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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultl -' r-"t" In .. in. the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of th ove s ilrer gr b Uce or further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm ori inat te 'i uiy ou also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
DEC 19 1980 November 28, 198u

I.F.A.S. Univ. of rlri
3301 Field seeds (Tunisia). Wa I.F.A.. Univ. fd 10 tons of Sudan
grass seeas, anu 5 tons of millet sees. Quote CIF & FOB. CONITACT:
Jabbeur Amar, Director Seed Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of
Tunisia, JO Rue Alain Savary, Tunis, Tunisia. Cable: JABBEUR AMAR,
MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, Tunis. Phone: 287-063.

J302- Dried, evaporated and condense milk (Candia). Interested in J or 4
3303 container loads of powdered milk, (2) evaporated milk, (3) condensed
sugared milK. Delivery ASAP. destination Mataai, Zaire. LUNTALI: beorge
St. Jacques, B. Beaudet Enterprises Ltd., 348 Mockingbird Drive, Orleans,
Ontario KlA 2AI, Canaca. FELEA Ub 33547 [AS OTTAWA. Phone: (613)
837-1312 or (613) 996-0495.

3304- Canned fruits, juices, frozen juices, cLicken iUnited Arab Emirates).
3307 Buyer plans to visit USA in December to contact buyers of above products.
CONTACi: Hazif Abrinim Lughnoch, Syrian Tracing Center, P.O. Box )449, Abu
Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

3jU8 Beef bdckstrap (lUiwan). Importer wants one or more containers per month
of frozen beef backstrap, also known as beef Ligamentum Nuchae or beef back
& neck strap. Wants only defdttea quality. PacKing: oD pounds per
carton. Must have certificate of inspection. Ideal price is U.S. dollars
0.41 per pound. quote C&F Aielung Port. dank ref: Looperative Bank of
Taiwan, Shin-Lin Branchbn A/C No. 1102. CONTACT: Yung-Chien Huang,
Manager, Fair Bright Enterprise Co., P.O. Box 7L, Taipei, 32u Lneng leh
Road, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX 27419 KENSONIC. Cable: "FAIRBI" Taipei.
Phone: (U2) 511460b.

3JU9 Corn powder (Taiwan). Importer desires unspecified quantity pharmaceutical
grade maize powder. Quote CIF & C&F Taiwan Ports. Bank ref: Bank of
Taiwaii, rainan Branch; Overseas Cninese Commercial Banking Corporation,
Tainan Branch. CONTACT: Y. K. Lu, Chong Dah Pharmaceutical Co., 153 Min
Cnuan Road, rainan, Taiwan. Cable: LHON~UAH. Phone: Z9211 LO 3 or

3310 Chicken (Iwassau). American Embassy receive the following caole for
assistance: European client requires USA source of supply for U.S. brade A
frozen broilers. Require about b million pounds. Lould you arrange for
producer's to telex at Western Energy Freeport (297) 30072 Finserv,
Attn: S. Brutti or Pnone: (809) 35-82-4U.

Issued weekly b) the Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250

LC -'

3311 Rice (Romania). Government buying agency interested in utilizing CCC
credit and nas requested quotations from U.S. companies on available
varieties, quality standards and prices of rice. Contracts for 1981
purchases have not yet been signed. Romanian rice purchases could
approximate 100,000 tons this year. Suggest interested U.S. firms contact
Mercur, FtLEX llj 6 BUCHAREST.

.J1?2 Cnicken (Italy). Wants 1U containers per month of frozen broilers, killed
according to Islamic rites. Quote CIF Jidda, Saudi Arabia. Bank ref:
Banco Commerciale Italiano AG. 18. CONTACT: -Dott. Salah, AIC SRL, Viale
Abruzzi 16, Milano, Italy. TELEX 331404 NASCO C/O KUWAIT CONSULATE.
Phone: 1723b5 27jiZ8.

3413 Hay (tngland). Wants container loads of nay on regular basis, top quality
for U.K. racehorses, bails and reals. Quote CIF, Tilbury or U.K. London
Port. bank ref: Royal Bank of Scotlano. CONTACT: S. Pettit, Dower Wood
& Co., Ltd., Maltings, Granby Street, Newmarket, Suffolk, England.
TELEX 81Jsl. Phone: UbJ8 4425.

