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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

May 8, 1981

1042 Agricultural development (Saudi Arabia). Wishes to contact U.S. firms
specialized in agricultural farming. The U.S. firm should establish an
office in Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of Shinkar Trading
Establishment to undertake agricultural farming projects. According to the
firm, the royal family owns a considerable number of agricultural farms in
Khudais, Wadi, Asfan, and Tabuk that they would like to develop. The firm
states that they have good connections with the land owners and there are
good opportunities for U.S. firms to secure these projects through him.
Will sponsor and will provide all local assistance required for
establishing an office in Saudi Arabia.
Contact: Abdul Majeed M.N. Shinkar, Shinkar Trading
Establishment, P.O. Box 876, Jidda, Saudia Arabia. Telex: 401878 MAGEED
SJ. Phone: 665-1650.

1043 Fish (Egypt). Frozen mul-let silver fish containing roe, 2,000 mt., or in
cartons; and frozen roe, 30 mt., in plastic packages. Phytosanitary
certificate required. Quote: CIF Alexandria. Bank ref: National Bank
for Investment. Contact: Talaat Hussein, East for Investment and Trading,
S4, El Diwan Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt, OR P.O. Box 252, Cairo,
Egypt. Telex: 98782 TALAT-UN. Phone: 20340/22503.
1044 Guinea pigs (Chile). Wants giant guinea pigs for breeding, males 2,
females 8, two to four months, adult over 3 kgs., delivery end of June.
Quote: CIF Santiago. Bank ref: Sr. Ernesto Ayala, General Manager,
Compania Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones S.A., Agustinas 1343, 2nd
Floor, Santiago. Contact: Alberto Von Bischhoffshausen Matthei, Pedro De
Valdivia 1426, Santiago, Chile. Phone: 233389.
1045 Broilers (Israel). Frozen broilers, 5,000 mt., 900-1,300 grams each,
packaged plastic and carton, delivery mid-June. Quote: FOB East Coast,
CIF Mombassa. Bank ref: Bank Igud, Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan.
Contact: Eytan Israely, Corporation for Economic Development, 2 Jabotinsky
Road, P.O.B. 3230, Ramat Gan, Israel. Telex: 33702 TNOGA. Phone:

1046 Rice (Ivory Coast). 10,000 mt., 15 and 20 percent broken, 100 pound bags,
delivery soonest. Quote: C&F Abidjan. Bank ref: SIB (Societe Ivoiriene
De Banques). Contact: Mme. Lamour Judity, Sigma Contact, 01 B.P. 3674,
Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Phone: 41-04-73.


Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agr cultural Seic, S. 'Vbpartment if
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250
I F.A.S. Univ. of Florida

1047 Rice (Germany). Long grain, 200,000 mt. in 20,000 ton shiploads, max. 4
percent broken, 50 kilo bags, for sale to Iran. Performance bond of one
percent at offering and seven percent at conclusion of contract. Shipment
in vessels built after July 1, 1966. Claims to have a binding order from
Iranian Government to buy 200,000 mt. of rice. Quote: C&F Persian Gulf.
Bank ref: Bank Melli Iran, Schadowplatz 12, D-4000 Dusseldorf. Contact:
Dariush Hashemi, Takhaha Kg., Oberbilker Allee 310, D-4000 Dusseldorf, West
Germany. Telex: 858-40-52. Phone: (0211) 77-55-11.

1048 Wheat bran (Portugal). 1,000 tons/month, pellets or in bags, delivery
soonest possible after opening letter of credit. Specify grades available
when submitting quotations. Bank ref: Banco Fonsecas E Burney Av.
Fontes Pereira De Melo. Contact: Euroasa Comercio Ind. E Agricultura,
Rua Tomas Ribeiro No. 45-5 Dto. 1000 Lisboa, Portugal. Telex: 13598
EUROASA P. Phone: 576027.

