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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

The following trade items~ have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firmlr~lam-rn.mp ndaso contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. H- 0' IRCUB rRAR Y

OCT 7i 1981
Sep temper 2F;, 1981

2240- Cherries, berries (Netherlands\- A69Edl tierlaso
2241 individually quick~ frozen cherrTe ,- sTRUTHei-ag7- 91ackberri es,
gooseberries and other fruits. Cherries should be 15 mm diameter. Ouote
CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: N. M. B. Goes. Contact: C. P. Carels, Carels
B.V., P.O. Bor 81, Goes, Netherlands. Tele Ir 55355. Phone: 01100-28820.

2242 Avocado essential oil (Netherlands). Wants 80 kg for use in perfume
industry. Must meet specifications of D.A.B. (Pharmacy Book-Ue. Germany)
based on U.S.P. Quote CIF Amsterdam. Bank ref: Hollandse Bank Unje.
Other references: Disco Lab. Detroit, Midch., Sigma Chem., St. Louis, Mco.
Conta ct: H. V.' Brunschwig, Brunschwig Chemie B.V., P.O. Po r 70213, 1007 YF
Amsterdam, Ne therlands. Tele r 13189. Phone: 020-113133.

2243 Butter (Germany). Wants 200 mt of butter, not salted, for making ghee.
Packaging: 25 kilo wa led cartons. Requests replies by teler. Ouote CIF
Rotterdam or Hamburg. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank, Muenchen. Con ta ct: Jan
Von Hefaburg, Von Heimburg Finanz-Und Handelskontor Import-Esport, Adalbert
Stif terstr. 23, D-8000 Muenchen pi, W. Germany. Tele r 0.'28405. Phone:

2244 Poultry feed concentrate (Egyp t). Wants 500 mt per year for layers and
broilers in 50 kg bags. Quote CIF and C&F. Bank ref: Ci ty Bank.,
Ale andria, National Bank, Cairo and Alerendria. Con ta ct: Raouf Famza,
Ragab Esport & Import Co., 1 Talaat Harb Square, Suite 41-42, Cairo,
Eqyp t. Tele x 93106, 54024. Phone: 758558, 746184.

2245 Ripe olives, instant potatoes (Hong Kong). Wants 1.00 cartons of ripe
olives, large, 24 cans per carton; and '100' cartons of instant potatoes,
mashed, 6 cans of 6 lbs net per carton. Bank ref: The Chartered Bank,
Hong Kong. Contact: Y.C. An Yeung, Wing Sang Cheong Ltd., 240 Wanchat
Road, Hong Kong. Tele r 60237 WINIS HX. Phone: 5-722-346.

2246 Soybean meal (Egypt). Mants 10,000 mt preferably 48 percent protein. Fa t
not more than 3 percent. Moisture not more than 12 percent. Fiber 3.3 to
4 percent. Urea 0.05. to 0.02 percent. Protein not less than 44 percent.
Fat not more than 3 percent. Moisture not mogre than 12 percent. Fiber not
more than 7 percent. Urea 0.05 to 0.02 percent. In 50 kg jute bags,
delivery during November 1981. Ouote CIF & C&F Ale andria FOB Port of

e g ort. Bank ref: Ci ty Bank, Ale iandria. National Bank, Cairo and
Ale en dri a. Con ta ct: Raouf Hamza, Ragab Eiport & Import Co., 1 Talaat
Harb Square, Suite 41-42, Cairo, Eg~ t. Tele r 93106, 54024. Phone:
758558, 746184.

2247 Dried milk (Venezuela). Powdered milk (skimmed) 500 at, 1 percent fat,
bags of 25 kgs, delivery October 1981. Sanitary certificate from country
of origin required. Ouote CIF La Cualra. Bank ref: Banco Continental.
Contact: Dario Bauder, Cordecom, Edf. Corimon, 2DO Piso, Calle La Gruta,
Los Cortijos De Lourdes, Caracas 1071, Venezuela. Teler: 263P5. Phone:
239-8796, 355023/356909.

2248 Canned milk (Venezuela). Wants 500,000 liters, 1.6; per cen t fa t,
homogenized u.ht treated, 200! cc cans, delivery November 1.981. Sani tary
certifi cate from country of origin required. Ouote CIF La Guafra. Bank
ref: Banco Nacional De Descuento. Contact: Rodiolfo Alsinas, Fudal ca,
Calle Edison, Centro Comercial Los Chaguaramos, Piso 12, Ofic. 12-4,
Caraceas, Venezuela. Phone: 483-6335/662-1133, 662-11 81 /662-1186.

