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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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Te, following trade items have been gathered from Agri
I e,,I i r to US. exporters of food and agricultural produ<
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas
.t s trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating th
brwiles Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

cultural Attache and other governmu
s. "gA tBRAWthe
iquirer. Your best source for further
I inquiry. r n 1Y notact th

I.F.A.S. Univ.Fertlorjde,

t reports as a
Department of
information on
Export Trade


Wheat flour (Syria). Tender with closing date February 21 for
S90,000 metric tons of "zero" white wheat flour plus/minus 5
pct, at sellers option. Full specifications from address below.
Shipment: 30,000 mt April 1981, and similar amounts in May and
l June 1981. Partial shipment minimum 2500 mt. plus/minus 5 pct.
Diii ote: C and F (free out liners terms) Lattakia or Tartous ports.
,Con^tact: The general establishment for cereal processing and
i rad (Estc.ereal),Sahet Youssef Al-Azmeh, -Hilal Al-Ahmar
-pi lBuild.tg Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11027 SY.


im .ad tropical foliage seed (Australia). Wishes to buy palm
eds ;and rare tropical foliage seed, high germination necessary,
cite in foil. Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote: CIF.
k ret: ANZ Bank, Darwin Branch. Contact: L.K. Reiner,
fhe.r '.Nature Sarden Service PTY Ltd, P.O. Box 809, Darwin,
ithern Territry, 5794 Australia. Phone: (089) 881081.
en r Seas, hes tomato paste (Chile). Green peas, canned
ilhes.a|; S, an tomato paste 30/32 grades brix. Each product
p l l i Fancyand ~Choice gradess 1 and 2), 5,000 cartons month,
lFa4./5603 grs 0: 2) and 24/850 grs (No. 2). Shipment after
tfil;.8 NOue. p: private label, CIF Valparaiso. Bank ref:
i a~e' m ~ .si ado md;e'Chile and:Banco Sudamericano. Contact:
| .it.. :iia Infante, Consorcio. Nieto Saci, Santa Rosa No. 2668
taa.. hife. ,Telex: 40206 Socen Cl. Phone: 52572/568078.
Sa6:nd-bhe meal (Syrta). Requests offers for 6,400 mt. of meat
abip. mi.eal for shipment 3,200 mt. in February 1981 and 34200 mt.
i.rthi1 ~I. Offer deadline February 10. Complete details from
Wt:s belew. Prices requested per net weight.
tIl'i;: on board vessel at port of loading. C and F liner terms,
If i ip~ts ,4 Bid bond required. Contact: The general organi-
tl00 ; r! i foder (f:OF, P.O. Box 4797 Damascus, Syria. Cable:
SAF: ..ex:. 11m89 SY.

S gland)a. WIants still and sparkling white wine, low-medium
tv.itiesb.t Tes in cartons, fupte: CIF, London. Bank
S iiiLloyds nk Ltd Witham. Contact: David Eade, Impex Links,
iiereorn Way, itham,. Essex CM8 2UF, England.
I: ::.. ......... ..: ._.*.. ... .. .....:. ..._ ___________. -
Sthei Exprt Tra' e Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
!i 4945 South Bu.iiBg, Wash.ington .C. 20250
a s:: t M ::g*:"::". .

0241 Snacks (Sweden). Wants different kinds of natural snacks, approx.
100,000 consumer packs per year, ready-to-sell consumer packages.
The firm is the largest independent wholesaler and importer in
Sweden. Bank ref: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken. Contact:
dlaes-roran Fick, Arvid Notdquist Hab, Fack, S-171 20 Solna,
Sweden. Telexx: ,'10047. Cable: PARFAIT S. Phone: 08/28 90 80.

