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Export briefs
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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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-M~I expan namRTREFs

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Serne. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington, D.C. 20250.

qG'l~dglZ:JS -i

The folloulng trade Iiems haei been paihered from Agrlculrural Attach eand other government reports ab a
service to U 5. exporters of food and agriculrural products in supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliabllan of the ascrseas Inquirer. Your bres sources or further information
on these Trade leads Is the lasted forcian firm origmatiing the inquiry You may also contact the Export
Promoleon Disasson. FAS. (202) 47 710J..

ISSUE 110# 48, 1982

1867 Grape cuttings (Guatemala). Hlants grape cuttings for planting. Italia,
cardinal, Enperor varieties, 2,000 each variety, best, grafted if required.
Standard for export. Delivery ASAP. Certificate of origin and Phyltosanitary
certificate required. Quotations CIF Aurora Airport, Guatemala City,
Guatenala. Bank ref: Banco Agricola mercantile, 7 Ave. 9-11, Zona 1,
Guatenala City, Guatenala. Contact: Leopoldo Enrique Castillo Me~lgar, 18
Ave. "A"' 7-73, Zona 15, Visa Hernosa I, Guatemnala, Guatemala. Phone:
690402, 692535.

168 Dried Flowlers (IHest Genna~ny_). HJants dried flowers Limonium Tartaricum,
quantity~: 10 tons, top quality with green stems only. Quotations FOB or CIF
Bremen or CIF Frankfurt Airport. Delivery before Christmas. Bank ref:
Kreissparkasse, 6360 Friedberg. Contact: Horst Decher, Horst Decher
Gartenbzubetrieb, Hauptstrasse 124, 6367 Karben OT Ckarben, Wlest Gennany.
Phone: 06039/3555.

16-P.ice, oils, seafoods, nilC, sugar, (England). I'ants long grain rice,
1872 vegetable oil, canned sardines, canned corned beef, canned evaporated nilk,
granulated sugar, cube sugar, and canned npckerel/pilchards in toato sauce.
Quantity: nixed containers 1 5 20 ft containers, nonthly. Quality: high
UISDA Standard. Packaging: standard and export containers. Quotations:
C8&F Libreville (Gabon) Tena (Ghana) Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Lome, (Togo).
Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Hlational \'estninster, E~dgwrare Road, London.
Contact: Dr. K. Amoako TFuffuor, Rozart Global Services, 14 H!oread Road,
London, I'9 3FIC, England. Telex: 8813271 GECOnS G. Phone: 01 9652 1956.

1874 Live voal cattle tender (Syria). Requests offers for 1,500-2,000 head of
eef (veal) cattle for local fattening, 100% uncrsterated males, age not to
exceed 18 months, weight per animal 250-350 kilogras, average wreight not
less than 300 kflograms per shipment. Aninals healthy, free fran any
diseases, growing naturally and untreated with hormones. Specify origin and
kind of species, attach photographs of the anirnals when available. Delivery:
February through July 1983 in nonthly shipments of 250-350 head. Superysion
of shipnents shall be preforned by an international inspection company or by
representatives delegated by the buyer on seller's account. Offers requested
on FOB and/or C&F basis and should include rate of price adjustments for
eightt loss, if an~y, during shipment. Deadline COB Sunday January 2, 1983.

