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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export T-ade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
April 6, 1979

0616- Food products (United Arab Emirates). Interested in following food products and
0619 requests CIF Dubai/Sharjah prices, delivery schedule and payment terms.: Canned
juices (not frozen concentrate), orange, pineapple, tomato. -Salted or roasted
nuts: peanuts, cashews, mixed nuts. Rice: parboiled, American long-grain; Coffee:
instant, roasted (pure) coffee. Bank ref: The Commercial Bank of Dubai Ltd.,
Post Box No. 677, Sharjah, U.A.E. (Owned by Chase Manhattan Bank). Contact:
Ms. S. Mukerji, Haris Al-Afaq Ltd., P. 0. Box 3586, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Telex: 46519 DUBAI. Phone: DUBAI 282731, 283623/4/5/ and 283704. Cable:

0620 Grocery line (France). Interested in contacts with U.S. suppliers of granulated
beet sugar and tablet sugar in consumer units for restaurants, powdered sugar,
milled rice, packed in 10 lb. bags, canned pineapple, canned fruits, tomatoes
canned, concentrate, and tomato pulp and puree for pizzas. Importer of food products
for restaurants. Marketing territory: Paris area. Bank ref: Societe Generale,
Montreuil. Contact: Mr. Baranes, President, Proditalia, 8, Rue Saint-Antoine,
93100 Montreuil, France. Phone: 858-84-16.

0621- Beef, pork (Mexico). Interested in about 3,000 mt annually of beef, carcass
0622 (High, Good and Choice); Also quote on slaughter Good and Choice steers and slaugh-
ter hogs. 3,000 mt of pork, carcass, U.S. 1, 150-180 Ibs. Requests replies by
telex with prices, terms, and approx. time of delivery to Nogales, Arizona. Contact:
Jose Guiterrez, Mexquital Del Oro, S.A., P. 0. Box 138, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
Phone: 2-21-00. Telex: 058-853.

0623 Canned baby foods (Honduras). Interested in direct purchase and exclusive distri-
butorship for a complete line of baby food. Requests CIF offers against a Letter
of Credit. Contact: Roberto Mendez P., Manager, Montedison Farmaceutica, S.A.,
P. 0. Box 76-C, Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras, C.A.

0624 Salt (Belgium). Agent for West African firm wants 500 metric tons per month of
salt in jute or polyethylene bags, all sizes up to 50 kg. Quote FOB U.S. ports
or CIF Lagos, West Africa. Bank ref: Belgo Centrade Bank N.V. Contact: Fr.
Declercq, Multraship P.V.B.A., Bredastraat 124, B-2000 Antwerpen (Belgium). Telex:
71581 MULTRA B. Phone: 031/34.24.66.

0625- Lentils, pulses (West Germany). Interested in dried lentils, and other pulses,
0626 quantity so far unknown, but regular purchases are intended when quality and price
are acceptable. Usual export packaging, shipment as soon as possible. Quote
CIF and C&F European ports. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, Hamburg. Contact:
Herbert Dittmer, Herbert Dittmer (Broker and Agent), 2000 Norders-t-edt- 3JIzburger
Strasse 77, West Germany. (P. 0. Box 3149). Telex: 02-174- 34 JNSW1~ 4 B K:
DIFI D). Phone: 040-525 31 32. Cable: DIFI Hamburg. "-ti j-*I

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, /(def [iertij of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250
.. : Un ..--. of F'
^ -~' ajIC,_ ,, ^

0627 Confectionery products (West Germany). Wants children's confectionery novelties:
sweets, chocolates, lollies, candy bars, chocolate bars, chocolate wafer bars,
chewing gums. To be sold in supermarkets. Company sells to food wholesalers
and supermarket chains. Maintains 9 warehousing/distribution centers in Germany.
Bank ref: Kreissparkasse in 4000 Dusseldorfdux. Contact: Bernd Korbmacher,
Purchasing Manager, Utermann GMBH, Rather Str 25, 4000 Dusseldorf 30, Germany.
Phone: 0211/485050. Telex: 8584465.

