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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103.

SC 3 D..

.F A U V. ,.,i:.

February 13, 1984

Wheat tender (Jordan). Tender No. 4, 1984 for 25,000-50,000 tons of wheat.
Closing date for bids February 23, 1984. Wants American hard red winter wheat
No. 2 or equivalent; humidity: max. 13%; foreign materials: max. 0.1%; test
weight: 58 lbs per bushel min.; protein: 11% min.; broken and shrunken: 5%
max.; must be free of live insects and defective kernels, from 1983 crop. Bid
specs may be purchased for a non-refundable fee of J.D. 5 (NOTE: U.S. dol 1.00
currently equals J.D. .376). All offers submitted through Jordanian agents.
Firms submitting bids are requested to send copy to Embassy Commercial Office,
P.O. Box 354, Jordan. TELEX: 21510 USEMB JO. CONTACT: Ministry of Supply,
P.O. Box 830, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21278 MINSUP JO. Phone: 667-141 and
661-174. (WK 6/STATE 1030)

Corn tender (Egypt). Request bids for tender No. 8 (1984) for 10,000 mt 5%
more or less of yellow or white corn latest crop to be shipped in March 1984.
Committee is entitled to increase or decrease the quantity as committee may
find suitable. Offers to be submitted at the below mentioned address latest
noon Wednesday, February 15, 1984 for opening envelopes. Conditions and
specifications to be obtained against payment of L.E. 5 per offer.
Ministerial decree No. 1036/1978 and No. 120/1982 should be complied with.
CONTACT: General Authority For Supply Commodities Purchasing Commodities For
Grains and Its Products, 24, Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92062

Baby foods (West Germany). Wants all types of baby foods for export to
Turkey. Large quantities anticipated. Quote FOB and CIF Istanbul, Turkey.
Bank ref: Otto M. Schroeder Bank, Alsterarkaden 27, 2000 Hamburg 36, W.
Germany. CONTACT: Mr. Selim Akdogan, Fa. Dr. A. Akdogan, Boeckmannstr, 26,
2000 Hamburg 1, W. Germany. TELEX: 2162329. Phone: 40-240988. (WK 6/TOFAS

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building. Washington, D.C. 20250.

Corn seed, sorghum seed, and vegetable seed (England). Wants tropical adapted
seeds for corn, sorghum and vegetables needed by British agro engineering firm
for large scale farming projects in West Africa. All seed should be of
varieties intended for tropical environment, (ie 12 hours of daylight and high
temp.). All seed must be certified free of white rust, in hermetically sealed
cans or packets, and accompanied by USDA phytosanitary certificate. Some
experimentation is necessary so initial shipments are to be small followed by
large quantities for varieties that succeed. Sample quantities needed
immediately, commercial quantities for August planting. CONTACT:
William Crowe, Sental Engineering, Ltd, Devonshire House, Barley Mow Passage,
Chiswick, London, W4 4PH, England. TELEX: 895-1710. Phone: (01)995-8061.
(WK 6/TOFAS 26)

Guayule shrub seeds (Iraq). Wants 2 kgs of seeds for Guayule shrub, botanical
name "Parthenium Argentatum." Seeds will be used for experimental purposes.
CONTACT: Nabil A. Jajawi, Dir. Gen., State Enterprise for Rubber Industries,
Qadsiya Governorate, P.O. Box 71, Diwaniya, Iraq. TELEX: 6506 TYRE IK.

Soybeans, soybean meal, wood chips, sawmill logs, Douglas fir (Canada). Firm
presently has pending export orders to the Pacific Rim countries through their
Hong Kong office for the following products soybeans--FAQ quality 10,000 mt;
soybean meal 5,000 mt; urea fertilizer, 46% 30,000 mt; wood chips, 3/4
size ship load quantity (SPF species); and sawmill logs, Douglas fir 4
million board feet per year. CONTACT: Michael S. Najar, General Manager,
Transworld Import-Export, 7116-136 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5C 2K2, Canada.
TELEX: 037-42540 CANADA BIZ EDM. (WK 6/LETTER 999)

