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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
October 19, 1979

1865- Rice, corn (Ivory Coast). Wants rice, 15,000 tons in three deliveries, long
1866 grain, 10-25% broken, 50 kg bags, and 10,000 tons of corn for animal feed
in three deliveries, 100 kg bags. Delivery 45-60 days from order. Quote CIF
ABIDJAN and FOB. Bank ref: Societe Generale de Banques de Cote D'Ivoire
(SGBCI) No. 11 3-13 3F1 72. Contact: Koko N'Guessan, Interservice, 04
BP 546, Abidjan 04, Ivory Coast. Telex: 2473 TERTRANS or 3852 TERMAR. Phone:
32-31-87 or 32-31-89 or 35-96-58.

1867 Soybean oil (Peru). Wishes to establish distributorship for soybean oil.
Contact: Tomas Buckley, Representations Div., Richard 0. Custer S. A., P. 0.
Box 681 Lima 100, Av Bolivar 2100, Lima 21, Peru. Telex: 20096 PE and 25330
PE. Phone: 619991.

1868 Hides and skins (Spain). Small company established in 1978 is agent and distrib-
utor of hides and skins. Wants agency and distributorship for unspecified
quantity of cattle hides. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Londres, 102, Barcelona
36, Spain and Banco Hispano Americano, P.O. de Gracia, 38, Barcelona 7, Spain.
Contact: J. F. Silvestre, Manager, Eurimpex, PL. San Joaquin, q, Barcelona
6, Spain. Telex: 51130 FONOTX E CODE 16-00348. Phone: 34/3/2174972.

1869 Semen CGreece). Tender with closing date of November 13, 1979 for 20,000 doses
frozen bull semen for the Ministry of Agriculture. Purchase financed by Greek
government. For further details contact below. Contact: Ministry of Commerce,
State Purchases Directorate 4, 20 Kanningos Street, Athens, Greece.

1870 Orange juice concentrate (Germany). German fruit juice producer wishes to
import California navel orange concentrates from the United States. Bank ref:
Volksbank EG, D-6930 Eberbach. Contact: Kerle, Abt. Einkauf, E. M. I. G.
Natursaft Kg, Pleutersbacher Str. 30, D-6930 Eberach, Germany. Cable: EMIG.
Telex: 0466215 EMIG. Phone: 0011-49-6271-2095.

1871 Pigeons (Netherlands). Wants 2,000 pairs of pigeons for fattening, parent stock.
One or more shipments ASAP. Airfreight C&F Beirut, Lebanon. Bank ref:
Friesland Bank, Leeuwapden. Contact: A. De Boer, Akkrum B.V.,
Reguliersgracht 101, 1017LP Amsterdam, Netherlands. Telex: 46305. Phone:

1936- Canned hams, evaporated and condensed milk (Greece). Interested in exclusive distri-
1937 butorship for canned hams, boiled, boneless, roasted, smoked; and condensed and
evaporated milk. Firm is a newly established company and is engaged in the import and
trade of foodstuffs. Contact: Dimitrios Katsaras, Manager, D. Katsaras, Represneta-
tions Imports, 4 Salteli Street, A. Patissia, Athens, Greece. Phone: 01/2014 011.

Issued weekly by the Export Trad. fiwsr-Div siyy- yrqin Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Buildingli 9aVon, DX k.2M.5& i

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1872 Ground beef (Japan). Wants freeze-dried ground beef, 20 mt for the initial shipment.
Sample and specific information required. Appropriate packaging for institutional use,
for delivery December 1979. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Jinbo-Cho
Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Jimmy S. Kochi, Executive Director, Ogawa Shokai Co., Ltd.,
c/o Maki Bldg., 2-3-2, Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Japan. Telex: J23514 COSANSHO.
Phone: 03-262-0630.

1873- Biscuits, processed peas, fruit cocktail (England). Wants one container load per month
1875 of sweet biscuits, canned processed peas and canned fruit cocktail. Delivery soonest.
Quotations CIF and C&F Kuwait. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd, 196A Piccadilly, London
W1. Contact: K. Ighani, Baha Marketing Co., 12 New Burlington Street, London WI,
England. Telex: 8954610. Phone: 01-437 0091.