0242 F.ozen .geese and rabbits (Germany). Interested in buying frozen
geese and frozen domestic rabbits. Bank ref: Stadt-Sparkasse in
4156 Willich 3. Contact: Koenen Tiefkuehl Service GMBH, Mr. H.
Koenen, AM Nordkanal 38; 4156 Willich 3, West Germany. .Telex:
8531023. Phone: 2154-5031-4. ..i
0243 Rice (Germany). Wants milled white rice, long grain, 50,000
metric tons, U.S. grade no,. 2, maximum 4 percent broken, in 50.!
kilo bags. Payment by seller's specification. Quotation valid:::l
for at least three months. Request 2 kilo samples by express aI
mail. Ouote: U.S. storage plant or C&F any Iranian port. Baii nk
ref: Dresdner Bank AG, Duesseldorf. Contact: Dr. Karim Amighb!,
Technoplan GMBH, Bismarckstrasse 77, P.O. Box 8002, 4000
Duesseldorf 1, Germany. Telex: 8581983 TEX 0. Phone: 0211-35-
66 19.
0244 Broilers, beef,'pork (Belgium). Wishes to.buy 10,000-15,,000 nitB
0245 monthly of frozen broilers, Grade A, I.W.P. cartons, Islamic
slaughter; and container loads of portion control beef and pork,,:
cuts. Quote: FOB U.S. ports and C&F Alexandria; FOB U.S.
and C&F Alexandria per container. Contact: Peter Van Heeswiji
United Meat S.A. Lange Lobroekstraat 69, B-2000 Antwerpen (Bel-6
Telex: 71269 FFOOD. .Phone: 031/36.85.29.
0246 Haricot beans (New Zealand). Wants dry beans-Haricot variety 4.
processing into baked beans, 1,000 to 1,500 mt. per year, U.S
number 1, bulk containers-200 to 300 mt per shipment. Delivery
beginning April or May through November. Quote: .FAS or C&F::.
Wellington. Bank ref: Australia. & New Zealand, Lower HuttN..
Contact: Henry Chiu, Robert Brice and Co., P.O. Rbx 3747,
Wellington, New Zealand. Telex: 3934. Phone: 687-109 Wel ll nII
0247 olbtei.n and Charolais tender Kerea), The National Livestock
0248 Cooberatives Federation (NLCF. tendered January 29 for (A) 8:1E
of registered Holstein datry bulls and (B) 7 head of registe.rl
Charolais beef bulls from U.S,A,, Cdnada, Japan,. New Zeal and
Australia. The bt. closina.date -is, lO .OAM Fehbuarv 27. 1981"
NLCF Telex-; K-2351. NALrC6'F,' Seoul' Korea. DetatTs can be odb
from the Agricultural Trade Officer, American Embassy (Seo'ul,,ii.
Korea), APO San Francisco 96301.

0249 Turkeys (Canary Islands). Wants frozen dressed turkeys, 1.a0
(6 full cargo loads), eviscerated, without head anrd feet. W#
be be agreed upon. Each bird ifidividualTy wrapped in ctyova.
polyethylene bags. Then packed in carao board eoxes:, r pn r
secured. Size of box to' be decided at the time of .iotra:~ ct
Quotations: CIF Canary Islands, De livery: Shipm t. di ng
fortntght in November 1981. Bank -reff T Itrcottental Esvansa
e' bei* 1 f8. Bank 4 I t. ft *'
.i L .) .. ..... .... .. .....


:s I i!

Contact: Jose A. Hormiga-Marrero, Horlemen Canarias, S.L.,
Franchy Y Roca, 5-Third Floor, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary
Islands. Phone: (928) 27 71 16. Telex: 96585 Horc E.

0250 Pork loins, beef tenderloins (Canary Islands). Wants pork loins,
0251 bone in, 30-25 mt. per month, and steer
tenderloins, 30-35 mt. per month (2 full cargo loads) 2-3 and 3-4
pounds. Packaging in cardboard boxes properly secured. Quotations:
CIF Canary Islands. Delivery from February 1981 on. Bank ref:
Intercontinental Espanol. Contact: Jose A. Hormiga-Marrero,
Horlemen Canarias, S.L., Franchy Y Roca, 5-Third Floor, Las Palmas
de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Phone: (928) 27 41 16. Telex:
96585 Horc E.

0252 Dressed ducks, fryer legs (Canary Islands). Wants frozen dressed
0253 ducks, 15-20 mt. per month one full cargo load), eviscerated,
without head and feet, 1,600-2,200 grams. Each piece in trans-
parent polyethylene bags, with label in Spanish attached, (according
to Spanish laws bag shall bear no printed markings), then packed
in cardboard boxes, properly secured. Also fryer legs, 100 mt.
per month, 30-40 lbs. per carton, outside labels in Spanish.
Quotations: CIF Canary Islands. Delivery: From February 1981
on. Bank ref: Intercontinental Espanol. Contact: Jose A.
Hormiga-Marrero, 'Horlemen Canarias, S.L., Franchy Y Roca, 5-Third
Floor, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Phone: (928)
27 41 16. Telex: 96585 Horc E.

