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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and olher government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You ma) also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. 12021 447-7103

I.F. A.S.- -I U: '.:J' -'.j June 13, 1982

Cranberry sauce (Netherlands). Wants whole cranberries in cranberry sauce,
glass jars. Also whole fresh frozen cranberries in bulk. Container loads.
Quotations FAS or C&F R'Dam. Bank ref: Banque De Paris Et Des Pays Bas-The
Hague. CONTACT: G.J.A. Swart, Boas B.V., P.O. Box 340, 2700 AH Zoetermeer,
Netherlands. TELEX: 32646. Phone: 079-410114. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0222)

Dry gluten (Turkey). Interested in dry gluten to be used in bread industry.
Wishes to receive offers for 500 mt. Proforma invoice with analysis report
with indication of portions to be added to wheat flour requested. Sample of
50 kgs requested. CONTACT: M. Hayati Varat, Foodstuffs Marketing Co., Inc.,
Abed Han Kat: No. 8, Karokoy-Ist, Turkey. TELEX: 22978 ENIM TR. Phone: 44
29 25 or 44 96 57. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0002)

Ox gallstones, hog pancreatin (Japan). Wants ox gallstones 100 kgs; hog
pancreatin 7 mt per year. Sample gallstones required and specific information
about quality of both products required. Packed: appropriate packaging for
export. Immediate delivery by air shipment for gallstones and surface
shipment hog pancreatin. Quote FOB for ox gallstones & C&F for hog
pancreatin. Bank ref: Hachijuni Bank Tanaka Branch, Nagoya. CONTACT: Msuo
Tanaka, Chikuma Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 547, Tokida Tobu-Machi,
Chiisagata-Gun, Nagano-Ken, Japan. Cable: "CHIKUMAKOSAN UEDA". Phone:
02686-2-1809. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0401)

gigs (Japan). Wants dried Calimyrna figs, 12 container loads per year.
Sample and specific information about quality are required. Retail and
institutional packages. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations
C&F. Bank ref: Shizuoka Bank Toro Branch, Shizuoka. CONTACT: Takashi
Sawada, Seiwa Trading Corp. (Importer), 28-6, Toro 4-Chome, Shizuoka-Shi,
Japan. TELEX: 3962688 SEIWA-J. Cable: "SEIWATR" SHIZUOKA. Phone:
0542-37-6888. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0400)

Apricot seeds (Japan). Wants apricot seeds, trial shipment of one mt. Sample
and specific information about quality are required. Appropriate packaging
for export. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F Nagoya.
Bank ref: Tokai Bank Okazakiekimae Branch, Okazaki. CONTACT: Ms. Yumiko


Isued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

Honda, Airin Co., Ltd. (Importer), 1-5, Aza Okiorido, Myodaiji-Cho,
Okazaki-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan. TELEX: 4537403 AIRIN J. Cable: "AIRIN
OKAZAKI". Phone: 0564-52-6010. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0399)

Mushroom spores (Venezuela). Wishes to receive price quotations for mushroom
spores, best available. Delivery requested July 83. Sanitary certificate
from country of origin required. Quotation CIF Maiquetia. Bank ref: First
National City Bank. CONTACT: Michell Campo, 108-10 Pichincha, Cruce Con
Flores, La Vina, Valencia, Venezuela. Phone: (041) 219918. (WK: 22/TOFAS

Poultry thighs (Spain). Wishes to contact U.S. slaughter/packing plants and
exporters for frozen chicken thighs. Quantity, quality and packaging not
specified. CONTACT: Antonio Perez Martin, Exportador De Cochinillas, Santa
Cruz de Tenerife, Apartado Postal 644, Islas Canarias (Espana), Spain.
Cable: ANTOPEREZ. Phone: 220747. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0001)

Raisins (Colombia). Wants seedless raisins, 10 mt, samples required. Packed
in bulk (30 lb. box). Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary and quality
certificates. Quotations FOB shipping port. Bank ref: Caja Credito Agrario
- Chapinero. CONTACT: Carlos A. Sanchez, Sanchez Pascuali Ltda., Carrera
49 No. 100-57, #201, Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 271-3873, 243-7990. (WK:
22/TOFAS 0111)

Shrimp (Australia). Interested in frozen peeled and deveined shrimp, size
16/20, 21/25 26/30, 31/40, 41/50 pieces per lb., in container lot, each
container 10 tons. First Grade white species. I.Q.F. packs of 2 kgs or 5
lb., block packs of 2 kgs or 5 lb. 6 to 10 packs to a master carton. Delivery
throughout the year. Health certificate required. Quotations CIF or C&F
Melbourne. Bank ref: ANZ Banking Group Ltd., 90 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000.
CONTACT: Cyril Lee, Oceanic Food, 248A Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Victoria
3067, Australia. TELEX: 30890. Cable: OCEANFISH. Phone: (03) 417 1455.
(WK: 22/TOFAS 0154)