Candy (Saudi Arabia). Wishes to contact U.S. exporters of various kinds of
candy. Quality and quantity not specified. Bank ref: National Commercial
Bank, University Street Branch, Riyadh. CONTACT: Abdallah Bahiyan, Al Maslak
International Est., P.O. Box 10656, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 202519
AYADCO SJ. Phone: (01)479-4192 or 479-4081. (WK 6/TOFAS 25)

Turn key rabbit production project (Saudi Arabia). Interested in rabbit
project. Project specifications and details available from below address.
Bank ref: National Commercial Bank, University Street Branch, Riyadh.
CONTACT: Abdallah Bahiyan, Al Maslak International Est.,
P.O. Box 10656, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 202519 AYADCO SJ. Phone:
(01)479-4192 or 479-4081. (WK 6/TOFAS 26)

Canner fowl (Canada). Wants 20 mt of canner fowl, fresh and frozen.
CONTACT: Mr. L. B. Robinson, Intreurope Foods Limited, 3640 Weston Road,
Weston, Ontario, M9L 1W2, Canada. TELEX: 065-27120. Phone: (416)743-1491.
(WK 6/TOFAS 27)

Popcorn (Canada). Wants raw popcorn for popping. Quantity to be determined.
Packed in bulk. CONTACT: Craig C. Payne, Fantasy Popcorn, 1UO Pen Drive,
Unit 7, Weston, Ontario M9L 2A9, Canada. Phone: (416) 743-5940. (WK 6/TOFAS

Flower seeds (Netherlands). Wants flower seeds (for dry flowers),
Helichrysum, Delphinium, Statice, 100 kg per case. Bulk packaging. Delivery
ASAP. Quote CIF Rotterdam or FOB. Bank ref: Ned. Middenstands Bank in
Harden. CONTACT: Van Tubergen B.V., Seed Dept., Achterweg 33, Lisse,
Netherlands. TELEX: 41417. Phone: 02521-19030. (WK 6/TOFAS 36)

Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants 1,500 mt of 44% protein soybean meal. Packed in
bags of 50-100 kg each. Delivery ASAP. Carrier should be U.S. Flag. Quote
CIF Alexandria. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt, Giza, Egypt. CONTACT:
Mohamed Moursy Batt, Baraka Hy-Feed Co., 13, Essa Pasha Handy St., Cairo,
Egypt. TELEX: 92150 EL BAT-UN. Phone: 816844. (WK 6/TOFAS 56)
Soybeans (Egypt). Wants 1,000 mt of No. 2 yellow soybeans. Packed in bags of
suitable material, 50 or 100 kg each. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Alexandria,
Egypt. Bank ref: Industrial Development Bank, Cairo. CONTACT: Ghazoli
Gabra, Agriculture and Poultry Products Company, 13, Mohamed Mostafa Hamam
St., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92623 LASHEN-UN. ATTN: YOUSEF SHAWI.
Phone: 606589. (WK 6/TOFAS 55)

Peanuts (France). Wants 1,000 tons of shelled peanuts. Pure peanuts for
oil. Oil content 47%; acidity 3%. Packed in bags of 80 kilos. Delivery
ASAP. Quote CIF Cotonou (Benin) and CIF Pointe Noire (Congo). Bank ref:
Societe Generale, Agence W-86, Rue De Flandre, 75019 Paris. CONTACT: Mr. A.
Bienvenu, Centre Europeen D'Achats, 93, Rue Des Vignoles, 75020 Paris,
France. TELEX: 212 602 CEANICI-FRANCE. Phone: (1) 371 71-94. (WK 6/TOFAS

Goat and mutton carcass (Thailand). Wants goat carcass, skin off, bone-in,
head and offal removed, lean, frozen. Weight approximately
18 kg. Quotations CIF to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Required volume one 40 foot
container per month. Also requires mutton carcass, MM-grade, skin off,
bone-in, no head or offal, frozen, CIF Kaohsiung quotations. Volume required
one 40 foot container per month; and live Nubian goat sires, 6-10 months of
age but up to 2 years considered (only from U.S. West Coast as air freight
charges deemed most important). Full specifications available upon request.
Bank ref: Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Chunshan 2nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 800.
CONTACT: Robert Storey, Chu Yow Industry Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 1765, Kaohsiung,
Taiwan 800. TELEX: 73330 CHU ROW. Phone: 07/747-3509. (WK 6/TOFAS 12)