0628- Pulses, lentils (Sweden). Wants to buy about 100 mt annually of dry peas, beans
0629 (especially Great Northern beans No. 1), and lentils. Bank ref: Goetabanken.
Contact: K. Kefalidis, Mini Hellas HB, Vasagatan 12, S-560 10 Skillingaryd,
Sweden. Telex: 70128 STILEXO S. Phone: 0370/715 00.

0630 Onions (Japan). Wants 3000 mt of Fiesta type fresh onions this autumn, & dried:onion
powder on continuous basis for sauce production. Also seeking distributors of
onion peelers. Will come to the U.S. to visit with suppliers. Contact: Takeshi
Saito, Fuyo Enterprises, Inc., 4-7-17-607, Toyo, Koto-Ku, Tokyo 135, Japan.
Phone: 649-0320. Cable: HIBISCUS, Tokyo.

0632 Rice (Cameroon). Importer and distributor of foodstuffs and construction
materials is interested in an undisclosed quantity of American rice in 100 lb.
bags & other containers. Requests CIF quotations.Douala, Cameroom. Contact:
Moussa Housseini, ETS Koumay, B. P. 448, Garoua, Cameroon. Phone: 27 15 59.

0633 Wheat flour (Cameroon). Interested in buying white wheat flour packed in 100 lb.
bags. Requests CIF prices, Douala, Cameroon. Contact: Prosper Onguene, ETS
Socamex, B.P. 1437, Douala, Cameroon. Phone: 42 60 69.

0634 Small animals, pets (Germany). West Berlin Zoological wholesaler would like to
get in touch with U.S. suppliers of Zoological requisites, small animals and pets.
correspondence preferably in German. Quote CIF German port, if possible. Contact:
Herrn Bruno Scheudientst, Zierfischhandel Scheudientst, Krantor Weg 34, 0-1000
Berlin 26, Germany. Phone: 030 431-96-63.

0635- Canned fruits, corn, frozen cherries (West Germany). Wishes to buy (a) canned
0636 fruits, peaches, fruit cocktail, RSP cherries; (b) canned corn, vacuum pack,
12 oz. cans; and (c) individually quick frozen RSP cherries. Quantity so far
unknown, but regular purchases are intended if quality and price are acceptable.
Producer responses preferred. Quote FAS or FOB port of Embarkation or C&F
European port. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, Hamburg. Contact: Peter Stelter,
Hans Warnke, Import Agenct, P. 0. Box 10 65 25, Schauenberger Str. 55, 2000
Hamburg 1, West Germany. Telex: 02-12221 (ANSWER BACK: HAWE D). Cable:
HAWANEK, Hamburg. Phone: 040-36 22 57.

0638 Hides (Japan). Wants to buy raw cow hides. Will purchase a container load at
regular intervals. Requests sample. Packaging: Salted, ordinary export packing.
Delivery to be determined upon receipt of specific information. Bank ref:
Umeda Kitaguchi Branch, Sumitomo Bank, Osaka. Contact: Ms. Yoshiko Umeda,
Yoshiko Umeda, 1-21 Kobana, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Ken 666, Japan. Telex: 5253-229
YTC OSA. ATTN: Watanabe. Phone: 0727-59-9559.

0639 Dietetic foods (Egypt). Requests catalogs and price list CIF Alexandria for
canned dietetic foods. Contact: Ahmed El Embabi, Manager, Amoon Import/Export
Corp., 15, 26 July Street, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 755470.

0640 Health foods (Japan). Canned health foods that are protein enriched, vitamin
enriched and of low caloric value for the diet conscious. Catalogs and CIF
Kobe port price desired. Bank ref: Nishinihon Sogo Bank, Ropponmatsu Branch,
2-3 Kusagae 2-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka 810 Japan. Contact: Teruo Deguchi
President, Horin Fukuoka K.K., 3-28 Takatori 2-Chome, Nishi-Ku, Fukuoka 814
Japan. Phone: 092-851-9051.