Quail eggs (Costa Rica). Wants quail eggs, enough to establish business.
Best quality. Normal packaging. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Puerto
Limon. Bank ref: Banco Nacional De Costa Rica. CONTACT: Carlos Porras,
Apdo. 3966, San Jose, Costa Rica. Phone: 26 43 94. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0082)

Joint venture for poultry farming (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in
joint venture with U.S. partners) for expanding and increasing egg and
broiler production on an already existing farm at Umuzike, Orlu in Imo State.
Feasibility study is completed and partner (s) will be required for technical
assistance, consultancy services and company specialization, with an agreement
to enter and participate in a two-year turnkey program. Equity participation
will be 60% Nigerian & 40% foreign. Total equity investment invisaged will be
about 224 thousand dollars. Bank ref: Nigerian Industrial Development Bank,
Owerri, Imo State. CONTACT: Chief G.E. Unadike, Heritage Farms, Umuzike
Village, Box 79, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria. Cable: NIGERPHARK/ORLU, IMO
STATE. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0084)

Canned fruits (Coloibia). Wants canned preserved fruits, 350,000 Ibs. Top
quality. Packed in No. 10 cans. Delivery during harvest time. Quality
certificates requested. Quotations FOB Gulf. Bank ref: Banco Internacional

de Colombia, Barranquilla. CONTACT: Frigorificos De La Costa, Carrera 44 No.
53-02, P.O. Box 51196, Barranquilla, Colombia. TELEX: 031-164 CO. Phone:
(95) 317209, 412976, 322559. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0108)

Malt barley (Brazil). Wants 10,000 mt brewing malt barley. Packed in 50 kg
jute bags or polyethylene. Quotations FOB & C&F. Bank ref: CIA. Cefvejaria
Brahma & CIA. Antartica De Bebidas. CONTACT: Peter Q. Reeves, Fulminia S.A.
Industria E Comercio De Maquinas, R. Cadete Ulisses Veiga, 22 CEP 20,940,
Rio De Janeiro, R.J., Brazil. TELEX: (021) 2121614. Cable: "FULMINIA".
Phone: 264-2982, 264-6007. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0046)

Prunes (Japan). Wants prunes, trial shipment of one container load. Sample
specific information about quality are required. Institutional size.
Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotation C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi
Bank Kobe Branch, Kobe. CONTACT: Seizo Ukawa, Seishin Trading Co., Ltd.,
6-4, Toranomo 2-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J 4387. Cable:
FRONTIER TOKYO. Phone: 503-2871. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0411)

Rice (Ivory Coast). Wants milled rice, long grain, 20,000 mt, 4 shipments of
5,000 mt each. U.S. Grade 3 or better. Packed in 50 kg sacks. Delivery late
June, early July. Correspond in French. Quotation CIF Abidjan. Bank ref:
Societe Generale De Banque, Cote D'Ivoire. CONTACT: Seba Benoit, Ets. Seba
Benoit, 17 B.P. 388, Abidjan 17, Ivory Coast. TELEX: 3693 IMPRE GIL c/o SELA
LUCIEN. Phone: 37-26-64 after 18:00 H or between 12:15 15:30 H. (WK:
22/TOFAS 0065)

Pulses, lentils, wheat flour, milk (Colombia). Reputable local broker needs
FOB quotes for lentils, dry green peas, small red beans, garbanzo, wheat flour
and powdered whole and skimmed milk. Variable quantities of each, all. Top
quality. Packaging depending on product, the usual export type. Delivery
ASAP. Quality and sanitary certificates requested. Quotations FOB Gulf.
Bank ref: Banco De Bogota, La Magdalena Branch Office, Banco Occidente, Ave.
Suba Branch, ICA-Magefesa Comercializadora Andina, Fondo Rotatorio De
Ejercito. CONTACT: Arancely Arevalo, Comercializadora Berger Arevalo, HNOS.
& CIA., Ltda., Carrera 10 No. 27-51, Office 320, P.O. Box 85154, Bogota,
Colombia. TELEX: PROVE CO 44654. Phone: 296-8268, 296-8385. (WK: 22/TOFAS

Goats (Ecuador). Wants 50 goats, for dairy and meat purposes. Delivery
November. Please send information. Quotations FOB & CIF. Bank ref: Banco
Bolivariano, Av. Pichincha 412, Guayaquil, Ecuador. CONTACT: Pedro Menendez,
Jorge T. Valez, Aguirre 426 Y Chimborazo, Casilla 415, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Phone: 522-480, 522-484. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0118)

Dairy products (Spain). Wants dairy products (dry milk, cheese and butter),
7,500 mt. Packaging to be determined. Quotations FOB. Offers by telex
requested. Delivery within 60 days upon receipt of Letter of Credit. Bank
ref: Exterior De Espana Elche (Alicante). CONTACT: Mr. Mergui Idrli,
S.L., P.O. Box 259, Alicante, Spain. TELEX: 66552. Phone: (965) 22 23 43.
(WK: 22/TOFAS 0137)

Sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing (Japan). Wants various sauces,
tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and dressing. Trial shipment of one container
load. Samples and specific information about quality are required.

