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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agriultural Attache and othqr io ntL|r A P
vice to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Departmeat of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for frith information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firmnn originating the inquiry. You mayI also contbft e of onde
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. T
June 23, 19-8 .
Univ. of FIo;-id:

1180 Vegetable seeds (West Germany). Firm is interested in purchasTrigvegeTrable--
seeds in large quantities for resale in consumer packs, in supermarkets and
other retail outlets. Vegetable seeds, including green beans, peas, spinach,
tomatoes, lettuce, iceburg salad, sweet corn, broccoli, and cabbage. Firm
is a leading and well-reputed producer of field and other seeds. Also
imports vegetable and flower seeds from many countries. SIC: 01193047.
Bank ref: Dresdner Bank Ag, Postfach 1740, Moesterstr, 7L D-4500 Osnabrueck.
Contact: Osnabruecker Central-Saatstelle, L. Stahn & Finke GMBH, Leyer
Strasse 26, Postfach 3820, D-4500 Osnabrueck, Germany. Cable: SAATCENTRALE,
Osnabrueck. Telex: 944833. Phone: 0541/63001.

1181- Frozen fruits and vegetables (England). Interested in obtaining frozen fruits
1182 and vegetables. Quantity of purchase depends on availability. USDA Grade 1,
prepack in polybags, delivery within next few months. Quote FOB. SIC:
20372000, 20371030. Bank ref: Barclays Int. Bank, ATTN: Al, Kesh. Contact:
Mr. Joltway, Joltway Ltd., 11 Ancona Road, London NW10, England. Telex:
929286. Phone: 01-961-1844.

1183- Dehydrated garlic, onions, eggs (Italy). Would like to purchase 10 Mt of
1185 dehydrated garlic; 10 mt of onions; and 10 mt of eggs, packing 50 lb. packages.
Delivery August/September. Quote CIF. Type of payment Letter of Credit.
SIC: 01231035, 01231030, 20156010. Bank ref: Credito Italiano, Pescara.
Contact: Luciano Pozzolini, C. P. L. Imperial S. P. A., via Tiburtina, 65100
Pescara, Italy. Telex: 60021 POZZIMP. Cable: POZZIMP Pescara. Phone:

1186- Seed potatoes and tomato seeds (England). Would like to purchase potatoes
1187 seed and tomato seed, quantity 2,000 tons, delivery soonest. Products
are destined for the Middle East. SIC: 01231000, 01193047. Bank ref:
National Westminister Bank. Contact: M. A. Shafi, Sudi- Expo 77 Ltd., 5
Monmouth Place, Monmouth Road, London W2, England. Telex: 299967. Phone:

1188- Baby food (Egypt). Interested in direct purchase and agency agreement for
1189 canned baby foods and milk powder for infants. Seeks samples, catalogs
and price lists. Quote CIF Alexandria. Buyers owns 5 pharmacies in Cairo. SIC:
20230000, 20321000. Contact: Dr. Maher Farid El Masri, El Hayat Pharmacy,
28 Hamferes Street, Boulak El Dakrour, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 705767,
702109, 708439.

1190 Grocery line (Dominican Republic). Interested in purchasing the following
food items: codfish, salted, dried smoked, herring salted, dried, sardines,
canned; oats, rolled; mayonnaise; canned soups; canned baby foods; soup
powders. Correspondence in Spanish. SIC: 20400000. Co. ref: Liberty
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Servces Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, US. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250



Gold Fruit Co., Inc., 100 Pine Street, San Francisco, California. Contact:
Ramon De Jesus Moronta E., Manager, Casa Moronta & Co., C. Por A., Duarte
Esq. Juana Saltitopa, Apartado No. 56., Las Vegas, Dominican Republic. Cable:
CASAMORONTA. Phone: 573-2820.

1191- Natural cheese, processed cheese, cottage cheese (Spain). Wants to buy
1193 natural cheese, processed cheese and related products, and cottage cheese.
Quote FOB or CIF. SIC: 20221000, 20222000, 20263000. Contact: Carlos
Mardones Blesa, Mgr., Internati6nal Marketing Company, S.A., Avda, Jose
Antonio, 88, Madrid 13, Spain. Cable: INTERMARCO. Telex: 42710 FONOTXE
CLAVE 4200242. Phone: AREA 91 Local 2662900.