3314 Haricot beans, ground nuts (England). Wants (A) ZUU tons of wnite and red
haricot beans. (B) 1,OUU tons of ground nuts in shell. Best quality.
Conventional and containerized shipments. Quote C&F, Aqaoa/uordan.
Contact: Mr. Khoury, Chibtone Ltd., 239 Seymour Grove, Manchester M16 9QS,
Englano. Telex: o67839. Phone: U61 881 2178.

3315- Kosher, health and dietetic foods (England). Wants kosher foods, health
J.16 and dietetic foods. Quantity dependent upon price, delivery & quality.
First class quality. Quote C&F, British & European Ports. CONTACT: B.
Mehta, B. Mehta Ltd., 29 Holland Road, Hove, Sussex, England. Phone: 0273
77203, 777715.

3317 Oried beans (Portugal). Wants 45 tons dry edible beans, small wnite 10
tons; pinto 10 tons; pink 10 tons; black 15 tons (best quality available).
Packed in luU pouna bags. Delivery 12U days. Importer would like to
receive samples together with quotations. Quote CIF Lisbon. Bank ref:
Banco Espirito S.C.L. or Totta & Acores, Lisuon. CONTACT: J. Prata
Canhoto, A Colmeia Do Minho Lda., Rua Das Pracas 1UO-B, 12200 Lisbon,
Portugal. Caole: LOLMLIA. Pnone: ob47U8 or 6oj685.

3318 Milk powder (Syria). The Government of Syria has issued a tender for 500
mt of whole milk powder, fat content 26%, offer deadline Dec. 11. FOB &
C&F liner terms landed Lattakia or Tartous Ports. Humidity should be 3%
max., lactose ju.8% min., ash b% max. A 5% bid bond required with offer.
Full details from address below. CONTACT: General Organization for Food
Industries (GOFI), P.O. iox 1U5, Damascus, Syria.

3319 Tomato paste (Syria). Government tender for 2,0UO mt semi processed tomato
paste, concentration lo-j8, salt 2%, sodium benzoate U.1%, ph 4-4.4, fibers
1%. Offer deadline December 4. Five percent bid bond required with
offer. Full details from address below. COITACT: Modern Conserves &
Agricultural Products Lompany, P.O. Box 345, Damascus, Syria.

Jj2u Lecithin (Syria). government tender for 1 mt of lecithin. Soybeans,
phosphatides 65% min, ph 20 max computed by aliphatis acid, semifluid.
Packed in 1uO kg drums. Offer deadline December 18. Full details from
address below. Lontact: Damascus Food Products Company, P.O. Box 1137,
Lamnmscus, 3yria.

J33l Corn (France). Wants 5,UUU mt of yellow corn. Quote FOB Atlantic Port.
Contact: Mr. Billebault, O.I.A. Compradores, S.A.R.L., 4 & 6, Rue Du Lac,
1211 Geneva, 3, Switzerland. Telex: 97UU82 F. Pnone: (93) 89.06.93

3322 Chewing gum base (Barbados). Buyer wants to be put in touch with suppliers
of machinery for making and packaging chewing gum as well as suppliers of
chicle for making chewing gum. Has given Bank of Nova Scotia, Wildey, St.
Michael Baroados as his financial reference. Contact: Dr. Reginal Clarke,
Reg Clarke Associates (Consultants) Ltd., "The Farm", Lodge, St. Michael,
Barbados, W.I. Telex: B'OOS, WB 2224. Phone: 05u15/62562.

3323 Bira seeo (Italy). Interested in acting as agent, wholesaler ano importer
of cash grains sucn as green split peas, lentils, Mlicnigan cranberry beans,
and different types of seeds for birds; also peanuts in shell, Fancy and
Jumoo. It buys its products throughout trie world and acts as agent of
several smaller local firms in their international relations. Contact:
Sig. Salvatore morne Pergolizzi, Via Liguria 37, yul44-Palermo, Italy.
Cable: PERGOLIZZI PALERMO. Telex: 720577. Phone: 091/518874.