Institutional size. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations FOB.
Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank Tamachi Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Jugoro Kawagishi,
Daido Foods Co., Ltd., Shiba 4-12-10, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX:
222-3428 DSANSO JO. Phone: 03-456-3751. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0412)

Baby chicks (Ivory Coast). Wants day old baby chicks, white breeds,
5,000/weekly, for meat purposes. Regular delivery once a week on Saturday Air
Afrique flight from N.Y. to Abidjan when agreement reached. Quotation CIF
Abidjan, Air. Bank ref: Banque Nationale Du Development Agricole, Abidjan,
Ivory Coast. CONTACT: Gerald Theus, Poulet D'Or, 01 B.P. 671, Abidjan 01,
Ivory Coast Phone: 41-49-92. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0067)

Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants soybean meal 44% and 48%, Grade A, 40,000-50,000
mt per year. Packed in plastic bags of 50 kg net. Delivery ASAP. Importers
seeks long term partner to penetrate the Egyptian Market. Quotations C&F
Alexandria and Port Said. Bank ref: Watani Bank of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt.
CONTACT: Ibrahim Nashid Ibrahim, First Cairo Trading & Development Company,
1, El-Yemen Street, Giza, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92565 MIDNIL-UN. Phone:
730233/730951. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0170.

Broilers (Spain). Wants broilers, frozen, 20,000-50,000 mt, Grade "A".
Packaging: standard. Quotation FOB. Delivery within 60 days upon receipt of
Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Banco Exterior De Espana Elche (Alicante).
CONTACT: Mr. Mergui, Iorli, S.L., P.O. Box 259, Alicante, Spain. TELEX:
66552. Phone: (965) 22 23 43. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0138)

Canned fruits (Colombia). Wants canned preserved fruits, 350,000 Ibs., Top
quality. Packed in No. 10 cans. Delivery during harvest time. Quality
certificates requested. Quotations FOB Gulf. Bank ref: Banco Internacional
de Colombia, Barranquilla. CONTACT: Frigorificos De La Costa, Carrera 44 No.
53-02, P.O. Box 51196, Barranquilla, Colombia. TELEX: 031-164 to. Phone:
(95) 317209, 412976, 322559. (WK: 22/TOFAS 108)

Sugar Tender (Egypt). Request bids for tender No. 1/83/84 for 20,000 tons
white/refined sugar in new-jute bags lined with plastic. Arrival Egyptian
Ports August 1983. Committee has the right to increase or decrease the
quantity. Offers to be submitted above address in sealed envelope latest 1300
hrs, Wednesday, June 22, 1983. Offers should show both FOB & C&F prices.
Conditions & specifications to be obtained above address against payment of
L.E. 5 per copy which should be attached. Offers must be made through
Egyptian agent. CONTACT: General Authority for Supply Commodities,
Purchasing Committee for Plant Products, 24, Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt.
TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM-UM. Cable: ESTRAM. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0173)

Flavoring extracts, livestock feeds (Finland). Wants exclusive agency for
flavoring extracts, emulsions, and other liquid flavors, liquid beverages
bases, not for use by soft drink bottlers, and flavoring syrups for use by
soft drink bottlers. Also interested in livestock feed supplements and
concentrates, for dairy cattle, in general. Firm acts as importing agent for
foodstuffs and feed additives as well as industrial chemicals. CONTACT: Timo
Tukiainen, Managing Director, Rodamin Oy, PL 59, SF-01621 Vantaa 62, Finland.

Phone: 358-0/890177. TELEX: 12-5656. (WK: 22/TOFAS 2430)

Health foods, vitamins, herb tea (Fiji). Wants health foods, vitamin
(wholesale), and herb teas and other health foods and products. Health foods
store wishes catalogs, brochures & prices for small quantity shipments from
managers wholesalers, and distributors. Interested in agency arrangement.
Bank ref: National Bank of Fiji, Suva, Fiji. CONTACT: Ms. Susan Ramritu,
Susan's Health Food Centre Ltd, 8 5948-4-3, Shop No. 2, Suva, Fiji. Phone:
25-148. (Wk: 22/TOFAS 1858)