1194 Soft drinks (Qatar). Desires to establish contacts with U.S. producers and
suppliers of all kinds of canned soft drinks. Firm has storage facilities.
Hopes to act as sole distributor of well-known brand names of soft drinks.
Language of correspondence in Arabic or English. Send brochures and price
list. SIC: 20860000. Contact: Ali Fredoni, Proprietor, Fredoni Stores,
P. O. Box 1132, Doha, Qatar (Arabian Gulf). Phone: 322127. Cable: FREDONI.

1195 Feed concentrates (Hong Kong). Desires to purchase poultry and hog feed
concentrates (43% protein). SIC: 20424070. Contact: George Cheng, Sales
Manager, Gordon Woodroffee (HK) Ltd., 9th Fl., Wing on Centre, 111 Connaught
Road, C., Hong Kong. Cable: Woodroffe, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-453344.

1196 Dairy foods (Mauritius). Manufacturer and distributor of yogurt in Mauritius
and neighboring islands is interested in purchase of five machines for manu-
facture of frozen yogurt and relationship in which it could Buy some or all
of the ingredients from an American firm. Also interested in frozen dairy
foods and ice milk. SIC: 20240000. Contact: Jean Marie D'Espagnac,
Maurilait, Chantecler Farms, Moka, Mauritius, Indian Ocean. Cable: MAURILAIT.
Phone: 534-225.

1197 Feasibility study for citrus (Nigeria). Wishes to contract with U.S. consulting
firm for feasibility study for fruit production and processing (mainly oranges
but possibly some pineapple). Fruit production area would he about 200 acres.
Bank ref: Barclay's Bank, 131 Broad Street, Lagos. Contact: P. 0. Ani,
Managing Director, Voxmobile Limited, P. 0. Box 6153, Lagos, Nigeria.

1198 Sausage casings, tallow, bone meal, corn gluten, squid, fish meal, scallops,
1202 shrimp (Hong Kong and Taiwan). U.S. agent for Hong and Taiwan firms is interested
in purchasing 200 casks per month (15-16 yards, 1000 bundles-1 cask) of sausage
casings; 20 mt of tallow per month (FFA under 10%, TITE 400 C, MIU 2%, FAS
37%); 50 mt of bone meal per month; 200 mt of corn gluten per month; 400,000 Ib
of squid per month (1/2 2 Ib each); 100 mt of fish meal per month; 80,000 lb.
of scallops; 12,000 Ib of conch meat; and 1,000 mt of shrimp per month (I g
or less, 9-15 g, 15-25 g, 25-40 g, 40-65 g, 65 g or more, and the minimum of
40-65 g or 20-65 g or 25-40 g is 40 pieces per kg). SIC: 20117000, 20941000,
20942000, 20460050, 20310000. Bank ref: American Asiatic Bank, San Francisco.
Contact: Y. K. Liu, Chiang Hwa Trading Co., 560 4th Ave., San Francisco,
California 94118. Telex: 340-370. Phone: (415) 221-1771.


1203 Poultry and feed grains joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian firm interested
in a joint venture with an American Company to produce poultry and feed
grains. SIC: 20421000. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, Kakawa St., Lagos.
Contact: Ganiyu B. Adesoji, Loribom and Co., Ltd., 9 Nnamdi Azikiwe St.,
P. 0. Box 6161, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 24636, 49804. Telex: 21508 BACOKO.

1204 Poultry feed (England). Wishes to purchase up to 1,000 tons concentrate and
pre-mix from American firm. Would need chick starting feed, growing feed
and laying feed, 25 or 50 kg bags, pallatized. Destination of shipment would
be Nigeria, quote C&F Lagos. SIC: 20421000. Contact: James McGregor, Agroman
Ltd., 34 New Cavendish St., London, England. Telex: 22360.

1205 Grocery line (Cameroon). Long established Cameroonian Co. interested in being
outlet for various products as follows: mineral or soft drinks, tomato paste
double concentrated 28/30, evaporated milk, 9 percent butterfat, baby foods,
and canned foods especially meats, vegetables and sauces. Bulk goods should be
in 100 kg double jute bags or other containers. Immediate delivery on opening
of Letter of Credit. SIC: 20410000. Bank ref: International Bank for West
Africa Yaounde. Contact: Paul Yogo, Director, Societe Commerciale D'Affaires
Generales, B.P. 1014, Yaounde, Republic of Cameroon. Phone: 222309.
Telex: 8282KN.