1049 Pigeon squabs (England). Wants pigeon squabs, fresh, frozen, and pigeon
parent stock, breeding stock for table purposes. Quote: CIF UK or FOB.
Bank ref: Barclays Bank. Contact: P.E.O. Pratt, Wessex Fish Farms,
Water Lane Fish Farm, Burton Bradstock, Dorset DT6 4NE, England. Phone:
030 889 685.

1050- Chicken, eggs (England). Chicken, Grade A, 800-1,400 grams, Islamic
1051 slaughter, polythene bags, same number birds each carton, weight marked on
cartons, master carton to be full telescoping stitched or self-locking; and
1,080,000, Grade A white, cartons containing 360 eggs in trays at 30 each,
weight 55-60 grams average. Quote: FOB and CIF Alexandria, Egypt. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank International. Contact: Dr. M. T. Elkhami, Catex
(Manchester) Ltd., 48 Derby Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, England.
Telex: 666033. Cable: COMCAB-CATEX G. Phone: 061 2251316.

1052 Fish, blood, meat and bone meal (England). Wants 500 tons fishmeal, 200
tons bloodmeal, and 500 tons per month of meat and bone meal. Animal feed
grade, 50 kilo bags. Delivery: June onwards. Quote: CIF UK. Bank ref:
National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: Gerard Homan, Gerard J. Homan
Ltd., Three Mill Bills, 63 Church Street, Nassington, Peterbourg PE8 6QG,
England. Telex: 32719. Phone: 0780 782734.

1053- Rice, chicken, corn oil (England). Wants 40,000 tons rice, 5,000 10,000
1055 monthly, not exceeding Grade 2, 4% broken, gunny sacks; chicken, 2,000 -
10,000 tons, Islamic slaughter, Grade A, 800-1,400 grams, individually
wrapped in poly bags, 10-14 per carton; and corn oil, pure, 2,000 tons, one
U.S. gallon plastic containers. Quote: C&F Tehran or FOB U.S. port. Bank
ref: Barclays. Contact: Fund Yaqubian, Amirs Middle East Market Research
Ltd., 35 North Audley Street, London, W1Y 2HT, England. Telex: 23575
KAZMIR G. Phone: 01-493-3221 AND 01-408-2180.

1056- Rice, wheat, sugar, barley, chicken, corn (England). Wants rice, 100,000
1061 mt., Grade B, long grain, 4% broken; wheat, 100,000 mt., 12-15% protein;
sugar, 50,000 mt., 99.7-99.9% purity; barley, 200,000 mt.; chicken, 20,000
mt., 800-1,200 grams, frozen, Moslem killed; and corn, 100,000 mt., Grade
3. Quote: C&F Bandar Abbas for all except chicken, which is C&F Tehran.
One percent bid bond, five percent performance bond. Bank ref: Bank of
Credit & Commerce International. Contact: Paruis Ahdpor, Castle Trading
Company, 1 Prince Edwards Mansions, Hereford Road, London W2, England.
Telex: 8953471 CENTRE. Phone: 01 462 5820.

1062- Broilers, chicken parts, turkeys (Egypt and United Arab Emirates). Trial
1063 order 200 mt. frozen broilers for each of the two buyers (projected
quantity 1,000 mt. per month), U.S. Grade A, white skin, 800-1,500 gm.,
max. age 13 weeks, poly bags with giblets wrapped separately and inserted
inside bird, 12-14 per carton, labeled English or English-Arabic. Islamic
slaughter and grading certificate required. Also chicken and turkey
parts. Quote: Alexandria and U.A.E. Primary suppliers only. Irrevocable
Letter of Credit with 4% performance bond. Bank ref: Midlantic Bank,
Bloomfield, New Jersey. Contact: U.S. agent of INTEREX, P.O. Box 1445,
Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003. TWX: 710-994-4764. Phone: (201) 748-4217.

