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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of -
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

.p/: iyp~yi EXPORT BRIEFS

The fedewin trade items have been gtherd from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and spicuhturl products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agricakene does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services DIvision, FAS, (202) 447-7103. HUME LI BRAR Y

FEB 4 136 :
1 November 13, 1981
1.F.A.S. Univ. of Florida
2637- Canned foods (Germany). Mants canned corn, 200,000 consumer size cans
2640 monthly; canned corned beef, luncheon meat and pork, 200,000 cans of 300
grams each monthly, canned fruits and vegetables, consumer size cans in
cartons. All products should be of high quality. Payment by Letter of
Credit. Quote CSF Hamburg. Bank ref: Bayerische Hypotheken Und
Mechaelbank, Augsburg. CONTACT:r Frau Arnold, All-Trans Allgemeine
Transport, Banderstr. 3, Muenchen 5, W. Germany. TELEX 5213280. Phone:

2641- Eqqs, cheese, butter, lamb (Germany). Wants shell eggs, quantity subject to
2645 negotiations cheese, natural and processed, consumer size packages butter,
unsalted, 25 kg blocks, sample shipment first; frozen lamb with certificate
of Islamic slaughter, 5,000 tons per month. High quality all products.
Quote eggs a cheese CCF Beirut and Cairo, butter CLF Alexandria & Beirut,
lamb CsP Beirut. Bank ref: Bayerische Hypotheken Und Wechselbank,
Augsburg. CONTACT: Frau Arnold, All-Trans Allgenieni Transport, Baaderstr.
3, Niuenchen 5, W. Germany. TELEX 5213280. Phone: 089/222139.

2646 Butter (France). Wants 500 tons, first quality, in packages of 250 grams and
in containers under 1880. Quote CIF Le Havre, Dunkerque or Antwerp. Bank
'ref: Societe Savoisienne De Credits 74100 Saint-Julien. CONTACT: Y.
Nouvelle, Manager, Ets. Nouvelle, Sarl, Valleiry, France. Phone: (50) 04 33

2647- Dried potatoes and carrots (Korea). Wants dehydrated potatoes and carrots
2648 (Dice: 1/8 x 3/8 x 3/8). Quantity of potatoes: 50,000 lbs, carrots:
30,000 lbs. Export standard carton in container. Delivery ASAP. Needs (1)
sample, (2) analysis report, (3) catalogue. Quote CBF or FOB. Bank ref:
The Mitsubishi Bank, Seoul Branch. CONTACT: Ki-Yong, Kim (President),
Shinwa Commercial Co., Ltd., 19, Mukyo-Dong, Chung-Ku, Rm. 505 K.A.S.A.
Bldg., Seoul, Korea. TELEX SIWACO K24547. Phone: 777-5867/9.

2649 Hatching eqqs (Spain). Mould like to receive quotations for monthly air
shipments of duck eggs and chicken eggs, fertilized but not incubated. Duck
eggs must be identified as "SPF" and chicken eggs as "SPF-PPLO". Shipments
must be accompanied by phytosanitary and quality certificates. Product is to
be used in the preparation of vaccines and initial requirement is said to be

about 1,000 eggs per month. CONTACT: Commission Agents, Plans Y Asociados,
Avda. De Burgos, 24, 9-C, Madrid 16, Spain. TELEX 42710 FONJOTX-E. Phone:
91/766 1992.

2650 Instant fruit juice mix (Singapore). Want instant fruit juice mix in
powdered form (soluble) orange, lemon a pineapple flavors. Quantity 5-10
tons. Quote C&F Singapore or FOB (your port of export). Bank ref: Hong Kong
& Shanghai Banking Corporation, Ocean Bldg., Collyer Quay, Singapore 0104.
CONTACT: J.M. Jumabhoy, M. Jumabhoy & Co. (PTE) Ltd., 6-D, Robinson Road,
4th floor, Hong Guan Building, Singapore 0104. TELEX RS 25854 JUMACO.
Phone: 2224005 & 2240350.