1876 Red Delicious Apples (England). Wants initially one container per month of 64 count
Red Delicious apples, packed in 40 lb. boxes for delivery soonest. Quote CIF U.K
port. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd. Contact: Mr. Tombes, A. G. Yams Ltd., Coal Wharf
Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12, England. Phone: 01-749 5969/5844.

1877 Apple puree (France). Wants apple puree with apple pieces, frozen or canned, 200 tons,
25 to 50 kgs. per carton. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Le Havre. Bank ref: Banque
National de Paris, 94000 Boissy Saint Leger. Contact: Mr. Janssens, Societe Saint-
Honore Janin (General Biscuits), Z. I. La Haie Griselle, 94470 Boissy Saint Leger,
France. Telex: 20.2129. Phone: 569.96.50.

1878- Fruits and vegetables, nuts, seafoods (Germany). Wants fresh and canned vegetables;
1883 fresh and dried fruits; edible nuts especially almonds, pistachios; raisins; currants;
canned salmon and other canned fish of all kinds; frozen lobsters; deep frozen food
products of all kinds, especially vegetables, strawberries, etc.; and all types of
concentrates of food products for the food processing industry. Company is a broker
and sales agent supplying the food processing industry, food retailing chains and
supermarkets. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag., 5000 Koelnbrown. Contact: Dr. Franz J.
Paefgen, Mgr., Richard Janssen Kg., Aid, Hauptstr 89, 5000 Koeln 50, Germany. Phone:
221-391005. Telex: 8885296.

1884- Pistachios, walnuts, raisins, Hazel nuts (Syria). Wants to buy pistachios 100 mt,
1886 walnuts 400 mt, shelled walnuts 100 mt., raisins 500 to 1000 mt., and Hazel nuts 300
mt. Quality: Medium grade,packaging 50-100 lb. boxes delivery December 1979.
Quotations C&F Lattakid. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Syria, Free Zone Aleppo.
Contact: Abdul Rahman Kahil, A. R. Kahil and Sons, P.O. Box 1029 Aleppo, Syria.
Telex: 31016 KAHIL. Phone: 20716 and 15479.

1887 Drybean seeds (Argentina). Wants 100 mt. of Great Northern and 30 mt. of light Red
Kidney. Minimum 90% certified germination power. Maturing period under 120 days,
100 lb. bags, in containers. Delivery Nov-Dec. 1979. Quote C&F Buenos Aires L/C 180
days after B/L. Bank ref: Bank of America. Contact: Oscar Vergara. Raul Lo Sasso,
Luque & CIA S.A., Pueyrredon 443, 4 B, 1032 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Telex: 17498
ELBER. Phone: 86-3121.

1888 Soybean & rapeseed oil (India). Wants minimum 50,000 tons per shipment, raw, in bulk,
delivery within 2 months from order of shipment. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Bank of
Baroda, South Extension Branch, New Delhi. Contact: Sushil Rungta, Rungta Exports &
Imports Pvt. Ltd., D 1029 New France Colony, New Delhi 110065, India. Cable: EACRELY.
Phone: 633284

1889 Grains joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian Grain Company interested in a joint venture
with U.S. Company on an equity participation to process food grains/rice/cassava.
Contact: Eko Inika, Cross Enterprises, Ltd., P.O. Box 5105, Lagos, Nigeria. Bank ref:
First Bank of Nigeria, Ltd., Calabar.

1890 Passion fruit pulp (New Zealand). Initially 1-2 metric tons but need 20 tons annually,
for food use, quote CIF Auckland. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Australla, P.O. Box
1000 Auckland. Contact: B. H. Balzat, Managing Director, Pharmochem Co., P.O. Box
40032, Auckland 10, New Zealand. Telex: N.Z. 2386 BOMA. Cable: BOMA, Auckland.
Phone: 480 417.

1891 Alfalfa feed (Kuwait). Wishes to contact American producers of alfalfa for animal
feed. Firm is ready to import 200 tons of feed immediately, and later on regularly
every two months. Contact: Jassim Mohamad Ali Al Wazzan, Mr. C. R. Rao, Manager,
P.O. Box 124, Kuwait, Kuwait. Phone: 434262/439456/438028. Telex: 2077 KT.

