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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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7. 90/1 23/ 2.

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.--- --- --

JUL 1. L,l3

1.F.A.S. -Univ. of Florida
ISSUE NO#t 23, 1982

0898 Wheat flour (Hong Kong). Nants wheat flour for manufacture of biscuit and
high-class bread, quantity not known, 1st Grade. Packaged in about 50 lbs.
per bag. Delivery ASAP. Quote C&F Hong Kong. Bank ref: The Chartered
Bank. Contact: Joseph Li, Hutchison China Trade Holdings Ltd., 23/F
Hutchison House, 10, Harcourt Road, Rong Kong. Telex: 73176 HILHK BX.
Phone: 5-212281.

0903 Popcorn (Canada). Wants unspecified quantities of popcorn. Delivery ASAP
for destination,.West Germany. Quote CIF. Contact: A. lhube, Desdor Ltd., 43
Newbury Avenue, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 6K7, Canada. Phone: (613) 225-7321.

0904 Ponies (Veneeuela). Chants 50 ponies, 1-2 years old, for delivery July 15,
1982. Sanitary certificate from country of origin required. Quote CIF La
Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Metropolitano. Contact: Pedro Rafael Leon Noel, P.
Rafael Leon Noel, Calle Arturo Michelena; Edif. Talisman, Apt. No. 3, P.B.,
Sector Los Naranjos: Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: 91-30-32.

0905- Corn, rice (Canada). Canadian based firm requires for its Nest African
0906 customer the following: corn 5,000 at 1,000 at. every two months packed in
50 kg. or 100 kg. new bags, and rice 5,000 at. 1,000 mt. every two months
packed in 50 kg or 100 kg new bags, 35% broken. Quote FOB Eastern U.S.A.
Port. Contact: M.A. Arrien, President, Perefiht Inc., C.P. 928, Cap-Rouge,
Quebec, GOA 1KO Canada. Telex: 051-31730 QBC RAYMONJT. Phone: (418) 653-7236.

0907 Corn oil (United Arab Emirates). Exclusive U.S. representative for a major
trading firm in Dubai-UAE interested in importing, on regular monthly basis
approx 3 container loads, 3,000 cases of refined corn oil in lithographed tin
cans, private label. Willing to supply design/graphics for tin cans.
Interesed in entering into contract with prime producers/packers, for
exclusive supply. Packing 6 x 1 gal metal cans per case. Payment will be
thru letters of credit. Bank ref: Philadephia National Bank -
Philadelphia. Contact: Kadir Shilad, Shilad Overseas Enterprises, 1422
Chestnut St, Suite 305, Philadelphia, PA 19102 USA. Telex: 7106701432.
Phone: (215) 665-8449. Cable: SHILAD.

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.

0908 Crushed corn kernel (Japan). Firm seeks crushed corn kernel as
polishing/grinding material in mesh 15-40 mixed to be quoted FOB U.S. Port
(specify which port) in lots of 1 mt., 5 mt. & 10 mt. Also specify packing
detail (unit packing, weight & measurement). Also need 20-300 gr. sample for
booking firm order. Bank ref: Bank of Tokyo (Nagoya Higashi Branch,
Nagoya). Contact: Ted S. Kumagai, President, Kumagai Shoten, Ltd., 1-18-21,
Yoshino, Higashi-KU, Nagoya 461-91, Japan. Telex: J59933 KUMAGAI. Phone:

0909 Summer barley for brewing (West Germany). West German importer, distributor
of brewing malt seeks U.S. suppliers of summer barley for brewing purposes.
Company founded in 1876. Contact: Herr R. Hornschild, Wendecker Mals, P.O.
Box 1443, Germany, D-6508 Alzey, West Germany. Telex: 42465 MALZEY D.
Phone: 06731-2337.

0910 Grocery items (Peru). Supermarket chain desires contacts with brokers or
dealers who can consolidate shipments of various grocery store items in
container loads. Contact: Ing. Ruben Dario Meza, Assistant Manager
Purchasing Division, Todo CIA. Propietaria De Establecimientos S.A., Av.
Nicolas Arriola 200, San Luis, Lima 30, Peru. Phone: 313141.

0911- Livestock feed supplements, yeast (Finland). Wants livestock feed
0912 supplements: L-Aspartic acid metal salts, chemical Grade; erotic acid metal
salts, chemical Grade: amino acid metal chelates; D-Alphatocopherylacetate
(natural vitamin E). Also yeast products (for human consumption):
selenium-fortified yeast; chromium-fortified yeast; yeast fortified with
other nutrient minerals. Estimated sales volume: U.S. dollars 20,000-45,000
of each product identified. Contact: Kimmo Kivi, Mgr. Dir., Sanitri 0y,
Hitsaajankatu 5 C, SF-00810 Helsinki 81, Finland. Telex: 12-5213.' Phone:
90/755 4922.