1064 Eggs (Egypt and United Arab Emirates). Shell eggs, white shell, Grade A,
one container load for each of the two buyers, small, medium and large,
projected quantity one million per month. Primary suppliers only on
exclusive basis. Irrevocable Letter of Credit with 4% performance bond.
Bank ref: Midlantic Bank, Bloomfield, New Jersey. Contact: U.S. office
of INTEREX, 622 Bloomfield Avenue, P.O. Box 1445, Bloomfield, New Jersey
07003. TWX: 710-994-4764. Phone: (201) 748-4217.

1065 Grocery line (Oman). Wants following canned foods: Rice with chicken,
73,000 cans of 300 grams; rice with lamb, 73,000 cans of 300 grams; mutton
curry, cans of 284 grams, 21,000 kg.; corned mutton, cans of 340 grams,
33,000 kg.; tuna (mackerel) cans of 100 grams in water and oil, 40,000 kg.;
chicken curry, cans of 300 grams, 22,000 kg. Also sugar, saches of 9
grams, 15,800 saches. Primary suppliers only. Irrevocable Letter of
Credit with 4% performance bond. Bank ref: Midlantic Bank, Bloomfield,
New Jersey. Contact: U.S. office of INTEREX, 622 Bloomfield Avenue, P.O.
Box 1445, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003. TWX: 710 994 4764. Phone: (201)

1066 Rice (Portugal). Wants parboiled rice also rice with husk, 3.000 tons,
medium quality and better, bulk pack. Delivery soonest possible after
opening L/C. Specify grades available when submitting quotations. Quote:
CIF Lisbon/Leixoes. Bank ref: Barclay's Bank 1 Cockspur Street, London
SWIY 5BG. Contact: J. De Braganca, Agencia Internacional, Apartado 21108
1128 Lisboa Codex Portugal. Telex: 14544 STAR P. Phone: 328166 OR

1067- Beef, rice, frozen vegetables and concentrated fruit juices (Belgium).
1070 Wants A) Frozen boneless beef; B) Medium grain milled rice; C) Frozen
vegetables; D) Concentrated fruit juices. Quality: A) Strip loin or
tenderloin, USDA Choice; B) Maximum 4 percent broken; C) and D) First
quality. Packaging: A) 30 kilo cartons; B) Bulk; C) 1 and 2.5 kilo
plastic bags; D) 6 ounce cans. Delivery: A), C) and D) within one month;
B) within three months. Quote: C&F Dubai and/or Jidda. Bank ref:
General Bank, B-8790 Waragem, Belgium. Contact: Christian Demeyer,
General Manager, Itae (International Trade and Agency Enterprise Ltd.),
Keukeldamstraat 86C, B-8790 Waregem, Belgium. Telex: 85414 ITAE-B.
Phone: 056/60.60.56.

1071 Turf seeds (Belgium). Wants turf seeds of variety "Cynoden Dactylon", also
known as Dhub grass or Bahama grass. Quantity: To be determined with
seller, enough to cover 45 hectares at airport in Juba, Sudan. First
quality with high degree of purity, in jute or paper bags, delivery within
five to six months. Wishes to know delivery and payment terms. Quote:

4 *

CIF Juba, Sudan. Bank ref: National Institute of Farm Credit, Ministry of
Agriculture, Rue Joseph II, 56, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium. Attention: Mr.
A. Van Wynsberghe. Contact: Jean-Jacques Danneau, Danneau Enterprises,
Rue Dumont De Chassart, 6, B-6311 Villers-Perwin, Belgium. Phone:
071/85.24.19 OR 071/85.20.56.

1072 Meat meal (Portugal). 500 tons, protein 50/60 percent, in bags, delivery
soonest possible after opening Letter of Credit. Specify grades available
when submitting quotations. Bank ref: Banco Fonsecas E Burnay Av.
Fontes Pereira De Melo. Contact: Euroasa Comercio Ind. E Gricultura,
Rua Tomas Ribeiro No. 45-5 Dto. 1000 Lisboa, Portugal. Telex: 13598
EUROASA P. Phone: 576027.