Valid 30 days after deadline. Other conditions: (A) bid bond, 2%, is
required with offer, to be substituted after purchase confirmation by a 10%
performance bond. Bid and performance bonds can be paid by a Cheque
certified by any bank in Syria or by a bank guarantee accepted by the
Comercial Bank of Syria, bank guarantee accepted by the Connercial Bank of
Syria, branch no 2. (Foreign Governmental entities are exempt from providing
the bid bond only); (B) the seller bears all taxes and duties required for
contracting outside Syria as well as the cost of the stam ps reqired ofor h
bank guarantee and the cost of the tender advertisement; ()prilofr
are accepted. The buyer has the right to contract for the whole quantity or
for a part of the quantity at the buyer's option; (0) Delay penalty 0.5% of
the value of the balance of the shipment. The penalty shall be imposed in
case of delay without the need for any warning or judicial verdict.
Contact: The General Consumption Institution, P.O. Box 2552, Damascus,
Syri a. Tel ex: 41 9167 SY Ma ski .
1875 Veal meat tender (Syria). Requires offers for 500 tons +-/- 10% fresh veal
meat "Pistola". berived from uncastrated calves not exceeding 2 years in
age, free from diseases, growing naturally and untreated with hormones.
Percentage of bone should not exceed 18% of the total weight of one Pistola.
Specify country of origin and type or kind of veal meat. Animals slaughtered
according to Islamic Rites. Period between the date of slaughtering and
shipping inust not exceed 72 hours and the period of refrigeration after
slaughtering must not be less than 12 hours. Shipment: February through
August 1983 in monthly quantities of 50-70 tons. Slaughteri ng and receive ng
wrill be effected under the supervision of an international inspection canpany
or representatives delegated by the buyer. Each piece of p~istola should be
wrapped in stockinest bags in order to protect it from bacteria. The weight
per pistola should be 40-50 kilograms. Quote FOB and/or CdtF Basis.
Deadline: COB Sunday January 2, 1983. Valid for 30 days after deadline.
Other conditions: (A) bid bond 2%~, is required with offer, to be substituted
after purchase confirmation b~y a 10% performance bond, bid and performance
bonds can be paid by a checue certified by any bank in Syria or b~y a bank
guarantee accepted by the Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch No. 2 (Foreign
Governmental Entities are exempt from the Bid Bond only); (B) the seller
bears all taxes and duties required for contracting outside Syria as well as
the cost of the stamps required for the bank guarantee and the cost of the
tender advertisement; (C) partial offers are accepted. The buyer has the
right to contract for the whole quantity or for a part of the quantity at the
buyer's option; (D) Delay penalty 0.5%, of the value of the balance of the
monthly shipment. The penalty shall be imposed in case of delay without the
need for any warning or judicial verdict. Note: Pistola is to be taken from
the thigh after stripping the bones of the tibia (the flute bones and the
thin bones) which are found within the thigh and also after taking off the
muscles surrounding them (the leans) and the extended belly muscles, the
testicles and kidneys and all fats surrounding them and the Ribs. All of
these mentioned organs should be removed except the Verterral Column which
should remain within the muscles surrounding it until the sixth rib from the
back. Contact: The General Consunption Institution, P.O. Box 2552,
Damascus, Sylria. T-elex: 419167 SY Mask~i.

1876 Horsemleat (Japan). Giants fresh frozen and/or chilled horse meat, one
container load. Product nust be suitable for eating without
heat-processing. Saddle portion preferable, appropriate packaging for

export. Delivery February 1983 (by surface shipment). Quotations CdSF. Bank
ref: Mitsubishi Bank Kandabashi Branch, Tokyo. Contact: nasso Hayashi,
Manager, Nichinan Co., LTD., c/o Kohel Bldg., 1-3-5, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-Ku,
Tokyo, Japan. T"el ex: 222-3521 NICHI J. Phone: (03) 292-7277.
1877 Cottonseed (Israel). Wants cottonseed, 20,000 mt, suitable for animal
feeding, in bulk. Delivery ASAP, with possibility of further shipments.
Mus undergo heating process to kill genrms. Quotations FOB U.S. Port. Bank
ref: Bank Leumi Israel Bank Hapoalim Haifa Branches. Contact: Mr. Hana
Schiffer, Mloshavei Hazafon, S Pal-Yan Street, Haifa, Israel. Phone: (04)

1878 Frozen beef a~nasumn (Hong Kong). Wants frozen beef anasum, chemical bleached
in white color, semi-cooked, thoroughly clean, 2 x 40 feet container loads
monthly, top and 2nd grade, packaged 6 x 10 lbs. bags per export carton.
Immediate shipment. Quote CAIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: Wing Lung Bank Ltd.
Contact: Kevin T. H. Wu, Kevin T. H. Wu CO., Ltd., 1701 Wing on Central
Building, 26 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong. Telex: 85294 WUTRA HX.
Phone: 5-223258 or 5-223625.

1 879 Da ry cattl e (Tuurkey).~ A contractor/dairy fanner in lanir is interested in
importi ng cattle from United States. The fanner would like to establish a
unique high quality american H&F stock. At initial stage he wants to import
35 bred heifers, 35 cows (pregnant with 2nd calf) & 2 bulls (10-12 months of
age). Interested in cattle that would yield minimum of 10 mt milk per year.
The fanner has been advised to purchase a full plane load which may total
about 85 cattle to reduce freight costs. He agreed to this suggestion but
asked that the prices be kept to minimum for this initial transaction.
Contact: Yusuf Durusoy, U.S. Consulate, Immir, APO New York 09224. Phone:
21 71 04.