0641 Rice (Belgium). Agent for West Africa wants parboiled rice, 7,000-10,000 metric
tons every two weeks, from 5-20 percent broken, in 50 kilo jute or polyethylene
bags. Quote CIF Lagos, West Africa. Bank ref: Belgo Centrade Bank. Contact:
Fr. Declercq, Multraship PVBA, Bredastraat 124, D-2000 Antwerpen (Belgium).
Telex: 71581 MULTRA B. Phone: 031/34.24.66.

0642 Slaughter house waste (Sweden). Wants container loads of poultry slaughter-house
waste in liquid form for pet food, also poultry meatmeal. Quote C&F. Bank ref:
Goetabanken. Contact: Kurt Nylen, Elof Hasson, Foersta Laanggatan 19-21,
S-413 27 Gothenburg, Sweden. Phone: 031/12 46 00.

0643- Cigarettes, smoking tobacco, cigars (Surinam). Interested in U.S. cigarettes,
0645 smoking tobacco, and cigars. Seeks contact with U.S. manufacturers and/or
suppliers of these commodities which are not already represented in Surinam.
Bank ref: De Algemene Bank, Nederland, Kerkplein 1, Paramaribo. Contact:
N. V. Intermex, Industrieweg 2, Paramaribo, Surinam. ATTN: E. W. Lieuw A Sen.

0646- Dried currants, raisins, almonds (Surinam). Seeking contact with suppliers of
0648 dried currants, raisins and shelled almonds, bitter and sweet. Bank ref: De
Hakrin Bank, NV Dr Sophie, Redmondstraat 13-15 Paramaribo. Contact: B. Tjoe Fat,
Universal Importers, Prins Hendrikstraat 82, Paramaribo,Surinam. Cable:
BENTRACO Paramaribo.

0649- Angus breeder stock, semen (Argentina). Interested in unspecified quantity of
0650 Red Angus breeder stock and 200-500 capsules of Red Angus frozen semen. Delivery
this calendar year 1979. Bank ref: Boston Bank, Buenos Aires. Contact:
Eduardo V. Cimino Ross, Cabana San Octavio, Azcuenaga 742, 1638 Vicente Lopez,
Prov. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone: 791-0953.

0651 Food ingredients (Germany). Wants to buy agricultural raw stock, such as corn
gluten, soybean grit, fish meal (for human consumption) etc., for food industry.
Powdered eggs, chicken concentrates, spice mixes (e.g. spaghetti mixes). Firm
is a well-known producer of soups, gravy mixes, and special foods. Bank ref:
Deutsche Bank AG, 4000 Dusseldorf. Contact: 0. Weischede, Purchasing Manager,
Zamek-Narungsmittelfabriken, Kappeler St 149-167, Dusseldorf, Germany.
Phone: 0211/743051. Telex: 8582247.

0652 Shrimp (Japan). Wants individually quick frozen raw peeled shrimp. Will purchase
a container load at regular intervals. Quality and other requirements:
Individually quick frozen, pink color, and 100-200 pcs. per pound. Bank ref:
Sanwa Bank, Sannomiya Branch, Kobe. Contact: H. Otsuka, Manager, Trade Department,
Sanko & Co., Ltd., 1, 5-Chome, Isogami-Dori, Fukiai-Ku, Kobe 651, Japan. Telex:
5623-250 Sankold. Cable: SANKOLTD, Kobe. Phone: 078-231-4751.

0653 Foodstuffs (Cyprus). Recently established firm representing several companies
wants to contact U.S. suppliers of dried beans, blackeye peas, condensed milk,
refined sugar, luncheon meats, boiled ham, canned tuna, canned sardines,
margarine and refined corn oil. All items should be in consumer packs. Contact:

Berdji Hatsakordzian, Managing Director, Berino Ltd., P. 0. Box 1360, Nicosia,
Cyprus. Phone: (021) 51236. Cable: BERINO. Telex: 2626.