1892 Grocery line (United Arab Emirates). Interested in direct purchase for resale of
beef, frozen; beef, tongues, livers, etc. frozen; veal, frozen; goat, lamb mutton,
frozen; ice cream and frozen desserts; frozen fruits and vegetables; frozen special-
ities; dairy products; and young chickens. Contact: Mohammed Kasim Habib, People's
Store, P.O. Box 3695 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

1893- Dietary and health foods (Germany). Interested in representation/distributorship for
1894 Germany and/or Europe for dietary and health food products, Prospective buyer is a
Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Products and wishes to expand its program. Company
employs 80 persons plus 50 travelling salesmen. Would also be interested in a possible
Cooperation-Co-Marketing arrangement with U.S. firms. Contact: Achim Schneider,
Buisness Manager, Karlspharma Pharmazeutische Products GMBH, Maybachstrasse 10, D-7500
Karlsruhe 41, Germany. Cable: KARLSPHARMA. Telex: 7825712. Phone: 0011-49-721-

1895 Cotton (Indonesia). Indonesian broker is interested in contacting American firms
for up to 70,000 bales of cotton for a tender to be held in February, 1980. Contact:
J. Mackmur, 14 JL. Dharma Husada V., Surabaya, Indonesia. Phone: 40239.

1896 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in a joint venture in poultry production
with a U.S. Company. Contact: Benedict Ohuaregbe, lyare Bejmok Enterprise, 14 Duroo-
Jaiye Street, Surulere-Lawanson, Lagos, Nigeria. Bankers: U.B.A., Iganmu Branch,
Lagos, Nigeria.

1897 Rice (France). Agent for Persian Gulf is interested in U.S. rice. Quantity: 200,000
metric tons. Quality: long grain, No. 2, 4% broken grain, 1979 crop. U.S. certificate
of origin required. Quote CAF Khorramshahr, Persian Gulf. Contact: Patrick Filsouf,
Director, International PA. FI, 39, Promenade Des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France. Telex:
461640F. Phone: (93) 87 88 54.

1898 Molasses, urea (Italy). Interested in urea and molasses, for the preparation of
animal feed. Contact: Erio Guandalini, Partner, Guandalini Erio S.R.L., 40050 Funo
Di Argelato (Bologna), Italy. Phone: 051/860902.

1899 Watermelon seed (England). Wants trial shipment of 200 tins of watermelon seed,
packaged in cartons, delivery Spring 1980, quotations CIF and C&F. Bank ref:
National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: A. A. Bhatti, Aziz A Bhatti Ltd., 20 York
Avenue, Prestwich, Manchester M25 8FZ, England. Phone: 061 773 7873.

1900- Grass and vegetable seeds (Colombia). Government of Columbia wants trifolium pratense
1901 (90% min. germ, 96% purity, 0.5% weed seed, 1% crop seeds); 10 tons of Lolium multi-
florum (85%, 85%, 0.5%, 1%); 5 tons of ryegrass ariki (Lolium) (80%, 98%, 0.5%, 1%);
15 tons of ryegrass manawa (Lolium Multiflorum x Lolium Perenne) (85%, 98%, 0.5%, 1%);
and 3 tons of English ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) (85%, 98%, 0.5%, 1%). Packaging: 50
net kilo bags in unused jute bags. Wants 400 Kg of onion (granex hybrid) (94% minimum
purity, 80% min. germ); 2.5 tons of string beans (variety blue lake) (98%, 85%) jute
bags of 25 kg; 150 kg of beet seed (Crosby's Egyptian) (96%, 85%); 75 kg in 1 lb.
packages and balance 75 kg in 227 gram packages; 50 kg of cabbage (Brassica Oleracea)
(Marion Market variety) (90%, 80%), 30 kg in packages of 227 grams, 20 kg in 113.5
gram packages; 100 kg of cabbage (Brassica Oleracea) (Green Ball variety) (90%, 80%),
50 kg in packages 454 grams Ibs. 26 kg in 227 grams and 25 kg in 113.5 grams; 120 kg
of carrot seed, Chatenay variety (94%, 80%), 70 kg in packages of 227 grams, 50 kg. in
113.5 gram packages. Delivery 90 days after receiving Letter of Credit and Import
license. Quote FOB. Contact: Silvio Fonseca-Herrera, Caja Agraria, Carrera 8 #15-43
Bogota, Colombia. Telex: 44824. Cable: CREDITARIO. Phone: 2-417812.

