20250.

first grade. Packed in polystrene foam box. Immediate delivery by surface
shipment. Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Tokyo Bank Shimbashi Branch, Tokyo.
CONTACT: Shojiro Ichimaru, Director, Kowa Corporation, c/o Yashima Bldg.,
1-1, 3-Chrome, Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J22608 KOWA CORP.
CABLE: TRIMAXKOWA. Phone: 03-501-8801. (WK 29/TOFAS 0568)

Non-dairy creamer (Malaysia). Wants non-dairy creamer, 20-ft container, Grade
A. Packaging in 300-gram & 116-gram packs. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF
Port Klang. Bank ref: Malayan Banking BhD., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
CONTACT: K. W. Tham, Hup Fatt, FG-2, Block F, Happy Apartment, Jalan 17/22,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: (03) 569-817. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0130)

Wheat bran, molasses, soybeans, corn (United Arab Emirates). Wants
7,000-10,000 mt wheat bran; 10,000-15,000 mt molasses; 8,000-10,000 mt
soybeans, and 12,000-15,000 mt Grade 2 yellow corn. All items should be in
bulk except soybeans should be in bags. Delivery by the end of August.
Quotations C&F Sharjah, UAE. Bank ref: Federal Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi,
UAE. CONTACT: Ashraf Nasser, Mgr., Al Kunaiby Trading Group, P.O. Box 4143,
Abu Dhabi, UAE. TELEX: 22533. Phone: 331489. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0145)

Grocery items (Bahrain). Wants supermarket items, quantity to determined, all
Grade A, different sizes. Delivery ASAP. Expirary date and production should
be shown on packages. Quotations C&F/CIF. Bank ref: Bank of Bahrain &
Kuwait, British Bank of the Middle East. CONTACT: Hameed Al Nooh, A. A. Essa
Al Nooh, P.O. Box 320, Manama, Bahrain. TELEX: 8330 ALNOOH BN. Phone:
253994/252427. (WK: 29/TOFAS

Dog and cat food (Malaysia). Wants dried, flavored pet foods (for cats and
dogs), one container, Grade A. Packaging 4-1b & 8-1b packs. Delivery ASAP.
Quotations CIF Port Klang. Bank ref: Malayan Banking, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia. CONTACT: K. W. Tham, Hup Fatt, FG-2, Block F, Happy Apartment,
Jalan 17/22, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: (03) 569-817. (WK:
29/TOFAS 0131)

Potato chips, soft drinks (Malaysia). Wants flavored potato chips, and diet
soft drinks. Quantity not specified, Grades A & B. Packaging: exporters
specifications. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Port Klang. Bank ref:
Malayan Banking, Kepong Branch, Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia. CONTACT: Ronald
Ong, Bethel Trading Company, 149 Jalan 66, Kepong Baru, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone: (03) 643-058. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0128)

Honey and related products (W. Germany). Wants honey, beeswax, pollen,
propolis; and royal jelly. Quantity not specified. Must be in accordance
with German and EC honey ordinance and be analytically pure. Packaging in
barrels of 300 kg net or in jars of 500 grams net. Delivery according to
harvest. Quotations FOB, C&F or CIF. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, Pickhuben
5, 2000 Hamburg 11 or Deutsche-Suedamerikanische Bank Ag, Neuer Jungfernstieg
16, 2000 Hamburg 36. CONTACT: Richard Moebius/Thomas Moebius, Adolf
Determann, Auf Dem Sande 1, 2000 Hamburg 11, W. Germany. TELEX: 213550 ABEJA
D. Cable: DETERMANN, Hamburg. Phone: 40-365041. (WK 29/TOFAS 0220)

French fries (Malaysia). Wants frozen french fries, 20-ft FCL monthly, Grade
A, Idaho Russetts, 1/4 inch width shoe string cut. Packaging: six 6-1b
packages per case (36 Ibs net weight per case). Delivery ASAP. Quotations