0654 Corn (Pakistan). Wants 3,000 mt of corn. Request quotations by telex C&F
Karachi with 3% commission. Bank ref: Habib Bank, Plaza Central Branch, Karachi.
Contact: Basharat Brothers, P. 0. Box 5955, Karachi-2, Pakistan. Telex:
23839 SALIM PK. Cable: BASHARCHEM. Phone: 224597, 229046, 234309.

0655 Soybean seed (Syria). Government agency wants 25 mt of soybean seed, Calland
variety. 1978 crop, purity 99%, min. germination 90%, max humidity 10%, max
impurities 0.5%, oil content not less than 18%. New jute bags of 50 kilos
each gross. Delivery before May 30, 1979. Quote CIF Damascus International
airport. Also interested in early soybean varieties with 90-120 days maturity
and resistent to iron deficiency. Bank ref: Commercial Bank, Branch #6,
Damascus. Contact: Dr. A. K. Eido, Director General, General Organization for
Fodder, P. 0. Box 4797, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11089 SY. Phone: 221689.
Cable: ALAF, Damascus.

0656 Grain (Morocco). Union Des Societes Cooperatives Agricoles Marocaines (USCAM)
seeks direct contact with U.S. grain export and cooperatives not already repre-
sented in Morocco. USCAM comprises storage facilities totaling approximately
600,000 tons of domestic and imported grain, and has government-guaranteed hard
currency financing of approximately $30 million in 1978/79. Contact: Redouane
Boujamaa, Director, Union Des Societes Cooperatives Agricoles Au Maroc (USCAMO),
B.P. 501, Casablanca, Morocco. Telex: 23761. Phone: 26 60 79, 27 13 18.

0657- Vegetable oils (Syria). Tender with closing date April 24 for (a) 2,000 mt
0658 fully refined soybean oil, (b) 2,000 mt fully refined cottonseed oil, and (c)
2,000 mt fully refined sunflowerseed oil. Soyoil according U.S. condition AOCS
method free fatty acid as OLICC Max 0.05%. Cottonoil yellow or white according
U.S. condition AOCS method free fatty acid 0.25% to 0.05 max. Sunoil free fatty
acid 0.08% max. Packing tins 16-18 kilos. Bearing brand and weight in Arabic
and contained in export carton. 1,000 mt each oil May shipment, 1,000 mt June
shipment. Quote C&F Liner terms Latakia. Offers to be sent by cable or telex.
Full details from firm listed below. Contact: Salem Haddad, Managing Director,
Foreign Trade Organization for Chemicals and Foodstuffs (GEZA), P. 0. Box 893,
Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11009SY or 11370SY, Geza. Cable: GEZA, Damascus.
Phone: 228521 or 118919.

0659- Pulses, lentils (Spain). Wants lentils, beans (White and Red) and chickpeas,
0660 quantity subject to quality and price. Advise quality available. Packaging:
25-50 kilo sacks. Advise other packaging available. Quotations: CIF Barcelona
and Tarragona (in containers if possible). Delivery through crop year. Would
like to establish contact with reliable growers-producers willing to export
their products direct and maintain even and excellent quality. Samples required
before making firm orders. Bank ref: Banca Catalana, Hispano Americano.
Contact: Javier Satrustegui, Carconsa, Paseo Colon, 4-San Sebastian, Spain.
Telex: 36233 JORSA E. Phone: (943) 28 45 00.

0661- Lentils, white beans (Spain). Wants two container loads each of lentils, regular
0662 #1 USA and regular #1 USA/can, and two container loads of Great Northern white
beans. Packaging: 50 kilo jute sacks (B/N). Quote CIF. Delivery Sept-Oct.
Bank ref: Central, Exterior De Espana. Contact: Jose M. Carratala-Iglesias,
Hispana De Frutos Y Cereales De Ultramar, S.A., Trinidad Grund, 2-Malaga, Spain.
Telex: 77470 HIFC E. Phone: (952) 22 73 50.