1880 Beef hanging tender (Japan). Wants frozen beef hanging tenders, outside
skirts and ac~hilles' tendons, 10 mt. Specific information required. In
appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery b~y surface shipment.
Quotations C&F and/or CIF. Bank ref: Taiyo Kobe Bank, K~akogowa Branch,
Kakogawa-Shi. CONTACT: Shunsuke Yamaji, Fuji Enterprise Trading Concern,
17-1, Nishigawara, Kakagawa-Cho, Kakagawa-Shi, Hyogo-Ken, Japan. Cable:
KIKAKUFUJI-Kakogawa. Phone: (0794) 23-8574.

1 881 Red beans (France). Wants red beans, 10-15 tons. Best quality, packed in 50
kg bags. Delivery January 1983. French labeling. Quotes CIF. Bank ref:
BNIPG Banque Nationale De Paris Guyane, 29! Place Schoeccher, 97300 Cayenne.
CONTACT: Mg Kon thou tMarc, Ets. HG; Kon Chou Fils, B.P. 1002, 15 Rue Mlalouet,
97304 Cayenne Cedex, Guyane Francaise, France. TELEX: 910 347. Phone: 31
00 35.

1882- Dried fruits and nuts (France). Wants dried fruits, also almonds, filberts,
1883 walnuts. Several hundred tons by containers of 20 tons, best quality.
Packed in bags of 100 1bs and cartons of 50 1bs. Delivery ASAP. Quotations
CIF or FOB Marseille. Bank ref: International We~istmiser Bank, La
Cannebiere, 13001 Marseille, France. CONTACT: Jean Melinion, Societe De
Courtage, 135, Rue Sainte Cecile, 13005 Marseille, France. TELEX: 440050 F
NIONILEM. Cable: NONIILEM~ MARSEILLE. Phone: (91) 78 61 00.

1884 Potato seed (Netherlands). Wants potato botanical seed, about 10 kilograms,
Hy1br~id, uniform in phenotype (no muskyI varieties). Deliveries Jan/Feb '83,
certified. Quotations CIF Lisbon (Portugal). Bank ref: Amro Bank,
D!eventer. CONiTACT: PO. C. Cinjaar, De Aardapple Specialist, Singel 11, 7411
HV Deventer, P'etherlands. TELEX: 49030 (AMP.0 BANK~). Phone: 5700-15353.

1885 Soybean milk (Colombia). Wants soybean milk, 120 mt, high quality, packed in
25 kg. bags for export. Delivery in three months, G0C requirements.
Quotes FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Poyal Bank, Ave. 68 Bogota. CONTACT:
Sammly Fogelman, Activentas Ltda., Carrera 40 No. 8-35, Apartado Aereo 24930,
Bogota, Colrnibia. TELEX: 44468 VIA & CO. 43100 IMIACO. Phone:. 247-1577,
2417-61 35.

1886 Seaeweed (England). Hlants seavreed (Eucheima Spinosum) (Dry), 100 mt in 20 ft
containers (16.16 tons per container). Quality: best dr~y. Quotations
F08. Delivery ASAP. CONTACT: Yenneth M"unford, K. P. D. Trading, 4 Poplar
Avenue, Liverpool L23 2SU, rlerseyside, England. Phone: 051 924 6063.

1887 Popcorn (England). Wants popping corn, cuantity: container loads, choice
qjualityI. Packaging: 20k cartons. Quotations CIF and delivered. Delivery
early 1S83. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank, Fenchurch Street, London. CONITACT:
Peter Davies, Newtime Foods Limited, Ivy House Lane, Hastings, E. Sussex,
England. TELEX: 951 59. Phone: 0424 438C44.

1888 Bean extract (England). Desires bean extract from kidney beans for use as
calory blcker -in the pharmateutica industry. Ouality: Grade 1.
Packaging: tablet form. Quotations CIF Hamburg. Delivery date ASAP. Bank
ref: Deutsche Apotheker- und, Aerztebank., 2000 Hamburg. CONTACT: Mlr.
Beyer, Apotheke am Heubergraeder, Alsterdorferstr. 284, 2000 Ilamburg 60, C:.
Ge rla ny. Phone : 4;0-61 1-91 91 .

