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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D C 20250

The following trade item% hase been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does nol guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. "ou may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. (2021 447.7103.

I April 25, 1983

0996- Condensed milk (Netherlands). Wants sweetened condensed milk, 240,000
0997 cartons (48 x 14 ozs per carton), 8% fat, 45% sucrose. Delivery June-Nov.
Quotations FOB. Bank ref: ABN-Leeuwarden. CONTACT: P. Van Rooyen,
Stockmill Holland B.V., P.O. Box 61, 9062 ZJ Oudkerk, Netherlands. TELEX:
46644. Phone: 5103-1435. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0021)

0998 Chufa (Spain). Interested in importing Chufa oil (also known as sedge oil,
earth almond oil or tiger nut oil), Chufa concentrate and ground Chufa.
Would like to establish contact with reliable U.S. suppliers. Bank ref:
Vizcaya. CONTACT: Pedro Duran, Trades, S.A., Calle Tarragona, 106, Bacelona
15, Spain. TELEX: 50632. Phone: (3) 325 4808. Wk 15/TOFAS 0083)

0999 Food conservatives (Spain). Would like to receive quotations CIF Barcelona
on auxiliary products for the food industry such as proteins, emulsifiers,
phosphates, conservatives etc. Quantity: container loads. Packaging: bags
and drums. Bank ref: Exterior De Espana. CONTACT: Jose Cadillac, Cofirex,
S.A., Gran via, 690, Barcelona 10, Spain. TELEX: 97544 CFRX E. Phone: (3)
245 0207. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0084)

1000 Buffalo (Colombia). Wants buffalo, 300 females, 18-24 months age, 10 males,
24-30 months of age. Good quality. Delivery ASAP. Colombian phytosanitary
requirement must be met. Quotations FOB U.S. Port for shipment to Tumaco
Pacific Coast Port. Bank ref: Banco Anglo-Colombiano-Principal, Bogota.
CONTACT: Pedro Jorge Diaz, Homero, Erazo, Reina & CIA, Apartado 32522,
Bogota, Colombia. TELEX: 05660 IPIALES (NARINO). Phone: 238-4358. (Wk
15/TOFAS 0077)

1001 Animal feed (St. Lucia). Interested in purchasing animal feed for poultry,
cattle, and swine. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: National Commercial Bank Ltd.,
St. Lucia Cooperative Bank Ltd. Both of Castries, St. Lucia, W.I. CONTACT:
Charles Quinland, Director, Regisway Development Enterprises Ltd., 29
Riverside Road, Castries, St. Lucia, W.I. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0030)

1002- Beef jerky (Japan). Wants beef jerky, 2 or 3 container loads per year.
1003 Sample and specific information about quality required, institutional sizes.
Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Taiyo
Kobe Bank, Main Office, Kobe and Sanwa Bank, Kobe Branch. CONTACT: Jiro
Kobayashi, Manager, Import Dept, Tamura Shckai, c/o Crescent Bldg., No. 72
Kyo-Machi, Ikuta-Ku, Kobe, Japan. TELEX: J78880. Cable: "TAMURA" KOBE.
Phone: (078) 391-0881/5. (WK 15/TOFAS 0276)

1004- Beer (Italy). Wants 20 pallets per shipment of beer. Quality to be
1005 determined. Packaging in cans or bottles for direct consumption, must
contain 25 or 33 or 50 centiliters. Quotations CIF Italian port. Delivery
ASAP. Bank ref: Banca Popolare Di Bergamo, 24030 Pontegiurino, Bergame.
CONTACT: Giuliano Forti, BIVPORT, Via Puccini 33, 21021 Angera, Varese,
Italy. Phone: 0331-931454. (Wk 15/ TOFAS 0020)

1006- Strawberry plants (Italy). Wants frozen strawberry plants, 3,000,000.
1007 Quality to be determined. Packaging in containers. Quotations CIF.
Delivery May-June. Bank ref: Banco Di Napoli, 84098 Pontecagnano (SA).
CONTACT: Piero Di Napoli, Agriginter, Via Pagliarone, 84098 Pontecacnano,
Salerno, Italy. Phone: 0828-52155. (Wk 15/ TOFAS 0021)