1902 Grocery line (Trinidad ). Consumer cooperative wants puffed rice, corn flakes, 51,000
kg; frozen veal, goat, shank s/side, t/side 1,620,000 kgs, 60 lb cases; pork-salted or
pickled 9,500 kgs; ham-smoked 28,000 kgs; beef salted or picked 28,000 kgs;
offals salted/pickled, dried, smoked 119,000 kgs, 22 lb crates; canned sausages -
18,000 kgs; corned beef 98,000 kgs; canned ham 16,000 kgs; milk & cream: unsweet-
ened evap 8% 110,000 kgs; dried milk 830,000 kgs; butter 270,000 kgs; cheese -
428,000 kgs; codfish 53,000 kgs; canned orange juice 98,000 liters, various sizes;
other fruit juices 88,000 liters; fruits canned 59,000 kgs; red kidney 107,000
kgs; other beans 90,000 kgs; pigeon peas 41,000 kgs; other peas 1,140,000 kgs;
garlic 78,000 kgs; onions 323,000 kgs;English labels. Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank
ref: Workers Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, Independence Square, port of Spain, Trinidad,
W.l. Contact: Henry R. Archer, Manager, The Federation of Consumer Cooperative
Societies, Ltd., 76 Eastern Main Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad W.7. Cable: FEDCONCOOP.
Phone: 62-36694.

1903- Butter, rice, corn oil (England). Agent for Iran wants 10 tons of table butter, 250
1905 gram packs; 10,000 tons per shipment of long grain, white rice, 4% broken, grade 2,
U.S. Standard, 50 kg Hessian bags; and 20-30 tons per shipment of corn oil, tins of
1 to 4 kg. Delivery November-December. Quote C&F Khormshan, Iran. Bank ref: Standard
Chartered Bank, 73 King William Street, London EC2. Contact Hani Murad, Taksir Ltd.,
69 Wigmore Street, London W1, England. Telex: 298774. Phone: 01-486 8711.

1906- Canned fruits and vegetables, dried foods, pickled fruits, vegetables, and sauces,
1910 cigarettes, cigars (United Arab Emirates). Administrator of Arid Lands Research Center
is planning two new stores in Abu Dhabi and wants offers for fruits and vegetables,
canned; food products, dried; pickled fruits and vegetable & sauces; cigarettes, cigars,
cherrots and cigarillos. Contact: Rabah Shehadeh, Arid Land's Research Center, P.O.
Box 638 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

1911 Eggs (South Africa). Wants shell eggs, 100,000 cases (30 dozen each) per month, medium
size, one dozen boxes. Delivery: soonest. Needs certificate of origin. Labels in
English. Quotations: C&F Middle East or North African ports. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank, Simmond Street, Johannesburg. Contact: N. J. Harvey, Cyril Hurwitz Export Co.,
P.O. Box 51215, Randburg 2125, TVL, South Africa. Telex: 422184-SA. Phone: 011/48-9756.

1912 Broilers (South Africa). Wants 1,000 ton lots per month of broilers, Grade A, frozen
weight range 800 2000 grams, individually wrapped in poly bags with weight marked.

Giblets separately wrapped in cavity. Delivery: soonest. Other requirements:
Slaughter: Halaal, Certificate of Origin. Labels in English. Quotations C&F Middle
East or North African Ports on contract over 12 months. Bank ref: Barclays Bank,
Simmond Street, Johannesburg. Contact: N. J. Harvey, Cyril Hurwitz Export Co., P.O.
Box 51215, Randburg 2125, TVL, South Africa. Telex: 422184-SA. Phone: 011/48-9756.

1913 Beet pulp and alfalfa pellets (Germany). Wants 25,000 tons of granulated sugar beet
pulp pellets in lots of 5,000 tons, each shipment for cattle feed, and 10,000 tons
granulated alfalfa hay pellets in two lots of 5,000 tons each. Beet pulp pellets -
dry material approx. 81%; digestable egg white approx. 6.3%; cellulose approx. 7.4%.
Alfalfa pellets 15% protein and 12% moisture and/or 18% protein and 12% moisture.
Delivery soonest. Quote FOB port of Embarkation and/or CIF Haifa or Ashdod. Bank
ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, Hamburg. Contact: Arie Nir, Eurasia, Shiffsbedarf UND
Handelsgesellschaft MBH., P.O. Box 11 23 48, D-2000 Hamburg 11 (Street Address: OST-
West-Str. 51), West Germany. Telex: 02 162 135 (Answer back: Star D). Cable:
EURASIA, HAMBURG. Phone: 040-3 39 63 1.