18e" En~ulsifying agents (England). Need raw materials of botanical and animal
origin, for enulsifying agents such as: jojoba oils, herbal oils and fats,
spern whale oil, must substances for nanufacturing cosmetics. Quality:
Grade 1. CONITACT: Knut BrelVle, Hago-Chanie, Ynuel~lstr. 30a, 3470 Hoexter,
UI. Gennany. Phone: 5271 -87E0.

1890 Beef meat (Venezue'la). In need of frozen beef neat for neat processing
industry. Quantity: ninimumn order one container. Quote C&F. Bank ref:
Banco Exterior, Banco De La Construccion Y De Oriente. CON TACT: Luis E.
Martinez, Flaolvi, C.A., P.O. Box 3775, Caraicas, Venezuela. TE LEX : 22829
F;A0LY VC. Cable: FIAOLVI. Phone: 41-09]18 & 41-0453.

181Shrimp (Canada). Wants to buy fresh water shrimp (prawrn). Quantity to be
deterniined. Packaging bulk. Time of delivery: ASAP. Bank ref: available
on request. CONTACT: Ilichard Gurbin, 941 fionte Carlo Court, Gississauga,
Ontario L51 3n1, Canada. Phone: (416) 279-8854.

1892 Horticultural itens (Argentina). Type of plants and seeds desired as
followers: Fern, Dragon-tree, Spikenard, Philodendron, and Azaleas. Qua nti ty
open. Send specifics or brochures to Agricultural Attache, Amnerican Embassy,
APO tfiami 34034. TELEX: 18156 USICA.

1893 Specialty foods (Venezuela). Neds brochures and catalogs ASAP for high
quality products from manufactures. Quote CIF Venezuela, FOB. Bank ref:
Banco Provincial. CONTACT: Dr. Ruben Haratz, Soruca, Alimentos En General,
Jet Cargo Int'1, W-5 P.O. Box 520010, Miami, Florida 33152 USA. Phone:

1894 Animal feed -Ingredients (Colombia) Desires following ingredients for animal
feed (A)onoch1orhlydrated Lisine, (B) D/L methionine, (C) zinc bacitracine,
(D) choline chloride, (E) furazolidone. Quantity: 24 mt/yr, 10 mntlyr, 24
artlyr, 60l mrt/yr, 3-6 mt/yr. Quality: 98 purity, 995 purity feed grade,
15-205, 506 veg basis, 98% purity feed grade. Packaging: (A) thru (D) 25 kg
paper bags with thick inner polyethlene cover, (E) metal or fiber drums 25 kg
each. Quote for shipments in CY-1983 beginning in February. For every
product, a certificate on manufacturer's analysis required. Quote FOB
shipment port per local regulations. Bank ref: Banco Anglo-Columbiano, Main
office; Banco Sudameris, Main Office, Call. CONTACT: Carlos Perez,
Camercial Fnenin S.C., 11. Calle 11 No. 1-07, Edificio Garces, Oficina 502,
Apartado P.O. Box 1047, Cali, Valle, Colombia. Cable: FLEMINCIAL. Phone:
801 627/881774/81 4080

1895 Food items (Saudi Arabia). In the market for canned and preserved food
prodiucts, vegetables, fruits. Food items for grocery stores &t supermarkets.
Quantities open. New firm established this year to deal exclusively in
wholesale distribution of all types of canned and preserved food products.
Claims to have two warehouses in Al-Hassa and one in Dammum for dry storage
only. Owner anxious to have agency/distributorship of U.S. food suppliers.
CONTACT: Ibrahim M. Al-Mugaiteer, General Manager, Ibrahim Magaiteer
Commercial Est., P.O. Box 1490, Hofue, Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia. Cable:
MASEEM Al-HASSA. TELEX: 661235 WASSEM SJ. Phone: 586-6245.

1896 Apples and grapes (West Indies). Interested in U.S. apples and grapes.
entities 8 qualities open. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Barclays Bank
International Ltd. CONTACT: Sylvester Taylor, Carsy1 Agencies, P.O. Box 56,
St. Vincent, West Indies. TELEX: 75119 RENTEX VQ. Cable: CARSYL. Phone:
809-45-71 885.