1206 Egg albumin (England). Interested in three tons of egg albumin, pasteurized,
flake, granule and powder. State time of delivery. Quote CIF London E6.
SIC: 20156020. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Limited, High Street, South, London
E6. Rancliffe Road, London E6 3HW, England. Telex: 262848. Phone: (01)

1207 Alfalfa Pellets (Iran). Wants to import significant quantities of alfalfa
pellets or cubes to supply growing needs of dairy and poultry industries.
Supply one-pound samples via Agricultural Attache, American Embassy, Tehran,
Iran. Requests C&F Persian Gulf offers on 10-12 thousand metric tons of
alfalfa pellets for September/October delivery. SIC: 20424000. Bank ref:
Bank of Tehran. Contact: Frank Fisher, Pak Dairy, P. 0. Box 2252, Tehran,
Iran. Phone: 968053-8. Telex: 212110 FOPA IR.

1208 Fresh carrots (Belgium). Desires establish contact with U.S. exporters of
fresh carrots in bunches with tops on. Firm primarily interested in dealing
with exporters who can ship during winter months. SIC: 01231060. Bank
ref: Kredietbank and Bank of Brussels, Putte, Belgium. Contact: Mr. Campion,
Campion-Meuris, Mechelbaan 45, B-2870 Putte (Belgium). Phone: 015/75.50.54
or 75.58.34. Telex: 24859. Cable: CAMPO, Mechelen.

1209- Fresh fruits and vegetables (Liberia). Desires to purchase fresh fruits:
1210 apples, grapes, melons, peaches, plums, apricots, pears, cherries, strawberries;
Vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, spring onions, parsley, mushrooms. Labels
must be in English. Quote CIF. SIC: 01222000, 01231000. Bank ref: City
Bank, Monrovia and Bank of Liberia, Monrovia. Contact: H. R. Aswani, T.
Choithram and Sons, Liberia Inc., P. O. Box 245, Freeport, Monrovia, Liberia.
Telex: 4205. Cable: CHOITHRAM. Phone: 222925/221039.

1211- Garlic, ginger, eggs and frozen chicken (England). Wants to buy garlic,
1214 ginger, eggs, and frozen chicken. Grade A, in cartons, on monthly basis.
Quote CIF and C&F. SIC: 01231035, 20999060, 20156010, 20151000. Bank
ref: Bank of India. Contact: M. C. Ashraff, Three Star Services Ltd., 27
East View, Preston, Lanes, England. Telex: 67327. Phone: 0772 57345.

1215- Live beef and dairy cattle (Korea). A Korean firm desires establish com-
1216 mission agent relationship with experienced American beef and dairy cattle
exporting firm. SIC: 01394000, 01393000., Interested parties should
contact: Jin Shik Chung, Managing Director, Ohjin Corporation, C.P.O. Box
3251, Seoul, Korea. Cable: OHJINKOR, Seoul. Telex: DMTRADO K23118.
Office phone: 778-0474. Home phone: 58-6460.

1217- Long and short grain rice (New Zealand). Desires cargo and polished rice,
1218 long and short grain, 500-600 tons bi-monthly, cargo 5% broken, polished
5-15%, new single jute packs 45 kg containerized. Delivery August-
Septemebr. Quotations desired. SIC: 20441000, 20443000. Bank ref: Bank
of New South Wales, Suva, Fiji. Contact: William B. Snowsill, Rewa Rice
Limited, P. O. Box 17, Nausori, Fiji Island, New Zealand. Telex: FJ 2119
FSC ATTN: REWARICE. Phone: 47855 or 48565.

1219 Wheat (Egypt). Desires to purchase 150,000 mt latest crop wheat, plus or minus
5 percent. Purchaser reserves right to increase or decrease quantity. Delivery
75,000 mt each August and September, 1978. Offers must be submitted in
sealed envelopes latest 1300 hours, Saturday, July 8, 1978. Copy of con-
ditions/specifications, available from purchaser for 2 Egyptian pounds
each, must be attached to each offer. Offers must be submitted through
Egyptian private or public sector entity listed on registry of commercial
agents. SIC: 01131070. Contact: Purchasing Committee for Grain and
Products, General Authority for Supply Commodities, Ministry of Supply,
24 Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM, Cairo. Cable:
ESTRAM, Cairo. Phone: 932969.

1220- Tallow, pork lard, soybean oil (Colombia). Wants to buy Bovine tallow for
1222 soap manufacturing, crude pork lard for oil processing industry, and crude
soybean oil. Company also interested in representing U.S. firms. Packaging
to customer specifications. Quote FOB. SIC: 20941000, 20115000, 20921020.
Contact: Humberto Sastre, Samoral Y CIA. Ltda., Carrera 7 No. 18-72, Of.
202, D.E. Post Office Box 23933, Bogota 1, Colombia. Telex: 04-1472.
Cable: SASMORAL. 'Phone: 281-4386, 284-4841.

