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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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Ib7,''0/2 (10- 2O- 7 25)

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

October 20, 1978

Trade Inquiries -

2104 Canned mats (Egypt). eeds canned meat, all varieties. Buyer seeks offers
CIF Alexandria. SIC: 20118000 Contact: Hassan Ibrahim, President, Middle
East Financing Consultants Cmpany "MEFOC0, 10 Abdel Rahman Fahmy Street,
Garden City, Cairo, BEypt. Cable: HASFICO Cairo. Phone: 29433. Telex:
2067 MEbr UN.

2105 Wheat (Ethiopia). Wants to buy 25,000 tons of milling or hard wheat,
preferably bagged, for delivery prior end 1978. Prices required to be CW
Assab or Djibouti. SIC: 01131070 Contact: Nsshesha Haile, General Manager,
Ethio-Trade Ez. Company, P.O. Box 5632, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Cable: TRADE
Ex Addis. Telex: 21202.

2106 Peanuts (Hong Kng). Wishes to buy unprocessed peanuts, 100-200 tons per
year, packed in bulk in containers or bagged for delivery December shipment.
Quotations FOB and CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: Wing Lng Bank Ltd. SIC:
01192010 Contact: Francis Lun, Shiu Cheong Lee Kee Button Pty., 442
Cheung Sha Wan Factory Estate, Fbwloon, Hong Kong. Telex: 5677. Phone:

2107 Ice area powder (West Germay). Wishes to buy ice cream powder, first
quality, Packed in cans for immediate delivery. Inquirer is interested in
all varieties. Requests samples of 10 kg. Quote CM' Schiersee. Bank ref:
freissparkasse, D-8162 Schliersee, West Germany. SIC: 20240000 Contact:
Hans Steinlechner, Tegernseeweg, D-8162 Schliersee, West Gerany. Phone:
08026/67 ol.

2108 Lumber (Canada). Requests offers for Beech and Ash lumber, size 5' in
length; 1" in thickness; 5" to 6" in breadth (planks) for the manufacturing
of tennis and squash rackets. SIC: 24210000 Contact: S. Kuar, Awasthy
International Trading Co., P.O. Box 1044, Adelaide Street Station, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M5C 214. Phone: (416) 923-9786.

2109 Dairy Cattle (Philppines). Wishes to buy dairy cattle, one plane load, ust
be certified bred Hlstein Friesian heifers, bred to registered pedigreed bulls.
Delivery T nuary 1979. Heifers should be 18 to 21 months old, bred 3 to 5
months. minimumm weight on delivery 350 kilograms Pedigree records on all
bulls should be supplied prior to delivery. Quote CF Manila. SIC: 01393000
Contact: Leopoldo 8. Castillo, Director, Dairy Trning & Research Institute,
University of the Philippines at Los Banos, College, Laguna, Philippines.
Phone: 693-9919.

rmued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

2110- Canned fruits, marmalade, Jas, catsup (Eg t). Wishes to buy canned
2113 fruits, jams, catsup and aralade. Seeks catalogues and offers CIF Port
Said, also seeks samples. SIC: 20331000, 20338000, 20338020, 20336040
Contact: Abdel Salam Fala, Seven Seas Trading Company, 13 Akka & Ahad
Shawki Street, Port-Said, Egypt. Phone: 2897.

2114- Canned peaches, fruit cocktail, pars, cherries, corn, beans, dried fruits
2121 and almonds (Vest Germany. Needs container loads of canned peaches, fruit
cocktail, pears, cherries, canned corn, green beans, dried fruits and
almonds. Deliveries continuous. Products must comply with requirements
of German Food Law and Packaging Ordinance. Quote C&F Haemb~ g or FAS Port
of loading. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank, Branch Office CityHof, D-2000,
Haaburg. SIC: 20331040, 20331020, 20331050, 20331090, 20332030, 20332020,
20341000, 01225005 Contact: Richard Wydra, ydra Lebeamittelagentur,
Bugenhagenstr. 5, D-2000 Hamburg L, West Germany. Telex: 2-163 132 RIWY D.
Phone: 040/33 64 21.

