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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and oriler government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
June 1, 1979

0984 Furs (Canada). Established Montreal fur merchant desires contact with U.S.
fur collectors in following states: North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa,
Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Michigan. Firm currently imports
raw furs worth more than a million dollars annually from U.S. but desires more
suppliers to meet increased demand. Primarily interested in Raccoon, Fox,
Muskrat, Bobcat and Lynx. Owner plans to visit new suppliers in near future.
Contact: Harry Berson, Inc.,' 1449 St. Alexander Street, Montreal, Quebec,
Canada. Phone: (514) 842-6035 ATTN: Peter Berson. Cable: HARBERINC.
0985 Chicken (EnQland). Agent for Middle East wants 3,000-5,000 mt per month of
frozen eviscerated chicken, 800-1,600 rams Halal killed, each bird white skin.
Packed in polybag with giblets packed separately in polybag and reinserted
in bird. Delivery soonest. Firm wants supply contract for 2 years duration for
above quantity monthly shipments subject to escalation/de-escalation clauses,
reviewable every 6 months with 'Kick In Kick Out Clauses'. Quote C&F Jeddah
or Kuwait buyer's option. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact:
H. M. Page, H. J. Page Ltd., Suite 22, Duke Street House, 415 Oxford Street,
London WIR 2BD, England. Telex: 28274. Phone: 01-629-6391/2.
0986 Navel beef (Netherlands). Wants to buy pickled navel beef (in brine), regular
shipments of 5,000 kilos in pails of 16 kilos. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
ABN Aalsmeer. Contact: M. 0. Daha, Tartinihof 25, Aalsmeer, Netherlands.
Telex: 41605. Phone: 02977/25119.
0987 Supermarket foods and consulting service (Kuwait). The Fayasel Trading and
Contracting Company is planning to open supermarket operations in Kuwait and is
coming to the U.S. June 15 to visit with U.S. food chains or a consulting
service that would be interested in servicing its Kuwait operations. Also
interested in fast food restaurants or cafeterias, as well as ice cream shops.
Interested firms can contact the firm through Export Briefs, Export Trade
Services Division, FAS/U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.
0988 Soybeans (Singapore). Wishes FOB and C&F Jakarta quotations for 2 ft. container,
Grade 2, soybeans, for food. Packed in jute bags for prompt delivery. Bank ref:
Bank of Indonesia, Singapore. Contact: Chew Bian Eng, Continental Marketing
and Services PTE. Ltd., P. 0. Box 9 (Newton Post Office), Singapore 11.
Telex: RS25372 GOLCDA. Phone: 538-535.
0989 Soybean meal (Greece). Wants approximately 100 mt every two weeks of soybean
meal, 44% protein, bulk packed. Delivery to start about September 1, 1979.
Quote C&F Thessaloniki. Bank ref: National Bank of Gree--c-.. contact: Isaac S.
Hagouel, 13, Aghiou Mina Street, Thessaloniki, Greece. r-Phn. 831371.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultyrl, Srvice, U.S. Department of -
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250 '' 1

Univ :r^ /

0990 Chicken (Venezuela). Wants 3,000 mt of whole chicken (frozen) broilers,
USDA Grade A, normal packaging for frozen poultry. Delivery soonest. Health
Certificate from Country of Origin required. Quote CIF La Guaira. Bank ref:
Banco Metropolitana, Caracas. Contact: Brian Bradley, Dismatica Industrial,
Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 23436-JEREX-VC. Phone: 33.36.51.

0991 Bred heifers (Syria). Government tender for 4,000 bred heifers plus/minus 15%
partial offers up to 600-700 acceptable. Delivery period to be agreed upon
during contracting, but may not exceed 8 months from opening Letter of Credit.
Quotations C&F. Deadline for bids 6/14/79. IFB meeting 1100 hours 6/16/79 in
Damascus. Offer should be firm for 45 days. IFB (tender) book in Arabic
available for S.L. 500 ($128). Interested parties should plan to travel to
Syria. -Contact: Bashar Makhlouta, General Director, General Organization
for Cattle, P. 0. Box 48, Hama, Syria. Phone: HAMA 23218 or 23297.

0992 Garbanzo beans (Japan). Wants one container load for trial shipment of fried
garbanzo beans. Product must not be seasoned or salted. Sample and specific
information required. Appropriate packaging for institutional use. Immediate
delivery. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Mitsui Bank, Tanatsukuri Branch, Osaka.
Contact: Yasuzumi Ohnishi, K. K. Daiwa Package, No. 14, Tamatsukuri-Hon-Machi,
Tennoji-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Japan. Phone: 06-762-6521. Cable: DIAPACKAGE, Osaka.