2249 Chris tmas trees (Venezuela). Wants 2,000 bundles, good quality, II, 4, and
5 feet, delivery no later than N~ovemb~er 14 in Miami. Ouote FOBR Yard, FOP
Miami. Bank ref: Banco Union Banco Latino Banco Caracas. Contact:
Harry Casterline, Eslama, C.A., Eslama, C.A., P.O. Boy 1105, Caracas 101,
Vene zue la Tele c 22613 ESLAM VC. Phone: 6 61 -7 49.

2250 Canned hot dogs (Chile). Five to ten tons per month, around 40 grams each,
half or one gallon containers, delivery December 1983. Ouote CIF
Valparaiso. Bank ref: Banco Sud Ameri cano, Morande 226; Banco De Chile,
Ahumada 251; Santiago, Chi le. Con ta ct: Juan Agustin Rodriguez, Industrias
Products Alimenticios S.A., Santa Elena 1970, Santiago, Chile. Teler:
94260 IPAL. Phone: 5690291; 568845.

2251 Holsteins (Ecuador). Grade Hlolstein heifers, 70-75 depending on the
capacity of the airplane, animals 4-5 months bred, offspring of Dams
producing at least 13,000 1bs, sires good or better, with plus in type
transmission. Delivery Novembher December. Need pro-forma Invoi ce ASAP -
end September. Offers should include both FOB Miami, and C&F airfreight to
CDuito. Offers should include 30 day post arrival insurance. Pank ref:
Banco De La Producion, Amazonas 350 Y Robles, Cui to. Co nta ct: Ing.
Gonzalo Vorbeck~, Casilla 2733, Qui to, Ecuador. Te 3e n 2232 PCASA PDr.
Phone: Off ice 266-998, Home 231-885.

2252 Calves (Cyprus). Calves, two to four months old, breed not stated, plane
loads of 250 to 300 calves at a time. Delivery October/November, 1981.
Buyer will visi t the U.S. for an on-the-spot elimination of the calves
before air shipment. Payment will be by Irrevocable Letter of Credi t.
Contact: Demos Galatakis, Demos Farm Ltd., P.O. Bor 4606, Strovolos Ave.,
Ni cosia 132, Cyrpus.

2253 Yeast (Thailancr). Instant active dry yeast for industrial purposes.
Interested American suppliers requested to send offer, toge their wi th
de ta ile d sp ecif ica tions, ca ta logs, CIF Bangkok pri ces and delivery
s che du le. Con ta ct: William E. Heinecke, Managing Director, Ronia
Marketing Services (Thailand) Ltd., 38 Soi Ekam~al, Sukbumvi t, Bangkob,
Tha iland. Ca bl e: AUTSTHAT, BANGK OK. Tele n TH P~20X13. Mr. Heineckre is
the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thalland.

2254 Barley (Chile). Malting harley, 40,000 at, germination P9, 3 percent,
humidity 11 percent, protein 10.8 percent. Partial shipments April, Sep t.
and Dec. Calibration: over sieve 2.5 mm 87 percent, helow sieve 2.2 mm 2.o
percent. Quote FOB indicating freight separately. Bank ref: Banco
O'Higgins, Bandera 201; Banco De Chile, Ahumarra 251; Santiago, Chile.
Contact: Patricio Ureta and/or Andreass Herrera, Malterias Unidas S.A.,
Bandera 206, Of. 601, Santiago, Chile. Tele r: 40552 MUSA C'L. Cable:
MALTEXCO. Phone: 721388.

2255 Baby chicks (Nigeria). Baby chicks for broilers and laying bens, 20,000C
each at a time. Give full history of the bird and brand. Ventilated
packages of 100 birds. Weekly or monthly shipments. Approved health
certificate by the Veterinary institute of Nigeria. Quote C&F L~agos. Bank
ref: National Bank of Nigeria, Ltd. Ikole-Ekit, Ondo State/Nigeria.
Con ta ct: Major A.0.0. Fajembola (Retired), Ambeth, Nigeria, D., P.O. Bor
1505, Surulere, Lagos 96, Brick~field Road, Ebutemetta, Lagos, Nigeria.

2256 Joint venture (Nigerla). Production of poultry, feed milling and fish pond
p ro jects. Chants dependable and experienced foreign partner in farming for
above. Commencement of business will be as soon as negotiations and
incorp oration of company are coup le ted. Other requirements will be on
equity basis of 60 percent for the foreign partner and 40 percent for the
Nigerian partner. Bank ref: National Bank, New Court Rd., T ha dan /Ni geri a
Account No. 0455. Contact: D.I. Adio, Alabanla Farming Enterpriselkwo of
Company: Alaba Nla Farming Enterprises, P.O. Box 1753, Ibacran, N[56/387
Onfreke Rd., Ogunpa, Onmm, Nigeria. Phone: 414958.