1008- Corn (Germany). Wants 5,000 tons of corn. Quality: moisture: max. 15%;
1009 broken: max. 4-4.5%; impurity: max. 1%. Packaging in bulk. Quotations CIF
Triest/Italy. Delivery next possible shipment. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank AG,
8000 Muenchen. CONTACT: H. R. Mertz, Wirtschafts & Finanzberatung,
Johann-Clanze-Str. 36a, 8000 Muenchen 70, W. Germany. TELEX: 528285. Phone:
89-7608519. (Wk 15/ TOFAS 0046)

1010- Goats and sheep (Taiwan). Urgently need 300 head of bred Saanen,
1011 Tonggenburg, Alpine goats and 100 head of bred Black Belly, Suffolk and
Southdown Sheep. Desire weaner (5-12 months) and pregnant (first jointed,
12-24 months). Desires quote FOB airport by various species/ages. If price
and performance are suitable, will place order immediately. Specialize in
importing livestock and poultry for resale to local farms. CONTACT: Henry
Chen, President, Huei Tong, Agric. Development Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 59618,
Taipei,Taiwan, Republic of China. TELEX: 12289. Cable: "HUEITONGCO" TAIPEI.
Phone: (02) 3928822. (Wk 15/Letter 0001)

1012 Frozen dough (Japan). Want frozen dough, 50 mt per month, wt. ratio of
product: wheat flour 100; water 40; sugar 20; egg 10; palm oil 5; skinmmed
milk powder 5; and salt less than 0.8. Packed in poly bags, about 40/50
Ibs to a bag. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Product must be
shipped by a refrigerated container at -18 degrees centigrade. Quotations
C&F Kobe. Bank ref: Daiichi Kangyo Bank, f'inami-Senba Branch, Osaka.
CONTACT: Isamu Kodera, Mgr., Int'l Div., Daiwa Management Co., Ltd., 38-1,
Takaida-Hondori 6-Chome, Csaka, Japan. TELEX: J-64294 DAIWACO. Cable:
"DAIWAMANAG FUSE". Phone: (06) 781-7581. (Wk 15/ TOFAS 0275)

1013- Lentils, green peas (Colombia). Wants 200 mt lentils, E mm, ASAP and 300 mt
1015 dry whole green peas '.S. No. 1 Alaska, for future delivery (60 days). Packed
in new jute bags of 100 Ibs. Phytosanitary required. Quotations FOB Pacific
Port. Bank ref: Banco Del Estado SLC. Carrera 10. CONTACT: Cesar Godcy.
Munoz, 0. A. C. E., Carrera 10 No. 18-36, Office 60C, Colombia. TELEX:
453E5-CO CCDCY. Phone: 282-0679/282-1376. (Lk 15/ TOFAS 0078)

1016 Wheat (Colombia). Wants 2,000 mt per month of heat, HRW No. 2, DHV 40%,
1017 cmisture 12%, protein 12I, in bulk. Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary
certificate required. Quotations FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Banco De
Santander Principal Bucaramanga. CONTACT: Cesar Vejia, Harineras Pardo,
Apartado 1083, Bucaramanga, Colombia. Phone: 31517/32413. (Wk 15/ TOFAS

1018- Lentils, pulses, popcorn, raisins (Colombia). Wants 300 mt green dry peas;
1022 100 rt white dry peas; 100 mt lentils; 100 mt cummin; 50 mt popcorn; 100 mt
beans, and 10 nt raisins. Good to test quality. Packed in 45 kilo bags for
export. Delivery in three months. ICA, Agricultural Research Institute.
Requirements must be met. Quotations FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Banco Dogota
Ave. Libertador, Eucaramanga. CONTACT: Jorge Contreras, Contreras
Hermanos, Carrera 16 No. 31-03, Bucaramanga, Colorbia. Phone: 23233. (l-'k
15/TOFAS 0076)

1023 Popccrn (Japan). Wants popcorn, cne container load. Sample and specific
information about quality required. Packed in bulk. Immediate delivery by
surface shipment. USDA Phytosanitary Certificate required. Quotations C&F
or FOE. Bank ref: Yamagata Bank, Tokyo Branch. CONTACT: Osamu Komuro, IBC
Co., Ltd., 1-18-6, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 252-3394 IPC J.
Cable: "FSSKL TOKYO". Phone: (03) 561-3051. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0274)

