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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Dlaison. Foreign Agriculrural Serilce. UI.5 Departmenr of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Budlding. Washmapron, D.C 20250

L//I 3

The follornmp lrade nems hate been gathered Iroms Agricurltural iltache and other governimeni reprorta yra
service to US exp~orters of food and agricultural producls In supipl? mg the Irade leadi the Departmeni ofl
Agroculture does not guaranteed reliabilits of the overseas mnquarer i nur best source for further Infoirmatioln
on thcEe Irade Irads Is the tlased forcein firm origmalmng the Inquir\ lou mas also contaci the Export
Promotion Dlrlsann FS 45.202) -17 'lO T

fpril 1, 19E-

0718- Pattits (Ireland). Wants frozen fatbit parts, cut up in trays approx. 0.5 -
071r 1.0 lRs in weight (m7ay be larger), 2,000 tens per month. Packagirg ir flat
polystyrene tray with film overwrap (similar to chicken parts) packed approx.
30 to a box (total 20 E0 1bs). Delivery August 1983. USDA approved labels
in Spanish. Quotations CIF Barcelona. Bank ref: Allied Irish Bank, Dame
St., retlin 2, and Barnk of Nova Scotia, 65 St. Stephens's Green, Dublir. 2.
CONTACT: Alan Ingram, CTr' Limited, 29 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.
TELEX: 9132,1 CTF' EI. Phone : 6060331. (12, 002E)

0720- Corn, fishmeal, soybean meal (Nigeria). Wants 26,541 mt yearly of #2 yellow
072E corr. rHP mt fishmeal to contain protein, minerial concentrates and
supplements: and 8,600 mt quarterly soybean meal for poultry feed, good
qual ity All products packed in 50 kilo polyethylene bags. Del very ASAP.
A11 documents in English language. Cuotations CEF Port Harcourt. Banl ref:
African Certinental Pank, P'ameci Azikiwe Roal', IOerri Imp State. CONTPCT:
Sam Nu.R. Enwereuzor. Sam N.R. Enwereuzor & Company, P.Y. Bag 10"4, Owerri,
Ime State, N!igeria. Phone: (01 )2t0-58~. (12, 004P)

0726- Kos~er foods (South Africa). Wants a full range of kosher products.
0727 Ciuantities not yet known bu~t required for Passover and year rcund use. All
top quality, packed as appropriate for export. Early responses required.
Labeling according to R.S.A. weight standards. Bank ref: Trust Bank of
Africa, Eloff Street, Johannesburg. CONiTACT: Geoff Kahn, Pick and Pay
Petailers (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box P08, Bedfcrdview 2008, S. Africa. Trele:
a -21 340. Phone: (011) 53-9550. (12, 0052)

0722- Garlic, apples (Fiji). Wants one container load each of garlic and apples,
0731 CIF Suva quotes. Puyer requests quotes with information pretaining to
various types and grades available. Bank. ref: Westpac, Lautela, Fiji.
CON'TACT: Ravin Singh, Mgt. Director, Scandia Internat'l & Globex
Corporation, P.C. Box S30, Lautoka, Fiji. Phone: 63227. (12, 1056 )

0734- Barley tender (Jordan). Tender for 600 tons of white barley, closing date
073E April 10, 1983. Committee issues an annual barley tender to obtain feed for
the camels and horses. Specs obtained free of charge from address below.
All offers submitted through Jordanian a ents.

Firms submitting bids please send info copy to lEmbassy Commercial Of, P.O.
Box 354, Amman, Telex: 21510 USENB JO. CONTACT: Tender Commaittee
Secretary, Directorate of Public Security, P.O. Box 935, Amman, Jordan,
Telex: 22117 PSG JO. Phone: 30321. (12, 2653)

0736- Potato starch (Philippines). Wants potato starch.
0737 Must be universal sizing agent for all types of spun yards and manufactured
under laboratory control. Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB Manila. Bank ref:
China Banking Corporation, Dasmarinas, Binondo, Metro, Manila. CONTACT:
Domingo C. Bautista, Central Knitting and Weaving Mills, Inc., P.O. Box 245,
Manila, Philippines. Cable: CENKNIT. Phone: 78-39-86 to 89. (12,0050)

0738 Popcorn seed (South Africa). Wants 5 MT of hybrid popcorn seed (Purdue
variety), packed in 25 lb. sacks. Delivery in time for October planting.
Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, Booysens, Johiannesburg. CONTACT:
E. Martins, Velcich and Martins, P.O. Box 7038, Petit 1612, Transvaal.
Telex: 80308. Phone: 011/9641102. (12, 0057)