2122 Soy grits (Greece). Wishes to purchase edible, toasted and defatted soy grits,
100,000 pounds, quality soy bits 50 T or soy bits, type 40/80. Report strength
paper bags of 50 or 100 lbs. Must be produced in the USA to USA standards.
Quote CIF Piraeus. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Greece. SIC: 20922050
Contact: Demetrois Mamais, Efthymios Mamais and Sons O.E., 21-23 Gounari
St., Piraeus, Greece. Cable: EDMA Piraeus. Phone: 4175341 4111133.

2123 Strawberries (France). Needs fresh strawberries, 10 tons per week packed in
carton boxes of about 5 kgs net. Delivery the beginningof the season.
Quote C&F Paris. Bank ref: Banco Espanol En Paris (Bo.EP.) MI.N. De
Rungis. SIC: 01223030 Contact: Mr. Lagueyrie, ETS. G. Laguayrie, 20 Rue
D'Avignon-Fruleg 643-94621 Rungis Cedex, Paris, France. Telex: 250036.
Phone: 686.49-16 or 686.40-82.

2124- Grapefruit, oranges, lettuce peppers, cabbage (eterlands). Would like ruby
2128 red grapefruits, Valencia oranges and lemons, Iceberg lettuce, bell peppers,
Chinese cabbage, container loads. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: ABM-Rotter-
dam. SIC: 01221035, 01221005, 01231080, 01231040, 01231050 Contact: B. Van
Den Berg, B.V. V/H Joe Van Den Berg, P.O. Box 25006, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Telex: 21021. Phone: 764166.

2129 Corn (Morocco). Interested in buying 20,000 MI No. 2 and o.3 yellow earn.
n bulk for delivery January/February 1979. Label Should mention
either Mais No. 2 or No. 3 quality yellow. Quote C&f Casablanca, Maroeoo.
Bank ref: Copagnie Marocaine De Credit Et De Banque, Boulevard Mohamed V.
Rabat. SIC: 01131020 Contact: "Flex Chatelier, SIA, B.P. 710, Rabat,
Morocco. Cable: SINA Rabat. Phone: 508.75 or 500.61.

2130- Canned soups, caned fruits, biscuits, candies, chocolate ad cookies
2135 Desires to purchase canned soups with meat & vegetables; canned fruits
pears, berries, cherries, grapefruit, peaches and mixed fruits; confectioneries
biscuits, candies, chocolates cookies, etc., 2,500,000 dollars each Pa year1
specific information including complete ingredient statements required.
Appropriate packaging for institutional and retail uses, for iadiate delivery.
Quote C&F and CIF Yokohama. Bank ref: Suruga Bank, Yokoham. SE: 20322000

20331000, 20510000, 20710000, 20720000, 20522000 Contact: Tsutoma Maki,
Export Import Service Center Inc., A1-1 Tokiwa-Cho, Naka-Ea, Yokohama,
Japan. Telex: 3822-170 EISC J. Cable: EtSC, Yokohama. Phone: 045-

2136- Jams marmalade, raisins, canned soup (Japan). Wishes Jams, rmalade,
2139 raisins and canned soups containing meat ad vegetables, $15,000 per moth.
Specific information and samples required. Appropriate packaging for
institutional and retail uses. Immediate delivery. Quote C&F Tokyo.
Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Kanda Branch, Tokyo. SIC: 20338000, 20338020,
20341010, 20322000 Contact: Bric Masaaki Furubayashi, Managing Director,
IKokuto Tsusbo Co., Ltd., 4-5 Sendagi 5-Chome, Bunkyo-K, Tokyo, Japan.
Telex: 2657285 MEYJPN J. Cable: UWIQIETREO, Tokyo. Phone: 03-872-

2140 Lemon Juice (Japan). Wants to buy lemon juice, $50,000 worth of the product
per year, must be 100% pure lemon Juice and protected against oxidation even
after opening of the container lid. Packed in appropriate container for
retail use. Immediate delivery. quote CIF or FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref:
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ikebukuro Branch, Tokyo. SIC: 20334000 Contact:
Tadashi Banno, Director, Seiva Sangyo Co., Ltd., c/o Yamnote Bldg., 12-19
Minami-Ikebukuro 1-Chome, Toshima-Kn, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: WASANINTWI ,
Tokyo. Phone: 03-985-6732.

