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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attacb er =e r orts a
erviem to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In ply iiltsae partmeqt of
SAuulture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. our best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry You mant.f ct4cjgl 6Export TIade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
Ma 19, 1978 I

0898- Soybean, peanut and safflower oil (Hong Kong). Want Un6 b- o f orid ybean
i. 0899 oil by June 15. Also wants 100 tons refined peanut oil, edible grade. Also
interested in safflower oil, bulk pack, as new item to blend with other oils.
Requests C&F quotes by telex. Payments will be by Letter of Credit. SIC:
20921020, 20932075. Contact: H. Y. Hung, Wing Han Trading Co., Ltd., G.P.O.
Box 2560, Hong Kong. Telex: 73912 WIHTC HX. Cable: WIHATRACOM, Hong Kong.
Phone: H 484160, 484169, 484171-3.
0900 Bred heifers (Iraq). Government tender with closing date of June 15 for 300
Ffiesiah heifers 24-30 months old, 4-7 months pregnant, with record of 4,500
to 5,000 kg of milk production in 305 days. All animals must be from herds
totally free of any kind of contagious disease and parasites and have health
certificates issued by official veterinary authorities. Prices should be
given F.O.B. in Iraqi Dinars and C&F Baghdad via Iraqi airways. Bank guarantee
of 3% of offer issued through Iraqi banks valid for 6 months is required.
Must cover all expenses for visit of 2 member selection committee. Delivery
September and October. Supplier must provide trained steward to accompany
each shipment and is requested to provide a qualified veterinarian to attend
delivery of animals. Tender specifications with full details (in English)
can be obtained from address below at cost of 17 dollars. SIC: 01393001.
Contact: Director General of Animal Resources, Directorate General of Animal
Resources, Zoraa Bldg., Nisour Square, Baghdad, Iraq. Cable: HAYWANIA Baghdad.
Telex: 24488

0901 Soybean meal (Belgium). Requests CIF Antwerp offers for 20,000 mt soybean meal
in several shipments, minimum 49 percent protein, in bags, delivery June through
October. SIC: 20922020. Bank ref: Banque Bruzelles Lambert. Contact:
Mr. Deneubourg, Etraminor, Avenue Louise, 380, B-1050 Brussels (Belgium).
Telex: 63355. Phone: 02/649.97.60.

0902 Rice (Belgium). Desires establish contacts with exporters of U.S. long grain
rice 4A broken. The firm usually sells in Iranian market. SIC: 20441000.
Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque. Contact: Mr. Busschots, Eurindus
Trade, Avenue Victor Emmanuel 111, 23, B-1180 Brussels (Belgium). Phone:
(02) 374.59.56 or 374.59.57. Telex: 21665.

0903 Sunflower seed (Mexico). Interested in 50,000 mt of sunflower seed, in hopper
cars or box cars, quality certificate, weight certificate, origin certificate
required, quote FOB Mexican border. Bank ref: First National Bank of Denver.
Denver, Colorado. Contact: Manuel De La Fuente, Proveedora Internacional
De Alimentos, Mazaryk 178 Office 101-301, Mexico 5, D.F., Mexico. Tele*:
01776368. Phone: (905) 531-5885 and 531-7216.

laued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agicultural Service. U.S. Department of
l Ariculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

__. I. ._I-..._ J,_

0904 Dairy cows, dairy plant (Saudi Arabia). Australian Consultant working with
(unnamed) Saudi Prince plans construct dairy operation, including milk
packaging, North of Riyadh. Dairy to include 200 cows to start, possible
more at later date. Some 52 thousand liters of milk daily. Milk plant
to include equipment to pasturize and homogenize 42,800 liters of milk in
one-liter cartons, 7200 liters of pasturized, homogenized and flavored milk
in quarter-liter cartons, and 2000 liters of milk for producing ice cream
in two-liter buckets. Dairy to include a "UHT" (Ultra High Temperature)
plant equipped to handle 4000 liters per hour. Desires to hear only from
U.S. firms capable of complete package offer: Supply, installation and
supervision of start-up of dairy operation. Private financing for project
said to be available. SIC: 01393000. Contact: Gray Robertson, Interag Pty,
P. 0. Box 4557, Riyadh,.Saudi Arabia.