0739- Corn (South Africa). Wants Number 3 yellow corn, 24,000 MT in bulk.
0740 Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F any Spanish port. Needs reply soonest. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank, Heerengracht, Cape Town. CONTACT: Mr. Danial, Court
Helicopters (PYT) Ltd, P.O. Box 2546, Cape Town 8000, South Africa. Telex:
57-20696. Phone: Cape Town 931-2288. (12, 0054)

0741- Carrot seed (Japan). Wants one FT as trial shipment of carrot seed, light
0743 colored with low sugar content preferred since carrots are used to make
carrot chips. Packed in bulk. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Tokyo Bank, Kamata Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT:
Yoshitomo Yoshioka, Makuri Bussan Co., Ltd., 23-23 Naka-Ikegami, 2-Chome,
Ohita-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. (12 0192)

0744- Fish meal (Egypt). Bid No. GPC/60-83/ARE for 14,000 MT M~enhaden fish meal to
0745 be shipped in 4 equal shipments June thru Sept. 1983. Financed under AID
Grant 263-K-604. Copy of complete invitation including specs, terms and
conditions available after April 4, 1983 by' Written request for a
non-refundable fee of $10.00 made payable to the Embassy of the Arab Republic
of Egypt. Requests should be addressed to the Embassy of the Arab Republic
of Egypt, Commercial and Economic Office, 2232 Massachusetts Ave N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20008. CONTACT: General Poultry Company, First Block, P.O.
Box 2131, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. (12, 0001)

0746- Turkeys, ornamental plants (Ecuador). Would like to be in contact with U.S.
0749 exporters of ornamental plants (especially roses and seeds), and turkey
breeding stock. Presently, wants only 10 turkeys parent or grandparent
stock, (7 females and 3 males) and about 30 rose plants of assorted rose
varieties. U.S. exporters send literature and prices FO8/Miami and C&F
Guayaquil. CONTACT: Pablo Gallegos Tobar, Tamayo 10-90, Quito, Ecuador.
Phone: 457185. (12, 219F)

0750- Sorg~hum (South Afric a ). Wants sorghum for mralting 15,000 tons
0751 initially and then 2,000 tons per month for year; and sorghum for feed, 2,000
tons per month. Malting need to know percentage of foreign matter;
percentage of broken grains; percentage of damaged grain; percentage of
different color; moisture

content (to beu not more than 14%) and number of seeds per 100 grams. No
specific requirement for sorghum for feed. Packed bulk. Delivery soonest -
sorghum needed urgently. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Barclays Bank,
Heerengracht, Cape Town. CONITACT: Mr. Daniel, Court Helicopters (PTY) Ltd.,
P.O. Box 2546, Cape Town 8000, South Africa. TELEX: 67-20696. Phone:
(Cape Town) 931-2288. (12, 0059)
0754 vegetable oil, sunflower and soy oil (F~rance). Wants regular shipments,
several containers per nonth of premium vegetable oil, sunflower and soy
cil. All packed in tins with Arabic labeling. Regular deliveries throughout
the year. Labeling should include validity dates. Ouotations C&F Near
Eastern and Arabian Gulf Ports. Bank ref: U.B.A.F., Paris. CONTACT:
Frederick Kattan, Director, Arab Furopear Trading Co. (ARTOC), 41, Avenue
Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France. TELEX: 280 075F ARTOC F. Phone: (1) 720
93 33. (12, 0127)

0755- Feed corn, sorghum, barley, r~ye (Austria). Wants 200,000 mt per year of the
07 E9 fol lowi ng: feed corn ground and unground, sorghum, and barley, all bulk
packed. Also wants 5,000 mt rye per month, 1st and 2nd grade, bulk.
Quotations CIF Israeli port or FOB Rotterdam. CONFTACT: Mr. Cater, Janecek &
Sek, A'eustiftg. 56, A-1070 Wien, Austria. TELEX: 111227 JASEK. Phone: 96
33 38. (12, 0029)

0760- Peanut halves (V. Germany). Wants peanut halves, 100 tons, U.S. Southeast
0761 runner split, shelled ~blanched. Packaging: 50 kilo bags. Quotations C&F
Hamburg. Delivery immediate. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, 2000 Hamburg.
CONTACT: Kirti Dobshi, Intrakonti, Mendelsohnstr. 13, 2000 Hamburg 50, W.
Germany. TELEX: 212043. Need samples. Phone: 40-898644. (12, 0042)

0762- Candy, cake mlix, food specialties (W. Germany). Wants candies of all kinds;
0764 cak~e mixes; pastries; frozen food specialties, all Grade A. Packaging:
cons umer. Quantities not specified. Quotations CIF European port. Bank
ref: Kreissparkasse, Kasernenstr. 69, 4000 DUESSeldorf. CONTACT: Ms. H.
Richter, Richter Food GMBH, Postfach 212, 4006 Erkrath I, W. Gemrany.
Phone: 211-242434. (12, 0039)