Grocery items (Canada). Firm is a food broker and is interested in food
products and any grocery-related items, whether they are food or non-food
products, in volume. Sales territory covers Western Canada. Firm employs 4.
Company interested in volume items and not specialty products. CONTACT:
Jackson Shillito, Shillitos Grocery Brokers & Importers Ltd., 203-1420 Marine
Drive, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 2T6, Canada. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0794)

Grain seeds (Greece). Wants unspecified types and quantities of grain seeds.
Company founded in 1963 in Athens as general partnership. Maintains offices
in the center of Athens. Operates as agent of fertilizer, related chemicals
and non-ferrous metals. Participates in tenders; represents Chemie Linz
(Austria), Anic Group Eni (Italy), Sozacom State Mines of Zaire. Client wishes
to contact U.S. manufacturers and suppliers. CONTACT: Ms. Lena Deros, Sales
Director, Hellas Trading Co., Skoufa Street, Athens 136, Greece. TELEX:
216731 HELT GR. Phone: 01130/1/3600705. (WK: 22/TOFAS 6156)

Gelatin desserts (Mexico). Wants Gelatin dessert preparations. Company has
authorized capital of one million pesos, annual sales of 12 million (one
dollar equals pesos 113.43-government preferential rate). It is interested in
catalogs and price lists. Purchases in cash or through a Letter of Credit.
Bank ref: Bancomer, S.A. CONTACT: Lic. Carlos Castanares P., Kaluma, S.A.,
Viena 262, Col. Coyoacan, 04100 Mexico, D.F. Phone: 905/5249000. (WK:
22/TOFAS 7038

Health foods, breakfast foods (Peru). Wants health foods and dietetic
products, and ready-to serve cereal breakfast foods. Firm was established in
1981 as importer and distributor of food products. Interested in dietetic
products and cereals and would like to contact manufacturers of above
products. Quotes FOB or CIF prices. Port of Callao. Firm represents E.J.
Branch & Sons and Hebrow National Foods. Also would like to have catalogs and
financial conditions as well as minimum order required. CONTACT: Tobias
Gabriel S., Exec. Dir., Frankfurther S.A., Conquistadores 698, San Isidro,
Lima 27, Peru. Phone: 417711. (WK: 22/TOFAS 4647)

Raw cotton (Korea). Interested in direct sale and agency for raw cotton.
Firm founded 1952, employs 30,000. Firm in one of the largest spinners in
Korea. Firm recently established a commission sales Dept. specializing in the
sales of raw cotton, textile machinery parts, and dyestuffs for their own use.
Product literature and C&F prices lists desired. CONTACT: Han Sang-Aun,
Manager, Choongbang Co., Ltd., Rm. 6U2, Chunghwa Bldg., 62-4, 1-KA,
Taepyung-Ro, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea. TELEX: CNBCO K27568. Cable:

CHOONGSPINCO SEOUL. Phone: 723-9341/5. (WK: 22/TOFAS 4225)

Raisins (Hong Kong). Wants regular shipments of raisins, each shipment one
container load covering 1,300 cartons and each carton weighing 30 lbs. All
1st Grade, "Champion" brand or other brand. Packed in export seaworthy
cartons. Delivery ASAP. Prefer to deal with manufacturers and not export
company. Quotations CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: The Hong Kong & Shanghai
Banking Corp. CONTACT: Hung Ming Chung, Denny's Food Corp., Ltd., Man Hing
Industrial Godown Bldg., 10/F, 4 Yip Fat St., Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.
Cable: "DENNYSFOOD". Phone: 5-541275 or 5-538017. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0119)

Cottonseed oil and greases (Hong Kong). Wants refined cottonseed oil and
lubricating oils and greases. The required items are for re-export to the
People's Republic of China. Planning to visit the United States in the near
future, at which time, would like to meet with the U.S. suppliers. CONTACT:
Ms. Vivian Griswold, Foursome Trading Co., A3 Dragon View, 39 MacDonnell Rd.,
Hong Kong. TELEX: HX-83225 ALTO. Phone: 5-732368. (WK: 22/TOFAS 8257)

Swine, cattle (Ecuador). Wants 140 purebred pigs with U.S. registration
papers, 15 females and 2 males of each Hampshire, Duroc, York, Chester, and
Poland China breeds. Also wants 100 Holstein cattle, purebred pedigree, 18-24
months for heifers and 18 months for bulls. Delivery August-Sept. Quote FOB
U.S. Port and C&F Guayaquil. Bank ref: Central Bank, Av. 10 De Agosto,
Quito, Ecuador. CONTACT: Dr. Jose Bolivar Castillo Vivanco, Predesur, Av.
Paquisha, Sector Norte, Casilla 373, Loja, Ecuador. TELEX: 4136. Phone:
960-090, 960-091, 962-092. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0123)

