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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The tollo inig trade items have been g.iihlriil from \1ricllr II AtIi tache and other government reports as .
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying 1i1 trade l:cIs tle I )Depar. ent tI
\iricultli re does not guarantee reliability iii the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further iitorrniu on on
ihese. trade leads is iie listed foreign firm iirigiiailini ihe iilnquir\ You in.i\ also contact fli r I \p.. Tradi
S.ernices Division, FAS, (202) 447.7103.
April 20, lq79

0718 Beef offals (Japan). Wants frozen beef offals outside kirt without skin,
36 mt per year, appropriate packaging for export, immedia e delivery, orrdey7
Choice, specific information required. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Mi Yishf Bfh,
Bakuro-Cho Branch. Contact: Katsuhiro Matsushita, Ten Allied Corp., C/o
Ckanaga Bids., 1-7-3, Bakuro-Cho, Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku, Tok o, Japan. Phone:
03-661-0666. I.F.A.S. Univ. of Florida

0719 Yogurt (Japan). Wants yogurt culture powder, 100 kg for the first shipment, bulk
in cardboard drums, immediate delivery. Sample and specific information including
a complete ingredients statement required. Quote C&F and/or CIF. Bank ref:
Nagoya Sogo Bank, Okazaki Branch. Contact: Hideo Yamada, Airin Inc., 1-5, Aza-
Okiorido, Myodaiji-Cho, Okazaki-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan. Cable: AIRIN, Okazaki.
Phone: 0564-51-6755.

0720 Corn chips (Japan). Interested in corn chips, 100 cartons for trial shipment,
sample and specific information required. Packed in carton boxes 20/30 bags
to a carton, immediate delivery. Quote C&F and CIF. Bank ref: Kyoto Bank,
Tokyo. Contact: Koichi Hata, Hata Shoten, 5-39-5, Ankoji-Machi, Takatsuki-Shi,
Osaka-Fu, Japan. Phone: 0726-87-2933.

0721 Frozen berries, cherries (Japan). Wants (a) frozen berries blueberries, rasp-
berries and mulberries, (b) frozen sour cherries. 20/30 mt per month. Appropriate
packaging for institutional use, immediate delivery. Specific information required.
Quote C&F and CIF. Bank ref: Kyowa Bank, Shibuya Branch. Contact: Ms. Chizuko
M. Onodera, Philos Trading Co., Ltd., 12-13-811, Nampeidai, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan. Cable: PHILOSCOM, Tokyo. Phone: 03-461-7061.

0722 Bovine bile (Japan). Wants dehydrated and/or solidified bovine bile, 600 kgs
per year, appropriate packaging for export. Specific information required. Quote
C&F. Bank ref: Taisei Sogo Bank, Higashi Kurume Branch. Contact: Tatsuju Tanaka,
Tanaka Shokai, 1-3-19-301, Uenohara, Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo, Japan. Phone: 0424-
72-8445. Cable: TANTRA Kiyose, Tokyo.

0723- Frozen berries, canned corn, prune paste (Japan). Wants (a) frozen red raspberries,
0725 (b) frozen blueberries, (c) canned corn kernel, (d) prune paste. 10 mt each of
above products. Appropriate packaging for institutional use, immediate delivery.
Specific information required. Quote C&F or CIF. Bank ref: Tokyo Bank, Ginza
Branch. Contact: Junichiro Yamamura, Tsubakimoto Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.,
8-3, 1-Chome, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2223419 TSUBAC J.
Cable: CAMELLIA, Tokyo. Phone: 214-2812.

0726- Frozen fruits, juices, vegetables (Germany). Interested in direct sale and
0727 exclusive distributorship for frozen fruits and juices and frozen vegetables.
Estimated aggqqregate annual sales potential of $200,000. Contact: Manfred Sandstedt,
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250

Sanco-Gefluegel Sandstedt & Co., Postfach 210208; Reiherstrasse 229, D-2800
Bremen 21, Germany. Cable: HILDESA, Bremen. Telex: 0244944. Phone: 0421/

0728- Turkey, chicken (Germany). Military command wants to buy U.S. Grade A turkeys
0729 Weight and quantity: 6 Ibs 3,700 turkeys; 3,000 7 Ibs; 3,200 8 Ibs; 3,200 -
9 Ibs; 2,700 10 Ibs; 2,200 11 Ibs; 2,300 12 Ibs; 1,800 13 Ibs; 1,000 -
;14 Ibs; 900 15 Ibs; 500 16 Ibs; 300 17 Ibs; 300 18 Ibs. Also roasting
chickens, weight and quantity: 40,000 6-7 Ibs. Packaging: multi-packs
2, 4, and 6 acceptable, each bird must be individually weight marked, with total
net weight shown on carton. Delivery FREE Krefeld, West Germany, Container loads
in September for Christmas, all birds from '79 production, containing giblets
and neck, marked, U.S. Federal Grade "A", Quote U.S. dollars. EEC restrictions
S do not apply. Wish to buy directly from producers. Contact: J. A. Whalley,
Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes, European Service, British Military Supply
Service, Westpreussenstrasse 32, 4150 Krefeld 12, Germany. Phone: 2151/570010-
19. Telex: 853616.