2651- Canned foods (Singapore). Canned foodsutffs (A) fruit cocktail (IB) peaches;
2653 (C) kernel corn; (D) cream corn; (E) abalone. Full container load, 24 tins
per carton. Prompt delivery. Quote C&F Singapore. Bank ref: Overseas
Union Bank Ltd., 60 Robinson Road, Singapore 0106. CONTACT: Charlie Lim,
Shin Chin Trading Company, 29 Kim Chuan Drive, Singapore 1953. TELEX RS
34516. Phone: 2834711.

2654 Tobacco leaf (Hong Kong). Approx. 100 metric tons, medium, standard export
packaging, delivery within 30 to 60 days. Quote CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref:
Liu Chong Hing Bank, Ltd., U.K. CONTACT: Jordan Chin, Hop Sheng Investment
Co., Ltd., 96 Aplin St., G/F, Kowloon, Hong Kong. TELEX 85338 HOPSC HX.
Phone: 3-805322 or 3-805-420.

2655 Corn (Guatemala). Yellow and white corn, 6,500 at, U.S. 2, bulk shipment.
Quote FOB. Bank ref: Bandesa, 9 Calle 9-47, Zona 1 and Banco Ejercito 5
Ave. 6-06, E 1. CONTACT: Jaime Carrera Cruz, Indeca, 5 Ave. 8-50, Bona 9,
Guatemala. TELEX INDECA GU 4136. Phone: 321335, 316423.

2656 Black beans (Guatemala). Wants 2,300 mt, U.S. 1 & U.S. 2, in Kenaf a
polyproplene sacksa. Quote FOB. Bank ref: Bandesa, 9 Calle 9-47, Bona 1 and
Banco Ejercito 5 Ave. 6-06, E 1. CONTACT: Jaime Carrera Cruz, Indeca, 5
Ave., 8-50, Zona 9, Guatemala. TELEX INDECA GU 4136. Phone: 321335, 316423.

2657 Pistachio nuts (Belgium). Wants 20 foot container, First Grade quality, 10
kilo cartons. Shipment January 82. Quote C&F Antwerp. Bank ref:
Kredietbank. Contact: Christian Donck, Donck-Food, Terlochtweg 1, B-2620
Hemiksem, Belgium. Telex: DONCE B 31681. Phone: 031/87 90 01. Cable:

2658 Edible oil (Guatemala). Wants 400,000 gallons, 50,000 gallons in 54 gallon
barrels and 350,000 gallons in 1 gallon drums, delivery ASAP. Quote FOB.
Bank ref: Bandesa, 9 Calle 9-47, Zona 1 and Banco Ejercito 5 Ave. 6-06, 21.
Contact: Jaime Carrera Cruz, Indeca, 5 AVe. 8-50, Zona 9, Guatemala.
Telex: INDECA GU 4136. Phone: 321335, 316423.

2659 Swine (Honduras). Wants 2 months old swine for reproduction, 150 females and
8 males, premium breeding stock. Delivery early January, 1982. Health
certificate and others standard requirements. Quote FOB Port of Embarcation
and CIF Puerto Cortez, Honduras. Bank ref: Banco De Londres Y Montreal.
Contact: Julio D. Morales, J.D. Moraless S.A., Apartado Postal 87-C,
Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras. Phone: 337402.

2660 Juices, beverages (Canada). Ebod service products for concessions at

recreation sites. Other requirements: marketing company interested in
contact with food service concession suppliers. New products welcome.
Contact: E. Manchul, Apple Tree Distributors, Bay $6, 3110 14th Avenue, NE,
Calgary, Alberta, T2A 6J4, Canada. Phone: (403) 272-6969.

2661 Swine semen (Ronduras). Frozen wine semen, best available. Shipment early
January, 1982. Health certificate and others standard requirements. Quote
FOB Port of Embarcation and CIF Puerto Cortez, Bonduras. Bank ref: Banco De
Londres Y Nbntreal. Contact: Julio D. Morales, J.D. Morales, S.A., Apartado
Postal 87-C, Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras. Phone: 337402.

2664- Eqqs, chicken (United Arab Emirates). Interested in importing fresh eggs
2665 from the United States in eggs sizes 50-55 grams and 60-65 grams each in
cases, in refrigerated containers. Also interested in importing frozen
chicken from the U.S. The chickens must be cleaned and packed and cut
according to the Halal rights of the Islamic rights. Bank ref: British Bank
of the M. East Dubai Bank Ltd. Contact: Kikla Trading Company, P.O. Box
481, D~ubai, United Arab Emnirates. Telex: EM 45596. Phone: 432616, 431288,
435336. Cable: ESCORT.