2257 Sheep and goats. (Me ri co). Wants sheep and goats for slaughter.
Approaim'ately 10,000 sheep and 3,000 goats. Appro rdmately 500 each of
sheep and goats weekly over a 6-month period, beginning around December 1,
1981. Prefers shipments from Te as. Quote CIF Laredo, Teies and CIF
Preside, Temas. Bank ref: Banamer Suculrsal Nonoalco, Flores Magon Y Dr.
At1, Me~ico, D.F. Contact: SR. David Api~choto Penalva, Potasio #5,
Colonia Popular Rastro, Meirdco 2, D.F. Phone: 5-26-88-98.

2258 Grocery line (Saudi Arabia). Wants general grocery items, food stuffs
(including canned and frozen items). Deals mainly in grocery and food. It
wishes to contact U.S. firms dealing in (manufacturing) the above products
in connection with expanding its product line. Quote CIF Jidda or Damman.
Con ta ct: Muntaser T. Al-Atrash, Consol~idated Food Establishment, P.O. Bo r
4293, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Phone: 4052503, 4034 762. Tele r 200416.

2259 Whey (Aus tralia). Wants 50,000 lbs (one container) of powdered whey,
chocolate flavored, 20, 000 lbs in one kg packages, 30,000! lbs in 50 gr
pa ckages. Delivery ASAP when available. Should be from USDA approved
plant for dairy blend.products. Ouote C&F Australian port. Bank ref: Anz
Bank, Canberra City, Act 2600 Australia. Contact: C.H. Borg, C.C. Borg
and Associates, P.O. Bor 151, Civic Square, Act 2608 Australia. Tele r
AA 6 261 4. Phone : (062) 544346.

2260- Eggs, chicken, lamb, beef (Malaysia). Seeking confirmation for supply for
2263 following for shipment to Iraq. Full details on packaging and shipment
will be provided. (A) 1 billion eggs for shipments April 1982 thru March
1983. (B) 130,000 mt of dbicken for shipments January 1982 thru

December 1982, Halal killed. (C) 16,000 mt bonin lamb, 36, 000! t boneless
beef and 18~,000 mt bonein beef for shipments January 1982 thru January
1983. Con ta ct: D.J. Haugh, Group Project Manager, TIMURAN Holdings BHD,
Eastern Agencies Building, Jalan University, Petaling Java, Se'langor,
Ma la ysi a. Te le x MA 37660. Phone: (03) 570-777.

2264- Tomato paste, sardines (Nigeria). Sole distributor for Nigerian firm dishes
2265 to buy 1-5000 cases each sardines (appror 125 gram cans) and tomato paste
(appror 170 gram or larger cans). After initial shipment would contract
several shipments per year. quote CIF port Harcourt. Payment L/C. Bank
ref: Marine Midland, NYC. Contact: Laurens Dorsey, President Syracuse
Egport Import Company Inc., 211 Wellington Rd., Dewiftt N.Y. 13214.
Tele r 1 45 43 3NY /SAG I CLALB .

2266- Rice, flour, meal (Portugal). Chants white rice, wheat flour and meals
2268 (fish, bone, etc.) Quantity min. 50 tons. Packaging various jute bags.
Bank ref: Uniao De Bancos Portugueses, Lisbon. Co nta ct: Nunes De
Freitas, M.J.A. Nunes De Freitas, Av. Da Republica, 71-2-E, P-1000 Lisbon
Por tugali. Te le r 13623 NUFREI (Attn MAJOSE). Phone: 73-17-62.

2269 Onions (Japan). Fresh onions, about 20,000 bags, "Washington Fiesta"
and/or "Yellow Damber" are preferred. Size: medium size (2.5" to 3")
and/or jumbo size (over 3") packed in appropriate jute bags about 20 kgs.
to a bag. Immediate delivery. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Daiwa Bank, Fujidera
Branch, Osaka. Contact: Masayuki Hikichi, Hannan Chikusan Co., Ltd., No.
4-15, Andojibashidori, Minami-Ku, Osaka, Jalpan. Tele 11 522-3866 HANNTAN
J. Phone: (06) 252-2311.

2270 Ch icken (Ne therlan ds ). Chickens, frozen, 10,000 mt, Grade A, 900-1400
grams, wrapped in plastic foil, Halal killed (Islamic way). Ouote C&F
Middle East countries and C&F Merzin H-arbour (Turkey). Contact:' P. Post,
International Trading Co., Seringens traat 61, 7601 Te Almelo, Netherlands.
Te le r 44944 EXTFN. 105. Phone: 5490-22037.