CIF Port Klang & CIF Singapore. Bank ref: Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp
(main branch), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTACT: Yap Sow Kee, Sowkee
(Malaysia) SDN. BHD., 26A Jalan Kucing, Taman City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TELEX: MA 31030. Phone: (03) 673-864. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0127)

Soft drinks (Malaysia). Wants canned soft drinks cola and root beer, one
container, Grade A. Packaging: 250 ml x 24. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF
Port Klang. Bank ref: Malayan Banking, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTACT: K.
W. Tham, Hup Fatt, FG-2, Block F, Happy Apartment, Jalan 17/22, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: (03) 569-817. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0132)

Cornish hen hatching eggs (Chile). Wants rock cornish hen hatching eggs,
2,000 units first shipment, for breeding. Packaging adequate for products.
Delivery ASAP. Interested in know how for breeding. Quotations FOB U.S.
airport. Bank ref: Banco Sud Americano, Morande 226, Santiago. CONTACT:
Fernando Fischman, Establecimientos Chez Henry Ltda., Portal Fernandez Concha
962, Entrepiso, Santiago, Chile. TELEX: 340925 CHENRY CK. Phone: 64769,
66612. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0205)

Frozen lobster (Japan). Wants fresh frozen Maine lobster, 500 per shipment.
Specific information about quality is required. Institutional packaging.
Immediate delivery by air shipment. To be used in restaurant chain in
Okinawa. Quotations CIF Okinawa. Bank ref: Bank of Ryukyu (Plaza Branch).
CONTACT: Ray Paine, Great Eastern Corporation (Great Eastern System of
Restaurants), c/o Great Eastern Bldg., 842, Yogi, Naha-City, Okinawa, Canada.
TELEX: AIUOKI J 79886. Phone: 098-933-5882/6644. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0577)

Brahman heifers and bull tender (Indonesia). Tender deadline of August 15,
1983 before 12:00 noon for 15ZO head of Brahman heifers, 80 head of Brahman
bulls. Project financed with the ADB and the Islamic Development Bank.
Complete sets of tender document may be obtained personally or through an
authorized agent upon payment of Rupiah 100,000 (approx. dols 103.00)
(non-refundable) from address below. Tender is not subject to the Indonesian
government's counterpurchase policy in force since early 1982. CONTACT:
Directorate General of Livestock Services, Jalan Salemba Raya 16, Jakarta
Pusat, Indonesia. Phone: 881566. (WK: 29/Commerce 9677)

Potato tender (England). Tender w/ deadline for participation requests August
18, '83 for potatoes. Delivery: various delivery points in England and
Wales. Time of delivery: early crop delivered during January. Main crop
delivered during February. No special legal form required, each supplier will
be required to become jointly and severally responsible for contract before
acceptance. Final date for the dispatch of invitations to tender: 20 Sept
'83. Tenders and all supporting documents must be prices in sterling & all
payments under the contract will be made in sterling. The contract will
conform to requirements of the standard conditions of government contracts for
stores purchases (form GC/STDRES/1). CONTACT: Directorate of Industries and
Farms Home Office, Prison Dept, Tolworth Tower, UK-Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7DS,
England. TELEX: 929927. (WK: 29/Commerce 8551)

Orange juice (Malaysia). Wants orange juice with pulp sac, canned, two 20-ft
containers, Grade A. Packaging 6 fl-oz (177 ml) cans with pull tap. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations CIF Port Klang. Bank ref: Malayan Banking, Damansara
Utama, Selangor, Malaysia. CONTACT: Slew Yun Sing, SYKT. Taili Enterprise
SDN. BHD., 511 Jalan Jumbu Gajus, Jinjang South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TELEX: ACTION MA 31533 Ext. 190. Phone: (03) 669-620. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0129)