1914- Baby chicks, hatching eggs (Morocco). Interested in joint venture or turnkey operation
1915 for baby chicks and hatching eggs. Large Agribusiness Company exploring possibility
of entering market sector presently covered by imports to serve growing broiler
industry. Bank ref: Banque Marocaine de Comerce Exterieor, Kenitra, Morocco. Contact:
M'Chiche M'Chiche, M'Chiche-Alami, Route 206, Quartier Industriel, Kenitra, Morocco.
Telex: 91037. Phone: (016) 44.15/38/10MOFFAF.

1916 Wheat flour (Gabon). Wants wheat flour for making French type breads. Two bakeries
Gabon Pain and Sogabi (located in port Gentil) have decided to import flour jointly.
The total amount of flour used by the two firms is 300 mt/month. Gabon Pain also is
considering importing 2400 mt/month for sale to other bakeries. Contact: Rene Coueron
Director, Gabon Pain, S.A., B.P. 3804, Libreville, Gabon.

1917- Frozen chickens, hens, and turkeys (Belgium). Freight forwarding firm in the port of
1918 Antwerp wants frozen broilers, hens and turkeys. Has set up two branches in the
Middle East (Amman, Jordan and Doha, Qatar). Acts as a consulting agency and sells
on a commission basis. Contact: Lucien Van Menxel, Manager, Transtex P.V.B.A.,
Ankerrui 20, 2000 Antwerp, Belqium. Phone: 031/314545. Telex: 32501.

1919 Supermarket foods (Barbados). Interested in direct sale and distributorship for a
full range of supermarket items both food and non-food items. Buyer has in mind a
company producing private label brand products. Represents among others S.C.
Johnson & Sons Inc., Racine, Wisconsin. Bank ref: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,
BR1. Contact: C. A. Proverbs, Managing Director, Worme, Proverbs & Co., Ltd., P.O.
Box 83, Bridgetown, Barbados. Cable: "PROCO", Barbados. Phone: 61648.

1920- Livestock feeds, canned and frozen seafoods (Hong Kong). Interested in buying U.S.
1922 assorted animal feeds, canned abalone and other seafoods, and frozen abalone and
other seafoods. Goods not only for local consumption but also for re-export to
Southeast Asia Countries. Contact: Peter T. C. Lo, Manager, Tak Tai Hong, 1403 Wing
Yue Commercial Bldg., 60-64 Des Voeux Road W., Hong Kong. Cable: 4986, HONG KONG.
Phone: 5/498647.

1923 Yeast (Honduras). Wishes to buy an undisclosed quantity of yeast. Firm operates a
factory in San Pedro Sula primarily engaged in the manufacture of snacks, and wants
to receive offers ASAP, CIF, against L/C, including prices terms of delivery
and samples. Contact: Jose Herrero H., Manager, Kikitos Industrial, P.O. Box 646,
San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Cable: KIKITOS. Phone: 523115.

1924- Canned fruits, vegetables, specialties, milk products (Honduras). Interested in canned
1926 milk products (consumer type cans); canned specialties, including baby food; and canned
fruits and vegetables. Wants to receive offers ASAP, CIF Puerto Cortes and/or
Tegucigalpa, against L/C or other terms of payment, including catalogs, price lists,
terms of delivery, terms of commission. Contact: Jorge A. Toro V., Manager, Agencia
de Representaciones Silto, Camara Oficial Espanola de Commercio, Tegucigalpa, D.C.
Honduras, C.A. Cable: SILTO. Phone: 223827.

1927- Pig tails, shoulders (Martinique). Wants to buy pig tails (must be small and thin,
1928 short cut, weighing around 200 grams) of pigs less than 10 months old. Buyer antici-
ates order of 20 tons per month. Also, pork shoulders (approximately 3 kgs each).
Buyer would like to place an initial order of 1 ton (to be shipped to Martinique
before December 10). Following orders would depend on results of this trial shipment.
Contact: Alex Bilas, Compagnie Martiniquaise Dindustrie Alimentaire, B.P. 85 Usine
Soudon, 97232 Lamentin, Martinique. Cable: 029576. Phone: 71.71.55.