1024- Sorghum (South Africa). Wants 2,000 mt/month for one year of sorghum for
1025 malting, good quality, packed in 90 kg bags. Also wants sorgfum animal feed
9cod quality, 2,OCO rt for one year, packed bulk in bags. Delivery ASAP.
Samples needed before acceptance. Samples needed, maximum moisture 14%.
Quotations CIF Durban. Bank ref: Nedbar.l:, Johannesburg/Bank of Lisbon in
S.A. CONTACT: C. A. De Carvalho/M. E. Costa, Beira Serra Products (PTY) Ltd,
18 Derby Rd., Berthrams, Johannesburg, South Africa. TELEX: 8e9 5 SA. Phone:
(011) 614-2615. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0071)

1026- Corn (South Africa). Wants #3 yellow corn 24,000 mt and 20-100,CO0 mt. Also
1027 wants No. #2 or Letter white corn, 10-100,000 mt. Packed in bulk, delivery
ASAP. Samples required before acceptance. Quotations CIF Lisbon or Port in
South of Spain for #3 yellow corn and CIF Durban for No. #2 corn. Bank ref:
E)edbank, Johannesburg/BanI of Lisbon in S.A. CONTACT: C.A. De Carvalhc/F.E.
Costa, Beira Serra Products (PTY) Ltd, 18 Derby Rd., Berthrams, Johannesburg,
South Africa. TELEX: 89995 SA. Phone: (011) 610-2fl5. (3.' 15/TOFAS 00C)

102e Pulses (South Africa). Wants pinto beans, 300 rt; Michigan Dark kidney
beans, 200 mt; and Fictigan Light kidney beans, 200 mt. Good/test quality,
bagged. Delivery ray/June 1983. Quotations FOB Gulf. Bank ref: Nedbank,
Johannesburg. CONTACT: C. Dilmitis, Pytar, PTY Ltd., Box 11524, JolannesLurg
2000, S. Africa. TELEX: 427021 SA. Phone: (011) 783-1697. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0070)

1034 Povine meat tender (Algeria). National Algerian supermarket chain (SNNGA)
has issued tender for 4,000 mt of Bovine meat. Tender deadline May 9, 1983.
Producer/Suppliers interested in this and future SNNGA tenders can contact
Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division, FAS, Phone: (202) 447-3899 for sample
tender document. Current tender document can be purchased through U.S.
Embassy Algiers, Commercial Attache, Albert Nahas, Phone: 601a25. Bovine
meat should be first choice, for delivery July-December 1983. Tender
document must be purchased for 200 dinars or approx. $44. CONTACT: M.
Mahmoudi, Director of Imports, Societe Nat'l Des Nouvelles Galeries
Algeriennes (SNNGA), 67, Rue Larbi Tebessi Belcourt, Algiers, Algeria. TELEX:
52776. Phone: 662963. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0054)

1035- Corn seed (Syria). Wants hybrid short season, corn seed 100 tons +/- 5% or
1036 500 tcns +/- 25% buyers option, 1982 crop. Seed planted as 2nd crop after
wheat. Growing period less than 100 days. Varieties: A210; HSC 370; YUZPSO
58C; LGII or other variety to fit purpose. Germination 90% or more Purity
not less than 99%; iroisture 14% or less; impurities 0.5% or less.
Disinfected with substances not containing mercury. Packed in paper bags 25
kilos on wooden pallets w/plastic cover. Delivery before May 20, 1983. 2%
bid bond valid for 1 month confirmed by Commercial Bank of Syria Branch 6
(Telex 411351 SY). Quote C&F full liner terms. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of
Syria, Damascus. CONTACT: General Organization For Fodder, P.O. Box 4797,
Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 411089 or 411124 ALAF SY. Cable: ALAF. Phone:
221689, 221893. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0064)

1037- Rice, peanut oil, stock fish (Nigeria). Wants 10,000-20,000 mt rice, No. 2
1040 long grain parboiled, 4% broken, in 50 kg bags and large quantities of peanut
oil and stock fish. Good quality. Delivery ASAP. Documents to be in English
language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Union Bank of Nigeria, Agodi,
Itadan, Nigeria. CONTACT: M. Ademola Badamas, Systex (Nigeria) Limited, P.O.
Box 9172, Ui, Ibadan, Nigeria. Phone: (022) 411198. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0069)