Peanuts, corn (Mozambique). Wishes direct sale for resale of peanuts, bulk,
estimated cost U.S. dols 1, 875 million. Two and half thousand tons. Also
wants U.S. white corn, dols 2,200 million, ten thousand tons. IMBEC is a
state enterprise and is the sole authorized importer of food products in
Mozambique. CONTACT: Luis Mhongo, Director, Empresa Importadora De Bens De
Consumo, E.E., IMBEC, P.O. Box 4229, Avenida Zedequias Manganhela 520, 2 E 3
Andar, Maputo, Mozambique. TELEX: 6-350, 6-206 IMBEC MO. Cable: IMBEC.
(WK 29/Commerce 0795)

Soup mixes (Honduras). Wants direct purchase of soup mixes, dried and
dehydrated, in bulk. Firm founded 1983. Buyer wants supplier responses,
literature and prices. Bank ref: Fondei, Banco Central De Honduras,
Tegucigalpa. Spanish Correspondence preferred. CONTACT: Maria Auxiliadora
De Serna, Residencial Bolivar, Calle Principal No. 65, Tegucigalpa, D.C.,
Honduras. Phone: 227797. (WK: 29/Commerce 5908)

Spices, sausage, and sausage casings (Honduras). Wants direct purchase of
natural sausage casings, food preservatives, including meat and flour
preservatives, and spices for sausage. Firm founded 1978. Employs 10. Sells
throughout La Ceiba and vicinity. Buyer wants supplier responses. Quote CIF
La Ceiba. Spanish Correspondence preferred. Bank ref: Banco Atlantida, La
Ceiba. CONTACT: Rene Rivas, Manager, Supermercado Melendez, Ave 14 De Julio,
9, Calle, La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras. (WK 29/COMMERCE 4970)

Health foods (Panama). Wants natural vitamins, and other health foods,
company is new and is interested in obtaining these products for local
distribution. CONTACT: Mireya Z. Perex Legal Representative, Dagmir
International, S.A., Aptdo. 2842 Balboa Corregimiento De Ancon Panama,
Republic De Panama. Phone: 66-3162. (WK 29/COMMERCE 5855)

Grocery items, snack foods (Barbados). Wants packaged foods and snacks.
Wishes to contact manufacturers/exporters who do not presently have
representatives or agencies in Barbados. Buyer is a real estate agent who
handles residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial properties but
who now wishes to establish a general commission agency. CONTACT: Lemuel A.
Blades, Manager, Lemuel A. Blades, Realtor, P.O. Box 256, Palmetto Street,
Bridgetown, Barbados, W.I. Phone: 809-4264764. (WK 29/COMMERCE 3552)

Tender for canned fruits and vegetables (England). Final date for receipt of
requests to participate: August 3, 1983. Tender for canned fruit and
vegetables. Canned fruit in syrup (tin size; approximate no. of tins per
annum): A10-45,000; 3-kilo 10,000; A2 1/2 8,700; 5-kilo 1,000. Canned natural
fruit in water (tin size; approximate no. of tins per annum: KC3 33,300; A10
27,120; A6 25,300; 16-oz 3,456; A2 1/2 4,632; two, 4 kg 1,764; 1 kg 2,772; A3
2,832. Tenders may be for all or part of the suppliers. CONTACT: Mid
Staffordshire Health Authority, Supplies and Stores Department, Carver Road,
Astonfields Indusrial, UK-Stafford England. TELEX: 367418. Phone:
(0785)56431. (WK 29/COWMERCE 85491

Cotton (Belgium). Wants ginned cotton. Firm originally founded in 1927 in
Patras, Greece. In 1935 moved its offices in central Athens. Operates as
agent of wool yarn, processed wool, acrylic fibers and seeds for planting.
Finn has been active in supplying the local spinning mills with raw materials
since 1945. Employs 7. Client wishes to contact U.S. suppliers ASAP.