1929 Hides (Germany). Wants to buy salted hides for the production of crust leather for
shoe upper leather. Terms of delivery and terms of payment to be negotiated. Company
was established in 1881 and is a manufacturer of modern upper leather for shoes. Bank
ref: Bayerische Vereinsbank, HOF. Contact: Willi Geissler, Ernst Linhardt,
Lederfabrik, Gerberstrasse 37-44, D-8673 Rehau, Germany. Phone: 09283/9033. Telex:

1930 Poultry feeds (Belgium). Importer-exporter of a general line of agricultural items
is interested in U.S. poultry feeds. Clients are mostly in African countries.
Contact: FR. Declercq, Manager, Multraship, P.V.B.A., Bredastraat 124, 2000 Antwerp,
Belgium. Phone: 031/34 24 66. Telex: 71 581.
1931 Poultry feed (Egypt). Interested in poultry feed and line of automatic machinery for the
production of eggs. Has recently purchased 180 thousand square meters of Agricultural
land near Cairo, and plans to erect an egg production facility. Contact: Abdel Aziz
Bedraz, 62 Gomhouria St., Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 931584.
1932 Wheat seed (Bangladesh). Wishes to purchase undisclosed quantity of wheat seed. Wishes
to receive quotations as soon as possible and to be appointed exclusive agent for
Bangladesh and possibly, nearby countries. Quotations should be both
FOB and CIF. Requests copies of correspondence to Ms. Laila de Juan, Trafalgar 31,
Madrid 10, Spain. Contact: Major General (retired) M.I. Karim, Director, Vantage
International Limited, G.P.O. Box 2112, Chand Mansion (third floor), 66-Dilkusha C/A,
Dacca, Bangladesh. Telex: Dac 703 ARLINKS. Cable: VANTAGE. Phone: 243783.

1933 Packaged fruit juices (Ivory Coast). Intends to set up a business in Abidjan and is
interested in receiving offers for packaged fruit juices for sale at football matches,
preferably in foil. Packaging should also be suitable for the use of straws. Requests
price lists and catalogs. Correspondence in French. Contact: MME Marie-Rose
Amantchi, B.P. 309, Abidjan 11, Ivory Coast. Phone: 31-26-88.

1934 Dextrin (Japan). Wants to buy dextrin of concentrated amylase, made from corn for use
as a chemical reagent. FOB price list desired. Company is a manufacturer and
distributor of chemical reagents. Bank ref: Daiichi Kangyo Bank, Kumanoto Branch,
3-8 Hanabatake-Machi, Kumamoto City 860 Japan. Contact: Nobuaki Kozaki, Manager,
Dojindo Laboratories, 2861 Kengun-Machi, Kumamoto City 862, Japan. Phone: 0963-68-4141
Cable: DOJINLAB. Telex: 762776.

1935 Soybean cake (French West Indies). Wants soybean cake for cattle feeding, precise
details about protein content requested. Anticipates orders of up to 50 tons a
month. Contact: A. Rimbaud, Sofroi, Route Des Abymes, B.P. 538, 97166 Pointe-A-Pitre,
Cedex, Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Cable: SOFROI.
1938 Honey (Denmark). Agent for Middle East wants 1,000 tons of natural honey, standard
grade, approx. 500 gram retail packs, immediate delivery. Quote C&F Persian Gulf.
Bank ref: National Bank of Iran. Contact: I. Amini, Manager, Euroex, Halevejen 16,
DK-5932 Humble, Denmark. Telex: 16600 FOTEX Attn: Euroex. Phone: 9-57 17 44.

1939 Dried milk (Israel). Wants to buy (A) spray skimmed milk powder, protein: min 330;
calcium: 1.0-1.3%; moisture: max 5%; ash: 9%; fat: 0.3-1.0%. (B) spray milk
powder with 50% fat for milk replacer for animals bacterial count 50.000/gr. pathogen
free, protein: min 17%; humidity: max 4%; mineral traces, raw fibre max 14%; color:
ivory white: 49.5% tallow; 49.5% lard; 1% emulgate gms. Quantity: 50-100 tons, first
delivery. Packaged multi paper bags with poly inner bags of 25 kgs each in 20 foot
house-to-house containers. Delivery February 1980. Veterinary certificate that
material is fit for animal consumption. Quote FOB North America port. Bank ref: Bank
Leumi Le-Israel Ltd., Israel Discount Bank Ltd. Contact: Giorgio Bentovim, Purchasing
Manager, Abic Ltd., Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, P.O.B. 2077, Ramat Gan
52100, Israel. Telex: 33737. Cable: ABICHEMIC, TELAVIV. Phone: 03-721261.