0905- Fresh fruit (Sweden). Wants up to 500 mt of fresh fruit, top and second grade,
0906 consumer packed in cartons for wholesale and/or bulk for processing. Quote CIF
and FOB. SIC: 01221000, 01222000. Bank ref: Goetabanken. Contact: John
Wicklund, Nordcater, Box 88, S-162 11 Vallingby 1, Sweden. Telex: 13164.
Cable: NORDCATERS, Stockholm. Phone: 08/37 68 00.

0907 Apples (Trinidad). Requests offers for a container load of apples, Fancy or
No. 1, delivery November 1978, preferably from East Coast. SIC: 01222010.
Bank ref: Bank of Nova Scotia, Independence Sq., P.O.S. Contact: Dr.
Ronald Barrows, Anderson Terrace, Maraval, Trinidad. Phone: 62-23692.

0908 Salted fat back pork (Canada). Requests contacts with U.S. suppliers of salted
fat back pork, size 16 and up in combo's, one trailerload of 30-35,000 pounds
per month. SIC: 20116060. Bank ref: Banque Canadienne National, 1925
Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Contact: Jacques Milot, Les Produit Alimentaire, Ltd.,
90 Rue Turmel, Cap De La Madelaine, Quebec G8T 2S5, Canada. Telex: 05-837245
CALL BACK PAMCAPM. Phone: (819) 375-2305.

0909 Vegetable and corn oil (England). Interested in large quantities of vegetable
0910 and corn oil best quality in one gallon cans, for export to Nigeria. SIC:
20932090, 20460035. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd., 72 Lombard Street, London
EC3. Contact: Mr. Maw, E.D. & F. Mann Produce Ltd., 11 Sugar Quay, Lower
Thames Street, London EC3, England. Telex: 885431. Phone: 01-626-8788.

0911 Fruit seedlings (Syria). Wants to buy 180,000 citrus seedlings, apple, peach,
and apricot seedlings subject to availability, first quality, appropriate for
air shipment after 60 days. Interested in various varieties of orange, lemon,
and grapefruit seedlings. It realizes nursery stock may be limited and is
interested in dealing directly with nursery-exporters, realizing that one firm
may not be able to supply entire quantity of all varieties. Quote C&P Damascus,
Int'l airport. SIC: 01920035. Bank ref: Arab Bank, Beirut, Lebanon. Contact:
Khalil Miqdadi, Agricultural Marerials Company, P. 0. Box 480, Damascus, Syria.
Cable: AGRIMATCO, Damascus. Phone: 332871 and 330807.

0912 Corn meal (England). Interested in carload quantities (20 tons) of corn
meal, Masacherin strain of corn, in multiple paper bags, delivery within
6 months, quote CIF U.K. SIC: 20413000. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank, Penchurch
Street, London. Contact: K. Fletcher, Helias & Co. Ltd., 10 Eastcheap,
London EC3, England. Telex: 886093. Phone: 01-623-8984.

0913 Soy protein, wheat germ oil (Japan). Wishes to buy soy protein, containing
0914 Vitamin B and over 80% protein; and wheat germ oil, cold pressed, containing
Vitamin E. SIC: 20922050. Bank ref: Hokuriku Bank, Nakamura Branch,
Nagoya. Contact: Kazutaka Banno, Director, Towa Trading Company, Ltd.,
2-57 Wakasono-Cho, Kita-Ku, Nagoya 462, Japan. Cable: TOWAQUEEN, Nagoya.
Phone: 052-914-2108.

0915 Dried garlic (Japan). Interested in dried whole garlic, one container load
regularly, best quality. SIC: 20341070. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Higashi
Branch, Nagoya. Contact: T. Hosokawa, 2-70-6 Higashi-Yoshino-Machi,
Higashi-Ku, Nagoya 461, Japan. Telex: J 59962. Cable: ORCHID, Nagoya.
Phone: 052-931-5901.