CONTACT: Dimitrios Galiatsatos, General Manager, Alcyon Ltd., Kolokotroni
Street, Athens 125, Belgium. TELEX: 21-5452. Phone: 01130/1/3228173. (WK
29/COMMERCE 7826)

Wine (Austria). Wants pulverized wine. Inquirer seeks distributorship
agreements for West Europe and common markets. Documented offers with
exfactory quotations requested. Open account terms of payment preferred.
CONTACT: Dipl. Ing N. Nikolich, Cyda West-Ost Handelskontor Ges. M.B.H. Felix
Mottl-Str. 47, A-1190 Vienna, Austria. Phone: 222-346345. (WK 29/COMNERCE

Dried vegetables, field seeds (Italy). Wants direct sale for resale for dried
vegetables for feeding and field and garden seeds, total value of imports for
first year about 130 thousand U.S. dols. Terms of payment and conditions of
delivery to be agreed between parties concerned. Firm is small Agricultural
Commercial firm, operations as producer, importer, wholesaler, exporter of
cereal seeds; and as importer/wholesaler of dried vegetables for feeding.
Firm established in 1970, has ten employees, reports annual sales of about 2.7
million U.S. dols. sells throughout Italy. CONTACT: Otello Frigo, Padana
Sementi Elette Snc., Via Vittorio Veneto 61, 35019 Tombolo (Padova), Italy.
TELEX: 430443-1. CABLE: PADANA SEMENTI. Phone: 049/5969054. (WK
29.COMMERCE 1130)

Grocery items (Greece). Wants canned fruit juices, processed pork, canned
seafoods, salted nuts and confectionery products, and crackers, pretzels,
biscuits and related products. Corporation founded in 1979 in Athens.
Operates as agent, importer and distributor of food products. Maintains
offices and warehouse in the outskirts of Athens. Major supplier of local
supermarket stores. Represents several European firms. Client wishes to
contact U.S. food suppliers ASAP. CONTACT: Platon Mihas, Managing Director,
Viva S.A., 27 Agias Paraskevis Street, Athens, Greece. TELEX: 21-9492 TSCM
GR. Phone: 01130/1/5744200. (WK 29/COMMERCE 7351)

Ginseng (Taiwan). Direct import for ginseng (wild), quantity: 600kg, about
U.S. dols 200,000 and ginseng (cultivate) quantity: 1,200 kg, about U.S. dols
150,000. Jung Da Enterprise Co. Ltd. was established in 1975 with a paid-up
capital of U.S. dols 100,000. Firm is primarily engaged in importing high
quality Chinese medicines from Hong Kong. Interested in importing ginseng
directly from the United States instead of through Hong Kong. Firm reports
its sales volume as U.S. dols 2,000,000 in 1982. Bank ref: Nan Commercial
Bank, Lin Ya Branch, Koahsiung, Taiwan. CONTACT: Chun Jung Lu, President,
Jung Da Enterprise Co., Ltd., 60 Fu Yeh Rd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan 800. CABLE:
KAOHSIUNG 1171. Phone: 07/5311171-6. (WK 29/COMMERCE 2967)

Potato flakes, dehydrated foods, animal feed (Japan). Wants potato flakes
dehydrated fruits, vegetables, soups, animal feeds, prepared. Firm
established in 1958. Employs 8. Annual sales: 1.5 billion yen (6.25 million
U.S. dollars at 240 yen per dollar). Importer wholesaler distributor of
animal feeds. Quote C&F or CIF Japan Port. Bank ref: Hokkaido Takushoku
Bank, Bakurocho Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Saburoh Akazawa, Mgr, Trade Div.,
Katsura Shoji Co., Ltd., No. 18-5, Nihombashi Koami-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan. TELEX: 02523631. CABLE: TOKYOKATSURA. Phone: 03/6684031. (WK
29/COMMERCE 9381)

Distillers grain, fresh fruits (Switzerland). Wants distillers' grains,
soluble and dry, 1,000-2,000 mt lots. Soluble: plus or minus 44%; dry: plus
or minus 26%. Packaging bulk. Also wants prunes; fresh apples, grapefruit,
oranges, cranberries, blueberries; small cucumbers in brine; fruit juices;
tomato powder. All first quality. Quotations FOB Eastern Port. Bank ref:
Banque De Commerce and Placements SA., Geneva. CONTACT: J. Danon, Chimex
Inc., P.O. Box 170, 1211 Geneva 17, Switzerland. TELEX: 28350 DAN CH.
Phone: 022/362249. (WK 29/TOFAS 0070)