Poultry, seafoods, beef (Greece). Direct sale to end user 30,000 tons frozen
chicken, 100,000 boxes (15 oz, 48 cans per box) of mackerel, 50,000 tons
frozen beef, and 27,000 tons frozen fish (mackerel). Interested in finding
U.S. suppliers of above products as soon as possible. On May 19th he will be
in N.Y. at Tri Continent Trade Co., 345 E 73rd St., Phone: (212) 9889281.
TELEX: 960867. Above firm was awarded a 2,100,000 dollars contract for
frozen mackerel by the Egyptian government. Due to limited time for the bids,
Mr. Aziz must be contacted in New York as soon as possible. CONTACT: Magdy
Abdel Aziz, 23 Polytechniou Street, Thessaloniki, Greece. TELEX: 418820 FOX
GR. Phone: (031) 542 525. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0216)

Wheat flour, milk powder (France). Wants commercial quality wheat flour
packed in bags of 1 kilo and 25 kilos, and milk powder, 26% fat, packed in
bags of 25 kilos. Containers of 3 cu.m. each. Delivery ASAP. If possible
French and English labelling. Quotations CIF U.S. Port and CIF Lome, Cotonou,
Pointe Noire (Africa). Bank ref: B.I.A.O. (Banque Internationale Pour
L'Afrique Occidentale) 9, Avenue De Messine, 75008 Paris. CONTACT: Mr.
Wegst, Alkros, 11, Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris, France. TELEX: 643 345 F
ALKROS. Phone: 268 1580. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0226)

Aloe juice, coriander seed (Japan). Firm established in October, 1982.
Imports and distributes health foods and flower seeds. Interested in
importing Aloe drinks and Coriander seeds. Please supply literature, export
price information and some samples. Will accept samples valued at up to USD
50 including freight and will pay for them upon receipt. CONTACT: Shigeru
Chida, Mgr. Director, Universal Trading Co., Ltd., 18-Ban, 5-Chome, Toyohira
4-Jo Toyohira-Ku, Sapporo 062, Japan. Phone: 011-841-8676. (WK: 22/TOFAS

Peanuts (Italy). Wants in-shell peanuts, 1,000 sacks, jumbo or fancy.
Quotations CIF Genoa or Venice Port. Delivery date to be determined. Bank
ref: Credito Commerciale, 26103 Crema, Cremona. CONTACT: Benito Stagni, Via
Picco 3/B, 26013 Crema, Cremona, Italy. Phone: 0373-56744. (WK: 22/TOFAS

Joint Venture for frozen fruits and vegetables (Turkey). Turkish group
seeking U.S. partners to enter into a joint venture in Turkey to process and
market frozen fruits & vegetables. Project includes plant construction, bulk
freezing, and storing, -25 degree Centigrade packing and transportation.
Modular system will provide a wide range of products to assure continuous
operation up to 10,000 tons raw material per year capacity. Projected
investment 5 million. Turkish group is flexible on equity, but wants 20% to
50% American participation. Current export market is Europe. Pre-feasibility
study has been completed. Bank ref: Turkiye Is BAnkasl, Galata, Istanbul
Branch & other major Turkish Banks. CONTACT: Osman Kavala, Kavala Group,
Rihtim cad. Nesli Han No 207 Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey. TELEX: 22696 MKMK
TR. Phone: 498347, 498348. (WK: 22/TOFAS Let. 01)

Wheat Tender (Jordan). Tender for 50,000 tons of wheat. Closing date June
16, 1983. Bid specs purchased for non-refundable fee of J.D. 5 (Note: U.S.
dol 1.00 currently equals J.D. 0.361). All offers thru Jordanian agents.
Wheat specs: American Hard Red Winter wheat, No. 2 or equivalent, humidity:
max 13%; foreign material: max. 0.01%; test wt: 58 lbs per bushel min;
protein: 11% min; broken & shrunken: 5% max; free of live insects & defective
kernels; 1983 crop. CONTACT: Ministry of Supply, P.O. Box 830, Amman,
Jordan. TELEX: 21278 MINSUP JO. Phone: 667141/661174. (WK: 22/ TOFAS 5075)

Lamb (Syria). Wants 3,000 tons plus/minus 5% fresh sheep meat (Males only).
Shipment on daily lots at a monthly average of 500 tons starting from August
1983. Three percent bid bond to be substituted upon purchase confirmation by
a 10% performance bond. To be presented by a bank guarantee issued by the
Commercial Bank of Syria (Branch 2) or by an accepted check issued by one of
the Syrian Banks. Foreign government firms are exempted from submitting bid
bond. Quotations requested FOB country of origin & C&F Damascus International
Airport or Damascus slaughterhouse. Offers should be valid for 30 days, offer
deadline is June 18, 1983. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch No. 2,
Damascus. CONTACT: Mahmud Falah, Director Gen., General Consumption Inst.,
P.O. Box 2552, Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 419167 SY MASKI. Cable: MASKI.
Phone: 226770, 226771. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0094)