1223 Beef (Philippines). Large local trading company desires to represent U.S.
exporter of quality cuts of beef. SIC: 20111000. Bank ref: Bank of
America, Makati, Rizal. Contact: Bert Caro, Getz Corporation Philippines,
Inc., 2303 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati, Rizal. Telex: 2049 RCA. Cable:

1224- Pulses and rice (Iran). Iranian firm desires offers pulses: 600 mt Light
1225 Red Kidney, 100 mt pintos, 100 mt black eyed peas, 600 mt Garbanzos, 300 mt
yellow split peas and 300 mt lentils. Pulses U.S. No. 1 or 2. Rice: 10,000 mt
No. 2 long grain, 4% broken. Packaging preferably 50 kg bags. Delivery
August/September, 1978. Quote C&F, Persian Gulf. Request one pound samples
sent Via Agricultural Attache, American Embassy, APO San Francisco 96528.
SIC: 01139000, 20441000. Bank ref: Bank Iransharhr, Main Branch, Tehran.

Contact: Miss Farangiss Amiri, Pamram, Agro-Industrial Corp., 45 Khashayar
Blvd., Gandi Avenue, Tehran, Iran. Telex: 212667 IR. Phone: 687826.

1226 Milled rice (Iran). Would like to purchase 25,000 mt of milled rice, U.S.
No. 2, long grain, 4% broken, packaging 50 kg bags. Delivery by September,
earlier if possible. Quote C&F Persian Gulf. SIC: 20441000. Bank ref:
Irano-British Bank, Tehran. Contact: P. P. Hinduja, Ashaka Company, Ltd.,
31 Amini Building, Ferdozi Avenue, Tehran, Iran. Telex: 212541 DEEP !T.
Phone: 316623 and 310585.

1227 Cherries (Netherlands). Interested in buying red cherries, pitted, container
loads, in light or heavy syrup, No. 2 1/2, 303, one tall, and No. A 10, cans,
prompt delivery. Quote CIF Rotterdam. SIC: 01222030. Bank ref: Banque De
Paris Et Des Pays Bas, The Hague. Contact: Th. Th Van Ham, M.H. Boas B.V.,
P. 0. Box 16316, 2500BH, The Hague, Netherlands. Telex: 32646. Cable:
EMHABEE-The Hague. Phone: 070-9931000.

1229 Mushrooms (Japan). Wants to buy fresh mushroom (Armillaria Matsudake), quantity
10 mt as an initial purchase. Packaging: 10 kg package. Delivery shipment
between the end of August to the beginning of September is requested, quote
FOB or CIF Moji port. Bank ref: The Bank of Yamaguchi, Tokuyama Branch,
1-30 Ginza, Tokuyama City, Yamaguchi Pref. 745 Japan. Contact: Nobumatsu
Fukuda, Pres., Fukuda Seika K.K., 7535-1 Nishiunote, Tokuyama City, Yamaguchi
Pref. 745 Japan. Phone: 0834-22-0032.

1230 Ginseng (Hong Kong). Requests American ginseng root, quantity-five to ten tons.
Quality: cultivated or wild growing quality. Delivery-whole year. SIC:
01920070. Bank ref: Nanyang Commercial Bank Ltd., Western Branch, Hong Kong.
Contact: Desmond Yu, Inter-Oriental Trading Corp., 241 Wing Lok Street, West
2nd Floor, Hong Kong. Telex: 63814 LTIOT HX. Phone: 5-441960.

1231- Beef and offals (Sweden). Wants to buy frozen beef cuts and offals approved
1232 for Sweden. SIC: 20111000, 20114060. Bank ref: Skaraborgsbanken. Contact:
Johan Astrom, Ab 0. Annerstedt, Box 1556, S-111 85 Stockholm, Sweden.
Telex: 10307 CULMUS S. Phone: 08/24 91 10.

1233- Fresh pineaple and Passion fruit juice concentrate (Finland). Wants frozen
1234 or fresh pineapple and Passion fruit juice concentrate without additives.
SIC: 01224025, 20334000. Contact: Lasse Helin, Oy Sahekki Ab, Ihaistenkatu
15, SF-33400 Tampere 40, Finland. Telex: 22105. Phone: 931-461-248.