Lobsters (Switzerland). Wants lobsters, live 500 pounds per week, all sizes.
Packed in 30 pound boxes. Delivery: weekly basis. Quote CIF airfreight
Basel airport. Bank ref: Swiss Union Bank, Basel. CONTACT: Arthur Etter,
Connessa Ag., Lauptenstrasse 12, 4053 Basel, Switzerland. TELEX: 63040.
Phone: 061/506868. (WK 29/TOFAS 0069)

Vegetable oil (Switzerland). Wants vegetable oil liquids, 500 20,000 mt.
Packaging: bulk. All other details to be negotiated. Bank ref: Banque De
Commerce and Placements SA., Geneva. CONTACT: J. Danon, Chimex Inc., P.O.
Box 170, 1211 Geneva 17, Switzerland. TELEX: 28350 DAN CH. Phone:
022/362249. (WK 29/TOFAS 0071)

Beef sweetbreads (Switzerland). Wants beef sweetbreads, frozen, 20 metric
tons (approx.). Packed in approximately one Ib. plastic bags, preferably ten
bags to a box. Quotations CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Swiss Volks Bank, 4001
Basel. CONTACT: Willi Rothenbuehler, Gen. Fuer Vieh Und Fleischimport, P.O.
Box 306, 4003 Basel, Switzerland. TELEX: 62315. Phone 061/237113. (WK
29/TOFAS 0068)

Green beans (England). Wants Alaskan whole green beans, 2 full container
loads. Quality: USDA No: 1 new crop. Packed in 100 Ib bags. Quotations
C&F Manila. Delivery: August/September '83. Bank ref: Williams & Glyn's
Bank, 22 St. Mary Axe, London EC3. CONTACT: Jonathan Hickling, Van Ommeren
UK Ltd., TELEX 8953421. Phone: 01-4883242. (WK 29/TOFAS 0124)

Fruit juices (W. Germany). Wants fruit juice concentrate and other
gastronomic products, container loads. Pure fruit juice with a minimum of 30%
fruit content. Packaging in cans. Bank ref: Commerzbank Ag, Lutherplatz,
6070 Langen. CONTACT: Mrs. Helm/Mrs. Weigl, Ika Citrus-Produkte GMBH, Garten
Str. 102, Postfach 1448, 6070 Langen, W. Germany. TELEX: 415073 EXIMP.
Phone: 6103-29559. (WK 29/TOFAS 0234)

Corn, rice (Nigeria). Wants #2, yellow corn and rice long grain, #2
parboiled, 4% broken. Both packed in 50 kg. poly bags, 40,000 mt each.
Delivery ASAP. All documents to be in English language. Quotations C&F,
Lagos. Bank ref: Union Bank, Ltd., Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos state.
CONTACT: Akin Shobo, Bema Enterprises, 8, Ariyibi Close, Ewu Tuntun, Sogunle,
Nigeria. TELEX: 26025NG. CABLE: BEMAKEJA. Phone: (01)932366/LAGOS. (WK
29.TOFAS 0105)

Corn (Egypt). Invitation for bid No. GASC/90-83/ARE for 150,000 mt of U.S.
No. 2 or better yellow corn in bulk to be shipped in Sept '83. Commodity to
be financed under AID loan/Grant 263-K-604. Deadline August 17, '83 at 3:30
pm Wash., D.C. time. A copy of the invitation for bid including specs, terms
& conditions may be obtained by written request accompanied by a check, cash,

or money order in the amount of $10.00 payable to the Embassy of the Arab
Republic of Egypt. Assure that complete business address, city, state, zip
code and telephone number are included in your request. Purchaser is the
General Authority for Supply Commodities, 24, Goumhoria Street, Cairo, ARE.
CONTACT: Embassy of the Arab Rep/Egypt, Commercial & Economic Office, 2232
Mass. Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20008. Phone: (202) 265-9111. (WK:
29/Letter 0726)