2666 Raisins (Algeria). Tender with closing date of December 11 for seedless
raisins, 500 metric tons, new corp 1981, in 12 kilo cartons loose or in 500
gram celluloid bags net weight in 12 kilo cartons net weight, following the
buyer's choice. Quote: (1) FOB loaded including the name of the loading
port (2) cost and freight to Algerian ports liners' terms. Complete details
can be obtained from the Embassy of Algeria, 2118 Kalorama Road, NW,
Washington, D.C. 20008.

2667 Candies (Onan). Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers of candies. Bank ref: The
Singer Co., New York City; Union Bank of Oman, Ruwi. Contact: Al Hasani
(Managing Director of Hamad Abdulla Enterprises, P.O. Box 9083, Muscat,
Oman. Phone: 704192.

2.668 Dairy processing (Saudi Arabia). Has three bids from European firms for a
200 ton/day dairy processing facility. Has agreed to Postpone a decision
until American companies have a chance to submit proposals. The plants
should have the capability to produce the following items: ice cream, white
cheese, processed cheese, yoghurt (Plain and flavored), fresh milk, and
buttermilk. Emphasis should be placed on yoghurt and buttermilk. No
specifications, wants to let companies come up with their own. Contact:
Mohamed H. Bokhari, Dairy Project Manager fothe National Agriculture
Development Company, P.O. box 2557, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 203682
NADEC SJ. Phone: 478-4011.

2669 Joint venture (Saudi Arabia). Wishes to contact U.S. firms highly
specialized in Agricultrual Projects (Landscape Development, fruit trees
plantation, greenhouses, drop and spray irrigation, and poultry farming) to
develop a large fertile area in the southern region of Saudi Arabia (about 40
kilometers from Gizan). American firm is required to manage the project on
profit sharing basis. Terms and conditions are negotiable. Contact: M.
Shaar, Managing Director of Al-Aseiri Trading & Import Est., P.O. Box 37,
Abha, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 901027 ASSIRI SJ. Phone: (07) 224-2893.

2670 Sesame seed meal (Italy). Wants sesame seed extract meal for animal feed,
1,500 at monthly, protein 46%, fibers 7%, bulk and/or packed. Samples for

analysis requested. Quotations only in Italian lire per kilogram free I
arrival within a 300 km radius of Milan. Bank ref: BacoD Rm adBac
Nazionale Lavoro Milan. Contact: Serge Irubin, Ro6dimex, Via A. Sciesa 5, i
20133 Milan. Telex: 313361 RODMIL. Phone: 02/592337 JOHNSON. l

2671 Corn flakes production (Jordan). Planning to establish a corn flakes factory
in Jordan. Firm is interested in acquiring equipment catalogs from American
firms capable of supplying plant equipment. Prices to be submitted cm CCF
Aqaba basis. Request interested American suppliers to contact Jordanian firm
directly. Contact: Eng. Abdul Rahim Taha, Manager, Mechan~ical Engineers,
P.O. Box 6324, Anmman, Jordan. Telex: 21680 ARZTCO, JO.

2672 Trout eqqs (Chile). Wants trout eggs (Salmo Gairdneri), 150,000 monthly,
delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Santago (Pudahuel Airport), Chile. Bank ref:
Banco De Concepcion, L.B. O'Higgins 602, Concepcion. Contact: Ricardo
Rosenberg, Inde Ltda., Bombero Nunez 1, Casilla 5211, Santiago, Chile.
Telex: 94260 FOR DIANDE. Phone: 774417.

2673 Deer horns, musk and gall stones (Japan). Dr. Seikyoku Itoh of tokyo Medical
College wishes to contact U.S. suppliers of deer's horn, musk and gall
stones. These items are used for manufacture of traditional Chinese and
Japanese medicines of various kinds for which demands are rising in Japan.
In 1980, Japan imported 398 kilograms of musk valued 1,791 million yen
($1=about 230 yen) CIF Japan and 1,064 kilograms of gall stoens valued 1,936
million yen. Dr. Itoh claims that the supply of these items from overseas
does not meet rapidly rising demand in Japan, and he is interested in
locating additional sources of supply. If products are available, Dr. Itoh
would like to purchase about 200 kilograms of musk, 200 kilograms gall
stones, and 1,000 kilograms of deer's horn per year. Reply ASAP. Contact:
Embassy of the United States, CommSect/Tokyo 19496, Tokyo, Japan, Washington,
D.C. 20520.