1897 Food items (Barbados). Looking for full and wide selection of food and
household items under one brand name in consumer sizes. Shipment early
January 1983, English. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Barclays Bank International
Ltd. CONTACT: Geoffrey St. C. Hutchinson, Manager, Branded Provision, Wines
and Spirits, Dacosta & Musson Ltd., Carlisle House, P.O. Box 103, Bridgetown,
Barbados. TELEX: X8 2237. Cable: DACMUS, Bridgetown. Phone:

1898 Soybeans (Venezuela). Wants minimum order 25,000 at, bulk shipment.
notsp~e~cified. uote C&F. Bank ref: Banco Exterior, Banco De La
Construccion Y De Oriente. CONTACT: Luis E. Martinez, Ftholvi, C.A.
Box 3775, Caracas, Venezuela. TELEX: 22829 MAOLV VC. Cable: MAOL
Phone: 41-0918 1 41-0453.



1899 Wheat seed (France). Needs 150 tons of Yecora Rojo wheat seed. Packaging 50
kg. bags with double coating (vegetal and polyethylene). Shipments early
September, 1983. Quote CIF Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Bank ref: Banque "Al

Saudi Bank" 43, Avenue George-V, 75008 Paris. CONTACT: Bertrand De Reviers,
Technical Manager, Elf Cereals Development, E.C.D. 38, Rue Francois 1er 75008
Paris, France. TELEX: 611 795F ELFCED. Phone: (33) (1) 723 97-40.

1900 Feed products (Hong Kong). Desires meet and bone meal, fishmeal and feed
products. uant~ity: 2,500O mt. Quality: standard grade MBM (protein 50%
min), fishmeal (protein 65%~ min). Export packing. Shipment ASAP. Quote CAF
HK/CSIF Taiwan. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris. CONTACT: Raymond
Cheung, Kongbridge Investments Ltd., 5B, Tak Lee Cammercial Bldg., 113-117
Wanchai Road, Wanchat, Hong Kong. TELEX: 85122 HK(KIL HX. Pho ne : 5-7 30389
or 5-730380.

1901 Breeding hogs (China). In the market for SPF purebred breeding hogs with
pedigree. Qua nt~it~y: 500 head including Duroc &r Hampshire Boars &C Gilts.
Minimum 10 wk old at shipment date & min. 30 kilos per pig. A team be sent
to the U.S. in early January. The primary focus will be on rabbit breeding
stock but time will be spent looking at/for breeding hogs. Quote CIF -
Shanghai. Bank ref: Bank of China. CONTACT: Xie Xiu Xia, China Nat'1
Animal Breeding Stock Import &r Export Corp., Beijing, China. Cable:
CNABSIEC. Phone: 46-4344.

1902 Frozen fish (Syria). `The General Consumption Institution, Mleats Department,
requests (colored) brochures for frozen fish with their Latin names and other
specifications with view of importing 4,000-5,000 tons of frozen fish per
year. CON TACT: Antoun Lutfi, Director, General Consumption Institution,
P.O. Box 2552, Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 419167 SY MASKI.

1903 Beer, bourbon (Japan). In the market for beer, bottled and/or canned, and
bourbon lh-isky. Qu an t ity: one minimum container or approx. 500 cases.
Shipment: as soon as arrangements can be made. Quote CIF Moji Port. Bank
ref: Higo Bank, Kyozuka Brch, 7-12 Kyozuka-Honmachi, Kumamoto City 862
Japan. Contact: Takashi Futamura, Pres., Sunset Liquors Campany, 1-10
Kyozuka, Kumamoto City 862 Japan. Phone: 0963-81-0198.
1904- Sun oil, corn, tallow (Venezuela). In the market for (A) sunflower seed oil,
1906 (B) corn, yellow & white, (C) tallow. Minimum order: (A) depends on market,
(B) 25,000 mt, (C) 200 mt. Quality: (A) crude, (B) No. 2, (C) fancy.
Shipment: (A)& (B) bulk, (C) drumns. Sun oil to fulfill N.S.P.A.
specifications and trade rules. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Banco Exterior, Banco
De La Construccion Y De Oriente. Contact: Luis E. Martinez, Maolvi C.A.,
P.O. Box 3775, Caracas 1010, Venezuela. Telex: 22829 MrAOLVI VC. Phone:
41-0918 or 41-0453. Cable: MAOLVI.