0916- Canned fish, fruits, vegetables, confectionery (Bolivia). Interested in direct
0919 purchase of various types of canned fish, fruits and vegetables, and confectionery
products. SIC: 20310000, 20331000, 20332000, 20710040. Contact: Jorge
Salinas Subieta, Casilla 20481, La Paz, Bolivia.

0920 Confectionery raw materials (Japan). Requests quotations, CIF Naha or FOB,
for nuts and fruits for manufacture of confectionery products. The buyer
plans to follow-up with a visit to the U.S. in July. Bank ref: Bank of
Ryukyus Gushikawa Branch, C.P.O. Box 310. Contact: Seisi Uehara, President,
Nangoku Bussan Company, 1029-4 Takaesu, Gushikawa City, Okinawa (904-22),

0921 Grocery items, sheep, grains (Middle East). Middle East firm with office in
Canada wants items listed below for its supermarket and sale to other importers
in the area. Wants to deal with primary suppliers with experience in the
Middle East. (a) All species of fish including CIF Alexandria quotes for
50 tons frozen Boury Mullet and 50 tons canned mullet roe, and FOB prices for
50-70,000 lbs every 3 months of frozen yellow or red female mullet roe;
(b) C&F Arabian Gulf quotes for unlimited quantities of frozen or canned
chicken, 50 tons of chicken offals, Grade A fryers, Islamic slaughter; (c)
Frozen beef and offals, goat meat and lamb; (d) Canned peaches, almonds from
California, fruit juices and nectars from Florida; (e) About 50,000 live
sheep for Saudi Arabia and Syria; and (f) Grains such as rice, corn, also
soybean meal. Full details by calling the Canadian office listed below.
Bank ref: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Fonthill, Ontario, and Bank
of Montreal, St. Catharines, Ontario. Contact: ATMAR International, Inc.,
Box 549, Fonthill, Ontario LOS 1EO, Canada. Phone: (416) 892-2753.
Telex: 061-5374 ATMAR FHIL.

0922 Fish (Egypt). The government of Egypt has issued a tenner with a closing
date of June 13 for 5,000 tons of frozen fish. The authority seeks samples
no later than June 3. Delivery 2,000 tons second half Aug., 2,000 tons Sept.,
and 1,000 tons October. Purchase must be through registered agents of the
Egyptian government. SIC: 20300040. Contact: General Authority for
Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, 24, Gomhoria
Street, Cairo, Egypt.

0923 Beef (Portugal). Wants about 30 tons of chilled or frozen beef; (top side,
5 tons, thick flank 5 tons, top beef 5 tons, rump 5 tons, strip loin 5 tons,
tender-loin 5 tons, tongue 500 kg). Packed in large waxed cartons as used for
export, delivery at the end of May. Quote CIF Lisbon. SIC: 20111000.
Bank ref: Banco De Angola, Rua Da Prata 10, Lisbon. Contact: Michael Pollard,
International Trade, Rua Do Alecrim 65-2-D, Lisboa-2, Portugal. Telex:
16699 SNAPA. Phone: 322291/32292.

0924 Rice (Nigeria). London agent for Nigerian firm wishes to purchase a minimum
of 20,000 tons of long grain, brown rice, maximum broken 5% to be delivered
Lagos/Port Harcourt in 50 kg bags. Quote C&F, immediate delivery. Letter
of Credit ready when agreement on price and shipping reached. SIC: 20441000.
Contact: B. Ogazi, Ogazi and Sons, 8 St Mark Street, Alie Sheen, London El
England. Phone: 01-488-4859.

0925 Medicinal plants (France). French agent for 50 years dealing in botanical
drugs looking for suppliers of a wide variety of medicinal and aromatic plants.
Quote CIF Le Havre. Bank ref: Credit Industriel Et Commercial C.I.C., 57,
Rue De Rennes, 75006 Paris. Contact: Monsieur Boutet, Marcel Boutet, 4,
Rue De Tournon, 75006 Paris, France. Cable: MARCEL BOUT. Phone: 326.2299.