1073 Sugar (France). Wants sugar in cubes, 1,000 tons per month, number 4 or 5
or (180 or 225 cubes per kilo) in boxes of one kilo in cartons of 25
kilos. Delivery from May to September 1981. Quote: Abidjan and Natadi.
Bank ref: Compagnie Generale De Banque Soficam, 23, Avenue Natignon, 75008
Paris. Contact: Fakra, President Director-General, Mirak France, S.A.,
13-15, Avenue De La Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France. Telex: 270210F
MIRAK. Phone: (1) 705.69-22.

1074- Casings, ginseng, leather (Hong Kong). Wants 800 boxes of sausage casings,
1076 200 kg. of ginseng, and 100 million feet of leather. Delivery during
1981. Quote: CIF Beijing, China. Bank ref: The Kwangtung Provincial
Bank; 21-22 Connaught Road, C., HK. Contact: Mrs. Man Chiu Yee, Hung To
Trading Co., 5/F., Flat B1, Fortuna Building, 34 Kamping Street, North
Point, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-611-950.

1077 Poultry and rice joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian agricultural company
presently producing palm produce, cocoa, rice and poultry-has acquired
another 200 acres of land for agro-based industry such as rice and poultry
wishes to collaborate with a U.S. company on a joint venture equity share
basis. Bank ref: Cooperative Bank Umuahia. Interested U.S. company
should contact: Joseph Ebeleagu, General Manager, Ebeleagu and Sons Farm
Estate Limited, Ndi Ebeleagu Abam, Via Eende, Care of Ozu Abam R.A., Imo
State, Nigeria.

1078 Rice (Nigeria). 10,000 mt., long grain, parboiled, 4 percent broken, 50
kilo double jute bags. Quote: C&F Apapa. Bank ref: Bank of Credit and
Commerce Oke-Bola, Ibadan, Nigeria. Contact: Chief A.P. Kolawole, APKO
Enterprises, P.O. Box 4444, G.P.O. Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

1079 Wheat (Egypt). Request bids for Tender No. 8 for supplying 100,000 tons
soft white wheat No. 2 or better 5 percent more or less latest crop.
Shipment 50,000 tons during June and 50,000 tons during July 1981. Offers
to be submitted above address in sealed envelopes latest noon Saturday, May
16, 1981. Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing
Committee for Grain and Its Products, 24, El-Gomhouria Street, Cairo,
Egypt. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM. Cable: ESTRAM.
1080- Wheat, corn (Nigeria). Wheat, No. 2 HRW or HRS; corn, No. 3 yellow. 10,000
1081 tons each every two weeks. Wheat in bulk, corn in 50 kilo bags. Mark for
"Imo State Flour Mill". Quote: C&F Port Harcourt. Bank ref: U.B.A. and
Co-operative Bank, Owerri. Contact: C.O. Nwanguma, APEX Associates, P.O.
Box 1792, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

1082 Wheat (Hong Kong). Hard Winter wheat, 100,000 mt. per shipment, No. 2, in
bulk, delivery June, July and August 1981. Quote: FOB. Bank ref: The
China and South Sea Bank Ltd., 22-26 Bonham Strand East, HK. Contact:
Chiu Kim Hung, I Hua Trading Company Ltd., Room 802 Hang Wo Building, 72-74
Bonham Strand West, Hong Kong. Telex: 62396 1HUA HX. Phone: 5-449681,
5-449314, 5-449085.

1083 Seafood joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company wants to represent U.S.
firm supplying frozen fresh water fish. Bank ref: New Nigeria Bank, OLER,
Isoko/Local Area Government, Bendel State, Nigeria. Contact: Stephen
Ikoro, S.E. Ikoro Nigeria Company, P.O. Box 83277, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.