2271 Soybean oil (Netherlands). 10,000! me, in 5 liters canistersr. Ouote C&F
Lagos (Nigeria). Co nta ct: P. Post, International Trading Co.,
Seringens traa t 61, 7601 Te Almelo, Netherlands. Tele r 44944 EXTEN. 105.
Phone: 5490-22037.

2272 Sugar (Ne therlands) White sugar, 10, 000 m t and subsequen tly 5, 000
mt/month, humidity 0.08, polarisation 99.8 or 99.9, export packing,
gunnynplastic bags of 50 kilograms. Quote C&F Merzfn Harbour (Turkey).
Con ta ct: P. Post, International Trading Co., Seringenstraat 61, 7601 Te
Al.melo, Ne therlands. Tele r 44944 EXTEN. 105. Phone: 5490-22037.

2273- Cottonseed, sunflower, soybean and corn oil, butter (Austria). Cotton seed
2276 oil, sunflower seed oil and soybean oil, 5, 000 mt ea ch, tins of appro r. 5
kg and 9 kg; corn oil, 10,000 mt, in barrels; butter, 20, 000 at year,
cartons of 25 kg. Cute C&F Mercin, Port in Turkey, than by truck to
Teheran. Bank ref: Oberbank, Donaulande, Linz, Austria. Con ta ct: Kosrow
Hessabi, Kosrow Hessabi Company, Tourotel, Untere lonanlande, A-4020 Linz,
Room 1108, Austria. Tele r LINZ, AUSTRIA, 21962 TOURL. Pho ne : 75075.

2277- Corn, wheat, barley, oats (Colombia). Yellow corn, wheat brw, feed barley,
2280 oa ts, 1,000 at monthly of one or combination, U.S. No. 2 or better.

Phytosani tary certificate required. Cute CTF Parranquilla and FOP Gulf.
Bank ref: Banco De Colombia, Principal Off ice Barranquilla. Con ta ct:
Armando Cerra C., Armando Cerra & Cia. L~tda., A. Cerra & Cia Ltda.,
Apartado Aereo 812, Barranquilla, Colombia. Te le r 33142. Phone:
45-8737 or 45-0256.

2281 Bu tter (Ne therlanc's). Cold stored butter (not exceeding one year of
storage), several 1,000 mt unsalted, 82( fat, 16"J. water, sweet or sour
quality, salmonella CK~, phosphate negative, export packaging of 25
kilograms each. Quote C&F Middle Fast. Con ta ct: P. Post, I enter na t ional.
Trading Co., Seringenstraat 61, 7601 Te Almelo, Netherlands. relJe r L4h44
EXTEN. 105. Phone: 5490-22037.

2282 Hatching eggs (Netherlands). 2 million, sterilized, not older than 10-12
days, delivery 6-7 months. Ouote C&F Oman (Midd'le East). Bank ref: Amro
Bank, Schiedam. Con ta ct: D. Weini c, Trading Comp, Holland, Nieuwe Paven
133, 3116 Az Schiedam, Netherlands. Te le r 25226. Phone: 10-736800.

2283 Bread (Ne therlands). Milled old bread, 40 mt per week, in containers.
Quote CIF Amsterdam. Bank ref: Abn, Hoofddorp. Con ta ct: K.D.
Middelkoop, Laco B.V., Kruisweg 755, 2132 Ne Hoofddorp, Netherl~ands.
Tele r 71242. Phone: 2503-15524.

New Publi ca tions

Single eqpies of the following are available by writing the Information Servi ce
Staff, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Norld Grain Situation/Dutlook, FG-34-81, Sep temper 15, 3081.

Current USSR Grain Situation and Outlook, FC-33-81, Sep temper 14, 1981.

1981 Soviet Grain Crqp Estimate Reduced, FC-32-81, September 11, 1981.

U.S. Canned Mushroom Imports Decline; Esports from People's Republic of China Grow
Rapidly, FVEC 6-81, September 1081.

Monthly Data on Meat Imports--, FLM MT 18-83, August 1981

Norld Cotton, Oilseed Crops Increase, WCP 9-81, Sep temper 11, 81

Reference Tables on the Major Producers and Consumers of Peanuts and Peanut
Products, FOP 15-81, September 1981.

Quota Cheese Imports for July Continue to Increase Over 1980 Levels, FD-5-PT~,
August 1981.

1980/81 U.S. Cotton Eiports Drop 36 Percent, FC 19-81, Sep tember lo8(1.

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