Corn (Greece). Wants 30,000 mt of No. 2 yellow corn. Packed in bulk.
Quotations Port of Piraeus. Corn prices and quality must be competitive with
those offered from firms already represented in Greece. Quote CIF Piraeus.
CONTACT: Mr. A. Argyrakis, Anthokipouriki, 1, Pireous St., Athens, Greece.
TELEX: 9830. Phone: (01)523-7697 and 524-0494. (WK 6/TOFAS 4)

Feijoa plants (Greece). Wants Feijoa plants (pharmaceutical plant whose fruit
is used for heart disease treatment). Quantity: 50,000-100,000 seedlings.
USDA phytosanitary inspection certificate required. Packed in pots or other
suitable packaging. The potential purchaser is unable to give the exact
scientific name of the plant. Prospectus and literature required with
quotations. Quote CIF Thessaloniki airport. Bank ref: Credit Bank, Kavala
Branch. CONTACT: Dimitris Seitanidis, Seitanidis Dimitris, 5, Ydras Street,
Kavala, Greece. TELEX: 452253 GARY GR. Phone: (051) 222465. (WK 6/TOFAS

Vegetables, berries, snack foods (Sweden). Wants frozen, canned and/or dried
vegetables and berries, and snack foods. Managing director, Albert Fuchs,
intends to visit California, primarily San Francisco and San Diego areas, end
of March 1984, and would like to meet with prospective exporters at that
time. Contacts in California, preferable. CONTACT: Albert Fuchs, Alexander
Grunfeld Ab, P.O. Box 7571, S-103 93 Stockholm, Sweden. TELEX: 19849 AGID
S. Phone: 08/22 68 00 FORSBERG. (WK 6/TOFAS 12)

Rice, corn (Nigeria). Wants 10,000 mt of long grain, No. 2 parboiled, rice.
Packed in 50 kg bags. Also wants 2,000 mt No. 2 yellow corn. Packed in 100
kg bags. All documents to be in English language. Quote C&F Apapa, Lagos.
Bank ref: Ibwa (Nig.) Limited, No. 94 Broad Street, Lagos. CONTACT:
Law 0. Nnanna, Nnanna and Brothers Trading, Ltd, No. 123 Osho Drive, Kirikiri,
Olodi/Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: (01)870-751. (WK 6/TOFAS 20)

Grocery items (Hong Kong). Wants full range frozen vegetables, canned juices
and fruits, beef, turkey breasts, and reprocessed seafoods. One 40 ft
container every 2 months. Fancy and Extra Fancy on vegetable and fruit
products, prime cuts for grill room of large (1,200 rooms) hotel and low
quality cuts for sausage manufacture. HRI packs. Quote CIF, Guangzhou,
China. CONTACT: Benny K. Neumann, Executive Assistant, Food and Beverage,
Yangcheng Service Development Co., Guangzhou, Prc. Shin Ho Cheng Devel Ltd,
Hong Kong (New China Hotel), New World Centre, Level 2, Shop 6, 22 Salisbury
Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong; 2556 Dong Fong Hotel, Guangzhou, People's Republic
of China; and Hotel Management, New World Development Ltd., Hong Kong.
KONG 3-695583 and GUANGZHOU 69-900. (WK 6/TOFAS 18)

Yellow corn tender (Syria). Tender with deadline of March 5, 1984 for 60,000
tons plus and minus 5% U.S. No. 3 or better, yellow corn, new crop; test
weight 52 lb per bushel; moisture 15.5% max.; damaged kernels max. 7%
including max. 0.5% damaged due to temperature; free of mold, mildew, live or
dead insects, broken kernels and foreign materials max. 4% under sieves 12/64,
fit for animal feeding. Packed in bulk or in bulk with empty new jute bags.
Shipment 30,000 tons up to April 10, 1984 and 30,000 tons up to May 10,
1984. Full name and address of bidder are required as well as his bankers
name and address. A 2% bid bond is required with bid. Bid bond valid for one
month confirmed by commercial Bank of Syria, Branch No. 6; Telex: 411351 SY.
Phytosanitary certificate required. Shipments on new vessels not more than 15
yrs old, acceptable to 20 years. The Letter of Credit will be issued with in
25-30 days after confirmation date. Quote FOB stowed, trimmed on board
vessel, at port of loading, and C&F free out Syrian ports. Quotations for
both options should be for the goods in bulk with empty new jute bags or in
bulk without bags. Offer deadline in March 5, 1984. Valid until 20:00 hours
(GMT plus 2) on March 7,1984. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch No.
6, Telex: 411351 SY. CONTACT: Dir. Gen., Gen. Org. for Fodder, P.O. Box
4797, Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 411089 and 411124 SY ALAF. CABLE: ALAF.
Phone: 221689 and 221893. (WK 6/TOFAS 11)