0926 Orange and lemon juice concentrate (Belgium). Wants frozen concentrated
lemon and orange juice, first shipment, 25 mt each, best quality without
pits or peel, each package containing between 20 and 100 kg, samples
requested, quote CIF Antwerp. SIC: 20371040. Bank ref: Generale Bankmaat-
schappij and Kredietbank. Contact: Francis Llabres, Jr., Banania, S.A.,
Ottergemse Steenwed 800/41, B-9000 Gent (Belgium). Telex: 12209. Phone:

0927 Canned crabmeat (Venezuela). Interested in 1-1/2 mt of crabmeat, king type,
cans of 5 lbs. Need quotations. Supplier must be registered in Ministry of
Health of Venezuela before exporting. Quote C&F La Guaira. SIC: 20310000.
Bank ref: Banco Royal Cenezolano. Contact: Nora Izaguirre, Pasteleria Vienesa,
Apartado 50131, Sabana Grade, Caracas, Venezuela. Cable: VIENESA. Phone:

0928 Seafood (Belgium). Belgian restaurant chain desires establish contacts with
exporters of different kinds of U.S. seafood. SIC: 20300040. Bank ref:
Banque Bruzelles-Lambert. Contact: J. Dossche, Managing Director, Colmar
Restaurants, Quai Des Peniches 1, B-1020 Brussels, Belgium. Phone: 091-
82.49.01. Telex: MILDIN 11234.

0929 Pet food (France). Importer and distributor of pet food and equipment wishes
to contact additional U.S. suppliers of pet food, canned and dry. Already
deals with several U.S. firms. Marketing territory covers Paris and northern
France. SIC: 20423000. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Agence AW, 75015 Paris.
Contact: Alain Savidan, President & General Manager, Savidan & Cie, Route De
Melun, 91540 Mennecy, France. Phone: 086-0890. Telex: 691 546.

0930 Cotton (Morocco). Seeks exclusive agency for cotton, raw, in bales, for
spinning. The firm is a manufacturers agent. Send letters and publicity
material in French, if possible. SIC: 01122000. Contact: Mr. Elfassy,
Texmafil, 131 Blvd. Moulay Ismael, Casablanca, Morocco. Phone: 24-50-11.
Telex: 23633.

0931 Grocery line (Saudi Arabia). Firm is opening a chain of supermarkets and
requests offers for a complete range of food and kindred products. Plans
to import and stock food products in order to maintain consistent supply to
its chain as well as act as wholesale distributors. Wants supplies on spot
before opening first supermarket this November. Nine additional supermarkets
being planned. Buyer plans to be in U.S. end May and early June and can be
reached at address below. SIC: 20400000. Contact: Dr. Fahd M. Bunyan,
C/o Southland International, 2828 N. Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204.
Phone: 214-828 7815/7816. Telex: 730895.

0932 Meat meal, fish meal (Sri Lanka). Government tender with a closing date
of May 25 for (a) 400 mt fish meal, moisture 10% max, protein 55% min,
fat 10% max, salt 4% max.; and (b) 400 mt meat meal, moisture 10% max,
protein 50% min, fat 10% max, salt 2% max. Delivery August 15. Payment
by Letter of Credit. Tenders must be accompanied by samples. Quote C&F
Colombo and FOB. Full details from address below, SIC: 20942000. Contact:
Chairman, Tender Board, Government Owned Business Undertaking of British
Ceylon Corporation Limited, Hultsdorf Mills, Colombo 12, Sri Lanka, (Ceylon).

0933 Natural food ingredients (Germany). A New York agent for a German manufacturer
is looking for suppliers (producers) of natural raw materials, such as desiccated
beef liver, acerola powder, natural beef bone meal and kelp, for manufacture
of natural vitamin tablets, health foods, etc. Bank ref: Chemical Bank (branch
#90), Astoria, New York. Contact: Oscar Riva, Executive Director, Terraneons,
Inc., 33-38 127th Place, Flushing, New York 11368. Phone: (212) 446-3000.
Cable: AGROIL, New York. Telex: 235093 TER.