0730 Onion and garlic powder (Germany). Wants onion and garlic powder, in consumer
packages. Company is actively engaged in exports to Near East and anticipates
large quantity purchases. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank AG, 4150 Krefeld. Contact:
Mrs. Schuenke, P. 0. Box 3066, Franz-Hitze-Str 6, 4150 Krefeld, Germany. Phone:
2151/398890. Telex: 853536.

0731 Raspberry plants (Chile). Wishes to import 100 red raspberry plants with roots.
Free from virus diseases, adequate for abundantly irrigated soil, Mediterranean
climate with great luminosity. Standard packaging for airfreight. Proforma
invoice CIF Pudahuel airport Santiago, indicating raspberry varieties. Approximate
date delivery June 15, 1979. Contact: Mario Meza, Reynolds 604, Santiago 10,
Chile. Telex: TRANSRADIO CHILENA SGO 260 for Mario Meza.

0732- Grains, animal fat, canned meat, canned fish, sugar, frozen meat, frozen poultry
0738 (Egypt). Agency is seeking to represent U.S. suppliers of grains of all types,
animal fat, canned meat and fish, frozen fish, sugar and frozen meat and poultry.
Contact: Mohamed A. Attiah, President, P. 0. box 1459, Cairo, Arab Republic of
Egypt. Cable: ELWAPORT.

0740 Corn (Hong Kong). Wants 100,000 metric tons of corn, Grade 2, 1978 crop, moisture
14" max., 100 kg per gunny bag. Each shipment 20,000 mt shipment in June/July/
August 1979. Inspection certificate, weight certificate, fumigation certifiate
required. Offer in U.S. dollars per mt. C&F (F.O.B.) Indonesian port. Bank ref:
T. C. Huan, Managing Director, Overseas Trust Bank Ltd., Head Office, Hong Kong.
Phone: (5) 731898. Contact: William Leong, Union Mechanical and Electric Engi-
neering Corp., Harbour Commercial Building, 20th Floor, Flat B, 122/124, Connaught
Road, Central, Hong Kong. Telex: 83422 STARG HX. Cable: STARCHWING.
Phone: (5) 445457, (5) 447577.

0741 Fish meal (Egypt). Tender for 5,000 tons of fish meal protein, 70'.; fat, 12 ;
moisture, 8"; ash 12'.; salt and sand, 1%. Clean without bacteria of which
santoquin (0.0125%) must be added. It must not contain urea. Packed in new
jute bags 50 kg each. Closing date of tender April 28, 1979. Delivery 3,000 tons
in June, 2,000 tons in August. Payment by Letter of Credit 2' bid bond. Requests
Agency agreement, 5% commission. Quote CIF, C&F, FOB. Bank ref: Misr Int. Bank,
Cairo. Contact: Hassan M. Dawood, Alag Trading, 3 Amiralay Hussein Gad St.,
Heliopolis, P. 0. Box 115 Heliopolis Gharb, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 319 TRAWTRA,
92502 SALAH. Cable: ALAGPRO. Phone: 874104/874058.

0742 Squid (Japan). Wants quick frozen raw squids (cuttlefish). Will purchase a
container load at regular intervals. Quote paid CIF Kobe. Immediate shipment.
Bank ref: Sanwa Bank, Kobe Branch. Contact: Taro Tsujimoto, Import Department,
Goshoku, Co., Ltd., 1-2, Nakanoshima 2-Chome, Hyogo-Ku, Kobe 652, Japan. Telex:
J78927. Cable: KOBEGODO. Phone: 078-651-4131.

0743 Margarine (Hong Kong). Large manufacturer of canned edible oil, soap and detergents
wishes to import U.S. margarine. Contact: Wankie Pang, Marketing Manager,
Lam Soon (HK) Ltd., Lam Soon Industrial Building, 6 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha
Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Cable: LAMSO, Hong Kong. Phone: 84020 LAMSO HX. Phone:

0744 Hides (Italy). Wishes cattle hides for an estimated annual value of $1 million
sought by tannery. Quote C&F. Buyer is medium sized company, producing annually
3 million sq. pieces of chromium tanned and finished cattle leather. Contact:
Valerio Nuti, Managing Direct, Conceria Emmebi, Via Confina Nord, 56022 Castel-
franco Di Sotto (Pisa), Italy. Cable: EMMEBI, Castelfrancosotto. Phone: 0571/
47398. Telex: 571634 EMMEBI I.

0745 Dried potato products (Chile). Urgently requires 100 tons of instant mashed
potatoes already packaged for distribution. A second order, also in the 100 ton
range, can be expected to follow for June or July delivery. Interested U.S.
suppliers, for all or part of this export opportunity, should telex full details
of offer, particularly price and earliest possible shipping date. Contact: Kendrick
Lanky-Gruenfeldt, Purchasing Director, Chiprodal S.A.I., Casilla 2817, Estador
337, Piso 9, Santiago, Chile. Phone: 381557. Telex: IPODAL SGO 304.