2141- Canned fruits, canned fruit drinks, canned soups, biscuits, chocolates,
2148 coffee, tea bags, canned seafood soups (Japan). Wants $0,000 worth each of
canned fruit-grapefruit, oranges, peaches, and fruit cocktail; canned drinks
grapefruit and orange; canned soup containing meat and vegetables; seafoods,
etc.; confectioneries-biscuits and chocolates and instant coffee and tea bags.
Specific description including complete ingredient statements required.
Canned drinks must be diluted. Packed in appropriate packaging for retail use.
Quote C&F and CIF Tokyo. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Yurakucho Branch,
Tokyo. SIC: 20331000, 20334000, 20322000, 20310000, 20510000, 20720000, 20952000
209530000 Contact: Akira Kawaguchi, Managing Director, Kawaguchi Trading Co.,
Ltd., 4 -34-3 Matsushima, Elogawa-Ka, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2226857 MRNID ATT
Kawaguchi. Cable: STOKISTANG. Phone: 03-654-0838.

2149 Frozen vegetables (Japan). Wants frozen potatoes and spinach, 200 MT each per
year. Products must be frozen packed in appropriate packaging for export.
Specific information required, ineadiate delivery. Quote C&F and CIF Tokyo.
Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Main Office, Tokyo. SIC: 20372000 Contact:
Yonosuke Ohshima, Information & Development Office, Mitsubishi Bank Ltd.,
2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ka, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: J-22358 BISHI BK, or
J-22960 BISHI BK. Phone: 03-211-8111 Et. 8721.

2150 Dried fruit juice powder (Japan). Requests freeze dried fruit juice powder -
lemon and orange, 10 T per month. Products must be 100% natural containing no
additives. 'Specific information required. Quote CIF Tokyo. Bank ref: Chuo
Shintaku Bank, Main Office, Tokyo. Contact: Eitaro Uno, Tatsuno Sangyo LL.,
2-3-14 1yobashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: TATSUSAECO. Phone: 03-278-


2151 Wheat gemr oil (Colmbia). Would like wheat germ oil enriched with vitamin
E, 20 tons, 500,000 units )r metriciton, packed in ars sad cartons,
delivery continually. Quality certificate from the Dept. of Health. 4Qote
CIF Bogota and FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Banco nt'l De Colombia, current
acct. no. 755214. Contact: Julio Matir Duperly, Ntiz Davila & CIA.,
Carrera 7 No. 17-01, Of. 422, A.A. 19937, Bogota, D.E,, Coloabia. Phone:

2152 Nuts (Austria). Needs nuts, edible (Mrcadamis, cashebs and others), dried or
deftdrated, salted nuts, packaged. Letter of Credit or WD payment. Also
interested in obtaining representation for above products. SIC: 01225000
Contact: Burocomerce GES.M.B.H., Marc-Aurel-Strasse 3, A-1010 Vienna,
Austria. Cable: EROCUOMECE Wien. Phone: 222/636455. Telex: 7/5082

2153- Extracts, concentrated fruit and vegetable juices, canned soft drinks (France).
2155 Wants natural flavoring extracts; imitation flavoring extracts; concentrated
fruit juices; concentrated vegetable juices; low calorie bottled and caned
soft drinks. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris, 94000. SIC: 20871000,
20334060, 20860000 Contact: Mr. Schotter, Daniel Blayn & Cie, 60-62
Avenue Du General Leclerc, 94702 Naisons-Alfort, Paris, France. Phone: 368-

2156- Shortening, oil emulsifiers, tallow (Ecuador). Wants shortening and oil
2159 ea-lsifiers, and inedible tallow. Send literature and quote CP Guayaquil.
SIC: 20961010, 20961030, 20941000, 20930000 Contact: Xavier Navarro,
LN Representaciones C Ltda., Casilla 5659, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Cable:
FRISANCA. Telex: 3442 TECOI D. Phone: 302-64.