2674 Beans, canary seed (COlombia). Wishes to buy (A) beans: red, white, rose,
black eye, dark, etc. and (B) canary seeds, 1,000-2,000 mt per year in
combination. U.S. No. 1 quality, in jute bags. Delivery immediately.
Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote FOB Pacific Port. Bank ref:
Banco Industrial Colombiano. Contact: Eduardo Arboleda, Comercial Valle
Alto Ltda., Carrera 13 No.37-37, Of. 406, P.O. Box 51606, Bogota, Colombia.
Telex: 45143 EDARB-CO. Phone: 285-8581/2858630.

2675 Wines (Colombia). Wishes to buy apple wines, wines in general, 20,000-25,000
cases per year, in cartons. Quote FOB Pacific Port. Bank ref: Banco
Industrial Colombiano. Contact: Eduardo Arboleda, Comercial Valle Alto
Ltda.s Carrera 13 No. 37-37, Of. 406, P.O. Box 51606, Bogota, Colomiba.
Telex: 45143 EDARB-CO. Phone: 285-8630/2858581.

2676 Canned and frozen foods (Qatar). The firm seeks to establish contacts with
U.S. suppliers of competitive with similar items of European manufacture.
Language of correspondence: English or Arabic. Contact: K.S. Rai,
Manager, Al-Hussaini Est., P.O. Box 2531, Doha, Qatar (Arabian Gulf).
Telex: 4920 AHSONS DH. Phone: 414575. 1

2677- Peanut or soybean oil (Madagascar). Government needs peanut or soybean oil, 1
2678 refined in drums. Quantity: 3,000-4,000 metric tons. Delivery: before the
end of this year. Would like to receive per telex the following information

to import veg oil before the end of the year: specifications of available
veg oil; CIF quotation (Port of Tamatave); delivery conditions; payment
conditions. Future orders indicated if above urgent needs can be met.
Contact: Benjamin Rakotofamola, Secretaire General, Ministere Du Transport,
Du Ravitaillement, Et Du Tourisme, Anosy, 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Telex: MIRAVIT 22301, DIRAVIT 22289 ANTANANARIVO. Phone: 211-45.

2679- Rice, sorghum, corn (Togo). Milled rice packed in 100 pound bags. Newly
2680 established company enthusiastic about American products especially food
related products. Interested in importing American brown long grain rice 4
to 5 broken, 50 kg bags (20,000 mt), American long grain rice (parboil) 4
broken (20,000 at), sorghum (white) 15,000 mt and Indian corn for human
consumption (15,000 at). Quotation terms CIF L~ome. Contact: Gillet
Armand, Dir., Africa Import-Export, 82, Route De Kpalime, c/o Socopeo, B.P.
821, L~om~e Togo. Telex: 5205, 5330. Cable: FREIGHT LOM~E.

2681 Condensed milk (Burma). Supply 370,000 cartons of sweetened condensed milk
conforming to the following analysis: fat-8% min., total milk solid-28%
minimum (including fat), acidity as lactic acid 0.5% maximum, fat must be
pure milk fat, sucrose 40-45%. Delivery March thru Sept. 1982. This
procurement will be financed from defense budget. Our American Embassy in
Rangoon will forward copies of bid invitation and specifications to
interested U.S. firms on request, citing "T-0019". Such requests should be
cabled to American Embassy, Rangoon to obtain better lead time. Contact:
Director Porcurement, Ministry Defence, Steward Road, Rangoon, Burma.
Telex: BM 21316 MILPRO P. BASC-1/83/1. Cable: "DIMILSUP, RANGOON".