0913 White rice (France). Wants white rice (natural), 180 x 6 mt. by 200 ft.
containers, long grain (25 35% broken), packed in 50 kgs bags. Delivery
September, 1982. Quote CIF, Abidjan, Lome, Douala, Point~e Noire. Bank ref:
CI.C. BS 1 Paris, 70 Rue Ordenter, 75018 Paris. Contact: Germain Adjagba,
Sales Mgr., Sarl "Trois As", 37Bis, Rue Championnet, Paris, France. Telex:
270 105 TX FRA REF. 806. Phone: (1) 262 42 83.

0914- Lentils, pinto beans (Netherland). Wants yellow peas, pinto beans, lentils,
0915 container loads, packed in 100 lb bags. Quote CIF Rotterdam/FOB. Bank ref:
Amro Bank, Den Haag. Contact: N. Karamat, Karco Import, Gerard Doustraat'
177, ND Den Haag, Netherlands. Phone: 70-893353.

0916 Pork tongues (Netherlands). Wants pork tongues unscalded, unscraped and
scalded scraped, two containers every three weeks, blades only. Quote CIF
Rotterdam. Bank ref: NMB in Sittard. Contact: M. Koekkelkoren, Unicar B.V.,
P.O. Box 44, 6120 AA Born, Netherlands. Telex: 36454. Phone: 4498-51694.

0917- Yellow corn, soybeans (Switzerland). Wants yellow corn, 90,000 mt. Grade 3,
0918 packed bulk or 50 kg. bags. Also wants soybeans, 40,000 at. Grade 3, packed
bulk or 50 kg bags. Delivery soonest. Quote FOB Rotterdam. Bank ref: Bank
Union Swiss, Lausanne. Contact: Jalil Etemadi, Rue Pierre Fleur 28,
Lausanne, Switzerland. Telex: 453 253 MONTREUX. Phone: 021/36 28 35.

0919 Grocery items (England). Wants complete retail grocery range of food
products, mixed container loads & single containers per item. Quality:
general Choice grade, however, on some occasions a lesser grade is
acceptable. Packaging must be suitable for export sizes are retail size
packs, i.e. 24 x 16 oz tins. Quote could vary from FOB to CIF. Delivery
ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: Michael J. Scully,
Woodcote Int. Limited, 9 The Highlands, Highland Close, Lampton Road,
Hounslow, Middlesex, England. Telex: 825562. Phone: 01 572 7843.

0920 Dates (England). Wants dates, 500 cases, various grades. Packaging to be
arranged. Quote FOB. Delivery dates to be arranged. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank Ltd. Contact: B.M. Lambert, Zaccio Ltd., 53 Moor Street, West Bromwich,
West Midlands, B70 7AQ, England. Telex: 337246 RYDEXP G. Phone: 021 525

0921 Rice (South Africa). Wants 500 tons medium grain rice, in bulk. Delivery
within four months. Quote FOB. Bank ref: Nedbank, Pinetown. Contact:
E.J.W. Peen, Peen & Co., P.O. Box 221, Pinetown 3600, South Africa. Phone:

0922 Grass seeds (Colombia). Wants perennial grass seeds: Tetrelite rye grass,
Taptoe rye grass, Poa Pratense Trivial, Featuca Pratens Trivial. Improved
varieties used in high elevations, 2 mt. total amount, high protein content.
Packed in 50 kilo bags. Delivery 2 months after order. Certificates as
requested by ICA and/or GOC. Quote FOB & C&F Bogota. Buyer will remain in
Quito for 3 months and wishes answers both addresses in order to process
documents ASAP in Colombia. Seeds to be used in Colombia thus must meet
Colombia import requirements. Bank ref: Banco De Bogota Sucursal Andes,
Bogota, Colombia. Contact: Alvaro Samper, Inversiones Alsam Ltda., Galle 13
#9-20 Ofic. 222, Bogota, Colombia. Caamano 254 Y Colon Apt. 1, Quito,
Ecuador. Telex: 2417031 IN BOGOTA; 524-021 IN QUITO.