2160 Pork (Guyana). Needs pork, fresh or frozen, 30,000 to 40,000 lbs. for purpose
of curing into bacon, ham and sausage. Delivery 3 shipments per year, quote
CIF St. Lucia, West Indies. Quality: 14-17 lbs. each of legs of pork bone in;
bellies of pork boneless; shoulders of pork shank off; loins of pork boneless
and bone in; sides of pork head on; 60-70 lbs. side of pork head off; 130-160
lbs. sides of pork head off; boneless rindless pork sausage grade. SIC: 20114000
Contact: P.S. Fraser, C&P Meats, 144 Regent St., Lacytown, Georgetown,
Guyana S.A. Phone: 66625. Cable: C& DANARA.

2161 Peanuts (France). Wishes to purchase peanuts, 8,000 Mr shelled for oil
extractor (197U crop), oil content 47% minimum impurities 2% maimi -
acidity FFA base 3. Also interested in 300 W! of peanut seeds of types Spanish,
Virginia, Valencia, currently used for human consumption, packed in bags.
Delivery October November to Africa. Quote FOB U.S. port East Coast. Bank
ref: Banque Neuflize-Schlumberger-Mallet, 3 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris. SIC:
01192010 Contact: Mr. Tremege, Societe Serda, 4 Rue De Castellane, 75008
Paris, France. Telex: 660 452. Phone: 742.01-4.

2162 Rice (France). Needs 5,000 tons each per year of long grain white and long
2163 grain parboiled rice, packed in bags of 50 kgs. Delivery beginning 1979
January and February. Less 2% broken to shipment. Quote C&F or FOB U.S. ports.
Bank ref: Societe General AG. A.J. 91, Champs ELysees, 75008 Paris. SIC:
20441000, 20444000 Contact: B. Larpent, COPRALIT, 5/7 Rue Des Freres Lumdere,
Zac Du Pont-Yblon, 93150 Le Blanc-Meanil, France. Phone: 931.66-77.

2164 Mushrooms (Belgium). Wants fresh mushrooms, weekly shipments of 10-20 tons
first quality, for supermarkets, roots removed. Cases weighing 2-4 kg.,
packed with 4 boxes each weighing 250-500 grams. Cases should be of light
weight wood, individual boxes of plastic. Buyer will wish to visit U.S.
to observe samples and production conditions. Quote FOB East Coast
International Airport, Bank ref: Bank Brussel-Lambert. SIC: 01231000
Contact: J.P. Rondiat, Manager, Champix P.V.B.A., 69 Allee Verte, Brussel,
Belgium. Phone: 02/215.85.92.

2165 Freeze dried foods (France). Interested in freezed dried pre-packaged
camping foods e.g. chicken with rice, for two persons. Minimum quantity
to start business, grades sold in U.S. mountaineering/camping supply stores.
Packed in cartons for delivery soonest. Minimum order necessary to request
foreign language labels. Complete price lists. Exclusive agent available.
Quote FOB U.S. port by air, or FOB U.S. port by surface. SIC: 20340000
Contact: Richard Graham, Interface (International Trade Consultants), 27
Rue Moliere, 06100 Nice, France. Phone: .(93) 51.22.36.