Apples (Colombia). Wants fresh apples as soon as 1983 crop available.
Prefers Red Delicious but will consider other types. Quantities could reach
6,000-10,000 boxes per week. Upon receipt of grades, sizes and price
information, Mr. Foglemann willing to fly to the United States to negotiate
contract. CONTACT: Sam Foglemann, Activientez, Ltd, Ave. 116, No. 27-05, Apt
202, Bogota, Colombia. TELEX: 43100 IMA. Phone: (213) 1731. (WK: 29/Letter

Logs (Hong Kong). Wants hard logs about 10,000 mbf (partial shipment),
American Round logs, species: Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Pine, Red Ceder, Western
Ceder, Spruce, Chad, Oak, Maple, Beech, Birch, Ash, Walnut and etc, No. 2 &
3. Loose packing. Delivery this ASAP. Quotations C&F China main ports
(Tienjien, Shanghai). Bank ref: Belgium Bank. CONTACT: James Chong, Slapa
Enterprise (HK) Ltd., Room 1602, Loon Kee Building, 275, Des Voeux Road,
Central, Hong Kong. TELEX: 83081 SLAPA HX. Phone: 5-446088. (WK: 29/TOFAS

Health foods, spices, wild rice (Japan). Wants health foods, and spices:
garlic, ginger & cassia bark in powder form, 1,500 mt each; wild rice 20 mt,
and Chinese
medicine 30 mt. Quantities are estimated yearly requirement. Samples and specific
information about quality are required. Packaging in bulk. Immediate delivery by
surface shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Kyowa Bank Motomachi Branch, Kobe.
CONTACT: Masahiro Nakagawa, The South East Asia Development Co. Ltd., c/o Port
Bldg., 3-13, Kaigandori 4-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Kobe, Japan. TELEX: 05622884 SEAD J.
Cable: THE SEAD KOBE. Phone: (078) 371-2557. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0589)

Broom grass seed (Japan). Wants broom grass seed. Trail shipment of 300 kgs.
Product used for making brooms and whisk brooms. The hardest and stiffest quality.
Sample and specific information about quality are required. Packaged in 10 kg bags
and place in corrugated carton boxes. Delivery September delivery to Bangkok,
Thailand by air shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Kyowa Bank Komagata Branch,
Tokyo. CONTACT: Katsuhiro Sahori, President, K. S. Corporation, 1-16-7, Senju
Higashi, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J24445 STCUDORP. Phone: (03) 881-1777.
(WK 29/TOFAS 0590)

Peanuts (South Africa). Wants peanuts Giant, quantity unknown at present. Top
Grade. Packed in 50 kilogram bags. Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB or CIF, Cape
Town. Bank ref: Standard Bank of South Africa, Thibault Sqaure, Cape Town 8000.
CONTACT: Lionel Willis, Lionel Willis Enterprises (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 152, Cape Town
8000, South Africa. TELEX: 57-26710. Cable: WILLISCO, Cape Town. Phone: Cape
Town (021) 25-2486. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0155)

Pig skins (Japan). Wants pig skins for making gloves and/or vests, 5,000 skins per
year. Skins must be salted and water-rinsed twice (not tanned) and in one whole
piece without hairs. Specific information about quality and weight of one piece of
skin are required. Appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery to Taiwan

by surface shipment. Quotations C&F Keelung. Bank ref: Taiyo Kobe Bank Muromachi
Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Shinichi Takano, Muromachi Kagaku Kogyo Kaish Ltd, 3,
4-Chome, Muro-Machi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J26444 MUROMACH.
Cable: MUROCHEM TOKYO. Phone: (03) 241-7191. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0588)