0923 Grocery lines (Japan). Wants coffee (instant and/or regular), tea bags,
confections, crackers, chocolate bars, jams, peanut butter, canned fruit and
fruit juices, potato chips, canned corn with no added sugar, health foods,
etc., one 20-ft. container load. Specific information required. Appropriate
packaging for retail purposes. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quote
C&F. Bank ref: Bank of Tokyo, Asakusa Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Mac T.
Mizoguchi, Vice Pres., Sanyei Corporation, 1-2, 4-Chome, Kotobuki, Taito-Ku,
Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 265-5377 TKSAN J. Cable: "FRIEND TOKYO". Phone:

0924 Wafer biscuits (Venezuela). Wants fancy and assorted wafer biscuits
(crackers and biscuit bakes), 3-40 ft. containers, packed in cartons.
Delivery ASAP. Correspondence in English. Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank ref:
Bank of Commerce T&T Ltd. Contact: Heeralal Mahabir, Mahabir Supermarket,
No. 3 Pasea Main Road, Tunapuna, Trinidad, W.I.

0925 Boneless meat (Japan). Wants fresh frozen boneless meat, 4 container loads
per year. Buyer wishes to have one of the following three cuts: hind cuts 6
sets-10,000 lbs. outside, 7,000 1bs. inside, 6,000 lbs. knuckles, 9,000 lbs.
sirloin butts, 5,000 lbs. cube rolls 3,000 lbs. tenderloins; hind cuts four
sets-30 outside, 20 inside, 25 knuckles & 25 sirloin butts; or hind & fore
cuts-15 outside, 20 inside, 25 knuckles 25 sirloin butts & 15 fore.

Surface shipment. Quote C&F Tokyo. Bank ref: Tokyo Sogo Bk Yoyogi Bachiman
Br, Tokyo. Contact: Makoto Hiroe, Bon Foods Co., Ltd., c/o Ra. 712, Sun Heim
Tamachi, 2-9, Kaigan 3-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: "BONFOODS
TOKYO". Phone: (03) 466-8838.

0926- Bonemeal, fish meal (Syria). Request offers for 10,500 tons of meat and
0927 bonemeal, and 7,000 tons of fish meal. Deadline June 19, 1982, valid until
June 21, 1982. Shipping: one-half each product shipped by July 15, 1982 and
other half by August 15, 1982. Fish meal should be free of horn, hooves,
feathers, hair, blood & skin. Maximum demurrage U.S. dols 4,000 per W.H.D.
for meat & bonemeal and U.S. dols 1,750 for fishmeal. Telex No.- of
Commercial Bank of Syria Branch 6 is 411359 SY. Quote requested C&F Full
Liner Terms Syrian Ports & C&F free out Syrian Ports in 1 shipment during
July 1982. Contact: The General Organization For Fodder (GOF), P.O. Box
4797, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 411089 SY.

0929- Baby chicks, eggs for hatching (Peru). Wants baby chicks or fertile eggs for
0930 hatching, 5,000 females and 700 males or 10,000 fertile eggs, New Hampshire
Red. Packed in special cartons, for delivery ASAP. Usual sanitary
certificate. Quote C&F Lima-Callao Airport. Bank ref: Banco Continental,
Av. Rep. De Panama 3055, Lima 27, Peru. Contact: Graciela De Lozada, Granja
Esmeralda S.C.R.L., Clemente X 463, DPTO. 201, Oagdalena Nueva, Peru. Telex:
25695 ATTENTION: ERNESTO DE LOZADA. Phone: 62-8906.

0931 Wild rice (Japan). Wants wild rice, two or three mt. per year. Specific
information required. Appropriate packaging for export. Imrmediate delivery
by surface shipment. Quote FOB or C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank Akihabara
Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Owao Kitamura, Kenten Co., Ltd., c/o Yokokawa Bldg.,
16, Matsunaga-Cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: "KENITENCO"
J32759. Cable: "KENTENCO" TOKYO. Phone: (03) 251-0931.

0932- Lentils, pulses, non fat dry milk (Colombia). Wants lentils; small red
0934 beans, garbanzos, dry peas green, 300-500 at. of each. U.S. No. 1 or U.S.
No. 2 (Quote both). Also wants non-fat dry milk, U.S. extra Grade, 500-1,000
mt. Packed in 100 lb. bags new for export. Delivery ASAP. Phytosanitary
certificates. Quotes FOB shipping points, C&F Santa Marta Port. Contact:
Ministry of Defense, Jaime Bello, Industrial Engineer, Carrera 43 B. No.
220-38, Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 232-0216.