3J24 Pet food (Austria). Interested in agency for Austria and Switzerland for
cat and other pet foods. Inquirer is small importer of general
merchandise. Uocumentea offers with CIF quotations requested. COD terms
of payment preferred. Contact: Friedl Scheybal (Owner), FA. Friedl
Scheybal, Boecklinstrasse 9u, 1-1UZU Vienna, Austria. Pnone: (222)
732501/0. Telex: 1 35434.

3325 Brown rice (Swazilana). Wants 2U,OUU mt of brown rice packages in 5u kg
jute or comparable fabric bags. Prices should be quoted in U.S. dollars, C
and F, for November/December shipment to Port of Jidda. Contact: Robert
Kimera, Mittech (Pty) Ltd, P.O. Box 249, Mbabne, Swaziland. Phone:
43181. Telex: 2172 WD.

3326 Hides, skins, and pelts (Spain). Wishes to buy hides, skins, and pelts.
Firm is an importer and distributor of hides and skins. Imports from
various sources including the Unitea States. Sells throughout the
country. Bank ref: Banco De Balbao, Valencia. Request CIF quotations,
Port of Valencia preferaoly. Contact: uabriel Gimeno Perez, Import
Department, Peninsular De Pieles, S.A., Jaime Roig, 19, Valencia 10,
Spain. Cable: GiUIPE; Telex: 64U9L PEQuE; Phone: 96/3696126. Ref:
Prime Tanning Co., Inc., Berwick, Maine 03901.

3327- Canned foods, cookies, confectionary (Saudi Arabia). Interested in all
3328 varieties of canned foods, including baby foods and juices, cookies and
crackers, and confectionary products. Firm acts as wholesale distributors
to supermarkets, institutional buyers and retailers. It has large
warehouse facilities and employs six salesmen for regular visit to
clients. Firm needs product literature and price lists. Contact: Sami
N.i. Houdeh, ben. Mgr, Aoudeh Trading & Contr. Corp., P.O. Box 6376,
Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Cable: AKRAM. Phone: 8329717. Telex: 6U1579

3J29 Hides (Italy). interested in raw uncured or wet blue swine hides and
skins. Estimated annual potential sales value approx. 1.5 million US
dols. Firm estaolisnea 1972, employs 23, is a small sized joint stock

company engaged in tanning and wholesale activities of swine and cattle
skins. Sells in Italy and exports to tEC countries. Has sales network of
24 reprs. Contact: Emilio Bricchi, Gen Mgr., Comest Italiana Spa, Via
Emilia Parmense j9, 29U17 Fiorenzuola D'Arua (Piacenza), Italy. Phone:
U523/983756. Telex: 5J01U8. Cable: LOMEST FIORENZUOLA.

JJJU- Lorn and soybean oil (United Arab Emirates). Firm desires to establish
3331 contact with American suppliers of corn oil and soybean oil. Firm expects
to import 5UU tons of corn oil and 8uuu tons of soybean oil of NSPA
specifications. Language of correspondence English. Contact: Naseem
Husain, United Foods Ltd., P.O. Box 53UJ, Jubai, United Arab Emirates.
Telex: 46689 UECOIL EM.

j332 corn (Nigeria). Wants 5UU mt of nio. 3 yellow corn. Firm claims to be
importer and distributor. Claimed financial reference states account
opened in 1978 has been very well conducted with good turnover. Send
quotation C and F Port Harcourt. Payment by Letter of Credit. Contact:
Ken Tsaro, Mng Dir., Dorbi and Sons (nigeria) Ltd., L4 Aggrey Rd., P.O. Box
198, Port harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Tel: 227763, 225658. Telex:
61225 SABRuS NIG. Cable: uORBI.

3333 Hides and skins (Italy). Interested in distributorship for raw cattle
hides and skins. Estimated dnnual potential sales value unknown.
Established in 1861, employs 115, is a tannery engaged in processing of raw
cattle hides into finished leather. Annual production is 11-12 million sq
feet. Contact: Rocco Finco, Conceria Bernardo Finco, Via San Rocco 40,
JbUbl Bassano Uel Grappa (Vicenza), Italy. Tel: 0424/29642. Telex:
480389. Cable: BERNARDO FINCu.

jj34 Rice (Nigeria). Wishes to buy American long grain rice. Subject is
private limited liability company incorporated in 1976. Payment is on
draft after sight oasis. Quotation should be C and F Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact: F.A. Ekwuyasi, Uir., Fidpatrick Agencies Ltd., 112 Kiri-Kiri Ra.,
P.O. dox 4421, Lagos, Nigeria. tel: 87bb29. Cable: FIDPAKO.