0993 Rice, wheat flour (Mali). Company has received request for competitive bids from
0994 Ministry of Finance and Commerce for 20,000 mt or rice, 35% broken, in 100 kilo
sacks; and 5,000 mt of wheat flour in 25 or 50 kilo sacks. CIF Dakar quotations.
Bids should not exceed $200 per metric ton with lowest bid under that figure
accepted. Bid must be presented to Ministry not later than June 22, 1979. All
correspondence in French. Contact: Salife Samake, Comptoir Commercial De
Distribution (COCODIS), BP 2015, Bamako, Mali. Cable: COCOPAO c/o Salife
Samake, Bamako.

0995- Wheat flour, rice, sugar (Sierra Leone). Wishes quotations for unspecified
0997 quantities of wheat flour, all white flour types; rice, packed in 100 pounds; and
granulated sugar. Bank ref: Barclay Bank, Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown,
Sierra Leone. Contact: Mrs. Baba Jigida, Managing Director, Djolidl General
Merchandize, P. 0. Box 792, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Telex: 3374.

0998- Fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, frozen specialties (Germany). Company is
1002 interested in adding following products to its sales program: canned fruits and
vegetables, frozen fruits, fruit juices and vegetables; frozen specialties. Firm
is large distributor of industrial and household salt. Contact: Werner Albus,
Suedwest-Salz Vertriebs GMBH, Postfach 45, D-7107 Bad Friedrichshall 1, Germany.
Telex: 728648. Phone: 7136/6091.

1003 Hatching eggs (Trinidad). Wants 15,000-20,000 hatching eggs. Delivery monthly.
Correspondence in English. Quotations CIF Trinidad. Bank ref: Barclays Bank of
Trinidad and Tobaqo Ltd., San Juan, Trinidad; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Contact: Farouk A. Hussein, Agency Manager, Multi-
Print Ltd. (Agencies Division), 149 Aranguez Main Road, San Juan, Trinidad, W.I.
Cable: INTERSAN. Phone: 638-4214; 638-4568; 638-4992.

1004- Prepared animal feeds, flour and other grain products (France). Wants prepared
1005 feeds for animals, flour and other grain products. Company was founded in 1926
and capitalized at U.S. $67,000. Corporation is manufacturer of dairy ingredients
for animals, plant proteins, and vet. preparations, and a distributor of

evaporated milk. It wishes to act as aqent for U.S. products. Contact: Max Gay,
Ury Et Cie, 63 Rue Du Droqon, BP 545, 57000 Metz, France. Cable: URYFEL.
Telex: 860271. Phone: (87) 68.15.01.

1006 Fish oil (Egypt). Wants 50 tons of sulfonated fish oil, ranging from 70-80'.
oil content. Buyer seeks offers FOB and CIF Alexandria. Contact: Mohammad
Abdel Hamid, Middle East Commercial Office, 33 Salah Salem Street, P. 0. Box 324,
Alexandria, Egypt. Cable: MASHRAK. Phone: 28019/35342. Telex: 45180 COMALX.

1007- Snacks and other prepared foods (Germany). Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers for
1008 direct purchase for resale/distributorship to Switzerland of Fancy foods,
food specialties, snacks and other prepared foods. Company is interested in
distribution, import/export, and possible manufacture under license. Also
in a possible investment for food related industries, such as a partnership or
joint venture. Contact: Robert Marx, Rehaldenweg 33, D-7060, Schorndorf,
Germany. Cable: MARX, REH 33. Telex: 7246618. Phone: 7181/603251.

1009- Baby foods, corn flakes, sterilized milk for infants (Bolivia). Wants direct
1011 sale for resale for baby foods, canned; corn flakes all types; and substitutes
for mothers milk for infants. Contact: Engels, Merkel Y Cia. (Bolivia) S.A.,
A. H. Juerqen Merkel, Casilla 2967, La Paz, Bolivia.

1012 Dragees (South Africa). Wants Dragees, small gold and silver confectionery balls,
used for cake decoration and machinery for manufacture dragees. Company is a
long-established firm of importers and wholesale merchants looking for new sources
of supply and for machinery to enable them to undertake certain manufacturing
processes personally. Contact: R. Naicker, Partner, S. N. Amin & Son, 53 Bond
Street, Surban 4001, South Africa. Phone: 031/318185.