2166 Pork tails (Panama). Wants frozen or refrigerated pork tails (5,000 pounds),
and pork feet (5,000 pounds). SIC: 20114060 Contact: Anibal Vallarino,
Manager, Inversiones Pan Peru S.A., P.O. Box 8630, Panama 5, R.P. Phone:

2167 Frozen vegetables and french fries (Japan). Requests frozen mixed vegetables,
2168 and frozen french fried potatoes, 20,000 lbs. each per month. Mixed vegetables
must consist of carrots 40%, peas 30% and corn 30% top grade; frozen
french fried potatoes must be crinkle-cut type and 2.5 inches in length, top
grade. Packed in 1 kg plastic bags, 12 bags to a carton for immediate delivery.
Quote C&F Tokyo. Bank ref: The Industrial Bank of Japan, Tokyo Branch. SIC:
20372000, 20372010 Contact: Kohsuke Hiraishi, President, Tokyo Frontier
Corp., 120-15, Shimbashi 2-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 252-2656.
Cable: TIERFRON, Tokyo. Phone: 03-574-7471/3.

2169 Canned cherries (Sweden). Interested in canned Morella cherries in light
syrup, preferable pitted, 20-40 MT, quote FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Skandina-
viska Enskilda Banken. Contact: Ivan Krvarec, Argo Union AB Box 21045, S-200
21 Malmo, Sweden. Telex: 3049 MALM) S for Agri Union. Phone: 040/11 78 10.

2170 Dairy cattle (Ecuador). Wants 50 head (approx) Puerto Rican born and bred,
3-6 months pregnant dairy heifers, "Red Holstein", which reportedly being
successfully bred in Puerto Rico, preferred. Heifers would be airborne to
destination in Ecuador by buyer-chartered airplane. Should first shipment
prove satisfactory, similar ones may be purchased periodically. Send whatever
literature may be deemed necessary and quote FOB Puerto Rican airport against
advance payment. Contact: Baldomero Loor-Giler, Quinta Beatriz, Calle Oswaldo
Loor, Portoviejo, Ecuador. Phone: 65-0669.

2171- Chocolate bars, chewing gum, candy, biscuits (Sweden). Wants to purchase
2174 chocolate bars, chewing gum, lollipops, candy, cream biscuits, 100 MT, quote
FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Oppunda Sparbanken, Katrineholm. Contact: Armand
Laster, Rane Inter Trading AB, Stenbrottsvaegen 5, S-641 00 Katrineholm, Sweden.
Telex: 642 59. Phone: 0150/19820.

2175 Tobacco (Egypt). Wants flue-cured mainly 1978 crop and some selected lots
of 1976 and 1977, tobacco. All in strips and stem form, also barley 1975-
1976 crops in the form of bundles and/or strips and stem form. It is
expected that competitive quotations will be selected in November against
pre-selected samples. Tobacco firms interested may now send samples of
their stock to the El Nasr Tobacco and Cigarette Co. (ETCC) for grading
and selection against which price quotations will be requested. Samples
must be from the above mentioned crop years when available. Contact:
El Nasr Tobacco and Cigarette Company, P.O. Box 234, Cairo, Egypt. Telex:
2734 TABNAS.

2176 Beef (Egypt). Wishes beef liver (frozen), 20 tons every 25 days for delivery
soonest. Quote Alexandria. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt. Contact:
Mamdouh S. Hedayet, 20 Ibadah Ibn El Samet Street, El Sadat, Fon El Khalieg,
Old Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 840-932, Cairo.

2177 Grocery lines (Belgium). Interested in importing established or new food
lines (excluding frozen and fresh) from small to medium size U.S. company
without adequate representation in Western European markets, particularly
Belgium. Products should be suitable for distribution through supermarket
chains. Belgium firm willing to consider acting as sole agency, joint
market development or other normal commercial systems. Bank ref: Lloyds
Handelsbank, Kredietbank. Contact: T.C. Carroll, C.A. Suy N.V., Waalse
Kaai 7, B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. Telex: 31.467. Cable: CABERSUY ANTW.
Phone: 031/37.28.80.

2178 Rice (Finland). Wants long grainparboiled brown rice. Quote FOB U.S. Gulf
port. Contact: 0. Siika-Aho, Raisio Factories Oy Vehnae AB, P.O. Box 21200,
Raisio, Finland.