Flue cured and sun cured tobacco (Belgium). Wants 1,000 tons of Virginia
tobacco (flue cured), nicotine Al-1.5%, soluble sugars 15-22%, chlorine less
than 1%. Virginia tobacco 700 tons, nicotine 1.5 2%, soluble sugar 13-20%,
chlorine less than 1%. 1983 crop. Color orange yellow and reddish orange;
moisture contents: 12% (plus and minus 0.5%). Also wants oriental and semi
oriental tobaccos (sun-cured) as follows 700 tons of fragant oriental
tobacco of Basma type, nicotine 1%, soluble sugars min. 10%, chlorine less
than 1%; and 1,300 tons of simi-fragant oriental tobacco, nicotine 0.7 to
1.4%, soluble sugars 8 to 16%, chlorine less than 1%. Also wants 1,300 tons
of oriental or semi-oriental (neutral) tobacco, nicotine max. 1.6%, soluble
sugars 10-18%, chlorine less than 1%. Color: yellow and golden yellow or
orange. 1982 crop (naturally fermented), 1983's crop (artificially
fermented). Packaging: tonka jute bags, weight more or less 23 kgs, with
more or less 13% moisture. Price quotations should be rock botton price

FOB/Ex Works. Sample of 20 kgs each item plus sanitary certificate and
chemical and technological specifications. CONTACT: Romy Van Hede, Irlac
International, 89 Ave., F.D. Roosevelt, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX:
64071. Phone: 33(2) 640.70.06. (WK 6/TOFAS 2)

Live eels (Belgium). Wants 10 tons of live eels per month. Quality: silver
of 1 kg to 1.2 kg. Packaging in tanks or cartons. Delivery ASAP. Price
quotations CIF/French Ports. CONTACT: Mr. Van Den Brule, SPRL. Des Eaux and
Anguilliculture du Douaire, Domaine Fuji 2, 1970 Wezembeek. Phone: 33 (2)
731 98 17. Telex: 65860, or Mr. Moscioni. SPRL, Des Eaux and
Anguilliculture, 28 Rue de Verdun, P.B. 8, F-57113 Boulange, France. Phone:
930 113. TELEX: 8 2 91 80 11. (WK 6/TOFAS 3)

Yellow corn for feed (Belgium). Wants 10,000 tons of yellow corn for poultry
feed, per month for about 6 months to be delivered to Akaba, Jordan. Quote
CIF Akaba and FOB. Also wants 10,000 tons on a one time basis to be delivered
to Lagos, Nigeria. Quote CIF Lagos and FOB. Delivery ASAP. CONTACT:
Dr. Pierret, Nutribel International Industries S.A., Rue de 1'Automne 22,
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX: 65478. Phone: 33 (2) 648 29 70. (WK
6/TOFAS 4)

Bee pollen (Japan). Wants 1,000 kgs trial shipment of bee pollen. Best
quality. Institutional packaging. Immediate delivery by air shipment. Quote
FOB. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Kobe Branch, Kobe. CONTACT:
Mr. Keigen Shimoji, Seishin Trading Co., Ltd., 2-1, Sannomiya-Cho 1-Chome,
Phone: 078-391-5391. (WK 6/TOFAS 5)

Frozen concentrated juices (Japan). Wants 50 mt of frozen concentrated juice
of cherries, black currants, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries,
boysenberries, elderberries, lemons and limes per year. Appropriate packaging
for manufacturing. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Lemon and lime
juices must be of clear type. Quote C&F or FOB. CONTACT:
Mr. Masamichi Ohishi, Eiko Boeki Kaisha, Ltd., 9-14, 2-Chome, Uchikanda,
Phone: 03-256-4561. (WK 6/TOFAS 6)