Pulses, lentils (Italy). Wants dried beans, chickpeas and lentils. Quantity,
quality, and packaging to be determined. Quote sales prices per kg. or mt CIF
Italian ports incl. 3% commission. Delivery date: to be determined. CONTACT:
Salvatore Orlando, Repal S.R.L., Via Cesarea 11/10, 16121 Genoa, Italy.
CONTACT: Salvatore Orlando, Repal S.R.L., via Cesarea 11/10, 16121 Genoa,
Italy. Phone: 010-586100. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0160)
Blueberry bushes & seed (England). Wants blueberry bushes (vaccinium
corymbosum) and blueberry seed, 1 dozen nursery plants sufficient for trial
- with instructions for growing. Quality: hardy. Packaging as appropriate.
Delivery ASAP. Plants freed from soil and with certificate of health
(phytosanitary cert.) issued by U.S. Plant Protection Service. Quotations

FOB. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex.
CONTACT: Ms. J. Bunting, Polly's Kitchen, Wansbeck, Medway Drive, Coombe Hill
Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4NB, England. Phone: 0342 25709. (WK:
22/TOFAS 0091)

Joint Venture for poultry and livestock farm (Kuwait). Wants to establish in
Jordan poultry and livestock farms to include raising of cows, goats, sheep
and fish. Also wants to import greenhouses. Reportedly, own 60 acres of land
in Jordan and would like to find American firms to provide the machinery and
technology for these agricultural projects. Company ref: Kuwait Chamber of
Commerce & Industry, P.O. Box 775 Safat, Kuwait. CONTACT: Samir D. Yaghnam,
Mgr. Dir., al Mansuriya Bldg. Materials & Contracting Co., P.O. Box 36474,
Alras, Kuwait. TELEX: 46382 GLFCONT KT. Phone: 319278. (WK: 22/TOFAS 3012)

Corn (Ivory Coast). Wants yellow corn, 300-500 tons/monthly. U.S. No. 2 for
animal feed and also some for making corn meal. Packed in 50 kg bags.
Delivery ASAP. Quotes CIF Abidjan. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque De
Cote D'Ivoire. CONTACT: M. Sako, Ets. Madame Sako, 03 B.P. 939, Abidjan 03,
Ivory Coast. TELEX: 8819. Phone: 34-74-06. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0070)

White kidney beans (South Africa). Wants large white kidney beans (Phaseolus
Coccineus Var Albonanus), 500 mt, First Grade. Indicate packaging available.
Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB, state port of shipment. Payment by
Irrevocable Letter of Credit against relevant documents. CONTACT: T.
Hatfield, T. Hatfield & Co. (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 519, Johannesburg 2000, S.
Africa. TELEX: 8-7281. Phone: Johannesburg 836-8767. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0119)

Donkeys (Guatemala). Wants breeding donkey's for crossing with mares, 8 to 10
head, tested. Export by air. Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary
certificate/certificate of origin requested. Quotes CIF Houston International
Airport, Houston, Texas and/or CIF Aurora Airport, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Bank ref: Banco Agricola Mercantil, 7 Avenida 9-11, Zona 1, Guatemala City,
Guatemala. CONTACT: Jose Luis Taracena Luna, 10 Avenida A 24-09, Zona 13,
Aurora II, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Phone: 881742. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0124)

Brahman cattle (Ecuador). Wants Brahman cattle, 120 heifers, 4 bulls,
purebred register Brahman. Delivery by August-September by airplane. Wants
heifers 18-24 months old pregnant; young bulls (don't need to be proven).
Quotations FOB U.S. Port, C&F Guayaquil. Bank ref: CCC Via Banco Central Del
Ecuador, Av. 10 De Agosto, Quito, Ecuador & Banco Bolivariano, Av. Pichincha
412, Guayaquil. CONTACT: Pablo Coello, Agro-Rios, Av. Orellana 1791, Quito,
Ecuador. TELEX: 3728 AGRIOS-ED. Phone: 544-358. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0130)

Lentils, pulses (Spain). Wants 100 mt each of dry peas, Alaska No. 1, small;
chickpeas; lentils Grade 1; and white dry beans, Grade 1. All packed in
sacks. Quotations CIF Valencia. Delivery date: 30-60-90 days. Bank ref:
Banco De Toledo & Banco Espanol De Credito (Puebla De Montalban). CONTACT:
Jose Maria Barreda-Oca, Sociedad Cooperativa Horticola Del Tajo, Finca
Calvario Alabardero La Puebla De Montalban, Toledo, Spain. TELEX: 48045.
Phone: (925) 75 03 01. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0142)

Potatoes (Peru). Wants 20,000 mt fresh potatoes, white preferable; round or
oval form; shallow eyes; size 2 1/2 to 5 inches diameter; weight 60-120 grams;
free of diseases, no initial sprout; inhibitors treated previous to shipment.