0746 Food rations (Japan). Wants to buy emergency food rations. Estimated annual
purchase U.S. dollars 50,000. Bank ref: Ogaki yoritsu Bank, Kurokawa Branch.
Contact: T. Kawamoto, President, Overseas Trading Corporation, 7-85 Fukutoku-
Cho, Kita-Ku, Nagoya 462, Japan. Cable: OVERSUN, Nagoya. Phone: 052-914-2371.

0747 Asparagus (France). Large fruit and vegetable wholesaler is interested in agency-
distributorship for fresh asparagus (Californian green varieties). Bank ref:
Credit Agricole Mutuel Des Alphes Maritimes, Marche Gare Saint-Augustin. Contact:
Mr. Balsani, Director-General, Matimpex S.A., M.I.N. St. Augustin-Bat, SUD 06200
Nice, France. Telex: 970723. Phone: (93) 83 81 81.

0748 Soybean cakes, pet food (France). Agricultural cooperative wants to buy soybean
cakes, dog biscuits, dry dog food, semi-moist dog food, cat food- canned, dry
cat food, and semi-moist cat food. Bank ref: Credit Argicole, 30000 Nimes. Contact:
Noel Creach, Manager, Delta Cereales, 30400 Les Angles, France. Phone: 90/82 65 00.

4 111111111111111111111 111111 11111111111111111
3 1262 09051 3549

0750 Dietetic foods, medicinal plants and natural cosmetics (Spain). Wishes to buy
an undetermined quantity of the above products on a regular basis. Quotations
CIF Bilbao. Samples required prior to placing of order. Bank ref: Banco
Bilbao and Banco Espanol De Credito. Contact: Enrique Castano Arena, Wendo, S.A.,
Egana 17, 5 DPTO 5 Bilbao 10, Spain. Telex: 31489. Phone: (94) 444 28 58/54.
0751- Chicken, turkeys, ducks, (Germany). Interested in direct sale and exclusive
0753 distributorship for frozen chickens, Whole and parts; frozen turkeys, whole and
parts; and frozen ducks and other poultry. Estimated aggregate annual sales
potential: $600,000. Contact: Manfred Sandstedt, Sanco-Gefluegel Sandstedt & Co.,
Postfach 210208, Reiherstrasse 229, D-2800 Bremen 21, Germany. Cable: HILDESA,
Bremen. Telex: 0244944. Phone: 0421/641002.

0754 Soybean oil (India). Brokerage/agency for agricultural commodities wishes to
represent U.S. supplier of soybean and other vegetable oils. Will be in the
U.S. this May to talk with interested firms. Contact: J. S. Gill, EMGEE Inter-
national, 82, Sunder Nagar, New Delhi 110003, India. Telex: ND2913 GILL.
Cable: COMTRA. Phone: 693977, 626394.

0755 Tomato paste (Philippines). Wants undetermined quantity of tomato paste, highest
grade, in drums of 55 gallons, aseptically processed. Initial samples requested.
Will be used for product development (canned fish, institutional purposes, etc.).
Quote CIF, C&F. Bank ref: Far East Bank. Contact: Dr. Michael Lao, Foodmasters
Worldwide, Inc., 127 H. Lozada, San Juan, Metro Manila,
Philippines. Telex: 722-2455 FOO-PH. Phone: 70-75-61 to 65. Cable: FOODMASTERS,

0756 Dried potatoes (Singapore). Wants mashed potatoes in cans (dehydrated), 1-4 tons
initially, 6 cans per 1 carton (Size A-10), prompt delivery. Quote C&F Singapore.
Bank ref: Bangkok Bank Ltd., Cecil Street, Singapore 1. Contact: Foo Kia Peng,
Chroenthai Trading, A-25 Hotel Miramar, Havelock Road, Singapore 3. Phone: 911394/
4221523. Telex: RS24709 ATTN. CHROENTHAI. Cable: SINGATHAI.

Foreign Trade Developments

The ANUGA '79 MIATCO has a few more spaces available in the food and beverage
section for companies from the Midwest at this large international exhibition.
The ANUGA is billed as the world's largest international exhibit for the
hospitality and food service industries, and will take place in Cologne, Germany.
A complete travel package, including hotel reservations, is available. Companies
unable to participate themselves might also consider sending literature to be
exhibited by MIATCO personnel. It will soon be virtually impossible to secure
hotel accommodations, so anyone planning to participate in the MIATCO/ANUGA exhibit
should immediately contact Wilhelm Kosnopfl, Assistant Director, MIATCO, Inc.,
300 W. Washington, Suite 710, Chicage, Ill. 60606, telephone: 312/368-4448 for
further information. All avialable space will be allocated on a first-come, first
serve basis.

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