3335- Food specialties (Gibraltar). Interested in direct sale, representation
.jj6 and distribution for food specialties, canned, and food specialties,
frozen. Firm is an importer, retailer, agent, wholesaler. Send letters
ano publicity materials. Contact: Essardas, Director, Posso Bros., Ltd,
21 Engineer Lane, Gibraltar. Phone: 4349. Cable: POSSO.

3Jj7 Dried milk (Thailana). Wants exclusive distributorship for instant powder
milk, ten to twelve containers per year. Request: sample and prices.
Contact: Mr. Prayung Tasnaviroj, Manager, Greenland Ltd., Part., G.P.O.
Box 951, 1643/27 New Petchburi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand. Cable: GREENLAND.
Tel: 251-8d41.

JJJ8- Cheese, cnicken, meats (inigeria). Wants all types of cheese, frozen
3340 broilers, and all types of frozen meats, Firn is also interested in U.S.
manufacturers who would be interested in manufacturing, locally in Nigeria
machinery for making ice cream, dry cleaning equipment and soft drink
making equipment, Send quotation C and F to Apapa, Lagos. Payment is
negotiable. Contact: Alhaji Mohammed Abdul-Aziz, Managing Director,
Aboul-Aziz (Nigeria) Ltd., 39 dornu Lrescent, Apapd, P.O. Box 112, Apapa,
Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: 876573.


341 Wheat bran (Hong Kong). Wants wheat bran for pig feed, 200 mt per month,
50 kgs per bag. Delivery: ASAP. Quotation about U.S. $130 per ton CIF
H.K. Bank ref: H.K. and Shanghai Banking Corp., Quarry Bay Branch, H.K.
Contact: Hugh Chen, Vice President, Lungo Syndicates (HK) Ltd., 883 King's
Road G/F, North Point, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-644-728.

3342 Peanuts, flour, cornmeal, cereals, sugar, coconut powder (Iceland). Wants
to buy peanuts, wheat flour, cornmeal, cereal preparations, sugar, refined,
coconut powder, and rye flour. Packers, importers and wholesale
distributors of fooa products. Firm asks U.S. suppliers to quote FOB
Portsmouth, VA, or New York, N.Y. Contact: Gudmundur Brogthorsson,
Manager, Katla HF, Laugavegi 178, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland. Phone:
91/38080. Cable: KATLA, REYKJAVIK.

3J4j Grass seed (Venezuela). Wants (A) 3,000 kg of signal grass seed
(Brachiaria Decumbens) and (B) 1,000 kg or Bermuda grass seed, Grade A
quality, packed in bags. Delivery beginning of January 1981. Certificate
of Germination required. Quote CIF La Guaira Port and CIF Maiquetia
Airport. Bank ref: Banco Venezolano De Credito. Cable: JUAN PABLO
CIBILS, Apartado De Correo 75182, Caracas 1070-A, Venezuela. Telex:
24464. Phone: 2j9-1152 and 239-4552.

3344- Broilers, meat, eggs (Venezuela). Wants broilers, 5,000 mt, USDA Grade A,
334' 12-14 cartons, wrapped in individual plastic bags; industrial meat, 5,000
mt, best quality; and shell eggs, brown and white, 100,000 dozen, 30 dozen
cases, best quality, Health certificate required. Quote CIF La Guaira.
Bank ref: Banco Union. Contact: Richard Frangieh, Relau Export Import
C.A., Euif. America, Piso S, Oficina 804, Esquina Veroes, Ave. Urdaneta,
Caracas 1010, Venezuela. Telex: 21976. Phone: 814604 and 826542.