1235- Corn, soybean meal and rice (Iran). Would like to purchase 50,000 mt of corn,
1237 10,000 mt of soybean meal and 15,000 mt of rice. U.S. No. 3 corn, 44% protein
soybean meal and U.S. long grain No. 2, 4 percent broken rice. Packaging:
corn in bulk, soybean meal in bulk and rice in 100 lb. bags. Delivery July
for corn and rice, July or August for soybean meal. Quote C&F, Persian Gulf.
SIC: 01131020, 20922020, 20441000. Bank ref: Bank Saderat, Elizabeth Blvd.
Contact: Ali Ellini, Overseas Trade Promotion Services, No 38 Elizabeth Blvd.,
Tehran, Iran. Telex: 215072. Phone 896404.

1238 Raisins (West Germany). Interested in purchasing good quality raisins, sultanas,
currants, 250 tons each per shipment, packaging 50 kg, if possible containerized.
Delivery to start August/September, quote C&F Colombo/Sri Lanka. SIC: 20341010.
Bank ref: Vereins-Und Westbank A.G., Hamburg. Contact: Mrs. Ingrid Duhme,
Deniz Trading & Marketing GMBH, Heilweigstrasse 87, 2000 Hamburg 20, West

Germany. Telex: 2 174 832 DTM D (ANSWER BACK). Phone: HAMBURG 47 70 30.

1239 Tallow (Pakistan). Wishes to buy tallow. Large quantities for soap manu-
facturing. Delivery in bulk. Quote C&F Karach against Letter of Credit.
SIC: 20941000. Contact: B. A. Butt, Standard Trading Corporation, 7 Waqar
Center, Ram Bharti Street, Jodia Bazar, Karachi, Pakistan. Cable: GATEWAY,
Karachi. Phone: 222452. Telex: 24551 BABUT PK.

1240 Peanut oil (West Germany). Wishes to buy peanut oil, 2 or 3 containers of
about 800 cartons each. Packed in one gallon cans; six cans to the carton.
Delivery July/August. Quote C&F Nigerian port. SIC: 20932075. Bank ref:
Vereins-Und Westbank A.G., Hamburg. Contact: Mrs. Ingrid Duhme, Deniz
Trading & Marketing GMBH, Heilweigstrasse 87, 2000 Hamburg 20, West Germany.
Telex: 2 174 832 DTM D (ANSWER BACK). Phone: HAMBURG 47 70 30.

Foreign Trade Developments

Cremona International Dairy Cattle Show. The U.S. Department of AgricultTre is
sponsoring an exhibit of American dairy cattle, frozen semen, livestock feed,
seeds, and swine at the forthcoming Cremona International Dairy Cattle Show being
held in Cremona, Italy, September 15-24, 1978. Firms interested in participating
should contact Ben Thompson, Livestock and Livestock Products Division, FAS
on (202) 447-4884 for further information. Dead line for submission of Partici-
pations Agreements is July 14, 1978.
Export documentation for Okinawa. According to reports from Okinawa food
importers, delays in clearing U.S. foods through customs are resulting from
errors in the shipping documents. When invoices, packing lists and other
documents are not in complete conformity with the Letter of Credit, Okinawa
customs requires that the importer go back to the exporter for correction
through telex messages and /or actually send the papers back to the States
for correction.

Ivory Coast Liberalizing of Food Imports. The Ivory Coast is in the process
of liberalizing imports of fresh and frozen meat (including poultry) fresh
and frozen fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. Importation of these products
has been a monopoly of the state agency Agripac whereas other food imports
(mainly processed) have been generally treated liberally. Prospective
importers of these products must apply to the Ministry of Commerce to obtain
a general import license. Licenses will be granted to Bonafide firms which
have adequate refrigerator and freezer space to handle imports. After firms
receive a general license (which are expected to be granted liberally) the
next step is to apply for the specific quantity license. The latter will
permit the government to maintain some control over imports.
New Transportation Publication

Ocean Liner Cargo Service, Supplement No. 1, a ready reference of ocean
liner cargo services from U.S. ports to select foreign ports as of January
1, 1978. The 23 page document includes (a) destination ports in the Red
Sea and Persian/Arabian Gulf areas (b) U.S. loading ports (listing in
geographical order clockwise from the Northeast to the Great Lakes), (c)
U.S. Flag and foreign steamship companies and the types and frequency of
their service, and (d) Transit times. A limited number of copies of
the publication are available without cost by writing Thomas M. Poerstel,
Transportation Coordinator, Export Trade Services Division, FAS, U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Room 5935-South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.

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