2682 Chicken feed (Hong Konq). Consultant for PRC wants to contact suppliers of
chicken feeds and poultry equipment, E.G. incubators, brooders, poultry
feeders, powered feed carts, waterers, etc. Also layout and technical
support. Details as follows: (1) yellow skinned chicken, (2) daily output:
20,000 broilers (2 kgs. each), (3) land available: 1.2 million square
meters, (4) site on bank of river, but possible contamination for drinking,
(5) feed mills are also required. Request itemized quotation, with proposed
layout drawings if possible, payment terms, and other relevant information.
Contact: Mark K.W. Lam, Director, Mark Wong & Associates (Industrial
consultants) Ltd., 705A Tung Ning Bldg., 249-253 Des Voeux Road C., Hong
Kong. Telex: 63242 EGTC HX. Phone: 5-434095. Cable: "EDMUNGARDE" HK.

2683- Great northern, white Mickigan, marrowfat peas, puree (Malaysia). Wants (A)
2684 Great Northern beans, (B) white Michigan beans, (C) marrowfat peas, and (D)
fruit pulps or puree for canning. Quantities not specified, canning grade,
100 lb bags. Prompt delivery. Quote CbP Port Klang. Bank ref: Bank of
Nova Scotia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact: S.T. Yeap, Ace Canning
Corporation SDN. BHD, Jalan 205, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Telex:
LAMVEG MA 37671. Phone: (03) 572-755, (03) 572-925.

2685 Wheat flour (Nigeria). Minimum 10,000 tons (A) soft, (IB) soft, 50 kilo poly
bags. Delivery ASAP. Cable quotation immediately. Will be purchasing flour
for state Government. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref: African Continental
Bank. Contact: Engr. P.C. Uche, Principal consultant, Pazzie Investment,
Ltd., P.O. Box 825, 242 Aba-Owerri Rd., Aba, ImoK State, Nigeria. Telex: 63
107 NG.

2686 Raisins (Malaysia). Golden Thompson seedless raisins, one metric ton (trial

order), Grade A, bulk packing in cartons of 25 lbs net. Prompt delivery.
Quote CLF Penang. Bank ref: United Asian Bank Berhad, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: Ashvin H. Bhatt, H. Hub Bhatt SDN. BHD., 90 Penange Street, Penang,
Malaysia. Telex: MA 40269 BRATT. Phone: (04) 360-326, (54) 63-786.' Cable:

2687- Yellow corn, soybean meal, barley (Saudi Arabia). Importer and distributor
2689 of foodsutffs dishes to import 1,000 tonsper month of yellow corn for animal
feed, 500 tons per month of soybean meal for animal feed and 10,000 to 20,000
tons of barley from U.S. exporters wishes Car Jidda quotations packing in
bags and bulk. The end users are presently importing from far east. Wishes
to import from U.S.A. Contact: Sheikh Zakaria Jamjoom, Mo~dern Commercial
Est, P.O. Box 2353, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 401842 MODCO SJ. Phone:
643-2000 Ext. 288.

Foreign Trade Developments

The Dominican Government has announced that all cheese imports will be banned for six
mon th s. This move is viewed as effort to assist domestic cheese production. In
particular Leche Rica, large domestic firm, will be greatly assisted in their recent
efforts to begin production of cheeses of comparable quality to imported European and
U.S. brands. Imported cheese market, while not large, had been growing at rapid
rate. Dominican import statistics for calendar year 1979 and 1980 follow:

Total Cheese Imports Value Of Which U.S. Value

1979 230 MT $297,00 47 Mt $80.000
1980 349 MT $412,000 107 Mt $132,000

No statistics are available for 1981, but until ban availability of imported cheeses
was definitely rising rapidly. Other cheese supplies affected by ban are: West
Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy and Holland.

Just a few days left to register for the RORA, an international food show offering
opportunities for expanded food sales in the European countries. The show takes
place in Utrecht, Holland, February 14-18, 1982. At the last ROKA show in 1980,
1,350 exhibitors representing 44 countries participated. Attendance was limited to
food industry representatives and attracted 32,000 buyers from holland and the
surrounding countries. The participation deadline is December and the fee is $300,
with participants required to have a representative in attendance. U.S. based
representatives are preferred, but foreign agents and/or distributors of U.S. firms
are welcome. For details contact: Levi L. Turner, Project Leader, FAS/U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Room 4945- South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.
Phone: (202) 447-7787.

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