3346- Dried milk, garlic, sorghum (Venezuela). Wants 20,000 mt of skim milk,
3348 20,000 mt of powdered milk 26%s fat, 20,000 mt of industrial milk. Milk
packaged 2 Kg cans. Also 5,00u mt of garlic in 100 lb bags and 30,000 mt
of sorghum in bulk. All products should be best U.S. Grade. Quotations
snoulo be per 1,000 mt. health certificate required. Quote CIF La
buaira. Bank ref: Banco Union. Contact: Richard Frangieh, Relau Export
Import C.A., Eaif. Americd, Piso 8, Oficina 804, Esquina Veroes, Ave.
Urdaneta, Caracas 1010, Venezuela. Telex: 21976. Phone: 814604 and

3349 Food specialties (Germany). wants food specialities that can be packed and
sold together with high quality noodles dried, dehydrated, canned, etc.
Company is the producer of the "Hochzeitsnudeln" known for high'quality.
Company is looking for product to be by-packed with its noodles. Bank
ref: Jeutscne. Contact: hubert Mueller, Purchasing Mgr., Bernhard Zabler
Kg, Du7525 Bad Scnoenborn, Germany. Telex: 782 127. Phone:

335U Fish meal (Egypt). Invitation for bid No. GPC/27-81/ARE for 4,000 mt of
Menhaden fish meal to be used as chicken feed to be shipped in January and
February. Commodity to De financed under A.I.D. Loan No. 263-K-054. Bid
opening December 18. A copy of the invitation for bid (IFB) including
complete specifications and terms and conditions may be obtained from the
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Commercial and Economic Office, 2715
Connecticut AV3iIue, N.W., Wasnington, D.C. 20uu8. Phone: (202)

234-1414. The purchaser is the general Poultry Company, First Block, P.O.
Box 2131, Uokki, Cairo, Egypt.

Ji51 Broilers (France). Wants U.S. Grade A broilers, quantity to be determined,
individually packed in poly sacks lu/15 per carton, delivery beginning in
December, Islamic slaugnter, white skin, weighing 800-1,300 grams each.
quote C&F Jidda. bank ref: Saudi Bank, 9951 Avenue Georges V 75008
Paris. Lontact: Ms. De Walden or Mr. Citouni, Halwani France, 90, Champs
Elysees, 75UU8 Paris, France. Telex: 642 947 ANSWERBACK MAM. Phone:
562 U125.

Jj52 Walnut snells (Japan). Wants ground walnut shell: J-ZU mesh and 2U-JO
mesh, about UO0 tons annually, best quality. Quote CIF Kobe. Delivery As
soon as possible. Bank ref: Sanwa Bank, Kobe Branch. Contact: T.E.
Chen, Li Min Trading Co., Ltd., Room no. 101 Tsubaki Grand Heights, 33
Yamamoto-Uori b-Cnoie, Ikuta-Ku, Kooe 6bU, Japan. Cable: LIMIN, KOBE.
Tel: (078) 341-4871.

3js5 general groceries (Bermuda). Firm is seeking a U.S. company that is able
to supply virtually all food products and related items for restaurants and
hotels under the purveyor's own label. Consignee prefers that shippper be
located in New York, New Jersey or Jacksonville in order to reduce
transportation costs. Consolidation in mixed commodities trailerloads is
most desirable. Contact: Stanley Sheppard, President, Bermuda
Merchandising Co. Lta. P.O. Box 991, Hamilton, Bermuda. Tel: (bU9)
292-U491. Cable: BERMERCO. Telex: 3246 CWAGYBDA.

3j54 Oil of sweet almonds (France). Wants sweet almonds oil, 50 tons per annum,
refined and/or codex B.P., in drums. Uuote FAS. Bank ref: Credit
industries Ft Commercial, Agence by, 188 Avenue Daumesnil, 75U12 Paris.
Contact: Alfred Andres, Import Agent, 24, Rue Lamblardie, 7501L Paris,
France. Telex: 0JU075 ANDRES PARIS. Cable: SERDNALE, PARIS. Phone:
307 44-U4 or 307 44-05.

3353 Poland-China swine (Hung Kong). Wants Poland-China swine breeding stock,
2U boars, 1U sows, breeding stock for producing high quality meat
products. Airfreight delivery. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Hong Kong (Air
Freight). Contact: Simon bunstone, Directer, Poon Wynne International
Ltd., 7U Fuk Wing St., Shamshuipo Kowloon, Mong Kong. Telex: NX 74229
POON. Phone: 3-785-221.

jJ56 Beef (Egypt). Invites uius for tender No. 4U for 4U,UUU (plus or minus
1UA) of frozen beef, bone free, fore quarters, 3 to 5 years of age and lUO%
male. Shipment dates, February to March 1981 in one or two deliveries.
Closing date of tender december 1. Contact: General Authority for Supply
Commodities, Purcnases Committee for Animal Products, 24, El Gomhouria St.,
Cairo, Egypt, Cable address ESTARAM. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM.