1907- Sorghum, dried beans, cottonseed oil, soybean oil (Venezuela). Desires (A)
1909 sorghm ) dried bans, (L hYcottonseed oil, crude degummed soybean
oil. Minimum orders (A) 25,000, bulk; (B) one container, (C) 1,000 mt, (D)
1,000 mt. Shipment (A) bulk, (B) bags, (C)&(D) bulk. Quote C&F. Bank
ref: Banco Exterior, Banco De La Contrusccion Y De Oriente. Contact: Luis
E. Martinez, M~aolvi, C.A., P.O. Box 3775, Caracas 1010, Venezuela. Telex:
22829 MAOLV VC. Phone: 41-0918 &r 41-0453. Cable: MAOLVI.

1910 F~rozen foods (E~ngland). U.S. finns now selling in the UK market, or
interested in doing so', are invited to contact a well established firn
offering a total service to the frozen food industry. Fro the supply and

servicing of industrial freezing equipment to the design and construction of
cold stores, and from the storage and processing of frozen foods to the
transport and distribution of them fran producers or ports to retail
outlets. For further details contact Geoff Woodward, Frigoscandia, Scandia
House, Amwell Street, Hoodesdon, Hertfordshire EN118TT, No. 693558 England.
Telegram: FRIGOSCAN. Telex: 22835. Phone: 09924 45511.
1911- Pul ses, orn gluten (Colombia). In need of (A) pulses and (B) corn gluten.
1 912 Qunti ty: ()500mt/year, (B) 5,000 mt/~year. Qual ity: (A) U.S. No. 1 or
2. Phytosanitar~ certificate requi red. Quote FOB or C&F. Bank ref: Ba nco
Santander and Banco Cafetero. Contact: Eduardo Arboleda, Campania General
Camercializadora Ltda., Carrera 7 Nlo. 26-26 Pise 16, Bogota, Colombia.
Tel1ex : 45364 SKCGI -CO. Pho ne: 1 32-9540/232-9541/1232- 9542-44. Cable e:

1913 Tender for boar semen (Korea). Tendering for 96 tubes of bear semen and
transporting container & equipment of insemination. Specs: (A) IBS index
number (1) Landrace: plus 225; Hanpshire: plus 232; Yorkshire: plus 220;
Duroc: plus 242, (B) survival mortality: more than 40%, (C) abnormlality:
less than 15%, (D) volunn of ample: plus 10 mg. Product origin: USA.
Shipment: within 20 days after opening Letter of Credit. Date/place: 11 :00
am, Dec. 14, '82 at the NLCF conference room. Bidder shall establish bid
bond not less than 2% total bid value by Dec. 13, '82. CONTACT: The Nat'1
Livestock Coop. Federation (NILCF), 1-426, Yeuido-Dong, Youndungpo-Ku, Seoul,
Ko rea. Phone: 783-1 668. TEL EX: KO23517 NALICOF.

1914 Animal feed (Netherlands). Dutch businessman wishes to represent U.S.
business firms in the following sectors: petfood and animal feed, simple and
smal farm equipment, other agricultural related products. Bank ref:
Rabo-Bank, Dronten. CONTACT: J. Soepenberg, De Smaragd 4, Swifterband,
Holland, Netherlands. Phone: 3212 1206.

1915 Forage seed tender (Korea). The National Livestock Cooperatives Federation
(NL)recently tendered for 159,000 kg. of various kinds of grass seed. Bid
closing date is 11 :00 Dec. 9, 1982 at NLCF's conference room. Shipment: not
later than Jan. 10, 1982. Bid bond: supplier and/or bidder shall establish
bid bond not less than 2%~ of the total bid value, in the fons of irrevocable
clean credit, bank guarantee, cash or certified check, payable in U.S.
dollars through bank in Seoul by the day previous to bid opening date.
Bidding to NLCF Phone: 783-1668 Seoul or Telex K-23517 )IALICOF by (local
agent). Prior registration is required. For listing of grass seeds wanted
Contact: Export Promotion Division, FAS. Phone: (202) 447-7103.


papeMTV w08 PrIvAT US8. ease

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return the whole shet and/or enveloe tra
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