2179 Cattle Guatemala). Interested in buying 500 Holstein heifers registered,
6-12 months old, dams production 16,000-18,000 lbs., delivery March/April
1979. Health certificate required. Quote Port Matias De Galvez/Guatemala
(sea), CIF Guatemala city (air), FOB U.S. shipping point. Bank ref: Bank
of America, Guatemala City. Contact: Fernando Bolanos, President, Luis
Garcia, Mgr., Agropecuaria San Francisco, 7 Ave. 8-56, Zona 1, Ofician 1001,
Edificio El Centro, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Phone: 84571 or 519103.

2180 Cattle (Guatemala). Wishes Jersey heifers registered, 2-6 months pregnant,
quantity 24, dam production 12,000 lbs. min., for delivery January 1979.
Health certificate required. Quote CIF Guatemala city (air). Bank ref:
National Agricultural Development Bank (Bandesa), Jalapa, Guatemala. Contact:
Luciano Guenzati, Finca El Chaparral KM 127, Jalapa, Guatemala, Inquiries
through AgAttache Office, Guatemala can be made.

2181 CalLeryanapear stock, and merton apple stock (Guatemala). Needs Calleryana
near stock and malling merton apple stock, 2,000 each type. Ready to be
budded in short period of time. Delivery 1st week of June 1979. Qaote CIF
Port Matias De Galvez. Bank ref: Banco Industrial, S.A., via 5 4-50, Zona
4, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Contact: Rodolfo Estrade Hurtart, 8 Calle No.
6, Villa Nueva, Guatemala. Phone: 20811 or 031 0030.

2182 Hatching eggs (Italy). Interested in buying hatching eggs for broilers,
quantity 200-300 boxes (360 pieces) every month. Time of delivery monthly
starting soonest. Quotations CIF Milan-Rome Airport. Payment Irrevocable
Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Banco Nazionale Del Lavoro, Filiale Di
Bologna. Contact: Paolo Tassinari, Univa, via Pellegrino Orlandi 19,
Bologna, Italy. Telex: 51211 UNIVA. Phone: 051/547409.

2183 Agar-Agar powder (Thailand). Wants Agar-Agar powder, specifications:
Jelly strength 1000, 2 MT per month, quotations C&F and CIF Bangkok.
Delivery immediately 2 MT monthly shipment. Bank ref: Bangkok Bank Ltd.
Contact: Miss Pornthip Sakundeelart, Seng Huad Ltd., Part., 773-775
Songwad Road, Bangkok 1, Thailand. Cable: CHAIYOK, Bangkok.

2184 Pickled pork snouts and tails (Netherlands). Wishes to buy pickled pork
snouts and tails, 200 to 500 pails per shipment, packed in 20 kilo pails
for delivery soonest. Quote FOB Louisiana or New York port. Bank ref:
ABN-Rotterdam, P.O. Box 2. Contact: E. Van De Sandt B.V., P.O. Box 1027,
3000 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands. Telex: 21389. Phone: 010-182020.

2200- Ham, bacon and sausage (Singapore). The Government of Singapore is inter-
2202 ested in developing a joint venture arrangement with a U.S. meat packer
for the production of ham, bacon and sausage in Singapore. Contact:
Dr. Siew Teck-Woh, Director, Primary Production Department, Ministry of
National Development, Maxwell Road, Singapore 1. Telex: PIE S/N RS

Foreign Trade Development:

Latest Minimum Import Specification for Holstein Cattle destined for
Italy. Minimum specification for Holstein cattle are are follows:
Minimum age 11 months for males; no minimum age for females, genealogical
certification: 3 generations for males 2 generations for females, minimum
milk production for ancestors: first lactation, 5,000 kg per year; second
lactation, 5,500 kg per year, third lactation, 6,000 kg per year; fourth
lactation, 6,500 kg per year. Minimum fat content of parent stock: 3.6%
Morphological classification: certification excellent or very good by breed
association. For additional information contact: L. Ben Thompson, FAS,
L&LP, Foreign Market Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C. 20250. Telephone: (202) 447-4884.

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