Logs (Japan). Interested in various logs for use in the manufacture of
veneers. Wants one container load of ash, oak and maple. Best quality.
Appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
More than eight feet in length. The larger the diameter the better. Quote
C&F Kobe. Bank ref: Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, Fukuyama Branch, Hiroshima.
CONTACT: Mr. Masaaki Kittaka, Japan Indonesia Trade Corporation, 3280-1,
Kurigara-Cho, Fuchu-shi, Hiroshima-ken, Japan. CABLE: ROMMEL
FUCHU-HIROSHIMA. Phone: 0847-45-2204. (WK 6/TOFAS 7)

Sardines, vegetable oil (Nigeria). Wants 100,000 cartons of sardines, good
quality. Thirty packets per carton. Also wants 50,000 cartons of vegetable
oil, good quality. Delivery ASAP. All documents to be in English language.
Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Bank of the North, P.O. Box 720, Marina, Lagos or
44, Balogun Street, Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Idris Ibrahim, Ibrahim Kolawole
Idris Enterprises, P.O. Box 5769, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. CABLE:
"DRISBRARIS". Phone: (01)632071. (WK 6/TOFAS 23)

Sugar (Nigeria). Wants 100,000 cartons of sugar in cubes, 20 packets per
carton. Delivery ASAP. All documents to be in English language. Quote C&F
Lagos. Bank ref: Bank of the North, P.O. Box 720, Marina, Lagos or 44,
Balogun Street, Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Idris Ibrahim, Ibrahim Kolawole
Idris Enterprises, P.O. Box 5769, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. CABLE:
"DRISBRARIS". Phone: (01)632071. (WK 6/TOFAS 24)

Soybeans (Egypt). Wants 12,000 mt yearly of soybeans, Grade A, 44% protein,
new crop. Delivery in equal consignments of 1,000 mt per month for one year.
Quote CIF Alexandria. CONTACT: Mr. Mina Antoun, Manager, The National
Trading Company, 5 Ancienne Bourse Street, P.O. Box 954 Alexandria, Egypt.
6/STATE 116)

Wheat tender (Yemen Arab Republic). Wants 100,000 mt (10% more or less at
seller's option) Western white U.S. No. 2 wheat. Packed in bulk. Delivery in
5 equal lots (10% m/l at sellers option) as follows: Ist lot to arrive April
25 May 5 1984; 2nd Lot May 15-25 1984; 3rd lot June 5-15, 1984; 4th lot June
25-July 5 1984; and 5th lot July 15-25, 1984. Arrival Port Hodeidah in 30 ft
draft. Each offer to accompany a bank guarantee of 5% advalorem (on total C&F
value offered) valid for 7 days from date of opening envelopes and awarding
tender. Bids to be opened February 18 at 1200 hours local time. Bank
guarantee to be increased to 10% advolorem, to form a performance guarantee,
which shall then be valid up to one month after final shipment effected. Bank
guarantee to be addressed to the Ministry of Supply and Trade Sana'a. Quote
C&F Freeout Hodeidah per mt. Price to be shown (1) FOB (2) Freight (if
possible). Bids to be opened February 18 at 1200 hrs local time. Bank ref:
Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Hodeidah, Yemen Arab Republic,
Telex: 5560. CONTACT: Mr. Hottam, Hussein A., Hussein Ahmed Hottam,
Commercial Area, P.O. Box 3434, Hodeidah, Yemen Arab Republic. TELEX: 5621
HOTTAM YE. CABLE: "HOTTAM HODEIDAH". Phone: 03-224244 or 03 224245 or
03-224246. (WK 6/TOFAS 30)

Mangos, guava trees (Saudi Arabia). Interested in importing mangos and table
guava trees. Interested U.S. firms should contact address below for further
information. CONTACT: Dr. Prem Nath, Project Manager, National Center for
Horticultural Research and Development, P.O. Box 337, Najran, Saudi Arabia.
TELEX: 921046 BASTNA SJ. (WK 6/TOFAS 24)