0663 Foodstuffs (Egypt). Interested in a complete range of supermarket supplies.
Quote CIF Alexandria. Bank ref: Societe Arab Int Des Banques-Bustan Street,
Cairo. Contact: Moustafa A. Zaki, The Arab Consultants, 1, Talaat Harb Square,
Cairo, Egypt. Cable: ARACONANCE Cairo. Phone: 756291.

0664 Queen bees (England). Wants to buy U.S. queen bees, old French Black origin,
type which can survive in colder climates. In 7-3 lb. packages or 70-100 queens.
Bees must not be too docile. Contact: John Patrick Lee, L. P. Apiaries Ltd.,
No. 7 Ashley Park Road, Rust Hall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TNA 8SY, England.
Phone: 0892-34209.

0665- Canned corn, pineapple, fruit cocktail, peaches, dried fruits, fresh apples
0669 (Egypt). Wants monthly shipments of 1,000 cartons each of canned corn, canned
pineapple, canned fruit cocktail, canned peaches, dried fruits, and fresh
apples. Best quality, immediate shipments. Quote C&F Port Said. Bank ref:
Bank Misr, Sultan Hussein Branch, Port Said. Contact: Fahmy Moustafa Mirdan,
P. 0. Box 117, Port Said, Egypt. Telex: 54260 FHDN UN. Phone: 4806/2066.
Cable: FAHDAN, Port Said.

0670 Variety meats (England). Wants container loads of all frozen variety meats,
standard packaging. Wishes to deal direct with Abbatoir packers. Quote CIF
U.K. port. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd., West Smithfield, London EC1. Contact:
W. W. Giles, W. W. Giles (Smithfield) Ltd., Cranbrook House, Redlands, Coulsdon,
Surrey CR32 HT, England. Telex: 949974. Phone: 01-668-9344.

0672- Popcorn, pulses, lentils (Venezuela). Brokerage firm wishes to represent U.S.
0675 suppliers of popcorn, dry peas (green, yellow, split or whole), lentils, and
black, red and white beans. Popcorn in 25 lb jute bags, others in 100 Ib. jute
bags. Sanitary permit from country of origin is required. Quote CIF La Guaira.
Bank ref: Banco Exterior, C.A. Contact: Juan Gil Gimenez, Exportaciones Y
Representaciones Hive, Apartado De Correos 19085, Caracas 101, Venezuela. Telex:
24204 AEROB. Cable: EXHITE. Phone: 41 72 61.

0637 Rice (Chile). Wishes 5,000 metric tons of long grain polished rice, max. 35%
broken grains in jute bags of 50-80 kilograms and/or carton of 20 boxes of one
kilogram. Delivery period 90 days. Quotations CIF Valparaiso. Credit offers
appreciated. Bank ref: Banco Comercial De Curico, Curico, Chile. Contact:
Federico Munoz, Arrocera el Volcan, Carmen 940, Curico, Chile. Phone: 220,
CURICO, Chile.

Foreign Trade Developments

Chilean Food Study a commodity identification study for Chile has been published
by the Foreign Agricultural Service in cooperation with the Wisconsin State
Department of Agriculture. The report provides market background information,
a list of U.S. agricultural products and processed foods with market potential
in Chile, and a list of buyers and end-users of these products. For copies of
the Chilean Food Study write to: Export Trade Services Division, Room 4945-South
Building, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C. 20250.


New Publication

Export opportunities in the institutional and catering industries of
Belgium are described in a new 40 page report prepared for the Foreign
Agricultural Service. The report includes the names of some of the
principal Belgian importers and trade associations; and exhibitions and
trade shows at which institutional foods will be promoted this year.
Copies of the Report Belgian Institutional and Catering Industries are
available by writing Export Trade Services Division, Room 4945-South
Building, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C. 20250.


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