0935 Mushrooms seed (Colombia). Wants mushroom pores (Mycelia Seed), enough for
planting 200 square meters (2,153 square feet) per week. Wants to see
catalog. Vacuum packed in cans. Periodic imports starting in 3 months.
Phytosanitary certificate. Quote CIF Bogota Airport. Bank ref: Banco
Commercial Antioqueno, Principal, Medellin. Contact: Alberto Molina Martinet,
Apartado 100146, Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 274-6985.

0936 Rice (Ivory Coast). Wants rice, 10,000 mt. per month, 15 to 35% broken 50
kg. bags. Delivery ASAP. Quote C&F Cotonou, Benin and FOB Gulf Port. Bank
ref: B'.I.A.O., Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Contact: E.J. Njie (Bracker), Elestra
Ag., c/o Mamadou Sangare, Hotel Ivoire, Ivory Coast. Telex: 3555 IRCHOTCI.

0937 Popcorn (Indonesia). Wants popcorn, 1 container (1,000 eacks), 25 kg. sack.
Delivery ASAP. Quote C&F, FOB. Bankr ref: Bank Central Asia. Contact: Alex
Chandraatmadja, P.D. Sinar Abadi, Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan 80 E/F, Jakarta,
Barat, Indonesia. Telex: 42913 JASIN, JAKARTA. Phone: 677-03,

676-880, 676-990. Cable: PDSINJAYDI, JAKARTA.

0938 Corn (Nigeria). Wants white and yellow corn, 10,000 mt., Grade 1, packed in
50 kg. polythene bags for delivery in 6 weeks. Labels to be in English.
Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref: International Merchant Bank, Kano/Nigeria.
Contact: Alhaji Yahaya Yakubu, Northern Intermarket Company, Ltd., 245 Unity
Road, P.O. Box 698, Kano, Nigeria. Telex: 77175 INTAMA NG. Phone: (064)

0939 Ground nut kernels (Indonesia). Wants ground nut kernels (peanuts) skin on,
2,000 mt., jumbo runner size 38/42. Packed in hessian bag 50 kg. net, for
delivery September/October 1982, new crop. Quote FOB AND CIF. Bank ref:
Bank of America. Contact: Witu Sianandar, C.V. Putra Nusa, Jalan Kopi 6-8,
Jakarta, Indonesia. Telex: 42672. Phone: 672-531.

0940 Poultry Joint-Venture (Nigeria). Nigerian Company interested in joint
venture with U.S. partners) for production of day-old chicks to be
distributed to near-by farmers. Project already in operation, will require
partners) for management, equipment recommendation, equity participation,
technical assistance and raw materials supply. Participation 60% Nigerian
and 40% foreign. Total equity investment envisaged would be'about 250
thousand dollars. Bank ref: WEMA Bank, Lafenwa Abeokuta Branch, Abeokuta,
Ogum State, Nigeria. Contact: 0.A. Amoo, Bacchant Company, P.O. BOx 1478,
Ikeja/Lagos, Nigeria.

0941 Geese meat (France). Wants cut pieces of geese, 40 tons monthly, extra.
Delivery all year long. Quote C&F Le R~avre. Bank ref: Credit Du Nord Place
De La Comedie, 33000 Bordeaux. Contact: Paul Coutau-Begarie, P.
Coutau-Begarie, 8, Impasse Clemenceau, 33000 Bordeaux, France. Telex: 560
853 AFTOM. Phone: (56) 48.55.17. Cable: AFTOM BORDEAUX.

0942- Mushrooms, beef cattle (Barbados). Wishes to produce edible mushrooms on a
0943 small scale on associate farm. Mushrooms will be processed and canned at own
food processing factory. Needs technical information on producing mushrooms
in tropics. Dishes to contact U.S. producers/suppliers of semi-processed
mushrooms, such as packed in brine, 50 gal. containers, ready for final
processing for canning. Also wish to produce prime beef animals in Barbados
under tropical conditions, using feed lot system, request all available
literature on this subject. Plan initial stock of 400 to 500 animals. Wish
sources of supply for air freight shipment. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, Lower
Broad Street, Bridgetown. Contact: Luther G. Miller, Chairman, Miller
Enterprises, Deacons Road, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies. Phone:
59048. Cable: MILLPRISE.

0944 Poultry Farm Joint Venture (Saudi Arabia). Wishes to form a joint venture
with U.S. firm engaged in poultry farm management. Total number of layers:
60,480. Project consists of one grow-up house and 3 full layer houses, all 4
closed environment houses with automatic egg collection, automated feeding,
watering, manure removing, etc. Houses should have silos for feeding and
incinerators. The U.S. firm is required to participate in a 50% or less
joint venture partnership, undertake management for 5 years or more, supply
technicians and know-how with U.S. machinery and equipment. Saudi firm will
provide all local assistance including land, housing, non-technical ntanpower,
visa requirements, etc. return for U.S. participation and management.