1940 Corn, feed and poultry plant (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture with U.S. company
to develop livestock feed plants and an integrated poultry operation. Also, interested
in 500 tons No. 3 yellow corn, monthly C&F Apapa and in 50 kilo bags. Bank ref:
Savannah Bank (Nigeria) Ltd., P.M.B. 1116, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: E. A.
Sanyaolu, Sanyaolu Enterprises, Ltd., 32 Shipeolu Street, Palm Grove, P.O. Box 6944,
Lagos, Nigeria. Cable: ZESANBUILD.

1941 Broiler operation (Nigeria). Interested in developing broiler operation for 140,000
birds. Has operation design and pre-feasability study. Needs management contract
with U.S. firm or joint venture. Company has private financing. Bank ref: African
Continental Bank, Etitti, Imo State, Nigeria. Contact: Ohaju Chinedum, Osape Nigeria,
P.O. Box 86, Nbawsi, Imo State, Nigeria.

1942 Glucose (Syria). Government plans to import 12,000 tons liquid glucose annually and
individual tenders for 4,000 tons will be announced periodically. Specs will include
new production Baume AA, pure transparent, odorless, sweet tasting BB, combustion 140-
150 degress centigrade CC, free from foreign materials, dextrin maltose and water GG
ash content should be 0.6 max HH, water content 15 max II, rate of increase in volume
of mixture in two equal proportions of glucose and sucrose as compared to the original
volume of boiling point under atmospheric pressure DD P.H. should be from 4.5-5.1 EE.
Packing in new galvanized or painted iron drums net 300 kgs. Inouiries can be directed
to GEZA, the government buying agency, thru the Agricultural Attache, American Embassy
Damascus, Syria.

1943 Sea-urchin eggs (Japan). Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers of frozen sea-urchin eggs,
best quality, quotations C&F Nagoya. Delivery as soon as possible. Bank ref: Nagoya
Sogo Bank, Yaguma Branch, Nagoya. Contact: Hitoshi Ito, Yuamafuji Bussan Co., Ltd.,
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Pork and poultry meat and offals (Japan). The Food Safety and Quality Service,
USDA, instituted, effective October 15, a PCB certification program for all pork
and poultry exports to Japan (meat, offals, poultry meat not processed products).
Under this program proposed export shipments of pork and poultry must be held-pending
sampling for PCB and return of the sampling results. The sampling must be submitted
to an approved commercial laboratory with the costs borne by the exporter. Japan's
PCB tolerances for meat, including poultry meat, is 0.5 PPM or below. If all sample
results from a proposed export shipment are 0.5 PPM or below, the export shipment may
be certified in accordance with all other current Japanese requirements.
Shipments of pork or poultry determined to be eligible for PCB certification, in
accordance with the above tolerance, must bear the additional statement on the
applicable export certificate "Samples from this shipment have been analyzed and
found to be PCB free."
Sales Team to Costa Rica and Panama. You are invited to join an FAS sponsored sales
team to Costa Rica and Panama, January 27 February 1, 1980. The Team will consist
of 6-8 firms representing non-competing lines. The participation fee is $200, and
applications will be accepted on a first come basis. The countries to be visited
are growing markets for a wide variety of U.S. food products. Some of the items which
offer good sales potential include: Meat Products-Whole turkey, turkey rolls, pork
tails, canned hams, smoked pork products, frozen kosher foods, frozen trout, Alaskan
crab claws, frozen crab meat for hotels, and specialty meats. Fruit and Vegetable
Products-Fresh apples, pears and peaches, raisins, prunes, peanuts, almonds, walnuts,
canned vegetables (institutional packs). Dairy Products-Cheese. Others-Pet foods
(dog, cat and bird), salad dressing, barbecue sauces, dried seasonings, vegetable oil,
potato and corn chips, pretzels, flavoring extracts, Mexican type food lines, American-
Chinese type canned foods, frozen pastry, canned pork & beans (consumer pack) and
wines. Appointments with potential buyers will be made for all team members at each
stop. For additional information and application forms contact Levi L. Turner,
Project Leader, Export Trade Services Division, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D.C. 20250. Telephone (202) 447-7787.

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