15j4 Canned peaches (Chile). Wants 18-20 thousand gallon cans of
i peaches, water pack, grade one, one-half June 1981, remainder
August. Quote: CIF Valparaiso, Chile. Bank ref: Banco de
Santiago, Modeda 1096, Santiago. Contact: Gerardo Ateaga K.,
Industrial Y Comercial Santa Adela Ltda., Amunategui 86, of. 501,
Santiago, Chile. Telex: FACODELA 94260. Phone: 68387 or 68351.

.5 Broilers (Sweden). Wants 5,000 mt. of frozen broilers, approx.
1 kg weight, for third country destination. Bank ref: Svenska
Handelsbanken. Contact: Arvid Netterberg, APRO BYGG AB,
Frofastegatan 86-88, S-421 31 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden. Phone:
031/49 33 60.

0256 Onion sets (Yugoslavia). Yugoslav importers request quotes on
2,000 to 2,500 mt. of onion sets for delivery by March 5.
(Netherlands is traditional supplier but steep price increases
have led to desire to investigate other markets.) Price (CIF
Rijeka or Koper) and quality will be key factors in import decision.
.Sendoffer soonest to Vocar-Coop, Belgrade, to Telex 11209 Yu
i Vocat and/or to Economic Chamber for Drmanovic at Telex 12423

0.;7257 Dried alfalfa (Japan). Wants dehydrated alfalfa leaves, 2,000
m/t per year, in pellet and for chemical use, crude protein content
over 20 percent, crude fiber content,over 18 percent, appropriate
packaging for export by surface shipment. Immediate delivery.
Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Yurakucho Branch, Tokyo.
Contact: Hajime Katoh, First Enterprise, Inc., C/0 6th Floor,

Ohmori Sky Residence, 30-16, 6-chome, Ohmori-Kita, Ohta-Ku,
Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 02468069 FRST E J. Cable: HJIMIEK TOKYO.
Phone: (03) 766-6361.

0258 Wheat germ oil (Japan). Wants 500 kgs as trial shipment.
Requires specific information to include a complete analysis.
Packed in cans. Immediate delivery. Quote: FOB. Bank ref:
Fuji Bank, Shimbashi Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Kazusuke Kamijo,,
The Taiyo Shokai Co., Ltd., 5-33-9, Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo,*"l'
Japan. Cable: KAMIJO TYO. Phone: (03) 431-3654.

0259 Grains, sugar, vegetable oils (Peru). Wishes to represent or a
0260 as broker for U.S. exporters of food and feed grains, sugar ailnd;
0261 vegetable oils. Bank ref: Ing. Guillermo Huaman de los Hero::;
Gerente de la Oficina Tecnica, Banco Peruano de los Constructo m.
Jiron Lampa 560, Lima 1, Peru. For further reference on this
company, interested firms could contact Mr. George Istrati,
Director, International Marketing, Globe Engineering co., 222
North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois. Phone: (312) 431--
Contact: Jerry B. Bartin, AMSA Consultores, AV. Salaverry 2401,
2415 Of. 206, San Isidro, Apartado Postal 5231, Lima 1, Periiu,"
Telex: 25257 CP ISIDR. Cable: AMSAPE. Phone: 22-3459.

0262 Soy protein, vegetable oil (Japan). Wants 20 mt. per year o
soybean protein, purity more than 96%, immediate delivery; &d.
substantial quantities of wheat germ oil, delivery November :
December. Samples and specific information required. Appr
packaging for export by surface shipment. Quote: C&F. .a k.
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Showa-Dori Branch, Tokyo. Contact:
Toyotsugu Arisaka, K.K. J.A.M. Inc., C/0 Chiyoda Kaikan,. 3- ,
Kabuto-Cho, Nihonbashi, Chuq-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 25241
JAMINC J. Cable: TYOJAMINC. Phone: (03) 668-3021.

0263 Onions (Okinawa). Wishes to purchase onions, 1,500 m/t per -
size: 3. to 3.5 inches, specific information required. Ap
packaging for export by surface shipment. Delivery beginning
September-October. Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Ryukyu Bank, thii
Branch, Okinawa. Contact: Siezan Nakahara, Naha Seikabutsuu, j
Oroshisho Jigyo Kyodo Kumiai, #287, Maji, Naha-Shi, Okinawa.
Telex: 795-484 Naseka J. Phone: (0988) 55-3411.

0264 Abalone (Singapore). Wants 3,000 kg per month of abalone-f
and canned, packed in 10-20 kg paper cartons, prompt deliveS
Quote: CIF. Bank ref: Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp
.Marine Parade'Branch, Singapore. Contact: Thomas Goh, Cho
Foods PTE Ltd., 112 Block 34, Dakota Crescent, Singapore
Telex: RS 25427. Phone: 4485563.