3j7l BJtter gnee (Lgypt). Request bids for tender No. 41/198U for the supply of
30U tons plus or minus lu% butter gnee in free currency. To be shipped at
the rate of luU tons nontnly from January 1981. Offers to be submitted
latest December 8. Conditions and specifications available above address
against payment dues fees. contact: general Autnority for Supply
Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, 24, El Gomhouria
St., Cairo, Egypt, Telex No. 9zudo ESTRAM Cairo.

ji58- trailers, eggs, apples .ayt,,. a :- -" zzer .crilers, 933---'.. r-a..:,
3360 Zu?-300 st onzfnly; talie eggs (sni-e., r-a1 & "eci", 4,'.,-.,EJ cans
aoni ; a es rs-e :, 1, j .. -'.r s -i:r-..'. ."= --
reqLes.ec for notn oraae i an Grac 3. Sroiers slaugnterea ccr :i'
isis%;:.iz ri-esa. U3e u ir nAe-a'- r" or atr Saiz. -a"< re: T t ,
Kain 3rancn, Cairo, Ey-t. Laonact: War,.sse' &ir'us, ar -.i -la;,
?ress, Lairo, Ligp;. 2ea: r: -. Ut. -.tt: t --- s. n .:
aoZuAv/. z39943.

3a61 Fres,. cnerries .. ta ar.5 : ess i ( ..::ss'i= s:. zr' ::-

-Aesgoe, a irj'c xsc ia, .-r asts5 sorieia -I :.s, Is. .
;elex: 4a.415 .kki- -rn.-: L 9-511J320-'tS1I.

Frrei ri 'a ae je di; na3sY

uap-anese beef J crasEs. A < .Ls. o-' : rac
(iaLI? nas anir -,nncac a3,rcrase f 1l,2 : zif grainfec e pursuant to its
'kca1Or 7Z LtE r 1,-J IJo"S. -.1 -;5".=5 .ere aa : .. ie
ana were as f3olis: sqi-are cut ueC cc ia-e oiu: LJ'., j :. ,: ::s; & 5.r ae 498 t 5s. -.11 ...
ine s.irt pDIae is coEr ze aais:- ,apan's -jin IIa'i- > eef qa o-
,,j r. 1 zisc5 i mae r e-i. in .-.r.1 193 -. ase A c.
purchases orf ni i c.j-'iz aee re 9,6 ors, 7.' ;nin i or
s3jr3Ar7'.7tJ E zs :'. r r r r 7 ..e., -s3 tsns f'"- Cana? ad id
fro Aszrali. i .is ) Ax es iie separate ro-el q a-1 f 3,. jJ :zrs.

Last Chance

U.S. Processed
Food Exporters
to Expore -
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
ae February 10-11, 1981

'N Port-au-Prince
y Haiti
\t PFebruauy 13, 1981

Dominican Republic and Haiti are "dollar pocket
markets" that imported $20 million in U.S. processed
food products in 1979. The principal products of
opportunity, mostly for supermarket and hotels, include
whole chickens, beef, powdered milk, cheese, dridl
fruit, fresh fruit, fruit juices, fresh vegetables, preserved
fruits and vegetables, dried peas, beans, and lentils,
baby food, pet food, wine and many snack items. There
also is a potential for many processed food products In
bulk form.
The participation fee for the exhibit is $200 and $100
for the sales team to Haiti. Your participation in these
events is an opportunity to explore the potential for U.S.
food products in these markets at a nominal cost. This
is the first FAS-supported promotion in these countries.
Time and Place-Sheraton Hotel-Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic, February 10 and 11, 1981;
Holiday Inn, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February 13, 1981.
Cutoff date for participation in the exhibit and sales
team is December 15, 1980. For further information call
Ed Collins immediately at (202) 447-7787 or write:
Mr. Edward Collins, Project Leader
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Trade Services Division
Room 4945-South Building
Washington, D.C. 20250

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3 1262 09051 4307

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