Citrus seedlings (Yemen Arab Republic). Wants 40,000 Mandarin and 40,000
parent Washington Navel citrus seedlings. Seedling age approximately 24
months, bare root, treated, no soil. Roots wrapped with peat moss. Delivery
within 30 days. Phytosanitary certificate, certificate of inspection by
vending nursery, vendors guarantee of count and age required. Seedlings to be
transhipped in Amsterdam Via Martinair.
Bank ref: Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Sana'a. CONTACT:
J. D. Preston or A. A. Elaghil, Elaghil Trading Co.,
P.O. Box 66, Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic. TELEX: 2213 ELAGIL YE. Phone:
78123. (WK 6/TOFAS 31)

Poultry (Canada). Wants boneless poultry, frozen, 30,000 Ibs per month. Bank
ref: Royal Bank of Canada. CONTACT: Jim Sharkey, Paletta Brothers Meat
Products, 1190 Blair Road, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1K9, Canada. Phone: (416)
335-3500. (WK 6/TOFAS 29)

Health foods (Canada). Wants undertermined quantities of a variety of
unspecified health foods. Packed in bulk. Bank ref upon request.
CONTACT: Mr. J. C. Brock, Albatros Import-Export, P.O. Box 823,
Kingston, Ontario K7L 4X6, Canada. TELEX: 066-3384. Phone: (613)
549-5267. (WK 6/TOFAS 30)

Baby chicks (Nigeria). Interested in direct sale for resale and agency
for day old chicks. Firm is a medium-sized private limited liability
company established in 1972 with 317 employees. Financial reference
states that firm's account has been conducted satisfactorily and enjoy
bank's credit facilities. Embassy recommends that before making
shipments, suppliers on condition of an irrevocable letter of credit
confirmed by U.S. bank. CONTACT: Alhaji Ubali Ibrahim, Chairman,
Dingare Farm Limited, Kosoko Court, P.O. Box 7047, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 663348, 663714. (WK 6/COMMERCE 966)

Powdered cocoa (Honduras). Wants powdered cocoa, especially designed for
the manufacture of cigarettes. Firm founded 1940. Operates in San Pedro
Sula. Quote CIF, Puerto Cortes against Letter of Credit including
catalogs, prices. Bank ref: Banco Atlantida, San Pedro Sula. CONTACT:
Juan D Quiroz, Manager, Tabacalera Hondurena, S.A., P.O. Box 64, San
Pedro Sula, Hondurus. CABLE: TAHSA. Phone: 543171. (WK 6/COMMERCE

Canned meats and fish (France). Wants canned meat and canned fish.
Company was established in 1950. Annual sales volume 3.5 million French
francs. Sales area France. Agent for meats, offals, fish (fresh or
canned). Represents several U.S. firms for meats and offals, and canned
fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Bank ref: Lloyd Bank Europe Ltd, 43
Bldg. Des Capucines, 75062 Paris Cedex 02. CONTACT: Bernard Maurel,
Manager, Reyns Et Maurel, 15 Rue Du Louvre, 75005 Paris, France. TELEX:
220 678 F. Phone: 01133/1/236 02 90. (WK 6/COMMERCE 2982)

Dairy cattle (Mexico). Company has authorized capital of one million
pesos and is an affiliate of CIA. Minera Malitzin, S. A. De C. V. it is
interested in catalogs and price lists for dairy cattle. Purchases in
cash or through a letter of credit. CONTACT: Mr. Francisco Garcia
Camino, Cogestion Y Mercadotecnia SA. Saltillo No. 31, Col. Hipodromo
Condesa, 06170 Mexico, D.F. Phone: 905 2867282. (WK 6/COMMERCE 1243)

Offals, seafoods (France). Wants unspecified quantities of frozen
offals, frozen fish and seafoods, frozen packaged fish, frozen packaged
shellfish and other seafoods. In 1982 Sales volume reached 81,329,826
French francs. Distributor of frozen food products. Bank ref: Societe
Lyonnais De Banque and Credit Lyonnais. CONTACT: Mr. Jean-Pierre
Garcin, Pres., Sud-Est Viandes, 7 Rue Marc Antoine Petit, 69002 Lyon,
France. TELEX: 310 034 F. CABLE: SUDEVIA LYON. Phone: 01133/7/842 70
64. (WK 6/COMMERCE 2983)