0934 Beef offals (France). During trade reception in Paris, two different groups
expressed interest in fresh beef offals, including livers, tongues, hearts,
tripe (washed twice), brains and sweetbread. Prefer suppliers located near
Miami, Chicago or New York to facilitate transport by air freight. Also
discussed possibility of vacuum packing these products and shipping chilled zero
degree centigrade by ocean freight. Interested exporters should contact the
address below. SIC: 20111040. Contact: U.S. Meat Export Federation, 47
Upper Grosvenor St., London, England. Telex: 266777. Phone: 01-499-8252.

0935- Lamb, canned cherries, frozen berries, apricot and peach halves, prunes
0940 (Venezuela). Wants to buy frozen lamb legs and loins, 1 ton of each,
Grade A in cartons, sanitary permit from country of origin; cherries in S02,
3 mt of 18/20, 10 mt of 20/22, in 125 kg plastic drums; 10 mt frozen
strawberries, 1 mt frozen raspberries, 5 mt frozen red cherries, in 28 lb
cans; apricot and peach halves, 20 mt of each, best quality, cuts prepared
in water, 100 kg barrels or 5 kg cans; seedless prunes, 5 tons, 25 lb. boxes.
Quote La Guaira C&F. SIC: 20113000, 20331090, 20371010, 20331010, 20331040,
20341020. Bank ref: Banco Royal Venezolana. Contact: Nora Izaguirre,
Pasteleria Vienesa, Apartado 50131, Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela.
Cable: Vienesa. Phone: 475621-29

0941 Venison, grape concentrate, dried onions, anchovies, cucumbers, radishes
(Venezuela). Wants to buy venison, legs only, 25 kg cartons, sanitary
certificate from country of origin required; grape concentrate, 65% brix,
one mt, in 5 gallon drums; dried onions with 2% calcium stearate, 4 mt, in
5 kg cans net; anchovies, filleted and rolled with capers, 100 cases of 100
cans of 2 ounces: cucumbers in vinegar, 200 cases of 12 cans of 4 oz.; white
and red radishes, 300 cases of each, cases of 12 cans of 4 oz. Above items
should be best quality. Suppliers of anchovies, cucumbers, and radishes
should be registered with Venezuela Ministry of Health. Quote C&F La Guaira.
Bank ref: Banco Royal Venezolano. Contact: Nora Izaguirre, Pasteleria
Vienesa, Apartado 50131, Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela. Cable: VIENESA.
Phone: 475621-29.

0942 Roasted peanuts (Hong Kong). Interested in 100-200 tons annually of roasted
peanuts, both dry and salted, quotations for middle and top quality, glass
containers or cans, all sizes. Specify U.S. brand names available. Request
quotations FOB basis. SIC: 01192010. Contact: Patrick Kwong, Edward Keller
Ltd., Consumer Products Division, Edinburgh House, 6th Floor, Queen's Road,
Central, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-236131, EXT. 251.

0943 Brahman bulls and heifers (Thailand). The government of Thailand has issued
a tender with a closing date of June 28 using funds by the World Bank under
the Livestock Development Project to buy 400 Brahman bulls and heifers on the
basis of international competitive bidding (invitation for bids No. DLD 1-3).
Bids are invited from suppliers in countries which are members of the World
Bank or Switzerland. The cattle must be from foot and mouth disease free areas
within those countries. Bid documents can be purchased from the Department,
price $25.00. Complete information can be obtained from the Department at the
address below. SIC: 01394006. Contact: Department of Livestock Development,
Phyathai Road, Bangkok 4, Thailand. Phone: 281-7599.

0944 Bred Holstein heifers (Korea). The government of Korea has issued a tender with
a closing date of May 29 for 75 head of bred Holstein Friesian heifers. Source
U.S.A or Canada. Age 18 to 24 months, 3 to 5 months pregnant, weight average
1,000 lbs or more. Milk production more than 13,000 lbs during 305 days.
Details can be secured from the office below or the Office of the FAS Inter-
national Marketing Director, Livestock and Meat, (202) 447-3899. SIC: 01393001.
Contact: Mr. Tae Whan Kim, President, Doosan Development Co., Ltd., 51-4, Kil-
Dong, Kangham-Ku, Seoul, Korea. Phone: 48-2248, 1453.