Packaging: 50-60 kgs, jute bags. Delivery: first shipment of 1500-2000 mt
immediately; other in 3-4 shipments through August. Official health
certificates required. Quotations FOB and/or C&F. Bank ref: Interbank,
Plazuela La Merced, Lima 1, Peru. CONTACT: Hans Kampman, Requimsa, Apartado
49900, Lima 18, Peru. TELEX: 25416. Phone: 40-0025 & 40-6271. (WK: 22/TOFAS

Rice (Ivory Coast). Wants long grain rice, up to 20% broken, and medium rice
- 50% broken. Quantity: 10,000 mt first time. Packed in 50 to 100 kg sacks.
Delivery September. Quotations CIF ,bidjan, would like quotations CIF
Abidjan. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque De Cote D'Ivoire. CONTACT:
Kouadio Joseph, Ets. Kouadio J., 12 B.P. 882, Abidjan 12, Ivory Coast. Phone:
35-90-91. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0072)

Raw cotton, grains (Bangladesh). Bangladesh trading firm seeking exclusive
agency with U.S. suppliers of raw cotton and grains, particularly wheat.
Bank ref: Rupali Bank, 11, Purana Paltan, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and BCCI,
Motijheel commercial area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. CONTACT: Ziaur Rahman,
Proprietor, Agranee, 84, New Circular Road (Malibagh Crossing), Dhaka-17,
Bangladesh. Phone: 401987, 408131, 409506. (WK: 22/TOFAS 0005)

Foreign Trade Developments

International Marketing Handbook. The Southern United States Trade
Association (SUSTA) is now offering for sale the second edition of the SUSTA
"International Marketing Handbook". The "International Marketing Handbook",
particularly popular within the food and agricultural product community,
furnishes the novice as well as seasoned exporter with valuable suggestions,
contacts, and information concerning the international sale of food and
agricultural products. Briefly, the 135-page handbook highlights the roles
and responsibilities of the international banker, freight forwarder, steamship
agent, and maritime insurance agent in the international food trade. Each of
these role descriptions, written by well-known experts, describes the
procedures involved in moving food products safely into foreign markets. To
facilitate communications with associations, and federal and state agencies,
the handbook provides names and addresses of institutions that offer
assistance or publications within the food export trade. Many of these
publications are available at no cost. Food producers should be particularly
interested in the articles pertaining to the foreign transport and sale of
breeding livestock which is definitely strong in the southern region. In
addition, the American Foreign Trade Definitions, provided in the handbook,
are a necessity for any serious food exporter. The new updated version of the
"International Marketing Handbook" can be obtained from the SUSTA Office:
SUSTA, ITM Bldg., Suite 338, P. 0. Box 228, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.
The cost including postage is $7.00 payable to SUSTA by check or money order.

Agricultural Export Conference

Martin F. (Buzz) Fitzpatrick, Jr., Director of the Office of Transportation,
has announced that Seeley G. Lodwick will deliver the keynote address at the
Agricultural Export Conference. Mr. Lodwick is the Presidential nominee to

the U.S. International Trade Commission and former undersecretary of
Agriculture for International Affairs and Commodity Programs. The keynote
address will be delivered on June 27, 1983, aboard the RMS Queen Mary, Long
Beach, California. (See May 16 Export Briefs.) Other featured speakers
include Yoshifumi Matsuda, Consul General of Japan, and Dr. Leslie Kanuck,
former chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission and distinguished professor
of marketing, Baruch College, City University of New York.

The $90 registration fee should be made payable to the Agricultural Export
Conference and sent to Steve Sato, Port of Long Beach, P.O. Box 570, Long
Beach, California. 90801. Special hotel conference rates aboad the Queen
Mary will be $45 for single rooms, and $55 for double rooms. The hotel charge
is not included in the registration fee. Participants should make
reservations as soon as possible directly with the hotel. The telephone
number is Area Code (213) 432-6964.