0265 Garlic (Greece). Wishes to buy sliced dried garlic, 4 :m:,
in two equal shipments, Grade A for sausage manufacture, i
polylined jute bags, 2 mt as soon as possible balance au
must send sample with offer. Quote: C-IF Piraeus, .'ree% e:
ref: National Bank of Greece, Vathis Square Branch, 2 At
Street, Athens. Contact: Stilianos Pongoyannis, Pangoy i
Company, 18, Averof Street, Athens 103, Greece. TIle 21i
ANSWERBACK STEM. Phone: 822-5665.

026G Sugar (Germany). Wants refined white sugar, 100,000 metric tons,
polar 99.8, ash 0.04, moisture 0.08., Colue.100 percent,
packed in 50 kilo bags. Quote FAS or FOB U.S. Gulf port. Bank
ref: Bank of America, Hamburg. Contact: E.B. Robertz, Pacific
Trading Company GMBH, Rothenbaumchaussee 115, D-2000 Hamburg
13, Germany. Telex: 0212889 VOELCK D. Cable: PATRACO HAMBURG.
Phone: 040-44 22 63.

0267 Dates (Belgium). Wants 5 metric tons of fresh dates, suitable for
health food shops, bulk in 7 to 20 kilo cartons. Needs certifi-
cate stating that dates are 100 percent natural, non treated, and
free of worms. Would like samples. Quote: CIF Antwerp. Bank
ref: Societe Generale De Banque. Contact: Mrs. Kassabian,
Araco SPRL, Rue Gatti de Gamond, 214, B-1180 Brussels (Belgium).
Telex: Aracoimpex. Phone: 02/376.67.58.
0118 Soybeans, corn (Germany). Wants 10,000-15,000 mt. of soybeans, No.
0269 2 or 3; and 10,000-15,000 mt. of yellow corn, No. 2. Quote:
FOB & cost and freight (C&FI free out Jeddah. Bank ref: Sonali
Bank, Secretariate Branch, Ramma, Dacca 2, Bangladesh. Contact:
Dr. Bashir-ud-din Ahmad, Allied Trade and Travel Service, P.O. Box
301716, West Berlin 301, Germany. Telex: 11438LIHAZB, DD ATN:

m m Chicken, beef, turkey, eggs (England). Wants 1,000 tons of chicken,
271: 100 tons of beef tn quarters and halves, 100 tons of chicken parts,
100 tons of eggs, tray packs 90%, dozen packs 10%, 35% stamped
... with origin, 60% 55 to 60 cms, 40 % 60-65 cms, and 100 tons.of
l turkey drumsticks. Quote: FOB, California or Tampa, C&F Dubai
m (UAE) and Quatar. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd. Contact: D. Cliff,
D.W. Cliff Enterprise, 66 Westwood, Golcar Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
England. Telex: 21120.

SLive broilers (Canada). Wants live broiler chickens, 21,000 head,
3 trailer loads, deliver week of February 14, 1981. Other
requirements: Live, 4 to 4 Ibs. Bank ref: On request. Contact:
Bob Thorpe, Paris Poultry Products, 334 Grand River Street North,
Paris, Ontario, N3L 3E4, Canada. Phone: (519) 442-2731.

is Joint venture (Colombia). Interested in a joint venture for a
cattle operation of about 30,000 head. Has about $120 million
S worth of land and operation will need about two million U.S.
dollars. Located in northern area of Colombia Barranquilla area.
S Contact: Adriano Montero Amador, Carrera 5 No. 26-57, Apt. 201,
Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 232-6838 BOGOTA or 837-590 MEDELLIN.
Broilers (Germany). Wants broilers, frozen, up to 5,000 tons per
month, Grade A, usual packaging. Birds to be IHalal killed, I.E.,
1 ~ slaughtered in accordance with Muslim requirements. Letter of
r credit can be opened immediately. Quote: FOB stowed U.S. port.
IIliBank ref: Schweizertsche Depositen-Und Kreditbank A.G., Zurich,
Swuitzerland; Manager Mr. Wigert. Contact: L. Peeters, S. Bittner
Wm GMBH, Kantstrasse 2, D-4010 Hilden, West Germany. Telex: 8581675
rl ..CPI D. Phone: 49.2103.80025.