Corn gluten, aloe juice, prunes, pig skins (Switzerland). Wants corn gluten, 50-100
tons per month. Packaging bulk. Also wants aloe juice, 1 container per month
bi-monthly. First quality. Packaging 450 grams or 300 gram pack. Delivery
September. Pig skins for tannery use, 2 containers per month, tannery grade,
salted. All other details to be negotiated. Quotations FOB -- East or West Port.
Bank ref: Banque De Commerce and Placements SA., Geneva. (ATTN: Ms. Napoli).
CONTACT: Dr. J. Danon, Chimex Inc., P.O. Box 170, 1211 Geneva 17, Switzerland.
TELEX: 28350 DAN CH. Phone: 022-35 22 49. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0073)

Non-alcoholic beverages (South Africa). Interested in non-alcoholic beverages,
quantities unknown at present. Best quality. Packaging: 330 ml. cans. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations FOB or CIF, Cape Town. Bank ref: Standard Bank of South Africa,
Thibault Square, Cape Town 8000. CONTACT: Lionel Willis, Lionel Willis Enterprises
(PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 152, Cape Town 8000, South Africa. TELEX: 57-26710. Cable:
WILLISCO, Cape Town. Phone: Cape Town (021) 25-2486. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0158)

Carnation cuttings (Chile). Wants carnation cuttings for reproduction, 1,000 units,
select (Ist quality). Packaging adequate for product. Delivery middle of
September. Free of fusarium and other diseases (certified). Adapatable to short day
light. Quotations CIF Arturo Merino Benitez (Pudahuel) Airport, Santiago. Bank ref:
Banco Del Estado De Chile, E. Ramirez 741, Osorno. CONTACT: Armando Mera Anggulo,
Arturo Prat 1270, Osorno, Chile. Phone: 4313, Orsorno. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0213)

Canned corn, pecans, almonds, dates (South Africa). Wants unknown quantities of Top
Grade canned corn kernels (not creamed) in 425 gram cans; pecan nuts and Californian
almonds in 225 gram cans and Californian dates. Quotations FOB or CIF Cape Town.
Bank ref: Standard Bank of South Africa, Thiabult Square, Cape Town 8000. CONTACT:
Lionel Willis, Lionel Willis Enterprises (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 152, Cape Town 8000,
South Africa. TELEX: 57-26710. Cable: WILLISCO, Cape Town. Phone: Cape Town
(021) 25-2486. (WK: 29/TOFAS 0156)

Alfalfa pellets, beet pulp (Japan). Wants alfalfa pellets and beet pulp, 1,000 mt of
each item. Approximate pellet size: 10 mmn x 10 mm x 15 mm. Samples and specific
information about quality are required. Packaging 40 kgs per bag or in bulk.
Delivery by surface shipment in October or November. Products are used for cattle
feeds. Quotations FOB West Coast or C&F Tokyo. Bank ref: Daiwa Bank Shinagawa
Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Tashichi Usui, Takuyd Corporation, 5-5-9, Kdhnan,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 242-4659 NIKAIT J. or 242-2324 NIKAIT J. Phone:
03-450 5681/4. (WK 29/TOFAS 0583)

Apple root stock (Venezuela). Wants apple root stock (Maleia comunnes), quotation on
5,000, (also catalogues). Quality: best available. Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary
Certificate from country of origin required. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Fondo De
Desarrollo Fruticola. CONTACT: Rafael Paris, Apartado 16, Tovar, Edo. Merida,
Venezuela. Phone: (075) 72614. (WK 29/TOFAS 0060)

Flour mill joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in joint venture
with U.S. partners) in establishing a flour milling industry at Ijeda-Ijesha, Oyo
State. Land has been acquired and surveyed. Feasibility study and other
infrastructures are completed. Partner(s) will be required for equipment

recommendation, equity participation, technical assistance and raw materials supply.
Equity participation will be 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign. Total equity investment
envisaged will be about 8 million dollars. Bank ref: Bank of Credit and Commerce
International, Ketu Branch, Lagos. CONTACT: Chief Dr. A.O. Fasheun, P.M.B., 21474,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. TELEX: 21070 ATCO (LAGOS). Phone: (01)634208/631738. (WK
29/TOFAS 0085)