1084- Beans, potato flakes, textured soya (Portugal). Lots of 20 and 50 tons.
1086 Beans: Light red kidney; dark red kidney; black eye bean; pink bean
chickpeas: 1st quality (average 200 beans per ounce). Bags of 25/50 kgs.
Delivery soonest possible after opening L/C. Quote: CIF Lisbon. Bank
ref: Banco Espirito Santo E Comercial De Lisboa. Contact: Carlos Alberto
De Oliveira, Av. Almirante Reis, 74-1100 Lisboa, Portugal. Telex: 18491
CADOL P. Phone: 823618/820098.

1087 Butter (Netherlands). Cream butter, 100 metric tons per week, unsalted,
sour cream butter, wholesale package, delivery mid-June 1981. Quote:
FIB. Bank ref: AMRO Bank, Amersfoort. Contact: Van Norren, Schuitema
N.V., Hogeweg 25, 3500 AA Amersfoort, Netherlands. Telex: 79394. Phone:

1089- Chicken, sugar, wheat, soybeans, rice, wheat flour, essential oils
1094 (Switzerland. Frozen chicken, whole (Hallal killed); sugar, white,
refined; hard and soft wheat; soybeans; rice, 4-20 percent broken; wheat
flour; essential oils for cosmetics orange, lemon, etc. Approximately
5,000 mt. total per month. Quote: FOB U.S. Gulf Port. Bank ref: Swiss
Credit Bank, Geneva. Contact: Messrs. D. Piccard and Petter, 1211 Geneva
19, Switzerland. Telex: 289.204 DIS/CH. Phone: 022/31 66 19.

(The following trade leads were provided by Commercial Officers of the U.S.
Department of Commerce).

1095 Corn oil (Pakistan). Refined cooking corn oil in bulk, for repacking in
small consumer packs. Also interested in agency for same. Estimated
annual sale dols. 100,000. Contact: Sardar Ali Javed, Manager, F.J.
Corporation, 5/37 Al Yousaf Chambers, Shahra-E-Liaquat, Karachi, Pakistan.

1096 Dried milk (Honduras). This firm operates the largest dairy plant in San
Pedro Sula and covers all the country. Quote: CIF Cortes, against L/C
including catalogs, prices, terms of delivery. Contact: Jose Antonio
Castellanos, Manager, Productos Lacteos Sula, Bo. Bermejo, San Pedro Sula,
Hondoruas, Puras, C.A. Cable: SULA. Phone: 540005.

1097 Canned meats, fish, fruits and vegetables (Honduras). Wants canned meats
except baby food, canned fish, crustacea and mollusks, and canned fruits
and vegetables. This firm operates the largest supermarket in the northern
area of the country. Quote: CIF Cortes against L/C including catalogs,
prices, terms of delivery. Contact: Eudaldo Capellades, Manager,
Supermercado Capellades, Barrio Mazapan, La Ceiba, Alt., Honduras, C.A.
Cable: CAPELLADES. Phone: 420419.

1098 Canned meats milk, fruits and vegetables (Honduras). Wants exclusive
distributorship for canned meats, canned milk, and canned fruits and
vegetables. This firm operates on commission basis. Quote: CIF Cortes
against L/C including catalogs, price lists, terms of delivery. Contact:
Issa A. Jaar, Manager, Agencia Almijar, Ed. Janania 5A, Avenue S.O., San
Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A. Cable: ALMIJAR.

1099 Canned foods (Oman). Grocery lines for supermarket, canned foods
(various), consultancy services for construction and layout of supermarket,
food products and other related supermarket items. Mr. Khalifa Mutref
resides in UAE and plans to build a supermarket in Oman, wishes to contact
a major food supplier source in U.S.A. Contact: Maeve Fatheldin, 520
United Arab Emirates, IAY Supermarket. Reply to Mr. Khalifa Mutref Ali Al
Falahi, P.O. Box 50579, Al Buraime, Oman.