0945- Fresh apples, oranges, lemonds, grapefruit and grapes (Belgium). Agent for
0949 Dubai wants to buy 80,000 cases apples, 50,000 cases oranges, 5,000 cases
lemons, 1,000 cases grapefruit and 5,000 cases grapes (each weighing 9 kg)
or 10,000 cases (each weighing 5 kg) for immediate delivery. Further quantities
of above items to be agreed upon (approximately 250 mt per month for a period
of 2 years). Quote C&F Dubai. SIC: 01222010, 012221005, 01221025, 01221035,
01222040. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque. Contact: Ivan Goffart,
Mercuria International, Square Marie-Louise 16, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.
Telex: 22970. Phone: 01/230.11.18 or 230.01.45.

0950 Canned corn (Austria). Interested in canned corn (kernels) in brine, 5,000
cans 3.5 kg each 50,000 cans, 0.5 kg each, highest grade available, unlabeled
cans, in customary packaging. Quote CIF Wien-Inzersdorf (Vienna Headquarters
of Company). SIC: 20332030. Bank ref: Creditanstalt Bankverein, Wien,
Account No. 76-15800. Contact: Mr. Matula, Tnzersdorfer Nahrungsmittelwerke
Ges. M.B.H. Kg, Draschestrasse 107, A-1232 Wien, Austria. Telex: 12378.
Cable: INZERSDORFER, Wien. Phone: 0222-67 15 06.

0951 Horsemeat (Italy). Wants horsemeat hind quarters and or compensed quarters-
1 container load every 15 days (22-25 mt), hind quarters of at least 90 lbs,
customer prefers over 120 lbs. Quote CIF Malpensa Airport (air) or CIF Rotterdam
(sea). SIC: 2011ZO. Bank ref: Cassa Risparmio Prov. Lombarda-Lecco.
Contact: Leonardo Mezzera or Luciano Giorgi, Fratelli Giorgi, Via Vecchia
44-22049 Valmadrera (Como), Italy. Telex: 38309 CARILE (C/o Bank).
Phone: 0341-582102FINA.

0952 Peanuts oil (Venezuela). Interested in buying 15,000 tons of peanut oil, best
available, in drumsTT 200 liters, delivery 5,000 tons in July, 5,000 tons
in August, 5,000 tons in September. Provide all required certificates, quote
C&F La Guaira. SIC: 01192010. Bank ref: Banco Venezuela. Contact:
Hugo Pizarro, Surimex, Apartado 61445, Caracas 106, Venezuela. Telex: 21481-
SUREX. Phone: 72-53-63, 72-76-75, 72-52-72.

0953 Onions (Mexico). Wishes to purchase yellow globe onions, 30 tons every
two weeks, in bags, delivery soonest. Needs certificate of origin. Quote
FOB McAllen, Texas. SIC: 01231030. Bank ref: Banco General Innova,
Mexico City. Contact: Egon F. Muller, Unidon, S.A., Homero 1702 Apt.
702, Mexico 5, D.F. Telex: 017-73239 or 017-0991. Phone: (905) 540-3173.

0954 Cactus plants (Netherlands). Requests FOB/CIF quotations for container loads
of cactus plants from Florida, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Bank ref:
Amro Bank Boskoop. Contact: W. L. Wagter, K. Edelman B.V., P. O. Box 40,
Reeuwijk, Netherlands. Telex: 23180. Phone: 01839-3544.

lIII1lll III N IllI
3 1262 09051 3663

Foreign Trade Development

Measures Set to Boost Japan Beef Imports. Beef trade teams from the
United States and Japan have agreed to increase Japanese imports of
high quality beef by 10,000 mt yearly. This confirms the Strauss-Ushiba
communique of January 13th which include provisions to "make mutual
efforts to exploit demands so that within the hotel and general quotas
there will be an increase in importations by 10,000 tons on a global
basis beginning in Japanese fiscal year 1978." The additional 10,000
tons will increase Japan's imports of high quality beef to at least
16,800 tons. 3,000 tons of the total imports will enter under the hotel
quota, which was 1,000 tons last year. The remaining 13,800 tons will
be imported under the general quota, The above additions pertain to the
Japanese fiscal year which began April 1, 1978.

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