U.S. Foods to be Displayed in Malaysian Supermarkets. U.S. exporters are
invited to participate in the Malaysian food promotion "A Taste of America" in
August and September. A leading retailer is sponsoring this event in
coordination with USDA/FAS. The Agricultural Attache in Malaysia suggests
that the following products have market potential: a) POPCORN. Popcorn is
consumed away from home in Malaysia, but home preparation techniques are not
known. Companies should be prepared to support product display with corn
popping demonstrations. b) MEXICAN style American foods such as tacos,
chips, dips, etc. c) JUICES. Companies should educate Malaysian consumer on
the fidelity of U.S. juice products to strict quality standards. d) NEW
prepared foods of all types. All transactions will be on a commercial basis
between the U.S. companies and the Malaysian stores. For more information on
this event, please contact directly:

Mr. K.S. Eow or Mr. F.S. Chew
Emporium & Supermarket Holdings BHD
120-131 Sungei Wang Plaza (3rd Floor)
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Telex: ESHOLD MA 32334

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As
required of all signatories to tne GATT Standards Code, tne following
notifications of foreign proposed standards-related rules have been provided
for the information and comment of interested agencies and firms. The
Technical Office invites inquiries fium anyone who believes that any of the
proposed regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade
problem. Questions can oe referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical
Office, Room 5530, South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or
pnone (202) 3d2-1318. Anyone interested in commenting on the proposals
snoulo include the TBT Notification Number in their communication.

Canada TdT Notification 83.104 The Canadian Department of Health and
welfare nas proposed amendments to the food and drug regulations (product
covered canned foods) which concern certain regulatory requirements
relating to low-acid canned foods currently existing in several divisions of
tne food and drug regulations. Tnese requirements are very general and have
oeen applied to specific commodities only. The proposed regulations simply
oring together all existing requirements as well as introducing certain
additional control procedures into a new division of the food and drug
regulations. The proposed new division is intended to act as the reference
point for all health and safety requirements related to low-acid foods in
hermetically sealed containers (e.g. rigid metal, glass, semi-rigid and
flexible containers). The objective and rationale for this proposal is
nealtn protection. Final date for comments is July 22, 1983.

Japan TaT Notification 83.110 The TdT notification reached us this week
from tne Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, Environmental Health
Bureau, Food Chemistry Division, on the proposal (product covered food
additives) to designate EDTA, Calcium Disodium Salt and EDTA, Disodium
Oihydrogen Salt as food additives. We advised you of their intention to
propose this in the June 6, 1983 issue of Export Briefs. The details of the
proposal appear in that issue. The objective and rationale for this
proposal is public health. Final date for comments is July 30, 1983.

Japan TBT Notification 83.117 The Japanese Ministry of International
Trace and Industry, Inaustrial Policy Bureau, Consumer Protection Division;
and tne Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Food and Marketing
Bureau, Consumer Economy Division, have proposed several amendments (food
industry product covered bottled carbonated beverages and bottles for
containing caroonated beverages ). Tne proposal would amend a part of the
enforcement ordinance of the consumer product safety law (nereinafter
referred to as the "law"); amend a part of the cauinet order regarding fees
payaole under the law; amend a part of the enforcement regulations of the
law; amend a part of tne ministerial ordinance concerning safety standards
of specified kinds of products under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of
International Trade and Industry. Objective and rationale for this proposal
is to facilitate the obtaining of type approval, etc., by foreign
manufacturers. Final date for comments is July 30, 1983.

omC~g ega WASHINGTON. D.C.
PINALrTV Pa PMA UesL s PErMT No. G-262

3____82 0__8964340
If your address should be changed PRINT
OR TYPE the new address, including ZIP CODE and
return the whole sheet and/or envelope to:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250 i ] :
I L 'r L I I- .- r; FL !F.
tCrAC T .,I L
rAT \ IL L' L- I. f 1


Japan Governient Panel Endorses Decision to Furtner Delay Enforcement of
6an on dHA Tne Government Panel endorsed in its committee meeting the
government decision to further delay enforcement of a ban on tne use of
Butlyhyoroxyanisol (dHA), a food additive. This is pending completion of an
international study into its possible carcinogenic effects.

The Health ana Welfare Ministry nad decided last August to ban tne use of
the additive from Feoruary 1983 onward, after Nagoya Municipal University
researchers pointed to evidence that 8HA caused cancer in tests with rats.
A conference of U.S., British and Canadian researchers convened soon
afterward was divided over tne additive's possible carcinogenic properties.

Wnen the experts failed to reach a final conclusion after six meetings,
however, the Ministry aeferrea implementation of tne ban until after tne
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO)
discuss the issue again next spring or until decisive experimental proof is

Canada Proposal to Require Ingredient Laoeling on Non-retail (Bulk) Food
Containers we recieved word tnis week tnat the Canadian Government is soon
to publish a proposal in the Canadian Gazette which will require ingredient
labeling on non-retail containers. The Canadians define non-retail
containers as (a) the immediate container in which a food is transported and
sold for catering use or repackaging into consumer size packages or for
further industrial processing, or for re-sale in portions from oulk to
consumers; and, (b) the outer containers for prepackaged foods sold to a
retailer or commercial institution or enterprise, or directly to a consumer
by a wholesaler.

If you have any questions regarding these announcements, please contact
Carolyn Wilson at the USDA Technical Office, Foreign Agricultural Service,
5530 South Building, Washington, O.C. 20250; or phone (202) 382-1333.

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