1013 Corn (England). Wants waxy corn and other technical starches both food and
industrial grades. Delivery soonest. Company seeks exclusive representation for
U.K. and Ireland. Quote C&F U.K. port. Bank ref: Barclays Bank ltd., P. 0.
Box 69, 114 Fenchurch Street. Contact: Dr. Alan Vincent, Arthur Branwell & Co.,
Ltd., Ibex House, Minories, London EC3N 1HP, England. Phone: 01-488-4141.

1014 Soybeans (Indonesia). Wants soybeans for food, No. 1 and 2 grades, packed in
jute bags. Exporters should specify minimum quantities. Prompt delivery. Quote
C&F Surabaya, Indonesia. Bank ref: Bank Bumidaya, Surabaya, Indonesia. Contact:
Tjitra Bintoro, C. V. Eka Setia Harapan, Kalimas Timur 82-84, Surabaya, Indonesia.
Cable: ESHAINDO, Surabaya. Phone: 22749.

1015 Orchids (England). Wants 100,000-200,000 orchids. Cymbidium and others suitable
for sale through supermarkets. Individual packs or available in volume for re-
packing into singles. Request delivery London. Contact: lan Fleming, I. K. F.
Enterprises Ltd., 27 St. Peter Road, Dundle, Nr. Peterborough, Cambs, England.
Phone: 083-22 2688.

1016 Egg albumen powder (England). Wants 5 metric tons per month of egg albumen powder.
Delivery soonest. Quote FOB and C&F Columbian main port. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank International Ltd. Contact: Simon J. Lucas, Saltraco Ltd., 42 Upper
Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PL, England. Telex: 8811365. Phone: 01-724-2401.

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1017 Seed potatoes (Venezuela). Wants 28 metric tons of certified seed potatoes
and foundation seed potatoes, Kennebec, Segago and Red Pontiac varieties. Packed
in wooden crates for delivery September 1979-first half. Certificate of origin
and phytosanitary certificate required. Ouote CIF Puerto Guanta, Puerto Cabello.
Bank ref: Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario. Contact: Vincente Gallardo S.,
Asociacion de Cultivadores de Papas de Guanipa, Avenida Tachira No. 2, El Tigre,
Estado Anzoategui, Venezuela. Phone: 461-8604.

1019- Feeder calves, Hanging Tender loin (Japan). Okinawan buyer now planning a
1020 buyers visit to Pacific Northwest area in early June; is seeking U.S. suppliers
of feeder calves weighting less than 300 kilograms. Calves will be processed
through quarantine in Naha, then shipped to Osaka area. Seeking initial order
of 400 head for delivery June 20, when quarantine pens are reserved. Primarily
interested in meeting exporters experienced in exporting to Japan. Firm is
prepared to discuss terms for subsequent shipments. Okinawan buyer will be
accompanied by 4-5 representatives of Osaka packers and feeders interested in
potential suppliers for feeds, medicines and equipment. Firm also presently
imports hanging tender and will be looking for Mid-West suppliers with limited
capacity. Interested suppliers wishing further details are requested to telex
or cable company. Contact: Eiji Tanaka, President, Tanaka Industries Co.,
Inc., Cable: TANAINDUST, Okinawa, Japan. Telex: TIC J79870.

Foreign Trade Developments

REMINDER: U.S. Processed Food Exhibit Bahrain. U.S. firms are invited to
participate in an FAS sponsored exhibit in Manama, Bahrain, at the Hilton Hotel,
October 15, 16, and 17, 1979. The show will draw buyers from several Mid-East
countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, etc.
All these countries hold excellent opportunities for U.S. exporters of processed
food items. The participation fee is $200. Participants will be required to
have a representative present. For further information, contact: Ed Heslop,
Project Leader, Export Trade Services Division, FAS, Room 4945-South Building
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 20250. Telephone: (202)

1021 Rabbit skins (Canada). Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers of rabbit skins, approxi-
mately 50-100,000 monthly totaling 1/2-1 million skins yearly. Wants butchered
skins, row (undressed), dried or salted. Company willing to sign contract
agreement and discuss terms for subsequent shipments. Presently has open Letter
of Credit. Seeks competitive price quotations. Primarily interested in being
contacted by exporters able to supply rabbit skins in large quantities on
continuous basis. Contact: Alex Schwartz or Mr. Shuly, Opera Ltd., 5445 De
Gaspe Street, Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B2, Canada. Phone: (514) 270-1133.
Telex: 05560037. WATS line: 966-4990.

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