Contact: Agil Al-0gla, Director General of Hail Agricultural Development Co.,
P.O. Box 106, Hail, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 811059 HADCO SJ. Phone: 532-6905.

0945- Greenpeas, Lentils (Colombia). Wants dry whole green peas, 50 tons to begin,
0946 U.S. No. 1 Alaska. Also U.S. No. 1 lentils, 50 tons. Packed in strong paper
bags with polyethylene inside of 100 pounds each. Delivery September 1982.
Phytosanitary certificate according to GOC requirements. Quote FOB Seattle
or Tacoma, C&F Buenaventura. Bank ref: Banco Industrial Colombiano
Polo-Club under Empacadora Tayrona or Carmen Julia De Cepeda. Contact_:
Carlos A. Gomez, Empacador Tayrona, Ltd., Carrera 60 No. 16-97 Bogota,
Colombia. Phone: 262-7284, 2624876.

0947 Beef (Netherlands). Wants cured heavy Navel beef, container loads, number
one quality, packed in barrels 100 or 200 lbs. net. Quote CIF Ro'tterdam.
Bank ref: Slavenburg's Bank N.V., Rotterdam. Contact: P.U. Mohan, Overseas
Trading, Merellaan 377, 2903 GJ Capelle A/D Ijssel, Netherlands. Phone:

0948 Peppermint oil (West Germany). Wants peppermint oil, 100 drum lots for
medical purposes. Packaging in 180 kilogram drums for delivery after
harvest. Quote CIF Puerto Ried. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, 8000 Muenchen.
CONTACT: Hans-Joachim kuehne, Mgr., Bio-Diaet-Berlin, Selerweg 43-45, D-1000
Berlin 41, Frg., West Germany. Telex: 184-772. Phone: (030) 795-20-11.

0949 Brewing malt (West Germany). Importer distributor of brewing malt seeks U.S.
suppliers of Summer barley for brewing purposes. Company founded in 1876, as
a single proprietorship, staff 15, annual turnover, U.S. dollar 2..5 million
estimated. Contact: Herr R. Hornschild, Wendecker Mals, P.O. Box 1443,
D-6508 Alsey, West Germany. Telex: 42465 MALZEY D. Phone: 06731-2337.

0950 Non-fat dry milk (Mexico). Wants non-fat dried milk (protein from 15 to 40%,
carbohydrates (lactose) from 45 to 70%, minerals (ash) from 3 to 9%, fat from
0.9 to 5%, moisture from 3 to 8%). Inter-Export, S.A. was organized in 1971
as agent to sell food products. Firm wishes to act as importer and agent.
It sells throughout Mexico. Catalogs, price list and specifications
requested. Purchase in cash or through a Letter of Credit. Correspondence
may be in English. Bank ref: Multibanco Comermex. Contact: Jose M. Javier
Pedrero, Inter-Export, S.A., Havre No. 67-107, Col. Juares, Delegacion
Cuauhtemoc, 06600 Mexico, D.F. Phone: 514-1769.

0951 Baby foods (Bolivia). An old and reportedly highly respected firm in Bolivia
interested in contacting U.S. suppliers of baby foods, canned, all types, for
direct sale for resale. Contact: Saenz Limitada, .Eduardo Saens Garcia,
Casilla 672, La Paz, Bolivia. Cable: SAENZLTDA.

Foreign Market Developments.

National Exposition of Food and Agricultural Products. For the first time ever the
U.S. will hold a national exposition of food and agricultural products exclusively
for the overseas buyer. This event, sponsored by National Association State
Departments of Agriculture (representing all 50 states and 4 U.S. territories) and
the Foreign Agricultural Service, United States Department of Agriculture, will be
held in Atlanta, Georgia, May 17-19, 1983 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The
Center can easily accommodate 600 exhibitors and we expect participation by U.S.
firms interested in export regardless of their size.

American Express will be furnishing information to its overseas offices to publicize
offered travel packages to Atlanta including information on hotel accommodations,
travel assistance and optional related tours in the United States. Seminars held
during the exhibition will also be promoted.

Further information, may be obtained from your State Department of Agriculture or:
Exhibit Director, NASDA Food and Agricultural Exposition, 1616 H Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20006.

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