0765- Brtazil nut chip ( Genrmany).) Wants Brazil nut chips (byproduct of nut
0766 preparation) used for purifying and cleaning of furs and leather, approx. 500!
kg per year. Packaging in 25 kg bags. Quotations CIF European port. Bank
ref: Stadtsparkasse, Neumarkt 2, 4660 Gelsenkirche~n. CONTACT: Mr. Loesche,
Otto Loesche Pelzzutaten, Wocrthstrasse 2, 4660 Gelsenkirchen-Buer, W.
Germany. Phone: 209-31048. (12, 0040)

0767- Diced almonds (Hon~g Kong). Wants diced almonds, 30,C00 1bs. annually, all
0768 grades. Export packi ng. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Hong Kong. Bank
ref: Overseas Union Eank. CCNTBCT: Ms. Jud~y Ng, Savant Corp. Am. 1, 6/F
582-588 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. TELEX: 41056 SAVAN X.Phone:
3-304391. (12, 0061 )

07F9- Corned beef, cheese, evaporated milk (Nigeria). Wants 8,000 mt corned beef,
0772 grad or cansas per carton; 60 mt chese, 6 cans per carton; 50,000
mt evaporated milk, 30 cans per cartIon. Delivery ASAP. All documents to be
in English language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref:

Savannah Bank (Nig.) Ltd., Broad Street, Lagos. CONTACT: Babatunde
Adogbeji, Babatunde Adogbeji & Company, 8 Ibukun 01uwa Street, 11upeju
Industrial Estage, Lagos, Nigeria. (12, 0053)

0 77 3- Wheat mi ddl ings corn meal, corn gluten (Colombia). Wants 300 mt per month,
0775 wheat middlings;30 mt per month, corn meal; 100 mt per month, corn gluten
80. Packed in 45 kg bags. Delivery soonest. Quotations FOB U.S. Port.
Bank ref: Banco De Colombia, Las Cruces. CONTACT: Alberto Melendez, Raza
S.A., Apartado 10829, Bogota, Colombia S.A. TELEX: GRASCO 44513. Phone:
247-0104. (12, 005?)

0776 Milk, (Singapore). Wants UHT milk with expiry dates, 1,000 ctns x 500 ml or 1
liter per month, tetra packed. Prompt delivery. Quotations C&F Singapore.
Bank ref: United Malayan Banking Corporation Berhard, Havelock Road,
Singapore. CONTACT: Vincent Teo, Teo Soon Seng Trading Company, Block 87
Zion Road #16-174, Singapore 0315. TELEX: RS 24200. Phone: 4751906. (12,

0777- Deh~ydrated vegetables (Netherlands). Wants dehydrated vegetables, carrots,
0778 kale, spinach, nettles, container loads. Quotations CIF R'Dam. Bank ref:
Banque De Paris, Venlo, Netherlands. CONTACT: H. Cuypers, Pensi B.V.,
Venloseweg 5, 5931 GR Tege~en, Netherlands. TELEX: 58471. Phone:
77-31364. (12, 0123)

0779- Broiler legs (Spain). Wants layer-pack broiler legs, containers of 20 mt.
0780 Packaged in 30 Ibs (net) cardboard boxes. Quotations CIF Canary Islands.
Delivery ASAP. Remarks: Polo Ccngregade would like to establish relations
with poultry abattoirs willing to supply foreign markets. Bank ref:
Exterior De Espana. CONTACT: J. L. Becerra, Pold Congregado, S. L., General
Varela, 2, Madrid (20), Spain. TELEX: 22687 POLO E. Phone: (911) 455
7391. (12, 0068)

0781 Frozen fruits (Hong Kong). Wants frozen fresh fruits such as apples, oranges
and lemons, full container weekly, 1st grade, export packing. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations C&F Hong Kong. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris.
CONTACT: C. Chang, Goodfull Co., Ltd., 228-230 Fuk Wing Street, Kowloon,
Hong Kong. TELEX: 37054 RTCKC HX. Phone: 3-704214. (12, 0063)

0782- Cranberries (Canada). Wants cranberries and sauce: principally canned but
0783 also fresh and frozen, truckloads. Packaging in retail cans. Firm is buyer
for large western Canada supermarket, sales area Victoria to Winnipeg. Bank
ref: available on request. CONTACT: Roger Lemp, Western Commodities Ltd.,
737 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, British Columbia V3M IE6. Mail to:
P.O. Box 818, New Westminster, B.C. V3L 4Z8, Canada. TELEX: 04351452
(ANSWER BACK: WESCOM NWR). Phone: (604) 526-4851. (12, 0023)