0277 Dried peas, canned fruits, and vegetables (Chile). Wants consumer
0278 packs of dried whole green peas, canned peaches, pineapple, fruit
0279 cocktail and fruit juices, canned asparagus, green beans, sweet
corn, and red peppers. Quantity will depend on price. Canned
products should be Fancy-Choice in Al, A2, A10, and A12 sizes.
Quote: CIF Valparaiso, Chile. Bank ref: Banco de Santiago,
Moneda 1096, Santiago, and Banco de Chile, Ahumada 251, Santiago.
Contact: Rene Silberstein, Productos Walter Silberstein Y Co.
Ltda., Casilla 186, Correo 10, Santiago, Chile. Telex: PB.
VTRKU 94260 WASIL. Cable: WASIL. Phone: 773314.and 370590,

Foreign Trade Develobments i

The world-renowned ANUGA International Trade Fair will take pla'li
in Cologne, West Germany, from October 10-15, 1981. The Foreigg '.l.i
Agricultural Service has promoted U.S. agricultural and food
products exports at this important biennial event for many yea'ii;;4;
and once again is planning an exhibit of over 1,000 square me'tei4i
in "Consuma" the food section of ANUGA '81. Again we are
cooperating with the German-American Chamber of Commerce in
soliciting U.S. food companies to join us in this excellent o Qp
tunity to contact representatives of the food trade from all ovft:
the world. Mr. Hans Teetz of the Chamber is handling all deta1iil
for exhibitor participation. Through the Office of the AgricdO
Counselor at the American Embassy in Bonn and the Agricultura:li i
Trade Office in Hamburg, assistance will be offered to all exh
tors. A general information booth and trade lounge at the e
will be staffed and operated by these Foreign.Agricultural Se.
representatives. Past experience indicates that interest in.
participating in the U.S. exhibit exceeds the space available.:.!:J
Therefore, potential exhibitors are urged to give early consid1d
tion to this invitation and to contact Mr. Teetz at his New Yo
office (telephone: (212) 974-8830) for further details..
Last Call-- Food Exhibitions for European Buyers. Food buyers
from Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, England, Ireland,. ':/
Sweden,. Denmark, Norway, and Belgium will be coming to the united
States February 18 to attend four regional exhibits of Americani(,''.
foods. Exporters of U.S. fresh and processed foods are remindeIV
that there is still time to participate. The locations, exhibi4
dates and offices to contact are New Orleans, February 18-22,: i::;
Southern United States Trade Association, Phone (504) 568-59861'
Oakland, February 26-28. Western U.S. Agricultural Trade AssocPr:i
action, Phone (206) 696-4683; Kansas City, March 3, Mid-America ::'.ji
International Agri-Trade Council, Phone (312) 368-4448: and Neiw
York City, March 5, Eastern U.S. Agricultural and Food Export .;
Council, Phone (212) 432-0020. The buyers will also be visiti:.g('
the National Fancy Food and Confection Show in Houston and the
United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association Conventioi and
Exhibit in San Antonio. .
Food/Tourist exhibition on Island Of Margarita. The first
international food show in Margarita, a major Venezuelan tourist`
and free port center, will be held March 20-26. Cbst of.a 3X4

-- .. ".. ..i ......... .i. .
-. .'. .! Iiiiii

meter booth is $5,000. Contact for the show is Juan Marrero
Suarez, Margarita Concorde Hotel, Porlamar, llsa de Margarita,
Estado Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

Colombia announces AgroExpo 1981. A National Agricultural
Exposition will be held in Bogota, Colombia, July 16-26, 1981.
Exhibits will include canned and preserved foods, wines, food
preservation equipment, packaging and bottling equipment. For
details write to the Coordinacion de Ferias y Exposiciones S.A.,
Carrera 40 No. 22C-67, Bogota, D.E. Colombia.

The Central American Livestock Exposition (EXPICA). Will be
held in San Jose, Costa Rica from March 28 through April 5, 1981.
This is the largest and most important livestock exposition in
Central America. The Office of our Agricultural Attache in Costa
Rica is assisting in coordinating the participation of the U.S.
breed associations, State Departments of Agriculture, and other
livestock concerns. Sufficient booth space will be made available,
Sand there will be a room where slides and movies can be projected.
The Agricultural Attache in cooperation with the U.S. participants
,is planning a reception in honor of each U.S. association or
department represented. All livestock representatives from Costa
Rica and the visiting countries will be invited. A contribution
From each attending U.S. participant is being requested to help
il'defray the cost of the social/business event. Time is short and
interested livestock firms should make their reservations without
delay. Call or write Frank Lee, Agricultural Attache, American
iEmbassy, San Jose, Costa Rica. Phone: 22-55-66, Extension 251
and 295.

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