1042- Fruits and vegetables (Hong Kong). Wants fresh fruits and vegetables,
1044 preferably from Hawaii, California and Oregon, approx. 4,000 kg. per week,
average grade. Packed in usual export packing. Delivery ASAP. Quotations
C&F Hong Kong. Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. CONTACT: Chan Yin
Goc, Kin TYE Lung Co., Ltd., 55 Bonham Strand, West 3/C, Hong Kong. Phone:
5-44188E. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0076)

1045- Corn, soya oilcake (Hong Kong). Wants 5,000 mt of each yellow corn for
1048 animal feed, grade 3 and oilcake for soya (Tourteaux of Soja), 50% protein.
Both packed in 50/100 kg new bags. Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F Beirut,
Letanon. Bank ref: Belgian Bank. CONTACT: Paul ..C. Leung, Alliance Trading
Co., G.P.O. Box 4000, Hong Kong. TELEX: 857f0 ALINS HX. Phone: 0-411613.
(WF 15/TOFAS 0073)

1049- Wheat (Nigeria). Wants 60,000 mt yearly wheat, suitable grade for flour
1050 production, in bulk. Delivery yearly 1984 (around April). Documents to be
in English language. Quotations C&F, Lagos. Fank ref: Union Bank of Nigeria
Ltd., Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos. CONTACT: M.O. Areh, Executive Director,
Faseun Flour Mills Industries, Ltd. Ijeda-Ijesha, Oyo State, Mile 11, Ikorodu
Road, Ketu, P.M.B. 21474, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria. TELEX: 21070 ATCO, Lagos.
Cable: FASHECOC0, Lagos. Phone: (01) 634208/631728. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0066)

1051 Peanut seed (Barbados). Wants seed peanut source from Georgia preferred.
For more details contact address below. CONTACT: John Hope, Economic
Officer, U.S. Embassy Pridoetown, P.O. Box 302, Bridgetown, Barbados. TELEX:
259 USEMB. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0031)

1052- Corn (France). Wants white corn (maize), 500 tons, for preparation of flour,
1053 in bags. Delivery within 5/6 weeks. Quotations FOB U.S. port or CIF French
port cr CIF Lore/Cotonou. Bark ref: Banque Internationale Pour L'Afrique
Occidentale, Avenue De Messine, 75008 Paris. CONTACT: Mr. Anger, Export
Manager, Alkrcs, 11, Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris, France. TELEX: 643 345F.
Phone: (1) 268 15 80. (WK 15/TOFAS 0156)

1116 Prunes (Japan). Wants prunes, frozen and dried, average or better quality.
Delivery as soon as arrangements can be made. Quotations CIF Kobe Port
price. Bank ref: Higo Bank, Naka Branch, 1-43 Honmachi 1-Chome, Yatsushiro
city 866 Japan. CONTACT: Kenichi Naka, Pres., Naka Company, 1002 Shinmuta,
Sencho-Machi, Yatsushiro-Gun, Kumamoto, pref., 869-47 Japan. Phone:
0965-46-0871. (Wk 15/ST 0131)

1117- Lentils, pulses, milk products wheat flour (Colombia). Wants lentils, dry
1121 edible beans, dry peas, garbanzos, wheat flour, powdered and canned milk.
Firm now supplies Colombian Army and wants direct representation in Colombia
for U.S. firms. All medium to top quality. Packed according to needs for
particular product. Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary certificate required.
Quotations FOB & C&F North and Pacific Coast. Bank ref: Banco De Bogota La
Magdalena & Banco De Occidente, Avenida Suba. CONTACT: Araceli Arevalo,
Comercializadora Berger, Arevalo Hermanos, Co., Ltda, Centro Internacional
Tequendama Carrera 13, No. 27-10, Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 296-8268, Home:
271-2695. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0080)