1100 Dried milk, wheat flour, sugar, onion (Sierra Leone). Direct sale and
exclusive representation and distributorship for condensed and evaporated
milk, cube sugar, and onions in commercial packages. Bank ref: A.M.B.
Bank, Amsterdam; Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Siaka Stevens Street.
Contact: Edward U. Kargbo, 73, Old Blackhall Road, Kissy, Freetown, Sierra

1101 Tomato paste, jams. flour (Ivory Coast). Interested in canned tomato
paste, jams, and flour. Contact: Mahmoud Lamine Fadiga, Director, Action
Trading, 01 BP 2891, Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast. Phone: 32-83-23.

1102 Vegetable seed (Honduras). Interested in a general line of vegetable
seed. Contact: Roberto Marenco, Manager, Agrinova, S.A., P.O. Box 285,
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A. Cable: AGRINOVA. Phone: 542792.

1103 Gluten feed, gluten meal, dextrine, corn oil, potato starch, glucose
(Chile). Wants 1,000 tons of gluten feed; 600 tons of gluten meal; 60 tons
of dextrine (yellow and white); 200 tons of corn oil; potato starch; 300
tons of common starch; 200 tons of modified starch; 200 tons of glucose 42
Grade BE: 400 tons of glucose 44 Grade BE. Quantities given are monthly
requirements. Contact: Alberto Lorenzoni P., Manager, Aviagro, Teatinos
251 Of. 801, Santiago, Chile. Telex: 0075 AVIAGRO CZ. Phone: 0021.

1104- Seafoods (Portugal). Frozen wet salted and dried codfish; frozen Whiting
1105 and Redfish and other fish species all headless and eviscerated.
Quantities required depending on prices, delivery and other terms. FOB or
CIF quotation terms. English language of correspondence acceptable.
Contact: Dra. Adelaide Trigo, President, Comissao Reguladora Do Comercio
De Bacalhua (CRCB), Doca De Alcantara, 1374 Lisbon, Portugal. Telex:
16782 CRCB P. Phone: 60-39-91.

1106 Joint venture (Egypt). Firm is a medium-sized partnership. Mr. Mahmoud is
seeking connections with U.S. companies to import fish meal and is looking
forward to establishing a joint venture company. General Aly Helmy,
Partner, is a former general in the Egyptian police department. Contact:
Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud, Friendship Trade & Services Company, P.O. Box
5686, Helipolis West, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93016 DLTRS UN. Cable:
FRTSCO. Phone: 746212.

Foreign Trade Developments

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As
required of all signatories to the GATT Standards Code, this notification
of foreign proposed standards-related rules has been provided for the
information and comment of interested agencies and firms. The Technical
Office invites inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the proposed
regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade problem.
Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical Office, 5528
South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone at (202)
Finland. TBT/Notif 81.80 notifies that the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture
and Forestry has proposed a "Decree on Export and Import Inspection of
Certain Dairy Products." The Decree gives regulations for the import
inspection of cheese, butter, ice cream and milk products to be conducted
by the State Control Office for Dairy Products.
EEC. TBT/Notif 81.87 notifies that the Commission of European Communities
las prepared a "Proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) Amending Regulation
(EEC) No. 2967/76 Laying Down/Common Standards For the Water Content of
Frozen and Deep-Frozen Chickens, Hens and Cocks". The Proposal calls for
individual labelling and sets a maximum water content for poultry treated
with polyphosphates.

Japanese duty-free allocation for feeder steers. The Government of Japan
has issued a duty-free import allocation for 10,000 head of feeder steers
for the Japan fiscal year (JFY) 1981 (April 1 March 31).

Hong Kong Food Exhibit and Taiwan Sales Team. The Foreign Agricultural
Service is offering a double value to food firms wishing to expand their
sales to the Far East. Between September 8-15 it is sponsoring a U.S. Food
Exhibit in Hong Kong to be immediately followed by a Sales Team visit to
Taiwan. These are major markets with export opportunities for a wide
variety of fresh and processed foods and exporters will be allowed to
participate in both of these promotions at minimum expense. Get the full
story of these promotions by contacting the Project Leader, Bob Francis,
Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA, Washington, D.C. 20250. Phone: (202)


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