Foreign Trade Developments

International Marketing Handbook. The Southern United States Trade Association
(SUSTA) is now offering for sale the second edition of the SUSTA "International
Marketing Handbook". The "International Marketing Handbook", particularly popular
within the food and agricultural product community, furnishes the novice as well as
seasoned exporter with valuable suggestions, contacts, and information concerning the
international sale of food and agricultural products. Briefly, the 135-page handbook
highlights the roles and responsibilities of the international banker, freight
forwarder, steamship agent, and maritime insurance agent in the international food
trade. Each of these role descriptions, written by well-known experts, describes the
procedures involved in moving food products safely into foreign markets. To
facilitate communications with associations, and federal and state agencies, the
handbook provides names and addresses of institutions that offer assistance or
publications within the food export trade. Many of these publications are available
at no cost. Livestock producers should be particularly interested in the articles
pertaining to the foreign transport and sale of breeding livestock which is
definitely strong in the southern region. In addition, the American Foreign Trade
Definitions, provided in the handbook, are a necessity for any serious food
exporter. The new updated version of the "International Marketing Handbook" can be
obtained from the SUSTA Office: SUSTA, ITM Bldg., Suite 338, P. 0. Box 228, New
Orleans, Louisiana 70130. The cost including postage is $7.00 payable to SUSTA by
check or money order.


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service can
provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential foreign
food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases have been under
development for the last two years and are being constantly updated. For a
nominal service charge we can provide you with the names, addresses,
telephone numbers and telex numbers of domestic exporters and potential
foreign importers for a wide range of commodities. If you would like more
information please write to the address below and indicate your preference
for foreign or domestic data. In supplying the mailing lists, the Department
of Agriculture and the Foreign Agricultural Service does not guarantee
reliability of the domestic suppliers or foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250

(202) 447-7103

In an effort to provide our subscribers with better information we have
included a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing
or analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and
Marketing Programs division of assistance. If you are concerned about
trade issues concerning product acceptance in a country or a trade policy
related question please contact the appropriate division in International
Trade Policy.






Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division

Grain & Feed Division

Horticultural & Tropical Products Division

Oilseeds & Products Division

Tobacco, Cotton & Seeds Division

Forest Products Staff














Trade Policy Planning & Analysis Division

Inter-America & Western Europe Division
Asia, Africa & Eastern Europe Division







Bonanza Livestock Exhibit

March 1984

August 1984



15-20, 1984



August 5-12, 1984




Campo Ayala Livestock Exhibit

David International Livestock
March 1984

Greenweek February 1984

National Horse Show TO BE

National Livestock Show


Central Amer. Livestock Exhibit

FAS Solo April 1984

Harumi March 12-19,

Agent Show (Nagoya) May 1984
Red Meat Show June 1984
Wine Promotion (Osaka)

Wine Promotion (Tokyo)

November 9-10, 1983

November 14-15, 1983




Red Meat Show

Agent Show
Catfish Promotion




March 4-10, 1984

10-13, 1983



FAS Solo

June 11-17,

June 11-17.

May 1984


Lahore Horse & Cattle Show

Wine Asia Show

Food Asia '84

FAS Solo


April 24-27,



ofc 91. 19V0 l"3 08U862 96 4415

00440 C C 0000

PERMIT No. G-282

B 10C40 0001


FL 32611


FAS Solo

FAS Solo

Sales Team






Pre-ANUGA Exhibit
Health Food Show


Verona Fair
Cremona Dairy Fair


January 1984

January 1984

October 1983
January 1984

June 18-22,

March 1984

November 1983

September 1984

,Queretaro Dairy Show

National Livestock Show




Sales Team

FAS Solo

FAS Solo


May 1984

May 1984

If interested in any of the above contact:

Export Programs Division
Foreign Agricultural Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Room 4945-South Building
Washington, D.C. 20250

If your address should be changed PRINT
OR TYPE the new address, including ZIP CODE and
return the whole sheet and/or envelope to:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

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