Crocodile breeding (Brunei). Interested in contacting management
consultants capable of providing expertise in crocodile breeding. Firm
is planning a crocodile breeding farm in Brunei. Initially plan to
import 8 inch long baby crocodiles at the rate of 1,800 per week. Wish
to contact consultants who can advise on most economical methods of
breeding and who are in a position to prepare a feasibility report for
the project. CONTACT: Nancy K. C. Kuan, Kuan Enterprise, P.C- `ox 1305,
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. TELEX: BU 2325. CABLE: KUAVR
Phone: 31935. (WK 6/TOFAS 2)

Italian ryegrass (Italy). Wants Italian ryegrass. Quantity: 20 ft
container. Variety: Tetila. Quote CIF Genoa or Venice Port. Other
requirements degree of germination 90%. Bank ref: Banca Popola Re Di
Valdagno; Banca Cattolica Del Veneto. CONTACT: Augusto Miste, Miste
Augusto, Via Pindemonte, 3, 36100 Vicenza, Italy. TELEX: 480670 VIP.
Phone: (0444) 45409. (WK 6/TOFAS 1)

Seeds, field and grass (Italy). Wants (A) Creeping Bentgrass: "Emerald",
"Panncross", and "Seaside"; (B) Fine Fescue: "Highlight" and other
varieties; (C) Creeping Red Fescue; (D) Perennial Ryegrass: "
Manhattan"," Pennfine", "Derby", "Compas", and other varieties; (E)
Kentucky Bluegrass: "Tetila", "Agresso", and other varieties; (F)
Bermuda grass (unhulled); (G) Dichondra; (H) Forage Sorghum: "Redlan &
Green Leaf" and other varieties. Quantity 20 mt in total. Packed in
bags of 25, 50, and 100 Ibs according to seed type. Containers of 10 or
20 mt. Quote CIF Italian ports. Delivery January and February 1984.
Other requirements: imported seed must meet FIS regulations. Bank ref:
Cassa Di Risparmio Di Padova; Banca Antoniana-Padova. CONTACT: Amante
Pilotto, Seminart S.N.C., Via Ca Nave, 125 35013 Cittadella (PD), Italy.
Phone: (049) 591-588. (WK 6/TOFAS 2)

Strawberry plants (Italy). Wants 6,000 (2,000 strawberry plants for each
variety): Aptos, Hecker, and Brighton. Quote CIF. Shipment in
refrigerated containers. Delivery end of February. Bank ref: Monte
Paschi Di Siena, Agenzia No. 3-Milano; Banca Agricola Milanese.
CONTACT: Tino Mirani, Gold Worm, Via Pianzio, 5, 35030 Galzignano,
(Padova), Italy. Phone: (02) 723-552 or (02) 738-5492. (WK 6/TOFAS 3)

Strawberry plants (Italy). Wants about 100,000 strawberry plants;
quality Gorella or similar variety. Quote CIF or FOB. Delivery May-June
1984. Packed in refrigerated containers. Bank ref: Banca Commerciale
Italiana Verona; Credito Italiano Verona. CONTACT: Angelo Gavioli,
Angelo Gavioli, Via Don Bepo, 12, 37061 Cadidavid (VR). TELEX: 481095.
Phone: (045) 540-186. (WK 6/TOFAS 4)

Fruit and salad (Italy). Wants fresh grapes, oranges, grapefruit, santa
rosa prunes, capiscums, radishes, and iceberg lettuce. All products
destined to European markets. Quantity to be determined. Quote CIF
Rotterdam. Delivery: prompt. Packaging by containers. CONTACT:
Edewnin Airppol, Arippol Maurizio S.R.L., Via C. Lombroso, 54, 20137
Milano. TELEX: 313011. Phone: (02) 589-907. (WK 6/TOFAS 5)

Yellow onions (Italy). Wants two containers (about 40 mt) of yellow
onions. Packaging: 10 kg "net bags". Quote CIF Genoa port. Delivery
prompt. Other requirements: size 70 mm or greater. Bank ref: Cariplo,
Via Lombroso, 20137 Milano. CONTACT: Edwin Arippol, Arippol Maurizio
S.R.L., Via Lombroso, 54, 20137 Milano. TELEX: 313011. Phone: (02)
589-907. (WK 6/TOFAS 6)