1122- Spices for chicken sausage (Iceland). Substantial chicken farmer located in
1123 Iceland, purposes to produce chicken sausages for the local market. Annual
production is estimated at approximately 30 tons. Wishes to receive from
U.S. firms product information and price quotation ref. Mixes which would
include seasoning and binding suitable for chicken sausages. Prices may be
FOB or CIF. CONTACT: Gretar Hardarson, Holtabuid, P.O. Box 9, 850 Hella,
Iceland. Telephone: 99-5033. (Wk 15/ST 0876)
1124- Wheat, corn, barley (Austria). Wants 500,000 mt wheat; 250,000 mt each of
1127 No. #1 and No. #2 corn; and 20,000 mt barley. All bulk packed. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations CIF Jidda or Damman. Bank ref: Landerbank Am Hof 2, A-1010
Wien. CONTACT: Mahmud Paonc, Alckadhi, Rainerg. 7/2, A-1040 Wien, Austria.
TELEX: 132871 AMICO. Phone: 65-99-81. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0054)

1128- Seeds (W. Germany). Wants seeds (tomato, cucumber, watermelon), large
1129 quantities. Packaging according to suppliers specifications. Quotations CIF
European Port. Delivery according to season. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank Ag,
2000 Hamburg. CONTACT: Walter J. Glied, Glimex GMBH, Tangstedter Landstrasse
43, 2000 Hamburg 62, W. Germany. TELEX: 2164 304. Phone: 40-520-8769. (Wk
15/TOFAS 0047)

1130- Health foods (W. Germany). Wants health foods and organic foods. Quantity
1131 not known at present. Packaging depends on products. Quotations CIF
Hamburg. Delivery date depending upon negotiations. Bank ref: Commerzbank
AG, 2000 Hamburg. CONTACT: Surender S. Ahluwalia, Vollwert Bionourishment,
P.O. Box 730 268, 2000 Hamburg 73, W. Germany. Phone: 40-6471982. (Wk
15/TOFAS 0048)

1132- Grocery items (Belgium). Wants unspecified quantities and qualities of dried
1136 fruits, canned fruits, canned vegetables, meat offals, new food products,
poultry, fruit juices and vegetable juices. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF,
Antwerp. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque. CONTACT: De Perlinghi
Nicolas (Commission-Broker), 173 Boulevard Des Invalides, B-1160 Brussels,
Belgium. Phone: 02/660 72 87. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0049)

1137- Tiger worm egg capsules (Australia). Wants capsules of tiger worm eggs,
1138 commercial quantity. Delivery at regular intervals. Quotations CIF per
million. Bank ref: Rockhampton Credit Union. CONTACT: Ms. Elizabeth
Friaswyck, Eldorado Worn Farm, C/-Rubyvale Post Office, Queensland 4702,
Australia. Phone: (079) 854150. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0106)

1139 Bermuda grass seed (Australia). Wants Bermuda grass seed, quantity variable,
several tons. Delivery on going basis. Health certificate needed.
Quotations CIF. Bank ref: State Bank, Nowra NSW. CONTACT: Gilbert Beek,
Australian Pasture Seeds, P.O. Box 497, Nowra NSW, Australia. TELEX: AA2129
AUSEED. Phone: (044) 217495. (Wk 15/TOFAS 0105)

1140- Sesame seeds (France). Wants sesame seeds, 3 to 5 mt, varieties: erected,
1141 unbranched, fit to desert conditions, white, big seeds oil rich. Packed in
jute and polyethylene bags. Delivery mid July 1983. U.S. certifications;
detailed information on agricultural practices needed. Quotations CIF Jeddah
(Saudi Arabia). CONTACT: Bertrand De Reviers, Societe Elf Aquitaine, Tour
Aquitaine Cedex 04, 92080 Paris La Defense, France. TELEX: 203607F.
Phone: (1) 778 14 15 Ext. 4065. (Wk 15/TCFAS 0160)

1142- Fruits and vegetables (Canada). Wants fresh fruits and vegetables, quantity
1144 to be determined. Packaging bulk. Delivery commencing May, 19P3. Newly
established importer, wholesaler wishes to establish contacts with U.S.
suppliers. Bank ref: available on request. CONTACT: Gus Elali, 780 Lee
Ridge Road, Edmonton, Alberta T6K OP7, Canada. Phone: (403) 461-1245. (Wk
15/TOFAS 0037)

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US $25 within the United States and Canada and US $35 for orders from all other
countries. These prices include the annual updates through 1987 and all postage.
This directory is a must for anyone interested in buying agricultural products from
Washington State. To obtain an order form contact the Washington State Department of
Agriculture, 406 General Administration Building, Olympia, Washington 98504; phone
(206) 753-5046; telex 152737 WA DEPT AG OLY.

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