0784- Peanut seed (Greece). Wants peanut seed, Carachis Hypogaea or Groundnut,
0785 small quantity at first to be tested. Amount will be defined at a later
stage. Must meet USDA standards. Packed in bags and/or cans. Delivery Port
of Piraeus, Greece. Greek firm requires the most productive variety or
varieties to be tested. Quotations CIF Piraeus, Greece. Bank ref: National
Bank of Greece, Taurus Branch, Athens. CONTACT: John Roditis, Agraria Inc.,
5, Ypsilantou St., Athens, Greece. Phone: (01) 7224-992. (12, 0040)

0786 Dairy cattle tender (Korea). Wants holstein friesian pregnant heifers
registered') 752 head by air plus 428 head ty air/sea. Total 1180 HD age
18-26 mo. preg 3-6 mo. wt. 430 kg/up; and calves 4E7 head by air, age 8-12
mro. wt. 200 kg/up. Deadline 12:00 April 6, 1983 at Dairy Farming Dept., Mun
Mag, Won Seong-Gun, Korea; PC sire 300 16is at 305 days fat 3.5, repeatability
50%. Dam PD 13000 1t-s at 30F days, fat 3.5. Price/shipment CIF Kimpo Mlay 30,
1983. Quotations should provide fant cost, cost of transportation,
quarantine, handling and feed cost, inspectors fee, FOB and freight per
head. CONTACT: Sam Yang Food Co., Ltd., Korea. Phone: (WON JU)
0371-42-0152/3. (12, 0027)

0787 Rice (Nigeria). Wants rice, 10,000-20,000 mt, #2 parboiled, 4% broken,
packed in 50 kg bags. All documents to be in English language. Ouotations
CAF Port Hrcourt or Lagos. Bank ref: First Bank of Nigeria, Utwani, Enugu,
Anambra State. CONTACT: His Highness Igwe S. N. Ezennwa, Ezeknnwa & Sons
Limited, Plot C2 Independence Layout, P.O. Box 417, Enugu, Nigeria. Phone:
042-252649. (12, 0052)

0788- Corn cil, cottonseed, cottonseed oil, white vinegar, salt, h~oney (France).
0795 Wants regular shipments several containers per month of the following: pure
corn oil, raw cottonseed and refined cottonseed oil. All in tins with Arabic
labeling; distilled (artificial) white vinegar in 16 oz bottles; iodized
salt, in cases of 24 x 26 oz. canisters; and honey in 11 oz glass jars with
handle. All premium quality, regular deliveries throughout the year. Arabic
labeling with validity dates. Quotations C&F Near Eastern and Arabian Gulf
Ports. Bank ref: U.B.A.F., Paris. CONTACT: Frederick Kattan, Director,
Arab European Trading Co., 41, Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France.
TELEX: 280 075F ARTOC F. Phone: (1) 720 93 33. (12, 0126)

Foreign Trade Developments

ANUGA '.83. Exporters are reminded that the deadline for reservations for space in
the U.S. Foods Exhibit at ANUGA '83 is April 12, 1983. ANUGA is the premier show
place for food and agricultural products ~in Europ Over 14F;,000 visitors from 82
countries came to this world class food trade show in 1981. FAS is sponsoring the
U.S. Foods Exhibit in the ANUGA '83, October 15-20, 198?, in Cologne, West Germany.
The 1200 square meter pavilion will accommodate approximate 60 booths. To reserve
your space, contact Robert Francis, Exhibit Director, Export Programs Division,
Foreign Agricultural Service, Room 4945 S, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D.C. 20250. Telephone (202) 475-3409.

AGROGULF '83 Exhibition and Conference. The AGROGULF '83 Exhibition and Conference
is being helrd at the Gulf Arab Exhibition Centre in the Gulf, October 2-7, 1983.
This exhibition and conference offers U.S. exporters the opportunity to promote
high-quality products in a continually growing Gulf region. U.S. firms interested in
exhibiting should contact the following for further information:

Gulf Arat Mcarketing
and Exhibiting Comrpanyl
P.O. Box 610
Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: 376900
Telex: 23896 GAMEX EM
Telefax: 378894

Agibusiness-USA Exhibit in Moscowt, USSR. We have been advised that the US-USSR
Trade an Economic Council Inc. is sponsoring an Agribusiness U.S.A. Exhibition,
scheduled for October 17-25 1983. According to the Council: "Agribusiness is a
major market for American exports in the Soviet Union, which includes major budget
allocations for import of large amounts of foodstuffs and the means of production,
ranging from heavy machinery and agricultural technology to food processing
technology and equipment." U.S. firms interested in exhibiting should contact the
following for further information:

Mr. Martin Dw~yer
Clapp & Poliak
1350 E. Touhy Avenue
P. 0. Box 5060
Chicago, Illinois
Telephone: (312) 299-9311
Telex: 82882 CEG/CHGO

US-USSR Trade & Economic Council
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10036
Telex: TWX 7105814652 USSR UI NYK

Moscow 107113 USSR
Telex: 411948, 411182 EXPO 54

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