Frozen Alaska Seals (Korea). Wants 5,000 whole Alaska Seal (Callorhinus
Ursinus), frozen, male only. Standard packing for frozen seals.
Delivery from April thru June 1984. Required certification for export
from the U.S. if it is necessary. Quote CIF Pusan port. Bank ref:

Bank of Seoul & Trust Co., Sokong branch office, 91-1 Sokong-dong,
Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea. CONTACT: Kim, Kil Soo, President, Young-Heung
Agri-Industry Co., 584-15, Jayang-dong, Sungdong-ku, Seoul, Korea.
TELEX: K-22504 KIMCHUN (ATTN: K.K.S.). Phone: 447-3707. (WK 6/TOFAS

Foreign Market Development:

The 14th Annual Florida International Agri-business Trade Show:

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is sponsoring
their 14th Annual Florida International Agri-business Trade Show, May
10-11, 1984, at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.

The International Agri-business Trade Show will feature livestock
agricultural equipment and machinery. Events include a cattle judging,
tractor driving contest, and a horse show. The trade show is preceded by
the Latin American Livestock and Poultry Short Course, at the University
of Florida in Gainesville, May 6-9, 1984. The Short Course is conducted
in Spanish for the benefit of the many visitors from Latin America.

For more information about the show, please contact: John Stiles,
Director, Division of Marketing, Florida Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Services, Room 429, Mayo Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.
Telephone: (904) 448-7970.

The Spanish Government has extended the partial suspension of import
duties through April 26, 1984. The suspension includes import duties on
agricultural commodities, with the exception of cheese.


The tradeletter, CONTACTS for U.S. Farm Products, is an export promotion
service offered FREE by the Foreign Agricultural Service to help American
companies introduce agricultural products to foreign markets. The
CONTACTS provides names and addresses of U.S. suppliers and a brief
description of the agricultural products they offer to potential foreign

CONTACTS is designed to help publicize the availability of U.S.
agricultural products and services in foreign markets. The CONTACTS
tradeletter will allow a U.S. supplier to advertise their product or
service in a free 100 word or less trade announcement. The newsletter is
transmitted overseas monthly to our Agricultural Officers where they
distribute it to agricultural importers. In addition, the newsletter is
translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Greek.

If you would like to participate in this program contact the marketing
representative with your State Department of Agriculture, or call (202)
447-7103 for further information on how to participate in the CONTACTS
program. While preference for participation in this program is given to
new-to-market products and new-to-export firms, all firms are invited to


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service
can provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential
foreign food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases have been
under development for the last three years and are being constantly
updated. For a nominal service charge we can provide you with the names,
addresses, telephone numbers and telex numbers of domestic exporters or
potential foreign importers for a wide range of commodities. If you
would like more information please write to the address below and
indicate your preference for foreign or domestic data. In supplying the
mailing lists, the Department of Agriculture and the Foreign Agricultural
Service does not guarantee reliability of the domestic suppliers or
foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 447-7103


In an effort to provide our subscribers with more comprehensive
information we have included a listing of several divisions of the
Foreign Agricultural Service. If you have a commodity-specific question
concerning a marketing or analytical related problem please contact the
specific Commodity and Marketing Programs division for assistance. If
you are concerned about trade issues such as product acceptance in a
country or a trade policy related question please contact the appropriate
division in International Trade Policy.




Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division 6616-S 447-8031
Grain & Feed Division 5603-S 447-4168
Horticultural and Tropical Products Division 6603-S 447-6590
Oilseeds and Products Division 5646-S 447-7037

Tobacco, Cotton and Seeds Division
Forest Products Staff




Trade Policy Planning and Analysis Division
Inter-America and Western Europe Division
Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe Division




Most of the FAS Agricultural Counselors, Attaches, Officers and Trade Officers
stationed overseas have facilities for receiving telex messages.

They CANNOT answer back, however, unless they have the senders name, address,
including street address, city and state and of course the telex number.


-MaiW PW* -86 P AT S W 4


3 1262 08522 1827
I 89. .
PEI RT No. 6262

00440 C C OJ00 3 1040 03301

If your address should be changed PRINT
OR TYPE the new address, including ZIP CODE and
return the whole sheet and/or envelope to:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

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